September 12th @ 10 PM CST
Manchester City Stadium
Manchester, England
Capacity: 60,000

(Take the time to watch these videos. "Eruption" is to intro the feel of the show and to pump it up in atmosphere... and the 2nd video by Creed is more about the roster and a wrestler's feelings in a huge bout etc. These videos get researched and are some of my favorites, but I try to find meaning and a even ground for them to be included. I really hope people are taking the time, enjoying the results and listening to these songs each week.)

[I C W! I C W! I C W! The crowd is pumped and the chants are deafening. The overhead roof is closed as the sound echoes throughout the Stadium. We are SOLD the FUCK OUT in Manchester tonight! The overhead shot comes zooming town via large crane camera and swoops into the center of the ring, then swings back up and out. Cameras flash and the anticipation is real! Great Britain's finest are on display tonight as well as a Russian Monster and some great Americans too! ICW Presents: Castle of Glass! Where we hope to have a fun filled, energetic and intense show. It's ICW. That is our last name! We pan over from a high point in the stadium and catch the great Stanley Prescott and Steven Blaylock, once again... calling the matches! We see a massive draped banner hanging from the upperdeck on one side. HUGE. Maybe 50 feet wide by 40 feet high! It reads "Castle of Glass is coming!" and "Become Shattered". This clearly is a precursor to the massive night ahead.]

Stanley Prescott: Hello everyone, and welcome to CASTLE OF GLASS!

Steven Blaylock: That's right! The only PPV I've ever heard of where glass is in every match!

Prescott: Maybe so, but we've got a jammed packed card tonight! We've got it all going on here! We're set to open with Maverick going against Joe Carroll!

Blaylock: Yeah we've got the "Mercenary" Maverick against "The Scholar" Joe Carroll. What a fucking joke.

Prescott: Please, watch the language tonight.

Blaylock: Eat me Stan. I mean who does this guy think he is? A teacher? I mean get real. Can this dude even wrestle? He was mainly manhandled last week on Spectacle.

Prescott: I think he's more about mind games than anything. Ari Naxt anyone?

Blaylock: Ari Naxt totally bitched out on ICW. Who cares?

Prescott: Maverick looks to make his mark tonight. He's a sluggish 2-6 but has really seemed to turn the corner.

Blaylock: He's a bit of a prick isn't he? Carroll is a joke. Maverick is a fucking clown. I don't even see why this match matters.

Prescott: Well please remember that it wasn't too long ago that Maverick was attacked in his hotel room for no reason.

Blaylock: His mouth. The kid is mouthy!

Prescott: Well, anyways, he blamed Rieter, and got low blowed for it I believe.

Blaylock: No, it was a "Killshot" delivered by that lowly inconsistent Steele. He's really great some weeks and just seems like he's on drugs other weeks. Imposter my ass.

Prescott: Steele was great at one time. And yes thanks for the correction on that.

Blaylock: He's burned out. He needs to be fired.

Prescott: Maverick is poised to breakthrough tonight, so lets see if he can push through! A 3rd title might be coming back into ICW soon. Not just yet.

Blaylock: Ironman isn't the belt?

Prescott: No. The name isn't announced yet, but the winner of this match will face Chaos Kid in the future for it, as he vacated the belt voluntarily.

Blaylock: What about Bobby? He beat Chaos Kid in that unification match! He's basically the SHooting Star and the Ironman combined!

Prescott: I guess in theory he is yes, but remember Steven, the Ironman's prestige was essentially melted into the Shooting Star. It isn't like he's got "2" belts now.

Blaylock: Whatever. Bobby Barratt is the best thing going in ICW. Jack Diamond can kiss my ass.

Prescott: Beyond that match we've got a great match that faces Duke Kosloff and Steve Dackle against eachother in a chandelier match!

Blaylock: That should be a doozy! I wonder how much Rieter is going to fuck Dackle out of this one!

Prescott: Rieter is more fair than he gets credit for. He just doesn't seem to want people screwing with his plans much. He is the #1 de facto ICW Owner and in charge.

Blaylock: Well Bobby kisses that 5% every week! That is on everything! Endorsements... that's a total 5% clean take. God bless you Shawn!

Prescott: I'm sure the match with Kosloff and Dackle will go down clean.

Blaylock: Whatever.

Prescott: Then we've got a great fatal four way match! Don't forget that...

Blaylock: How can I?! It's a damn WINDSHIELD MATCH! Someone is going through a car windshield!

Prescott: For that sweet Camaro? I might jump through it on purpose here soon. (laughs)

Blaylock: Then don't forget my GUY! Bobby fucking Barratt taking on Stetson!

Prescott: Yeah that might be one of the most unique matches ever. A glass floor? Crazy!

Blaylock: Yeah, if you haven't noticed there's double the medical staff as normal, and this crowd is really rockin' tonight!

Prescott: And folks... don't forget our MAIN EVENT of the evening. Chaos Kid takes on Jack Diamond for all the marbles!

Blaylock: This one is too close to call. I don't even know who will come out on top. Chaos Kid is soft and Diamond is a smug prick.

Prescott: Jack Diamond is the face of ICW. Accept it.

Blaylock: Blow me Stan.

Prescott: No thank you. I don't swing like that dummy.

Blaylock: A castle of glass with the title on a spire? That sounds so fucked up.

Prescott: It does..

Blaylock: I LOVE IT!

Prescott: Our opening moment has come, so here comes Mr. Lucas Rieter!

Blaylock: Rieter... he's grown on me. He's still a jerky jackass but he's coming around.

Prescott: Lucas Rieter is a good guy. But he has 0 tolerence for and shenanigans.

Blaylock: Lights are going dim... here we go!

[The lights dim down, the crowd has a "football" type atmosphere (European football) and you would think United would be undefeated and playing City for the Championship in Barlays. The rumble and buzz is intoxicating, and I'm sure it will push the ICW roster to perform at a higher level than ever before. Rieter's music hits on the MASSIVE Icon Tron set up at one end of the field. ICW crew has left the grass on the ground. The british players requested that. They wanted it to feel like "home" in everyway. Football is their life outside of their job in ICW. The Icon Tron is the biggest yet. The video hits and Rieter walks out with Duke Kosloff.]

[Rieter gets in. Duke offeres to lower the rope for him, but he declines and motions Duke to go in. Duke accepts the denial of rope entrance help and they get in. Rieter smiles and wave to the crowd. They cheer him on as if he was "David Beckham" or something. ;) He waits.. he stops to put the mic to his mouth and the crowd burns... with chants...]

Crowd: I C W I C W I C W!!!!!!!! Rieter! Rieter!

[He tries again to speak, as the crowd starts to fizzle away in their hype and noise. As he raises the mic up they again start to chant and buzz onwards. He lowers it and smiles and says something proudful to Duke. Duke smiles...]


[Rieter once again raises the mic in a total flattering image... very humbled. The crowd finally lets his start up.]

ICW Owner Lucas Rieter: You know... I was born and raises in Leytonstone, London, and I've never recieved an reaction quite that this bit here. This lot. Right here. Right now.... makes me feel alive!!!


Rieter: I just wanted to come out here and chat a bit. Shawn would of been very very proud of the crowd here tonight. It is a true travesty that he could not be here. God bless my brother. (Points up to sky)

Crowd: Rossdale! Rossdale!

Rieter: I wanted to to announce that on our Monday Night Spectacle... on 25th of September, after our small break... The ICW World Heavyweight Championship #1 contendership will be decided in a "Icon Royal". Which from this moment on will be our version of a "Royal Rumble" or "Battle Royale". Whatever you'd like to call it. Whoever if victorious tonight... will obviously not be in the Royal, and will have to face the winner the following WEEK at Villa Park in Birmingham!

Crowd: Rieter! Rieter! Rieter!

Rieter: Thank you. Thank you truly. Duke Kosloff here has an announcement. But before that... I wanted to say that I truly am proud to be here as your owner and it just feels great to be in my homeland. I am burying all hatchets, except the great one with Bobby Barratt. That slag....anyways. Here's Duke.

Duke Kosloff: I need to make an annoucement. People here in ICW think I'm some sort of pushover. Like I'm unable to lace my own boots and I need Lucas here. The truth is... Shawn Rossdale never gave me a fair crack. I tried and tried and really worked hard for ICW. I'm here now... and I'm finally getting what I deserve. So this briefcase I've got right here. This awesome. Nice orange tinted briefcase.

[Duke pats the briefcase slowly... smiles at it and Rieter nods on.]

Kosloff: I'm a monster. I'm the biggest guy in ICW. I do not get the respect I deserve. Too many of you people in the crowd don't understand me. My torment. My feeling. I've never wanted anything more than to be a ICW Champion. Jack Diamond I will be coming for you or Chaos. Whoever is able to win that lame ass match tonight. Hell, if it was up to me, I'd smash you both through the fucking Castle of Glass. To my point. I'm not taking shortcuts... I'm ... I'm cashing this briefcase in. My earned title shot! I don't need to face him when he's beaten down. I'll take him on fresh. If that self-pity piece of trash is ever fresh.

Rieter: So you're cashing it in? Alright. Everyone, Duke Kosloff is cashing in his briefcase. He is using his 1 time title shot opportunity right here... right now!

Kosloff: Barratt!!!!!!!!! Get your sorry ass out here!!! NOW!!!!

[Bobby's music hits, and he comes out to purple smoke at one end of the massive field. The walk is a bit much, but what to do? It's a fucking stadium! "Motherf**ker of the Year" plays... and Barratt walks down directly... and doesn't even blink. He looks shaken, extremely intense and ready to shut Duke Kosloff up forever! He gets in the ring and Rieter motions for a referee to come down. Charles Lee Ray runs down to the ring. Rieter whispers something in his ear. The referee rings the bell!!!]

Prescott: Oh my God! We've got Barratt and Kosloff for the Shooting Star Championship! Right now!

Blaylock: Fuck man. I can't believe this shit. Come on Bobby

[The two men circle around, the crowd is buzzing... Rieter gets on the mic once more... right before they are to lock up...]

Rieter: Except... (chuckles).. he isn't cashing it in. Duke get him! Now! Do it!

[Duke runs at Barratt with total intensity! Barratt sidesteps him and he crashes into the post... shoulder 1st! Bobby looks over at Rieter. He sees the sick fucking setup that has went on here. Kosloff was never really cashing it in. This was a ploy to bait Bobby to come out here. The Manchester crowd mostly cheers Barratt on. Rieter is a golden boy in England, so we'll see how this turns out. Rieter runs around the ring, Duke rolls out of the ring and lays in wait around one of the corners. Rieter continues to run, and Barratt in desperate chase... as the corner turns, Barratt not paying attention to Duke... DUKE clothelines BARRATT!]

Prescott: This is getting sick! Barratt can't fight two men! Rieter is a retired former indy wresler himself. Semi-Famous in England!

Blaylock: Rieter is well known in the UK, but in the states no one knows too much. This is sick! What a fucking crock of shit!

[Rieter screams at Duke and jumps up and down points at the ground. Rieter reaches under the ring and pulls out his tennis racket! He must of stashed it there. I doubt Barratt would of even come down with a racket in hand, or would of at least approached the situation differently. Duke rolls him into the ring. And they get to work. Lucas directs Duke and he does his every command. Lucas tells Duke to "rip him apart"... and Duke picks him up and chokeslams him! Barratt crumples over. Lucas next tells Duke to put Barratt in a tree of woe position, Duke does it. Lucas winds up... but stops to pick up the dropped mic.]

Rieter: You're a Prodigy eh? Is that what this is? You don't run ICW. I run it here. You don't get to make the rules. I do! I run you. I own you! Shawn was my friend too you fucking prick, but I've had enough of you, you're so lucky he added you into his will! It was supposed to be me damn you! ME!!!!!

[Rieter paces back and forth... really getting worked up. As Bobby is in tree of woe and Duke is sitting on top of his legs... waiting for any move to pounce.]

Rieter: It was suppposed to be fucking me. You took my best friend away... then you fucking killed him! You were such a bad influence. I want to run ICW fair and straight, and I will, as soon as you are out of the picture. You need to be taught a lesson. And no Joe Carroll. This isn't for you. Bobby Barratt... from this moment on... I will make life a living hell for you, until you either quit or can't compete! You fucked me out of my will tides! I was to get his stuff, his memories his house... his money. That was to me... YOU MUTHERFUCKER!!!

[Lucas winds up, and drops the mic, he runs at Duke from across the ring from corner to corner... Barratt sits up quickly and slaps Duke enough to shake out. He wiggles away and Lucas ends up hitting Duke with the tennis racket! Duke falls off the top turnbuckle and to the outside of the ring, hitting pretty hard. The crowd goes crazy. They literally don't know who to cheer for! Their respectable, but hot headed owner that wants to run things clean and smooth? Or the bad boy of ICW that wants things his way?

Rieter turns around after cracking Duke and Barratt is right there! "Iconbreaker"!!!! Rieter goes down! Barratt stands over him and takes his racket from him. He holds it up high to the sky and then comes crashing do.. NO!]

Prescott: NO! Duke is back in there! SPEAR!

Blaylock: For fuck sake man. Bobby can't catch a break! Look at these jackasses! Like a couple hyenas in there!

[Duke deliveres a massive spear, and the tables turn. Duke then picks Bobby up... and delivered a incredible superman punch!!! Rieter is slow to get up, but does. He takes his tennis racket from the floor and starts to beat the hell out of Barratt. Shouting things like "Prodiga Icon my ass" and "Is this what you want!?". Rieter then tells Duke to hold him up. Barratt struggles some to get out... but Jenny Stackhouse comes running down! She gets in the ring and begs Rieter to stop this assault! He pushes her hard enough with one hand so she loses her balance and falls. She starts to cry and holds her stomach for some strange reason. Rieter goes in and with one swift swing cracks Barratt across the face with the racket then another and another... He falls over.. blood dripping from his mouth. Barratt gets on all fours, barely able to hold himself up and turns his head slowly to Rieter, and smiles at him... Rieter lines up for a "Deadball Kick"!!!]

Prescott: We need some damn help out here now! Code 4 please!! NOW!!!

Blaylock: I'm getting in there. Fuck this! I can't be retired from injury forever!

Prescott: Don't do it Steven! (Steven Blaylock gets up) Damnit!!! DAMN YOU RIETER!

[Steven gets in the ring and argues with his owner. He's paid quite well, but not well enough to see his favorite ICW wrestler get retired or long term injured in 1 night. Rieter turns away from facing Bobby and cracks Blaylock in the face with the racket!!!! Rieter starts to line up his "punt-like" kick again, and.... "Ace of Spades" hits and Rieter looks over. Duke holding Bobby down still, who is completely destroyed.]

Jack Diamond: Look man. Stop right there alright? No one wants to see this. This crowd is confused as hell right now. They don't know whether to cheer for you... for what you think is right, or feel sorry for Bobby here. No one knows how to feel. Common sense tells me that this isn't right. No one in the back wanted to come out and stand up to you. They're all scared man. However, I am NOT SCARED of you Lucas. If anyone runs this place... it's me. I'm your Champion. Your face of the company. Stop it man. Let Bobby go.

Rieter: Hold him down Duke. Hold this wanker down man.

Duke: (inaudible) He's not going anywhere bossman. He's done.

Rieter: Who the fuck are you? You come out here in front of all these people to call me out? I'm the Owner of ICW.

Diamond: Yeah, because the true owner was killed. You dumbass fool.

Rieter: Say something else and...

Diamond: And what? You'll strip me of my title? You'll put me in a tough match? I don't care man. No one can take this belt from me. NO ONE. I am what I am. And that is the greatest wrestler in the history of ICW. I'm tired of your game with Bobby. I'm tired of your...

Rieter: I am Prosperous! I will Prosper at any cost. How about you calm down Jack. Think about what you're doing here and come on in here and lets break Barratt together once and for all. Eh?

Diamond: I can't do that. Bobby is a jackass... and maybe he deserves this somewhere... but not now. Not like this. This isn't right. These fans don't think this is right.


Diamond: You see? They love you here man. This definitely isn't the United States, but they love Bobby too... and from what I can tell, I'm over with them here in the UK too?

Crowd: JACK! JACK!!

Rieter: They do love you here. You're a good guy Jack. You are. You disappointed me. You were UNABLE to finish the job a few weeks ago with Barratt. So I'm here to finish this sorry fucking piece of rubbish!

Diamond: Don't do it (walking ever closer to the ring...) Duke. Don't listen to him. He's lost it. No one was responsible for Shawn's death. It was an accident. We need to put that in the past. It will still come up from day to day... but it doesn't have to ruin your lives.

Rieter: An Accident? This fucking slag was with him! They were both drinking! If he was a real friend he wouldn't of let him drive so fast and stupid! You have NO FUCKING CLUE Jack. Come on in here, and I swear if anyone else comes out to help or mess with this, I'll fire them on the spot... right now!

Diamond: I'll come in, but I'm going to have to hurt you if you try to end Bobby's career. No one deserves this.

Rieter: Why? What is the big fucking deal mate? He has all the money he'll ever need! MY MONEY! I could never stand it! I could never stand the way Shawn thought of Bobby. Like he was this new version of sliced bread. A new breed of greatness. Fuck him!

Diamond: Stop it. Don't do this. This isn't fair for any man. Barratt is beaten. He's done. Look at him.

[Bobby being held down and bloody, has enough energy to flip off Diamond.]

Rieter: Listen. Do this for me. Join me again, and together we'll run ICW. We'll do it together mate. All you have to do.. if simply finish off someone that you can't stand anyways.

Diamond: Hmm.. I can't stand this asshole for sure, but what's in it for me?

Rieter: Money. Lots and lots of money. Immunity. You will pick your matches. Anything you want.

Diamond: I've got money... more of it is good. Anything I want?

Rieter: Join me, lets retire this fucking fool... and whatever you would like my friend.

[The crowd is in rage now. They are booing greatly... Jack tells Duke to get off Bobby and he does. Bobby gets up to his feet, but loses his balance and staggers backwards to the ropes. The ropes hold him up. Jack looks at him...]

Rieter: Do it. Do it! Finish him.

Diamond: Okay, I'll do it. I want you to finish him. I'll hold him down for your "Deadball Kick". Lets end this prick. He is one of the stronger wrestlers, but I own him. Yeah okay. Lets do it!

[Diamond and Rieter high five. Duke high fives Diamond too! Barratt is on his knees barely conscious... Jack gets on top of him in a camel clutch type way, but doesn't apply much pressure. It is just to hold him up so Lucas can finish the deal... Lucas winds up, Jack nods... the career of Barratt is almost over... all for this? Lucas takes a sprint from one corner to the other... Diamond springs up!]


Blaylock: I guess Jack is a good guy. I couldn't talk sense into him. That racket really hurt. Stupid asshole gets what he deserves.

[Diamond exploded from the loose camel clutch and hit an incredible "Stacked Deck" on Rieter! He tricked them all! The crowd cheers! Duke comes running in at Diamond, and he ducks under a clothesline, Duke grabs Diamond's throat! Diamond elbows off... no chokeslam today! Diamond picks up the massive Duke Kosloff and hits a samoan drop! Duke goes down! Bobby still down, and the medical staff that was on standby runs out.]

Jack Diamond: The answer is no. I will not join you. I am ICW World Champion. I do what is right. You are sorely mistaken Mr. Rieter. I own you. Not the other way around. I would of done this for anyone. Not just Bobby.

[Rieter is knocked out cold that a violent Stacked Deck, and Duke is laboring some too. Duke checks on Rieter as security and medical staff come into the fold and separate and help Barratt. As Jack is leaving the ring. Barratt is able to sit up some... he sits up and sticks out his fist. Diamond and Barratt fist bump lightly and then Barratt lays back down. They put him on a stretcher and take him to the back!]

Prescott: This crowd loved that small gesture of the fist bump. This is a pro UK crowd for sure!

Blaylock: No kidding Stan. This crowd is really something. The best crowd I've ever seen hands down.

Prescott: We'll be right back, here's a word from our sponsors.

Blaylock: This is a Pay Per View? Commericials?

Prescott: Yes Steven.. yes.

[We come back from the break, a typical special Pepsi spot... and Scarlett LaDawn is in the ring!]

Scarlett LaDawn: Ladies and gentlemen... I'm here to announce the official live debut of your very own!!! From Southampton, England.... JOOOOHHHNNNNY BULLLLLLLDOOOOGGGGG!

["God Save the Queen" by the Sex Pistols starts to blare and the crowd goes absolutely crazy! They rejoice in the anthem! Johnny Bulldog comes out shaking his head up and down and kills it! The crowd really go over for him. He's slapping the hands of several fans on his long 45 second walk to the ring!]

Prescott: Welcome to the Johnny Bulldog era! Here comes Bulldog with a british flag draped over him!

Blaylock: This guy is a joke. Who cares? I hope Bobby is alright.

Prescott: He'll be fine. He's got great medical care coming.

Blaylock: This Johnny guy... they love him don't they?

Prescott: Yes they do. Bulldog is really enjoying this debut.

Blaylock: Lets see what he's got to say

[Johnny Bulldog gets in the ring and twirls around, raises his hands up high and the reaction is truly overwhelming.]

Johnny Bulldog: Man it feels good to be here right?


Bulldog: Thank you! I just wanted to say it FEELS GREAT TO BE HERE!!! Thank you! Thank you! Now I just wanted to come on out here and tell everyone that I fight for you people. The people of the UK. The people of England. ALL OF YOU! I am here to fight for his flag draped over my shoulders. I'm here to make the UK proud in ICW. I see we already have a nice collection of Brits in ICW, but I'm surely to be the best. Why? Because, again everything I do people... if for all of you! YEAH!!!!

[He raises his hands and the crowd eats it up. They love having a babyface type wrestler that is there to fight FOR THEM. FOR THE PEOPLE! He exits the ring and we immediately cut backstage to a interview!]

[We cut to the back to a very ready and pumped up Chaos Kid...]

Jenny Stackhouse: I'm here right now with Chaos Kid the number one contender for the ICW world title, so you have an epic match later tonight with the face of ICW Jack Diamond. The "Ace of Spades". Any thoughts?

Chaos Kid: Are you alright? I saw that punk ass Rieter push you out there.

Stackhouse: Yes, I'm fine. Thank you. Just got shaken up some.

Chaos Kid : To answer though...well you can tell that the crowd is for the Brits here tonight. Lucas wants to see me fail, but I think he's got bigger fish to fry love. Bobby seems to be in his zoom. The lot. The whole thing of his hatred and concern is on Mr. Barratt. But this is a good opportunity to prove why I'm the number one contender. And with my toughness and the fans behind me, I'll surely take the title home tonight! (Crowd blows up, you can hear them in the back!)

Stackhouse: Yeah this crowd is something. What did you think of Johnny Bulldog? And are you surprised at Diamond's great reception? He's a North Carolina guy.

Chaos Kid: Bulldog seems like a nice breath of fresh air. I welcome him. I can't wait to see what he can do soon. On Diamond, you see that Diamond is more interested in doing card tricks and proving that he's the jack of Diamonds. However I'm not into tricks or sleight of hand, what you see is what you get, and trust me, I'm a fighter with plenty of heart, you might knock me down, but baby you not gonna keep me down, you could call me the ace of hearts, but that oh so corny. Bottom line Jack, this is the first time you have faced me one on one, and you can count on one hell of a fight, and if I was you I would enjoy this last night as champion, cause tonight at Castle of Glass, your reign will shatter as I smash your castle and become the new ruler of ICW!

[With that we fade away and our 1st match is coming up! We've got Joe Carroll and Maverick!]

Prescott: Let's get the action going Steven. This first match is weeks in the making. Maverick was attacked in his hotel room a couple of weeks ago and while he initially thought it was Rieter, then Sebastian Steele, it was later revealed that it was new comer Joe Carroll who sent his henchmen after Maverick.

Blaylock: This Carroll guy is a wierdo, I personally think Maverick is going to wipe the floor with him. Look at the ringside, its littered with window panes, this match is going to be brutal.

Prescott: Yes it is, this whole show will be that of broken glass and probably some broken dreams, lets send it to Scarlett LaDawn in the ring.

LaDawn: Ladies and Gentlemen it is time for the opening match of the evening, set for one fall this is a Window Pane Match! There will be no disqualifications, the only way to win is to pin or submit your opponent in the ring. Introducing first, from Wexford Town, Ireland... "THE MERCENARY" MAVERRRRICCCCCKKKK!!!!!

["Evil Terminators" by Valeriy Antonyuk plays throughout the arena as Maverick comes out, stops and stretches his hands out for a few seconds, soaking in the crowds reaction, which is more cheers than he normally gets.]

Prescott: There he is, Maverick has really improved the last couple weeks and had a great showing in the eight man elimination tag match last week, only being outlasted on his side of the match by Chaos Kid and winning a future shot at the tag team championships with Jack Diamond who won the match.

Blaylock: Correction, My Guy won the match as well, Rieiter putting Jack in the tag team match with Maverick was a bunch of bull, they both were the sole survivors so if anything it should be Diamond and Bobby, not this Maverick punk.

Prescott: Punk, I thought you were backing him tonight?

Blaylock: Sure I am, but it doesn't mean I think he is in the same league as my guy, just better than this Carroll fool.

[Maverick walks down slowly, walks up the steps and jumps over the rope to enter the ring and does his pose again. He awaits Carroll as the fans break out into a Maverick chant.]

Prescott: There is definitely a focus on Maverick's face here tonight.

[The lights dim and flicker as "Stand by Me" by Ki:Theory fills the Manchester arena. The crowd, a little uneasy by the dark nature of the song all look towards the stage. Maverick, bounces up and down with anticipation.]

LaDawn: His opponent, from Aldershot, England, The Scholar... JOOOOOEEE CARRRROLLLLLL

Blaylock: This is making me a little uneasy. What's up with the lights? And where the hell is Carroll.

Prescott: Oh no, look at the entrance ramp.

[The three henchmen that were behind he attack of Maverick come out on stage and stare ominously down to the ring, but they stay put. Carroll is not there. Maverick walks towards the ropes and mouths up at the men who just stare on. The lights come back on as the music plays on.]

Prescott: I'm not sure what Carroll is up to here, maybe playing more mind games with Maver- What the hell?

[Joe Carroll slithers out from under the ring in front of the announcers and slides in the ring behind Maverick and quickly locks in a sleeper hold as the bell rings. Maverick caught by surprise is struggling to get out of the hold.]

Blaylock: Brilliant! Maybe I was wrong about Carroll after all. He outsmarted Maverick there, who is trying to get out of the sleeper.

Prescott: He is fading a bit. The crowd now booing The Scholar. Oh! Desperation move by Maverick pays off!

[Maverick, after turning a shade of red from the tight sleeper hold was able to run backwards towards a corner smashing Carroll in between him and the turnbuckle, the impact causing the hold to be broken. Maverick drops to a knee and tries to catch his breath. He gets up and is met with a clothesline from Carroll.]

Prescott: Carroll taking control early here after the surprise attack. He is putting the boots to Maverick. Now he drops down into a chokehold, he wants to make sure Maverick can't catch a breath!

Blaylock: The ref steps in and tries to get Carroll to break the hold but there isn't much he can do, there are no disqualifications in this match!

Prescott: There is something off about Joe Carroll. He finally breaks the choke hold and is looking at his three goons. They nod in appreciation or approval, not sure but they all seem to have their own form of unspoken language. Carroll picks Maverick up and sends him into the corner.

[As Carroll slowly closes in to Maverick in the turnbuckle, he stops and sort of winks at the crowd. As he reaches in for Maverick, Maverick strikes with lefts and rights to the pleasure of the Manchester crowd. Carroll comes back in and tries a right of his own but Maverick ducks it, and hits a picture perfect German suplex.]

Prescott: Carroll taking a bit too long to capitalize and Maverick makes him pay with a fiery sequence and beautiful suplex.

Blaylock: That's wrestling 101 there. I thought this guy was a scholar?

Prescott: In any event, Maverick finally gets the break he needs. Carroll's three followers have not moved.

Blaylock: Man those guys are creepy.

Prescott: Maverick slides out of the ring, looking to bring the window panes into this match!

Blaylock: This isn't going to be pretty.

[Maverick picks up a standard window pain, and slides back into the ring. Carroll is just getting to his knees. Maverick lifts the glass above his head, getting ready to swing down on Carroll but Carroll makes a swift move to punch Maverick in his gut, causing him to drop the glass to the mat. It cracks a bit but does not break. Carroll whips Maverick into the rope and bends down to try to toss him up and over onto the glass but Maverick sidesteps, grabs Carroll by the shoulders and slams his back down to the mat and onto the window pane which crunches into thousands of pieces under Carroll.]

Prescott: Oh, that's going to leave a mark for sure!

Blaylock: It looks like Maverick isn't through yet!

[As Carroll squirms around in the shattered pieces of glass, Maverick slides out of the ring once more and this time he picks up several panes of glass windows. He slides them back into the ring; there are at least 10 plates of glass there. He comes in as Carroll is once again just getting up.]

Prescott: Bad intentions from the Mercenary here, Steven.

Blaylock: Yeah, he knows it's either going to be him or Joe going through those pieces of glass so he might as well get a head start.

Prescott: Maverick picks Carroll up, OH! He tried for a superkick but Carroll is able to dip underneath it! Maverick spins, clothesline by Carroll! Must not have gotten all of it, Maverick is getting back to his knees.

Blaylock: And look, Carroll is just staring down at him, if that doesn't look like a man who thinks he's better than everyone else, I'm not sure what does!

Prescott: Being a fan of Barratt's you would know what that looks like.

Blaylock: Easy there Stan...

Prescott: Maverick is almost up; Carroll takes off, bounces off the ropes, drop toe hold by Maverick onto the stack of glass!!! Shades of last week when Carroll tried to run away!

Blaylock: He hit that glass face first Stanly, I'm surprised it didn't bust!

Prescott: Maverick is smashing Carroll's head into the stack of windows now as the fans count in unison!

[Maverick has a little fun with it, and boy is this sweet revenge after the month of torment at the expense of Carroll. After cracking the top piece or two of class, and bloodying Carroll's head a bit, Maverick lifts off of him and kicks him in the ribs to get him to roll off the glass.]

Blaylock: This Maverick could really be a force to be reckoned with if he keeps this kind of intensity up. Maybe not on Bobby Barratt's level, but close! Speaking of, Bobby is going to destroy this idiot for making the rude comments he did earlier this week!

Prescott: It definitely didn't sit well with Bobby. What is Maverick doing? It looks like he is setting up about 2 window panes in each corner. Wasting a lot of time here!

Blaylock: Yeah, Carroll is already getting to his feet, a little blood trickling down his head now.

[Carroll reaches up and touches the warmth on his head. He kind smiles a bit and Maverick comes over and locks up with the Scholar.]

Prescott: Both men are trying to get the upper hand here. Carroll is bleeding a bit and Maverick is starting to look a bit tired, maybe never fully recover from the sneak attack that started the match off!

Blaylock: Maverick tries to go for an Irish whip!

Prescott: No, Carroll reverses... Oh my! Maverick crashes through a window pane that he had set up in the corner!

[Carroll stands there and just looks on. Maverick shattered the glass and in the process cuts up his back. Carroll, slowly and meticulously stalks to the corner and picks Maverick up. He looks around at the crowd and then with force whips Maverick over into the opposite corner, smashing him through another sheet of glass.]

Prescott: This is starting to get out of hand. Maverick through several sheets of glass now is bleeding from all over his back and torso. We may need to stop this.

Blaylock: We can't. It's no disqualifications, these men knew what they were getting into.

Prescott: Carroll walking around smugly. He walks to a red Maverick, picks him up and drags him to one of the corners where another two window panes sit propped against the corner.

[Maverick is in some serious pain, Carroll holds him in the corner for a moment while he looks around at the masses, most of them booing him. He smiles, grabs Mavericks arms and goes to whip him into the opposite corner but somehow Maverick is able to reverse, and instead of whipping Carroll into the corner he pulls hi back towards him and connects with a huge forearm strike, that knocks Carroll down to the mat!]

Prescott: Heavy Rainmaker! This could be it! Maverick with the pin




Blaylock: No! It looks like Carroll was just able to get his shoulder up! The ref says 2 and a half. Probably more like 2 a 7/8ths! Wow that was close!

Prescott: Indeed it was! I thought it was over! Maverick rolls off, leaving a trail of red on the mat. Carroll is out of it, the kickout had to be pure instinct!

Blaylock: Well he does claim to be much more intelligent than the whole locker room, maybe it was some type of intuition. Wait, what is going on?

[The lights flicker a bit as the three henchmen slowly start walking down to the ring. The crowd is not happy, they are throwing cups and nacho trays at the three flannel wearing Michael Myers wannabes. Maverick is trying to get back to his feet in the corner, Carroll is just starting to roll over a bit.]

Prescott: Oh no, this isn't good. This could get really ugly, real quick.

[The men climb up on the apron and walk to three of the corners, almost as if they were in a tag match. Carroll pulls himself up into a seated position in the corner that isn't occupied. Maverick is in the middle of the ring trying to look at all sides, keeping his head on a swivel. Carroll is just laughing in the corner. The henchmen are just standing there, heads tilted.]

Prescott: I don't have any idea what's going on here. Carroll pulls hiself up, he charges in and tries for a quick roll up on Maverick! No! Maverick rolls through! He stands, Carroll tries to get away but Maverick has him!

[The failed roll up ended up having Maverick back to his feet and Carroll face down trying to crawl away but Maverick grabbed is legs. Before anyone could react, Maverick is able to pull together his strength, lift Carroll up into the air and hit a neckbreaker!]

Blaylock: Lethal Intoxication!

Prescott: Maverick goes for the pin! The henchmen are stepping over the ropes!



3!!! IT'S OVER!

LaDawn: The winner of this match by pinfall... MAVVERRRRICKKKKK!!!!!!!

[Just as the three count happens, the three henchmen close in on Maverick and start stomping and punching him. Maverick is a bloody mess already and this isn't helping! Carroll eventually is able to roll over and get up. He just goes and stands in a corner with his arms raised, smiling and watching the beatdown.]

Prescott: Maverick won this match! Someone needs to stop this!

Blaylock: He may have won the match but it appears the battle is far from over Stanley!

[The three men lift Maverick up, he is out of it. If not for them holding him he would surely collapse in a heap on the mat. They hold him steady and Carroll walks in and mouths some words to him before backing up in the corner. "Ace of Spades" by Motoerhead blasts through the arena as Diamond runs out with a chair in hand. He slides in the ring just as one of the henchmen turns.]

Prescott: Diamond is here to fight off these goons! I can't believe it!

Blaylock: Haven't we seen enough of this guy...

[The first henchmen is laid out, then a second, and as Jack swings on the third one Joe Carrolls rolls out of the ring and back peddles up the ramp smiling. The three henchmen roll out of the ring holding their masked heads. Diamond goes and checks on Maverick.]

Prescott: Of all the people that could have come out, it looks like Diamond may actually be helping his future tag team partner. Even after all the trash Maverick has talked about him!

Blaylock: Yeah, yeah, "Look at me, I'm Good Guy Jack," pfft, give me a damn break...

[Diamond helps Maverick to his feet and raises his arm. Maverick is hurt but he is able to let out a brief smile. As he goes to walk away, Diamond holds onto his arm and as Maverick turns around he his laid out with a "Stacked Deck"]

Prescott: What the hell? Stacked Deck! Out of nowhere! What is Jack doing?

Blaylock: I knew he was a wolf in sheep's clothing!

Prescott: I think it was just Diamond sending a message to Maverick to ease up on the trash talk!

Blaylock: Or maybe he is all spades and no heart?

Prescott: Diamond heads to the back, what a match to kick off this show! Coming up next we have a fatal four way match and the prize is a pretty sweet deal!

[We cut backstage to Kip "The Tip" Sweet standing next to ICW Owner, Lucas Rieter. Rieter is standing in front of a beautiful, blue, 1981 Camaro. The car is in immaculate shape. The paint shines in the backstage lights.]

Sweet: I'm backstage with owner of Icon Championship Wrestling, Lucas Rieter. Mr. Rieter, you've put four men in a match tonight with the objective being to throw someone through this windshield. The winner of the match will actually get this car tonight. Why on earth would you do that?

Rieter: Well Kip, I believe in everyone having something to fight for in ICW. I love this car, I really do but it will find a new home tonight. Who gets it? Well that will be sorted out soon. I want these four competitors to go to war with each other, get mean, destroy each other if they damn well please. The main reason I made this match-

[Before Lucas can finish his thought, the lovable but goofy family man of ICW, Danny Ray walks into the camera shot. He is obviously admiring the car. He looks at the car and then to Rieter and Kip.]

Danny Ray: Woah, now that is a sweet sweet ride. My son, Frank, has a toy car that looks exactly like this. Man I hope I win this tonight. Can I see inside it? What about the trunk, any trunk space?

[Danny goes up next to the car and rubs his hand down the side as he walks around to the back. Lucas gets a bit ill, the frustration showing on his face.]

Rieter: What the hell are you doing? Don't touch my car. You need to go, get out of here. Your match is coming up and if you don't get away from me you will be going through this windshield before the bell even rings!

Danny Ray: My apologies boss, I'm just super excited. I will leave you along with the Mr. Tip here. Thank you again for the opportunity and for letting me bring along my family! Have a nice day!!

[Danny Ray walks off leaving Kip and Lucas just starting at him in disbelief.]

Rieter: What an imbecile...

[The camera pans out and cuts back to ringside with Stanley Prescott and Steven Blaylock.]

Prescott: Well that is definitely a nice car, Steven.

Blaylock: It sure is, and as much as I can't stand Rieter, I don't blame him for not wanting Danny Ray's grubby hands on it. Can you imagine the expenses Sebastian Steele would have to pay out to get those finger prints off of it when he replaces the windshield?

Prescott: Who said Steele is going to win this match?

Blaylock: I mean, isn't it obvious? You have three guys who will trip over each other on who tries to be the most polite, meanwhile you have a pure animal in "El Cazador." It's a no brainer!

Prescott: Well I'm sure those other three men will have plenty to say about that, let's send it to Scarlett in the ring, Scarlett?

LaDawn: It is time for the first ever Windshield Match! The competitor who throws one of his opponents through the windshield of Rieters 1981 Camaro, will win the match AND the car!

[Lights go to red. Straight out the gate plays by Tech N9ne. Don White makes his way to the ring slowly. He points to fans with Don White signs as he makes his way to the Ring.]

LaDawn: Introducing first, from Nashville, Tennessee... DONNNNN WHIIIITTTTTEEE!!!!

[Once in the ring he goes to two separate turn buckles, climbs up and throws his arms in the air. He stands in the ring with an empty look in his eye, waiting on his opponents]

Prescott: Don White hasn't been back long but has already been making an impact. He almost became tag team champs with the world champ himself, Jack Diamond.

Blaylock: But ole Jackoff couldn't get the job done, way to let Don White down champ.

[The arena lights go black as "MIA" by Avenge Sevenfold plays. The crowd hears "Ooooooo Stand Up and Fight" before a lone white spotlight shines upon the stage and smoke appears as Black rises from the stage and strikes a pose with his arms outstretched and his back to the crowd while the heavy metal bit of his entrance plays.]

LaDawn: Making his way out next, from Boston, DYLLLLANNN BLACCCCKKK!!!!!

[When the vocals begin he turns around amidst roars from the crowd and makes a finger gun, pointing it at the ring and Don White and pulling the trigger. He walks down the ramp with spunk and swagger in his step, high fiving fans down the ramp before running and sliding into the ring and hopping onto the second rope. He makes a finger gun again and fires a few imaginary rounds into the air before hopping down and tossing his shirt into the crowd and outstretching his hand to his opponent for a handshake. Don just stares at him and nods, but does not return the shake.]

Prescott: Don acknowledging Black there, a little show of respect.

Blaylock: Are you kidding me? Don White just left him hanging on the handshake. Maybe Don does have what it takes in this match.

LaDawn: Coming out next, from Belleview, Missouri..he is The Family Man...DANNNNYYYYY RAYYYYYY!!!

[Danny Ray comes out with "We are Family" by Sister Sledge playing the lights are green and blue as those are his two oldest boys favorite colors who are sitting in the front row to watch their father's 2nd ICW match! He slowly walks down the ring waving and shaking the hands of all the fans and stops at ringside to give his kids and wife a hug and kiss before climbing up onto the apron and playing to the crowd doing what he can to make them happy before he steps into the ring.]

Blaylock: That guy is a buffoon. How can he even match up with the other men in this match? I just don't see it.

LaDawn: And finally, from the South of the Border...El Cazador...SEBASTIN STEELE!!!

Blaylock: These three are in for it now, Stanley...

[The lights of the arena go dark and begin to softly strobe as "No Leaf Clover" by Metallica begins to play over the arena's sound system. The jumbotron is illuminating the stage with a tiger stripe pattern that Sebastian's black and gold mask slowly fades into the middle of. One lone golden spotlight can be seen directed onto the stage just at the curtain. But there is no Steele.]

Prescott: Well, where is he? He isn't trying to pull a Joe Carroll and sneak up from behind is he?

Blaylock: I wouldn't put it past him, but all the men are looking around. It seems like they think that's what is going on as well. Steele would have already make his presence known. Where is he?

[The ref looks around confused as the car is rolled out to the middle of the ramp. Rieter walks down the ramp, looking at his car one last time before heading towards the ref and telling him something who then talks to LaDawn.]

LaDawn: Ladies and gentlemen, I have just been informed that Sebastian Steele has went AWOL. He hasn't checked in with staff all day, therefore this match will now be a triple threat match!

Prescott: Wow! What a big development here. I wonder where Steele is?

Blaylock: Man who knows, drugs, the mafia, he's always into something. I guess one of these blokes really is going to win that car.

[The bell rings and the match gets underway. Dylan Black and Danny Ray shake hands and the three men kind of circle each other. Then all hell breaks loose, with punches thrown left and right from all three men. Don hits Dylan, Dylan hits Don, and they both throw jabs at Danny who returns fire with lefts and rights and chops of his own.]

Prescott: We are underway. All three men bringing the fire here in the early going. Danny locks up with Don White, Don is able to throw him off. No, Dylan now locking up and Don throws him as well. Now Danny and Dylan lock up. What is going on here?

Blaylock: I don't know, it's a little hard to follow. Don kind of drops back to see how this plays out.

[Suddenly there seems to be a nun walking down the ramp, wearing the typical black and white habit, and a small cross around her neck.]

Blaylock: I think I've been drinking too much of this English beer, but is that a nun here in ICW?!

Prescott: Yes Steven I can see her too, but why is she here?

Blaylock: Probably praying no one get hurt in this windshield match... hell who knows?

[She stops half way down the ramp, a few paces behind the car, and slowly drops to her knees and take out a bible. She starts to flick though the pages, then places the holy book on the ramp, places her hands together, then starts to pray.]

Blaylock: Oh my God she must have heard me, she is praying!

Prescott: The question remains...why is she here, and why now?

[She looks up at the action in the ring, then gets up and walks to the back but leaves the book on the ramp.]

Blaylock: Hey Prescott it looks like the nun is none too smart, she's forgot her bible, you want to go get it for her?

Prescott: I'm more interested in the action in the ring more than some bible...

[When the camera man goes toward the book, its shows the page is blank except for the verse Matthew 6:14-15.]

Blaylock: Wait a minute a blank bible with one phrase, this seems strange even to me.

Prescott: So what is this Matthew verse?

Blaylock: Hell if I know, anyhow let's get back to the action! I'll check it out later. Or you can. We don't have a bible handy, but we've got smartphones... or in your case a dumb phone. You idiot.

Prescott: Sigh... Steven, Steven.

[Prescott and Blaylock have been largely distracted the odd scene of the nun. The action has continued, some back and forth action in the ring. Don tried to attack the other two men as they were in the middle of some fine chain wrestling and now the tables have turned with Black and Danny double teaming Don. They send Don into the ropes, follow and hit a nice double clothesline that sends White over the ropes and down to the floor below.]

Prescott: Nice double team move there. Sorry folks, not sure what that was all about but we have a fine match going on here.

Blaylock: It looks like White tweaked his knee a bit on the landing. And look at that fool Danny, he's wanting a high five.

[Danny tries to get Dylan to give him a five but Dylan takes off running, bounces off the opposite ropes to get some momentum going and runs directly at Danny who hits the deck just as Black goes airborne, over the top rope and lands a stunning suicide dive on Don White as he had just got to his feet. The two take a tumble out at the ramp.]

Prescott: What a move! It looks like Black is trying to pull out all the stops here. Who leaves with the car? Danny coming out of the ring, you can tell he is hesitant, wanting to keep things clean and in the ring.

Blaylock: Clean and in the ring will cause you to lose this match. I don't think he'll have what it takes to drive someone through a windshield.

[As Dylan goes to get up, someone runs in and blindsides him. Security chases the guy up the ramp and as he gets to the top he removes his hoodie and it is none other than new ICW signee, Johnny Bulldog!]

Prescott: What the hell?

Blaylock: That is Johnny Bulldog, apparently the two of them have history on this side of the pond. Listen to these fans, they are chanting for bulldog. What a way to make an impact here in ICW!

Prescott: Dylan Black is down. Danny and Don are going at it!

[Black is still down, while Don White and Danny Ray fight near the back of the car. White hits Danny with a huge right hand but Danny Ray fires right back with a left jab of his on, and another, and another! He has Don stunned as he kind of falls back against the trunk. Danny Ray follows Don onto the trunk and lifts him up for a piledriver and connects!]

Prescott: Piledriver on the trunk! That just destroyed the back of this car.

[The weight of the two men falling onto the truck smashes the latch with causes the truck to open up a bit as Don falls to the ground and Danny rolls off with him. As Danny stands up he opens the trunk all the way and gasps as does the whole arena.]

Blaylock: Yeah, neither guy is a lightweight, that's for sure. Wait... are you seeing this?

[Sebastian Steele is absolutely destroyed in the back of the trunk. Unconscious and bleeding. Someone had really done a huge number on him and pretty much left him for dead. The ref sees this an throws up the 'X' and waves for medical attention. Steele is breathing but its not a pretty image as medical personnel rush to ringside and being lifting Steele out of the trunk and placing him on a gurney.]

Prescott: I don't know what to say. I guess we know where Steele was. How long as he been in that trunk? He is bleeding big time and his breathing looks ragged. Did Rieter know he was in that trunk? Is that why he didn't let Danny get close earlier?

Blaylock: No way he could have known. But someone sent a message to Steele tonight. I hope he's ok.

Prescott: Me too, Steven. Meanwhile the match continues. Danny has picked White up and put him in a torture rack! He calls that move Family Time!

Blaylock: Family Time? Are you serious?

Prescott: I am, and listen to these fans, they are getting behind him!

[He has had the submission move on White for over a minute now, Dylan is back to his feet and comes running in with a window pane left over from the first match. He nails Danny in the head with it and it explodes all over Danny, Don and even on Dylan! Danny drops Don White and falls to the ground in front of the car.]

Prescott: Oh! He came out of leftfield with that sheet of glass! Danny goes down and the boos for Dylan Black from this crowd are even more evident! He picks Don White up, who is completely out after the pain from Family Time!

Blaylock: Family time... stop it...

Prescott: Just calling it like I see it! Don is out, Dylan sends him headfirst into the grill of the car! If that car had airbags that impact would have definitely set them off! It looks like that car has been in a collision!

Blaylock: Yeah, with Dons head! He's bleeding! Wait what is Black doing now?

Prescott: He is setting Don up on his shoulders. Maybe he wants to go for his own Family Time!

Blaylock: Please...

Prescott: No! He drills Don down to the steel ramp! The Reaper Death Seal!!!

[Danny Ray is just getting up in front of the car, bleeding some now. It is amazing that in an environment this hardcore, he has been able to fight such a clean match. His mother, his wife and his children would all be proud of him as evident by his kids' faces in the front row. Dylan Black picks Don White up, looking to end this fight after the Reaper Death Seal. He sends White towards the front of the car with as much force as he can, just as Danny stands up. He turns, notices Don White coming full speed, and bends down. He is able to flip Don up over him, and he takes a massive bump right on the front windshield of the Camaro, crashing through it.]

Prescott: Don White goes crashing through the windshield! This match is over!

Blaylock: But who won?

Prescott: I'm not sure, Danny kind of instinctively bent down and tossed Don up, but the force was all Dylan!

Blaylock: It has to be Dylan Black, no way that moron Danny Ray won!

[The bell rings, Black, not really seeing what happen hears the bell ring and thinks him throwing Don White worked and that he has won the match.]

LaDawn: Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of the match and new owner of that '81 Camaro... THE FAMILY MAN!!!! DANNNNNNNNYYYY RAYYYYYYYYY!!!!!

Blaylock: What?! NOOO!!!

[The crowd pops big time. Black looks around trying to realize what happened, why he wasn't named the winner. He sees Danny in front of the car and Don laid out on the dash after busting through the window. Danny is just as confused as Dylan but he clearly won the match as he is the one who caused Don to go up, over and through the window.]

Prescott: I can't believe it! Danny Ray has won this match! Danny Ray has won the 1981 Camaro!

Blaylock: He won't even be able to afford to get it fixed!

Prescott: He may be able to with the match earnings, and this will surely get him more work in the future around here! Dylan walks past Danny in disbelief, look.. Danny stops him and is extending his hand. Dylan looks, and shakes it! What a display of sportsmanship!

Blaylock: I think I'm going to be sick.

Prescott: It was a hard fought match, Danny proved that with hard work and dedication, you can acheive great things! And do it cleanly!

[Danny Ray is beside himself with joy. He runs to the front row where his wife and kids are sitting, and while they are a little scared and worried to see blood, he assures them he is fine and gives them all a big hug. A medical team is working on getting Don out of the car without cutting him too bad. The car has been put through the ringer. The trunk is demolished, blood all in the back from Steele, dents all up the side and the front end smashed. The window is now busted completely out with blood splattered all over. As Don is wheeled out, a tow truck comes to tow the car to the back.]

Prescott: What a match! We've got something going on in the back...

Blaylock: Lets see what this might be?

[Maverick walks around in the back, he's getting himself some tea from the kitchen area in the arena. The green room have you. And a shadowy figure from the side comes in... and...]


[Maverick hits the deck, the curtain pulls back and it appears he just met the business end of Debra! "The Prodigal Icon" Bobby Barratt stands over him, curtain pulled back with his trademark snarling grin for all to see. His trusty Debra hangs from his left hand as he picks the beaten Maverick up, throwing him into a cabinet nearby.]


[Maverick hits the metal cabinet hard, bouncing off it to the ground in a heap.]

Barratt: You say The Prodigal Icon needs to grow balls?! Do you know how that feels?! When your best friend dies next to you?! To see him go through the windshield fucking face first?! Bitch!


[Bobby swings into the ribs of Maverick again with Debra.]

Barratt: Boy you seem to think running your mouth on a show will get you somewhere! Well you wrote yourself a cheque that now your arse is going to cash! You have my fucking attention!! And with Rieter... and the hell that will be paid.. you picked the wrong time to fuck with me mate.


[Maverick covers up. He's in no state to defend himself after those vicious strikes, coupled with the match he just fought.]



Barratt: Fuck me?! How about fuck you, bitch?! You know what? Name the time, name the place! No excuses, you found your guy! Rieter has unleashed something no one has ever seen. You, along with him will get the full brunt of my insanity! Good luck!

[With that Barratt leaves Maverick in a bad way. Rieter clearly has serious provoked the "Prodigal Icon" to the point where all bets might be off...maybe forever? He has recovered, he's sore, has a badly busted lip and some bruises, but should be good to go later tonight.]

[After the match concludes... we see the camera panning around to different celebrities! David Beckham is actually in the house! With Victoria. Prince William is here with Duchess Kate... and we even see Andy Murray there enjoying a pint! We also pan over and see ICW's latest signing. Benjamin Allen, looking sharp in a full beard and wearing a nice dress shirt and jeans. He pumps his fist up and the crowd buzzes some around him as he is mildly known from college wrestling. Our next match is upcoming. Duke Kosloff and Steve Dackle!]

Prescott: This folks promises to be a intense matchup. Dackle had his match last week all wrapped up, but ruined it with a outburst of insanity.

Blaylock: For sure Stanley. Duke and Rieter did a number on Barratt earlier. Assholes, but Duke didn't take too much punishment. So here we go!

[Duke's music hits and "Enter Sandman" by Metallica blares. The pulse of Lars Ulrich's beat and Hetfield's rhythm really set the tone. Duke comes out to yellow and red pyro blowing everywhere... He makes his entire walk down to the ring with his arms extended. He gets in the ring and spins around slowly to each side of the crowd can view him. The crowd... boos. The only saving grace for Rieter is that he is born and raised in England. Where Duke is not. This crowd doesn't care that this is Rieter's "boy" now.]

[The first five seconds are the Marines' Hymn before a record scratches and the Pink Floyd song "Money" plays. As the music plays (no vocals) his voice is heard saying "I'm rich", "Kneel before a true man", and "It's ok to be impressed". A "Million Dollar Man-like" laugh can be heard as well. The lights turn to gold (similar to Goldust's theme) and he emerges with Haji pulling the vehicle. At the bottom of the ramp, Haji sets down the cart, goes to the side, and falls to his hands and knees so Dackle can use him as a step. Haji then hops up and disrobes Dackle as he has a looks distainfully at the crowd. They hate him anyways... so he is fitting right in. Both men look up at the chandelier that hangs from the very high rafters in Manchester City Stadium. Duke laughs and Dackle laughs even more.]

Prescott: This match should be interesting. Glass Chandelier match. The 1st of its kind as far as I know.

Blaylock: Bet your ass it is!

Prescott: Basically, someone has to climb a ladder, get this glass chandelier that is 15 feet up and then smash it over the head of the opponent.

Blaylock: Yep! And they must be "wearing" it in order to be pinned/submitted. Pretty crazy huh?

Prescott: Yeah, that thing is easily 4 feet wide. Lets get to it! Here we go!

Blaylock: I guess I'm pulling for Dackle. He seems legit fucking crazy.

Prescott: Duke goes into Dackle, he the holder of the Star in the Bank contract that he fake cashed in earlier for a beatdown on Barratt. Duke pushes Dackle into the corner.

Blaylock: Dackle runs back into Duke! Chest punch! Followed by a spartan kick!

Prescott: Has Duke met his match? In size at least?

Blaylock: Maybe Dackle is 6'5 274 pounds. He's a big dude in his own right.

Prescott: Dackle, on the offensive, sizes Duke up. Duke gets up pretty quickly from the heavy strikes and grapples Dackle. Dackle reverses it into a waist lock. Dackle goes for low blow from behind, but Duke somehow saw it... and hits his own low blow! Dackle falls over. Duke is coming after him now!

Blaylock: Low blow central. Low blow Championship Wrestling! PEOPLE!

Prescott: (chuckle) Yeah. Duke comes to Dackle, picks him up and whips him into the ropes. Duke uses his great power and launches him over the top of his head and it is so high, Dackle's feet actually clip the chandelier!

Blaylock: That was a hell of a elevational drop! Yikes!

Prescott: Dackle is down, but not out. He gets picked up by Duke, and drops to his knees and rolls Duke up...

Blaylock: The referee is saying no. The chandelier must be on the head of the opponent. Dackle starts to get really pissed.

Prescott: Dackle needs to cool it.

Blaylock: He's a joke. He's going to get DQ'd in a Glass Chandelier match! What a loser!

Prescott: Nope, he is letting it go. Duke gets punched. Another chest punch. Belly to belly suplex! Duke goes down, holding his back some. Duke getting back up.

Blaylock: "Blood Stripe" (multiple knee strikes to thigh)! He's really laying on the heat to Duke!

Prescott: Yes he is. Looks like he's getting the best of Kosloff. Dackle whispers something really creepy into Duke's ear and yes... he's going for it!!!

Blaylock: "Semper Fi"!!!! (Razor's Edge) Duke is down! This is shocking! The big olf is down!

Prescott: This is his chance... there goes Dackle! He's going to the outside to get a ladder.

Blaylock: He's setting it up. Here he goes... he'd climbing.

Prescott: He is to the chandlelier part, but he can't get the damn thing off.. it's stuck!

Blaylock: Oh no! Duke is noticing. He knocks off the ladder and is laughing at Dackle!

Prescott: This is going to end very badly... Dackle is dangling!! Duke grabs his legs and pulls him. Dackle grabs the chandelier instinctly and it pops off the metal cable hook somehow!

Blaylock: The wide chandelier is over Dackle's shoulders!!! FUCK!

Prescott: Oh My God! Duke raises up! Electric chair drop!!! The chandelier crashes over his face and shoulders.

Blaylock: He seems to be alright. Just some scratches. Not all of it broke up.

Prescott: Duke is taking some of the glass and he's trying to cut Dackle! The crowd cheers!

Blaylock: Dackle rolls out of the chandelier.

Prescott: Dackle picks it up... and hits Duke in the side of the face with it.

Blaylock: Duke staggers backwards into the corner. Dackle leaps and slams it onto his head!!

Prescott: WOW! Dackle takes it off, and hits a delayed vertical suplex! Cover!




Blaylock: No! Duke kicks out! Duke rises up like a machine almost... and Dackle backs into a corner pleading with him to calm down. Duke jumps!

Prescott: Superman punch!!!

Blaylock: SMASH! Duke smashes the chandelier over Dackle's head! Cover




LaDawn: Your winner by pinfall... and your Star in the Bank holder... DUUUUUKKKEE KOOOOOOOOOOSSSSSSSSSSLLLLOOOOFFFFFFF!!!!

Crowd: BOOOOO!!!!!!!!

[Duke gets the win, but Dackle gets up and Duke picks him up again and chokeslams him!!! Onto the chandelier that rolled off his head! The crowd boos him even more and more. He raises his briefcase and makes a slitting throat gesture that we assume is for Bobby Barratt. We cut to a commerical break.]

[Coming back from commerical, which was a brilliant KFC commercial. Staring Mad Dog Smith in women's clothing..? Yeah it was weird.. we are back! We cut backstage to Maverick being ready to get interviewed. Along with Jack Diamond who are going to be tag partners very soon. Their earned right.]

Stackhouse: I'm here with Maverick and Jack Diamond. You both have a lot in common tonight. You will be a tag team soon and both have crossed paths with Bobby Barratt.

[Brett Stetson comes into the picture briefly and waves. He also steps into the mic.]

Brett: You guys here to interview the "Teen Idol"? I'm right here baby. Are you still with Bobby? Is he keeping you warm at night?

Stackhouse: Ummm

Brett: I'm totally kidding. I gotta go prepare for this match. I've got a Shooting Star title to win!! (winks)

Stackhouse: So as I was saying, Jack you and Maverick will be teaming up together to face Duke/Chaos for the tag team titles next Saturday! Your results here tonight don't interfere with that just announced to me match. What are your thoughts?

Diamond: Maverick here has been really turning it up...

Maverick: Listen to me jackass. I don't need you talking for me. I don't need you saying anything for me. I am Maverick. I am my own person and I'll say and do whatever the fuck I want. Right now... I don't even give a fuck about those tag titles. In this moment I want Barratt's ass!!!

Jack: Look out!!!! Watch it!!!

[Barratt takes another swing at Maverick and completely levels him. He then walks up to Diamond and points the end of the bat at him. He gets closer to him and actually rests the bat on Diamond's chest some. Diamond looks really mad, but chooses the higher ground here.]

Diamond: For the sake of your woman here, I'm going to let you slide... and walk away.

Barratt: Walk away! What the fuck are you on about? I'm right here.

Stackhouse: Honey. Don't. Just go.

[Barratt walks away, and kicks Maverick on the way out. He sees Stetson taking pictures of Jenny's ass from a distance and Barratt swings at him and just misses knocking him the fuck out too! Security is called as the match is almost underway. Barratt and Stetson are separated. The interview drags on briefly.]

Diamond: So yeah, Maverick down there on the floor... (bends down to check on him) and myself are going to win tag gold in just over a week's time.

Stackhouse: Was there any greater meaning to your intervening in the Rieter/Kosloff/Barratt triangle earlier tonight?

Diamond: Are you serious? No. I hate that prick. I just got sick of Rieter and his crap. Besides he was trying to end Barratt's career, and with that little one on the way... (slowly pats the stomach of Jenny)... well he will need his Dad. Professionally? I've kicked Bobby Barratt's ass over and over again. That's all I got to say. I was helping a human being out.

[Diamond walks away, Maverick is getting up and asks Jenny where the prick went. He gets up and sprints towards Bobby's lockeroom...]

Prescott: It looks like Maverick is going to raise some serious hell with Barratt very soon. How much can 1 man take?

Blaylock: Not enough. Maverick is a cocky little prick. The universe has its own way of ironing out morons.

Prescott: Maverick recently won "Most Improved" dumbass. He's on the rise.

Blaylock: Here we go! That's right folks!!! My guy! Barratt defending his title against Brett Stetson! In a glass floor match!!!

[The lights go the crew are almost done fitting in the thick glass plate into the ring. It covers the entire ring. They made a special mat to take out for this match. Out walks Brett Stetson to golden strobe lights! "Famous" blares and the crowd doesn't care too much for him overseas... he is booed some and cheered by others. Brett walks down the long isle in shades and a black leather jacket. He is slapping the hands of the fans and is just having a great time. He gets in the ring, checks his hair out with his hands and winks at a female in the audience. He turns around and is chewing some gum. Blowing a couple bubbles and all that.

The lights go down yet again, and England's own "Prodigal Son" comes out fromt he back. with a small clear bandage on his chin/lower lip area, a bruised eye and a slight limp the reigning "Shooting Star" champion rolls right on out. Slapping the fans hands. They don't give a fuck what he's done here. This is England. Bobby Barratt is "IT" along with all the other UK roster. He gets some boos, probably from his schlacking of Maverick not once.. but twice. Barratt gets in the ring... his purple black elbow pads and boots and solid dark purple tights... he is ready. The rin]

LaDawn: This match is scheduled for one fall...

Crowd: ONE FALL!

LaDawn: And is for the ICW Shooting Star Championship!!! The ring has been replaced by a special glass plate that is 2 inches thick. Introducting 1st... the challenger out of Hollywood, California... "The Teen Idol" Brrrrreeeeeeeetttttttttttttttttt Steeeeetttttsssooonnnn!

[Brett recieves a loud, yet mixed applause.]

LaDawn: And the Champion, out of Walsall, England.... and your reigning, defending ICW Shooting Star Champion of the WOOOOORRRRLDDDD!!!! "The Prodigal Icon", "The Prodigy", "The Icon" BBBOOOOOOOBBBBBYYYYYY BBBBAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAATTTT!

[The crowd absolutely explodes. Purple pyro go off for Barratt and he is in what seems to be tears.]

Prescott: This is just unreal. I've never seen an ovation like this. Maybe for Diamond a couple times. Crazy.

Blaylock: Hey... I can't hear you?

Prescott: He's your guy. Shut up.

Blaylock: What? I can't...

Prescott: Sorry folks... we are experience some technical issues with the audio. The dB level in here is at 107 decibles.

Blaylock: For you out there that don't know what that is... it's like being next to a jet while it is taking off.

Prescott: Yeah. The referee rings the bell. Barratt gives up his Shooting Star title to the ring announcer Scarlett LaDawn and she walks away with it.

Blaylock: This should be fantastic. A glass floor? Is Bobby up to this?

Prescott: He's going to have to be. And you can bet your chickens that Maverick makes and appearance ringside.

Blaylock: Yeah. I bet. Bobby put that on himself. He'll have to brace himself for it!

Prescott: Referee Jason Myers rings the bell and we are off!!!

Blaylock: Barratt is going to be doing some serious damage. It's a shame that Stetson is in the way.

Prescott: Brett Stetson looks around. The crowd is up high, down below and everywhere people. He extends his hand. A handshake!

Blaylock: We don't see many of these...

Prescott: Barratt... extends his hand... and slaps Stetson!

Blaylock: There's the spirit Bobby! Barratt makes me want to get back into the ring.

Prescott: Barratt slaps Stetson again! Stetson grabs Barratt and delivers a stiff shot to the face. Which busts open the already wounded bottom lip of Barratt. Some blood drips.

Blaylock: Stetson is here to fight it seems. He's not backing down at all!

Prescott: The crowd is buzzing Barratt on, who in the states would be hated greatly. Stetson with a vertical suplex!

Blaylock: Nope. Bobby blocks it. And counters with his own snap suplex!

Prescott: Stetson goes down, but gets back up fairly quickly. Barratt looks to capitalize on the burst of momentum. "Iconbreaker"!

Blaylock: Stetson pushes him off as Bobby jumped for it. Stetson the offense here...

Prescott: Brett Stetson with a great irish whip into the ropes, Barratt comes off and slides under Stetson's legs, trips him down and puts on a headlock.

Blaylock: Barratt is really cranking on the headlock. One of the simplest moves in wrestling, often overlooked but very effective. Stetson gets up.. and struggles to break it. Stetson the stronger of the 2 men... has trouble.

Prescott: Stetson lifts Bobby up in the headlock! Back body drop! That loosens the hold.

Blaylock: That glass held up just fine.

Prescott: Yeah I don't see any issues with it. The wrestlers put a spray on their wrestling boot before they came out tonight. Gives them extra traction.

Blaylock: Barratt is obviously not 100% from that bullshit attack earlier. Even though it was almost 2 hours ago, that will wear on a person.

Prescott: True. Bobby is a tough customer.. and looks to retain his title tonight.

Blaylock: Yeah he's tough. He plays dirty when he has to.

Prescott: He better not tonight. This is a singles match with a glass floor idiot.

Blaylock: Look! It's Maverick! Damn him.

Prescott: Indeed we have a wild looking Maverick coming down to ringside. His hair is totally messed up looking at he doesn't look right. He looks twisted almost.

Blaylock: Referee Myers is commanding him to leave. He's insisting he just wants to stick around and watch. My ass...

Prescott: Yeah right.

Blaylock: Maverick gets involved... he needs to be fired.

Prescott: Not going to happen. I'm sure Rieter has nothing to do with him being here.

Blaylock: Seriously? This has Rieter's name all over it.

Prescott: Barratt took a fucking bat to Maverick 2 times tonight you moron.

Blaylock: Oh yeah...

Prescott: Maverick stands at the foot of the long rampway. Watching with his arms crossed.

Blaylock: Stetson tells Maverick to get beat. There ya go kiddo! Get some balls.

[Maverick jumps up on the ring apron and tells Stetson off. Barratt takes a run at Maverick, but Maverick drops off, and Stetson grabs him from behind!! Roll up!] 1



Prescott: No! Barratt just gets a shoulder up. That was almost the title!

Blaylock: You hear this crowd! They were starting to boo big time. I don't don't Maverick is as over here in England as he would be in Ireland. It isn't quite the same.

Prescott: Maybe not. Barratt gets up, grapples with Stetson, Stetson wins the tie up and hits a sidewalk slam!

Blaylock: Damn. Get up damn you!

Prescott: Brett Stetson pointing towards Maverick. He asks the referee to make him leave. The referee states he can't, unless he directly interferes in the matchup.

Blaylock: Idiot. He's giving time for Bobby to recover. Stetson turns around!

Prescott: SIDE EFFECT! Cover!




Blaylock: Stetson gets out. Bobby whips him in the corner...

Prescott: Running knee strike! That really sent him down! Barratt covers!




Blaylock: Too quick Bobby finish him!

Prescott: Barratt picks him up. Barratt hits "Prodigal Arrival"!!!!! Maverick still stalking from the outside like a damn wolf...

Blaylock: Yeah he's a moron. Just a matter of time before he gets involved...

Prescott: Here comes Jack Diamond!

Blaylock: What in the hell. Jack is telling Maverick to come to the back and let the match go. The crowd is buzzing!

[Barratt is in full control in the ring, Maverick is being talked to by Diamond on the outside. Diamond tries to persuade him to let it go, as Barratt has been through complete hell tonight. Jack as always is trying to do the right thing. Maverick low blows Jack and rushes into the ring... in a complete loose cannon style rage. He tries to hit Barratt, but misses, Barratt goes for an spinning clothesline on him, but Maverick is able to duck under the arm of Barratt, Barratt turns around and the referee is waiting for direct interference... he gets it! Maverick hits "Shotgun Rampage" on Barratt.. (V-Trigger) that sends Barratt crumpling to the ground. The crowd boos big TIME! The referee calls for the bell!!! Diamond is still down on the outside but starting to get back up.]

LaDawn: Your winner by disqualification, and STILL ICW Shooting Star Champion!!!!! BOOOOOBBBBYYY BBBBBAAAARRRRRRRRAAAAATTTT!

Crowd: Prodigy! Prodigy!

Prescott: Well there it is folks. Maverick pissed all over this match. Bobby had it well in hand anyways.

Blaylock: What a crock of shit man. Diamond! Do something! He low blowed you! That little bastard!

Prescott: Barratt was devastated by that "Shotgun Rampage" what a move.


[Stetson looks surprised and goes after Maverick, Maverick hits him with a "Shotgun Rampage" too! Diamond is up and perched on the top rope... "Shuffled Deck"!!! And the crowd goes wild!!!! He hits it on Maverick right as he was turning around. The glass cracks some. So much weight on the floor now. Stetson laid out, Barratt still down, Jack standing in the middle not knowing what to do among a frenzy crowd with massive event security everywhere... and Maverick just crushed.]

Prescott: He laid out his future tag partner! They have a match this coming week! For the tag titles! Get it together Jack.

Blaylock: He low blowed the champion. I don't blame him.

[Duke Kosloff comes down to the ring, with Rieter... OH NO! Duke grabs Bobby, picks him up and "Prosperous Bombs" him through the glass from the middle rope! Jack Diamond was struck in the head by Rieter as he was going to prevent Duke from torturing Barratt! Jack is down and out. Jack tried to stop it, but Rieter got in the way and slammed him with the racket. I don't think Jack expected that.]

Prescott: This is OUT OF CONTROL! We need medical pronto! 1/2 of the glass floor is broken. Someone is going to get cut!

Blaylock: This is borderline assault or attempted murder. This is fucking insane. HELP! We've got a partially shattered floor.

Prescott: We need some fucking help out here now...

Blaylock: Look at this bullshit!

[We see Maverick up and laughing his ass off.. like he's just done the devil's will. Rieter extends his arm... and they shake hands!!!! Maverick is in "The Prospering Ones". What a setup! Stetson gets up... he fights back bravely, and the crowd cheers him on, but Rieter hits a "Deadball Kick" on him. Chaos Kid comes running down to the ring as well as Johnny Bulldog. They tend to Stetson and Diamond. And Maverick and Rieter along with Kosloff point and laugh. Diamond is getting up to his knees now, but backs down, in fear for a massive beatdown at the hands of himself and Barratt who is literally almostto ICU state.]

Rieter: Is this what you people want!!!?? Are you not entertained!!!

Crowd: Mostly boos!!!!

Rieter: Listen. This had to happen. Bobby got his nose too far up my ass. Payback is a bitch. You couldn't leave well enough alone could you Bobby? I was done with you, then you went apeshit on Maverick here, who has been doing his very best lately for me. He's a proud Irishmen and I offered him a deal. He come out here and totally fuck you up and he's in "The Propserous Ones", or Prospering Ones.. Whatever. Same thing eh? You wanted your pound of flesh my friend. You got it. I hope you can hear me... so take your %5 prick and stick it straight up your ass!!!!!!

[Medical staff has helped Stetson off, as he limps bravely, but wounded. Maverick/Duke and Rieter all laugh and intimidate Chaos and Johnny Bulldog. Bulldog looks too timid to jump into such intensity before he's had a match, and Chaos has the biggest match of his career coming up, so they are timid to get involved. Diamond also plays it smart, and stays back. Barratt finally turns on his side. His back cut some... and the ring barely hanging on. 1/3 of the ring is intact, and the rest is in a large piece, and maybe 1/4 of the ring is actually shattered. Barratt took the brunt of the punishment here. There's blood everywhere on the glass. It looks horriffic. Diamond's blood, mostly Barratt's and some of Stetson's blood. Chaos lifts Diamond up and help Barratt up to great cheers from the crowd. Rieter tells his "boys" to come on, and they walk away. Is Rieter really twisted? Or better yet does he just want Barratt to simmer the fuck down? Probably the latter.]

[Chaos is pushed away by Diamond, and then Barratt tells him to fuck off. Chaos pushes DIamond and the crowd bursts into a roar, but that match doesn't start just yet. Chaos walks off by himself to prepare for the match, which will take place after a short 15 minutes ring changing mat break. As Barratt and Diamond walk along together, Barratt falls over. Diamond picks him up and Barratt pushes him away. The hold a barely audible conversation as the camera tries to catch up.]

Barratt: Fuck you! ANd fuck all of these people... FUCK!

Diamond: Calm down man. Look, what has happened isn't right. It's completely fucked up. I came out there to help you. Rieter is trying to end your career. He's got some personal vendetta on you. Like you stole Shawn away, you took him away then and then permanently. You know the spill man.

Barratt: You need to get the fuck away from me mate. (Falls down again).

Diamond: Let me help you Bobby... we've had it out, but let me be here for you. You're wild and fucking insane.

[Barratt goes for an "Iconbreaker" but doesn't have the strength to latch onto Jack's head and falls over... Jack calls for medical staff and they stretcher him off to the back...the Crowd chants "Barratt"!!! over and over. As we cut to our FINAL commerical break...]

[We come back from commerical break, which was a Scott Stapp tour commercial and another commercial from Pepsi. This time it was a taco bell commericial. It stated stay up late, eat late.. taco bell! We cut to the back for a quick segment that is going down. It is the "The Properous Ones".]

Rieter: Look mates. We need to lay low, the heat is extreme. We really really put Barratt through the ringer. Big time. That twat surely won't be fucking with us much longer if ever again. Not like he has been.

Duke: Will do boss. So what about his title? I want to cash in tonight.

Rieter: I can be a deviant, but come on pal. You really want to cash in with him like this? It would be comical.

Duke: When do I cash in? I want his belt. I deserve it.

Rieter: I told you. Later. Relax. We fucking crushed those clowns tonight. Stetson was in the way, Diamond deserved it for being a smug prick and Barratt, well I don't have to spell it out. For this title match. I want you guys to lay low. Don't interfere. We've fucked with things enough. It is all Barratt's fault and he's made his bed of nails. He's sleeping in them now. Relax. Take the ICW credit card and go have a drink man. I'll be in my office. I've got security... it's all good mates.

Maverick: Fuck yea! Con we git whutver we wont? We need ta get some ale mate.

Rieter: Yeah man. Whatever you'd like. Duke easy on the Vodka. Go out, it's still what? before 10pm? Keep it to under 2,000 pounds. That is your limit. I'm sure that will work out for a few hours of entertainment...

Duke: Sure thing boss. Vodka..

Rieter: I was going to say, easy on the damn Vodka. I need my future Shooting Star Champ strong and clear headed. We'll cash in soon. And it will go our way.

Maverick: What about me? Me Me!

Rieter: Maverick, you will be my understudy. Right now, like I told Duke, chill out man. Relax. GO party with Duke and whoever else. Maybe take Johnny Bulldog for a spin. He seems game. Do not go over 2,000 pounds. Or I'll be pissed off. For now... party, later on you've got that tag team title match with Diamond. Buckle up. This will be one hell of a ride!

[The scene ends with Maverick and Duke looking happy and relaxed... going out to party. Rieter locks his door behind him, but orders 2 security guards at his office as he finishes up a mountain of paperwork and the sorts....]

Prescott: I guess Rieter feels bad about almost killing Barratt tonight.

Blaylock: Yeah too right man. What a bitch. If the money wasn't so good, and if Bobby wasn't the greatest thing ever I'd quit.

Prescott: We are on air idiot.

Blaylock: Oh yeah... opps.

Prescott: We've got Chaos Kid vs. Jack Diamond for all the marbles in ICW!

Blaylock: I can't wait!!!

[In the 15-20 minutes that has passed since the complete train wreck that occured with Stetson, Diamond, Barratt, Maverick, Rieter and Kosloff... along with Bulldog... we've got the crowd calmed down and ready to push through in another wave of cheers and energy exhausting wrestling. Chaos Kid's music hits. "Break Stuff" by Limp Bizkit hits, he walks out, his arms are bandaged up, both of them. He raises them up high to the sky, and the crowd erupts. Blue and white lights shutter over and over. He crosses his arms, then runs to the ring. Slapping fan's hands along the way. He runs into the ring and slides in. The crowd is very excited for the homeland hero! All of the UK people are heroes to these people!

"Ace of Spades" blares, and our walks Jack Diamond in dark shades, a leather jacket and black tights. Green and white smoke fill the area and he struts out with his collar flipped up. He shakes the hands of a couple fans and gets in the ring. Eyes up Chaos Kid who is pacing back and forth anxiously.]

LaDawn: The following contest has no rules, the only way to win is by somehow touching with 2 hands and grabbing off the ground or off the spire. Doing so will crown you the ICW World Heavyweight Champion. The belt will be hung on the top narrow spire of the Glass Castle that is being wheeled to the ring as we speak.

[The castle comes down to the ring, and it bigger than originally thought. It sparkes and shimmers in the light. There's PLENTY of space for it at the lower ramp area. The referee climbs a ladder and takes Jack's World title and hangs it up on the top spire. It will be hard to get to for sure.]

LaDawn: Introducting 1st, from None of your business, England.... and #1 contener for the ICW World title!!!! And 1/2 of the ICW tag team champions!!!!! CCCCHHOAAAAAAAAAAAAASAASSS KIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIDD!!!!!!!


Prescott: What a reception! Awesome!

Blaylock: Yeah it really is special. I don't know who to pick in this match!


Crowd: Lets go Diamond... Lets go Kid!!!! (over and over)

Prescott: The crowd is leaning towards Chaos Kid, but they respect Jack Diamond more than ever after his brave and heroic actions here tonight for sure.

Blaylock: Respect is what both of these guys bring. You do have to question the heart of Chaos Kid. Jack said he was heartless and all that.

Prescott: I think Chaos has plenty of heart and we'll see it tonight.

Blaylock: The referee calls for the bell! HERE WE GO!!!!

Prescott: Remember folks, there's no rules in this match, only medical staff on standby. It's whoever grabs the title. Anything goes.

Blaylock: I love it!!!

Prescott: Diamond walks to the middle of the ring and offers a handshake.

Blaylock: Don't do it Chaos! It's a trap!!!

Prescott: Chaos reaches out hesitantly but finally grabs the hand. Jack jerks it hard to him and hugs Chaos... out of respect.

Blaylock: That makes me sick. Get on with it.

Prescott: Oh shut it. These are two fan favorites and it is a great sportsmanship act.

Blaylock: They break apart finally. Get a room! Fuck!!

Prescott: Diamond and Chaos grapple, Diamond breaks it and goes to a take down from behind. Chaos scrambles out.

Blaylock: Both men are jawing already. Jack got the takedown but Chaos got away.

Prescott: Diamond reaches out his hand and grabs Chaos, they do the same with the other hand and battle.. their power matched... Diamond gets the slight upperhand, and arm drags Chaos down!

Blaylock: Into a arm bar!

Prescott: No Chaos gets out and gets to his corner. The crowd is eating this up!

Blaylock: Boy are they!

Prescott: Both men jawing some more. They get closer and closer step by step and their noses touch... Chaos is getting heated, I can make our the words heartless by Jack, and Chaos loses it. He throw a right, Jack blocks, and hits Chaos with his own right.

Blaylock: Chaos looking tough so far, Diamond totally in his element of the big match. He's been there and done that. As much as I hate this fucker.

Prescott: Chaos Kid, takes another right. Then some chops... Diamond is going wild with chops!!! Chaos staggers into the corner.

Blaylock: Dropkick by Diamond! heavy!

Prescott: Chaos is down. He rolls out of the ring and goes for a chair. Diamond stops him and rolls him back in the ring.

Blaylock: Seems like Diamond wants a clean match so far. Interesting.

Prescott: Chaos Kid sizes up Diamond once more. They lock up. Chaos with a takedown from behind, goes for "CDM"!!!

Blaylock: No. Diamond twists out before it is locked in! Chaos hits a snap suplex on Diamond quickly.

Prescott: DIamond hops right back up though and runs into a clothesline!

Blaylock: Diamond looking kinda weak out there right now.

Prescott: Well he's had his hands full tonight. Boxing scrap jabs from CHaos, they land on Diamond's chin. Diamond falls.

Blaylock: Look! He's going for a ladder!

Prescott: Chaos sets up a ladder on the outside. The Glass Castle is set up about 8 feet from the ringside at the foot of the ramp.

Blaylock: It does look beautiful. With the ultimate GOLD prize up top!

Prescott: Diamond gets to Chaos as the ladder is partially set up, the locks not engaged. The braces I mean.

Blaylock: This could end quickly! Real quick!

Prescott: Diamond whips Chaos into the post. He hits it and flys off into the metal gates in the ringside area. Fans are slapping his back! They love it!

Blaylock: I've never seen a crowd so into this.

Prescott: Diamond is starting to climb the ladder. Chaos runs right to him. Chaos pulls him off... the ladder teters some but doesn't fall.

Blaylock: This is wild. Chaos is desperate. Chaos runs Jack back in the ring. Like a mule!

Prescott: Chaos whips Jack into the ropes, jack comes off...enziguri!!! No!!!

Blaylock: What a counter!! He ducked it and just waited!!!

Prescott: "Stacked Deck"!!!!! CHAOS HITS A STACKED DECK ON DIAMOND!!!!

Blaylock: Oh my God. This could be over! Look! He's screaming about heartless... he's mad!

Prescott: Chaos locks in CDM to punish Diamond. Diamond struggles to get out, but can't... Jack reaches over and low blows Chaos to get some separation!

Blaylock: That isn't like Diamond! A low blow! That's cheating!

Prescott: Anything goes Steven. It is unlike Diamond though. Strange. I guess you gotta do what ya gotta do?

Blaylock: I love it!

Prescott: Diamond scoots himself to the corner to catch his breath and nerves. Chaos really pissed off tries to pick Diamond up with "Chaos Bomb"!!! YES!!!

Blaylock: NO! Diamond collapsed it and it now on top of Chaos landing rights and lefts!!!

Prescott: Chaos turns it over... they are really going at it! Diamond gets up and goes to the corner. Waiting for Chaos to get back up.

Blaylock: Here he comes! Swinging neckbreaker! Perfectly done!!!

Prescott: Diamond in control now, whips Chaos into the corner. "Diamond Splash"!!!! And... yes!!! he gets it!

Blaylock: Chaos falls over. Diamond laboring himself gets out of the ring and starts to climb the ladder rungs slowly. The crowd is pumping up that jerk Chaos!

Prescott: They are cheering him on big time! Diamond is at the top rungs, Chaos finally stirs over!

Blaylock: Get him Chaos!! Keep this baby going! Or better yet! Through his ass through that Castle! I want to see it smashed! YES!

Prescott: Jack is reaching for his belt. He gets a hand on it.... the ladder is positioned sideways!!!

Blaylock: Chaos jumps up on the other side. Diamond trying to reach for his title... he's got one hand on it...

Prescott: They may tip this thing over!! Watch out! WOW!

Blaylock: Chaos is up there now. They are trading shots... whoever falls off might lose this match! FUCK ME!

Prescott: Diamond and Chaos each wearing thin. Back and forth they go. the crowd really crazed. They go one rung higher!

Blaylock: They are now in great position to grab the belt now! Either of them! OH MAN!


Blaylock: What in the fuck?

Prescott: Both men go crashing through the 15 foot high castle made of glass... it is thin glass, but it must be cutting them like crazy!

Blaylock: It is... both men are totally wiped out! Lets see a replay of that.

[The replay shows then trading shots and both men are exhausted. Diamond locks in the head of Chaos from the 2nd from the top rung, and lands the "Stacked Deck" cutter through the spire that held the title. Chaos took more impact, but Diamond also slammed back first through glass. Shards are everywhere... both men have minor cuts all over them!!! The castle is 80% demolished!!!]

Prescott: DAMN YOU RIETER for booking this match!

Blaylock: I love it! They'll be alright!!! Look the title landed on the ramp, about 4 feet in front of Diamond!

Prescott: Diamond is going to retain... he is reaching, starting to scoot through the glass!!! He's maybe 2 feet away from his belt. This place is in a fever pitch!!!!

Blaylock: No!! "CDM"!!!!! CHAOS LOCKS IT IN!!! 2 feet from the belt!!!!

Prescott: He's going to wear Diamond out and then grab the belt when he passes out of weakens to the point of no return!!!

Blaylock: This is incredible... Chaos is really sinking it in! How did he find the courage or awareness to even lock that in that pile of glass!?

Prescott: How is that for heart? Jackasses.

Blaylock: Chaos with CDM! FUCK THIS IS OVER! He's going to win! We're going to have a new champion!

Prescott: Jack is fading... slowly.. Chaos is really cranking with that CDM move. HE's screaming out he's putting it on so hard. He's cutting his own elbows in the process.

Blaylock: No, those bandages... smart fucker.

Prescott: Jack is tapping out!!! He's tapping by instinct!!!

Blaylock: Chaos hasn't won anything though! Listen to this crowd MY GOD!

Prescott: Chaos releases the hold. Jack Diamond is very very weak, still conscious though. Chaos about just over 2 feet away, is crawling with his chin and elbows... he gets one hand on the title!!! We're going to have a new champion!!!

Blaylock: He's not there yet.. Diamond is coming to....


Blaylock: MY GUY YES!

Prescott: Barratt is limping down to the ring... really laboring. It's only been maybe 45 minutes since his match!!!

Blaylock: "Iconbreaker" to Chaos!!!!

Prescott: MY GOD!!! Barratt with an "Iconbreaker" on Chaos Kid!!! What in the hell!!!??

Blaylock: Look!! Chaos is knocked out!!!

Prescott: Diamond looks up and sees a badly bruised, beaten and bloody Barratt with dried blood all over him.. some bandages hanging off him... Barratt picks up the title that lays 2 feet from Diamond, and throws it to him. With a wink.

Blaylock: Diamond WINS!!!! DIAMOND WINS!!!!


Prescott: Why did Barratt come down here?

Blaylock: Maybe he was repaying the favor? Diamond has stepped in and helped Barratt out not once, but twice. Especially tonight when they were trying to tear him apart. What a bunch of bullshit!

Prescott: Look they are saying something. Lets get in there... and get some audio!

[The cameras switch over in tight and audio comes in barely among the great cheers and boos that are mixed in. The crowd was swerved. They thought they had a new champion for sure!!!]

Diamond: Man... (cough)... your.. the.. last person.. I... thought I'd see... thanks.

Barratt: (groans) Look mate. I expect a shot. And soon. I'm just returning the favor. You saved my career tonight. You're still a prick, but thank you.

Diamond: (cough)... you'll get your shot. ... i don't know how or when man.. I'm done.

[Bobby reaches out his hand, and barely is able to pick up Jack. They both hobble in their stance... and the crowd goes absolutely fucking insane!!!! Barratt holds up Diamond's hand... and then walks away... and falls over midway to the lockeroom! Medical staff rush him on a stretcher and take him away. They help Diamond to the dressing room too... as we almost go off the air.]

Prescott: This is Stanley Prescott signing off tonight! What a show! Are Barratt and Diamond a team? What is going on?

Blaylock: I doubt it.. Bobby was doing Jacko a solid. He earned that respect for sure tonight! Goodbye and thanks for watching!!!