Capcity: 17,954

[An explosion of Gold particles opens up the show on the nation's TV screens! We see all the roster flash in a orange to gold radiation and then fade to black one by one. It shows Sebastian Steele with his Ironman title, pointing to it. It shows the other wrestlers before they flash in color doing movements and signature moves on the previous week shows. Creed's "On My Sleeve" plays in the background as the ICW: GOLD RUSH poster flashes several times before stopping to blink. (The music goes along with the PPV feel. PLAY IT!). It then gets brighter and brighter as the song plays, then as "My Heart is Tattoed on my Sleeve" lyrics rip open, it explodes into 100s of GOLD coins. After all the coins fall and build into a pile they are set on fire.... they melt away and in a white/gold flash the Shooting Star and World titles are shown radiating with sparkle and brightness on the screens at HOME and in the arena.

Stanley Prescott: It is here! It is now! We have ICW presenting GOOOOLLLLD RUUUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSH!

Steven Blaylock: Was that enough S's? I think the people at home get it!

Prescott: WE ARE SOOOLD OUT! Thank you all. Our largest crowd to date is here in the Xcel Energy Center. We've got some great things to show tonight. We'll crown the very first ICW World Champion! The very first Shooting Star Champion!!! And who KNOWS what else?

Blaylock: My guy Jericho Kade is going to shine. He never needed Bobby Barratt. Bobby was going to ride his coat tails before he was sadly fired.

Prescott: Well we'll never know. We've not heard much from Shawn Rossdale about his arrest. I wonder why he hasn't been heard from or seen since that Spectacle 2 weeks ago?

Blaylock: Barratt probably had him killed (laughs) No, maybe Bobby has made it personal somehow and there's something going on?

Prescott: None of that really matters. Bobby Barratt is toast. I do wonder who is going to take his spot in that #1 tag team contenderhship? Remember people, Barratt and Kade earned the right to fight for the tag titles at some point, so Kade will need a partner.

Blaylock: Maybe Kade doesn't even need a partner? He's Mr. I C W Stan.

Prescott: Whatever. I have to announce that our women's matchup has been cancelled due to Sapphire being very ill and unable to compete. That same matchup, the 30 min. Ironman match will take place this upcoming Spectacle. Just moved back 1 week.

Blaylock: I hope they are okay. I know Mandy Joe was ready to rip apart Sapphire and prove she is indeed the better woman in ICW.

Prescott: Better yet, when will we see the emergence of Alexis Grace and Dakota Paige?

Blaylock: I hope soon. I really really do.

Prescott: You're sick.

[Lucas Rieter comes out dressed in a suit and tie. His theme song "Shimmer" by Fuel (please click in new window)] blares and Lucas waves to the crowd and walks to the ring. Again, no Shawn Rossdale. Will even make an appearance at his PPV? Lucas asks for a mic, his hair is slicked back and has a bronze/blonde tint to it. He's got a 5 day old beard stubble going on.]

Stanley Prescott: I wonder what he's going say?

Steven Blaylock: Probably that Shawn Rossdale has decided to sell ICW with all the craziness going on. I bet he's sick of it.

Prescott: I bet we're in for some great information here.

Lucas Rieter: It feels great to be back close to our hometown headquarters! I thank all of you for being here. I especially want to thank you guys for the SOLD OUT show tonight! You've made ICW a great place to be! We never went to far, and I do see a few familiar face, but we'll be heading out farther from home soon on our Spectacle tour starting in a couple weeks. I just wanted to come out here and talk about Shawn Rossdale.

Crowd: (Cheers)

Rieter: He has been keeping up on things, and I wanted to fill in the ICW universe with what exactly happened since his arrest 2 weeks ago just after he fired Bobby Barratt... Well Shawn is a professional and he didn't want to come back and make an appearance this week or last week because of his situation. What happened was that Bobby Barratt called the police on Shawn 2 weeks ago. He said that he had been aggressive with the roster and him in particular and slapped him and had threatened him. He also said that he saw Shawn snap on Jumbo Johnston and attacked him from behind and threw that Mountain Dew machine on top of him. We all know it was Ari Naxt who did this. That's no secret. So Shawn was arrested that night. The charges were harassment and assault on a employee. Luckily Shawn fired Bobby's ass before he was arrested. Shawn spent a 2 hours in a holding cell then was bailed out by my actually after the show had ended. He's been at home going over fiances and overseeing the company from his office at his house. Barratt remains fired. Jericho Kade is lucky to have his job.

Rieter: Shawn had decided on firing Bobby earlier that night based on his overall attitude, his comments about Jenny Stackhouse and him coming here a few weeks back writing on our office door and just the whole thing. So that is the deal between Shawn Rossdale and Bobby Barratt. Just him being insubordinate and a jerk overall and Shawn not dealing with it. Shawn was cleared of his charges by the way, I had Ari Naxt sign a document that showed he did the attack and it was an internal matter, not charges were upheld on Ari Naxt. So we're all clear. Shawn will be coming back next week I believe. So the saga is over from that point of view. I was notified through our corporate lawyers Friday evening that Bobby Barratt has filed a lawsuit against ICW/Shawn Rossdale for wrongful termination and defamation of his likeness and name. It is ongoing, and there's nothing I can say about that. Shawn is quite upset about the lawsuit as for a startup company like ICW, even as popular as we are, we just barely turned a profit. Not because of Barratt, but because of ALL OF YOU! So thank you! I can assure you that we'll get past this annoying issue soon and just cause will be proven for Shawn Rossdale's firing of Bobby Barratt.

Crowd: (Massive Cheers)!

Blaylock: Finally some answers.

Prescott: There you have it folks. The record set straight from our General Manager of ICW, Lucas Rieter.

Rieter: For now, lets get to our 1st match of the night! We've got Brett Stetson vs. Duke Kosloff!!!


[Lucas seems pleased, but annoyed as he leaves the ring and waves as he walks to the back. The crowd is in a buzz as they await the first match of the night. Duke enteres and walks down with Levi, but Duke tells Levi to go to the back at the ramp entrance and Levi does. The crowd mostly boos but there's some cheers mixed in as maybe Duke has won over select people in the crowd. Duke gets in the ring and goes to his corner and stands upright and patient with his chin tilted upward a little.

When Brett Stetson's music hits the place blows apart. The crowd chants, and the women all go nuts. Especially the females in the 16-24 year old demographic. He slaps fan's hands and smiles. Takes a couple photos with some teenage girls along the way. He gives his shades to a screaming girl in the front row. She is younger, maybe 12 and she just smiles and screams. Stetson gets in the ring points at Duke and the bell rings.]

Crowd: RAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!! (excitement)

Prescott: Both are in incredible shape. This should be a great showdown. Stetson coming off a loss, and Duke coming off a loss. Both look eager to prove themselves.

Blaylock: For sure. I think Brett is actually in better physical shape. Look at that guy. He's a statue! I just can't believe it.

Prescott: Duke is larger by 75 pounds and has a foot on him. I don't think condition matters "that" much. Besides, Duke is ripped too.

Blaylock: Yeah maybe all the screaming female fans have me over rating him? I don't know.

Prescott: Duke starts the match off with a right hand, and they trade blows early on.

Blaylock: Both has considerable power in their strikes. Duke with a dropkick!

Prescott: Wow that was impressive. His size doing those moves!

Blaylock: Stetson is right back up though, and runs at Duke.

Prescott: Look out! DDT! Duke grabbed him head and with force planted him downright!

Blaylock: That was nasty. Duke has figured out that a early pin just gives the opponent momentum unless he's truly down and out.

Prescott: Duke whips Stetson in the corner. CLOTHESLINE!

Blaylock: Such power.

[Duke takes early control of the match. He pick Stetson back up and goes for a simple body slam but Stetson is able to roll him up in a small package!




Prescott: That almost caught Duke by surprise!

Blaylock: Yeah, you never know what someone has planned or what they are thinking.

[Duke embarassed by the near fall goes after Stetson with great agression. He goes for a chokeslam early on, but Stetson elbows him in the shoulder area, but Duke hangs on a smashes Stetson down. Stetson getting worn down by the power of Kosloff is dazed already, and with the crowd chanting his name now he starts his comeback. He plays coy with Kosloff but when Duke comes to pick him up he gets kicked in the gut and Stetson hits a front powerslam. Stetson kisses to the crowd, but Duke is already back up and when Stetson turns around he hits a Superman punch!!! COVER!




[Stetson just gets out of that one. Duke picks Stetson up and hits a running powerslam. He then goes to the top rope and goes for a moonsault! He climbs up, jumps and HITS IT!!!! Cover!

Prescott: That has got to be it! A moonsault from a man of his size! No way!

Blaylock: Cover!




Prescott: WOW! What a kickout!

[Duke gets him in a headlock, Stetson is able to push him off and into the ropes. Stetson goes for a flying clothesline but misses, when he gets back up Duke had bounced off the ropes and hits a SUPERMAN PUNCH! COVER!]




Prescott: That was fairly easy for Duke.

Scarlett LaDawn: And your winner, by pinfall... DUKE! KOSSSLOOFFFFF!

Blaylock: That was a shorter match than I had though it would be. Duke wins with ease. Brett showed heart and kicked out a couple of times. That moonsault kickout was incredible, but Duke dominated the matchup! We'll see these two meet up in the rumble. Duke will be fresh and Brett will be pretty fresh too as this match didn't drag on too much.

Prescott: Our next match is incoming. A word from our great Sponsors for GOLD RUSH... Sony Playstation!

[The commerical ends and they come back to the ring. Jack Diamond and Ari Naxt are already in the ring. Mandy Joe is ringside for this one. It is a ladder match!]

Prescott: We have a ladder match for the #1 contendership for the Shooting Star title.

Blaylock: This should be interesting. I guess Lucas is allowing Mandy to be ringside for this. She even has a sign that says "Ms. Sapph is sick".

Prescott: The only way to win is to climb the ladder and retrieve the briefcase that has a match contract for a Shooting Star title match at the GM's discretion.

Blaylock: No way I see Jack Diamond winning this. This is Ari's kind of match.

Prescott: We'll soon find out! NAXT. Diamond. Ladder match. Now! LIVE!

Blaylock: This is going to be great! Lets get to it!

[Outside the ring there's one 16 foot steel ladder on each side. Then at the very top of the ramp there's 2 ladders together and those 2 are 20 footers. So in total we've got 6 ladders all around the ring area. Naxt and Diamond look at eachother then they look to the briefcase at the top. Then back to eachother. Naxt hits himself in the face a few times and yells "This is all me!". Diamond smirks as if he's got in all under control. Naxt starts to charge Diamond but he stops right before he gets there and laughs as Diamond rolls out of the ring. Diamond brushes himself off and jumps right back up to the apron. He looks around and the crowd burns with excitement. Lots of signs in the crowd saying "Diamond Club" and some female fans stating "I'm Jack's Wild Ace!", stuff like that. Diamond steps through the ropes and Naxt licks his lips and strokes his beard down with both hands like he's shaved it off and can no longer feel it. He runs at Diamond again, but Diamond easily side steps him and he goes flying out through the ropes and into a ladder on the outside and staggers down. The ladder hits the barricade outside and clanks it. Making a loud noise. The fans in the front row are excited but kinda scared. Naxt gets up and smiles. He strokes his beard again as Mandy Joe comes over to him and whispers something in his ear. His eyes gleam with hope and sickness. Naxt rushes back into the ring and goes for a spear! He's able to get some of it and Jack bounces off the ropes. When Naxt turns around Diamond hits a swinging neckbreaker!]

[Diamond raises his hands to the crowd and kisses them and raises them back out again. The crowd eats it up. Naxt is laughing hysterically on the mat. Diamond picks him up and slaps him and starts yelling at him some. Diamond gives Naxt a stiff dropkick that takes down Naxt. He jumps right back up and goes for another spear. His agressiveness is being used against him yet again. Diamond side steps it yet again and he goes flying through the same rope area and lands outside the ring, almost hitting Mandy Joe and landing side first on the fallen over ladder. This time Diamond makes no mistake and as Naxt was flying through the ropes he perches up on the rop rope from inside the ring facing outward. Jack goes flying! He does a shooting star press but misses! Naxt is able to scramble out of the way and Diamond hits the ladder!! He's badly hurt it seems for now.]

Prescott: What a high risk move! It didn't pay off.

Blaylock: Nope. Diamond looked high and wide and failed to deliver. Mandy is there though. She made the move look good.

Prescott: You're..

Blaylock: Sick? Look! Naxt is getting a ladder from the other side! He's going to be looking to end this thing. He's not crazy after all!

[As Diamond is on the outside Mandy Joe starts clawing at him! Diamond rolls over and gets up. He looks at Mandy Joe with rage, and she pushes him, then smacks him. Jack gets even more angry and gets right in her face. Ari sees what is going on but ignores the issue as he's got his eye on the briefcase with the SS title match contract inside. Mandy Joe starts to laugh at him and tempts him to hit her. She claws at his chest a little and smacks him again. Jack breaks his focus on her and sees Ari Naxt halfway up the ladder!!!

Prescott: Oh my! Naxt is 5 steps from the reach position!

Blaylock: There goes Diamond! He'll never make it! Naxt wins!

[Blaylock prematurely gets excited as the heel of the match comes close to winning. Diamond is able to spring and leap 4 steps up on the ladder and as Ari just gets to a point where he can reach up, Jack pulls him off and Naxt hits the ground. Jack then starts to climb for the ladder's top area, but Ari Naxt gets up and shakes the ladder with laughter as he is able to get Jack to jump down and roll as he prevented a great possible fall. Ari picks up the ladder and runs at Diamond with it. Diamond dropkicks it into his face. Naxt bounces off the face and falls down while still holding the ladder.]

Prescott: Why would he hold onto the ladder? Would the pain of it being kicked in your face cause him to drop it?

Blaylock: I do not know. Maybe he's got plans for it soon?

Prescott: He's getting ready to lose this match. That is his plan?

Blaylock: Who knows. Doesn't make much sense.

Prescott: Diamond grabs the ladder from Naxt. He's setting it up again Steven!

Blaylock: Ahh.. he was playing coy with him. Low blow!!!

Prescott: Damnit! Not like this... Diamond squirms in agony as Naxt gets ladder set back up. What is he doing?

Blaylock: Looks like he's going for another ladder outside the ring!

Prescott: What a fool. He possibly could of won just now.

Blaylock: Maybe inflicting damage is more important than winning to Ari? We'll never really know.

[Jack is writhing in pain in the ring by the ropes as Mandy Joe is yelling at him. Ari set up one ladder under the briefcase and then goes an slides another in. He sets that one up in the corner of the ring. He starts to laugh as he walks over and picks up a weakened Jack Diamond. He lands a fisherman's suplex on Diamond and yells for a count.]

Prescott: There's no referee idiot.

Blaylock: Hey he just wants to win the old fashioned way! (laughs)

[The only referee is one outside the ring that is there to watch for the safety and health of the wrestlers and to call for a bell once the match is completed. Naxt is screaming at the referee. Referee Charles Lee Ray tells him it is a ladder match and there's no count. Naxt starts talking to himself and hits himself in the face a couple times lightly. He then claws at his own beard. Diamond gets up and Naxt on instict superkicks him and Diamond falls out of the ring. Naxt climbs the ladder, but it is the one in the corner of the ring. He has neglected his great chance to win the briefcase. He goes FLYING!!!]

Prescott: This guy is insane!!

Blaylock: Really... insane? That's it?

[Naxt leaps and hits a back foot stomp on Diamond who was laying on his stomach outside the ring. From the top of the ladder to the outside of the ring we're talking 21 foot drop maybe? Crazy. He gets most of it on Diamond as he's in terrible pain. The fans begin to chant for him. DIAMOND! DIAMOND! Naxt crawls to Mandy Joe and on his knees he reaches up for a kiss. She kisses him and he then crawls back to Diamond. Who is still down. Naxt gets him up grabs his face and kisses Jack Diamond. Jack throws a weak punch at Ari. Ari kisses his hand. Ari goes for "Eye of Evil" but as he picks him up Jack is able to barely shrug off his shoulders and pushes Ari into the post on the outside. Jack rolls into the ring to gather himself. Ari gets up and on Mandy Joe's command he rushes back in the ring looking somewhat worn down already. Jack's great conditioning has him in better than expected shape. Jack is able to dodge another spear attempt and Ari hits the ladder that was in the middle of the ring roughly. The ladder falls over and it bridged by the top rope. Jack waits for Ari to turn around, when he does he is able to hit a belly to belly suplex on Naxt! Jack then shakes his hand like he's not done with Naxt. He rolls out of the ring grabs a sledgehammer from under the ring!!!]

Prescott: Please don't! JACK! Don't!

Blaylock: He can't hear you dummy. Crowd is blowing up.

Prescott: We need some help out here please.

Blaylock: This is crazy. Jack is going to end the career of Ari Naxt!!!! Look!! Naxt is lauging on his back side as he tries to get up!

[The scene is incredible! The fans are chanting "Diamond Club"! Jack Diamond has a sledgehammer and Naxt is urging him to do it. He quickly gets to his knees and spreads him arms outward and closes his eyes and screams "I need this!" over and over. Jack shakes his head and throws the sledgehammer down. Jack then tells Ari to get up. When Ari does he hits some backhanded chops. Ari then scrambles to the sledgehammer, picks it up and swings wildly at Jack Diamond. He misses! Jack takes the sledgehammer and throws it outside the ring and points his finger at him as if he was a toddler that is in trouble. Jack kicks him in the knee, and then hits a DDT. Jack goes to the ladder, sets it upright and the paramedics that come down the ring from Prescott's call for them are coming down with Lucas Rieter. He immediately tells Mandy Joe to get out and go backstage. She argues but does so. Jack gets on the ladder. He climbs it to the top. He could grab the briefcase. He actually grabs it and as the referee is about the ring the bell, he stops. He's roughly 20 feet off the mat, briefcase in hand and he stops!!]

Prescott: What in the hell?

Blaylock: He's show boating way way too much. What a hot shot.

[Diamond points to all his fans and says "This is for you guys". He jumps!!!!! In what seems like 3 seconds or so long in one's mind he jumps. His shoulder actually knocks the briefcase a bit as he does and he hits SHUFFLED DECK!!! SHUFFLED DECK!!!!!

Prescott: This is crazy. We need help out here! SHUFFLED DECK FROM 20 feet up!!!

Blaylock: Yeah we're going to need some medical assistance please. NOW!

[Rieter calls them off as the match is going and he thinks that Ari is alright. Just a heavy heavy move. Diamond hit is perfectly. Like a "Ace". He hurt himself a little and the crowd is exploding. Making Stetson's entranec seem dwarfed. Jack climbs the ladder in a mild pace holding his side and grabs the case!!!]

Scarlett: (DING DING DING!) Your winner and the NEW #1 contender for the Shooting Star Championship!!!! JJJJJAAAAAACK DIIIIIIIIIAMOND!!!!

Prescott: What a match! Diamond dominated mostly and handled the overly aggressive Ari Naxt. Mandy Joe's interference wasn't even enough!

Blaylock: It was an impressive showing by Diamond. He's made his mark! He's the new #1 contender for the Shooting Star. The winner tonight better watch out!

[Lucas orders the medical staff of 4 people to assist Ari Naxt and make sure he's alright. He tries to brush them away but he's too weak to do so. Jack Diamond takes his contact to Lucas who is ringside, and asks for a pen. He signs it right then and there. Lucas had already pre-signed the contract along with Shawn Rossdale's signature. We would need the signature of whoever were to win the title in the next match. Jack strolls off looking great while Ari Naxt is suffering, but smiling some.]

Prescott: The moron is smiling. I can't believe it.

Blaylock: He likes the pain maybe? I don't know Stan. We'll be back after this word from our sponsors.

[The commercial cuts back and we see a red and gray/white splash picture... and a red face slowly fades into focus. The red white/grey background fades away and "Hey Hey Hey" echos in the arena... then a very heavy bass drum like from a marching band hits 1 time. Then the word "Longboat" flashes... then everything goes black. The crowd are excited and buzz about what they've seen.]

[We then cut to a backstage area. Lucas Rieter is on the phone in his office with Shawn Rossdale. Lucas' feet are propped up and he's talking about different things.]

Lucas Rieter: For sure. I hope he doesn't go crazy this time. The little prick. Yes. Yes sir. We'll deal with him. Not sure how to go about him and the rumble. You said we're not able to do anything about it? Well regardless we'll have a world champion. I hope it isn't him. He doesn't deserve it. Hell I'll do anything for you to prevent it. Are you sure that we can't prevent this from happening? Alright. SO you're hands are tied? Ok ok. I'll stop asking. Ok. Bye.

Kade: (walks in without knocking) Who was that?

Rieter: None of your business. Some personal matters with our roster.

Kade: Just wanted to let you know that I'm winning that Rumble tonight. So look forward to being in my rear view mirror like the rest of this place.

Rieter: I think everyone has said that... "look at me, I'm going to win the rumble". It's old mate.

Kade: Just remember what I said.

[Kade walks out as we cut away. Lucas seemed stressed the fuck out.]

[We start to get underway for the triple threat cage match! White vs. Kade vs. Steele. Steele can only lose his title if he's pinned/submitted in the ring, otherwise he retains. The winner will become the new Shooting Star Champion!!!! Again, if someone is able to pin/submit Steele in the ring without having to climb over, then they would become Shooting Star/Ironman Champion together. We've got all 3 men in the ring with Kade just entering after his talk with Rieter. The 3 referees outside the ring lock the side door with a padlock, a heavy masterlock. The cage is lowered. All 3 men look up at it as it lowers around them. One referee slides underneathe to be in there with them for a possible fall. Otherwise anything goes in there. WHITE. KADE. STEELE. CAGE. Live!]

Prescott: This is going to be a treat folks.

Blaylock: The side door has been locked. I hope this eliminates any drama. This should be just the 3 of them. No squabble or garbaged going on!

Prescott: We hope so Steven. Just to recap, Don White earned his spot in this match by just barely losing one of our best matches ever in the triple threat match with Vadyl and Halifax. It was a good one.

Blaylock: Yeah that was a memorable night. He won his next match. Another triple threat the following week against Halifax and McMean. He's shown promise and dedication to ICW, so he paved his way. The original match for this was to be Vadyl vs. Don White, but Vadyl had a contract dispute and left the company permanently after the 2nd Spectacle.

Prescott: Then we had Jericho Kade, who has been a bright spot in ICW. He has a tag match win with Barratt and then won a very important match in a fatal 4 way with Stetson, Diamond and Venom. Diamond nearly pulled that off, but Kade was slick enough to get by in that match and won. Venom was crushed in that match.

Blaylock: And here we are. The cage is almost lowered all the way... and there it is. Door is locked... and here WE GO!

Prescott: Don White starts off waiting around in his corner while Kade and Steele look at eachother. They high FIVE AND GO IN ON WHITE!!!

Blaylock: You've got to be kidding me... this is awesome!

Prescott: Steele and Kade are beating the hell out of Don White. What is going on?

Blaylock: White is a punk. He's a feel good punk. He shouldn't even be in this match. He was crushed in that tag match. Kade already has a win over him.

Prescott: Don White's partner that night was Jumbo... we remember what happened there....

Blaylock: Doesn't matter! Look at them. Stomps all over White. He's down in the corner. STEELE!!! LOOK! He applies a rear naked choke on Kade!

Prescott: He's got that in deep! Kade didn't even suspect it!

Blaylock: White is slowly getting up, while Steele has Kade choking badly. Steele pulls Kade down and applies a chicken wing type of choke to him!

Prescott: White is going in to take advantage and lands an elbow on the desperate looking Steele. Kade rolls to the edge of the rope, and his foot is slightly hanging through the square blueish cage hole.

Blaylock: Don White looks intense! He goes for a scoop slam on Steele, but Steele low blows White!

Prescott: What a dirty move! The action is picking up as Kade goes off the top rope and hits an flying elbow on a knelt down White!!

Blaylock: What a match so far! White goes down hard and Kade jump up and hits a couple European uppercuts on Steele.

Prescott: Watch it! Steele isn't affect too much by them as he throws his own discus uppercut!

Blaylock: That little guy can roll with the best of them!

Prescott: Little? He's solid looking.

Blaylock: He's a mexican wrestler. What do you expect? He's not Duke Kosloff.

Prescott: Steele goes for an arm drag on Kade. Steele hits it and puts pressure on the arm of Kade while overlooking his shoulder to check on White, who is still down.

Blaylock: White is going to make a strong push. I just know it.

Prescott: Kade gets to his feet and throws some side elbows in Steele and loosens the hold, Kade goes off the ropes and goes for a clothesline that is missed and Kade spins around to catch a shining wizard!

Blaylock: What a move! White is getting up, but down goes Kade!

[An active match gets even crazier as White rushes in and hits a "Strange Kick" on Steele as he turns around to check on White again after dropping Kade with the Wizard. OMG! We might have a new Shooting Star and Ironman Champion!!!]

Prescott: You've got to be kidding me. This one is over!

Blaylock: Can't be!




Prescott: That was closer than people think! This crowd is livid! They though their favorite was going to pull of an opportune win quick!

Blaylock: Not tonight. This match isn't quite over! Kade is to hit feet, Steele is out!

Prescott: White gets in Kade's face and they talk heavily and Kade pushes White.

Blaylock: White isn't going to take that. He pushes Kade back!

Prescott: Kade just pulled White's beard and then pushed his face!

Blaylock: "Strange LAND"!!!! "Strange Land!!!!!"

Prescott: I never get over that Stunner move! It happens so fast!

Blaylock: Randy Orton, eat your heart out!

Prescott: Steele is getting up now... "Strange Kick"!!!! Oh my GOD!

Blaylock: Don White is pulling out the power moves. Hitting trademark and finishing moves everywhere... It is over people. White goes for a pin on Steele who just got another "Strange Kick". The 2nd one in less than 2 minutes.

[Don White has been incredibly agressive after getting double teamed early and then taking a low blow from Steele. After hitting Steele with a 2nd "Strange Kick" in a short time period it is over... Kade is out from the "Strange Land" stunner...]



.... [Before the referee is able to make the 3 count on Steele for the Shooting Star/Ironman Championships the arena goes black as if a power outage was happening. It stays black for 4 or 5 seconds. The fans go quiet and there's some chatter and no 3 count was made as the referee was startled and stopped when they went out after the 2 count. No light at all.]

[The ferocious beat of the song "When Darkness Falls" by Killswitch Engage (open in new tab) blares through the PA. The emergency lights come on, with the name "VADYL" blinking on the screen in the beat of the drums. "As you walk The path of least resistance Is it that simple As you claim it to be They do deceive you Your tongue Your eyes Your lies" "I stand firm in my solidarity The path I walk I walk in with my own resolve When darkness falls We are reborn A dream since the fall of man We are reborn" Vadyl bursts through curtain full of energy, followed by his partner in crime, Elvira. Vadyl sprints down the ramp as Elvira makes slow strides towards the ring. Vadyl sprints a lap around the ring, faking high fives with members of the audience.]

Prescott: What in the hell!!?? It's VADYL!!! I thought he was done with ICW?

Blaylock: We never heard much about it. He just kinda faded and couldn't work something into his contract I heard.

Prescott: White is standing at the edge of the ring trying to get his face through the square hole and he's talking to Vadyl!

Blaylock: Vadyl and Elvira are laughing their asses off!

Prescott: Steele is just starting to move Steven. Kade is up!!! Kade is up! He's waiting for White!

[Don White is greatly distracted by Vadyl and his match interuption that CLEARLY cost him the Shooting Star AND Ironman Championships. He had Sebastian Steele signed, sealed and delivered for a 3 count is seemed. Vadyl starts screaming at Don White saying "I'm back to bring your personal plague from within yourself". Elvira is cackling and saying "Mandy Joe who?" over and over again. Jericho Kade spins Don White around and hits a couple kicks on him followed by a belly to belly suplex! Kade picks him back up as White looks up to Kade... Kade finally gets him to his feet and hits "The Trademark" on White. Right into the turnbuckle. White is O U T!!!]

[Kade looks over his shoulder and sees Sebastian Steele is still down, but on his side now. White looks to be out of it. Kade begins his climb to the cage as he fears Steele would break up a pin possibly. Kade gets to the top area with his hands Vadyl is telling him not to come down as he will hurt him etc... while Elvira instructs Vadyl to climb up there from the outside. Elvira demands the key, but the referees state they don't have it. She accuses them of lying, but no one gives in. She lets it go and insists that Vadyl go to the top of the cage and cause havoc.]

Prescott: Elvira seems to be encouraging Vadyl to climb on the outside. White is still out! Get up guys!

Blaylock: That bum White can't do anything. He's a one move wonder.

Prescott: Kade has now reached the top and has one leg on either side of the cage!

Blaylock: Looks like he might win this... here comes Vadyl!

Prescott: Vadyl is now almost to the top, he punches Kade a few times, and Kade staggers, but maintains his balance on the top.

Blaylock: He might fall... Vadyl is causing hell for Kade.

[Vadyl and Kade trade strikes towards the top. Kade kicks Vadyl in the face who is a little bit below him on the outside and not quite at the top just yet. Vadyl falls, but hangs onto Kade's leg, Kade is in pain as he's being stretched and Vadyl's weight hurting his body/leg. Vadyl loses grip and falls about 8 feet to the ground while he was hanging. He lands awkwardly but seems okay. Kade's leg is hurting, and he gets both legs over the top finally... SUDDENLY STEELE springs to life after having a few minutes to recover and climbs the cage like a Jaguar or something. He grabs Kade from behind from the inside part of the cage, and he's able to barely pull off a "Killshot"!!!!! Kade takes a "Killshot" from the top of the cage to the bottom! OMG!!!!]

[White has now gotten up, and runs towards Steele who is also shook up from the high risk finisher from that high up. White hits a spear... he then motions to the crowd to get jakked up. They start to buzz loudly and it is riveting!!! White waits... Steele gets up and he runs up to him and tries for a belly to back suplex, but Steele elbows him off, White staggers back, Steele turns around and "Strange Kick"!!!! STRANGE KICK!

Prescott: ANOTHER ONE!!! I can't believe it!!! White is going to win!!!

Blaylock: It's all over. There goes the pin on Steele!!!




Prescott: NO NO NO!! I though that was it! That was it?

Blaylock: My Lord!! Ref is saying 2 and a half... how in the hell did Sebastian Steele kick out of that? Oh my God!

[White can't believe it. He's totally in shock. He argues with the ref that is was 3, but at the very VERY last second Steele gets a shoulder barely up. White didn't hook a leg. Maybe that cost him the pinfall? No matter what the kickout was incredible. White is still chatting with the referee quickly and Vadyl has caused a great buzz in the crowd... White turns around and "The Last Soliloquy" from the top of the cage happens!!! MASSIVE!

Prescott: I can't believe it FOLKS! WHat a insane move to even try!!! A SPLASH from the top of the cage to the side area of White!!!

Blaylock: I think Vadyl meant to hit that move on Don from behind, but Don noticed at the last second and the impact hit him in the shoulder/neck area.

Prescott: INCREDIBLE! UNREAL! White is out! Lights out! Vadyl then stomps Kade who is barely starting to move and Steele too. All 3 men are down!!!

[Vadyl drops to his knees in the ring and raises his hands to the sky and says "The Plague is coming!!!" He then demands the door to be unlocked or he will do more damage. The refs just want him out of there so they unlock the door. Vadyl walks out cockily and the refs lock it back. Vadyl and Elvira exit the area... as Lucas Rieter comes out to the ring area extremely pissed off. He motions for Vadyl and Elvira to get the hell out, and some sort of common understanding happens.]

Prescott: It seems that Lucas knew that Vadyl was going to be here tonight from the looks of it, but wasn't aware of Vadyl's intentions at all!

Blaylock: I guess that is who he was talking to Shawn Rossdale about on the phone earlier in his office?

Prescott: I guess so.

[Kade now the freshest of the bunch uses the ropes to get up. He falls back down and smiles as he knows this is his time. He sees White out cold and Steele starting to get up. Rather than confront him he decides to climb the cage, he doesn't want to risk a pinfall breakup on White or Steele making a moment happen and make ICW history. Steele gets to one knee as Kade is halfway up. Kade gets to the very top and gets both legs over. Steele runs at Kade jumps up to the top rope area and starts to climb, but falls back due to fatigue... Kade on the outside climbs down some more, and drops!!! KADE HITS THE OUTSIDE!!! KADE WINS!!!!!]

Prescott: Unbelieveable!!! Jericho Kade is the new Shooting Star Champion!!!

Blaylock: Sebastian Steele retains the Ironman title though.

Prescott: I can't believe this match. It was so intense. White did all he could, he came up a little short. Vadyl cost him BIG TIME.

Blaylock: They are raising the cage. Lucas is coming over to Scarlett LaDawn.

Prescott: He's holding the Shooting Star title.

[Steele fatigue and weak stumbles to the ramp and heads out. Not wanting to cause trouble with Rieter right there. Keegan O'Donnell, Chief of Security is there with Lucas and 4 other strong abled men. Lucas has the beautiful Shooting Star Championship and orders Don White out of the ring, but shakes his hand first. Don White gets up and walks over to Kade to shake his hand. Kade denies it. White gets upset, but Rieter tells him to cool it. White leaves the ring too, extremely tired. Kade very worn down himself, but surprisingly engergetic due to adrenaline is very happy. Lucas Rieter brings his mic up to his mouth.]

Lucas Rieter: I wanted to announce this one myself. Jericho Kade. You're now 3-0. Congradulations. You've been a smartass and a jerk. You've earned your stripes. I present you, the ICW Shooting Star Championship. Enjoy it.

[Kade jerks it away from Rieter and raises the title up. The fans boo mostly, but there's some cheers sprinkled in as the crowd reacts heavily to it. They chant "WHITE" "WHITE" over and over. Lucas then low blows Kade!!!]

Prescott: What the hell? A low blow by our General Manager!!!

Blaylock: I guess he's pissed about Kade winning, and obviously his physical push he recieved a couple weeks ago. Payback is a ...

Prescott: We know... wow. What a moment for Jericho Kade. The low blow is a small price to pay for his mouth and attacks the GM a couple weeks back. Regardles we have a new ICW Shooting Star Champion!!! Jericho KADE! We'll be back after this commerical folks.

[We are back, Jericho Kade is going off in the back... he's demanded an apology from Lucas Rieter, but I don't think we'll get it. Last I heard he took off to his hotel room. Anyhow, our RUMBLE match is next that will crown the WORLD ICW CHAMPION!!!! The order was predetermined and is as follows.]

1 Ari Naxt
2 Brett Stetson
3 Jericho Kade
4 Duke Kosloff
5 Halifax McAlister
6 Jack Diamond
7 Don White
8 Bone Saw
9 Jake Venom
10 Sebastian Steele

[The screen comes on in the Energy Center. Rieter says that next week on Spectacle, Sebastian Steele will defend his title (as he has to every week) against DON WHITE in a singles match. No interference allowed. Anyone that interferes will be fired. It will be one on one. He then wishes everyone in the rumble match good luck and says he will bring the WORLD title down to whoever wins and crown them tonight.]

Prescott: There you have it! Don White vs. Sebastian Steele for the Ironman title next week on Spectacle! Should be a interesting matchup!

Blaylock: For sure. Lets get to our RUMBLE!

Scarlett LaDawn: Ladies and gentlemen. The match is a ROYAL RUMMMBLE match!!! (crowd bursts with cheers) The only way to win this match is to be the last competitior standing in the ring at the end. The order was randomized, and is the giant tron. No one else is allowed to enter and no one else can win but the people on the rumble entry list. We will start out with our first 2 competitors shortly. The only way to be eliminated is to be thrown or pushed over the top rope and BOTH feet touching the outside matting. If this happens they are you eliminated and must make your way to the back without any trouble. Every 2 minutes a new participant will make there way down... good luck to everyone! First 2 entrants per the order are Ari Naxt and Brett Stetson!!!!!

[Ari Naxt makes his way down to the ring, looking crazy as usual. Mandy Joe apparently was not allowed as she is not with him. Brett Stetson follows shortly after to the fans' delight. He signs 2 autographs on the way but Ari Naxt rushes out and attacks him visciously as he was signing a 3rd for a female teenager. The referees on the outside, Head referee Jason Myers, Charles Lee Ray, Ralph Kruger and Tommy Jarvis are all on each side of the ring. Myers calls for the bell as the he deems the rumble to start with the crazy fans going wild. The 2 minute counter starts. Entrant #3 will be new Shooting Star Champion Jericho Kade. Ari Naxt is going berzerk on Stetson!! He is just beating him and pummeling him like crazy. Naxt tries to pull out a chair from under the ring, but the referee says he'll DQ him if he uses it. Naxt smiles at the referee with large eyes and throws the chair down. He goes to get Stetson who is a few feet away, but he explodes and lands a hellacious spinebuster on the outside of the ring. Stetson rolls in the ring and greets his fans!! He's still got his sunglasses on!!!]

Prescott: How interesting. Stetson went through all that clawing and ravaging and still has his glasses on? Look at him!

Blaylock: The guy is a clown. He doesn't even know what he's doing here.

Prescott: He's a specimen for sure. He might be in the best physical condition in ICW.

Blaylock: Who cares? He's just a boy toy for these girls.

Prescott: ... Stetson takes off his glasses and throws them to the front row.

Blaylock: Big trouble... look at Naxt. He's wild! He grabs Stetson from behing for a bulldog!

Prescott: It was sloppy, but it got the job done.

Blaylock: Serves that fool right for taunting about in the ring. Never turn your back on an opponent.

Prescott: Naxt gets Stetson to his feet, whips him into the ropes and Stetson bounces off hard...

Blaylock: Stetson connects with a forearm smash!

[Stetson seems to be in better condition than Naxt for sure. Naxt is sloppy with his approaches, way too agressive. He gets picked up by Stetson and we see "The Director's Cut"!!! Stetson picks him up and delivers the devastating cutter and Naxt falls like a sack of potatoes! Stetson then picks up Naxt again, presses him a few times Warrior style over his head and tosses him out of the ring!!! Naxt eliminated!]

Prescott: Ari Naxt has been eliminated!!!

Blaylock: Hmm, the clown has strength. I just can't get over this guy.

Prescott: 15 seconds until Kade comes in.

Blaylock: Why didn't Rossdale or Rieter... whoever just let the order be a surprise?

Prescott: I don't know. I guess to let people have strategy?

Blaylock: Sounds dumb to me.

[The timer winds down and down and Jericho Kade's music hits briefly and he sprints down to the ring....he goes right in on Stetson who was chatting with a fan in the front row. Stetson is able to turn around and pick up a running Kade and toss him over the top rope!!!!!]

Prescott: Kade is eliminated!!! Wow!

Blaylock: No wait... he's hopping on one foot outside the ring. It is 2 feet that have to touch. He landed on the other side of the apron as Stetson didn't get enough of the toss and that broke his fall enough to land on one foot!

Prescott: This is crazy. Look at Kade, he's hopping on his right foot. He jumps up enough to crawl in the ring and get under the bottom rope barely as Stetson is kicking at him for the elimination.

Blaylock: Referee signals he got under the bottom rope enough to be back "in" the ring.

Prescott: Stetson is frustrated and picks up Kade and hits a beautiful vertical suplex.

Blaylock: The form on that was perfect. Wow. Maybe this clown can wrestle and is more than a piece of eye candy for the chicks....

[Stetson hits the textbook move perfectly. Kade falls back, seemingly worn out from his cage match before the rumble match. Stetson spreads his arms and then goes back to Kade. Kade is able to push off Stetson enough and rolls out of the ring to collect himself. The timer winds down, Stetson challenges Kade to come back in, but Kade just waves his finger at him and winks.]

Prescott: Here comes Duke Kosloff!! Business is about to pick up BIG TIME.

Blaylock: Look no flamethrower... no wait... he's got one! What the hell?

Prescott: We need some help out here please. Someone in the back this freak has brought a flamethrower to the rumble!!!

Blaylock: Oh good! He dropped it before he got in. I guess he wanted to freak out whoever was in the ring.

Prescott: Umm I guess. He needs professional help. The security team takes it away...

[Kosloff smiles sickly and heads for Kade who is on the outside. He picks Kade up and rolls him into the ring. Stetson just stands there and lets Duke do what he pleases. Duke picks up Kade and delivers a choke slam. He then goes for a crippler in the ring. Looking back at Stetson who seems very timid to engage with Duke. Kade instinctly starts tapping, but there's obviously no submission in a rumble. Kade grabs the nearby rope, but nothing. Duke whispers in his ear "Feel the burn"..... Stetson has seen enough, figures Kade is easy pickings by this point and head stomps Duke. Who stands up quickly, breaks the hold and gets in Stetson's face. The 2 exchange words before Duke pushes Stetson with such force that he hits the ropes and bounces off. Stetson pushes Duke, and Duke runs at him and hits a Superman punch!!! Stetson drops! Kade has squirmed under the ropes yet again, and is on the outside as the timer starts to appear on the giant tron again... 2....1... Here comes Halifax. He comes down to the ring, looking stressed out... he gets into the ring and goes for Duke. Duke grabs him by throat immediately and CHOKE SLAMS HIM over the ropes!!! His height and strength make him able to do such a move! Halifax is eliminated!!!]

Prescott: That was Q U I C K!

Blaylock: Yeah no kidding! What a move. Halifax is already out. Might be the shortest rumble entrance ever... I've been told by Rieter who is watching in the back in his office via headset that it was 4 seconds. The shortest he's ever seen or heard of.

Prescott: Why is Rieter talking to you?

Blaylock: Cause I run this announce table... 4 seconds. That is the word. Halifax out!

Prescott: The next entrant is Jack Diamond, I'm sure it won't be so easy this time around.. we've got about 1:42 seconds until he comes down.

[Duke demolishing Halifax sets the tone even more. The guy is here to crush people. Stetson is back to his feet and runs at Duke he goes to pick him up but struggles some and Duke shakes off and puts on a sleeper in the middle of the ring. Stetson tries to break free but can't. Prescott notes that submissions in a rumble match are rare, and Duke has done 2 already. Kade crawling like a snake on the outside has gotten in behind Duke. He crawls through the bottom rope and strikes Duke on his back, he pushes Stetson off and Duke turns around angry. Kade does a standing drop kick to Duke who barely is moved back. Kade runs off the ropes and hits a flying elbow that staggers Duke but Duke is almost energized by the hits. Kade then runs off the ropes again, slides under Duke's legs and hits a severe low blow on him. Kade then stands over Duke and says "I'm Mr. ICW!" How did that feel and spits on Duke. Stetson has been crouched in the corner and he runs up, and just picks up Kade who isn't nearly the size of Duke Kosloff and hits a "Idol Bomb" from high above. He lifted him up and delayed it and crashed Kade down, on top of DUKE!!!]

Prescott: What a move! An "Idol Bomb" on Kade... onto Duke Kosloff... 2.....1... (buzzzz!!!)

Blaylock: Here comes JACK DIAMOND!

[Stetson is ready for Diamond. Jack runs in, he had a easy time with Naxt but did some high risk moves. He looks to be in good shape and order. Coming in at #6 probably helps too. Stetson and him tie up, Diamond puts him in a wrist lock, Stetson sweeps it, and is able to lift Jack up into a "Director's Cut"!!! No wait! Jack slides off barely hits a drop kick on Stetson, who goes down. Stetson gets back up pretty quickly and runs right into a belly to belly suplex. Jack looks over and sees Duke and Kade getting up together. He runs over there and lands a swinging neckbreaker on Kade. Pops up and is met by Duke's hand. CHOKE SLAM! Diamond goes down hard. Duke walks over to Kade who low blowed him. He picks him up by his stringy black hair and hits a sidewalk slam on Kade. He picks up him and whips him into the corner. Kade hits hard and falls down. Diamond still down, but stirring, and Stetson up and walking over to Duke. Duke goes for another choke slam, but Stetson counters it and breaks the hand's hold on his own throat. He lifts Duke up and hits a front powerslam. Duke isn't fazed too much and rolls out of the ring. And smiles at Stetson from the outside. Kade gets to his feet and goes flying from the top rope with a flying knee. He lands it on just stood up Jack Diamond and Diamond goes down again. Kade kicks Diamond in the side and mocks him by doing his "Diamond" shape with his hands. The crowd boos loudly.

Prescott: What a match! We've got Duke on the outside waiting for his time to come back in, and people probably afraid of him, Kade just leveled Diamond with a flying knee off the top, Stetson going after Kade now.

Blaylock: This is great! I love it!

[Duke deems it appropiate to get back in the ring. He climbs back in, while Stetson and Kade are locked up. Stetson overpowers Kade and sends him flying right into Duke, who picks Kade up and hits a samoan drop! Stetson walks up to Duke and motions as if they are together. Duke nods his head and they high five.]

Prescott: Duke and Stetson seemingly have a mutual understanding. Uh oh....

Blaylock: Jack is getting back up!

[Jack runs over to them and hits a Diamond Splash sort of on Duke. Jack then tells Stetson this is their chance to double up on Kosloff. Stetson seems hesitant, but agrees! Jack and Brett lift Duke up on the top rope. Jack wants to land his "Stacked Deck" cutter from the top rope. Duke played dead... and kicks Stetson in the face, and then Jack hops up on the middle rope to pull off the move, but Duke punches him off. Duke stands up on the top rope...]


Blaylock: He misses Diamond but lands it on a Jericho Kade who just got to his knees. Oh my God!

[Kade rolls out of the ring again. Jack and Stetson see this as their true time... 2...1...(BUZZ!) Don White runs into the ring. He goes for a "Strange Kick" as soon as he gets in and hits Stetson with it. Stetson goes down, Kade on the outside recovering, and Jack is telling Don White to help him with Duke who is up from his moonsault and looks pissed. Don White nods like he's "got this" and goes for a strange kick, but Duke is too tall, and the kick is at Duke's upper chest area. Duke catches the foot and pulls Don into him and hits a killer clothesline. Right after this happens, Jack Diamond capitalizes...he jumps off the top rope he just got on, and goes flying and gets to the side of Duke. "Stacked Deck"!!!!]

Prescott: Interesting. We've not seen Diamond pull off his finisher in that variety.

Blaylock: Normally he has them up there on the top rope and jumps off with them. This is about the same...

Prescott: More deadly even, Jack's weight and force jumping that high up and coming down it probably worse?

Blaylock: Whatever the case, Duke is out!

[Jack tells Brett to get up. Kade is alert too. He motions for them all help get Duke out as he's the biggest and possibly strongest of them all. Don White remains shaken up from the power clothesline. He must be shot from his previous match. Jack, Brett and Jericho all get Duke up. They rest him on the ropes, Duke lingers there, and Jack says he wants to do it. Jack runs at Duke and clotheslines him over the top rope!! Duke is out!!]

Prescott: Duke is out. Hard to believe but it took a "Stacked Deck" and help.

[The second Diamond turns around Jericho Kade grabs him and tries to swoop in and eliminate Diamond. Stetson stands back and watches. Don White gets up and walks over. Kade has Diamond on the outside of the ropes. He threw Diamond over but DIamond hung on and is standing on the outside of the apron. Hanging on. Kade is kicking at Diamond desperately, White gets over there goes for "Strange Kick" on Kade, Kade sees it and ducks. White's momentum takes him to the near ropes, and Jericho Kade performs his own superkick, not as lethal, but hits White over the top with it and eliminated White!! Duke has made his way to the back without incident suprisingly. 2....1... (BUZZZ)]

Prescott: Here comes Bone Saw!!!

Blaylock: The crowd loves it!

Prescott: There goes Bone Saw...

Blaylock: Damn... he lasts what? 3 seconds?

Prescott: Yes, Rieter confirms. 3 seconds. New record.

[Bone Saw ran down, stepped through the ropes and Brett Stetson picked him up and "Idol Bombed" him to the outside. Bone Saw is out!! Jack Diamond has stepped through the ropes now, and Kade, Diamond, Stetson all remain. Diamond tells Stetson they need to stick together. Brett agrees. They both go after Kade, but he rolls under the ropes. Jack then frustratingly turns on Stetson quick enough and chop blocks his knee. He stomps on Brett a few times, and the crowd boos. Jericho comes back in and hits a running knee on Diamond. Diamond staggers back into the corner. Stetson gets up and lands a hurricanrana on Kade. Diamond runs at Stetson, goes for a flying cross body, but Stetson catches him, adjusts and hits a spinning spinbuster on Diamond. Kade is up when Stetson turns around and "Kade's Landing"!!! Kade hits his powerbomb finisher to Stetson into the turnbuckle. Stetson crumples. 3....2....1!!! Venom comes running down. He walks in, Jericho Kade dropkicks him right over the top rope!!! VENOM eliminated!!!]

Prescott: That was quick... new record?

Blaylock: No. 3 seconds it seems via Rieter. Damn. Tied. Venom and Boner Saw both went out in 3 seconds tonight!

[Kade takes out Venom easily, and mocks the crowd and spreads his arm and screams "This is my time" and "I'm the answer to ICW's problems"!!! Jericho gets on the middle turnbucke and raises his arms... he motions for the belt around his waist. Diamond runs up to Kade and pushes him over the top turnbuckle and over! KADE IS OUT!!! WOW! We only have Stetson, and Kade left... with #10 and the last entrant being Ironman Champion... Sebastian Steele.]

Prescott: Our Shooting Star Champion is eliminated!

Blaylock: Damnitt! I love Kade. I hope he interferes and causes something stupid to happen. Look at Kade he's arguing that his feet didn't touch the ground...

Prescott: What a idiot. They clearly touched. Diamond pushed that cocky jerk right off the middle rope and over the top!

[Jericho Kade won't let it go that he was eliminated. Jack Diamond rolls under the rope and hits him from behind. Stetson is just now getting back to his feet. Stetson goes through the "middle" rope and gets on the top rope overlooking Diamond and Kade as they battle it out on the outside. Stetson leaps and hits both of them at the same time as they were arguing and pushing back and forth. Diamond was telling him he was beaten and to get the hell out, and Kade was asking Diamond where his title was... since he doesn't have one. Stetson's legal cross body dive to the outside has taken out all 3 men, mostly Kade and Diamond. Kade has been eliminated but he stays in the picture for now. Stetson gets Diamond up and tosses him back in the ring. Kade remains down on the outside. Brett Stetson looks poised to make this count. He whips Diamond into the ropes, Diamond comes off and Stetson picks him up and does a Argentine backbreaker on him. Stetson picks up Diamond. 8...7... Stetson fireman carries him and LANDS "The DIRECTOR'S CUT!!!!"]

Prescott: Oh my God! Stetson hits a "Director's Cut"!! What a cutter! Very simulair to Jack Diamond's diamond cutter or "Stacked Deck" as he calls it.

Blaylock: It's a great move but Diamond's "Stacked Deck" is a better move than this "Director's Cut" move. Diamond is out though. Must of been tremendous.

Prescott: Jack Diamond might be one of the most resilient ICW members. He might not be able to overcome this... 2....1.... (BUZZ!!!!)

Blaylock: Here comes our last and most fresh competitor... "El Cazador" Sebastian Steele!!!!

[Steele walks out to great boos. Suddenly BOBBY BARRATT attacks him!!! WTF? Barratt attacks Steele from behind with a chair. He hits Steele in the back of the head with it. He then stands over Sebastian picks him up and rolls him into the ring.]

Prescott: What is Bobby Barratt doing here? He was fired 2 weeks ago.

Blaylock: He's back!! Yes! My guy! Hell yes!

Prescott: Would you shutup? This man can't be here. He's already attacked our Ironman Champion from behind. Look! He's walking over to Jericho Kade.

[Jack Diamond is laid out... Sebastian Steele has been cheated and chair shotted from behind by Barratt, and rolled into the ring. Barratt dressed in a suit and tie, a purple tie... has the smug look on his face that almost can't be described! He has some cheers going for him actually. He walks over to a broken down Kade. Lifts him up, gets in his face, and then Kade smiles and they hug. Barratt tells Kade to get in there and cause as much drama as possible. Kade rolls back into the ring, now an illegal participant.... He goes right after Stetson, hits him with a dropkick. Stetson shrugs it off and rolls out of the ring. Sebastian Steele is just now getting to all fours... Barratt jumps into the ring and Kade/Barratt go into a massive beatdown of Steele.]

Prescott: What in the hell is this all about? Kade and Barratt are beating the hell out of Steele!!

Blaylock: YES! My "GUYS"!!!!!

[Jericho Kade holds Sebastian Steele from behind while Barratt gets up on him... Barratt says, "You think you run this place? I run this place. I'm back baby and ICW runs through me and Kade. Got it?!". Barratt slaps Steele. Rips off his mask, and low blows Steele. Jericho Kade spits on Steele and then drops the mask on top of him... Barratt and Kade leave the ring... Kade was long ago eliminated... and Barratt has massively fucked up this Rumble. Jack Diamond is coming to now and gets up. Stetson rushes back in! Jack was ready...he kicks the inexperienced Stetson in the gut and hits a belly to belly suplex on him! He then drags Stetson up barely... and hits a DDT. Sebastian Steele has recovered enough and sees that his mask has been taken off. He puts it back on, and takes off after Jack Diamond. He hits a right hook on Diamond, who is clearly showing some wear now, but not as bad as #2 entrant Brett Stetson. Steele in a complete rage goes off the ropes for a shining wizard! Stetson is up now, and runs in on Steele. Steele dodges his grapple attempt, shining wizard to him too! Sebastian Steele in complete control hits an STO on Stetson, then worries about Diamond who is up again... Diamond staggers over... and here comes Jericho Kade and Bobby Barratt again!!!]

Prescott: We need some order in this place. Is Barratt untouchable or something? Rieter needs to get out here now...

Blaylock: The greatest screw job in the history of ICW... MY GUYS!

Prescott: What are these 2 planning to do? They've already ruined this match.

[Kade and Barratt go in together with chairs... they both do a double chair shot to the head of Steele... Steele goes down hard. Kade tells Barratt that he's good to go and hits Diamond with single chair shot to his head. Diamond falls apart and collapses on the mat. Kade gets in his face and says "#1 contender for my title? Get real punk... I am the Diamond Club!!!". He laughs and they both finally leave. They tell Stetson to cover and make his time count... they seemingly have a major issue with Diamond and Steele. Diamond has a match coming up at some point against Kade for his Shooting Star, since he's #1 contender and Steele is #1 ranked ICW wrestler and Ironman Champion. Barratt's issue with him is unknown.]

[We've got Diamond laid out, Steele greatly laid out from a cresendo chair shot (double) and Stetson who is to one knee and very very tired from being the #2 entrant... the rumble is in his hands... Kade and Barratt have left their massive mark on ICW history and this rumble. Stetson very tired... goes for Diamond. He picks him up, whips him off the ropes but Diamond collapses in the middle of the ring. Stetson grabs him, and smacks him once. He whips Diamond again off the ropes and goes for a back body drop, Diamond goes high hits the top rope and kinda hangs on top of it. Steele has just started to barely crawl... he can't stand but he's on his elbows... he gets over to Stetson JUST AS he's going to eliminate and low blows Stetson. Stetson drops. Diamond falls off the top rope and over to the inside luckily. Steele rolls over on his back next to the pain induced Stetson. Diamond gets to his feet. The crowd is chanting "DIAMOND"!!! like crazy! Jack Diamond came in at #6, and he picks up Steele who low blows him too... all 3 men are down!!! Steele finally seems like he's recovered enough to stand... He goes after Stetson.. who must be incredibly exhausted. He picks up Stetson, and hits a "Killshot" on Stetson. He's able to get a dazed and staggered Stetson to the ropes and pushes him over barely... Stetson eliminated!!!

Prescott: We're down to 2!!! Jack Diamond and Sebastian Steele!!!

Blaylock: Come on Diamond!!!

Prescott: Stetson just didn't have enough gas. He came in at #2, did amazing, and lasted all this way. Brett Stetson has a very bright and promising career ahead of him.

Blaylock: Steele is going for a Jaguar Clutch on the weak Jack Diamond!

[Steele crosses the legs, and turns Diamond over... he pulls back hard and Diamond screams in agony... Steele really pulls up and back as Diamond is tapping out frantically... again from instict I'm sure... Steele's muscles are busting and flexing like rocks... he's too tired and gives out.... He releases the hold and crumples over as Diamond rolls out of the ring just barely. Almost teetering on the apron, but he falls to the outside.]


Blaylock: You've got to be kidding me. Where the hell is security...?

Prescott: It's SHAWN ROSSDALE AND LUCAS RIETER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blaylock: What in the fuck is happening?

Prescott: Shawn Rossdale just attacked Bobby Barratt from behind!! Rieter is going after Kade. Kade fights off Rieter!

Blaylock: It is absolute BEDLAM HERE!!!

Prescott: Look here comes security... they are taking Shawn Rossdale away from Barratt. Shawn hits his own security team... he breaks free and goes after Barratt again!!!

[Kade hits Rieter with his own low blow and a single legged kick, while security is able to take him to the back. 2 men take him away, while Keegan O'Donnell yells at Shawn to get away from Bobby. Shawn tells him off as he's pummeling Bobby Barratt. Steele and Diamond are still in their places. Steele just getting up and Diamond on the outside... completely spent. Shawn Rossdale is able to hit a "Distortion" kick on Bobby Barratt that makes him go lights OUT! (Distortion is Shawn's old finishing move from his wrestling days... it's a superkick like HBK). The medical staff attend to Barratt in the ramp mid area, and Shawn takes off his white button up shirt an throws it on Barratt. He walks to the back looking for Rieter who is on his knees barely bent over and walking to the back. Rossdale pats Rieter on the back... we cut to the ring again...]

Blaylock: I can't believe this! My guys went way too far! WOW!

Prescott: Shawn did a number on Barratt.. we need answers from all of this...

Blaylock: I'm sure we'll get them soon Stan.

Prescott: In the ring Steele is now fully recovered and goes outside the ring. He picks up Diamond and rolls him in!

Blaylock: Steele going for a "Killshot" to end this thing!

Prescott: Steele pick him up, but Diamond throws head punches and the move doesn't go down, they both just fall.

Blaylock: Diamond is pummeling Steele!

[The failed Killshot move didn't happen, and Diamond is pummeling Steele with all he's got. He puts on "Ace's Wild" on Steele and pulls on the ropes for more leverage. Steele screams... and screams, and taps himself... Jack won't release the hold and continues to rip at the legs of Sebastian Steele!!! Jack releases the hold, very tired, but picks up Steele. He whips Steele into the corner. Sets him up on the top rope... the crowd goes crazy!!!!]


Prescott: This is incredible!!

Blaylock: What? I can't hear you!

Prescott: I said this is incredible!

Blaylock: Still can't... whatever!

[Diamond is going to try a "Stacked Deck" from the top rope to the outside of the ring... which would eliminate them both!!! Diamond places Steele on the top rope, adjusts his legs sideways to face the outside.. Diamond in a very very vulnerable position gets on the outside turnbuckle from the middle rope/buckle and GOES FLYING down to the mat with a "Stacked Deck"!!!!!!!]

Prescott: Damnitt! Damn you Diamond!

Blaylock: Yes! This is great! YES!

Prescott: Who hit first? Jack Diamond just delivered the biggest move of his career... a "Stacked Deck" from the outside turnbuckle to the matting on the floor in a RUMBLE match, he tried to keep his legs up.. who hit?


Scarlett LaDawn: Here is your winner... and NEW ICW WORLD CHAMPION!!!!! SEBASTIAN STEEEEEEELLLLEEEE!!!!!!!

Prescott: There you have it folks. Sebastian Steele is the new World Champion!! Wait...

[Shawn Rossdale comes down to the ring. Grabs a mic and addresses the crowd. In a very very important message. Jack Diamond is hurt, but Steele clearly took the brunt of that "Stacked Deck" move from the top rope.]

Shawn Rossdale: Listen everyone. Things have gotten out of hand greatly again tonight. I actually drove from Stillwater where I live to the Xcel Energy Center once I saw what the punk... that twat Bobby Barratt was doing... with Kade. I had to stop him. I'll get into that in a bit. Play the video as we saw it in the back.

[The video shows Jack Diamond delivering a "Stacked Deck" to Sebastian Steele as we all saw, Jack Diamond crunched his legs up after jumping off the middle rope, Steele's legs were bent down in a "on all 4s position". Jack's butt hit the mat at the same time as Steel's knees/toes... Then right after Jack's heels hit. Clearly the footage shows Steele hitting .5-1 second sooner than Diamond. Sebastian Steele's 2 feet hit the outside matting first.]

Shawn Rossdale: As you can all see... the actual winner of this Rumble and NEW ICW WORLD CHAMPION is JACK DIAMOND!!!!!!!!! Scarlett make it official!

Scarlett LaDawn: I stand corrected, after video footage, Sebastian Steele's feet did touch JUST before Diamond's... Your NEW, AND the very first ICW World Champion.... "The ACCCCE of SPPPAAADDEES" JAAAAACK DIIIIIIIIIAAMOOONNNNNNND!!!!

[Lucas Rieter is shown walking down to the ring, with the brand new, and polished solid GOLD ICW World title. Lucas puts it on a electrified Jack Diamond who is in tears... the crowd buzzes with DIAMOND! DIAMOND!. Lucas is about halfway done, and Shawn says he wants to do it. Shawn finishes it up, and snaps it all on. Jack is proudly displaying his WORLD TITLE on his waist and he goes to the middle rope and raises his arms as his music plays. The crowd explodes. Jack after a few minutes of clapping heads back to the dressing room area... with security so nothing stupid happens to the new Champion. Shawn remains in the ring.]

Shawn Rossdale: Again, congradulations to our NEW ICW World Champion. Jack your dedication and perserverance lasted, you deserve it! Now onto Bobby Barratt... I wanted to set the record straight. I fired him. He tried to sue myself and ICW. My charges were dropped from any wrong doing the other night with Jumbo, I however was guilty of assault of my roster with Bobby Barratt from the slap, and intimidation. He also was counter sued by me. We settled out of court. What happened is this people. I dropped everything, and so did he. We signed a document that gives him immunity from firing within ICW rules and regulations. Obviously criminal things are separate. Bobby Barratt is back in ICW. What can I say. My hands are tied. I couldn't afford the bad publicity and the financial resources and time this would tie up. So he's back in ICW, he can't be fired for 6 months no matter what he does. I hate it. I do. It is how it is. We can't sue eachother for anything that happens during ICW time. His forced contract that I had to sign just yesterday states that he can't be fired for anything that happens on ICW grounds or time. We can't sue each other from anything relating to ICW time and places. Basically this is war. He dropped his lawsuit, I dropped mine... we're even I guess..

That little bit of a stunt he pulled tonight is going to be forgotten. I'll be sure of that. Jericho Kade, you have your's coming too. You'll get yours... That is basically the spill from Bobby Barratt and myself. He is enemy #1 in ICW. I will destroy him.

[Suddenly the giant tron shows a picture from backstage... it's Bobby Barratt and Jericho Kade. They've spray painted the office area with "KADE" and "The Prodigy" everywhere in bright orange paint. We then see Bobby with Jenny Stackhouse who is in Rossdale/Rieter's office. He slaps Jenny, and says "That one was for you Shawn. You'll never get to me. I own you now."]

Shawn Rossdale: I swear to you... (drops mic and sprints off to the back...)

Prescott: We are over our time limit. I don't know what to say.

Blaylock: Those are my guys, but they went over the line... damn.

Prescott: This is live from ICW: GOLD RUSH! We have no more time... we'll see you next week...

Blaylock: (Off air) What the fuck is going on? This need to stop man.

Prescott: Lets get the hell out of here... it's too wild around here.