Welcome to Jenny's Stacked House! This page will feature exclusive interviews with our roster. Get to know their character more and maybe Jenny Stackhouse more too. Everything in these interviews is canon, and can be used obviously in any way in the ICW Universe.

I had the privledge to sit down with Duke Kosloff recently. This put my lovely boyfriend Bobby Barratt in a fit, but he got over it. Duke had some very interesting comments to say the least.

Duke, hello. Welcome to Jenny's Stacked House. We are here at the ICW headquarters, in Stillwater, MN. How are you doing?
Well, Jenny, I'm on fire right now. Things look to be heating up around here.

What are your thoughts on ICW so far? Shawn Rossdale had been trying desperately to run things clean and smooth, but that all took a turn last week on Spectacle.
Shawn has a great company and some great talent but he is using them wrong reminds me of that old lame big name company what was it WWF or something like that. But Shawn is the boss and him backing Barratt is what's best for him we may not like it and if he was smart he would have backed The Soviet Monster and The Soviet Connection. As far as ICW is concerned it has and will remain to FEEL THE BURN!!!

Growing up in Russia must have been tough, is it as cold there as people think?
It may be cold to you Americans but for me and my country, it is Home.

Your cousin Levi, you guys get on well? How is it behind the scenes?
Jenny what you see is how things are we hide nothing. He is family and is my boss, that's all that needs to be said about that let's move on, next question.

Duke, you've beat Brett Stetson, and lost to Brett Stetson... are you anxious for an eventual rubber match to settle the score?
I look forward to taking what is mine, Bret Stetson is a pampered overrated wrestler but he is good enough to have won the Ironman championship and to hold one-half of the ICW World Tag team championships. So I will give him the respect he has earned even though his victory over me is questionable. If you could Duke... would you please tell us about your growing up in Russia? We've heard horror stories about your mother. What about your father?
My father was a military man who was murdered by his own battalion, I was young and was taken into foster care in Dankov, Russia. Where I spent a few years before being adopted by a couple and raised in Moscow, Russia. For now, that's all I can say on the subject.

What are your current goals in ICW?
It's simple I will beat my opponents this week then go and take the Tag team championships from Bret Stetson and whatever hand picked Golden Child Shawn Rossdale teams him with. That Jenny is my current goals here in ICW.

What is your favorite music? We all love your theme by Metallica, but who else do you like?
I listen to whatever makes me feel the burn in my soul, if it makes me excited enough to want to turn up the heat on whatever I am doing then it's good music. I do like Nickleback, I also enjoy Meatloaf and Johny Cash.

What is your thoughts on our ICW Champion Jack Diamond? You have yet to square off with him.
Jack Diamond is a deserving champion for the moment but when we meet I will cause destruction and chaos on him and his career. It isn't personal he hasn't crossed me yet but he holds what is destined to be mine that's the ICW World Heavyweight Championship. As a person, I have never talked to him so I can't speak about that all I know is his work and he is good at what he does.

Ari Naxt, your partner, and friend has been terminated, what do you think of his lack of commitment?
He was my partner, not my friend it was purely business and well he just wasn't Soviet Connection material as his main downfall was simple he was American and not Russian he just don't have our work ethic.

Who in ICW do you model yourself after... if anyone at all?
No one I am my own man, I am a monster unlike any other. I am not your average slow methodical monster I am a Soviet Monster. I am fast, agile and extremely strong I do not feel pain like weak men. There is no one that I want to be or be like. I do have a found respect for Sebastian Steele he is or was a great champion. I do need to say though if there was someone here in ICW that has a heart like mine it would be Bobby Barrat he does what's best for his career just like me.

You've stated that Shawn Rossdale has been holding you back... how so? Do you think since he's clearly interested in helping or teaming with baby Bobby... that he will come around to you and help you?
Shawn Rossdale has made sure to keep me away from his hand picked Icons, he doesn't want a Soviet Monster to show that his paper champions are just that paper. He also knows if and when we meet they all will FEEL THE BURN!!!!!!! As for his weird fixation with Barrat well that's just strange. I don't need Rossdale's help but if he wants to do what's best for him or ICW he will come talk to me and Levi Kosloff soon.

Lastly Duke, would you tell us about how it was to go through that inferno match against Chaos Kid and how that is going to help or hurt your tag team match this week on Spectacle?
I brought the most dangerous match there is to ICW and yes I faced the Chaos Kid and yes he has been teamed with me to go for the titles. We are not friends and may never be but after our Inferno match at Dead End I do have some respect for the Kid. He is tough and with some more experience could be great one day. As for now I will make him a champoion along side of me and The Soviet Connection. Our match we had will only help us become the ICW World Tag team champions..

Jenny Stackhouse: That was one of the more revealing interviews in our 3rd edition of Jenny's Stacked House. We got to see a little more inside Duke's mind. I would love to revisit this again.