June 10th @ 10 PM CST
St. Croix Valley Recreational Center
Green Bay, WI
Capcity: 2,500

(Again, please click the video above and listen to it as you read the opening to the show!)

[The shot opens up from a somewhat dimly lit recreation center in Stillwater, Minnesota which is the homebase of ICW and the personal living area for ICW Owner Shawn Rossdale. The crowd is really intense and there's a clear buzz in the air. We see a poster flash on the screen that shows the Main Event which features ICW World Champion "The Ace of Spades" Jack Diamond take on 4 time defending Ironman Champion "El Cazador" Sebastian Steele. Then we see an abtract poster that has a cleaner side of it that features Longboat and Stetson, which seem like an unique pairing, but an effective pairing none the less. On the messier side of the well done graphical poster we see Bobby Barratt and Jericho Kade. Who should have a tag team name for themselves, but don't. The recreational center is not too big, it has a indoor soccer field and 2 sheets of ice. The 2 ice sheets are in separate rooms divided by a temporary retractable wall, which has been pulled back and all the way done. The ice hasn't been laid, and in it's place , in the middle of where the wall would be is the ICW ring. A ring, while in a small dim lit recreational center looks as brilliant as a ring that could be anywhere. It looks the part and enhances the setting very much so. The last poster we see if the opening match of Aaron Acheston and Ari Naxt. Will Ari finally be able to win a match? He's had the toughest strength of schedule without a doubt so far. "Enemy" by Sevendust continues playing as we see last week's highlights, as soon as the song ends with the montage of posters for tonight and a crammed highlight reel in orange/black hue no other than ICW Owner Shawn Rossdale comes out.]

Stanley Prescott: Welcome to a special version of ICW, we're calling it BANKRUPT! Should be a nice little show for you all tonight as Spectacle is being delayed 1 week!

Steven Blaylock: How is it being delayed? Doesn't Shawn Rossdale know what he's doing? He doesn't have control over anything here..

Prescott: You know he signs your checks right? Relax. So, Bankrupt is live! Only on TNT! And here comes our Owner, Shawn Rossdale!

[The song continues to play as Shawn walks down and gets in the ring. The walk is very short and seems small time stuff for a promotion such as ICW. Shawn calmly walks out, wearing a dark blue suit with a orange tie, his hair pulled back into a bun and after waving to some fans who are pretty excited about the up close feel of the show he starts to talk over the center's less powerful PA system, which if the crowd weren't quiet, it would be hard to hear him, but they simmer down...]

Shawn Rossdale: Thank you for such a warm reception here in MY HOMETOWN... STILLWATER, MINNESOOOOTA!

Crowd: ICW! ICW! ICW!

Rossdale: You're all too kind. Really. Thank you so much. Some of you might wonder why I decided to have our #4 rated TNT program on such a small scale? Why not do the Target Center in Minnie? Why not just sellout another 7-9,000 arena? Well that is simple. I love my city, I love ICW, and I love you people!

Crowd: RAAAHHHH!!! (Whistles, Cheers and the occasional "Hell yeah!"

Rossdale: Despite the efforts of a few people not to be named, I have decided that I will hold a tournament "soon" where the winners of specific matches will advance to fight other winners for the ICW WORLD title #1 Contendership!!

Prescott: Wow, there you have it... in a couple weeks we'll get the ICW #1 Contender for the World title...

Blaylock: Who cares? He's just going to handpick whoever he wants...

Rossdale: Depending on how things work out... it will be two 1 on 1 matches where the winners will fight for the #1 spot. Also, I wanted to state that We are at a sellout capacity. We had to turn away 1,000s of people tonight that were trying to buy tickets and get in. It was an incredible response. ICW wouldn't be anything without it's fans. I can't say how thankful I am. I grew up here, skated on these ponds and dreamed of one day becoming an professional hockey player or wrestler... well we all see how that worked out. My career was good, but injuries forced me to end it early. I could still go, but it just isn't worth it. (winks)

Prescott: I wonder if that is a call out to Bobby Barratt?

Blaylock: Of course it is! He's just screw Barratt out of the match with some BS interference or something. This guy is twisted as they come.

Rossdale: Anyways, that is about all from me tonight. I'll be in the back chatting with some fans and signing some autographs, but this place isn't about me. It is about our FANS and our roster, even if they are disfunctional. So please give a warm welcome to our ICW World Champion "The Aces of Spades"... Jack... Diamond!!!!

["The Ace of Spades" plays as Jack walks out with his world title up on his shoulder. He's got a very satisfied smirk on his face and points to the crowd. Walks up to a couple fans behind the metal gate and signs something for them. He then gets into the ring while Shawn shakes his hand and says "it's all yours mate" to him. Jack looks to be insisting on Shawn sticking around. Shawn agrees and stands next to him, hands Jack the mic...]

Jack Diamond: Thank you for such an awesome opening Shawn. Really. Let's have it everyone for SHAWN ROOOSSSDALE!

Crowd: RAHHH!!!!!!!

Diamond: I'm proud to your ICW Champion. Shawn has had a hard time so far with Barratt and Kade. Mostly Bobby Barratt.


Diamond: Yeah I know. He's a fool isn't he. Hmm no show from Barratt? He's probably not here or his big entitled mouth would be out here running it non stop. I wanted to just say to you Shawn, that I've got your back. I'm not going to sit back as Champion and watch chaos unfold any longer. Before I wasn't sure where I stood, and didn't want to meddle, but now it is clear that someone has to have the Owner's back. That's me.

Rossdale: That is quite nice of you mate. Thank you. You don't have to involve yourself. Barratt's contract and such makes things very very difficult for me. He's basically untouchable through November. (Gives the single mic back to Diamond)

Diamond: I know it. I insist. You're a great CEO/Owner and you need someone to have your back my friend.

Rossdale: Okay, that sounds good. Thank you.

Diamond: But please know... if you ever decide to cross me... you won't be in the Bullet Club, and I'll never forget it Mr. Rossdale...

[Jack gets in Shawn's face and has a couple words. They seen borderline intense, and each man shows his respect, Jack grabs Shawn's hand and they shake. Jack seems to be intense, but loyal through and through. He seems concerned a little about being in the corner of Shawn Rossdale only to get screwed later? Why? Shawn has been nothing but standup. He's actions with Barratt must be overlooked considering the circumstances. After the hand shake Shawn pats Jack on the back and starts to leave. He walks to the back as Diamond continues...]

Diamond: Now, people of Stillwater! Are you all ready to be apart of the Diamond Club??!!!

[The crowd reaction is overbearing as they love Jack Diamond here... and after his mostly positive gesture towards to the hometown Owner... they eat everything he says up.]

Diamond: You guys are great. I have no doubt in my mind that I'll continue to be your ICW CHAMPION! I'll do my best and not sure that Steele has what it takes, as I'm taking that Ironman Championship from him tonight!


[Jack smiles, takes a bow and exits the ring and heads to the back...]

Prescott: Well that was very intersting to say the least folks.

Blaylock: Yeah it was, Shawn came out to thank the fans, and kick off the show, and brought out Jack Diamond. Those 2 are up to something...

Prescott: I don't think so. He just introduced his Champion, his upper level guy. Nothing wrong with that.

Blaylock: Yeah but Diamond bought out that show a few weeks back, to make it the 1st ever sell out... he wins the rumble come on man. Rossdale's got his Champion picked out.

Prescott: There's no basis for any of that. He brought out his Champion, and Jack offered to have our Owner's back... wouldn't you like to have someone watching your back with Barratt and Kade running around? I mean how ridiculous is that?

Blaylock: My guys are a little much sometimes yeah, but they just want what they deserve... respect and a fair shake man. What's the big deal? Can't a guy have a clean fair match in this place? Trust me. Rossdale and Diamond are in it together...

Prescott: If you say so. Shawn didn't do anything to align himself with Diamond. That was all on Jack's behalf.

Blaylock: Maybe you're right, but it smells... fishy. Our 1st match is coming up. We've been waiting for the word to start...

[After the word is given from Lucas Rieter in the back the 1st match begins. While the venue is small, and has that dim lit look of an "trying to make it" wrestling promotion... the feel of it isn't anything close to that resembalance. The air has a buzz about it... it is almost as loud as some of the other places ICW has been with the 2,500 sold out crowd and the smaller space. First out is Ari Naxt who slowly walks to the ring looking a bit off kilter as usual but slides into the ring and lays in the corner.]

[The lights in the rec. center fade to black. "Change" by Deftones hits the airwaves as Aaron Acheston appears at the entrance way of the locker area. The lights fade to purple then black. When they turn back to normal.. Aaron Acheston appears in the middle of the ring staring into the camera. A few moments pass before the music fades and Aaron turns his focus on the match, but Ari Naxt attacks him before the bell can even sound. Our referee is Charles Lee Ray.]

Prescott: Ari Naxt attacks Acheston... he's pummeling him.

Blaylock: So what did you expect? A handshake like those 2 inner circle clown from earlier?

Prescott: Ari Naxt is continuing to beat the hell out of Acheston! He's not letting up!

Blaylock: This match might not even happen people.

[Charles Lee Ray threatens to DQ Naxt and give the win to Acheston, but Naxt starts to laugh and backs to his corner. Once Acheston is up, he's bleeding from his lips. Lee Ray asks if he wants to continue, or take the DQ for the prematch attack. Acheston says he wants to win this match legitimately and says he wants to go full on. Lee Ray sounds for the bell... and we're off!]

Prescott: What bravery... he could of taken the win, but he decided to actually fight it out.

Blaylock: He's a fool. You take the win whenever you can get it.

Prescott: Ari comes in full throttle and lands a SPEAR!

Blaylock: That's all this dude does.. spear this and spear that.. like can I have a pickle spear too?

Prescott: He's got more than that! Naxt with a bulldog!

Blaylock: Okay so that is 2 moves. Big deal...

[Naxt pummels Acheston badly. He's got him in the corner just kicking him like crazy. Lee Ray is threatening a DQ again and tells him the next time he crosses the line he's done. Ari smiles at him and then goes into a rage, by whipping Acheston into the corner and crushing him with another spear!!]

Blaylock: Give me a pickle spear! Love that spear!... (sarcastically)

Prescott: Oh stop it. Ari is dismantling Acheston. No matter how he does it.. he's dominating.

Blaylock: I'd hope so. The guy is 0-5... what a total joke. He should be fired for his horribleness... yeah.. horribleness!

Prescott: He's lost to Don White, who's a great veteran, lost to our ICW Champion Jack Diamond twice, was screwed out of a match in one of those by Diamond.. then lost a very close tag match too. He's in the mix, just he's been short.

Blaylock: Yeah he's short alright...

[As Prescott and Blaylock were bickering in a somewhat unprofessional way over TNT broadcasting... Ari is able to grapple Acheston once more and toss him into the corner. He goes for a superkick, but misses. Acheston is able to duck underneathe and comes in with a spinning heel kick that hits Naxt in the jaw. Naxt staggers back and regains himself with the dazing shot. He goes for another spear like a madman, misses and instead of going through the ropes, he's able to drop to his knees, spin around and as Acheston tries to hit a leg lariat, Naxt catches him and hits a side powerbomb type move. Unorthodox but it gets the job done. Cover!]




Prescott: Almost a fall!

Blaylock: Look I've got nothing about the guy, but wow is he screwed up.

[Naxt pulls Acheston up and whips him into the corner, Acheston ducks under a clothesline just barely, stops and as he turns around Naxt grabs him and hits a quick fisherman's suplex!]




[Another close one. He picks up Acheston and screams "They all fall down my boy" loudly as the center boos him passionately. Naxt then takes Acheston and jumps up and hits a fairly sloppy hurricanrana. The move is enough to lay waste to Acheston. Ari stands over him... and starts laughing and screaming at Acheston as he gets down on his belly and yells into the ear of Acheston. Aaron rolls over and gets a weak shot in on Ari, but Ari stands up and starts stomping him as he screams "THEY ALL FALL DOWN" over and over. The referee breaks it up, and tells Ari to go to his corner.]

Prescott: Oh no... as Ari Naxt might get his 1st victory... this is happening... Who is that guy?

Blaylock: Remeo King my friend, and he's going after Naxt!

[Remeo King jumps up on the apron, but Naxt is able to spear him off the apron before he can even enter the ring, King goes flying backwards, and the referee lets it play on. King goes down hard on the outside. Ari licks his lips and picks up Acheston. Gives him a kiss ont he forehead and "EYE OF EVIL"!!!]

Prescott: This is a devastating move. Takes time to get through it... but if he gets the time, it's over.

Blaylock: Get up King... get him!

[Acheston is screaming in pain... he doesn't give after 15 seconds or so, so Naxt finishes it off with a fall away cutter with an emphatic thud. Cover.]




Scarlett LaDawn: And your winner... by pinfall. "Blood Bane"... Ari Naxt!!!

Prescott: What a dominate performance.

Blaylock: Yeah Ari came for real today. He's still a cracko wacko.

Prescott: Cracko wacko? Really?

Blaylock: Hey.. blame him. Wait! King is up on the apron again!

[Naxt wins! Just after his official announced win, Remeo King jumps up on the apron again and is making an issue with Ari Naxt. Ari dares him to come in as Acheston rolls underneathe the bottom rope to some medical staff as he's badly hurt. Acheston showed great resilience, but just didn't have it tonight. King starts to get in but as he does... the crowd is going crazy. Ari points behind him... King turns around and Duke "Soviet Bombs" Remeo King off the apron onto the padded mat!!! Massive!]

Prescott: Are you kidding me? This is going to get out of hand. Look! Mandy Joe and Alexis Grace are with them... along with Levi Kosloff too!

Blaylock: I think you're right! We need help damnitt! This Soviet Connection thing is getting dangerous out here!

[King is done... that "Soviet Atom Bomb" from the apron was enough. Acheston is being helped off and Duke walks up to them, the medical staff run, and Duke grabs Acheston... and clotheslines him violently as Naxt starts to clap. Mandy, Alexis (who hasn't had a match yet) and Levi all get in the ring. Duke follows. They all raise their hands as "Enter Sandman" plays and then morphs into "Blue Monday". They exit the ring shortly as we cut to commericial break.]

[We come back from commerical to see Shawn in his smaller than normal office with Rieter. The two are relaxing with a nice can of Canada Dry Ginger Ale. Everything is going smoothly... he's let the Soviet Connection do their thing, but hasn't forgotten it. He needs the ratings.. they will get dealt with soon. For now they chat.]

Rossdale: Yeah mate... that Barratt can piss off man. I'm trying to let the heat die down.

Rieter: Does he even know where we're set up at?

Rossdale: No. But it shouldn't be too hard for that fool to spot us out. Door is locked. I don't want anymore trouble from him. I was very unprofessional last week.

Rieter: I'll say...

Rossdale: We need to think about the women's division, we need some more women for that.

Rieter: A lot of women are afraid to sign. I've had a few come close, but with Ari Naxt, Duke and Barratt and Kade running around like a circus they don't want any part of that.

Rossdale: Can't blame them a bit can we now?

[They look at eachother and take a drink of their crisp tasting ginger ale. Shawn isn't too fancy, but he can be when he chooses to.]

Rossdale: What about Don White? He did something quite strange last week.

Rieter: Yeah I couldn't figure that one out. I think he's slid off to the dark side or something. This whole "Strangeland" maybe that is a real thing?

[The door gets pounded on.]

Rossdale: Yes?

St. Croix Center Manager: Mr. Rossdale it's James. Please let me in. Something has come up.

Rieter: Bobby Barratt doesn't have a gun to your head does he?

James: No. No. Let me in now.

[They let him in and Rieter locks the door immediately. (Crowd chuckles) James sits down and they chat.]

James: I've got some bad news Mr. Rossdale. I was going over some of our stuff for tomorrow night's youth hockey game and I noticed in one of our storage closets that someone has destroyed several things... including the glass to our popcorn maker, and several chairs were thrown around. This is unacceptable Mr. Rossdale.

Rossdale:... Oh boy. What is the damage? How much?

James: Well the popcorn glass is going to cost about 300 dollars to replace, cabinets have dents, and just various damage all around.. it is going to come out to about 800 dollars.

Rossdale: Lucas..

Rieter: I'll write you a check. Come with me.

[Lucas gets out the ICW check book and writes a check. Shawn apologizes and feels very embarassed. He believes Bobby Barratt has done this... and hell will be paid.]

Prescott: Well we've just witnessed some insanity. Apparently Bobby Barratt and maybe Jericho Kade have trashed a storage closet here in the St. Croix Rec Center.

Blaylock: Who cares? This place is a dump anyways. Why are we even having a show here...

Prescott: This is a great facility. It has great charm. The people are great here.

Blaylock: I hope they trash Rossdale's office too. He's got all the "good" guys in his pocket I think. Including Jack Diamond!

Prescott: Oh no... not that.

[We cut to the backstage area and Jenny Stackhouse is on hand.]

Jenny: Here we are with one of the teams featured in the upcoming contest to crown the inaugural ICW Tag Team Champions. Last week the match up was completed when Bret Stetson and Longboa-

Bobby: Well, helloooo there, Miss Stackhouse

[Jenny knows the voice and she looks uncomfortable instantly. Even a little scared.]

[Bobby Barratt and the ICW Shooting Star Champion Jericho Kade come strolling into shot. Arrogant as ever. Barratt's eyes practically undressing Jenny with every step.]

Jenny: You can't be here! Shawn told me he would keep us apart!

Barratt: Darling, didn't you get the memo? The Prodigy and The Shooting Star Champ own this place! We can do whatever want and your little cuck boyfriend can only watch!

[Jenny looks taken aback.]

Blaylock: Its my guys! You know they have a point. Shawn can't fire Barratt and he knows it! They're untouchable!

Prescott: Correction, he can't fire Barratt. Kade is very much fireable and he knows it!

Blaylock: You don't fire Mr. ICW! Number one ranked superstar, Shooting Star Champion, do you have no head for business?!

Kade: When you carry this title, the contract that stipulates you can't be fired and a chip on your shoulder, there's nothing that can stop you, Jenny! Tonight we face Bret Stetson and Longboat on Bankrupt, in order to crown the first ICW Tag Team Champions, these guys haven't been here five minutes, yet they got handed the opportunity to stand across the ring from us!

Barratt: Not only that, but Rossdale STACKED the deck against us by appointing Kade's new BFF, Lucas Rieter as the special referee! One screw job wasn't enough, costing us a shot at the ICW Championship! He had to go get his fingers wet again and get in on the action tonight!

Jenny looks horrified. She's not used to this kind of language and Barratt just makes her uneasy, especially when he's accompanied by Kade, who seems to make his behaviour worse.

Barratt: Now Lucas, we don't care what happened with you and Kade last week. That was business. It was heat of the moment and doesn't need talking about again. We just want to say this right now... if this match gets called anything but right down the middle, then business becomes personal! You don't want to get mixed up in Rossdale's business. You know this deep down.

Kade: Damn right! If you even dare screw us tonight, if you hand those titles to those two green-behind-the-ears guys who came to wrestling as a second choice, then you burn with ICW! You burn with Rossdale! Consider that a threat!

Barratt: Whoa! Bro, we don't do threats! But Lucas, you can consider what he said a warning! Don't...get...involved in what you can't handle.

Barratt/Kade: We'll see you later, darling.

Jenny is at arms length, holding the Mic out far enough she doesn't get too close to these two. Barratt and Kade high gave each other and go back to talking about their business as they exit shot.

Prescott: Now those two jokers are off our screen, now for our next match! I just hope Miss Stackhouse is ok!

Blaylock: Oh, come on! Did you see her face! She's loving the attention! She'd love nothing more than to spend some quality time with my guys!

[The next match starts to happen... we first see Lucas Rieter stroll down to the ring, the walk is again... brief and he gets in. Moderate applause happens for Rieter. He waves to the crowd.]

Prescott: Remember folks our General Manager Lucas Rieter is going to be the special guest referee.

Blaylock: This is completely uncalled for. He's got the match setup. No way Barratt and Kade win this. No way.

Prescott: I'm sure he'll call it down the middle Steven.

[While Lucas' music still plays, Bobby Barratt and Jericho Kade's music interrupt Rieter's music. "MotherF**ker of the Year" plays and they both come out bouncing up and down ready to roll.]

Prescott: I guess that damaged knee is just fine...

Blaylock: Nothing can slow down my guys. Except for a twisted salty referee. He deserved that hit through the table last week. He's jerking aroung too much.

Prescott: We're live you know? I'm sure Shawn is listening.

[Lucas looks pissed that his entrance was tainted by these 2 clowns. They cockily get in the ring, Barratt first, then Kade. They both get in Rieter's face and Lucas threatens to DQ the match and award it to Stetson/Longboat right now if they lay a finger on him. They don't touch him and back up. Lucas gives them thumbs up sarcastically and Jericho Kade points at Lucas and tells him to call it fair and down the middle. Lucas walks over and assures them both that despite the history between himself, Shawn Rossdale and them, he'll call the match fair, and down the middle.]

["Famous" by Puddle of Mudd hits and the crowd goes from mostly boos and chatter to an standing ovation as Stetson and Longboat come out together. "Hey Hey Hey" the crowd chants while "Famous" blows up. The crowd becomes electricfied and Barratt and Kade start to whisper in each other's ear things. Stetson walks down intently, but does stop and get a quick selfie with a girl in her teens. She kisses Stetson on the cheek as he walks away slightly embarassed. Longboat sees this and points at Stetson's chest and says "Todd, Longboat doesn't approve. Keep your head together and in the ring, so we can bring the tag titles home and be at the top alone." Brett pats Longboat on the shoulder and agrees. They both get in the ring. Barratt and Kade both walk up to them as soon as they cross the ropes and start yapping at them both. Stetson puts his arms up as he wants to trouble before the bell Longboat however goes for Kade, but Rieter stops him and orders him back to his corner and he obliges.]

Scarlett LaDawn: Ladies and gentlemen, the following match is scheduled for one FALL!

Crowd: One FAAALLLLLLL!!!!

LaDawn: And this match is for the ICW Tag Team Championship!!!!! Introducing first, the undefeated and Shooting Star Champion... Jeriiiichooo Kaaaadddee! (Crowd boos) With him, his partner "The Prodigy" Boooobbbbyyy Barrraaaaaaaaatttt!

[Bobby Barratt isn't pleased with his introduction. He walks up and rips the mic from Scarlett.]

Bobby: Okay. Yeah. Myself and Kade are ICW. We are the reason WHY YOU people tune in. We own all of you. You might hate us (Crowd boos) but are you not entertained? So do that announcement again Scarface.

Crowd: You suck! You SUCK! You SUCK!

[Lucas tells her to do it, but tells Bobby to get back in his corner now. Scarlett does the annoucement again, but with a little less pop this time.]

LaDawn: The "Prodigy".. Bobby Barratt...

[Barratt knows he got to Scarlett and claps, tells her she did great as she goes on to the next team.]

LaDawn: To my right, we have the "Teen Idol" Breeeettt Steeeeeeeeetsoooon!!!!

Crowd: Brett! Brett! Brett!

Prescott: This crowd sure loves Stetson!

Blaylock: He's a joke Stan. It's just females in heat screaming...

LaDawn: And his partner, the Norsemen Loooooooooooooongbooooooat!


Prescott: The reception is fantastic. These guys look poised to take it tonight. Crowds factor into the energy level of the competitiors.

Blaylock: That is all mental. True Champions shine through no matter what the atmosphere is like.

[Both teams chat and we start with Stetson against Kade. Lucas Rieter assures both sides it will be down the middle and to have a fair clean match. He calls for the bell! DING DING DING!!!! And we're off!!!!]

Prescott: Here we go! Tag titles on the line. St. Croix Rec. Center. ONLY ON TNT!

Blaylock: That's right! Watch my guys pull it off. Can't wait!

Prescott: Stetson is rushed by by Kade, Kade takes him to the mat with a simple arm drag!

Blaylock: YES! Wrestling 101.

Prescott: Stetson gets up, brushes his shoulder off like it doesn't matter. Kade laughing, gets clothesline by Stetson.

Blaylock: No! He misses. Kade ducks under spins around, picks up Stetson for "The Trademark", Stetson shakes off his grasp, and picks Kade up and slams him with a nice powerslam!

Prescott: Stetson might not be the biggest guy, but pound for pound he's as good as they come in strength and look.

Blaylock: It was a nice powerslam. I'll be objective.

Prescott: Thanks... Stetson whips Kade into the near corner, gives him a stiff jab, and tags in Longboat.

Blaylock: Wow look at that. Rieter is doing his job!

Prescott: Match just started you idiot. I'm sure Lucas will call it straight.

Blaylock: I bet he will... Kade and him have a history. We all know something is going down. Why wouldn't it?

[Longboat gets in, and pounds his chest, he immediately whips Kade into the corner of Barratt, Barratt makes a blind tag, and almost as Longboat wanted it that way... as soon as Barratt gets in Longboat goes in for a springboard flying elbow! He connects! Kade then blind tags Barratt in, and Kade jumps in over the top rope and hits a flying knee on Longboat, Rieter insists he didn't see the blind tag, and tells Kade to get out. Kade gets in Rieter's face and Rieter challenges him, Kade knowing better steps back through the ropes... as Longboat recovers quickly and grabs Bobby. Longboat irish whips Bobby into the far corner and runs as he hits the corner and lands a spinning heel kick which staggers Barratt!]

Blaylock: How did Lucas not see that blind tag? Come on!

Prescott: It happens. I'm sure he didn't see it.

Blaylock: Are you serious? It's already starting. First this then it will be something else. Just watch.

[Barratt goes down, and Longboat willingly tags Stetson back in. Who stands over Barratt and smiles. He picks Barratt up, Bobby elbows Stetson in the gut, Brett bends over a little, Bobby goes backwards into the ropes, but Longboat makes a blind tag on Stetson who is near their own corner and leaps up on the top rope... as Barratt hits the ropes and comes back into a flying dropkick from Longboat! The crowd explodes. Barratt takes it well, but is badly dazed. Stetson is orders out of the ring as Longboat is now the legal man. Kade is screaming for Bobby to "make it happen". Bobby on his back holding his face from the perfectly executed flying dropkick from the top as he was running back to Stetson, is hit with a standing moonsault. Cover!]



Shoulder Up!

Prescott: Barratt with a strong kickout.

Blaylock: Come on, don't let that idiot Longboat win!

[Longboat walks over, tags in Stetson, and they perform a double russian legsweep on Barratt. Kade is starting to get really wound up and is clapping for Barratt. Stetson now the legal man pick up Barratt and bench presses him, and just drops him behind himself. Barratt hits and tries to crawl over to Kade who is eager to get in... he can't get there as Stetson grabs him and kicks him. Barratt goes for a small package!]




[It was never close. Stetson rolls over and puts Barratt in a headlock. Asks him how this is for a green wrestler. Barratt grits his teeth, Stetson applies more pressure as Lucas asks him if he gives up. Barratt tells him to fuck off. Lucas lets it go. Trying to be professional. The headlock comes to a stand, and Barratt tries to wrench elbow his way out, by hitting Stetson's stomach, but it doesn't work and Stetson does a headlock takedown, while torquing the head of Barratt. Kade is screaming at Barratt not to give up. Barratt finally slips out, probably due to sweat build up and Stetson starting to get fatigued. Bobby is weakened and probably has a headache by this point. Stetson grabs him as he tries to crawl over to Kade. Barratt's fingers are inches away from Kade, Stetson has his arm, and he is able to pull Bobby around to him, not tag is made and Stetson picks him up for a front powerslam! He tags in Longboat as the crowd buzzes. Longboat goes up high immediately as a somewhat tired Stetson needs a breather. Longboat flys off the top and hits a 450 splash onto Barratt. Cover!]




Prescott: No! Shoulder barely up!!

Blaylock: Damn that was close. Damn.

Prescott: It was almost over. The great teamwork of isolating Kade is working very well. Barratt has been under control and double teamed from the onset of his blind tag on Kade.

Blaylock: Whatever. Rossdale might not have to come out here and screw anyone at this rate. Damnitt! Rieter might actually just call it far. That blind tag was legit.

Prescott: Steven. He didn't see the tag. A blind tag that isn't seen isn't a legitimate tag.

Blaylock: Shut up. Come on Barratt! Don't let this red faced clown do this to you!

Prescott: Longboat argues briefly with Lucas, but stops. He picks up Barratt, snap powerslam follows!

Blaylock: Barratt is down, but not out just yet. Longboat goes for another standing moonsault, but misses!

Prescott: Maybe this is the break the Barratt/Kade team needs?

Blaylock: Bobby reaches over to Kade, but he's way too far. Longboat rolls over and runs at Barratt and hits a spinning heel kick!

[Longboat raises his arms above himself and screams, like a battle cry or victory cry or something. Barratt is just about out of gas... he needs a tag badly. He's been doubled up the whole time. Longboat tags in a fresh Stetson. Brett comes in and throws a stiff jab to Barratt. Barratt, just standing finally falls back down and tries to get up again. He gets up, Stetson whips him into the ropes, he bounces off, Bobby uses what he has left for a leg lariat, but Stetson catches him into a "Idol Bomb"!!!]

Prescott: IDOL BOMB! IDOL BOMB! What elevation on that! He almost jumped up as he threw Barratt down!

Blaylock: Unreal...(sighs) cover.




Prescott: Kade just breaks the cover up!!!!!

Blaylock: Thank God! (sounds relieved greatly)

[As Rieter was counting to 3, Kade broke up the pin. It was basically a tie, but Kade was able splash on them right as the count was going. ICW rules state that any PINFALL must not have interference. Rieter is enraged and orders Kade back to his corner and tells him he is under strict orders not to screw with the match if possible from Rossdale. Otherwise his ass would be DQ'd. Kade argues with Rieter. Things get really heated and Rieter sucker punches Kade as he finally turns around and heads back to his corner. The crowd cheers mostly with some boos. Kade ends up rolling out of the ring. Barratt meanwhile was down and out, but Kade saves him. Kade gets back up on the outside and threatens Rieter. Rieter ignores him. Kade lets it all go, because the bigger fish to fry is the tag titles. Not worth a vendetta on Rieter over tag gold. Barratt gets picked back up by Stetson as Longboat stayed in his corner during Kade's frantic rush to the breakup pinfall.]

Prescott: What a match! It has been mostly one sided, but wow!

Blaylock: Cause Rieter is a damn cheat.

Prescott: Stetson with Barratt back up. Locks up with him. He tries to get off but can't.

Blaylock: Oh no! IDOL BOMB!

Prescott: No, Barratt shimmeys down the back of Stetson, punches Longboat off the apron in his corner, and then turns around pushes Stetson from the side who was turning around into Rieter...

Blaylock: YES! That crooked GM is out!

Prescott: Barratt. Finally with some breathing room. He hops over towards Kade who is just riveting to get in...

Blaylock: DAMN! Stetson grabs him yet again.

[Rieter is dazed, but not out. It becomes a free for all... Barratt didn't get to Kade, but Kade thinks "what the hell" with Rieter down on his stomach and on his forearms by the ropes. Kade jumps in, and starts pummeling Stetson with all hes got. Stetson tries to fight back, but Kade's electric push in this match is too much! He whips Stetson into the ropes, he comes off...kick in the gut and from behind german suplex! Longboat who has just gotten back to the apron comes in, but Kade grabs him and goes for a t-bone suplex! He perfectly hits it. Kade starts to pump his chest and motions for gold on his waist! Rieter is able to get to his feet and sees the carnage. Barratt has recovered finally enough to make it to the apron. He's leaning over the top of it with both forearms. He's exhausted and hurt. Rieter says "no way" and tells them to switch as the legal man was Barratt. Kade argues and Rieter threatens him hastily with a DQ. He tells them both he'll award the titles via DQ if he has to. Kade very reluctantly switches. Barratt staggers back in. He's good enough to make a lost cause seem possible. Longboat runs into the match, but he held back by Rieter. He tells both parties very aggressively that the next rule bend or break and he's DQing someone for the tag titles. He hates to award championships via DQ, but in this case since there is no champions, he will do it. They both take him very seriously. The hopeful clean match resumes.]

Prescott: Wow, I could barely hear him ringside, but Rieter is DQing the next infraction. No tolerance. He'll even award the titles on it too!

Blaylock: This guy is a damn crook. Who awards a tag team championship on a possiblr DQ?

Prescott: He was put through a table by one of the participants, and the other one has been through the grinder with the Owner. That's how.

Blaylock: Good point...

[Kade hasn't been the legal man in the match for several minutes. Barratt walks up to Stetson, and Stetson smiles and asks him "how does it feel to be owned?" The young Stetson cockily slaps Barratt, who gets a insane look on his face. Barratt throws a punch, but it blocked, Stetson drops him easily. Stetson picks up the weaker Barratt at this stage of the match and whips him into the ropes, Barratt grabs the top rope and doesn't spring back. Stetson notices and runs for him, Barratt leaps and makes the tag!!! Rieter has no choice but to give the go ahead, and Kade comes in legally this time!!!]

Prescott: Business is picking up!!!

Blaylock: Fuck yes. (bleeped)

[Kade fired up, gets in as Barratt is kneeling on one knee on the apron. Longboat is starting to get the crowd fired up with his arms, and they chant "Boat Stetson!" over and over... it becomes louder and lounder in a wave of decible. Kade smacks Stetson in the mouth, Stetson fires back, but Kade dodges it, and throws a few kicks in. Stetson stumbles over, and Kade hits a running scissor kick! Stetson goes down! Longboat starts to jump on the apron, dying to get in. One thing for sure, neither team will be breaking the rules now. Cover!]




[Stetson with a strong power kickout, but barely in time. Rieter signals "2" to the bell man. Kade tells him to get up. Stetson stands up, Kade waiting... Kade cockily runs up and picks him up for a spinebuster, but Stetson elblows the neck/shoulder area a couple times and Kade drops Stetson. Stetson goes for the "Idol Bomb" again, but Kade reverses it into a hurricanrana into a pin!!!]




[A weak kickout by Stetson just in time. Kade asks Barratt if he's good after several minutes. He says yeah. Tag is made. Barratt comes in like a lion ready to crush the skull of a antelope. Barratt starts to stomp on Stetson. Stetson rolls out of the way, but Barratt stands over him and slaps him a few times. He stops, and runs his hand through his hair. Barratt turns around, and sees that Stetson has a bloody nose, not much, but some blood is showing. Maybe from the hurricanrana? Barratt tells Kade to look at the blood and they joke about it. Stetson stands up, swing wildly at Barrat, who almost ducks, but catches some of it on his forehead. Barratt drops to a knee. Stetson goes for a suplex and lands it! Stetson now stumbles over to Longboat. Tag is made!]

Prescott: This is incredible! Barratt better get out of there!

Blaylock: Yeah this primal animal might pull out that knife...

[Longboat comes in with a great burst of energy, he runs up and jumps into a inverted moonsault, hits Barratt with it! Longboat raises his arms as the crowd chants HEY HEY HEY! Longboat looks down at Barratt, who cunningly uses his experience to pull a leg down on Longboat which knocks him down. He stands to get up, but can't. he falls down.]

Prescott: That knee! It might of gotten tweaked in that flip Longboat hit.

Blaylock: Maybe. Barratt does look off.

[Barratt holding his knee waits for Longboat. Longboat sees the leg, does a leg drop on it. Barratt waits and lays low. Longboat goes up top.. Barratt plays coy, and when Longboat jumps, Barratt stands up and tags Kade in! He was playing possum! Longboat somehow lands on his feet and rolls. Kade comes in with a running clothsline! Following by a DDT on Longboat. JERICHO LOCK! Kade applies his ankle lock known as the Jericho Lock! Longboat is trying to get free. He starts to wince in pain, he's able to roll into it and kick off Kade somehow. Kade tags in Barratt who's had a breather. Longboat still dazed from the DDT and Jericho Lock shakes his head no no. Kade picks him up on his shoulders and Barratt goes flying off the top rope! CLOTHESLINE!!!]

Prescott: What a cheat. His knee wasn't hurt. He sold that so Longboat would go top rope!

Blaylock: That's my guy...

[Barratt the legal man, Kade goes to the apron. Longboat is down. Barratt looks over at Stetson and winks. Stetson is stomping his leg. And the crowd claps in unison... Rieter on top of things... Barratt picks up Boat and goes for "Prodigal Arrival", he hits it!!!]


Prescott: Cover!




Blaylock: YES!

Prescott: No! NO! Shoulder got up. Rieter signals 2.

Crowd: 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blaylock: What a joke. That was a slow count!

Prescott: The replay clearly shows a shoulder up just before the hand hits for 3. Quality count, quality finisher, and a great shoulder up by Longboat.

[Barratt is irate. He accuses Rieter of a slow count, and gets in his face. Rieter getting steamed tells him to watch it. They continue arguing as Kade tells Barratt to stop it and turn around. Barratt turns around to "Call from Odin"!!!! (double moonsault) Longboat hits the move, but it knocks out Rieter and smashes Barratt too. Stetson and Kade don't know to get in there or not... they are too afraid to lose, they both stay put as the crowd goes crazy!!!! Longboat covers Barratt... the crowd counts...




[Rieter is still down! Rossdale appears at the locker room/curtain area and sends out Jason Myers. Rossdale leaves with a smirk on his face. Jason Myers runs down to the ring. Checks on Lucas, and motins for medical. They come down and get Lucas out of there. Longboat pats Lucas on the chest as they carry him to the mat down below. Longboat turns to Barratt. Who is still down. He covers!]

Blaylock: Not like this!! Please!




Crowd: Boos!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[Longboat tags in Stetson, who is eager and ready. Kade is going crazy on the side. Barratt gets picked up by Stetson, and takes a vertical suplex. Stetson picks up a wilted Barratt, goes for the "Director's Cut"... BOOM! The crowd goes crazy!!!!]

Prescott: Director's CUT!!!

Blaylock: NO!!

[Stetson falls down to cover Barratt..]





Scarlett LaDawn: Here are your winners... and NEW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!!!!.... Breeeettt Steeetson... and Looooongboooooooat!!!!!

Crowd: Buzzing...

[Stetson and Longboat win a hard fought match. Myers awards the tag titles that were ringside to them both. They hold them high, but Jericho Kade has other plans... he pulls out a chair... and slams into each of them. Barratt is very weak and down. Kade repeatedly in a fury slams them both. He nudges Barratt and he is able to get up barely. Kade gives Barratt the chair. Barratt takes a couple wild whacks too. They each hold up the tag titles that fell from their grasp and then drop them over their unconscious bodies... we cut to commericial]

[When TNT comes back from an Geico commericial what we see is very disturbing. Lucas Rieter is in the ring, and he's personally taken out both Jericho Kade and Bobby Barratt. Lucas is holding a tennis racket. For whatever reason, that is the weapon he chose to use. We cut to a replay that shows it all for the viewers. After Barratt and Kade beat the living hell out of Longboat and Stetson from behind like cowherds... Lucas rushed down the short 40 foot walk. The crowd blazed, he was holding a red and white racket. We see the pitiful display of Stetson on his side with his title over his legs, and Longboat's paint almost worn away with his title on his chest. The crowd's reaction almost alterted Barratt and Kade. Kade was in good condition, while Barratt was hurting some still. Rieter moved in, as he got in they both turned around. Rieter swung his racket at Kade first, making sure to get him. He was hit in the face. He used the edge of the racket, not the netting for maximum impact. Then Barratt gets a kick in on Rieter, who stumbles into the ropes, but jumps in his suit pants and dress shirt that is now untucked, and lands a stiff shot to the knee of Barratt. Which at this point we don't truly know if he had hurt it in the match or not. Barratt drops to his knees from the shot. He turns around and hits Kade once more in the mouth, bloodying his mouth... you couldn't see his teeth at all. It was like he was wearing a red mouth guard. Barratt getting back up is met with the handle of the tennis racket to the forehead, which knocks him out. While this is all happening Longboat and Stetson remain down, but finally start to realize what has happened. They both get up and aggressively pursue Rieter, but he calms them down, and explains he has no problem with them. The crowd chants NO NO NO. They see the replay on the giant tron. They relax, they all shake hands... as they leave to the curtain, Shawn Rossdale comes out. He is clapping. He struts to the ring with his hair down as the crowd is buzzing. He gets a mic as Kade is in the corner sitting down and Barratt is passed out from the racket hit to the forehead.]

Rossdale: Thank you! Thank. You! I know... these morons had this coming. They lost their match, and let me be straight with you all, they found hard and well. In the end it wasn't enough. Then to go out of your way Jericho? To attack the winning clean team? How sad are you? Jericho Kade. I'm not going to fire you. I want to trust me. I'm not. You're right actually. Your contract states that any title holder can't be fired. I put that in everyone's contracts as I couldn't afford to lose a Champion during a reign as a startup promotion. Now that we have our footing you would be very much out the door... but a deal is a deal. As long as you hold that title. I can't touch you. Hey, maybe I'll cool off and let Lucas decide if you ever lose that title?

[Jericho gets to his feet, embarassed, very angry and walks over to Bobby and checks on him.]

Rossdale: I know it was you two. Out there destroying stuff. I'll be sure to dock tonight's pay for the 800 dollars you caused in damage.

[Kade looks confused, he wipes some blood off his mouth. Bobby is barely starting to stir, but is still very much out of it.]

Rossdale: Yeah. I know. You guys can't do that. I made a true effort to stay out of your tag match tonight. I figured Lucas could handle it. You guys got beat fair and square. Enjoy the loss my friend. Bobby. You got what you deserved tonight. Lucas did my bidding. I just want order here. That's all. Maybe we could be friends one day?

[Rossdale walks over to Barratt and stomps on him, then spits on him...]

Rossdale: But I doubt it... (chuckles)

[Kade rushes over and snaps the mic from Rossdale.] Kade: What are you talking about man? Are you off your rocker? We didn't do anything to that closet. Did you not see any spray paint? Then it wasn't us. I wish it was us.

[Rieter, walks up to Kade and yells in the mic "Shut up", and Kade hits Lucas in the mouth. Lucas just takes it.]

Rossdale: Stop it. Both of you. I'm not having this right now. We're professionals. Look. Barratt (who is now getting up slowly) and you have caused me enough trouble. While I'd love to kick your head in right now, Lucas has done my bidding. Fair is fair. I'll call it... even if you will. You guys lose the titles, you attack the winners like I predicted and then I crush you both via Lucas.

Rieter: It was the only way to get through to you guys. Just stop the crazy stuff mates. We're not into this bit of every now and then drama. Just let it go. I called the match fair. I said I would.

Barratt: (grabs mic) Look, you guys are fucking insane. We... (cough) didn't wreck that room you're speaking of.

["Blue Monday" by Orgy slams in the center. The crowd boos... Naxt runs into the ring with a satisfying grin. He gets in and jerks the one mic that is in there from Barratt. Bobby is in no shape to get involved. Although Bobby rolls out of the ring. Naxt starts to speak as Lucas asks for another mic.]

Naxt: You... you people. And your games. Your silly willy games. Did you think I'm stupid? Did you think that I'd sit back and let you guys have all the fun? I am fun. I'm the next coming of ICW. Records don't matter anymore. I got my win... my victory that is a mere consequence of a fool being a fool. I... know Rossdale. I know what keeps you awake. I know what keeps Kade, Barratt and Rieter awake. It is me. I control everything behind the scenes. You've been booking me in tough matches..

Rieter: Alright that's..

Naxt: WHEN I'M TALKING YOU LISTEN TO ME. I'LL BURN THIS PLACE DOWN!!! (Crowd gasps as they almost believe him). So.. listen. I crushed that room. To send a message. I'm coming for you. All of you. Acheston got a taste, you'll get a big taste Lucas and Shawn.. and as for you two (points to Barratt and Kade)... I am not the reason that people tune in. The reason why they don't change the channel. I am "Bloodbane" I am... Ari Naxt... Naxt Naxt...

[Just then, Ari drops to his knees and raises his arms wide... Kade, who thinks this is all the biggest bunch of trash ever grabs Lucas' racket and busts Ari in the head with it. Ari says "I'm now reborn!!!!" so Kade hits him again. Ari again says he's reborn, and then Kade superkicks him with knocks him out. Barratt, meanwhile had been on the outside of the ring. He had gotten not a chair... but a baseball bat he had stashed prematch earlier in the day. He slides in behind Rossdale and Rieter, just then Jack Diamond comes down!!!]

Prescott: It's Jack Diamond!!! What is he doing?

Blaylock: Saving Rossdale's ass. That's what.

[Diamond rushes down, Barratt sees it coming, and rolls out of the ring. He points the bat to Diamond and Kade follows out of the ring. Diamond shakes the hand of Rossdale and they seem happy to have him there as the crowd buzzes... Jack stays in the ring, as everyone exits, and Ari Naxt is forced out by security once he awakens.]

Prescott: So... that was interesting. Jack Diamond did in fact have Rossdale's back.

Blaylock: That's why he's champion idiot.

Prescott: Our next match is about to start. We've not heard anything from Sebastian Steele just yet. Jack is waiting in the ring.

[El Cazador jumps from the guerilla position behind the curtain and skulks to the ring as though he was stalking prey. He wears the pelt of a jaguar over himself with the head on the jaguar over his own... the crowd boos him as they are tired from the intensity of the night, but are still excited. Jack is waiting in the ring, he didn't need to go back and come back out. He's not that kind of champion. He's ready. Steele gets in, and Scarlett makes the call.]

LaDawn: Hello, our MAIN EVENT tonight is for the Ironman Championship!!! The winner will go on to face Brett Stetson this week on Spectacle to defend the title. On my left we have 4 time defending champion... Sebasssstian Steeeeele!!!

Prescott: The champion has a insane reputation, he's tough, hated and very very good.

Blaylock: This should be a good matchup. Why isn't Diamond defending that world title here?

Prescott: He beat Barratt last week. He earned that right to now defend it until Dead End.

LaDawn: And to my right, the reigning, undisputed Champion of ICW... "The Ace of Spades" JAAAACK DIIIIIIIIAAAMOOOOND!!!!!

[The bell sounds and we are official. Steele/Diamond for the Ironman title!]

Prescott: HERE WE GO! This match could of been a Dead End matchup! We get it here, up close and personal at Bankrupt!

Blaylock: Yeah that Rossdale is a moron for booking this match for a one off show...

Prescott: What is wrong with that? This is a special treat for the hometown fans of Rossdale and ICW.

Blaylock: I would of milked this harder. We all know Diamond is going to win... what is the point?

Prescott: Rossdale has been fair from day 1. He's been interefered and stressed out greatly by Barratt and Kade. We all know this. Steele too. Remember he attacked that scrub Max Glory in the debut Spectacle. That set the insanity that has been ICW.

Blaylock: I guess. If you say so. The guy is hiding behind Kade as Shooting Star Champion and is twisted, or he's picked out Diamond... something isn't right.

Prescott: The 2 "icons" of ICW step forward, and Diamond offers to shake his hand.

Blaylock: Don't do it Steele. This prick is tricky!

Prescott: Steele reaches out, but goes for a trick punch, but Diamond is ready!

Blaylock: Down goes Steele! What a shot!

Prescott: Diamond grabs Steele back up, they lock up and Steele is able to hit a right hook.

Blaylock: Steele going for a suplex, Diamond is up, reveresed!

Prescott: Diamond uses his great instincts and is kicks and comes back down to his feet, he grabs Steele.

Blaylock: Belly to belly! Great execution by Diamond. The prick.

Prescott: Steele holding his back as Diamond waits for him to get up.

Blaylock: Steele rushes Diamond in a low stance, but Diamond sticks his head out of the ropes, and asks for time.

Prescott: Referee Jason Myers gives time, and breaks it up.

Blaylock: What a loser. Diamond needed time?

Prescott: It's part of the rules. This isn't a hardcore match Steven.

Blaylock: I get it Stan.

[From this point, the match takes a quicker pace. Steele rushes Diamond again, hits a right hook, and whips him into the ropes, Diamond comes back goes for a stiff kick, but Steele grabs his leg! Diamond follows that with a nice enziguri! Steele drops. Diamond lays waste to him with a few stomps. He picks him up and does a few backhanded chops, while pushing Steele to the corner. He whips Steele, but Steele is able to reverse it and sends Diamond into the corner. Diamond comes running out of the corner, and Steele lowers his head for a back body drop, but Diamond rushes in and delivers a nice looking swinging neckbreaker. Diamond rasies his arms, and the crowd buzzes.]


Prescott: What a ovation for our ICW Champion.

Blaylock: Steele is a Champion too. We have 3 , no 4 belts in this promotion.

Prescott: 5 belts if you count both tag titles. And if you missed it tonight, we crowned Brett Stetson and Longboat as our 1st ever ICW Tag Team champions with thier tried and true victory over Barratt and Kade.

Blaylock: What a crock...

[Diamond picks up Steele, whips him successfully into the corner this time. Diamond goes for a "Diamond Splash" but Steele rolls out of the way. Diamond braces himself on the top buckle, and doesn't take any damage. When he turns around, Steele hits a quick arm drag on Diamond. Steele goes for a rear naked choke, but Diamond blocks it. Steele whips him into the ropes, drop toe hold on Diamond... Steele goes for the "Jaguar Clutch" but Diamond kicks him off, and nips up to his feet. Diamond waits for Steele who comes at him with a shining wizard, but Diamond hops over the top rope and Steele misses. Diamond then jumps off the top rope and connects quickly with flying dropkick. He gets some of it on Steele.]

Prescott: High risk move pays off.

Blaylock: A great move by Diamond I have to admit.

[Diamond goes for "Aces Wild" he applies it, and locks it in! Steele starts to twist a bit in pain. He's fairly close to the left side of the ring from the announcer table. Steele is able to scoot and grab the ropes. The ref gets to a 3 count and Diamond breaks the hold. He lifts Steele up and hits a snap suplex. Followed by a sleeper hold on Steele.]

Prescott: Seeing a different look on a couple of Diamond's moves tonight. He's expanding. Nicely done.

Blaylock: Yes he is. He's good, but he's hand picked by our sick Owner.

[Steele rises, and backs Diamond into a corner. He slams back a few times and Diamond breaks it. Steele gives another right hook, but it's blocked, Diamond does a backhanded chop, whips Steele angled to a side rope, and hits a flying cross body! Cover!]




[Diamond gets a near fall, but Steele has plenty of fight left. Diamond starts stomping on Steele's head, but Steele rolls out of the ring to gather himself. Diamond immediately lunges out of the ring and splashes Steele. The referee starts his count... Diamond throws Steele into the ring post and rolls back inside. The referee gets to a 8 count, but Steele is able to crawl back under. Diamond comes after him grabs him for another belly to belly but Steele hits a scoop slam, followed by a rear naked choke. Diamond is able to wrestle out of that one, and Steele hits a arm drag on a quickly frustrated Diamond now. He is starting to unravel some by the tough nature of Steele. Steele locks up with Diamond again, another arm drag. Diamond stands up out of it, and tries for a DDT, but Steele lifts him over and does a standing back body drop. Diamond rolls to the ropes, springs up fairly quickly and "KILLSHOT"!!!!!!]



..shoulder up!

Prescott: Almost! What a quickly executed Killshot.

Blaylock: Crazy how a move like that can spring out of no where.

[Diamond is done, and hurt. Kicking out of the Killshot is no easy task. Steele locks in the "Jaguar Clutch" on Diamond, turns him over and applies the great pressure on the lower back of Jack Diamond. Just then Shawn Rossdale makes his way to ringside to a mix of excitement and cheers. Steele sees this and ignores him. The referee makes his motions in asking Jack if he gives, Jack in pain, states no several times. Shawn sits down ringside.]

Rossdale: Hello fellas. How it going?

Prescott: Very good Mr. Rossdale. Steele has the match in control at the moment. What brings you ringside...

Blaylock: (Coughs)

Rossdale: What was that Steven?

Blaylock: Nothing Shawn. Great to have you here. You wanting to see it up close?

Rossdale: Why yes. Our World Champion against one of our best in a Ironman match? Front row/ringside sounds like a great thing. Diamond looks like he might give out.

[Diamond finally gets to the ropes. The hold is broken. Steele gets up and starts stomping on Diamond. He looks towards Rossdale and screams "Is this who you wanted Champion?!" and keeps kicking him. Shawn just lets it all go. Steele picks up Diamond and hits a sidewalk slam. Steele gets out of the ring and comes over to Rossdale. He gets in Shawn's face and challeneges him. Shawn suggests he keep his eye on Diamond, who is behind Steele and hits a flying crossbody on him which almost hits Rossdale, but Steele misses him. Diamond winks at Shawn and Diamond rolls Steele back in the ring.]

Prescott: Mr. Rossdale is there any truth to an actual alliance with Jack Diamond?

Rossdale: Sure. He's my champion. I must support and be in favor of any Champion that does things right like Jack has been doing.

Prescott: No, I mean are you guys more than just boss and employee? Is there something going on?

Rossdale: Oh no. Never. I don't play favorites in ICW. I leave what happens up to the wrestlers. I only try to correct something when it has been tampered with. I prefer to stay out of the lime light to be honest. Barratt has made that very tough.

Blaylock: So there's nothing going on with you and Diamond?

Rossdale: No. He offered protection for me, and I'll gladly accept that from the likes of a quality guy like Jack Diamond. Besides he's my ICW Champion.

[Jack does a couple chops to Steele. He sends Steele into the corner. Jack is able to hit a "Diamond Splash" and attempts to set Steele on the top rope.it takes several seconds, but Diamond gets him up there. Steele starts to punch back. Diamond is on the middle rope and Steele sitting on the top rope. They trade punches on the turnbuckle...]

Prescott: This doesn't look good.

Blaylock: No it doesn't.

[Shawn gets up from his seat ringside and watches from the far apron. Jack Diamond lands a "Stacked Deck" from the top rope on Steele!!! Shawn slides in a chair to Diamond. Shawn tells Diamond to use it on him. Diamond reluctantly picks it up. Shawn instructs the referee to not DQ Diamond for any reason for the rest of the match. Jack stands blankly with the chair, Shawn again tells Jack to use it. Jack finally takes a swing on Steele and hits it. Jack throws the chair down on the ring floor. He goes for a cover!]




Prescott: What in the hell is he doing? Didn't he just say he wasn't favoring anyone?

Blaylock: Maybe it isn't about helping Diamond but more about the rude comments Steele made about Shawn and people being his pawns?

Prescott: Who knows what is going on in his head.

[A marvelous kickout by Steele. Jack picks up Steele, whips him in the corner yet again. Shawn instructs Jack to chair shot him again. Jack picks it up and runs at Steele. Who lies in wait for the inevitable chair shot...Steele hits a SHINING WIZARD into the chair that slams Jack Diamond down! Shawn jumps up on the apron and starts yelling at Steele for using the chair against Diamond. Steele goes over to Rossdale and they start yelling at eachother. Shawn pulls Steele's head down onto the top rope and Steele bounces off and down. Jack is able to get up and goes up top.]

Prescott: He's gotta be going for the "Shuffled Deck" here...

[Jack gets up there, jumps but Steele moves out of the way and misses cleanly. Sebastian Steele sees Rossdale on the apron again, to a mix of boos and cheers from the crowd. Steele runs at Rossdale and forearms him off. He turns around and Jack is waiting for a "Stacked Deck", Steele pushes him off, Diamond turns around and hits another "Killshot"!]

Prescott: Massive distractions from Rossdale! Steele still hits the KILLSHOT!




Scarlett LaDawn: Your winner, by pinfall and STILLLL Ironman Champion... Sebasttttian STEEEEEELE!!!!!!

Blaylock: I told you! I told you! Rossdale has Jack Diamond in his pocket man.

Prescott: I don't know what to say. He clearly tried to help Diamond, but to no avail. What is really going on here? Shawn is up and pissed as Steele flaunts his Ironman title at him.

Blaylock: Steele deserved that win. Diamond had help and was out wrestled.

[Many questions lay unanswered for sure. Was it that Shawn was returning the favor and watching Diamond's back? Or was it the Shawn just wanted to screw over Steele who ran his mouth and questioned Shawn's pride and integrity? Diamond lays beaten while Shawn is yelling at Sebastian... we cut off the air...]