September 23rd @ 10 PM CST
Motorpoint Arena
Nottingham, England
Capacity: 10,800

(Take the time to watch this video. Important for mood and setting!)

[It's that time for another special event in Icon Championship Wrestling. The scene opens to an absolute raucous crowd inside of the Motorpoint Arena in Nottingham, England, week two of ICW's international road trip. The crowd, a sell out of almost 11 thousands fans, is jumping up and down, cheering, chanting and staring intently at the video screen to the left side of the entrance ramp. The screen shows highlights from last weeks Castle of Glass pay-per-view. We see the beatdown of Bobby Barratt at the hands of Duke Kosloff and Lucas Rieter. Jack Diamond coming out and appearing to join in, before hitting a stacked deck on the owner, Lucas Rieter, and saving Barratt from further harm. We see Maverick beating Joe Carroll before getting attacked once again by Carroll's henchmen before ultimately getting saved by Jack Diamond and then laid out by his tag team partner tonight (That Diamond sure was busy) Danny Ray is shown next, making a great move to be able to put Don White through the windshield of the Camaro and winning the car for his wife and kids. The shot cuts to Maverick being left laying once again, this time by the hands of the Shooting Star champion, Bobby Barratt, Duke Kosloff getting a win over Steven Dackle, Maverick getting laid out AGAIN by Barratt before getting some retaliation in Bobby's Shooting Star match that Bobby was able to win. The chaos that ensued in that match with Maverick, Diamond, Stetson, Bobby and Duke. Then the screen shows a beautiful glass castle. The world title shimmers at the top. We see that tough match between Chaos Kid and Jack Diamond, The castle being destroyed, Chaos Kid locking CDM on and Diamond feverishly tapping out, or reaching for the belt as he'd had you believe. Then we see Bobby Barratt coming out, picking up the world title and throwing it to Diamond. The screen shatters and in each piece of the glass we see a member of the ICW Roster, with the world champion in the middle. With that the camera pans to ringside with Stanley Prescott and Steven Blaylock.]

Stanley Prescott: Ladies and gentlemen we are live! Off the heels of a crazy brutal night at Castle of Glass, we are left with more questions than ever as ICW Presents: Shattered Relfections! I'm Stanley Prescott alongside my good friend, Steven Blaylock. Steven, how are we doing tonight?

Steven Blaylock: Good friend? With friends like you, who needs enemies right? You are right though, so many questions are left unanswered after Castle of Glass and maybe some will get answered here tonight, like what REALLY is at the end of a rainbow?

Prescott: Oh stop it, if you are alluding to Maverick teaming up with the world champion Jack Diamond then that answer could be the tag team titles as the face the former Fireborn Connection, Chaos Kid and Duke Kosloff.

Blaylock: How the hell does that work anyways? Maverick got laid out by Diamond twice last week, well deserved I might add, Maverick low blows Diamond, is a member of the Prosperous Ones with Duke, Duke hates Chaos, Chaos almost beat Diamond... this match just gives me a headache trying to figure out.

Prescott: Indeed it does, a match that is definitely worthy of the main event. Is this the night that Jack Diamond adds another title to his storied history here in ICW? Can Chaos Kid and Duke Kosloff once again work together despite the hatred for each other and retain? Does Maverick find gold tonight?

Blaylock: See, the Leperchaun stuff is just too easy...

Prescott: Please stop. Not only do we have that match but we have Steve Dackle taking on the new comer, the hometown favorite, Johnny Bulldog. This should be an interesting match, one this crowd has been buzzing about since seeing that Bulldog signed here in ICW.

Blaylock: But up first, we have that creepy Joe Carroll taking on another newcomer, Benjamin Allen.

Prescott: Let's get right to the action shall we, that match is now!

[The lights dim and flicker as "Stand by Me" by Ki:Theory fills the Motorpoint Arena. The crowd, a little uneasy by the dark nature of the song all look towards the stage.]

LaDawn: Ladies and gentlmen, this first match is set for one fall

Crowd: ONE FALL!

LaDawn: The loser will enter the Icon Rumble this Monday at number one, introducting first from Aldershot, England... The Scholar, JOE CARROLL!

[Carroll slowly appears at the top of the ramp. He is smiling with a look on his face that can only be interpeted as him thinking he is better than the entire crowd. The pick up on this and rain down boos on him as he slowly walks to the ramp. He stops to wink at a fan who is giving him the middle finger before getting into the ring.]

Blaylock: This guy seems to not ever be phased by the crowds reaction. He seems to have no emotion other than cockiness. It's hard to get a read on him.

Prescott: One thing that IS easy to read, is he does not have his three henchmen with him tonight. Maybe he is more confident in himself than we know.

LaDawn: His oppoent, from Wilmington, Deleware... Benjamin Allen!!!

[The crowd pops as "DNA" by Kendrick Lamar plays and Benjamin Allen walks out and throws his right arm up to the crowd. Just as he gets ready to walk down the ramp, the three masked men come from behind him and pummel him.]

Prescott: Oh no! We spoke too soon. There are the henchmen and they are doing a number on Allen! Somoene stop them!

Blaylock: Who in their right minds would want to get in the middle of those psychos! Look at Carroll! He is laughing! What a deranged fool!

[The three men are relentless. They are punching, stomping, clawling at Allen. The lift him up into a powerbomb on the taller of the three men, as the other too slam him down with all their strength. The impact on the steel ramp is sickening, Benjamin Allen's head bounces off the surface. He is out cold but they don't care. They are down on him once again completely destroying him as Carroll stands in the middle of the ring laughing. The crowd begins to throw trash in at him.]

Prescott: This is getting out of hand. Allen is a bloody mess!

Blaylock: Now what?

[As Lucas Rieter's music hits, the fans reaction become very mixed. Many are cheering the ICW Owner while some still boo, not knowing whether this is the guy that is here to do right for ICW or the asshole who wants to run Bobby Barratt out of the business. Lucas comes down and yells at the three henchmen.]

Blaylock: I knew it, that prick is in on it!

Prescott: I don't think so Steven, it looks like Rieter is admonishing the three henchmen. They are stopping and walking off to the back. Whatever he said stopped them in their tracks.

Blaylock: Well of course it did, he is pulling the strings after all.

Prescott: Rieter is down checking on Benjamin Allen. He is shaking his head, looking very pissed off, as he motions for the standby medical team to come and help Allen.

[The paramedics rush down to help out, Allen is still out cold, bleeding all over from the attack and probably concussed after the horrible powerbomb. Lucas Rieter continues down to the ring where Joe Carroll still stands in the center of ring. He hasn't moved during the whole attack, just laughing with his arms outstretched. Rieter gets in the ring and walks right up to him, mic in hand.]

Lucas Rieter: Who the hell do ou think you are?


Rieter: Do you think you run this place? You think you can have your men attack whoever the hell you want? That's not how it works pal, that's not how MY company operates!

[Carroll just stares into Rieters eye, never changing the smile from his face and never dropping his arms. Rieter is red in the face with anger.]

Rieter: I am this close to firing you! Even though this match never officially got under way, I am disqualifying you for your actions tonight. Benjamin Allen wins. That means your ass will be the first man in the Icon Rumble, Monday night!

Prescott: Rieter just DQed Carroll! He has to enter the rumble at number one, putting him at a huge disadvantage!

Blaylock: I can't really argue there, yeah ther was never an official bell in this match, but Carroll clearly deserved to get disqualified. Look, he is now lauging in Rieter's face!

Rieter: You think this is funny? Well you are going to love this, if any of your henchmen as much as peaks their head out at ringside Monday during the rumble, you will be fired! How's that for a lesson? Now get out of my ring!

Prescott: The owner means business tonight! He is sending a message that is loud and clear to Carroll as well as the entire IcW universe! Maybe he is trying to ammend things here in ICW.

Blaylock: I'll believe it when I see it, Stan.

Prescott: In any event, it appears to have worked as Carroll makes his way back up to the ramp. The crowd is going insane and we haven't even had any official matches yet! Allen has been taken to the back on a stretcher, Rieter makes his way to the back and we have to go to a word from our sponsors! But stay tuned, Steve Dackle takes on Johnny Bulldog, NEXT!

[TNT comes back on air as the camera shoots the outside parking area of Motorpoint Arena. A streth limo pulls up outside. The driver gets out, walks around and opens the back door. Out steps Dakota Paige, wearing a beauiful red dress. She steps out of the shot momentarily as the ICW World Champion gets out of the back of the car, wearing an all black suit, and his title over his shoulder. Kip "The Tip" Sweet comes into the scene just as the driver closes the door and Diamond throws his arm over the shoulder of Dakota]

Sweet: This is Kip "The Tip" live, backstage as the ICW World Champion has just arrived here tonight! Ace! Can I get a word?

[Diamond shifts his title a bit and lowers his glasses to look at Kip. He gives a big smile as even from outside the building he can hear the chants of "DIAMOND CLUB" from the arena.]

Diamond: Make it quick, I've got tag team gold to win.

Sweet: Well, Jack, everyone wants to know how you feel about going up against Chaos Kid again tonight a week after he almost won your title? Everyone is saying how had it been a regular match, you would have lost via submission What are your thoughts?

Diamond: What are my thoughts? My thoughts is that it wasn't any regular ole match, and when push comes to shove I always get the job done. I don't know what you are talking about with this submission crap but like I've told everyone, I never tapped out. Whatever information these people are getting, they have it twisted. Maybe they had a bad camera angle.

Sweet: Well there is also those that say you are only still the champion because Bobby Barratt helped you out. Rumour has it Bobby will be here tonight, even though he isn't on the card. Have you talked to him?

Diamond: Have I talked to him? What kind of stupid ass question is that? Hell no I haven't talked to him. Bobby and I hate each other. We are not friends. I simply tried to keep him from getting killed at the hands of Rieter and his boys. If he thought he was repaying the favor in my match with Chaos, fine, but I didn't ask for it, and I didn't need it. I would have walked out of Castle of Glass the world champion regardless, just like I am walking out of here tonight a tag champion. On my own, without any help!

Sweet: You say without any help, but what about your tag partner Maverick? How can you two work together with him being saddled with the Prosperous Ones?

Diamond: You said it all right there. Maverick is basically just there to take up space. To get in my way. It won't work. Whether I have to take him out in the process, I am taking the gold tonight. As for Chaos, Bobby, Duke, the Prime Minister, whoever the hell tries to get in my way, the results will always be the same and that is the Ace of Spades coming out on top, you can bet on that!

[With that, Diamond kind of shoves Kip out of the way a bit, and him and Dakota walk into the arena. Kip regathers himself and looks back into the camera]

Sweet: This is Kip Sweet, giving you "Just the Tip". Stanley, back to you...

[The camera cuts back to ringside as the fans are buzzing after just seeing the champion enter the building. Some Diamond Club chants are still going on.]

Prescott: Well it appears the world champion has made his arrival and he is in rare form tonight Steven.

Blaylock: Yeah, he is. Let's not forget though that he is only world champion because my guy gave him the belt!

Prescott: I would have to agree with you on that, he fought a hard match against Chaos and may have won it but we will never know after Barratt came down and handed Jack the title. Let's get to our next match. Scarlett, take it away.

LaDawn: Ladies and gentlemen it is time for our next match, set for one fall with the loser joining Joe Carroll in the opening pairing during the icon rumble. Introducing first, Steve Dackle!!!

[The first five seconds are the Marines' Hymn before a record scratches and the Pink Floyd song "Money" plays. As the music plays (no vocals) his voice is heard saying "I'm rich", "Kneel before a true man", and "It's ok to be impressed". A "Million Dollar Man-like" laugh can be heard as well. The lights turn to gold (similar to Goldust's theme) and he emerges with Haji pulling the vehicle. At the bottom of the ramp, Haji sets down the cart, goes to the side, and falls to his hands and knees so Dackle can use him as a step. Haji then hops up and disrobes Dackle as he has a looks distainfully at the crowd. They hate him anyways... so he is fitting right in.]

Blaylock: I've said it before, and I'll say it again...this guy is crazy! I don't know if it's split personalities, schizophrenia or whatever but he makes me feel uneasy.

Prescott: This is a war vet you are talking about, have some respect. He has seen some stuff, I'm sure he has PTSD or something.

Blaylock: Yeah, so lets put him in a wrestling ring where he can fight people... smart move ICW, smart move.

[The arena lights go dark and the audience is asked to rise for a rendition of God Save the Queen. Once this has finished, Johnny enters, raises his hands (as in a ten, or open hands), as fireworks erupt and his theme begins. The fans are going absolutely crazy for the hometown star.]

LaDawn: And his opponent, from Southampton, England... JOHNNY BULLDOG!!!

[He then walks down the ramp with a British flag wrapped around him, which he gives to the attendant at ringside as he hits the ring, backing into his corner. Dackle stares on, referee Jason Myers checks both men, and the bell rings!]

Prescott: Here we go! Both of these men are feeling each other out so far, they lock up in the center of the ring and Dackle is able to push off the smaller Bulldog. No, he comes back with a vengeance! Rights, lefts, oh nice take down and ground and pound!

Blaylock: He definitely has a lot of fight in him. Bulldog fits him well! He picks Dackle up and sends him into the corner!

Prescott: He runs in and goes for a spear, no! Dackle side steps him and he goes shoulder first into the ring post! That is going to slow him down some.

Blaylock: Dackle is looking around to the crowd, they are booing him. I think he enjoys getting booed. It seems to be pumping him up!

Prescott: It sure does, he picks up Bulldog and sends him into the ropes, catches him with a nice swinging spinebuster! He goes for the early cover..



Bulldog is able to kick out. Now the fans are cheering and chanting for him, which seems to be having a similar effect that the boos had on Dackle!

[Bulldog comes fighting back, but Dackle grabs him again, sends him into the ropes and tries for a clothesline that Bulldog is able to duck under, he jumps up and springs off the middle rope and catches Dackle as he turns with a picture perfect cutter!]

Prescott: Nice cutter there! Bulldog not able to make a cover but at least this gives him a moment to recover from the missed spear and the spinebuster. He was favoring that shoulder a bit.

Blaylock: This crowd is eating it up too Stanley, they love this kid. I just don't think he has what it takes to beat two people.

Prescott: He is only in there with Dackle, Steven..

Blaylock: I don't know, you've seen this man... there are two sides of him, two entirely different yet very crazy beings. It isn't a good place to be in for little Johnny here.

[The action picks up a bit with some great back and forth ring work. The crowd is cheering everytime Bulldog goes on the offense and boos each time that Dackle fights back. After some very crisp chain wrestling, Dackle is able to spin Bulldog around, and place him in a sleeper hold. The crowd goes insane, trying to motivate Bulldog out of the hold. He briefly drops to a knee before standing back up and able to slip out and land a desperation german suplex on Dackle.]

Prescott: He hit that suplex but I don't think he got all of it.

Blaylock: No, he didn't Dackle is getting back to his feet.

Prescott: Bulldog charges in and superkicks Dackle!

Blaylock: He didn't go down, ANOTHER SUPERKICK!

Prescott: This time Dackle lands against the ropes and bounces back towards Bulldog...a THIRD SUPERKICK! God Save The Queen! Dackle goes tumbling out of the ring! He is in a world of hurt!

Blaylock: The crowd is in a frenzy and it looks like Bulldog has big things in mind...

Prescott: He runs, bounces of the ropes, comes back the other way jumps...springboards... THE EMBANKMENT SPLASH!

Blaylock: Beautiful 450 Splash to the outside! He landed it but I think he took just a much of the impact. Looks like his head may have hit the floor when landing.

Prescott: They are going to have to do CTE studies on ICW after tonight... both men are down and Jason Myers starts counting.


Blaylock: The are stirring a bit, both men clearly shaken up.


Prescott: Dackle, surprisingly to his feet first... Bulldog seems dazed.


Blaylock: The ex Marine has evil burning in his eyes here!


Prescott: OH! Dackle picks Bulldog up and sends him into and over the ring stairs!


[Dackle laughs a bit as the boos grow louder. He rolls into the ring but immediate rolls back out, but resetting the count. Myers pleads with him to bring the action back into the ring but Dackle ignores him. He looks to punish the hometown hero. He again picks Bulldog up and sends him into the ringside barrier. He lays the boots to him as the count is back up to seven. Again, Dackle rolls in and then back out of the ring. The ref threatens to DQ him but Dackle doesn't even hear him.]

Prescott: I think Dackle has snapped here tonight. He is very close to getting disqualified from this match, he does realize if that happens he enters the rumble 2nd and will have a long ways to go to win that...

Blaylock: I don't think he cares Stan! Look at him, he is choking Bulldog! Myers is back up to 4!

Prescott: He picks Bulldog up and sets him between his legs and looks around the arena. People are throwing things, booing, chanting for Bulldog, spitting at Dackle and he just smiles a bit. He lifts him up... SEMPER FI!!! Bulldog is out! He needs to get him in the ring... Myers is making the count...


Blaylock: He is just going to reset the count again and contnue to inflict damage


Prescott: No, it looks like he is ready to end this, he has Bulldog up carrying him towards the apron. He needs to hurry!


Prescott: Bulldog is back in the ring, but he is out could! All Dackle has to do is slide in and make the cover! It's going to be over!


[Dackle slides into the ring just as the bell is sounding. The fans are kind of stunned, not really knowing what happened as Scarlette LaDawn leans in towards the ring and has a brief converstaion with Myers.]

Blaylock: What happened?

Prescott: I don't think Dackle got in the ring in time.

Blaylock: Nonsense! He made it just in time!

LaDawn: Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of this match by way of countout... JOHNNY BULLDOGG!!!!

Blaylock: What! I can't believe it!

Prescott: That's what happened! Look at the replay, Jason Myers makes the 10 count just before Dackle slides into the ring!

Blaylock: He had this thing won! How do you let something like this slip through your hands?

Prescott: I'm not sure, but he is pissed at the ref but he did it to himself. He will be in the opening sequence of the Icon Rumble along with Joe Carroll, this Monday night! We need to get some help out here for Bulldog as we take a break. When we come back, it's main event time! ICW Tag Team gold on the line! You don't want to miss this!

[Just before the tag team championship tornado match... we cut to the backstage area. We see BOBBY BARRATT!!! He's pacing some, but seems calm. He sits down, and clearly has made a point to give a quick thing before the camera. Jenny is in the left side barely visible. Barratt has his own dressing room. He pats his gorgeous Shooting Star Championship belt on his shoulder and smirks...]

Bobby Barratt: Yeah it's me my friends. BARRATT IN THE HOUSE! (Crowd razzes outside the room in the arena!) Yeah. We're here for me right? And I'm not even on the fucking card. Who gives though? Really? Anyways. My moment has arrived. I will make my presence felt in the main event. How could I not? I've got Jack Diamond acting like his shit doesn't stink... I gave you your title. Chaos Kid had you reeling mate. I really appreciate what you did for me 2 weeks in a row. I do. I get that it was more about showing Lucas what's up more than getting on with me. I think you're a smug prick, and that says a lot. Right?


Barratt: I'll miss that bit. The whole crowd loving me thing. Back in the states, those obese assholes will just jerk Jack right off. You need to show some more respect Diamond. I saved your title. Straight on. Say it! Duke, Maverick? Lucas? You are all 3 in my headlights. The place where I see and you guys don't. Chaos, I don't have a problem with you mate. You're fine in my book I guess. Just don't fuck with me. Lucas, there isn't a damn thing you can do about it either! SO mark my WORDS people. I will be in force tonight. And I'll make a splash. You all aside from Chaos deserve a piece of me. Jack, we are not friends... you're right! I want your title. That will come later. For now. Stay the fuck out of my way. You owe me a shot Jackass!

[The camera fades away, it cuts to Lucas Rieter shouting "Fuck"! in his office with Maverick and Duke. They are all having some O'Douls. Duke doesn't like it but he's dealing with it. Lucas has some Newcastle Brown Ale. He picks up the bottle and smashes it in a fit of rage. Like child that didn't get the TMNT toy from walmart or something? Maybe. The camera fades.]

Prescott: It is time for our tag team tornado match folks. All 4 men will be in the ring at the same time. 1st pinfall/submission wins/retains the belts!

Blaylock: This is a crock. I look for Jack and Maverick to take them tonight.

Prescott: I don't think so. Chaos and Duke are a formiddable team. Very tough. I think they defend them.

Blaylock: Barratt will get involved, as we all knew before his promo, but how and when?

Prescott: Who knows. Here comes our 1st competitor! Maverick!

[Maverick rolls out to "Evil Terminators" and stretches out his arms and screams! He checks behind him. No Barratt. Good thing! He slaps the hands of the crowd that seem to adore him despite his antics recently.]

Prescott: Maverick getting some heavy cheers here in the UK!

Blaylock: He's warming up to me, but since he's in the sight of "my guy" Bobby, he'll burn for now.

[Next we've got Jack fucking Diamond. The lights in the arena go out and a red hue takes over (much like when old school Kane comes out) A version of Motorhead's "The Ace of Spades" plays and smoke feels the entrance ramp. Jack Diamond appears backwards at the top of the ramp work a black, white and red robe on (a'la Flair) with the words "The Ace of Spades" written across the back. He turns around, wearing Red "diamond shaped" glasses, smiling as smug as he can and playing to the crowds reaction. He arrogantly walks to the ring, climbs the stairs and enters through the middle ropes and taunts the crowd some. He throws up the Diamond sign (reminiscent of DDP) and as he throws his hands down Pyro goes off around him in the shape of a diamond!]

Prescott: Another awesome entrance from our Champion!

Blaylock: Yeah yeah. He's a fool. He owes Bobby big time.

Prescott: Maybe Bobby owes him and that's why Barratt out of respect, gave Jack his title at Castle of Glass?

Blaylock: Who gives a fuck Stan? Barratt would take Jack down now. They've not tangled in weeks. Here comes Duke!

["Enter Sandman" starts to play and Duke jumps out behind the curtain to red and yellow explosions over and over. The crowd boos him heavily and he smiles and rotates his shoulders some as he stares bullets at Diamond and Maverick. Maverick his newly aquired teammate in "The Prosperous Ones" with Rieter is on the other team, but it seems its all business tonight. Duke gets in and fakes a run at Diamond which gets Diamond to jerk some, and Duke laughs.]

Prescott: Nice showing by Duke. He looks impressive tonight. Chaos and him don't get along well, but man they are a great team in the ring.

Blaylock: They are good but I think something greater is at play here and with Bobby coming soon... who knows what goes down. I don't see Rieter anywhere though?

[Suddenly Chaos Kid's "Break Stuff" rips open and he sprints straight to the ring... and goes after Diamond immediately as the referee calls for the bell!!!!!]

Prescott: What in the hell is wrong with Kid?!

Blaylock: He wants a piece of that Diamond ass! Look at him go!!!

Prescott: Chaos pummels Diamond with rights and lefts!!! This is going to be a war!!!

Blaylock: Maverick, dropkicks Chaos off Diamond, then goes for Duke.

Prescott: Duke with a chokeslam on Maverick!!! What power!

Blaylock: Maverick rolls out of the ring smartly.

Prescott: Chaos and Duke look at eachother and then look at Diamond who is recovering after the flurry of shots to the head.

Blaylock: Oh no... this is going to get bad...

Prescott: Chaos and Duke double team Diamond! They are really working him over. Referee Myers watches and pleads with them to calm down some.

Blaylock: Chaos tells Duke to step aside, and Duke is looking around like what to do. Duke tries to lift Diamond up, but Chaos is telling him to leave and that Diamond is "his".

Prescott: This doesn't look good for Chaos Kid... he needs to calm himself. His hair trigger loss to Jack Diamond at Castle clearly isn't sitting well in his heart........CHOKESLAM on CHAOS!!!!

Blaylock: Oh no... what in the fuck just happened?

Prescott: Duke Kosloff has just chokeslammed his own partner! All hell is going to break loose!!!


Prescott: Oh my! Diamond getting dirty!! Kosloff falls over!

Blaylock: Maverick back up! He leaps from the top rope for a missle dropkick on Diamond!!!!!

Prescott: Diamond sidesteps him! "Stacked Deck"!!! OH MY GAWD!!!!

Blaylock: Well that was quick!!! Everyone is down but Diamond!!!

Prescott: This is absolutely ridiculous!!! Maverick tried to screw Diamond, but he was clearly ready for it!!

Blaylock: Chaos Kid back up, trades shots with Diamond, Diamond with a neckbreaker to Kid.

Prescott: Duke Kosloff gets up and goes after Diamond. Diamond ducks Kosloff's clothesline, Diamond hits a belly to belly on Kosloff!

Blaylock: He barely cleared him on that, the height made it tough!

Prescott: Kosloff down for now, Chaos comes for Diamond while Maverick is still recovering from that "Stacked Deck" off the top rope that Diamond countered from his missle dropkick....

Blaylock: Chaos hits Diamond in the gut with a running knee. Chaos, whips Diamond into the ropes, Chaos misses a clothesline, Diamond goes...

Prescott: for a enzugiri!! but Chaos ducks!!! Back stomp to Diamond! Diamond takes the lower back stomp. Remember this is a tornado, NO DQ match. Fall must be made in the ring!

Blaylock: "CDM"!!!! How's that damage Diamond?? HA!

["CDM" is being applied to Diamond from a missed enziguri into a back stomp by Chaos Kid! Diamond is in good amount of pain. Maverick has finally recovered... he has a chair on the outside. Duke gathers himself too. Duke runs in and hits a spear on Chaos Kid, who had Diamond in the "CDM" finisher! Chaos goes flying through the ropes! Maverick comes in from behind and hits Duke with the chair!!! Duke never sees it coming.]

Prescott: What a jerk move by Maverick!! A a more idiot move by Duke on Chaos!!!

Blaylock: This is basically a fatal 4 way for the tag titles... this is fucked up!

Prescott: Remember folks, this is Chaos Kid and Duke Kosloff, who are tag team champions... against Jack Diamond and Maverick. In a tornado match. If you've just tuned in to our live TNT broadcast... you might be confused!

Blaylock: Yeah no shit dumbass...

[Maverick starts to beat the hell out of Duke... then in a tired fashion... drops the chair. He sits down in the corner...Jack Diamond gets up and asks Maverick if he wnats to straighten up and work for these belts. Maverick nods... and Diamond lifts him up with one hand. Jack gives him directions... and with Duke hardly moving under the bottom rope on the apron on his back, Jack gets Chaos Kid and Mavericks waits in the ring. Chaos gets rolled in the ring as the crowd really starts to have an uproar. Maverick tells Diamond to hold him still, and Diamond does... Diamond holds Chaos from the back, Maverick goes for "Heavy Rainmaker"!!! but Chaos DUCKS! And Maverick crushes Diamond by clear accident! Chaos hits a DDT on Maverick! Chaos goes for the cover on Diamond!!!]




Prescott: Chaos gets the win!

Blaylock: NO! Diamond just kicks out of that!

[Duke gets up and goes to the outside of the ring. He gets a table and sets it up on the outside. Maverick gets up, and apologizes to Jack who shakes his head at him. Chaos Kid sees Duke on the outside, and he goes for a suicide dive! He crashes into Duke and smashes right into the table!!! Both men are laid out big time!!!]

Prescott: This is crazy! Chaos saw Duke and just snapped!! Duke and Chaos down big time on the outside!!!

Blaylock: BOBBY!!!! The crowd is going fucking crazy!

[Maverick and Diamond look at each other strangely, and Diamond tells Maverick to get Duke as he took the brunt of the impact. Jack stops Bobby in his tracks and tells him to calm down and stay out. Bobby pushes Jack out of the way and goes for Maverick! Maverick on the outside sees Bobby coming. He moves out of the way, and what would of been a reverse "Iconbreaker" to Maverick's back turns into a actual "Iconbreaker" to Duke just as he stands up! Maverick tries to get Barratt as he's getting up, but Barratt has none of it. With clean precision he hits a "Prodigal Arrival"!!!!! on Maverick off the steel post on the outside (runs up the apron/post instead of the turnbuckle) Bobby then takes Duke's body and rolls it in. Bobby gets in the ring and says "there ya go champ..." and stares a laser into Diamond. Diamond drops to his knees amidst great boos!!! ]




LaDawn: Here are your winners and NEW ICW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!!!! Jaaaaaack DIIIIAMMONDDDD and MAAAAAVVEEERRRICK!!!!!

Blaylock: Fuck yes! Bobby you own Jack Diamond now! yes!

Prescott: The match was well in hand before Barratt came out idiot.

[Chaos starts to get up, as Diamond recieves his 1/2 of the tag team championships, he runs in and hits Barratt with a clothesline through the ropes! Chaos then applies "CDM" on Barratt!!! Barratt never saw it coming. Diamond looks on. Maverick is on the outside and on his knees as he's presented with his 1/2 of the tag team championship. Chaos is going crazy and really laying it on with Barratt. Diamond steps to the outside and pleads with Chaos to chill out and let it go. Chaos doesn't listen. Diamond kneels in front and Bobby tries to hit Diamond. Finally... Diamond stomps Kid off as security come down and separate everyone... but not before DUke... who is just up, and completely loses his shit. He spears Chaos and the security team from behind, and then powerbombs Chaos on the outside. More security come down, and they all get separated. The final image of the night is Jack Diamond and Maverick with their newly won tag team championships, Chaos Kid just being crushed after putting on the heat to Barratt for fucking with the match, and Duke in a complete rage being held back by 4 large men from Diamond and anyone else... we lastly cut to Lucas Rieter in his office... he's laughing his ass off... in a insane way... as we cut away!]