July 3rd @ 10 PM CST
Bridgestone Arena
Nashville, TN
Capcity: 17,113

(Again, please click the video above and listen to it as you read the opening to the show! IMPORTANT!)

[The program starts up, and the video is in a red and yellow grainy hue. The bodies of the wrestlers has a touch of red, much like the match banners that have been advertised on TNT over the last week. We see the DEAD END poster, followed by "The Noose" by A Perfect Circle. This music plays in the background and the song has great meaning over a few of the storylines and drama that is unfolding in ICW through it's lyrics and vibe. We see Mad Dog Smith clapping his hands and mouthing "oh yeah" to himself. Followed by Lawrence who is shown smiling, but looking mean. Maverick is then shown while the music churns along in a slow beat looking confident. We flip around to various ICW wrestlers including Duke and Chaos Kid, and theres a match poster shown of them, and it explodes in flames. Brett Stetson and Steele's match poster shows up and Brett looking charming as usual and Steele seemingly desperate makes it all very interesting for sure. An Ironman match? Should be incredible. Whow ill be able to last the full on 60 minute match?]

[The preview video takes a turn as the fans at home on PPV watch and the people in the Bridgestone Arena's SOLD OUT crowd gasp... right as the music shifts in the video to the "to the dead" lyrics, we see an animation of Bobby Barratt screaming and flexing into a frozen final frozen picture, then we see Jack Diamond on a middle rope from a previous Spectacle raising his arms up high and proud. It then shows Diamond smiling, then flashes back to Barratt's very smug prick-like look and then finally shows a Jack Diamond pointing to himself in a confident, but not cocky animation that freezes finally and his look is serious and gazed into the higher limits of ICW. The match poster then shows... then it explodes as the bricks are driven into in the video and the poster fades away... with an explosion. The crowd panics in a delight. The video continues with Shawn Rossdale's face...and just as the music bursts with energy with the "your halo slipping down" we see Rossdale and Barratt's issues in quick cuts and we see Barratt attacking Diamond last week... it all is in quick 2 second cuts and finally the music ends with "your halooooooo slippin' downn.. to choke you now". The video ends with Shawn Rossdale's face in red and then disappears away as red and yellow pyro explode all over the arena!]

Stanley Prescott: What an introduction! What a atmosphere! This crowd is buzzing with electricity! Welcome to DEAD END everybody! I'm Stanley Prescott with my always enjoyable partner... Steven Blaylock!

Steven Blaylock: Thanks a lot Stan... we've got a jam packed night of action. Please enjoy! Man this crowd is just something wicked!

Prescott: We've got all sorts of things going on tonight. Shawn Rossdale as stated last week will be in attendance. What will he have to say?

Blaylock: Well for starters... he needs to either step down and give Bobby Barratt the company out of guilt, or just give it to that Jack Diamond shmuck. Are you kidding me? I already know how this night is going to happen! Jack Diamond is in Shawn Rossdale's pocket! MARK MY WORDS!

Prescott: How is that? You're so out of tune with the reality of ICW. Shawn Rossdale has been tried and true from the beginning. Just stop it.

Blaylock: Shawn Rossdale has been beating his staff, Jericho Kade has completely fallen from grace because of this.

Prescott: Speaking of Jericho Kade... the match between him and Ari Naxt will not be happening tonight. Very sorry folks. Reason is being given to me as Kade is "sick" and can't perform.

Blaylock: Really? That sucks. I hated how Barratt turned on him last week. Couldn't believe it! My guys is onto bigger things. Here's our crooked owner Shawn Rossdale...

[The music starts up with the clean electric picking going on. The crowd goes from a rumbling chatter buzz to a roar... and out walks "The Icon" Shawn Rossdale. We still don't know too much about Shawn's past, but we definitely know the present! He makes his way down to the ring slowly as the music plays. Slaps the fan's hands, he's wearing jeans and a black leather jacket with his hair put back in a man bun. He looks better than the state we last saw him in 2 weeks ago, screaming after Barratt and being broken. Scarlett gives him a mic and he starts to speak to the anxious crowd.]

Shawn Rossdale: Thank you! Really. Thank you! I just wanted to come out here and have a talk with you all. (ICW CHANTS) Thanks! I'm doing the best I can with ICW. We've had a lot of roster turnover, but it isn't by my efforts. Some of these people coming in here are great talents, but they all seem not to want to play by the rules... ICW does have rules. I've tried to run a respectable and fair company. One that has committment, honesty, and fair play.

Blaylock: Fair play? Honesty? Are you fucking serious?

Prescott: Watch your mouth.

Blaylock: Oh shut up, we're PPV. Who cares. Fuck this guy...

Rossdale: I'll admit, my great surprise was burning me. The surprise of who I thought was Jenny Stackhouse and our engagement. I didn't see it coming. I didn't. It still hurts, and after getting some counseling last week and taking a precautionary trip to rehab... I'm in a better place. While I would fire Jenny out of rage, because I'm not going to lie... I'm obviously quite hurt and upset still... I just can't do that. I understand now that the whole thing was a big sick twisted plot by Barratt. Man I can't stand that guy. He's sick enough to turn on Jericho Kade? His seemingly best friend and partner? Besids, I signed all my staff to a 1 year exclusive contract. So i legally can't fire Jenny. Unless she breaks her contract. I should draw up better contracts. I just wanted to let everyone know that tonight's show is going to be insane... and it will go as planned and be clean and entertaining. No craziness. No one going to the hospital. I'm putting my past and Bobby Barratt behind me. Enjoy!!!

Prescott: Well there you have it! Shawn Rossdale is doing better and is moving on with Bobby Barratt. Good for him.

Blaylock: It's about time. He needs to worry about running ICW, and not messing around with the roster so much.

Prescott: Our 1st match of the night is coming right up... should be a good one as we have 3 debuts at once! Who can make an impact?!

Blaylock: I'm taking this Maverick guy, he seems like he's got it going on.

[Out first is Mad Dog Smith. He comes out with his dirty blonde hair and struts to the theme of "Hungry Eyes" by Eric Carmen. The crowd is very mixed, but they are enjoying the enthusiasm and the great colorful look of Mad Dog, which really doesn't have much color at all, with solid white. The clean look with white bandanas around his head, and knee caps gives off the appearance of a savior, or the great white hope in lame terms. The crowd starts to get into the groove by bobbing their heads and Mad Dog gets in the ring and jumps up high and falls to his knees. He raises up and smirks takes off his heavy white leather jacket and waits.]

[Next out is Lawrence who comes out to "Paranoid" by Black Sabbath. No vocals, just the jam. He looks intense and confident. He's accompanied but a couple strippers in very hot and tasteless bikinis that almost show too much for even a PPV. He runs out to the ring and slides in, getting Mad Dog nervous somewhat, but they ignore eachother for now.]

[Maverick walks out looking amazing and "New Heights" by CFOS plays. He plays up the crowd by raising his arms. He rolls in the ring and turns quickly to face the other 2 wrestlers. He then shakes the ropes aggressively as the crowd cheers.]

Scarlett LaDawn: This is a triple threat match, the winner of this match will become the new #1 contender for the Ironman Championship!!!

Prescott: What do you make of these 3? In their ICW debut! Tonight! A wildly interesting entrance from Mad Dog.

Blaylock: I don't know. That Mad Dog guy looks stupid, but he's funny. He reminds me of a strutting peacock that has just been hit by a damn truck or something. The other 2 kinda seem normal, athletic type of guys. Very AJ Styles like.

Prescott: With the #1 contendership on the line to the Ironman title.. here we ... go!

[The bell rings, and the match is official. Immediately Mad Dog and Lawrence look at eachother and then high five. Maverick looking almost scared and surprised kinda backs up to his corner and both Mad Dog and Lawrence run at him and hit a double dropkick on Maverick. They start to both pound on him. Lawrence picks up the beaten down Maverick, and hits a supremely nice suplex. He then does a quick little standing moonsault. Mad Dog arm drags Maverick and they both kick him out of the ring. Mad Dog gets his hair out of his face, and his slightly pink lipstick is smudged. Lawrence offers out his hand, and Mad Dog Smith goes to shake it, but he ducks under for a small package!!!]




[Lawrence gets up almost embarassed. Mad Dog points to himself and suggests the action of "hey man... had to try". Lawrence and him lock up and Lawrence is able to toss Mad Dog down. He stomps a few times on him. Mad Dog is able to roll away and fix his hair again. Mad Dog shows a right jab, but misses. Lawrence grabs the arm and takes it into a brief side armbar. Mad Dog is able to roll into it some and Lawrence breaks the hold. Lawrence gets up and and hits Mad Dog with a suplex. Mad Dog rolls out of the ring where Maverick is still down some. Mad Dog sees him still down and starts pummeling Maverick. Lawrence comes outside and helps beat the hell out of Maverick as well.]

Presott: These 2 are insane! This was clearly a pre-arranged tactic.

Blaylock: It's called being smart. What the hell was Rieter and Rossdale even doing booking 3 newcomers together? Lawrence needs to turn on his make up clown. Use him to take out Maverick as they are doing but then twist it around and pull off the win.

[The ref's count gets high and they leave Maverick to the outside. They both get back in, and do a hand lock, which Mad Dog is able to twist to his favor. He tries a double underhook piledriver, but Lawrence reverses it into a back body drop. Lawrence hops up to the top rope, tries for a quick moonsault, Mad Dog rolls out of the way and Lawrence lands on his feet. Maverick gets back in the ring and looks recovered mostly at least. Maverick makes his push and knees Lawrence from behind in the back. Lawrence goes down, Mad Dog sees this as a great opportunity in desperation and gives a schoolboy pin to Lawrence, but Maverick breaks it up before a count can even start. Mad Dog hits a drop kick on Maverick, as Lawrence is getting back up. Lawrence charges in and Maverick is able to hit a superkick to the delight of the fans who are really starting to get going.]

Prescott: Great action here tonight! And what a great push that Maverick is bringing. The crowd is starting to clap for him to get him going!

Blaylock: Yeah they are. They're also pretty ungrateful. I don't see enough Bobby Barratt signs in the crowd...

[Maverick meets Mad Dog in the middle of the ring, Maverick hits him with a simple clothesline. Lawrence has just got on the top rope and is ready for some high risk move. He goes flying, but Maverick sees it and is able to stumble out of the way at the last second, Mad Dog however is waiting for Lawrence and he hits him with a slap as Lawrence lands on his feet! Lawrence turns and sees Maverick on the ropes, he picks him up and hits a "Smart Bomb" on him!!! Just then Chaos Kid comes down to the ring with a baseball bat!]

Prescott: What is this? What non sense is going to go down now?

Blaylock: He just wants in on the action. He better watch it. He's got a dangerous inferno match later tonight.

[Kid starts taunting Lawrence and Mad Dog. They ignore him, but they start arguing who should go out there first to deal with him. Their soft alliance comes to a close, as Lawrence goes for a gut kick and another "Smart Bomb" on Mad Dog, Mad Dog is able to bull rush Lawrence through the ropes right in front of Chaos Kid! Maverick comes in from behind and delivers a chop block to Mad Dog who falls. Maverick is going for his "Lethal Intoxication" finisher, which is a wheelbarrow neckbreaker, he gets the hind legs of Mad Dog up, but Mad Dog is able to grab the ankles of Maverick and as the referee drops to count, Chaos Kid grabs Lawrence on the outside and hits him with the bat! Then walks away. Mad Dog's modified wheelbarrow reversal pin happens...]




Scarlett: Here is your winner, and new #1 contender for the Ironman Championship. Mad Dooooog Smiiiiithhhhh!

Prescott: There we have it folks! Mad Dog with a beautiful counter! As Maverick had him going up, he was able to reach and grab the back ankles of Maverick and pull him into a roll pin.

Blaylock: Very much like a modified wheelbarrow pin. He used Maverick's move against him into a pin! He still looks like a fool. We've got Chaos Kid already making him mark. I don't know if hitting Lawrence with a bat while the ref's back was turned is the best thing to do when you've not even had your first match. Albeit an Inferno Match against a guy that likes fire!

Prescott: It was a bold move for sure. Lawrence was in the wrong place at the wrong time. We've got a backstage interview coming up... after that, we have that Inferno Match!

[The scene cuts to a Duke Kosloff who is being interviewed by Scarlett LaDawn.]

Scarlett: Duke any prematch thoughts before going out there for this 1st ever Inferno match?

Duke: No. Not really. This is what I've wanted for a long time. To really make someone feel the burn. It's too bad this match couldn't have Brett Stetson in it. He's the one I'm really wanting.

Scarlett: Are you seeing Chaos Kid are a shortsighted opponent? Shouldn't your focus be on him?

Duke: I am focused on this Chaos Kid guy. He got in my way, he wanted to be cute and act like the good guy with his arms up next week. He needs to stay out of my way. He'll feel the burn tonight. I've been waiting my entire life for this kind of match. It isn't the first time I've been in an Inferno Match, but this feeling I have is special and here it is my moment. He will FEEL THE BURN! And if you ask me another stupid question you might too.

Levi: We're just really sick and tired of Shawn Rossdale and that puppet Lucas holding us back. We finally got the match we wanted, but we wanted a rematch against Stetson. We'll just have to destroy people until we get that, or our Shooting Star triple shot down the line... if Shawn owns up to that.

Scarlett: There you have it. Duke Kosloff ready for his big moment. His match.

[Duke stomps off, Alexis Grace and Levi are waiting for him in the gorilla area, and his music cues. He walks out to blinking red lights, a little different. "Enter Sandman" blasts, and he marches almost military like with his shirt off to the ring to boos. The ICW ring crew are setting the ring up with special ropes that will hold fire on them for 20 minutes or so. Duke gets in the ring while 1 side doesn't have ropes conntected yet and holds his arms out and closes him eyes in the moment.]

[Suddenly "Break Stuff" starts to hit with the heavy drop D chord buzzing... "It's just one of those days where you don't wanna wake up" starts up and he power walks to the ring with a baseball bat. He gets in as the music fades. The ropes are lit from a ringside switch. The ropes light up in a moderately lit flamed way. All the ropes are on fire. The fire is about 3 inches high on every rope.]

Scarlett: We have ladies and gentleman our very first ever... ICW Inferno Match! The only way to win is via pinfall and submission IN THE RING. Participants are not permitted to leave the ring, not that they would want to of course. SO lets get this started!

[The fire isn't overbearing, but is enough to keep anyone that isn't insane from going through them. Duke smiles and starts to chuckle as Chaos Kid still has his bat. This is like a singles match with fire, the referee demands he throw the bat to the outside. He finally does. The bell sounds and we are official! Duke rushes in and hits a devastating clothesline to start it off!]

Prescott: Here we go! Duke with a heavy clothesline to start!

Blaylock: Massive impact! Chaos Kid is able to pop right back up!

Prescott: He sure did. Chaos Kid comes in heavy, but BOOM goes the dynamite!!!

Blaylock: DAMN! What a Superman punch! This one is going to be all over. So long Chaos.



thre.. kickout!

Prescott: Shoulder up! Just in time! What a kickout. Just barely!

Blaylock: He was lucky. Duke has been growing on me. He likes to eat morons. This idiot brought a bat to the match.

Prescott: Who said it wasn't anything goes?

Blaylock: Yeah good point. You can be set on fire, but you can't use a weapon? What the fuck is that?

Prescott: Ask your best friend forever. Mr. Rossdale.

Blaylock: Duke lifting Chaos up, and goes for a backbreaker! Executed perfectly.

Prescott: Yeah almost with military precision. He looks completely in form tonight.

Blaylock: Rossadle finally gave him his match he's been asking about for weeks!

Prescott: You're a moron. You want all his matches to be inferno matches?

Blaylock: Why not? No I'm joking. Rossdale needs to let the monster out man!

Prescott: Duke toying around some with Chaos, pushing him back father and father.

Blaylock: Chaos hits the corner. Duke walks backwards and swings his arm!

Prescott: Looks like a insane clothesline coming!

Blaylock: Chaos moves!

Prescott: Duke hit that top buckle pretty hard. Didn't he?

Blaylock: Yeah, he's already coming to his feet.

Prescott: Chaos needed these few seconds to gather himself.

Blaylock: You bet he did. Duke is swinging for the fences tonight! No one has gotten too close to the fire just yet, but you could tell Duke was pretty comfortable with the heat in the corner area.

[The match rages on. The advantage you'd think would be Duke's advantage, but Chaos is showing toughness, and grit. He runs at Duke and goes for a splash, he hits it. Duke staggers back into the corner again, the flames are very close. Chaos starts to hit himself in the face a couple times and screams. He bounces off the ropes, which don't catch his tank top on fire, but they do singe it a little. He comes off the ropes and hits a nice cross body on Duke. The impact sends Duke into the ropes briefly. The fire merely burns him slightly. Duke enraged goes after Chaos. Chaos hits a jab, then another. It doesn't faze Duke, as he slaps his grip on the neck of Chaos Kid and throws the arm over for a chokeslam! NO! Chaos is able to elbow the side of the neck of Duke and he loosens his grip on Chaos' neck. Chaos grabs on for a DDT, but Duke doesn't go down. Instead Duke ends up lifting Chaos above his head into a bench press slam, and drops Chaos on the top rope. Chaos hits it and bounces off quick enough that he's not set on fire!]

Prescott: What a great display of strength!

Blaylock: That was crazy. I thought Chaos was getting his paws out of that one! You never know what Duke will do. His strength is bar none, the best.

[Duke lifts up Chaos, and whips him into the ropes, Chaos reaches for his back as he comes off the ropes probably from the quick burn he felt and Duke hits him with a spear! Duke doesn't cover. He wants to punish Chaos. Chaos pulls himself up to Duke, Duke goes for a crippler crossface right there on the weakening Chaos. He gets it! Duke is grinding it back, Chaos is somewhat close to the ropes. He's reaching! They're on fire, but that is the only way to get out, or tap! He is going, reaching! He gets there! He grabs the bottom rope just barely! And lets go. He wiggles back and forth in massive pain and screams. His hand looks dark pink from that. He's jerking about in great deal of pain. Duke starts to chuckle. He picks him up and holds him above his head. Duke sets Chaos on the top rope. Chaos' jeans become on fire at the bottom!! Duke sees this and gets up there. His boots don't catch. SUPERPLEX from the top! The impact was able to put out the fire on the bottom jeans of Chaos! Cover!]




[What a close call! The crowd is starting to chant "KID" "KID! over and over. It starts to get kid going, he gets up, takes a wild swing at Duke, but doesn't connect. Duke hits him in the mouth, Kid staggers off the rope! His white tank top is on fire!!! Duke sees this and hits a spear! Chaos hits the mat like spikes are there or something is shakes and twirls and rips off the shirt that is still on fire. It is fully engulfed! ICW medics run down to the ring. They are on standby with fire extinguishers and med kits. Chaos crawls over to the shirt. He picks it up as Duke is coming over, and as Duke grabs his arm he throws the burning shirt in his face! Duke is temporarily blinded! Duke shakes off the shirt and isn't burned badly at all, but some black ash and remains startled him some. Chaos sees his moment! Lefts and rights fly as Duke is getting peppered. He kicks the leg of Duke over and over until he drops to one knee! Chaos kicks Duke again, and he goes down. Chaos performs a garvin stomp on Duke. Cover!]




Prescott: What a back and forth match!

Blaylock: Back and forth? Duke was dominating until that cheeseball throw a burning shirt in his face!

Prescott: It is an inferno match. What is your deal?

Blaylock: That was a dirty play on Chaos Kid!

[Duke rolls up to his knees. He goes for a spear but misses. Chaos goes after him and is back body dropped over the top rope! Duke bent over now and clearly breathing heavier than Chaos due to the oxygen possibly? Is huffing and puffing.]

Prescott: Here we go...

Blaylock: We've got Mad Dog Smith and Lawrence coming down to ringside!

[Mad Dog and Lawrence both jump up on the apron and start talking crap to Duke. They jump off without touching the ropes impressingly. They wonder over to Chaos Kid and get in his face but don't get involved as this is their first show in ICW, and probably don't want any trouble from a just recovered emotionally Shawn Rossdale. Chaos punches Mad Dog in the mouth and rolls under the ropes. Duke picks him up and throws Chaos back onto Lawrence and Mad Dog on the outside! Chaos gets up and tosses Mad Dog in the ring. The referee lets it go on as they are the ones doing the damage. Duke gets Mad Dog and holds him against the ropes! His jacket starts to smoke some and catches fire briefly. Chaos sees his great moment and grabs Duke from behind, Mad Dog shakes off his white leather jacket, and picks it up and heads to the back with a hurt Lawrence. Chaos has grabbed Duke from his back after jumping up to his head..."CHAOS TIME"!!!! (Dragon Sleeper). Duke's long legs are under the bottom rope, but the fire is trickling upwards. He is struggling to get out, but can't. The referee is asking and asking... Duke grunts a NO NO out. Chaos cranks it on, but lets go, he's too tired.... Duke spins around on his stomach and forearms. Chaos breathing very heavy too is now spent. He put all he had into that "Chaos Time" move. Duke withstood the flash flood that was the submission. Chaos helps raise Duke up, whips him into the ropes, Duke comes off, reaches for his back out of pain instinct, and Chaos clotheslines Duke. Mad Dog runs back in by himself this time. With his black marked white jacket from the fire. It's got 2 black streaks on the back of it. Mad Dog hops up to the apron, flips over the top rope and uses the jacket as a weapon and takes down Duke!! Then he takes down Chaos!!! The referee rings the bell!!! DING DING!!!!]

Scarlett: Your winner, by disqualification, Duuuuke Kooooosssssloffffff!

Crowd: BOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Prescott: Duke did it. What a lame ending.

Blaylock: I don't think he cares that much, he got the win. A win is a win. I definitely don't think Mad Dog Smith wanted to help Duke, he has his own issues with Chaos Kid. I guess him taking out Duke first gave Duke the win.

[Mad Dog sets his jacket on the top rope. It bursts into flames. He then smothers it over Chaos Kid's face. He squirms, and the medics break into the ring with fire extinguishers! They spray Chaos and Mad Dog down. Duke in a rage over the DQ win (he does care about something jacking with his match) punches one of the medics and takes the fire extinguisher. He runs it into the head of Mad Dog who couldn't see from all the foam from the extinguisher. Mad Dog topples over. He then goes to the bottom of the ring and pulls out a red can of GASOLINE!!!]

Prescott: Code 4 please. Now. Code 4. We need major assistance out here! NOW!

Blaylock: No Duke! No! He's going to go too far.

[Duke slides back in the ring. Stanley Prescott is demanding to the ring announcer and technicians to cut the damn propane to the rope lines. Too late. Duke tosses gas all over the place. The medics grab Mad Dog and get him out and they get Chaos Kid out too barely. The ring engulfes in flames 5-6 feet high for a moment, but the gast is turned off and the fires die down. Duke raises his arms up in a complete lunatic type of rage. We cut to a quick PPV commericial break that is advertising some local events.]

[We come back and the ring crew is working desperately to get the ropes switched out from the special wired ones to the regular ones. We cut to the giant tron for a quick segment...scene opens with Romeo King and Bambi Diamond in North Philly as they are under a light post as Romeo King smoking a Newport and Bambi leaning on him with her back.]

Romeo King: What we got her boo.....

Bambi Diamond: It's looks like an ICW camera....

Romeo King: Gee Bitch aren't you a genius....

Romeo King: It don't take much does it?

[Bambi starts to speak, but Romeo cuts her off.]

Romeo: I'm just making convocation bitch. Well anyways we're coming to ICW we're not being invited. We're invading we're having a home invasion. I am breaking taking everything you all hold dear. There nothing or it will be no Mercy. I am not coming to Rastle Hood. I'm Coming To Fight Hood I don't care who you are Hood. You Ain't nothing but the hood rats. What we do with rats we catch them. We Beaten to a pulp. I can't wait Hood to hears you beg me to stop. When you beg me to stop I'll tell you no in the G Hood It's Nothing Personal It's Just Better to be The King.

Prescott: That was interesting.

Blaylock: What a bum. Who the hell does this dude think he is? Bobby will deal with him if they cross paths!

Prescott: Speaking of that we have our killer matchup between Barratt and Diamond later tonight! Don't you guys leave!

Blaylock: Can't. Wait. We've got Brett Stetson in the back...

[We cut to Brett Stetson in the back being interviewed by Scarlett LaDawn, who has been very busy tonight. Brett is standing holding his Ironman title, in front of a black background with a "Dead End" sign on it. Like one you'd see on a country back road.]

Scarlett: Brett, Hello.

Brett: Hi there.

Scarlett: While you wait to go on for your match against Sebastian Steele... any last moment thoughts?

Brett: No, not really. I've come here to do what I've wanted to do. I've had some tough matches, and Steele is going to be a great great challenge for me. He's a awesome competitior, but this is where I bury him. This is where I put him behind me completely and from this point on there's no looking back as I'm projected going to the top. Jack Diamond is a great champion and Bobby Barrat is.. well Bobby. If I have anything to say to those two... it is brace yourselves. "The Teen Idol" is just one snapshot away from being in your... picture!

Scarlett: Thank you Brett.

[Brett winks at her and walks out to the entrance area. Sebastian Steele runs past Scarlett as she was making her way to the sidewalk stage area and takes a chair to Brett before he is able to walk out. The chair shot is on cue with his music. "Famous" by Puddle of Mudd fires up, but the crowd soon sees Brett Stetson get thrown through the curtains at Bridgestone and pummeled on the ramp area. Security breaks it up. Brett is slow to get up, asks for his Ironman title and finally gets it. Security takes the proud champion to the ring, and Sebastian Steele doesn't even want him entrance to come on. He motions a throat slash as soon as he hears it. Security stays in the ring with Stetson as he recovers to prevent any other attack pre-match.]

Scarlett: I made it. Ladies and gentleman this is an 60 minute Ironman match for the ICW Ironman Championship!!! The most falls in this match at the 60 minute mark will declare the winner!

[Both men are anxious. Brett has recovered and nods his head to the security team. Steele runs at Stetson as the bell rings! He immediately hits Stetson with BRASS NUCKS! Stetson goes down!! The referee calls for the bell! ]

Prescott: Wow! Already. Steele 0, Steton 1.

Blaylock: That pretty boy punk deserved that. It cost Steele a pinfall for DQ. Cover again!!!!




Prescott: Just like that he was able to equalize the score. It is 1-1. An early tie just 2 minutes into this 60 minute match.

Blaylock: Steele looking to pummel some more, he just goes crazy on Stetson.

Prescott: Stetson is blocking a lot of these furious blows.

Blaylock: German suplex by Steele! Followed by another!

Prescott: Stetson is in trouble. Cover!




Blaylock: Wow. Steele 2, Stetson 1!

Prescott: What a fast paced match. Who knows what the score would be if not for a prematch attack and the illegal use of a weapon?

Blaylock: Oh shut it Mr. Goody two shoes!

Prescott: Steven. You sicken me.

Blaylock: I love it.

[They go back and forth Stetson is able to build a comeback, but Steele feeling the pressure rolls out of the ring. Stetson challenges him to come on in and goads Steele into rolling in. They both hit a double clothesline. They stay down for a couple minutes. Stetson is able to set up Steele for an "Idol Bomb", Steele reverses it into a DDT, but Stetson uses his great strength and raises back up and smash him down after breaking free of the headlock Steele had. Stetson picks him up for an argentine back breaker. Steele falls over. Stetson covers!]




Prescott: What a close one!

Blaylock: No sweat Steele is getting the next pinfall now. He'll swing the momentum.

[Stetson throws him off the ropes and hits a wicked spinning spinebuster!! Steele goes down hard. Stetson lifts him up and goes for the "Idol Bomb"!!! Stetson connects!!! Cover!]




Prescott: It is 2-2 now! All tied up, live in Nashville!

Blaylock: What a lucky break.

[Stetson waits for Steele to get up. Steele's back is facing him, he runs at him, and hits a nice forearm smash to the back of Steele's head! Stetson picks Steele up! "Director's Cut"!!!! Cover!!]




Prescott: This is getting out of hand quick. Stetson 3, Steele 2. We're just 12 minutes into this match.

Blaylock: Yeah, you're right Steele didn't bring his game tonight. Is that DUKE?!

Prescott: It is!

[Duke Kosloff makes his way down to the ring. He runs into the ring, and instead of going after Stetson, which would give Stetson a DQ fall, he goes after Steele! He gives Steele a superman punch! Which awards Steele a DQ fall. 3-3 tie match yet again. Stetson has some choice words for Duke. Duke walks backwards to the giant tron. Stetson turns his attention to Steele who now is really down and out. Stetson almost feels bad. Steele does manage to hit a low blow in desperation, which DQs him. Stetson 4, Steele 3. 16 minutes into the match. Stetson struggles to regain his composure after the jewels are rocked hard. Steele staggers up barely and positions himself for a "Killshot" possibly? Stetson gets up after a minute, and was ready, he is able to grab the kick to the gut Steele tried, and grabs his foot. He jumps sky high and deliveres a single leg dropkick. Stetson picks Steele up, the once proud champion and hits another "Director's Cut". Stetson covers!]




Prescott: Stetson is not ahead 5 to 3 on the scorecard. We've got 38 minutes to go in this matchup!

Blaylock: Steele isn't moving. The referee is checking on him.

[The referee is checking and Steele is down. The ref starts a 10 count. He gets to 10, and awards Stetson another fall. 6 to 3. Stetson is just standing there and asks the referee to check him out. Steele is unresponsive. The referee calls the match and demands medics. They come rushing down and tend to him. He isn't responding. They take him onto a stetcher and to the back.]

Scarlett: Your winner due to his opponent not being able to continue and being ahead 6 to 3, at the 36:00 to go mark, and STILL Ironman Champion. BREEETTT STEEEEEEETSON!!!

Prescott: That wasn't the epic match we were expecting. Steele really seemed off tonight.

Blaylock: Yeah I don't get it. What has happened to him?

Prescott: Hard to say. Stetson retains, and has buried Steele. Stetson live in the ring...

Scarlett: Brett, what happened? Is he alright?

Brett: I sure hope so. I don't know. He attacked me before the match and shook me up pretty good, but I rebounded. That punk Duke Kosloff came out here too and tried to stir the pot. I fought through that. This should of been a shutout. I got the clear win, I think he'll be okay, he was unconscious for a bit there. They took him off. He couldn't say his name or anything. He was lost.

Scarlett: Thanks Brett. ladies and gentlemen! Brett Stetson!!!

Crowd: RAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!

Brett: Thanks. Jack Diamond, Bobby Barratt. I want a piece of whoever wins. Pronto. I'm just a snapshot away from being your "Idol". Thank you fans! Goodnight!

[With that, Stetson parts ways and gets to the back. He holds his title up, and his dominant and clean win over the once promising and proud Sebastian Steele makes him look greater than ever.]

Prescott: We move on folks. The main event is upcoming. And it promises to rock this place. We've got Bobby Barratt taking on Jack Diamond in what promises to be one of ICW's greatest matchs of all time. Here's a recap of the recent action....

Blaylock: ... my guy!

[The crowd starts to burst with energy. They are clearly not even close to being tired. The ring crew comes out. They set up one 20 foot steele ladder on the outside and different from original planning, they also set up four 16 foot ladders around the ring. One on each side. The 20 footer is at the top of the entrance. The chain lowers from the rafters, it hangs 25 feet above the ring mat. They have already been given the titles by Diamond earlier in the night. Keegan O'Donnell himself walks the belts to the lower than normal height, he buttons them on the 10 inch metal ring, both belts and calls for it to be raised. He then pulls out a tape measure and climbs the ladder himself. He checks it. It's 25 feet straight down from the bottom of the metal ring to the ring mat floor. He gives the thumbs up. The video starts. It shows a dead end sign, then blood splattering on it, and more and more until the sign is all red with black "Dead End' letters on it. Then "The Noose" by a perfect circle starts to play slowly... creepily. (scroll to top and click for atmosphere). We see simple highlights of each wrestler's ICW career so far, from Barratt beating Vadyl and beating that tough triple thread process of elimination match last week, and we see Jack with a higher pedigree so far, winning the rumble, defeating Jericho Kade and burying Ari Naxt. As soon as the music picks up with "Your halo slipping down..." starts up and the guitars crunch in, we see Bobby with his attack on Jack Diamond with the ladder and things that Jack has had to say. Talk it cheap, the time is now.]

[We cut to the back after the pump up intro video plays. We see Shawn Rossdale talking with Jack Diamond in his office. WITH Bobby Barratt. Jenny is obviously not present. Shawn has security there, and Lucas Rieter is there too. We've got 2 wrestlers, the GM, the Owner and 8 security members in a tiny 20x16 foot office. Things are cramped.]

Rossdale: Bobby now listen, I'm past all of this. You broken me. We'll talk later. This isn't about me. This is about you and Jack.

Barratt: Piss off prick.

Rieter: Watch your fucking mouth mate.

Barratt: Fuck you too!

[With that, things are already out of hand, and Rieter reaches over and tries to bitch slap Bobby. He blocks it and twists the wrist around of Rieter. Security quickly separates them.]

Rossdale: Stop it mate. Stop. I'm broken. I'm tired and I'm just done with this Bobby. What do you want from me?

Barratt: You're a prick man. You didn't give me a fair shake from the start. You've been sucking on Diamond, Stetson and Steele at first too. Besides, I'm the greatest that has ever laced up boots. Win or lose in the past I'm the greatest. You could of just kept your fucking nose out of my business and bent over for him and took it. A couple pranks with your office and some spray paint and boom it set the fire that we can't stop. I'm not through with you.

Rossdale: (heavy sigh)

Diamond: Guys. Look. We've got enough security in here to prevent a damn war. Lets get on with this. Shawn, what is this about.

Rossdale: We want clean match. To all of those watching in the back, any member of our roster that comes out and interferes will be fired. On the spot. No questions. If you value your job. Stay out of this. I want this match to be clean, no BS.

Rieter: That means any deal you've made with Kade has to be off the books man. No one interfers.

Barratt: I got it.

Rieter: That..

Barratt: I said I got it prick.

[Rieter grabs a stapler and fires it at Bobby, it hits him in the forehead, doesn't do any serious damage, but pisses Barratt off greatly. A scuffle breaks out.]

Rossdale: STOP! Just stop. Diamond, you're the Champ. You've got our top 2 belts here in ICW. Do them proud. This is a ladder match. Anything goes basically, like Rieter said, and I've said. No drama. No intereference. Both belts are for the taking. That is all from me. Bobby will you shake my hand? I just want to move on. I've got nothing left mate.

Diamond: Shake his hand Bobby. Get this over with. Shawn I'll do ICW proud.

Barratt: Yeah you jackass, you think now. After I take those belts you'll be jerking me for a rematch. I see it now. And get bent you wank... I'm not shaking your hand.

[Barratt jumps over the desk before anyone can grab him and hits a quick right hook on Rossdale. Rossdale goes flying back, the shot was substantial for how quick it was. Diamond tries to get Barratt, and chaos breaks out.]

Rossdale: OUT! OUT!!!!!!!

[The scene fades away as the crowd is buzzed up and they start to chant ICW. ICW! ICW! over and over. It is riveting and echoing the arena.]

Prescott: That was interesting. I guess Shawn wanted to touch base with everyone for a good clean no BS match.

Blaylock: Yeah no bullshit until he comes down to fuck Barratt.

Prescott: I really think Shawn is wanting to tread water and just be here. He's had his hope and dreams taken from him. Barratt has bested him.

Blaylock: Maybe you're right. It is clear as day that Jack Diamond is in his pocket. We'll find out tonight. If Barratt is close to winning this match Shawn will do whatever it takes to change that.

[The lights go out as "Motherfucker of the Year" starts to play. Purple lights start to swirl around the stage and the crowd start to boo and jeer.]

Blaylock: Here he is, my guy!

[The music continues to play and the crowd are starting to get impatient. Their boos are deafening, by this point.]

Prescott: Where is Bobby Barratt?

Blaylock: What? Where is he? It's his moment! I bet Jack Diamond decided to get one up on him to "stack the deck!"

[As this is being said, the screen goes from Bobby Barratt's entrance video to the outside of the Bridgestone Arena. A purple carpet is rolled out with a purple velvet rope along it. Paparazzi and TV news crews are against the rope, trying to get a shot.]


Blaylock: Is that a chopper?

[A helicopter comes into shot from above. Touching down and coming to rest at the foot of the carpet. An associate comes to open the door and there stands the newly dubbed "Prodigal Icon" Bobby Barratt arm in arm with Jenny Stackhouse! The music is continuing to play as they step out and onto the carpet. They proceed along, cameras flashing, people calling them and trying to get an interview.]

[Barratt and Stackhouse walk right past everyone. Their focus isn't on that right now, it's on this match. The cameras follow them as they enter the crew entrance of the Bridgestone Arena. Proceeding down the corridors, the cameras are struggling to keep up with them as they pass various offices, dressing rooms and production areas. They finally arrive at the entrance curtain to the arena as the arena lights go out.]

Prescott: What's going on?

[Suddenly the arena is illuminated in purple as the music starts again from the chorus. Only this time played LIVE BY MOTLEY CRUE THEMSELVES!!]

Blaylock: This is how you turn up! My guy and his lady sure know how to arrive in style!

Prescott: Can you feel it? The magnitude of the occasion is off the scale! We feel it! The fans here at the Bridgestone arena feel it and we sure hope you folk at home can feel it too!

[Barratt pauses for a second, surveys the scene and gives Jenny a loving kiss at the top of the ramp before he starts walking to the ring alone. She walks off the side of the shot, presumable to watch from a safe space. Barratt walks down to the ring and takes his time getting in. Finally hopping to the second rope in his signature fashion and motioning for two titles around his waist and pointing up at the prize hanging above the ring. Both the ICW World Championship and the ICW Shooting Star Championship. The music continues to blow apart the arena. Barratt relishes in it. He looks up and sees his massive banner portrait of himself handing high. He starts to jam a little to the music. Vince Neil walks from the side stage and is singing as he gets in the ring. He gives Barratt a high five during the Mick Mars guitar part. He then contines to sing. The crowd is jamming along too. Vince leans the mic over and they sing "Hey now, hey now I'm the motherfucker of the year!!!!" together... the song ends and the band come down on the ring and high give him and Tommy Lee gives him a hug. Nikki Sixx just gives a loose man hug and they walk off to the back. Barratt in a bounce is waiting.]

[The lights in Bridgestone Arena once again go out and the video board shows a giant Ace of Spades card to the crowd, who go into an immediate frenzy. As a red hue takes over and fog fills the entry way, "Diamond Club" chants grow throughout the stands.]

Stanley Prescott: Listen to this crowd Steven, they are going nuts!

Steven Blaylock: Of course they are you fool, they are about to witness history as my guy becomes the first superstar to win two titles in one match!

["The Ace of Spades" by Motorhead begins to blare through the arena and from the smoke filled entry way, Jack Diamond rises from a lift in the middle of the ramp, hands held high making his Diamond symbol for all the crowd to see. As he emerges he is dressed in his red and white robe with "Diamond Club" on the back and his red diamond-shaped classes.]

Stanley Prescott: Our champ, never one to shy away from theatrics, certainly knows how to make an entrance.

Steven Blaylock: You mean the bosses hand picked champion

[Jack breathes in the atmosphere for a moment as the roar from the crowd shakes the home of the Nashville Predators. Then...]


[Pyro explodes around Jack Diamond forming red flames in the shape of a diamond at the same time as the Ace of Spades card on the screen explodes into hundreds of pieces. Inside the arena, thousands of Ace of Spade cards are dropped from the ceiling throughout the crowd, sending the cheers into almost hysterics. A camera zooms in on one of the cards that is personally signed by Jack Diamond, as the fire subsides and Diamond starts his usual arrogant strut to the ring.]

Steven Blaylock: What is this crap? He is dropping litter on all of the ICW faithful. This is the champion you want to see?

Stanly Prescott: It's not litter Steven, it appears Diamond has personally autographed thousands of those cards, these fans will have a keepsake for the rest of their lives!

Steven Blaylock: Or tinder for their fires out here in the boondocks...

[Diamond is almost down to the ring and he stops at ringside and looks high above the ring where his Shooting Star and World Titles dangle high above. A card has floated into the ring and Barratt picks up the card, mouthing to Jack that "Tonight you are just a joker" and rips the card in half before tossing it out of the ring.]

Steven Blaylock: My guy feels the same exact way as I do. The Diamond Reign comes to an end tonight!

Stanley Prescott: At least you aren't biased

[Jack climbs into the ring, opposite of Bobby and climbs the turnbuckle looking out across the crowd. They are clearly loving every minute of this spectacle as Diamond throws up the diamond to them, and they all in unison throw it back to him. As Diamond climbs down, the music begins to fade out as he removes his robe and glasses handing it to the timekeeper. Scarlett LaDawn has made it to the center of the ring.]

Scarlett LaDawn: Ladies and Gentlemen, it is time for the main event of the evening! This match is a ladder match for the ICW Shooting Star AND World Championships!!!

[The fans are out of their seats as both title belts are bouncing light all around the arena as they sway back and forth.]

Scarlett LaDawn: Introducing first, the challenger from Walsall, United Kingdom... standing at six foot and weighing in tonight at 218 pounds. He is the Prod--

[Scarlett looks down at her notes as her voice trails off. She looks confused for a moment and then looks up to Bobby who has a huge smirk on his face. She seems very hesitant to finish her announcement and shakes her head to Bobby and mouths the words "I can't" Bobby urges her to do it, the look on his face fairly intimidating as LaDawn raises the mic back up to her flustered face.]

Scarlett LaDawn: The challenger... THE PRODIGAL ICON... Bobby Barrrrattttt!

[The crowd rains down a chorus of boos to Bobby who is obviously amused at himself for switching out LaDawns notes and having her announce him as an Icon, a name he stole from owner, Shawn Rossdale.]

Steven Blaylock: HA! That is great, kick a man while he is down. First he took his girl, then he took his name!

Stanley Prescott: What would you expect from a man as juvenile as Mr. Barratt...

Scarlett LaDawn: His opponent, fighting out of Cherokee, North Carolina! Standing at 5 foot 11, and weighing in at 190 pounds.. He is the ICW Shooting Star Champion! The ICW World Champion! The Ace of Spades... JACK DIAMOND!!!!!

[The match is set the banners come down slowly as "The Noose" by A Perfect Circle plays again somewhat faintly in the background. The come to a halt and each wrestler takes their own banner off. They hand them to ICW officials. Bobby is bouncing up and down really ready to get going and Jack is twitching his head side to side looking like a stone cold killer. The crowd has this match seeming as if it is a David vs. Golieth type of match, but these 2 are more even than people realize. They both look up at the titles hanging and very slightly twisting, the light of red and yellow bounces some, the lights go from dim to bright, they look from above to each other the referee states he'll be outside for safety and tells them to try to keep it clean. Diamond nods and Barratt gives him the finger and motions for him to move. Cameras flash, the motion is slow and almost in black and white if you start to day dream... but we dare to dream in a moment like this.]

Prescott: Barratt! Diamond! For everything... here we go!!!


Blaylock: We're off! What a start! What a atmosphere! This is ridiculous!

Prescott: It is! Both men just pace around. The large ladder is still at the top of the ramp folks, while 4 smaller 16 foot ladders are at all sides of the ring!

Blaylock: This is fucking amazing. I just can't stand this!!! My fucking guy!

[Steven Blaylock drops his headset and hops up on the apron and gives Barratt thumbs up with a over zealous vibe. Bobby kinda laughs it off and brushes him off but says thanks too.]

Prescott: What the hell was that about?

Blaylock: Shut it Stan. This is my guy man. He's going to mess Diamond up big time. I just wanted him to know I'm pulling for him.

Prescott: Objective journalism...

[Diamond makes fun of Barratt for having Steven come up there. Barratt tells him to get bent and motions for both belts above on his waist. Diamond tells him that all bets are off and its just them, talk is cheap and lets get this going. Barratt rolls out of the ring and crosses his arms. Diamond challenges him to get back in the ring but Barratt doesn't. Jack fakes a spring board splash to the outside, but doesn't jump. Barratt flinches and Diamond winks at Bobby. Bobby then rushes into the ring, but rolls back out. The crowd starts to boo. The intensity is as large as a Wrestlemania for this match. It is sold the fuck out and people are losing their shit. DIAMOND! starts to get chanted. Jack motions all around with his hands and the chant grows... almost like a religon. Barratt rolls into the ring finally and runs at Diamond with a single leg lariat, but misses. Jack only needed that one mistake. He puts Barratt in a headlock, and tightens it. Barratt is able to brush him off and into the ropes. Diamond comes off the ropes and ducks under a clothesline, Barratt turns around as Diamond coming back off the other side of the ropes and this time jumps and connects with a running knee strike! Jack drops, but quickly recovers. Barratt wraps him up, puts him in a wristlock, Diamond counters and is able to flip Barratt around and hits a DDT, but doesn't get as much on it as he'd like. Barratt rolls out of the ring, and grabs a lead pipe. On his knees he waits coyly for Diamond. Diamond couldn't see what he did from the angle. Diamond springs from inside using the top rope as a spring for momentum and goes flying for a splash to the outside. Barratt lifts up and drills Diamond with the pipe!!! Diamond goes limp and Barratt yells in his year "I'm the fucking Icon". Barratt drops the pipe and grabs the nearest ladder and slides it in. He sets it up and starts to climb. Diamond is starting to move some, he wasn't hit in the head fortunately, but in the ribs. Barratt didn't grab the main ladder meant for the climb. Maybe he thinks he can still make it?]

Prescott: That is the wrong ladder. He won't be able to make it.

Blaylock: Shut up Stan. He could jump up there?

[Barratt gets to the 2nd to top rung and it clearly 3 full feet at least from the bottom of the belts. He goes further. He's on the top step before the very top of the ladder now and is clearly just over 2 feet away. He reaches, but can't get there. He gets on the very very top of the ladder, and jumps! Diamond is up and gets in the ring! He's hanging on the ring!!! He can't control himself he's trying to get the titles off, but he falls all the way back down, but is suprisingly able to land on the side of the ladder and it topples over breaking his fall some. Diamond shakes his head. Diamond picks up the ladder and smashes Bobby with it. He rolls out of the ring, witnessing first hand the leap Barratt made for the belts, but even with a leap of faith, he couldn't cordinate himself while swaying to get the belts off or control any part of it. Jack heads down to the main part of the entrance and lifts the awkwardly long ladder. He carries it like a missle so no fans are hit with it. Barratt gets back up, sets up the ladder in the corner, and stands midway on it. Jack slides the large ladder in the ring, and then follows. Barratt is waiting, he hops down and runs over to Jack, and goes for another flying knee, but Jack dodges, and Barratt lands on the ladder's side, twisting his ankle a bit. He goes down. Jack picks him up and attemps a belly to belly, but it is blocked by Barratt and he just kicks Jack between the legs. Bobby then slaps him, and somewhat hobbles over to the ladder in the corner. He starts to climb it, he gets 6/8 steps up on it, and actually contemplates making a leap for the swaying belts.. but doesn't. He goes flying and hits a nice leg drop on Diamond. He attemps to get the larger ladder set up but has trouble with it. That ankle is bothering him a little. He does a one leg jump on it, I guess to get it going in a "walk it off" type of thing. It seems to walk, but he still is grimacing.]

Prescott: This is insane. Barratt hit a nice move off the ladder!

Blaylock: Come on Bobby!

[Barratt gets the ladder in the middle of the ring as it is supposed to be. Diamond is getting up and while Bobby starts to climb, he gets to the 3rd rung, and Diamond is able to pull him off. They tie up and Diamond whips him into the corner and hits a clothesline! Barratt goes down. Jack knowing Barratt has a lot more left grapples him and then tries for another belly to belly but Barratt counters into a reverse russian leg sweep! Barratt starts to kick at Diamond some as the crowd boos. Bobby starts to climb some more. He gets midway and Diamond starts to get up. Bobby is getting up there, belt is almost within reach. Diamond is also on the ladder chasing him. The ladder is probably 14 rungs in total. Barratt starts to kick Diamond off, but Diamond hangs on. Diamond gets 2 rungs behind Bobby and keeps going for him, the ladder is tilting back and forth, such a long ladder isn't mean for this abuse and shaking. Diamond hits Barratt, grabs his head and about 2/3 the way up... "STACKED DECK!!!" "STACKED DECK"!!!! The high impact hurt Diamond too, but Barratt took the majority of it. Diamond is to a sit up position as Bobby looks to be out of it. The jumping off the ladder knocked it over and it now lays against the ropes. Diamond tries to reposition it. He's getting to the top of it. Just then Ari Naxt comes down to the ring...in a fit of rage!]

Prescott: What the hell? I thought he wasn't even here! Wasn't he sick?

Blaylock: This guy is fucking nuts.

[Naxt runs in the ring as Diamond is presumably going for the win here with Barratt just starting to move around some. We'll never know. Naxt gets in while Diamond is about 1/2 the way up, Jack points to the crowd and jumps right as Naxt gets in... "Shuffled DECK!"!!!! He hits it clean and Naxt is broken! Keegan comes out and gets Naxt out of there.]

Blaylock: Well his ass is fired. That is clear.

[Barratt caught a lucky break from Naxt who is embarrassed and probably pissed over getting buried by Diamond for a 3rd time. Jack turns around and starts to climb again as does Barratt on the other side. They meet at the top, where their shoulders just clear the top of the ladder. The belts are probably 3 feet above their heads from this point. They trades shots back and forth. Back and forth. Barratt clearly the weaker of the two from that massive "Stacked Deck" is reeling. Just trying to hang on. Diamond hits Barratt off!!! Diamond is going to win!!! Just then... Shawn Rossdale's music hits and "Inside Us All" starts to play. Shawn starts clapping, he walks to the ring. Diamond sweaty, tired and banged up some just looks on. Barratt now sitting up tells him to fuck off. Diamond is told by Rossdale to go ahead, do it. "He says 'I got Bobby Jack'". The words can be lip read easily amoung the massive cheers!]

Blaylock: I told you! I TOLD YOU! This fucker is playing favorites!

Prescott: Well I guess you were right. What a shocker eh?

[Jack goes a little higher and reaches, Bobby crawls over and desperately knocks it hard, and Jack decides to jump off. Shawn just watches by the ramp/ring area. He doesn't do anything. Bobby turns to him and threatens him. Shawn puts his hands up like "chill out". Jack takes a frustrated run at Bobby, goes for a flying cross body, but Bobby grabs his face and hits a codebreaker!!!! Jack is down. Bobby sets up the ladder and starts to climb more. He's hesitant as Rossdale is a mere 15 feet away on the outside. Bobby slowly starts then accelerates. He gets to the 2/3 mark and pushes up for the belts. Still not there. He goes higher... still not there. One more rung. His hand grasps one of them. It's the WORLD TITLE! Shawn stays put. He then jumps in on the ring apron. Bobby sees this and loses focus. Diamond is up on cue almost and leaps up to the mid way with one jump almost, and the adrenaline is apparent! They trade blows again. They hit eachother with right and lefts and both fall back. Shawn is left there in his khaki pants and teal blue dress shirt that is untucked as to who is going to be the new face of his company...]

Prescott: This is a joke. What is he doing here? I believe you.

Blaylock: Well he's staying out of it for now, but it is very obvious he's fucking Barratt no matter what tonight. Like every show!

[Barratt gets up with the rope's help, Diamond does they same. They start trading blows back and forth as the crowd ohhs and ahhss... The buzz is at a fever pitch... Barratt grabs Diamond's head and goes for a "Prodigal Arrival"!!! But Jack is able to twist around and land a "Stacked Deck"!!!!!!

Prescott: STACKED DECK!!!!!!!

Blaylock: That's it... fuck. You tried Bobby. Jack with all smiles climbs the ladder, Bobby is out it seems. Shawn gets in the ring and starts to clap. Diamond smiles at him and Shawn nods like it was all part of the plan. Jack points to Shawn and Jack asks "Should I?" in a cocky manner. Shawn mouths "congradulations"... Jack reaches up, gets both hands on the titles, he grabs the World title first, and it happens...]

Prescott: "Distortion"!!!!! Shawn Rossdale hits "Distortion" (superkick) on the ladder!!!!

Blaylock: What in the hell? What is happening? Look Diamond came down with the ICW World title...

Prescott: There's still a title belt up there though. What in the hell is going on?

[Jack had maybe one button off the ICW World title, the belt he was choosing to unfasten first but Shawn must of been a little late, he superkicked the ladder over, but Diamond held on, and as the ladder went, his weight pulled the ICW World title off and he fell to the ground with it. The Shooting Star Championship still hangs high. Barratt is now to his feet and beaten and wore down doesn't understand any of this. This was not planned by them. Shawn tells Barratt to finish the job, in shock, and a startled state, he goes over and grabs Diamond. Shawn tells him to hold him. Barratt knowing that Shawn has the cards in his hand at this point does it. Diamond is held, Shawn loads up a "Distortion" kick again, and hits it!!!! Jack falls over. Barratt goes to the top of the ladder and grabs the remaining belt and the bell finally RINGS!!! DING DING DING!]

Scarlett: Still your ICW World Champion, JAAAACK Diiiiamond, and NEW ICW Shooting Star champion... Boooobbby Barrrattt!!!!!

Prescott: This is unreal. What is going on?

Blaylock: I don't know man. Shawn fucked Diamond!

[Shawn demands a mic, Diamond is laid out and Barratt is looking very very confused. The crowd is booing and they are stunned.]

Shawn Rossdale: Can you people shut up? I'm so sick of this. I'm sick of this. We couldn't sell out a few weeks prior. I'm sick of always trying to play catch up. Bobby, you're a prick, but if you can't beat them... then join them. Am I right? Jack had you beat, I saved your ass. You owe me. I meant for you to win both of these titles tonight. Why? Jack Diamond has been ungrateful and refused to join my side. If he's not with me... he's against me. I tried Jack. I tried to make you the poster boy, we even had a paid arrangement. He plays the good guy, and I'll give him the best matches and have his back. The joke is on you Jack. Bobby I need you man, I need to be on the winning side... the side that really has my back. Will you join me? Align with me?

[Everyone very confused... just looking at eachother. Jack is out cold with his world title to his side. Bobby thinks about it and then walks up to Shawn and hugs him!!! The crowd boos in a furious way. No one really understands all of this. Was this planned by Barratt and Shawn? Or was this a great acting job by Bobby/Shawn to keep things under wraps with the rest of the locker room? Who knows? We've got Barratt and Shawn hugging in the middle of the ring, the crowd booing and throwing trash in the ring. This reeks of Hulk Hogan turning nWo!!!]

Shawn: Bobby, this is the best decision you've ever made in your life. Thanks brother.

[They hug again. Shawn looking pretty pathetic and weak pats the Shooting Star title, and then high fives Barratt again. Shawn then takes the smaller 16 foot ladder than had been laying in the ring most of the match and slams it into Diamond. The crowd throws more food and drinks. Shawn takes off his shirt and throws it. We see a Lucas Rieter at the giant tron area flipping the fuck out. As we go off the air.]