ICW Owner Shawn Rossdale
From England, he's proper and elegant, but has a risky side too. Somewhat of a playboy with the women, but still has enough common sense to be a owner in the know. He is proud of his ICW, and looks to build it into something special. Something great... something Iconic. He doesn't mind getting his hands dirty when something needs to be done.
General Manager Lucas Rieter
General Manager
Brash, arrogant and poised to the point of you're not sure if he's a moron or if he's a genius. Makes tough decisions that others can't make, has a knack for the big moment and a intensity for "fair play". He doesn't like interference and loves clean matches. Pretty good friends with Shawn Rossdale, but they do butt heads at times.
Color Commentator Steven Blaylock
Color Commentator
Horribly arrogant, retired and a little salty all around. He's a smart guy that wishes he could wrestle again, but just can't. He was former midcard champion at another smaller organization and was on the rise. A severe knee injury has forced him to retire. He's been golfing and enjoying his time with his family. He provides harsh insights into ICW and doesn't really care what anyone thinks. He blends reality with his own opinion almost in a trademark way.
Play by Play Commentator Stanley Prescott
Play by Play Commentator
He's a bit of a nerd, wimpy in some ways, doesn't like confrontation all that much, but he won't get ran over either. He's extremely knowledgeable in all things ICW and wrestling. He is the de facto standard in which all play by play commentators should mold themselves after.
Chief of Security Keegan O'Donnell
Chief of Security
Keegan makes sure things don't get stupid in the back of the ICW arenas. He insures order and won't let a lot of chaos happen. He's just one man though. He reports directly to Lucas Reiter. He's always watching and has zero tolerance for anything outlandish.
Ring Announcer Scarlett LaDawn
Ring Announcer
Scarlett is one of the more popular ICW staff members. Her voice has a slight rasp to it that people love and she is fantastic eye candy. She is very educated and has a degree in Journalism from Brown University. She looks to move up in the ICW ranks soon, she would like to be a member of the roster at some point. For now she's more than happy learning the ropes and doing all the ring announcing.
Backstage Reporter Jenny Stackhouse
Backstage Reporter
Jenny is a former model, that has found a job with ICW because of her relationship with Shawn Rossdale. They are a "it" couple and have been going out for a few weeks now. It's not too serious, but serious enough that Rossdale will come after whoever gets too close to Jenny. She's wholesome and kind. She's the kind of girl that can slow down Shawn Rossdale's seemingly wild behavor at times. In a twist of things, it was recently discovered that Jenny was playing Shawn, and met Bobby Barratt 2 months before he signed with ICW. What a bitch!