Welcome to Jenny's Stacked House! This page will feature exclusive interviews with our roster. Get to know their character more and maybe Jenny Stackhouse more too. Everything in these interviews is canon, and can be used obviously in any way in the ICW Universe.

Hello, this is Jenny Stackhouse here and I submitted some questions to "El Cazador" Sebastian Steele while he was away in Mexico last week. These are the responses that I was given. Enjoy getting to know your defending Ironman Champion.

What is your most fond childhood memory?
My most fond childhood memory would have to be hunting with my old St. Bernard Maximillion.

Why did you want to become a wrestler?
My great grandpa owned a wrestling promotion, he then passed that down to my grandpa, who then passed it down to my uncle who raised me as his own son. I've said it before and I'll say it again, wrestling is in my blood. There was no other choice for me but to follow the bloodline.

When you signed with ICW, what was your first goal?
To win championship gold. I did that in two shows, but it's not enough. I will win that Word Title one day.

What does it mean to be ICW Ironman Champion?
What does it mean to me? Greatness! This belt has the potential to be more prestigious than the World Title. I have to defend it weekly, this title is not for the faint of heart.

What is your favorite food?
A nice big plate of enchiladas smothered in queso with rice and beans on the side. I love to wash it town with a nice tall glass of ice cold horchata. Or if I'm feeling wild a cold Mexican beer.

What do you like to do outside of wrestling?
In my past, I hunted game. I collected pelts all over Mexico while I was touring in Lucha Libre. Now I mostly just workout and play video games. The rest of my spare time is usually spent writing in my journal.

Favorite Soda?
tutti frutti Jarritos

What kind of movies do you watch?
Anything wrestling or action I suppose. I don't really have time to live other people's fantasies.

Favorite musical artist?
System of a Down. It's deeper than the music.

Life changing moment?
The day that my dog was killed. I have nothing more to add to that.

What do you miss most about back home?
Nothing. I may visit from time to time, but that place is no longer my "home."

What are you going to do if you can't get your mask back from Jumbo?
Do you truly think that luchadors only own one mask? That's cute. Although that was my favorite and best mask I have a few others I can pull out of my closet. Black and gold isn't my only choice. See with Jumbo it's more about the principle than the actual mask. It's more of the disrespect shown to the wrestling king and Ironman Champion. I have already beaten him once, and I sure as hell can do it again.

Lastly, why did you attack Max Glory before his match on the 1st ever Spectacle? Duke was blamed for a time before providing an alibi, it was chaos. Why do that? We all want to know why.
Why did I attack Max Glory? I had to make an example out of him. I saw him parading around here like he's cock of the walk. It was always Glory Hounds this and Glory Hounds that. He cared too much about what the fans thought of him, and by doing that he ignored his opponent Duke Kosloff. Better yet he ignored the person that he should have worried most about and that's me "El Cazador" Sebastian Steele. You see, I taught him and ICW a lesson on that night and I taught him another lesson on this last Monday Night Spectacle when I ended his career

Jenny Stackhouse: As you know Sebastian had a outburst beyond control almost last night at Spectacle. Lucas Rieter was able to get Steele's mask from Jumbo as they were packing his things onto the ambulance. A mask was discovered. Steele who admitted to Attacking Glory during the show was going to be suspended, but his thrashing of Glory on a hearse was too much and Rieter had to bargain with him, giving him his mask back if he backed off the destructin of Max Glory. It worked out well and all is good... for now.