Welcome to Jenny's Stacked House! This page will feature exclusive interviews with our roster. Get to know their character more and maybe Jenny Stackhouse more too. Everything in these interviews is canon, and can be used obviously in any way in the ICW Universe.

Hello, once more I have had the great pleasure of interviewing a member of ICW's roster. It is no other than the talented, and amazing "The Ace of Spades" Jack Diamond! This is an interview I did last week with Mr. Diamond and he was very polite and informative. Enjoy those of you at home.

So you've been in ICW for a few weeks now, what do you think of the company?
ICW is a perfect fit for Jack Diamond, obviously. This is definitely where Icons are born and there is no icon that shines quite like The Ace of Spades.

What exactly does it take to be in the Diamond Club? How exclusive is it? Is it just for "fans"?
The Diamond Club is very exclusive. It's for those in the ICW that truly know who their VIP is. The ICW Universe is full of posers claiming to be saviors and prodigies, but there is only one man who actually holds those titles, the only man who holds the world title, and that is yours truly.

Who has been your biggest challenge so far in ICW? You've defeated Ari Naxt twice already is it him?
Ari Naxt is crazy as hell. He was definitely a challenge because you never know what, if anything, is going through his head. I beat him twice though and proved my place at the top. I think my toughest challenge hasn't come yet though. Now that I'm the top dog, I have a bulls eye on my back and whether its someone like Barratt, Kade, Steele... all of these guys are going to be coming for me. But the ole Ace is ready and as they step up, their cards will surely fall.

Shawn Rossdale seems to be a polarizing figure, what are your comments on him and his associate Lucas Rieter?
That Rossdale sure has a lot of fire in him. I've followed his wrestling career and always respected his in ring work, but running the place is a little different and I hope he continues to move things forward. I do question bringing on your best friend as your #2 like he's done with Rieter. It's worked so far, but some would say his personal stuff is getting in the way of business. No offense doll...

Why do you think that Jericho Kade took an issue with you at the end of that Rumble match at Gold Rush? Him and Barratt really messed around with you and Steele.
Jericho Kade.. the so called "Mr. ICW" He is the classic case of a spoiled kid that never got disciplined when they made a mess. Now he's latched on to the other degenerate, Bobby Barratt. They want what they can't have. I can't speak for Steele, but I believe when they realized the two best stars in ICW were left to fight it out for the World Title in the rumble, well they just through a hissy fit. I still owe Kade one for stealing the shooting star opportunity from me, and now he is the champ and I am the number one contender so his discipline will come sooner than later.

Please let the ICW Universe know besides winning the ICW World Championship at Gold Rush, what is your most memorable moment?
Titles definitely come and go, and becoming the FIRST ICW champ is definitely a dream come true but I would have to say one of my most memorable moments was actually signing with this company. I've been around on the indy circuits for a long time and now having a spot to actually call home and making an immediate impact... well it's the things people write best sellers about.

Tell us more about you growing up Jack, we'd all love to hear it.
I grew up in a small North Carolina town, Cherokee. My ancestors are steeped in Native American heritage and I am very proud of my upbringing. We made a living going up and down the Appalachian mountains, hunting, fishing, crafting. We were pretty poor when I was growing up, but when I was 11 that all changed. The Eastern Band of the Cherokee got approved to open the Harrah's Casino and man our quality of life really took off, as did my love for gambling. I worked there all through high school and once I turned 21 if I wasn't traveling the tobacco roads of North Carolina wrestling, I was in the casino winning money.

What is your favorite food or meal that you enjoy?
Being a fan of the casino life, and always trying to get adequate protein for my workouts, I became a big fan of buffets. Nothing like being able to go down the line and get whatever meat and vegetables I want and as much as I want. It's a wonder that I'm not 300 pounds. I guess it's just good genes.

Favorite movies?
I'm more of a "netflix and chill" kind of a guy. [**winks at Jenny**] But when I do have time to sit down and enjoy movies I'm a big fan of older horror films, like the original Exorcist. Still gives me chills to this day.

Why did you pick Ari Naxt to interfere with during your debut moment? Why him?
Well, in my opinion, leading up to my debut there wasn't anyone more scary in the ICW than Ari. Him being out of the same region as I am also intrigued me as I've been able to witness some of his old hardcore fights before he came to the ICW and let me tell you, if you think he is sadistic here, I don't think the ICW World has seen anything yet. I'm sitting at home and I seen how he made his entrance into ICW the week before I showed up and thought, well Hell, turn-about is fair play. It's really as simple as that. Honestly though, even up to the moment I came through that crowd, I wasn't sure who I was going to hit but with Ari perched up on that top rope it was easy pickings and a Stack Deck later Jack Diamond was off to the races.

Lastly, tell us all what it means to be the 1st ever ICW World Champion.
It is a huge honor to be the first champion, and quite possibly the ONLY champion because now that Jack Diamond has the title it's going to be tough for anyone to knock me off this throne. Gold and Diamonds go together just as well as Stacked Decks and Stacked Houses [*again Jack winks*] Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some training to do.

Jenny Stackhouse: Well that is all ICW fans. That interview went smoothly although I was fairly uncomfortable. I do wish Jack Diamond the best, and maybe after this week's Bankrupt show in Stillwater, Minnesota he could become a ICW Double Champion? We'll soon find out. Jack Diamond is a man that speaks for himself, steadfastly. Ari Naxt will be my (sigh) next interview.