The Icon Review introduction!!!

Welcome to the very 1st episode of "The Icon Review". Each episode going forward will be a recap/summary/highlight show of each Spectacle/Special Show or PPV. Rather than reading through all the results, I'll take out the best points from the show, not to skip over much, in a highlight fashion. Lets dig in!

Dawn of a New Era!

Our 1st show took place May 1st in Mankato, Minnesota, close to ICW home base of Stillwater, MN. This was ICW's 1st EVER SHOW!!! It was groundbreaking in many ways. Our opening night roster has changed a good bit since then, but this was a great show!

The opening night attendance was 6,565/8,200. It was a success, but not the sellout Shawn Rossdale wanted. The even had lots going on the main storyline was the matches that took place to shake out the talent quality and the brutal, shocking backstage attack!

May 1st Spectacle HIGHLIGHTS!

-Someone attacked Max Glory from behind, leaving him unconscious, bloody and badly hurt.

-Duke Kosloff was scheduled to fight Max Glory that night, Shawn in a rage of concern for Max, orders Duke to be found.

-Shawn gets Max the best medical care possible at that time. Max insists that be still fight Duke later that night. Shawn insists he take the night off.

-Max, like a true hero, insists he'll fight, Shawn says he'll have to sign a waiver in order to fight since he's badly hurt already. Max signs it for his "Glory Hounds".