July 14th @ 10 PM CST
Camp Lake Waco (Outside)
Waco, GA
Capcity: 1,500-2,500

(Again, please click the video above and listen to it as you read the opening to the show!)

[We open to a very unique scene. It's humid, clear, yet the air feels welcoming. The scene truly is unique. It has the ring positioned close to the small 12 acre Lake Waco. It is an old semi abandoned camp that used to be active with kids/teens running amuck. Now it just serves for the occasional meeting area and family picnics/large gatherings. This scene will be simulair to what will be happening at Lake Bemidji @ Midsummer Night's Massacre, which will be in a couple weeks. For this show there's a cheap looking large screen that will work as our normal Giant-Tron would. The ring is close to the lake, one side of it is exposed, close to the water. Maybe 4 feet from the shoreline. Metal gates control the small crowd that has gathered. Gates around the ring except for the water guarded side, then a pathway of gates to the short walk to 2 separate looking cabins. Thankfully Shawn Rossdale has added air conditioners to them for this show.]

[ICW staff has installed 4 portable tennis/basketball court type lights. Then the dim lit cabin lamps around the camp provide other light. Outside the ring area and first few rows of metal chairs the light is dim. If you're not in the ring or in the 1st few rows, visibility behind you would be tough. Dim lit and mysterious almost. Security is medium. We have an announced crowd of 2,204 people on hand. The crowd buzzes with excitement and tension as they need their fix of ICW action. TNT broadcasting cameras roll, just 3 of them instead of the usual 6. So the angles will be simpler, and more straight forward for the TNT broadcast that is about to go live. We just have 2 matches tonight. The camera man goes live after the quick highlight reel from the Spectacle a few days ago. The notable event being the 3-D move at the end of the show that tore apart Shawn Rossdale. Barratt/Rossdale might implode before it even begins...]

Stanley Prescott: Hello and welcome to our 2nd ever special show! Sleepaway Camp!!!

Steven Blaylock: So who's getting killed tonight? My guy and Rossdale again? Stetson and Diamond will pay!

Prescott: They aren't even on the card tonight. Who knows if they are even here?

Blaylock: Bobby is here. Just watch.

Prescott: We've got a 1 hour show tonight, live from Lake Waco!! 2 matches!

Blaylock: First up is Wes Hartley against James Bryant in Bryant's debut match!

Prescott: Should be a great one! Winner gets to be Brett Stetson's tag partner!!!

Blaylock: Yeah they will be interim champion thought with Stetson who is a bonafied prick, but a true tag champion. Longboat was gutted several weeks back!

Prescott: Right now we've got our opening match!

[Scarlett LeDawn has made her way into the ring to announce the participants of our opening match. She has ditched her usual attire of a formal dress and replaced it with a "sexy" lumberjack outfit. She has short, short cargo shorts on with suspenders that come up and over her tiny plaid button up shirt. A wool knit cap rest upon her head with her long hair flowing from the hat. She steps through the ropes and brings the mic to her mouth to address the crowd.]

Scarlett: Ladies and gentlemen are you all ready to see the first match of the night!?

[The small crowd on the steel chairs around the ring cheer as they anticipate their beloved ICW stars.]

Scarlett: You definitely sound like you're hungry for some ICW action! I do have some bad new for you though, the previously booked card has changed. No one has been able to locate or contact Kam Kellington so unfortunately, he will not be participating in his match tonight. We will update you faithful fans when we find something out.

[The fans let out a small sound of displeasure that is quickly replaced with excitement as she begins announcing the entrance of the first competitor. In the short distance, an engine can be heard cranking and then revs up rather loudly.]

Scarlett: The winner of the following match will be awarded the privilege to join Brett Stetson's team and will be awarded an opportunity to become ICW Tag Team Champion! Introducing first... weighing in at 213 pounds... from Nashville, Tennessee... WES... Hartley!

[The sound of the engine grows louder as Wes appears on the set riding a yellow ATV. Wes drives the ATV rather quickly to the ring and parks it by the announcers' table.]

Blaylock: Look at this Stanley! Wes is coming out in style!

Prescott: This is definitely a first!

[Hartley hops off the ATV and diligently climbs up onto the apron of the ring. He wipes his feet off before stepping into the ring and finding his corner.]

Prescott: Hartley is paying no mind to the fans, he is focused and ready for his match.

Scarlett: Introducing next, making his ICW debut... JAMES... BRYANT!

[Once again an engine can be heard cranking up and the crowd begins to cheer even louder. James drives onto the set on a red dirt bike. He pops a wheelie on the bike and rides it down to the side of the ring. He drops back to two wheels and circles the ring on the dirt bike once waving to the fans as he does so. He parks the bike on the opposite side of the ring from Wes' ATV and he quickly rolls under the ropes and into the ring.]

[Both men step to the center of the ring and look each other in the eye. Wes quickly pulls his branded shirt up over his head and tosses it to the outside of the ring. A smirk comes across James' face before he does the same. Both men flex at each other and the crowd pops for them. Both men share a laugh and then shake each other's hand and the ref motions for the bell.]

[The bell begins the match and both men attempt to catch the other off guard with a takedown. They both manage to push each other away and begin to circle each other once more. The crowd claps shortly at both men's quick reactions. they continue to circle the ring as they size one another up. They tie up with a crisp collar and elbow lock up and begin to jockey for position. Wes has managed to get James in a headlock, but not for long as he backs into the ropes and pushes Wes off of him.]

[Wes is propelled into the opposite ropes and bounces himself off. James is there waiting to attempt a shoulder block, Wes' momentum is too much and James is knocked down onto his back. Wes takes the initiative and bounces off the ropes to his right. He jumps over the prone Bryant and bounces himself off the opposite ropes, building more momentum.Once Heartly springs off the ropes he attempts to hit his opponent with a quick elbow drop.]

[James is quick to react and jumps to his feet and narrowly avoids the elbow attack from Wes. Wes hits the mat elbow first with a solid thud just as James is bouncing off the ropes. He attempts to hit an elbow drop of his own from off the ropes. Wes anticipated the retaliation and rolls out of the way just in time to avoid James's elbow. James drives his elbow into the mat and Wes is able to quickly go for the cover on his off guard opponent.]




[With a little bit of effort, Bryant is able to kick out of the attempted pin at 2 and both men are quickly on their feet again. Shortly after, both men have locked up in a collar and elbow in the center of the ring. James attempts to back Wes into a corner but just before he can trap Wes he is able to over power him and Wes traps James in the corner instead. Wes delivers a hard chop to the chest of James and the crowd reacts with a "WOOO!" Loving the pop. Wes attempts another chop but this time James is able to duck out of the corner and shove Wes into the turnbuckle from behind.]

Prescott: Hartley goes chest first into the turnbuckle and bounces off into the waiting James who looks to Irish whip him into the opposite turnbuckle.

Blaylock: Hartley has managed to reverse the Irish whip! Now Bryant is heading directly towards the opposite corner of the ring. Wes is following behind and looking to strike. OH WOW!

[Bryant catches himself on the ropes and shows a feat of acrobatics by performing a handstand on the top rope while Wes runs under him. Bryant is able to use his momentum to land on his feet behind Hartley who is now in the corner. James gains his footing and steps back away from Wes towards the center of the ring. Wes quickly recovers from his missed attack and charges towards James in the center of the ring.]

[James anticipates the assault and catches Wes off guard with an exploder suplex into the turnbuckle behind him. James stands up rather quickly and stands over his opponent. Hartley, slow to his feet is helped up by Bryant who looks to be setting up a cradle DDT. But Wes is able to fight off James and counter into a belly to belly suplex, bringing the action back into the center of the ring. Wes crawls over to James and goes for another quick cover.]




Blaylock: Not so fast! Just when we thought that suplex put our new comer away he breaks free!

Prescott: Both men needing a second to collect themselves here.

[Both men lie on the mat at as the crowd is cheering for each of these combatants. Each man is slowly gathering themselves up off the mat as the ref checks on the both of them. Both men posture as they dramatically stand up and lock up for the third time, this time a lot less enthusiastically. Both men are showing signs of tiring as they jockey. Wes is able to get James in another headlock that causes him to drop to a knee. Wes begins to wrench the headlock on James as he postures once again.]

[James goes back to the strategy that worked for him the first time and he attempts to push Wes off of him again, but Wes was prepared this time. Wes slides and brings the headlock to the ground instead of allowing himself to be pushed off. James struggles as he is unable to get free from the clutches of Wes.]

Blaylock: Bryant appears to be wilting! I don't think he is going to be able to get out of this hold... he'll have to tap!

Prescott: Not so fast Blaylock! The fans are cheering him on! He's slowly making his way back up onto his feet!.

[James is back up to his feet again and attempts to push Wes off of him again. Wes has been pushed away, breaking up the headlock, but he quickly answers with a Pele kick that staggers James back into the corner to their left. Hartley steps to the turnbuckle directly across from Bryant's and begins winding up for a "Heart Stopper." Before Wes can even leave his corner James has delivered a devastating "Review" (Helluva Kick) to the face of Wes that drops him to the mat.]





Prescott: Jamaes Bryant has won his ICE debut here at Sleepaway Camp!!!

Blaylock: It was a nice debut match for Bryant. We all get lucky I guess too...

Prescott: Luck? Both men were exceptional! We have something going on in a cabin!

[After the first match the shot cuts to the back, where we indeed see Shawn Rossdale and Bobby Barratt. Who has made the trip to Lake Waco in Georgia! Rieter is not with them. The small single room cabin with a L shaped turn for a desk area is cool, and candles are lit up everywhere for light and probably ambience.]

Barratt: Man it is hot out there. What a load man. So we're doing this thing?

Rossdale: We're doing it. Don't worry about it.

Barratt: Remember who brings in the bucks man.

Rossdale: I know. We just have to get through tonight. This has to happen. Is Jack here?

Barratt: He isn't here. I knew he wouldn't show. He's just a placeholder in ICW history. Until I get my hands on him again. This time there will be no mistake.

Rossdale: I hope not. I need the belt off him. Badly.

Barratt: Well things need to work out. You promised me the title.

Rossdale: Don't worry. It's going to happen. Just relax.

Prescott: That was definitely interesting. What are they talking about?

Blaylock: I don't know. Montreal? 1997?

Prescott: Surely not. How bad and twisted is Shawn. What is going on with him and Barratt? I still sense tension...

Blaylock: Well they almost ruined each since ICW started. It's been hell on both of them.

Prescott: Our MAIN EVENT is coming up. We've got Mad Dog Smith against Brett Stetson... for the IRONMAN CHAMPIONSHIP!

[The crowd is buzzing for the 2nd match of their little show. Brett Stetson walks out with a white tshirt on. It says "Mad Love" on the front. He is in his blue tights with the white shirt. On the back it says "Catching Predators for free". He gets in the ring, sees a female fan jumping. Takes a pic with her and then rolls back in swirling his arms and bouncing.]

[Mad Dog is seen coming from the water!!! He's got the PA playing "Unskinny Bop" by Poison and he is head bumping to the Bobby Dall bass, and dancing with his hair wetted down. He shakes it off and then brushes his hair back, his eyeliner and lipstick are still on!!! What in the hell. He flicks his tongue at Stetson. Who looks uncomfortable. Out of no where, before Mad Dog Smith even gets in the ring... Shawn Rossdale comes down with Barratt and they start to beat the hell out of Mad Dog. They both have tennis rackets. They beat him. The crowd starts to boo some, but some people cheer! Mad Dog must of swimmed from a dark edge of the lake to the ring/shoreline. Not that far, maybe 75 feet. The lightning behind the last gate/seated rows is dim. Regardless of how he got there... he's being beat badly. Rossdale grabs a mic. Walking about like a true prick with Barratt holding up his Shooting Star title.]

Shawn Rossdale: Hey... Mad Dog. Sorry pal, but we nailed ya...

[Shawn and Bobby give one more kick. Shawn motions for the ref to ring the bell. Shawn points at Stetson. Bobby and Shawn sit ringside.]

Prescott: What are you guys doing? Why Mad Dog?

Blaylock: The match has started. Brett is looking confused as to what to do...

Rossdale: If he's smart he'd capitalize while he still can right Bobby?

Barratt: That prick thinks he's got it all figure out. He is getting his soon.

Prescott: What are you guys going to do? And why Mad Dog?

Blaylock: Mad Dog ran his mouth about Jenny.

Rossdale: I've moved on from Ms. Stackhouse. I'm focused on ICW and Mr. Barratt here. He got tuned up.

Barratt: Yeah. We tuned his fruity ass up bro. (they awkwardly and almost regretfully high five... getting caught up in the moment)

Prescott: Hmm. So what was that segment about earlier?

Blaylock: Stetson with a shoulder down... Stetson puts the fruit jar into a front powerslam!

Rossdale: The segment.. there's some things we're planning on doing. You'll see.

Barratt: Yeah. Mad Dog was just the beginning. That wasn't what we were talking about.

Prescott: Well, to the match... Stetson controlling the match... power moves galore!

Blaylock: This Stetson guy needs tuned up Bobby... Shawn. Tune him!

Rossdale: You need to tune your mouth. I've been hearing what you've been saying. If you value your job you'll watch it. Twat.

Barratt: Hey Shawn. Easy man. Steven is a fan.

Prescott: Stetson with a "Idol Bomb" NO!

Blaylock: Roll up!!! OMG!

Rossdale: Nope. Stetson breaks out. Not even a 1 count!

Barratt: Shawn lets do this thing. Come on.

Rossdale: Not yet. Wait.

[The match is being controlled by Stetson. Mad Dog starts to take control. He tries a clothesline and hits it! He goes for a middle rope elbow and hits that too! He then starts to dance, and blows Stetson a kiss. Stetson tries to get up, but Mad Dog puts him in a headlock, takes Stetson down to one knee. Then drags him down. Mad DOg grabs Stetson's legs and flips over! Pin!]




Prescott: Almost! That would of been a great upset.

Rossdale: Mad Dog is a fool. He needs to watch what he says. Myself and Barratt run the show.

Prescott: And Rieter...

Rossdale: My old pal. Lucas needs to watch himself too. He's going into dangerous waters.

[Mad Dog waits for Stetson to get up. He runs at him and Brett is able to give a massive lift to Mad Dog that sends him over the top rope easily and into the WATER!! He lands in the water's shore. In about 2 feet of water! Mad Dog totally frustrated gets up and looks like a cat that's been dragged out of the tub... Stetson runs and does an impromptu suicide dive move to the outside!]

Prescott: Stetson with an unusual high risk move!

[Stetson rolls him back in, the crowd is starting build some outside buzz... the noise isn't as loud with a smaller crowd outside. The stars look amazing in the 79 degree humid cloudless night. The moon is out too. Stetson goes for a "Director's Cut"!!! NO! Mad Dog Smith wiggles off, schoolboy!!!]




Prescott: It's over!

Blaylock: NO NO! Shoulder just got up!

[Everyone gasps. Prescott was incorrect. The shoulder just came up. That was as close as it gets! It must of been a 2 and 1/2 type of count. Very close. Replay shows how close it was indeed. Stetson grabs Mad Dog. He picks him for a military press slam... and then it happens... the lights go out... power is lost... out in the woods.. nothing is seen. YOu hear some screams... some truly horrifying screams. The lights come back on and we see a completely brutalized Wes Hartley in the middle of the ring. Mad Dog is laid out too. Stetson is untouched for some reason. Wes Hartley has multiple cuts and looks horrible. There's a fucking crowbar below Stetson's feet. He shakes his head. The referee is demanding answers as this would DQ him. He begs and pleads. The referee seems to let it go for now. The lights go out again.... we hear some more screams.]

Prescott: What in the hell is going on here? This is bedlam!

Blaylock: I'm getting ready to leave. Thank God this is on late night TV..

Barratt: Shawn, what is this?

ROssdale: No idea... watch yourself mate.

[THey come back on and we see Hartley in the water. Floating. The crowd screams in horror. He's face down, the on site paramedics run to him... pull him out and he's seen coughing water up and having trouble breathing but seems okay. Stetson has not moved and looks scared. Mad Dog is laid out. Referee looks very confused too. Rossdale motions...]

Rossdale: NOW! DO IT!

[Rossdale and Barratt run in. Rossdale points at the referee, and he does nothing. THey go after Stetson!!! Stetson ducks Shawn's wild swing. Hits a quick "Director's Cut"!!! Shawn is out! Bobby runs in 2nd, just behind Shawn... Stetson, barely gets out of the way, dives down. Barratt goes for a "Prodigal Arrival" in cocky fashion! Stetson was ready... Stetson counters it into inverted suplex! Meanwhile Wes Hartley has been rushed to a local hospital...the ambulance flys off the somewhat isolated wooded area down the gravel road.]

Prescott: Hartley has been taken to a emergency room. They are performing CPR, word is that he will be okay. We think.

Blaylock: LOOK! Stetson has Bobby ready for a "Idol Bomb"!!!

[A low blow from hell happens... then the lights go off yet again... we hear more screams... terrifying screams. The lights flash on and off very quickly. Then we hear more screams. In the middle of the ring, we see some red smoke, just barely because of the moonlight it is visible. Shawn Rossdale has rolled the fuck out of the ring. Nothing else can be seen. Red smoke everywhere. The lights come back on. We can't see much, as the smoke disipates... we see Sebastian Steele.... with a red/black and gold devil type mask on. He's got a steel chair and looks twisted. He starts to beat Brett Stetson with it badly. The referee finally sees legitimate proof and DQs the match.]

Scarlett: Your winner, by Disqualification, and STILL Ironman Champion... BREEETTTT STEETTTTSOOOON!

Prescott: Stetson had this match won, it's a shame for it all to implode like this.

Blaylock: It's ICW, what do you expect.

[Barratt has been lurking away from Shawn and everyone on the side close to the water... almost hiding. After the lights went out fromt he low blow he smartly rolled out in fear of whatever the fuck was going down. Barratt slides back in. Steele turns towards him once, and the look deters Barratt, and he goes to Shawn and then just kinda leaves. Mad Dog cowers away too as the match was over and there's to much drama unfolding. It is assumed greatly that Steele was the one turning off the lights and attacked everyone, including Wes. Almost killing him. Steele raises his hands in the ring, as the last of the pink/reddish smoke fades away. Shawn gets up looking terrified. He leaves to the nearby cabin as the crowd gasps... from Sebastian's mouth we see some blood, but it isn't his own. Stetson gets up and hits a "Director's Cut" on Steele from behind... as we go off the air!!!!!]