August 7th @ 10 PM CST
Lake Bemidji
Bemidji, MN
Capcity: 8,000-10,000

(Take the time to watch this video. Important for mood and setting!)

[Here we are. Entertain us. ICW's 3rd PPV is here. Midsummer Night's Massacre! Which will be an annual PPV staple for the middle of summer! The setting is in Bemidji, MN. Where Shawn Rossdale grew up in his teens after moving here from Primrose Hill in England. The crowd isn't here just yet. It is early. Perhaps 5pm. The gated area is locked. Steel gates are to keep the public that don't pay out. Tickets for this event are very simple. We've got the ring, like Sleepaway camp nestled on a flat edge of the lake. It is a big lake too. This even has been promoted in the area for weeks. The headlining match Barratt vs. Diamond III sets the stage for what is sure to be a crazy great show. So on the tickets. They range from 200 dollars for a seat in the front areas, to 125 dollars to be able to rent a float tube and sit in the lake's edge, which is roped off so they don't get too close... to 50.00 for general admission which is standing room in the back. The ring's broadcasted left side is 3 feet from where the water meets the sand/dirt/shore. However you'd like to think of it. So like Sleepaway Camp, anyone tossed or propelled to that side would go over, and instead of hitting a barricade or gate, they'd hit about 1 foot of water, which drops off fairly deep. They are saying the water is 6-8 feet deep just 6 feet from the shoreline. About 10 feet from the shoreline on that side of the ring, is a roped off area, and now it might be empty but we have stacks and stacks of intertubes ready, decked out to hold food on one side of it, and a beverage. This promises to be "thee" event of the summer! About 2,000 steel chairs sit in a elbow 3/4 around the ring. 1/4 is obviously the water I described. Behind everything there's a crane. A large crane that has the hell in a cell structure built and ready, but not yet raised. It will be raised later tonight.]

[Security will be high tonight. The air will be cooler than expected at a 65 degrees at air time. A nice breeze will be lurking in the shadows of water and light. Rossdale has had 4 massive posts installed to give great light. The scene should be incredible. Ring by water, people in chairs everywhere, people in the lake, boats in the lake... the edge of the lake glowing in the light, so far out then it being hard to see as darkness takes over. This is Midsummer Night's Massacre. Big things will happen. Something wicked this way comes...]

[The scene is early. The gates are locked around, we have a few superstars making their way in already, the likes of Duke Kosloff, The Killer Penguin and Bobby Barratt are here. Jack Diamond is absent, Billy Shaw is absent as others. Chaos Kid is just pulling up in his vehicle. Which is a nice 80s model Camaro. Probably a 1983 or so. The ring and setup is almost ready, very close to being ready as Shawn Rossdale and Lucas are in the ring talking, the tempature in the mid 70s, with a breeze. Things couldn't be better. Or could they?]

Shawn Rossdale: Tonight. We make history. His story will be told. History.

Lucas Rieter: Look mate. I know things have been messed up between us. This isn't the WWE. This is real. We're like the UFC, but wrestling. There's no other promotion like us. You've got to hold it together tonight.

Rossdale: Hold it together? I've not heard anything from Barratt. Who doesn't give a fuck about me. I was kidnapped just a few days ago!!

Rieter: Calm down. Don't you fucking yell at me. You need to give up on Bobby Barratt. The guy is great, but you can't live through him man. Your career is over Shawn. Let it go. We're in our early 40s man. We could both wrestle sure, we could do it... but mate... you have to let it go.

Rossdale: Fuck you.

Rieter: What?

Rossdale: Fuck. You. I can't let go of Barratt, I'm so over Jenny. That was so fucked up and twisted man. You remember when we started this thing? Remember the 12 million I put up? How it just about broke me?

Rieter: I remember man. You remember the almost 3 million I put up for flights, advertising and insurances? That is why I own 15%. I'm just glad you didn't get the book control.

Rossdale: Yeah you were a twat about that. Look mate. We need to be on the same page. I'm not a bad guy. I just want my guy to succeed. It's like I'm winning if he's winning ya know?

Rieter: Oh I know man. You go on this bit about it right? And you have it your way right? Then you get so messed up in it you don't know a way out. Duke wants to buy some shares of ICW. He wants to buy you out he said. He's offered more than you put in.

Rossdale: ICW is worth about 22 million now. We've turned a profit of 6 million already. We're doing really well. Fuck him. I'm not selling anything to that fool.

Rieter: But..

Rossdale: And remember, you can't sell your share off at all. It dilutes if you share any of your 15%. You have to share it back to me if you do anything. Including booking rights.

Rieter: Go to hell bro. I'm not selling anything. Duke did tell me to offer you 15 million, and since you seem to hesitant, he had told me if you refused to offer 20 million for ICW, and your share of 85%.

Rossdale: 20 million? Hmm.. Can't do it. ICW is my child. Barratt is like a little brother to me. He's like me. You know the spill. If I ever give anyone a stake, it would be Bobby.

Rieter: You fucking idiot! He's playing you! He's never really cared about you or ICW. He just wants to be brilliant. he wants the Hall of Fame. he wants money, he wants the spotlight. Some people crave the spotlight and love the legend of themself.

Rossdale: Don't talk to me like that Lucas. I'm not selling. It would take like 1/4 a billion dollars for me to sell my stake. ICW isn't worth that. We're only projected to be worth 40 million something at the end of the year. I'll take that. My father... this is his money. My old man.

Rieter: So what about Steele? That mutherfucker.

[The topic becomes sour, intense and they drive apart again, after they had been chatting all day about ICW's past, the good times and the future... it seemed for a moment that maybe Shawn would leave Barratt and go straight and clean again, stop the drama... maybe he'd let things go and retreat some and enjoy his money ICW makes... but that doesn't happen. Shawn is a Owner that must be involved.]

Rossdale: What about him? He's a money maker. He makes us money. He went over the line big time. He did what he thought he had to do. He was on drugs, acting so stupid. He was no showing on me... losing matches so after the 1st no show I hired a guy that looks like him. I needed to fill the seats.

Rieter: So there was an imposter in there as Steele for 2 matches?

Rossdale: Yes... (sighs) We were just getting going. I needed to secure ICW's future at that time. I deserved what happened. I got kidnapped, forced into giving him his rematch with Stetson and as far as I know we're even up.

Rieter: Things are never even with a guy like that. What are you doing man? You had a hit put on this guy?

Rossdale: No no. I just paid a couple of punks to beat him up and I tried to fire him. Once Stetson injured the imposter Steele... things chilled out for a bit. Here we are. Steele is back, this will boost ICW. I did him wrong, I paid my price. He'll get his later. I'll lay low on him...

Rieter: He's going to assume he owns you now.

[Both men had been leaning on the top rope overlooking the lake... Shawn turns and starts to get physical.]

Rossdale: Nobody owns me! Nobody! I've made my bed. I've done my shallow stuff. I'm going to change.

Rieter: Oh yeah? Then drop that Barratt leech. Drop him. Come to our side. Fireborn Connection is about honesty... truth and doing what is right. No matter what.

Rossdale: Really? Chaos Kid cheated his ass off to win that Ironman title. What a crock mate.

Rieter: Well there's more on that later. But listen. You need to wake up.

[Rossdale gives Rieter a sidekick, the talks have gotten to him. The sunlight blazes through no one is really around but a couple of guards and Chaos Kid. Who was swinging on one of the bench swings by a cabin in the distance. There's 4 cabins nearby. Which will be wrestler HQ for the show. A long long path from the massive parking lot in this remote setting is where people will walk and have their tickets checked and punched later tonight. The sunlight that is falling is on Rieter's face. Shawn lines up very quick and BOOM "Distortion" on Rieter. The guards come in and demand Shawn to leave. He spits on Rieter. Chaos Kid comes in from afar... running in.]

Chaos: What in the hell man?

Rossdale: Stay out of this. He needed that. He's always needed me to put him in his place.

Chaos: Look. We're trying to do the right thing here. We want ICW to be fair, honest and true. I'll forfeit my Ironman title belt. Just leave Lucas alone. He gave me a chance when almost no one would. Not even you. Prick.

Rossdale: Say one more thing to me and I'll crush you.

Chaos: You know what... fuck this. Take your belt.

[Chaos Kid walks over to his bench area, grabs his Ironman Championship, and tosses it at Shawn.]

Rossdale: This is a joke right?

Chaos: No. I don't want to be your Ironman Champion anymore. I'll fight Maverick, and the title can be up for grabs if he wins, but I don't want it.

Rossdale: Listen to me you little ungrateful fuck.

[Rossdale goes in on Chaos with a very aggressive and very pissed off "Distortion" move (superkick) but misses. Chaos ducks it and clotheslines Rossdale. Rieter is now up and screaming at Rossdale, throwing threats like they are free ice cream on a 100 degree day. Chaos helps him out to their private Fireborn/Face/Tweener Cabin. The scene fades....]

[It is now just before 10pm cst. The crowd is buzzing... we've got people in their seats, 2 swinging crane cameras jammed in there, and a very large crane, safely hanging the HELL IN A CELL above the ring about 30 feet. The casual wind cause it to sway just a bit, but all is well. Various camera men on foot to get their shots as the swing cameras on cranes move around. The bright lights in the area luminate the ring, and the edges of the ring including the water's edge, where we see maybe over 1,000 people or so in intertubes in a roped off area to watch the show from the water! There's a giant 30 foot by 50 foot projecter screen being used for video. The whole roster is here... is you zoomed out above in the sky you'd see a little square surrounded by some light and a sea of people. Attendance is in at just over 10,000 people! A lot of people can't even see the ring. Water views, and seats are around 3,000 and the rest are standing room only. Security is crazy high for this show and we've got a helicopter above with a very large flag in a square shape that says "ICW" in glow in the dark orange!!! If you're more than 100 feet from the ring, the only light are camp lights and lanterns. A very strange setting.]

Stanley Prescott: We are live!! From Bemidji, Minnesota!!! It is a cool night, and we've got 4 huge matches of great action coming up!

Steven Blaylock: Do we ever! My guy will finally beat Diamond and his club of clowns.

Prescott: We'll see. He hasn't done it yet. And winning the Shooting Star off him doesn't really count... he had help. Lots of it. And we've got Barney in the house too! The 1st 100 Diamond Club shirt wearing fans got an exclusive Barney stuffed animal with a purple bat!

Blaylock: It doesn't matter Presso. Barratt was in that thing. He's got that thing man! Those plush toys are sick. Diamond needs to grow up.

Prescott: We are scheduled for our opening match very soon. Maverick takes on Chaos Kid for the Ironman title!

Blaylock: I heard Chaos Kid forfeited the title?

Prescott: This is the 1st I'm hearing of this.

Blaylock: Looks like the lights are dimming and that ridiculous screen is playing something.

[The giant screen projects a quick intro to tonight's huge PPV. Midsummer Night's Massacre!!! We see some clips of the previous meeting between Rieter and Rossdale earlier in the day. We then morph to "Bulletproof Skin" by Institute. The song blasts through the small outside PA system. The crowd enjoys the beat and the "burn baby burn, strung out on a wire..." lyrics and vibe. The song is clearly about two rivals... as seems to be the theme for this PPV. With Stetson/Steele and Barratt/Diamond going down. We see the massive brawl from last week happen... the aftermath and insanity that followed. We see and find out more about Steele's missing, and him kidnapping Rossdale to get what he wants. The video that is set in a bloodstained design stops and it shows Bobby Barratt and Jack Diamond side by side... and bloody animation runs down the screen as we cut live again and red and white pyro goes off and explodes in the sky!!!!]

Prescott: We're back! We are officially underway an ready to start the show.

Blaylock: So the word I got during the video is that Chaos Kid will be vacating the title. If he wins, he'll vacate it. He'll defend it, but if he loses, Maverick will become new Ironman Champion.

Prescott: I wonder why?

Blaylock: Probably the cheapshot that Shawn took on Rieter earlier.

Prescott: Hmm, the video didn't show that.

Blaylock: Didn't have to. Word is that Shawn hit Rieter with a sidekick and then a superkick earlier today, and Chaos saw it and had enough of him. He's very loyal to Lucas man.

Prescott: Well ladies and gentlemen, our first match is upcoming.

Blaylock: This should be a great one!

["New Heights" starts up, and Maverick starts to walk out, but his music dies down... and fades. Sebastian Steele's music of "No Leaf Clover" starts up and he walks out, to massive boos and security makes sure he doesn't get attacked or attacks anyone himself. He gets in the ring mocks the crowd and gets a mic to address the crowd.]

Steele: You know something? Maverick. Sorry pal. The great "El Cazador" is officially back! I'm here to take this place over yet again before Shawn screwed me like he has so many.

Crowd: BOOOO!!!!

Steele: It isn't personal people. Everyone in this place is a joke. They are just holding what I want and need. What is mine. Diamond, Barratt, Chaos Kid I guess if he doesn't bitch out completely. They all owe me something. Most importantly. Shawn Rossdale still owes me.


Steele: I suck? You people out there in the water. I see you barely through the glow. YOu people sitting in front of me. I see you too. I'm a hunter. Through the power of Cizin, the God of Death where I come from... I am unbreakable. Is it in my head? Maybe to you people, but this is very very real. Brett Stetson is a punk. He beat an imposter. That wasn't me. Shawn payed his price....

[Just then "Supersonic" by Oasis hits the PA, and Shawn Rossdale walks out... with Bobby Barratt. The two have finally reconnected after his brief kidnapping. What will happen?]

Shawn Rossdale: Sebastian... Sebastian. You see my mouth? My nose? Yeah those marks and wounds are from you. I've paid my price. What do you want man?

Steele: I want respect. I want my ICW alignment back. I was reigning ICW Ironman Champion.

Rossdale: You lost. You lost! Stetson beat you man. You were wound up and high that night... you were so fucked up. So yeah, I tried to dispose of you. I wasn't trying to kill you. I did try to kick you when you were down. Stetson really put a beating on you... so I tried to injure you for the long term. I did, mistakenly get a double that looked like you to take your spot. I'm... I'm sorry for that. It wasn't a proud moment from me.

Steele: Nothing about you is proud. You're a washed up, never could and never would hack. So is this trash next to you...

[And just like that... it explodes. Barratt comes in with a Iconbreaker, but Steele monkey flips out of it, and picks up Rossdale and hits a "Killshot"! Barratt slams his feet into the ring, and grabs his hair like he's losing control. Steele walks backwards and waves his finger at Bobby. MEdical staff check on Rossdale as Barratt is pointing and trashing Steele. The words cannot be heard, but suddenly Barratt takes off after him!]

[The cameras follow to the back where the curtained off on steele rails back area is. We see behind it that Steele was waiting for Barratt to barge in... when he did he had a stool ready, and he slams Barratt with it! Barratt falls to the ground but is tough enough to get back to his feet and charges into Steele. He rips off the mask of Steele in the process of him going completely fucking nuts. His partner in crime... Rossdale has been really beaten down this last week. He's had enough. Barratt takes the mask and throws it down on him. Barratt tells him to watch his back and stay away and that he's the "Icon" of ICW. Steele gets up without his mask and just stands toe to toe with him. Keegan O'Donnell and 4 security men run in and separate them before it blows again!]

Prescott: What a start to our night. Steele has made a mess yet again. Barratt and Rossdale seem to be going into their cabin now, which is private. Fireborn gets one, the Rossdale/Barratt/Stackhouse get one, and the other 2 are shared between the rest of the roster.

Blaylock: What a killer attack by my guy! He really showed that jackass Steele what he's about.

Prescott: I wonder how mad Steele will be after having his mask ripped off?

Blaylock: Who cares? Who believes in that hocus pocus garbage anyways?

Prescott: Looks like our 1st match is starting up. Finally!

[The cameras switch to backstage as Chaos Kid stands holding his Ironman title, huddled together with Lucas Rieter and his tag team partner, Duke Kosloff.]

Rieter: I don't know why everyone assumes we are anything but stand up guys, trying to do what is right for ICW. We don't have to resort to the lowly tactics of Rossdale and Barratt.

Chaos Kid: Yeah, well like we discussed, let me go out and do my thing. Maverick wants no interference, then that is what he will get. But whatever happens, I'm dropping this stupid title. I'm going to really get on Rossdale's nerves.

Duke Kosloff: We won't interfere Kid, but just know the Fireborn Connection has your back in case any funny business goes down out there tonight. At the end of this night we will still be tag champs, you don't have to drop that belt you know? And I will hold the number one contender spot for the Shooting Star belt.

[Chaos pats Duke on the tag belt that is draped over his broad shoulder as the camera switches back to ringside where Stanley Prescott and Steven Blaylock are ready to call the action in the opening match.]

Prescott: We are ready for our first match of the evening, and it is a title match for the ICW Ironman Championship! Maverick is already down in the ring, he isn't wasting any time tonight Steven.

Blaylock: The time for talking is over, tonight will be a massacre and this Mercenary knows what it takes to win the gold from that chump, Chaos Kid! Let's see if the sparkler boys keep to their word about not coming out.

Prescott: I see we are starting early here tonight!

Blaylock: It is a new era here in the ICW, the way Spectacle went off the air last week anything can happen here. Why can't Maverick walk away with the Ironman tonight?

Prescott: I didn't say he couldn't, but Chaos had a point this week, Maverick seemed a little more worried about who may be outside of the ring than who may be inside of it.

Blaylock: And Chaos Kid smashed a beautiful grandfather clock when he realized a cuckoo bird wasn't going to pop out of it, and speaking of cuckoo, here he comes now.

[Limp Bizkit's "Break Stuff" blares throughout the crowd, echoing off the lake. Chaos Kid walks down to the ring holding his title in his hand, all business and focused completely on his opponent in the ring. He gets in and heads straight for Maverick but referee Jason Myers is able to step in and instruct Chaos Kid to go to his corner. Scarlett LaDawn has made her way in the ring as the ref takes the title from Chaos and holds it in the air.]

LaDawn: Ladies and Gentlemen the first match is scheduled for one fall with a thirty minute time limit and it’s for the ICW Ironman Championship! Introducing first, the challenger, The Mercenary, MAVERICK!!!

Blaylock: Maverick looks confident tonight after his big win last week, he beat the one man that has beat Chaos Kid, I look for him to walk away with the gold tonight Stan.

LaDawn: And his opponent, he is the Ironman Champion, CHAOS KID!!!!

Prescott: You make a valid point there but Chaos has been on a roll as of late and that momentum may carry him tonight. The tag team win last week not only brought more gold to the Fireborn connection but also helped retain his title as it was on the line in that match had he been pinned. Listen to this crowd though, it is electric.

[The crowd is very receptive of both competitors as a divided chant breaks out just as the bell rings]





Prescott: Here we go! Lock up in the middle of the ring, and Maverick quickly spins Kid into a nice Hammerlock and boy is he putting some pressure behind that.

Blaylock: He wants to win this title very badly, and I think through all the talk of time and training and focus, Chaos Kid is underestimating the Mercenary in this match.

Prescott: It's still too early to tell that, OH, Chaos Kid throws some vicious elbows behind to get Maverick to break the hold. He is stunned momentarily. Chaos grabs him and throws him into the ropes, nice drop toe takedown!

Blaylock: Get to the rope! Good!

[After Chaos hits the drop toe takedown on Maverick he immediately tries to go for the CDM. Maverick, sensing this quickly army craws to the bottom rope as Jason Myers steps in to break the hold. As Maverick picks himself up using the ropes, Chaos backs to the corner and just smiles in his direction.]

Prescott: Chaos Kid giving Maverick all the time in the world to recuperate after nearly locking in his submission hold.

Blaylock: That is why he doesn't deserve to hold that title, no killer instinct. If that was me I would have never let him up after breaking the hold.

Prescott: Maverick, back to his feet now, runs in and goes for a clothesline, it's ducked by Chaos, who lands a series of stiff jabs to Mavericks face. Maverick returning fire with some punches of his on, it is a knockdown drag out.

Blaylock: These guys are going to knock each other silly, no pansies crying about concussions here in ICW!

Prescott: Indeed, Chaos sending Maverick into the ropes again, dropdown, Chaos Kid leap frogs the rebound, DOWN GO CHAOS!

[As Chaos leapfrogged the running Maverick, he turns around but it's a second late as Maverick comes bouncing back off in full speed and hits a powerful big boot]

Blaylock: That could be it, New Champion!




Prescott: No! Chaos Kid kicks out at two and half Steven, this match will carry on!

Blaylock: Are you kidding me? I think that was a slow count, stand up guys my ass! Rieter definitely has his hands all over this.

Prescott: Lucas Rieter only handles the booking, Mr. Rossdale is the one who oversees the referees.

Blaylock: Well no wonder it was a slow count, Rossdale has missed the referee meetings this week thanks to that freak show Sebastian Steele!

[It was not a slow count, Chaos legitimately was able to kickout before the three count but it doesn't stop Maverick from complaining a bit to the ref. As Chaos makes it back to his feet he sees Maverick has his back turned and charges in, but Maverick is able to dust him off at the last second but Chaos jumps on to the second rope and springboards back and around into a picture perfect flying crossbody.]

Prescott: What a maneuver! Flying cross body but the momentum rolls Chaos off of Maverick and through the bottom ropes. He gathers himself on the outside on the floor.

Blaylock: Yeah, even he can't believe he was agile enough to pull that off. Wait here comes Maverick!

[Maverick is up and walks over to the side of the ring where Chaos is just outside, kneeled in the grass catching his breath. As Chaos Kid stands, Maverick pulls down on the ropes and launches himself up and over, crashing down onto Chaos in the process as the both tumble to the ground.]

Prescott: High risk move pays off for Maverick as that may be the move he needs to really turn this thing in his favor.

Blaylock: Just showing up tonight turned this thing in his favor, Chaos Kid's career was over long ago.

Prescott: Some would say it's just getting started.

Blaylock: Oh get out of here, you act like he is going to get up and walk right across that lake over there. Maybe Maverick will drown him!

Prescott: Ladies and gentlemen I apologize for my broadcast partner tonight, both men are back up outside the ring as the ref's count is at six. Maverick back in to the ring, no wait he rolls back out resetting the count. Looks like he wants to inflict some damage on the champion tonight.

[Maverick motions to the crowd for that he is about to attempt his Heavy Rainmaker. He runs at Chaos, attempts the huge forearm strike but Chaos drops down just in time as Mavericks forearm slams into the ring post.]

Prescott: Oh! He may have shattered his arm right there Steven!

Blaylock: The referee should disqualify Chaos Kid for using that ring post to his advantage!

Prescott: What? All he did is got out of the way, Maverick did the rest. Besides, if Chaos is disqualified then he retains the title!

Blaylock: Whatever! They need to get back in the ring, Myers is up to five!

[Chaos Kid rolls into the bottom of the ring as Maverick holds his arm, clearly in pain. As he heads over and climbs the steps to get back into the ring Chaos runs in to try and hit him off the apron but Maverick is able to bend down and throw his shoulder into Chaos' gut. Maverick stands up and does a sunset flip over the ropes and Chaos and goes for a pin.]

Prescott: Nice pin here



No, Chaos kicks the injured arm and reverses...




Blaylock: Nice exchange there, Chaos back to his feet as Maverick rolls up over onto his knees. Chaos grabs a headlock, HA! On his back!

Prescott: It looks like Chaos Kid was going for a DDT there but Maverick was able to grab the ropes causing Kid to slide off and down to the mat in these humid conditions tonight!

Blaylock: Great ring awareness by the challenger there Stanley. What is he doing now?

Prescott: Maverick is on the second turnbuckle, looks like he going for an elbow drop! Wait! Chaos is back up, catches him and locks in a beautiful cross face submission! Chaos has it applied from the omoplata position, really applying pressure to that hurt arm!

Blaylock: No! Don't tap out!

[Maverick fights through the pain and is able to bridge himself up and roll Chaos over into a pin but Chaos rolls back through into a pin of his own but the referee breaks the hold as Mavericks feet are now solidly under the bottom rope. As Chaos gets up and Maverick again uses the ropes to assist him, Chaos runs in for a clothesline but Maverick drops, pulling the ropes down in the process and Chaos Kid takes a tumble over the ring and into Lake Bemidji!]

Prescott: Oh my! Chaos just went right into the lake!

Blaylock: Hopefully he can't swim!

[Maverick looks on as Chaos resurfaces and is keeping himself afloat. The water seems deep. Maverick looks around to the crowd and kind of shrugs his shoulder and climbs the turnbuckle. Jason Myers tries to get him down but it's too late as Maverick jumps off and out into the lake landing on Chaos Kid as they both go under!]

Prescott: They are going to kill each other! We need help out here!

Blaylock: This is great, the fans are loving this, listen to them Stan!



Prescott: Both men have resurfaced and are actually trying to throw punches in the water while not being able to touch the bottom of the lake. This is ridiculous!

[Jason Myers doesn't know what to do. He has forgotten to even start a count as the two men are outside of the ring in the lake. As Chaos lands a stiff jab to Maverick he kicks off his chest and swims towards the ring. He gets to the ring skirt and is able to pull himself up towards the apron just as Maverick swims in and grabs his foot.]

Blaylock: This is great! Maverick is trying to pull Chaos back in! OH! That punk is kicking him in the face!

Prescott: Chaos uses everything he has in him to pull himself up to the apron and rolls into the ring. He lays there a soaking mess, coughing from the water he inevitably breathed into his lungs!

Blaylock: Shame he is still breathing at all!

Prescott: Oh stop it!

[Maverick has now swam his way over to the shore away from the ring and Myers seeing he is okay and seeing Chaos is fine, begins a ten count. Maverick is favoring his arm noticeably here as the jump into the lake, the scuffle, and the swim back in has done a number on him. He slowly makes his way back towards the ring.]

Prescott: Maverick has made it back to the ring on the count of seven, Chaos is stirring as Maverick slowly rolls back into the ring. Both men are absolutely spent! What a way to open this show!

Blaylock: You are right about that! I just wish all these damn mosquitos would stop flying around!

Prescott: We've got lots of off! torches set up Steven, anyways both men are back to their feet, but Maverick gets there first and sets Chaos up for a suplex. No, he can't lift him. He tries again...

Blaylock: He can't get him up, that arm is really bothering him now.

[Maverick has made two attempts to lift Chaos Kid into a suplex but just doesn't have enough strength in his arms to do so, not to mention he is blown up from the swim. After the second failed attempt, Chaos is able to knee Maverick in the gut and hit a very quick snap suplex.]

Prescott: Nice suplex by the champ there Steven. Both men are down, can he capitalize! Chaos is crawling over to make the pin

Blaylock: Come on! Don't let It be over!



OH! Thank goodness he kicked out! There is still some fight left in The Mercenary!

Prescott: I think that was just instinct kicking in, he really doesn't look good here.

[Chaos kid shows a bit of frustration after the kickout, clearly spent from this match but also appearing to be getting his second wind. He walks over to Maverick and looks down on him as he is trying to get up to his knees. A smile comes across Chaos Kid's face.]

Prescott: Looks like Chaos Kid is amused, or maybe evil intentions here.

Blaylock: Of course it's evil intentions, he is only the champion because he cheated to win. Don't act like he is anything more than a swindler! What's he doing?

Prescott: Chaos kid has now positioned Mavericks head between his legs and is looking at the crowd! They are eating this up! He lifts him into a powerbomb, LOOK OUT!

[Chaos Kid runs with Maverick a few steps and launches him into the turnbuckle! The impact sounds as if a shotgun has just went off and the fans let out a gasp as Maverick stumbles out of the corner towards Chaos who spins him around and locks in a perfect dragon sleeper]

Prescott: Chaos Time! This could be it!

Blaylock: Come on Maverick, fight it!

Prescott: He's fading quick but isn't tapping!

[Referee Jason Myers watches the arm of Maverick. As it becomes kind of limp he kneels down and raises it and it falls. The crowd is really getting into this great technical display they’ve witnessed in this first match. His arm is raised a second time and again it falls. As Myers lifts the arm a third time it begins to fall but Maverick clutches the air and the fans stir alive with excitement]

Prescott: He's still in it!

Blaylock: Now finish this off Maverick!

Prescott: Maverick is back to one knee. What heart he is showing tonight! He is standing with the chokehold still locked in. No wait, Chaos spins around, DDT!!!

Blaylock: No! You had him!

Prescott: All Chaos has to do is roll him over and pin, no wait, he is crawling over to his leg... he gets up, steps over.. CDM! He has it locked in tight!

[Chaos Kid applies his version of the STF to Maverick who fights it for a moment before the pain is just too much to take anymore and begins tapping feverishly]

Blaylock: No!!!

Prescott: He's tapping! It’s over! Chaos has done it!!

LaDawn: The winner of this match by submission, and STILL ICW Ironman Champion!!!! CHAOS KIIIID!!!!

Blaylock: You have to be kidding me! How did that chump win this match, he should even be wrestling!

Prescott: Maverick definitely came to fight tonight but Chaos Kid proved to be just too resilient in this match and his impressive role and winning streak continues!

Blaylock: Oh give me a break, look at him!

[Chaos Kid is kneeling in the ring, hugging his ironman title tightly after Myers handed it back to him. The emotion he is exuberating is amazing, pure joy that he retained his belt but the exhaustion of the match, the spill in the lake, has got him moved to tears. The fans are going absolutely crazy cheering for Chaos. Chaos Kid grabs a mic... He's got something to say!]

Chaos Kid: (tearfully) I just wanted to say thank you to you fans. Can you people hear me in the back?!


Chaos: Good! I did it. I'm sick and tired of Rossdale's trash. I'm tired of hearing from people that I cheated. I'm tired of hearing about it. I'm a good guy that has had a rough hand dealt in life, but I'm not complaining. I beat Maverick clean, fair and square. In this ring. he tapped out! HE TAPPED OUT!!! So as I was talking to Lucas earlier tonight. We've decided that as of now... I will retire this Championship belt. I just feel that I don't want to be Ironman Champion under this cicumstance. I got desperate, and Stetson brother, I did what I had to do. We had a great match, but Rossdale attacked Lucas. The only man that has really believed in me. It was him that wanted to hire me in ICW. Rossdale didn't want someone like me at first. So as of now. I sadly vacate the ICW Ironman Championship.

[Lucas walks out behind the curtained area outside the cabins. And gets in the ring.]

Lucas Rieter: Chaos, I was thinking. Instead of just vacating the title. We're going to do this. You did beat Stetson. It was an Ironman matchup, you both had your chances to score as many pinfalls as possible. You won dirty. But hey man. You won mate. Take that in stride. We're fighting clean from this point forward remember? We only retaliate if we're provoked.

Chaos: Yes. I know. With honor, tried and true!

Lucas: That is right. So, we'll vacate the Ironman Championship as you see fit. If the title ever comes back into play, you'll be thrust into a match for that belt. SOund good?

Chaos: Yeah Lucas. I just don't want to be Rossdale's Ironman Champion. I'm sick of being called a cheater.

Lucas: Also. I'm proud to announce that... soon... very soon... the Ironman Championship, now vacated by Chaos Kid will go INTO a UNIFICATION MATCH with the Shooting Star Championship!!!


Rieter: You like that bit? So this week or next week the Ironman, will be unified with the Shooting Star Championship. Both belts will be on the line. The winner will be unifying the titles together. Adding the prestige of the Ironman Championship, INTO the Shooting Star, to make the Shooting Star title even more prestigous. Bobby. Watch your back mate. You're a slag.

Crowd: ICW ICW ICW!!!!

Lucas Rieter: Also. I wanted to announce. Originally, the Ladder match for the #1 contendership was going to be a contract for a match at some point. That has been changed. You're welcome Mr. Barratt (winks into the camera with the outside lights glowing on him). This match tonight will be a MONEY IN THE BANK LADDER MATCH, but I'm calling it, the Star in the Bank!!!!!!! The winner, will be able to cash in ANY TIME for a immediate shot. Only a referee must be present. Anywhere. Anytime!!! That's all!!! Give Chaos Kid a hand!

Crowd: CHAOS! CHAOS!!!!!

Blaylock: What a cry baby! I won, so I'm going to drop the title... come on man!

Prescott: He just went through an exhausting match, those are tears of joy! He felt he was better than champion. He didn't want to have that title with doubt. He beat Maverick clean, defended it, and he's moving on. What a way to open the show tonight! We still have three huge matches including the Hell in a Cell for the world title, look at that structure above the ring, it's casting an ominous shadow across the lake!

Blaylock: This is the night that "my guy" gets what is rightfully his!

Prescott: Stay tuned because coming up we have the triple threat ladder match for the number one contendership for "your guy's" Shooting Star title!

[We switch to the screen, which shows what is going on in the Barratt/Rossdale cabin. Stackhouse is near them, but reading a book. Not much has been revealed since the kidnapping and the confrontation with Rieter and Steele.]

Barratt: So what is this bit on with Rieter? Why did you do that man? I don't... we don't need that fool in our affairs.

Rossdale: Bobby, don't worry about him. He's a puppet. Briefly it felt like we were brothers again, then he shot off his mouth.

Barratt: What did he say?

Rossdale: Nothing much... mentioned you and Steele mainly.

Barratt: He's trying to turn you against me isn't he?

Rossdale: (blankly staring)

Barratt: Look Shawn. I know things have been really messed up lately. You love this place right? ICW?

Rossdale: With all that I am.

Barratt: Listen. At first things were kind of ... one sided. I wasn't using you per say... but mate I wasn't going to suck you off so to speak either.

Jenny: Bobby!

Barratt: Relax Jen. I got this.

Rossdale: What is your point?

Barratt: My point is, well that is my point... I'm never going to blow smoke up your ass man. I thought you was just a old washed out man that could never do it. I hadn't heard of you across the pond man. We've both been in mid major type of promotions. We've both done great things. And for what is it is worth. You still got it. You've always had it. I guess I saw myself in you too.

Rossdale: Thanks mate. That means a lot. I'm busted up. I'm pissed off and to be honest I don't know if I can do this anymore. I love it, but I need a break man.

Barratt: I know. Listen. You are a cuck (both laugh) but we're past that right?

Rossdale: Yeah. I hope so. I've given you everything. I've even told Rieter that maybe one day I could even let you have a stake in ICW.

Barratt: You said that? What did he say.

Rossdale: It would him up like a toy from the 60s man. (both laugh)

Jenny Stackhouse: Shawn look. You were a great fiancee. You were and part of me fell in love with you even. You're a great man, but you need to take care of you. I've talked with Bobby about this. We all know the story. We both sickily used my relationship with you to get in better.

Rossdale: I know. I'm over it. It's been weeks. I fell hard for you, but that is separate. I don't even look at you that way anymore honestly. Just.. I guess I just view you as a employee now.

Barratt: Thank God man. (both laugh again)

Rossdale: You never had to "get in" with me. You were the chosen one the whole time Bobby. Don't you know that?

Barratt: Not really. I mean, I am the "Prodigal Icon" baby.

Rossdale: Did you know Jenny didn't really pump you up too much while we were together? She showed interest in you for ICW, but she never really pushed for you. I know why. I know now. She really loves you man. She wanted you to break in on your own and do ICW the way you wanted to do it. Enjoy her.

Barratt: I am man. I love Jenny bro. Just like you did. We've been together going on a year now or so. I didn't know that about Jenny. I didn't know this lovely gal was trying to let me make it on me own.

Rossdale: Yes man. From the moment I saw you, I knew you were the real deal for ICW. And here we are.

Barratt: Here we are. So what about Steele?

Rossdale: Leave him alone for now. He's way too volatile. He's completley fucking nuts. Let him be. I can't fire him. Too much on the line, and I feel like I did get what I deserved, but tonight was too much. He'll get his. But for now, forget him. Worry about Diamond.

Barratt: I'm glad we had this heart to heart Shawn. I'm sorry I wasn't there, but back to business... my girl Debra will be waiting here for Steele if he shows his head again... or anyone else.

[The scene fades, as Barratt seemed to be getting soft, he is human, but then we see that sick fucking grin on his face as he picked up his purple handled bat Debra.]

Prescott: That was a interesting few moments. Looks like Barratt and Shawn are totally on the same page, and have some new found respect.

Blaylock: Maybe so, but it took the owner of the promotion getting kidnapped and beaten up in order to get it. Why isn't Shawn more over the top about Steele?

Prescott: I don't know. Maybe he's just tired of being tired?

Blaylock: Maybe. Right now I think our next match is ready

Prescott: Yes indeed! Our triple threat match is up! It is for the #1 contendership for the Shooting Star Championship.

Blaylock: My guy's title baby!

[The next match fires up. Duke Kosloff walks out to "Enter Sandman", the lights pulse in the area. No red and yellow, just regular lights. He walks down to the ring without anyone at first. Then as he comes out and bobs his head to the music, Jack fucking Diamond strolls out. Then comes Rieter and Chaos Kid. Finally behind them all comes Levi and Alexis Grace. They walk down together, smiling looking happy. Jack is pointing to some of the Barney animals in the front row, there's a few, not too many visible. Lucas and Diamond talk to eachother in their ears as its too loud. The scene is a strange one.]

Prescott: What is that all about? Is Diamond in with the Fireborn Connection?

Blaylock: Sure looks like it. Maybe we can get a word from our ICW Champion? While... he's still champion of course.

Prescott: Stop it.

[The Killer Penguins struts out to his theme of "Deliverance" from Thrasher 726. He runs around the ring, gets in and is ready. The ring still has the massive crane holding the HELL in a Cell structure. What we have out here now, that the ring crew set up quickly is 4 ladders, one of them is a 20 footer, the rest are 14 feet. The now "Star in the Bank" match is based off the briefcase, which is metal, and twists slightly. It hangs 25 feet above the ring's mat. The Hell in the Cell suspends over it, hollow above, but is 5 more feet up. The briefcase hands from a cable that was lowered that was attached to the top of the CELL. You can only fit in so many cranes and equipment outdoors.]

[Then Bill Shaw's music smashes into play. "Motivated" by NF starts to play... we don't see Billy anywhere... then suddenly... we hear a jet ski, and our spotlight guy in the lifeguard tower points a small spotlight towards the water, and we see Billy Shaw exploding outside the roped area, away from people, but just past a houseboat and skids the jet ski on the shore. he gets out and raises his arms. The crowd blows apart! Billy makes his 30 foot or so walk to the ring. Jack Diamond sits ringside, while Lucas, Chaos and the rest of the gang head to the back. The match is going to start soon.]

LaDawn: Ladies and gentlemen. We have a triple threat STAR IN THE BANK ladder match coming up. The winner is whoever grabs the case off the rings with both hands. Will win a instand Shooting Star title match against whomever the shooting star champion might be at any given time.

[The bell rings, and here we go! The ladders are on each side of the ring, but the tallest ladder is in the ring already. Water takes up one side of the ring. All 3 men look at eachother, eyeing eachother, they all want this badly, but none willing to make the 1st move. Then Duke does! DUke comes in with a spear on Shaw, and hits him! Shaw flys out of the ring, to the announcer side... Duke and Penguin tie up and trade shots!]

Prescott: So what brings you ringside Champ?

Blaylock: Don't call him that.

Diamond: Why not?

Prescott: Don't listen to him.

Blaylock: You're losing that strap tonight. To my guy. Prick.

Diamond: You need to watch your mouth.

Prescott: Anyways, Shaw still shaken up by a heavy spear, Duke has Penguin in a bear hug. Shaw getting up.

Blaylock: Shaw is top rope bound... there he goes!!! SPLASH!

Prescott: What a risky maneuver on Penguin and Duke! He splashed them both off the top!

Diamond: I'm just here to make sure Rossdale or Barratt keep their noses clean. I'm watching Duke's back. The Ace of Spades has duties to do.

Blaylock: So you're in with Fireborn Connection?

Prescott: Leave him alone. We have a match to call. Shaw, goes up and down! Shaw just got leveled by Kosloff's chokeslam!

Diamond: Yes. I'm in with the Fireborn Connection. After what ROssdale did to Rieter today, I had no other choice. I couldn't play neutral in this. Barratt and ROssdale want a war. We'll give them one. We just want ICW to be run fair. Nice dropkick by Penguin.

Blaylock: Penguin with a nice dropkick indeed. Duke rolls out of the ring. Penguin jumps up and hits a hurricanrana on Shaw!

Prescott: Penguin in control now, looks to make his mark. Duke coming back in.

Blaylock: Duke gets in. He's got a ladder. Remarkably that 1st ladder is still standing in the ring!!

Prescott: Not for long. Duke takes the 14 footer and rams it into the side of Penguin's head. Penguin rolls outside the ring to the opposite side of us! The crowd is buzzing!

Blaylock: Come on Penguin!

Diamond: You know Penguin thinks he won, he clearly cheated horribly in that match. Rieter did the right thing to overturn that decision. Fair is fair.

Prescott: It was the right call to make, but Penguin has been asking about a overturn of the final call. he wants the win awarded to him.

Diamond: Not going to happen. Penguin cheated a couple times to barely win, but the right call was made.

Blaylock: Is that why you're sucking off Rieter?

[Diamond gets in Blaylock's face on the air... as they argue a little, Diamond pushes Blaylock, and Blaylock backs down some.] Prescott: You two calm down. Steven. Stop showing your behind!

Blaylock: Fine Diamond. I'll lay off.

Diamond: Coughs... All I ever wanted...

Prescott: Looks like Penguin has found his best friend.

Blaylock: He's copying Bobby, but he's got Lenore! a bat with nails and barwire!

[Penguin slips into the match, and slams Duke from behind! Duke falls over to one knee. Billy Shaw runs in with a flying heel kick, but gets mowed down too! Penguin moves the 20 foot ladder over some, and starts to climb with Lenore in 1 hand. He gets about half way. Duke notices and climbs on the other side. Duke hits him. Shaw is still down. Penguin swings at DUke's head wildly with one arm, but Duke grabs the arm, and gets the bat from his grasp. It falls. Duke and Penguin are both reaching for the briefcase. Duke hits it with his fingertips... he looks over and grabs Penguin. He lifts Penguin up... oh my God!]

Prescott: This is crazy... he's lifted Penguin 3 steps from the top of that 20 foot Ladder and "Firebombed" him into the ring!

Blaylock: That sounded like a gun popping off! Penguin is broken!

Diamond: Damn man. These guys are bringing it. Go Dukey!

Prescott: Duke looks at what he's done, and grimaces. Not for him, but for Penguin.

Blaylock: That was a fucking 18 foot power bomb to the ring.

Prescott: We know. (Laughs) Only in ICW. Shaw seems to be recovered from the neck/head shot by Lenore. Duke is halfway up, the crowd is going crazy. They are wanting Shaw to win this.

Blaylock: No way Shaw wins this. He's too weak people.

Prescott: Duke, sees Shaw. Lands a right, then a left.

Blaylock: Shaw is going to fall down. No he's hanging on. Shaw explodes, and leapfrogs Duke on the very top of the ladder as it almost topples over with all the weight.

Prescott: Shaw hits a lazy type of reverse bulldog from the Ladder's 2/3 area. About 13 feet up! Shaw is hurt as well.

Diamond: What a close match. No sign of drama so far. Been a clean Ladder match. Just how we like it.

Blaylock: Penguin is still down. Shaw is going on the ladder yet again. Duke on his side kicks it, and it topples over!

Prescott: Sending Billy Shaw to the outside and into the lake!!!

Blaylock: This is crazy. Penguin just now starting to move. He looks for lenore, can't find her... Duke is up, and looking like he might jump in the water to get Billy. 1 ladder is against the ropes, the shorter one is on the mat.

Prescott: Regardless of Duke's plan, he's got Penguin up and slumped over. No Lenore, but "outhern Cross"!

Blaylock: It will work for now. Maybe he will break Duke's arm?

[Shaw is out in the water, and has climbed on the turnbuckle. Water is dripping from him and hits the turnbuckles. Penguin is wrenching the arm bar in tight, but Duke is able to power out of it as he's not weakened down enough yet. "Stuntin' 101"!!!!!! Shaw hits and smashes Penguin and some of Duke with the corkscrew moonsault!!!! The crowd gasps. As he got quite high on that move. The move hurt him as well as all 3 men are down. Penguin is the 1st up, surprisingly. Shaw is still getting up as well. Duke gets up too. They all three look at eachother and then the briefcase, then they go in a flurry of punches. Duke on Shaw, Shaw on Duke, Penguin on Duke etc... Duke comes out of this pretty clean as he picks up the smaller Shaw and executes a powerful sidewalk slam. As soon as he hits it, Penguin starts "Yes! kick" and kicks DUke over and over. Duke takes them, but gets up anyways. Penguin jumps up and hits a dropkick. Duke bounces off the ropes and as Penguin is halfway up he hits a superman punch! Penguin falls over. Billy Shaw gets up, and tries to ready the 20 foot ladder that is leaning on the ropes. He can't. Duke goes for a chokeslam, but Shaw holds on and grabs him into a pull down, with runs Duke into the corner. Shaw sets up the 20 foot ladder. He starts to climb. Duke is lingering about, while Penguin is getting up. Billy might be able to reach for the case. He doesn't, he goes flying!!!! "Oak-Nato"!!!!!]

Prescott: That is insane! What is that? A corkscrew legdrop onto Penguin's shoulder?

Blaylock: Yeah, but Shaw is hurting himself with all these high risk moves. Duke is climbing!!!

Diamond: Come on Dukey get it!

[Duke is climbing. The ladder is a little off center to the case. Duke gets up there, his height a great advantage. He reaches, he grabs the case!!! NO! Shaw is up and dropkicks the ladder over. Duke goes out of the ring and SPLASH into the water!!! Penguin has rolled out of the ring, he has found Lenore!! He's still down though. Shaw sees that Duke is alright, and he sets the ladder quickly up by the water's edge inside the ring. He climbs it, to a creshendo of crowd noise. Duke is on the outside. Water is neck high on him... Shaw goes flying again!!!! SUPERMAN PUNCH!!!! SHAW IS hit!!! Shaw is laying lifeless face first... paramedics on the scene pull him to safety, and he coughs... he's alright. Duke gets back in the ring. Penguin is playing dead in the corner. Duke checks him out, he's not moving. Duke starts to climb... Penguin gets up, Duke's back is facing him. Penguin beats it with Lenore. Blood starts to show is spots on Duke's back! Shaw is to his knees on the outside. He climbs the steps, then the turnbuckle... he waits.. Penguin is climbing as fast as he can, the case in reach... Shaw leaps from the top rope!!! Missle dropkick into the ladder!!!! Penguin goes down hard! Shaw is crumpled as well. Penguin on the edge of the apron. Duke is on all 4s... Shaw uses the ropes to pull himself up. He turns around, and Duke tries for a superman punch!! He hits it! NO!!! Shaw rolls, and hits a spinning heel kick to the face of DUke! Penguin is still down. Shaw climbs the badly positioned ladder... rung by rung. Penguin is there too... he climbs, but he falls off due to exhaustion. Shaw, starts to fall, but the crowd chants "Billy!" over and over.]

Prescott: Shaw is almost there. Duke is getting up! He's a machine!

Blaylock: Come on Penguin!

Diamond: Damn you DUke get there!

[Duke grabs Shaw's ankles... Shaw reaches up... he grabs the case!!! He's hanging on the ring!! Shaw kicks over the ladder!! Duke can't do anything, Penguin is up too... Shaw hangs on barely... he tries his best to hang on... one arm dangling... he manages to hang on. He falls to the mat, with both arms clutching the case!!!]

Prescott: SHaw has done it! Oh my God!

Blaylock: The little guy did it. I can't believe it man!

Diamond: Well done Billy! Well done.

LaDawn: Your winner, and new Star in the Bank holder... "The Aerial Sensation" Billllllyyyyy SHHHHHHAAAAAAAWWWWWW!!!!!!!!

[Diamond gets up, talks Duke out of going off on Shaw, they head to the back, Penguin however, has a different plan. He smashes in Billy's head with Lenore and smacks Billy out of frustration for losing. The crowd explodes with boos just after cheering for Billy's win. We cut to commerical.]

[We come back from commerical and we see Sebastian Steele already in the ring. Pacing back and forth. "Famous" by Puddle of Mudd hits. Stetson comes out looking like a million bucks. Steele is still pacing back and forth. Like a Jaguar stalking. Stetson tries to sign a mother in her 30s' shirt but Steele runs down and hits him immediately. The referee calls for the bell! DING! Steele lands vicious rights and lefts. Stetson is trying to recover from being super punched. He can't Steele. Runs him into the cabin as the cameramen follow to keep the live shot on the massive screen to the side of the ring. Steele grabs a cooler and smashes it over Stetson's head. Ice and soda rain out of it and splash everywhere. One of the sodas busts open and sprays Stetson in the face. Steele grabs it, takes a drink from it and then opens it, and twists it, ripping the can. He then starts to slice Stetson's side with the sharp edge of the can. Stetson screams. The referee tells him to stop it. Steele laughs at him. He's acting like a wounded animal is before him and he's not eaten in days.]

Prescott: Can we get some help out here? This is getting so stupid.

Blaylock: Steele is a freak, but he gets the job done!

Prescott: Stetson can't even get up, he's been on his knees since the beginning.

Blaylock: Steele is grabbing a speaker from the back area.

Prescott: Steele smashes it into Steton's head. Stetson is out!

[Steele applies the Jaguar Clutch on Stetson! The move almost awakens Stetson due to the pain. Stetson was out cold or close to it. He cranks back. Stetson screams... he's able to find a bag of ice that fell from the cooler, and swing is blindly behind him. It hits Steele in the back of the neck and he loosens up long enough for Stetson to scramble out. The crowd is chanting for Brett! over and over. Steele now barges into one of the cabin's for wrestlers. He throws Stetson through the door, busting it down... Stetson turns around, bloody and beaten it seems... Steele tosses a bed over on top of Stetson. He then starts to kick Stetson's side over and over and over. Lucas comes in and pleads with him to let Brett get up, Steele doesn't listen. Brett underneathe the bed has found something... he found a shaver, one of the big ones. He waits, and when Steele removes the bed, he clicks it on and buzzes the shit out of Steele's mask, and then does it to his neck area, cutting him in a massive scrape/gash. He then jabs the rough electric shaver into Steele's arm... so hard that is stops working. Steele screams in pain and runs at Stetson, Billy and Diamond and Lucas were in that Cabin, they scramble... Stetson back body drops Steele through the window at the back of the cabin!!! He goes right through it! Steele is chased by a ICW camera man to keep the shots going. The ratings are going through the roof!]

Blaylock: This is so messed up. Someone needs to stop this!

Prescott: This is a long time coming, as messed up as it is... this match needs to happen. This is the deal. Falls count anywhere... with the #1 contendership to the World title on the line.

Blaylock: Which will basically be a match facing Barratt... so yeah.

Prescott: Don't count your chickens before they hatch idiot.

[The camera man gets there. Stetson hobbles behind the cabin where it is very dark, outside of the camera light. Diamond and Riter and Chaos/Duke are telling Steele to chill out. Stetson tells them to get lost. He tosses Steele back through the window, but he gets stuck on some lodged glass. It cuts him badly on his hip area... blood starts to pump out. Stetson then throws his hands at Steele and heads back to the ring. He waits. Steele hobbles to the ring. When he gets there Stetson baseball slides into him. Steele goes flying into the metal gate. Stetson grabs a fan's chair after winking at her, and smashes Steele with it. Steele rolls in pain, but starts to laugh and gets back up strangely. Stetson hits him, but Steele takes it. Stetson then picks him up... "Director's Cut"!!! On the grass!]

Blaylock: Finisher!! "Director's Cut" on the grass outside the ring! Cover!




Prescott: Almost. Stetson looks to take advantage. He's making his way over to us while carrying Steele's body in a power move. He goes, and BOOM fall away slam!

Blaylock: That freakshow is down.

Prescott: Stetson looking strong now. He places Stetson right on the table here, get out of the way!!!

Blaylock: Watch out!!!

Prescott: Director's Cut!!!!

Blaylock: Another one. I almost fell over from the table breaking!!! Cover!




Prescott: NO! Steele get a shoulder up!

Blaylock: This is wild. Steele is looking in a bad place. The freak.

Prescott: Sebastian Steele looks like a beaten man... he's still bleeding. We need a doctor over here! Now!

[A couple medics come over to check it out. Steele refuses... he hits one of them, and they say they hell with him... and walk away. Stetson picks Steele up and goes for a spinning spinebuster, but Steele counters it and hits a DDT! Stetson falls over. Cover!]




Blaylock: NO! Not yet freak!

Prescott: Stetson with a brave kickout!

Blaylock: Steele is kicking Stetson to the water's edge. Just past that small squeeze from gate to ring.

Prescott: I don't like this... at all!!!!

Blaylock: This feels horrible.

[Steele low blows Stetson in the 2 foot water, and he falls over. Steele applies the "Jaguar Clutch"!!! he's going to kill Stetson!!! The referee shoves him off as ICW doesn't allow murder. Steele then hits the referee.... who gets knocked out cold. Steele in a rage pissed off that no one is there to make a call... goes crazy!!! He starts to attack Steven Blaylock for his comments... he picks him up and hits a "Killshot" through.. well nothing... He hits it onto the apron edge, which crushes Blaylock!!! Stetson is coughing up water on the outside edge, but okay. Water from Lake Bemidji is hitting his shoulder some, but he's alright. The crowd is in a fever pitch. Bobby Barratt comes down, with Debra...!]

Prescott: I hope Steven is alright!!! He needs help! Get over there! Now! Damnitt!

[Stetson is getting back to his feet... Stetson gets in the ring.. Barratt is power walking down to the ring, Shawn Rossdale is pleading with him not to get involved... the referee is up... referee Charles Lee Ray slides back in the ring. Stetson spins Steele around... "Killshot" on STEELE!!! Stetson used Steele's finisher on him!! Barratt pushes Rossdale off, he tries to get in, but Rossdale stops him at the last second. He pleads with him to let it go down clean. Rieter comes out some and watches. Stetson asks what they are doing out there, Barratt tells him to finish him off. Stetson turns around "Director's Cut" to Stetson!!! Steele rolls out of the ring. He throws a heavy hook into Barratt! Barratt swings at Steele, but misses. Diamond comes down. Diamond tells Barratt to save it for their match and go to the back, Barratt hits a "Iconbreaker" on Diamond!!! He falls. The "Fireborn Connection" all come out and rush down to Diamond's aid. Rossdale warns them all to stay back or they'll be docked pay. Chaos Kid runs in and clocks Rossdale!!! Steele waiting for Barratt... Barratt gets up, swings at Steele but misses again and slams it into Stetson! Rossdale tells Barratt to back off... for the sake of them both! Cover!]




Prescott: I can't believe this trash! Steele has won!!! Steven you alright?

Blaylock: That fucking fruitcake. I .. I'll be fine I guess. Folks this is live, and ICW through and through.... none of this was planned. None of ICW is planned...

Prescott: Just sit there and relax pal. Why in the hell was Rossdale holding Barratt back from getting onto Steele?

Blaylock: Ah... my God this hurts... maybe because he doesn't want to get murdered? Or kidnapped idiot.

Prescott: Just relax Steven. Rossdale prevented Barratt from getting involved. Maybe he wanted Barratt to save himself for the massive match coming in Hell in a Cell!? Who knows.

Blaylock: Well what is done is done. Rossdale honestly probably didn't want to piss Steele off and wants things to die down between them.

[Security comes in and separtes the parties involved. Diamond and the rest of Fireborn go back to their cabin, Rossdale/Barratt go back to theirs. The proximity of the cabins really make it hard to stay apart. Chaos Kid is in no doubt going to be targeted for hitting the owner. Shawn Rossdale doesn't let anything go unnoticed in ICW. After a few moments pass, the ICW PA announces a 10 minute intermission to check the crane and everyone out for our grand MAIN EVENT. People chatter about, some wrestlers leave the area. Duke is seen storming out, and he actually sets fire to a dumpster in the back area... he heads off in his truck and blows gravel over several vehicles parked up front by the cabins... Rieter is confused. We guess he's disappointed in himself in losing. He did fight brave and honorably. Some fans are getting more food... and a few of the guys in the crowd are getting kinda drunk and going back out in the inner tubes. It is quite chilly now, about 58 degrees... some fans are starting to put on their jackets and sweaters. Then the time comes...the large screen switches to inside the cabin of Rossdale and Barratt.]

[We see a scene in great tension...]

Rossdale: Calm down mate. We don't need him in our lives here in ICW. He's a loose cannon.

Barratt: He's a loose cannon?!!! I'm a fucking loose cannon. I'm the loose cannon!

Rossdale: Bobby, you need to calm your mind. Listen to me. You can't be going on like this.

Barratt: Turn that camera off. Turn it the fuck off! I swear I'll beat Jack Diamond. I promise. Then I'll tear Sebastian Steele apart!! I am ICW. TURN IT OFF!!!

[The camera goes black as the camera man inside the cabin is apparently hit with something. We then switch to Jack Diamond's camp. Duke absent, but Alexis stayed behind with Levi and Rieter and Chaos.] Rieter: Jack, you know the drill, the match is in a couple moments. We're not going to be able to help you. We won't help you. I'll have the single key that goes to the door, but I'm not going to get involved. Barratt will play dirty. You know this. Mate, it's time to make history, and defeat him again. Don't take him too lightly.

Jack: I never do Lucas. I wouldn't want anyone's help. This is me and Barratt. No bullshit.

Chaos: You can do this Diamond. Believe in yourself. They might have some sick trick going on, but believe in doing what is right... believe in honor and being true. We are Fireborn and clean.

Diamond: (laughs), Yeah I guess I'm all in now right?

Rieter and Chaos: Right.

[They all high five and Diamond starts to get a sweat going and warming up with exercising in their large cabin. The fire has been recently lit by Rieter as well. It's a setting for champions.]

[The lights dim briefly, and then come back on. The screen shows this video... the crowd watches in awe... as it sets the mood for the important and epic matchup of tremendous meaning. It sends chills through the crowd. A rocker isn't used... it's a subtle and mellow song. It is about rising above, and be thankful, but in the end you are hollow. Life can be hollow. It is about now... Barratt/Diamond III! (Listen to a good portion of this please)]

[As the song plays we see clips of Barratt and Diamond. We see their previous 2 matches. We see the sick turn on Diamond by Rossdale, and he see Diamond winning Gold. We see Barratt claiming the Shooting Star Championship. We see it all, then in still frame pictures we see black and white photos of them, and blood runs down the video.... we are ready!]

Prescott: Welcome to the MAIN EVENT! We are back. What a video. That music was chilling. It really set the mood and the desperation both men will surely show tonight. The Cell is be lowered some by the crane. You can probably here some creaking from your televisions!

Blaylock: It's going to be great to have a clean 1 on 1 match. That way Barratt can put to rest all the crap about him needing help. He's greater than Diamond.

Prescott: Diamond is your champion, and you need to respect that.

Prescott: We are seconds away... Barratt ... Diamond.. Part III!!!!!!

["Ace of Spades" fires up... Diamond walks out in spade shaped sunglasses... the moment is almost captures in slow motion. He wears a black heavy leather jacket. He points to the crowd... he looks around, and it seems like he's trapped in a capsule of time, that can be replayed over and over... will this be the last time we see him as ICW Champion? He gives his glasses to a young boy in the front who is holding one of those Barney animals... Jack gets in... bounces some and looks up at the cage. The cable has been removed from the top that was used in the Star in the Bank match.]

["Motherf**ker of the Year" fires up. The crowd boos... Rossdale walks out with him. Rossdale is chatting it up in Barratt's ear... Barratt is nodding and they both get in the ring. Diamond points to Barratt. Barratt looks composed now, and in complete confidence. He too looks to be in slow motion as he points over to Diamond and says "That my title"... He looks away at Rossdale and nods while throwing some quick jabs... Rossdale reluctantly gets out of the ring. The cell starts to lower slowly. Only one referee inside with Diamond and Barratt plus a camera man dressed in all black. It lowers more and more and more....Finally it comes to a hault. It is sealed. Rieter walks down with the key, the sad piano music starts to play again over the PA (listen to it... it really brings to to my vision)... the motion off opening the door to check it, and then to close it. He slams it shut, the sound is riveting. You can hear the "clank" from anywhere almost. He locks the door. The referee checks it. The door is sealed. Rieter now, to show his great confidence in Diamond and the purpose of his stable... "The Fireborn Connection" tosses the key far into the lake water. It goes flying and lands with a trickle of a splash. The only way out will be via crane.]

Prescott: Both men are in the ring. They look all around... and chills must be going through their bodies. They are mine.

Blaylock: Yeah, I must admit. This is incredible. This cool, breezy atmosphere is just really strange, yet great. Come on Bobby!

[Both Diamond and Barratt look to eachother. They both smile. This is destiny it feels. A no DQ HELL IN A CELL match for the all the marbles? You betcha! They walk up, and Barratt extends his hand for a shake. Diamond is really sketchy of it. The crowd chants NO NO NO!!! Diamond looks around... Barratt is saying "come on, shake it... lets make this the bookend of our rivalry". He extends his hand again...]

Prescott: Don't do it Diamond! He's a snake in the grass. He can't be trusted!

Blaylock: Bobby just wants a little shake... this feels like the peak of the mountain in their rivalry.. no excuses..

[Diamond goes to shake his hand, and Bobby grabs it, for a moment, then pulls Diamond into him and hits a devastating low blow. He starts screaming at Diamond. He starts to talk trash.]

Barratt: You think you're the champ? I'm the fucking "Prodigal Icon". I'm the man. This is all for me. I run this place. You've never been where I've been Diamond!

Prescott: What a sick sight of unsportsmanship.

Blaylock: Diamond probably deserved it somewhere down the line. We're even now. All of us (chuckles)

Prescott: You're so twisted around...

[Barratt slaps Diamond a couple times. The crowd is chanting DIAMOND CLUB already! Barratt flips the crowd off. He stomps on Diamond a few times. He picks him up and hits a reverse russian legsweep. Diamond is down. Still holding his junk. Barratt brushes his longer hair from his eyes and looks around. He looks at the camera man and mouths "fuck you too" to him. Diamond gets pulled back up. Barratt starts to pummel him with rights and lefts. Diamond fights back with a couple chops. The crowd screams "CLUB" when DIamond hits the chops. Barratt does an eye rake to Diamond. Then another low blow!! The referee is urging him to fight fair. Barratt pushes the ref's face some. Barratt picks Diamond up and whips him into the corner and runs after him... Diamond hits the corner and gets dropkicked. Diamond lays in the middle of the ring. He motions to the back, Shawn brings down "Debra" and slides it through a cell opening by the door. The bat gets stuck, but Barratt roughly pulls it through barely. Barratt takes the bat and flips it around a couple times. Diamond sees it. Diamond gets up, Barratt swings, misses! Diamond turns back around this time Barratt connects the bat to Diamond's jaw... laying him out.]

Blaylock: YES! It's over people!

Prescott: This is so sickening to me.




Blaylock: Damn! It wasn't enough!

[Barratt argues over the count's speed. Diamond is hurt badly. Barratt takes the bat and beats the fuck out of Diamond. He's gripping that purple tape on the end so tightly. His hands look white. Diamond tries to get up, but Barratt slams his back yet again. He tosses the bat down. He picks up Diamond again... mocks him and slaps him. Diamond goes for a belly to belly, but he's not strong enough at this time. Barratt counters it into another low blow and a "Iconbreaker"!!!! This time Barratt goes for the cover and hooks the leg!]

Prescott: Not like this. Can't be like this...

Blaylock: YES!




Prescott: (sigh) Diamond kicks out!

Blaylock: Use the Arrivial Bobby! Damnitt!

[Barratt argues yet again with the referee. He even punches the referee!!! Jason Myers gets right back in his face and shoves him. He tells him he'd DQ his ass if it wasn't for him being instructed by Rossdale that no DQs are to happen no matter what. Barratt lets it go, and looks back on Diamond, who is trying to get back up. Barratt comes over and slaps Diamond. Diamond is shaking with the abuse he's taken. Barratt goes for "Prodigal Arrival"!!! NO! Diamond twists it into a neckbreaker! Barratt drops, but he's not too badly hurt. Diamond tries to recover. He rolls outside the ring. He looks under the ring and grabs a toolbox. A smaller one. Must be 15 pounds or so. Barratt gets up and springs over the top rope for a splash onto Diamond. Diamond raises the toolbox up and it hits Barratt in the face! Busting his nose open! Blood starts to trickle everywhere. Diamond beside himself... starts to laugh in a panic... like he's enjoying this. Diamond picks up the toolbox again. He slowly raises it and goes to hit it again, but Barratt rolls out of the way. The clasp becomes unhinged and the tools spill everywhere from Diamond's attempted spike of the box on Barratt's face.]

Prescott: My God! Diamond went lethal there! I guess he did what he had to do!

Blaylock: Bobby's nose looks crushed! So much blood. It's starting to cease up though

Prescott: Diamond grabs one of the tools fromt he ground. it's a monkey wrench!

Blaylock: No! Don't do it!

Prescott: Diamond runs in on Barratt who is checking his nose, and BOOM! He hits Barratt with the wrench! Diamond goes for a cover!

Blaylock: The referee is telling him falls must be in the ring.

Prescott: It would be over it this was in the ring. Diamond drags Barratt to the side of the ring instead of the outside corner. Diamond starts to climb the cell some. He gets maybe 8 feet high, which would be about top rope level in the ring. He jumps off and as Barratt stands... he connects with a flying cross body! They both collapse. Diamond is better shape now though!

Blaylock: Better shape my ass! Debra said hello and gave kisses!

Prescott: Diamond is getting up first. Looking to capitalize.

Blaylock: Come on Bobby! Make the magic happen!

Prescott: Diamond, looking around. Goes back to the tools on the ground. He grabs a measure tape quickly as Barratt gets up. He extends it, ducks Barratt's desperate spinning clothesline and starts to choke out Barratt with a measure tape!

Blaylock: DQ him! This is illegal!

Prescott: No DQs moron. Diamond drags Barratt into the ring.

Blaylock: This is bullshit. Diamond is choking Barratt out.

[The referee raises Barratt's arms once! The crowd goes "one"... then again. "two"... then a 3rd time... "three"! No!! Barratt starts to shake to life. He uses the sweat on them both to slip out, and hits that spinning clothesline barely. he didn't get all of it. Both men are down on the mat now. Barratt rolls back outside to the weapons. He grabs a stapler!!!]

Prescott: This is getting ridiculous! Barratt is in the ring with a manual stapler! He's shooting staples at Diamond as a joke.

Blaylock: Get him Bobby!

Prescott: Barratt takes a leap at Diamond, smashes the stapler into Diamond's arm! CLICK! He stapled Diamond!

Blaylock: FUCK YES!

[Barratt staples Diamond's shoulder! He starts to staple random areas on Diamond. Including his legs and stomach. He tries to get his mouth stapled, but Diamond holds him off and has no choice but to low blow Barratt! Barratt topples over. Diamond pulls the staples out, and they start to bleed a good amount. He was staples a total of 5 times! Barratt recovers enough to get to the corner. Diamond runs at him, hits a flying clothesline! Barratt rolls to the apron, gets up on the outside of the ropes. Diamond kicks him in the gut and prepares a DDT move from the ropes. Barratt is hanging. Trying to get out of it... DIamond executes it! Cover!]




[Diamond can't believe it. He picks up Barratt... whips him into the ropes, Barratt falls down due to exhaustion or pain tolerance? We don't know. Diamond picks up up, holds his jaw with one hand and "Stacked Deck"!!!!!]

Prescott: Stacked Deck! Stacked Deck! Diamond hit "Stacked Deck"!

Blaylock: Damn...

Prescott: Diamond with the cover!




Blaylock: FUCK!

Prescott: That's it! No wait... referee Myers is motioning a 2 count. Diamond is livid!

Blaylock: (coughs) damn well , you gotta be great to kick out. Come on Bobby.

Prescott: That was a just near close count. This replay shows 2 and 3/4 I guess.

Blaylock: Diamond is looking to go up top... Barratt is still mostly motionless! Get up Bobby!!!

Prescott: Diamond leaps... goes flying "Shuffled Deck"!!!!! (450 splash)

Blaylock: NO! Barratt just rolls out of the way! I think Diamond caught a piece of that on the side of Barratt!

Prescott: Both men are down. Diamond in worse shape it seems.

Blaylock: Barratt is getting back up. He hobbles over. Cover!!




Prescott: Diamond just kicks out. They both look exhausted.

Blaylock: Barratt waits for Diamond. Listen to this annoying crowd. So many Diamond idiots in here...

Prescott: Diamond is up... "Iconbreaker"!!!! Barratt with an Iconbreaker!!!

Blaylock: Barratt isn't done. He's going outside to find Debra. He finds her!!! Yes!

Prescott: Oh My God. He's beating the living shit out of Diamond!!! Barratt is going to win this! What the hell is this? Who is that?

Blaylock: Someone just came from underneathe the ring!!! They are cloaked... that could be only one person...

Prescott: SEBASTIAN STEELE!!! he takes off the shaw, and reveals his mask and himself. He is smiling it looks!!!

[Barratt readies up in a "batter's up" stance. Steele rolls in, ducks the tired and weaker Barratt... "Killshot"!!!!! He picks Barratt up again!!! "Killshot"!!!! Diamond... is out cold... Steele drags the body over to Barratt. Steele puts Diamond's arm on Barratt... the referee counts!]

Blaylock: Please... not like this!



Prescott: NO! Steele kicks Diamond's arm off and breaks the pin up! What is he doing!?

Blaylock: Who cares! He just saved the match for some twisted reason.

Prescott: He's not done with this... and I guess he snuck under the ring in that shaw or under another disguise? When the lights dimmed he must of darted his way through the crowd under the ring.

Blaylock: Fucking weasel.

[Steele sees Diamond and his body that is clearly unconscious. The referee begs him to stop. Steele hits a "Killshot" on Diamond too!!! Diamond lays limp and broken. Rieter comes running down and demands the lock he busted off with a sledgehammer... they can't get it off. It is one of those heavy master locks. Steele climbs the cage, like a spider, and there's a trap door on the top edge, he climbs up out and down... and vanishes into the forest night. Rieter tells them to lay off the lock as it is a fair match again if you could call it that. Rossdale comes running down, and blames Rieter for the interference. He accuses him of being "in" with Steele. He goes for a "Distortion" kick but Rieter counters with his old wrestling move of "Clean Cut" and hits a scissor kick on Rossdale's head... laying him out!]

[The view returns to the ring, with Steele long gone and the crowd exploding into chants of DIAMOND! and a few Barratt chants too. Maybe 30 seconds pass. the referee wouldn't dare count this one out due to a riot..The 1st up is Barratt... who had the match seemingly won. He picks up Jack, side effect!!! Barratt drops to his knees and falls over Diamond!!!]




Prescott: Diamond just gets out.

Blaylock: What a crock of shit! He had what? 4 minutes in total to recover?!

[Barratt just can't believe it... Barratt picks him up... points to the crowd everywhere... and runs up to the turnbuckle!!! "Prodigal Arrivial"!!!!]

Prescott: Prodigal Arrival!!!!!

Blaylock: NO NO! DAMN! Diamond twists it into a stacked deck!!!! OH MY GOD!!!

[Diamond hits a "Stacked Deck" from the sliced bread #2 move... incredible! And in slow motion he covers!!!...]




Prescott: UNREAL!!!!

Blaylock: What can you do? Barratt is legend! Barratt kicks out!

[Diamond can't believe it. He scoots back into the corner and covers his face... the crowd is almost silent. No one can believe it. Diamond walks over to Barratt and just looks at him in awe.. Barratt lays there... blinking his eyes... Diamond puts on "Aces Wild"!!!]

Prescott: Aces WILD!!! Diamond has Aces WILD LOCKED IN!!!

Blaylock: Fuck.. Come on Bobby!

[Rieter is on the outside checking on Shawn, his former best friend. He turns to look... Diamond is slamming his head into the back of the mat. Bobby won't give out. Diamond is thrashing back and forth. Like he's doing situps!!!! Bobby's eyes glaze over... He's out cold. The referee raises his hand once... twice and three times!!!! Bobby Barratt has passed out!!! He never tapped!]

Prescott: What a match! Diamond retains!

Blaylock: This is crazy! Barratt never tapped out though! Stick that title up your ass Diamond!

LaDawn: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner... by submission slash technical knockout and STILL YOUR ICW CHAMPION!!!! JAAAAAAACKKKK DIIIIIIIIIAAAAMMMMOOOONNNNNNNNNNDDD!!!!

[The crowd goes fucking nuts... the cell lowers as fireborn, and all the members of the roster come in and congradulate Diamond... as we go off the air. but before we do, this poster shows up ont he screen briefly... and the fans cheer!]