September 4th @ 10 PM CST
BOK Center
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Capacity: 19,199

(Take the time to watch this video. Important for mood and setting!)

[The video shows last week's implosion of "Fireborn Connection". Rieter renamed his group, "The Prosperous Ones". Duke Kosloff is now his go-to guy. Duke held down Jack Diamond as he was "Deadball Kicked" like trash. I'm sure there will be hell to pay. I'm sure it will come sooner than later. The fall out of last week brings us to this week. Maverick triumphed over Penguin... Joe Carroll made the announcement that he had his 3 henchmen attack Maverick at his hotel a few weeks back. Chaos became #1 contender for Jack Diamond's ICW world title and Bobby Barratt reinstated himself with permanent immunity.]

Stanley Prescott: Welcome to Monday Night Spectacle! We've only got 2 matches tonight but they are sure to be heavy ones!

Steven Blaylock: That's right! We've got Dackle and Black going at it one on one!

Prescott: Then we've got a massive 8 man tag elimination match. Where there's so much at stake and at play!

Blaylock: 1st we've got a message from Lucas Rieter.!

[Rieter's music hits, "Shimmer" by Fuel and he strolls on down. Very cocky... very jackass like. He throws some 100 dollar bills in the audience. The crowd explodes... but they are apparently fake... they start to boo... he laughs. He gets in the ring. Accompanied by Duke Kosloff. The towering giant by his side.]

Rieter: You guys didn't think I was going to through out real money did you?

Crowd: Booo!

Rieter: You did? Well that's just sad now isn't it? I've come to think of a few things that my ICW fans lack... respect is one. (Boo) Understanding of the way I'm going to run things and lastly... fair play. Things will be fair. When they deserve to be. So when I talk you all shut it. Got it?

Crowd: Diamond! Diamond! Diamond! Chaos! Chaos! Diamond! Chaos! Stetson!

Rieter: None of them can save you from what is about to happen tonight. For tonight will be the true beginning of a new era in ICW. Billy Shaw... get your ass out here now!!!

[Billy Shaw walks down to the ring. His Star in the Bank briefcase in hand. He rolls in the ring. Walks up to Rieter...]

Rieter: You little punk. You've been late to meetings. You've been quite disrespectful. You're just another young punk with a lack of regard to other people's time. Grow some balls and tell me why you've blown of my meetings and phone calls!

Shaw: Because you are what we call... in modern times.. a tool buddy! And this crowd!!! Is electric tonight am I right?


Prescott: The crowd here in Tulsa is electric! We are in Shaw's home state of Oklahoma afterall!

Blaylock: This crowd sucks. I bunch of hicks... what a crock.

Rieter: I'm going to need you to apologize to me. We've had so many flakes in ICW. I hire them, give them good pay, or Shawn did at least, bless his soul... and they would just stop showing up for workouts or meetings. Kinda like you.

Shaw: I'm not going to apologize. I go by the beat of my own drum you jackass.

Rieter: Billy Shaw... you're fired! Get the hell out of my ring... now!

Shaw: No please! I need this job. Please! Don't fire me sir.

Crowd: Rieter sucks!

Rieter: You want to stick around then? Then apologize... and kiss my feet.. my shoes.

Shaw: Seriously?

Rieter: Yes. Do it.

[Shaw bends down on his knees and starts to kiss Rieter's shoes. He kisses each one a few times then gets back up.]

Rieter: Now clean your fucking lips off my shoes. Bring me a towel from ringside someone!

[A crew member at ringside brings in a clean white towel. He hands it to Shaw. Shaw takes it disgustingly.]

Rieter: Now like I said, clean my fucking shoes.

[Shaw bends down to clean the shoes slowly. Drops to his knees and starts to wipe one of them. When he finishes with that one, the crowd is really letting them have it. Some food is being thrown into the ring even. Rieter takes his other foot that just got cleaned and kicks Shaw in the head... turning him over!]

Rieter: You're still fired. Security take him the fuck out of here!

Shaw: Ahhh.... (holding head).. please! I'll put the Shooting Star briefcase on the line against anyone. If I win, I stay. If I lose... I'm done. Deal?

Rieter: I could just take it from you. I just fired you. I'll let you have your chance. You at one time were a great talent. Fine. Duke... Shaw for the Star in the Bank briefcase shot!!! Starting now!!

[Referee Charles Lee Ray runs down to the ring... calls for the bell and we're off!!!]

Prescott: Live from Tulsa, OK! We've got hometown boy Billy Shaw against Duke Kosloff for the ICW Star in the Bank contract!!!!

Blaylock: Duke is going to re-arrange this idiot's mouth. Rieter... he's brilliant. Starting to like this guy a little. Bobby will get him in the end. He always does.

[Duke runs at the overwhelmed and frightened Shaw... picks him up... CHOKESLAM! Shaw is lit up! Duke wipes the spit from his mouth. He looks over to Rieter who gives him the thumbs up. Duke comes to grab Shaw, but SHaw jumps up and springs himself off the top rope, and spins around for a hurricanrana!!! NO!!! DUKE HAS HIM! Prosperous BOMB! Duke smashes him! ]

Prescott: What a power bomb by Kosloff! Shaw is down!

Blaylock: You bet your ass he is.

[Duke covers him.... with 1 finger...]





Prescott: What is this? Rieter is getting in the ring... he's having Duke hold Shaw up... no!

Blaylock: Damn man. Billy... you should of showed up for work kiddo.

[Duke holds Shaw up... Rieter takes a sickening run and hits "Deadball Kick" to the jaw of Shaw... he falls over, unconscious as we go to commericial!]

Prescott: We are back! While we were gone... we saw this backstage ladies and gentlemen!

[The screen cuts to Duke Kosloff being laid out... and Bobby Barratt standing over him with a twisted smile. Rieter is screaming with his hands on his head... Jack Diamond walks by... looks over at the scene... and reaches out for a high give to Barrat, as he's sick of the drama himself... but Barratt pushes him by with his shoulder. Jack pushes Barratt back... and Danny Ray gets in the middle with "you guys can't fight... you have a important match later"... they both laugh it off and threaten eachother as they walk away. Joe Carroll can be seen in the distance.. just watching it all unfold as medical staff are trying to stitch up Duke's forehead. Right there, the cut is large, might take 2 stitches to stop the bleeding. Billy SHaw is seen carried off on a stretcher... his ICW career over. What a way to piss it away...]

Prescott: What a insane scene back there. What in the hell is Joe Carroll doing?

Blaylock: That guy gives me the creeps. He's a whack job. Our 1st match is coming up, or our 2nd I guess!

Prescott: That's right Steven! We've got Steve Dackle against Dylan Black!!!

[The first five seconds are the Marines' Hymn before a record scratches and the Pink Floyd song "Money" plays. As the music plays (no vocals) his voice is heard saying "I'm rich", "Kneel before a true man", and "It's ok to be impressed". A "Million Dollar Man-like" laugh can be heard as well. The lights turn to gold (similar to Goldust's theme) and he emerges with Haji pulling the vehicle. At the bottom of the ramp, Haji sets down the cart, goes to the side, and falls to his hands and knees so Dackle can use him as a step. Haji then hops up and disrobes Dackle as he has a looks distainfully at the crowd.

Dylan Black comes out and crouches down on the stage, getting a general feel for the crowd. He stands up and walks down the ramp with a bit of swagger and confidence in his step. Towards the end of the ramp he runs and slides into the ring, hopping onto the 2nd turnbuckle and throws up his hands, again getting a feel for the crowd. The crowd seems to really like him for the most part.

Prescott: That was a great entrance from Dackle... and a great entrance from Black too. Lets see who comes out on top!

Blaylock: My money is on Dackle. That dude looks tough as hell.

Prescott: I think Black looks really good. He has so much experience.

LaDawn: Ladies in Gentlemen! This match is scheduled for one fall!

Crowd: One fall!

LaDawn: Making their debuts in ICW this tonight for the #1 contendership for the Shooting Star title is Steven Dackle and Dylan Black!

Prescott: Both men eye eachother... Dackle steps up to Black, the referee rings the bell!

Blaylock: Dackle backhands Black! What a bitch move that was!

[They square off, Dackle starts to laugh some at Black, but quickly stops laughing when Black comes in punch and knee combo that staggers Dackle. Dackle recovers quickly enough and hits a chest punch, followed by a spartan kick! Black staggers back himself. They lock up, Dackle swings it to a wrist lock, Black rolls out of it and does the same to Dackle. Black goes for a fisherman's suplex! He hits it! Cover!]




Prescott: I think that really surprised Dackle.

Blaylock: These matches can drag on and on, and sometimes they end quicker than you think.

[Dackle kicks out. He gets to his feet and gets whipped into a corner for a clothesline. Dackle falls down. Haji gets on the apron and distracts the referee. Dackle does a eye rake... and that really sets Black down. Haji walks away with both hands up in the air. Dackle takes out a 100 dollar bill out of his trunks. He stuffs the money in Black's mouth and slaps him. He then picks him up and starts doing his "Blood Stripe" move. (Repeated knees to thigh) over and over. Black falls over. Dackle licks his lips. Waves to the crowd as they boo. ]

Prescott: This crowd was indecisive about Dackle at 1st, but they've really made up their mind now.

Blaylock: They don't see greatness when they are hicks... farm much?

[Dackle picks up Black... whips him into the corner, chases after him. Black leaps above Dackle... backs up and desperately runs at Dackle!! "Kinshasa"!!!!! Dackle goes down! Cover!] 1



Prescott: No! Dackle just kicks out!

Blaylock: That was really close people! Black can't believe it.

Prescott: Black gets in the corner... waits for Dackle... points his finger at him like a gun... waiting..

Blaylock: This doesn't look good!

Prescott: Dackle slowly gets up.. KINSHASA!!!!!! AGAIN!

Blaylock: NO! Dackle crawls under... "Semper Fi"!!!! (Razor's Edge)

Prescott: He lands the move! .. he's not going for a cover... what is he doing?

Blaylock: He's asking Haji for a weapon...

Prescott: Haji tosses in a chair from underneathe...

Blaylock: NO! I can't believe this! Dackle hits Black with a chair!!!

Prescott: Black falls over... Dackle had this match won! What in the hell?

Blaylock: Who knows. Look, he's stuffing 100 dollars bills in his mouth! Ted Dibiase all over again!

[The referee has had enough and calls for the bell...]

LaDawn: Your winner, and NEW #1 contender for the Shooting Star Championship... DYYYYLLLAAAANNN BBBBBLLLLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACCCCKk!

[Rieter likes what he sees and comes out on the ramp. Black is starting to get up, as Dackle walks past Rieter. They shake hands and exchange some words before we cut away to commericial.

Back from commercial we are in the small locker room of Jack Diamond's team... as they talk.]

Jack Diamond: Listen up guys. We've got some business to attend to tonight. Whoever makes it out of this match on our side will be teamed with Maverick or Steele for a tag team title shot down the road. We've really got to..

Barratt: Who really cares mate? Shut up. Let me talk. We don't follow you.

Carroll: Might I add that we only follow me?

Barratt: What are you smoking mate? You've just got here. You best shut up like Diamond and get told.

Carroll: You talk great while you carry a large stick... don't you fellow?

Barratt: What? Debra here? She's ready to tune up whoever needs it. Whether it be you... Diamond... whoever. Stetson. We've not really crossed yet.

Stetson: Guys I'm just really happy to be here. I've been off my game as of late. I promise I'll put in my fair share of work. Just none of you better cross me. We can be a great team. Let's try to sweep them?

Barratt: Sweep them? I'm not a mook. We're not going to sweep them. No one is that good. Listen, if your Teen Idol silly ass and Jack Diamond here can stay the hell out of the way and let the "Prodigal Icon" get to work... then we'll be set. I gotta deal with that moron Duke Kosloff. I hope he enjoyed his truck's new twist.

Diamond: Are you done? Look, we both hate Rieter right?

Barratt: Not more than I hate you. Fucking fruit. Now lace my boots.

Diamond: Are you sure you want to talk to me like that?

[Diamond and Barratt get real close to each other. Stetson separates them as Carroll leans back on the wall and smiles... then laughs.]

Diamond: What's so funny man?

Carroll: You all. Stetson trying to be the stand up guy, you and Barratt trying to one up eachother all the time. The real prize is in me. Myself and I.

Barratt: This big stick is going to need a new face to feed on unless you stop with your bullshit man.

Stetson: So we're going to make frequent tags? Some good team work?

Diamond: Yeah, we need to stay fresh... that sounds great...

[The scene fades away and switches to the other room...]

Rieter: You guys need to win this. I haven't told those fucking bozos.. but the winner, the overall last man.. they are getting a WORLD title shot the Spectacle following Castle of Glass!

Crowd: RAAAHHHHH!!!!!

Kosloff: Really? Maybe I can really stamp my name.

Rieter: Duke, I know you can do it. Any of you. I'm with Duke. I sent Dackle an offer to join us. If he wants in, he'll let me know soon. I'm not corrupt... but things will run as I plan. Chaos Kid, you are fucking idiot.

Chaos: You need to watch who you're talking to. I respect you Lucas, but I've shed a lot of blood and sweat for you. I didn't want Duke to turn on me. Then again I don't want to be his partner. We are a great team in the ring normally, and for now that will pass us along.

Rieter: You were so reluctant. You're a fool for being so cold about the now "Prosperous Ones". You are not a lone wolf like Steele. Where is Sebastian Steele anyways?

Maverick: He's not been seen since last week. No one really knows.

Rieter: Maverick. You are not allowed to speak. You are going to be facing Joe Carroll at Castle of Glass. In a special match yet to be announced.

Maverick: Can I speak?

Rieter: I guess...

Maverick: Good. I want to get my hands on that prophet like dummy tonight. He's going to get fucked up.

Duke: Boss, don't worry. I'll come out in the end. Chaos, stay out of my way. Remember what happened last week.

Chaos: Last week you suckered me in when I was down and out! After I WON OUR BELTS FOR US! You almost blew it. I'm too proud to lay down. Whether I like you or not! Now grow up!

Rieter: (laughs) now now... calm down. You still are tag team champions. Get along. Maverick. I really need you to step up. This is US, vs them. I want to make this clear. "The Prosperous Ones" are Duke and myself, and Dackle if he decides to join. You guys are not invited. Especially you Chaos. You really fucked it up.

Chaos Kid: You've fucked yourself when you pushed me out. Watch your back guys....

[The scene fades away as we get to the matchup... first we have Rieter and his side coming down. Duke, Chaos, Maverick walk down. They come down to Rieter's music of "Shimmer". Steele shows up through the crowd. Like a scurried cat in a frenzy. Fans boo mostly, which some cheers for Chaos mixed in. Chaos Kid really is a fan favorite it seems. Duke acts like he's God or something as he gets in the ring.

Next we roll down to the ramp and see Jack Diamond, Barratt, Carroll in the far back and Stetson. They decided to walk out to Stetson's "Famous" by Puddle of Mudd. The crowd cheers mostly. Some Barratt boos, but he's been getting a mixed reaction lately. Mostly sympathy for the passing of owner Shawn Rossdale 2 weeks ago. THe girls and younger boys love Stetson... he's such a cool person to mark out to. Everything about him is warm, likable and smooth. Diamond waves to the crowd with Stetson close behind him. Barratt fake high fives a fan... and boos come from that section. Carroll still far behind raises his chin high and doesn't even look at any of the fans. He suddenly stops and sees a fan with a "Chaos Kid" sign, and smiles at him and winks calmly. They all get in the ring.]

Prescott: Rieter has made this match for a reason... lets see what kind of insanity he pulls tonight!

Blaylock: I have been informed that no shenanigans will be tolerated on break ups. If you go in there and do something illegal, no lee-way. You're eliminated!

Prescott: That's right. We've just been told this by Rieter. He's explaining it to the referee.

Blaylock: Fair is fair I guess. Come on Bobby! Do it! Make it home!

Prescott: We're starting off with a strange combination of Brett Stetson and Maverick it looks.

Blaylock: Interesting indeed... Maverick has been a bit of a surprise lately. Picking up a nice win against the Love Dove Penguin.

Prescott: Yeah that dude was a joke for sure. ICW, we move on.

Blaylock: The other 3 men line up on the apron and wait anxiously to get in.

Prescott: Stetson looking around, smiles and asks for handshake from Maverick. Maverick agrees and they shake hands...

Blaylock: Wait.. Maverick pulls Stetson in for a knee to the gut!

Prescott: Stetson bends over some. Raises up...

Blaylock: Clothesline!

Prescott: Down goes Stetson! Maverick looking smug now. He takes a run at Joe Carroll on the side, and hits Carroll off the apron!

Blaylock: Carroll isn't going to let that go. Bank on it!

Prescott: We will find out for sure. Carroll gets himself up... and starts to taunt Maverick with some literature jibberish or something.

Blaylock: Yeah I can't quite here. Something about seeing the light before the time will come?

Prescott: Yeah whatever that means. Maverick goes after Carroll. Diamond and Bobby let it go, not their battle.

Blaylock: Yeah they've got bigger fish to fry for sure.

Prescott: Maverick swings at Carroll, Carroll ducks!

Blaylock: Carroll pulls Maverick's neck down on the top rope! Referee Myers lets it go.

Prescott: Good call. Maverick instigated this. Maverick gets picked up by Stetson, military press slam!

Blaylock: Stetson delivers a powerful slam! Maverick is hurting. Stetson tags in a reaching Diamond...

Prescott: No wait! Barratt got in the way, and Stetson tagged in Barratt by mistake!

Blaylock: That's my Bobby. Always wanting a fight. Always wanting to shine.

Prescott: Bobby Barratt comes in there. He goes right after Maverick... Maverick rolls him up!




Blaylock: Damn Bobby! Maverick scrambles to his corner, but Barratt drags him back.

Prescott: Bobby Barratt with a side headlock on Maverick.

Blaylock: Maverick pushes him off into the ropes, Barratt comes back... leg lariat!

Prescott: Maverick goes down! Maverick is down.

Blaylock: Diamond is asking to be tagged in now... Barratt just gave him the finger! This is just awesome!

Prescott: It's disrespectful for sure.

Blaylock: Maverick gets up, looking for a hole... ducks a Barratt slap attempt, Maverick lifts Barratt up and Barratt wiggles off!

Prescott: Barratt staggers into his own corner. Diamond makes a blind tag. Carroll has a look of "don't mind me" on his face.

Blaylock: Barratt doesn't like this, but he's got 5 seconds.

Prescott: Barratt picks Maverick up.... (like the 3-D move) and

Blaylock: "Stacked Deck"!!!!!

Prescott: THAT WAS BRILLIANT. Great chemistry. The crowd is going absolutely crazy people!

Blaylock: Wow... look at them... Maverick is down and out.

Prescott: Yeah this is a moment. They are looking at eachother with a smile. Barratt shrugs... (as if... hey I'm just that good)

Blaylock: Diamond tells Barratt to get out of the ring. The referee pushes him on. Diamond covers Maverick!




Prescott: Maverick just gets out of that! That delayed pin from the stunning looks they gave eachother cost them a pinfall elimination on Maverick perhaps?

Blaylock: Diamond can't believe it. Maverick starts to crawl to his corner. Diamond lets him tag... and its none other than Duke Kosloff coming in! The freak!

Prescott: Duke comes running in... SPEAR!

Blaylock: Nah, he didn't get all of it! Diamond is down, but getting up!

Prescott: Diamond back to his feet, looks on. Duke gets up. Diamond waits for him to get up from hitting the corner. Rieter is on the apron asking the referee a question... LOW BLOW!

Blaylock: DAMN! That Rieter distracted the ref for a low blow!

Prescott: Duke with a low blow on Diamond. Duke picks Diamond up... choke slam! That's it people!



3!!!! Blaylock: NO! Diamond gets a shoulder up.

Prescott: They couldn't cheat Diamond out of this match. Not yet at least.

Blaylock: Look at Barratt! He's calling Diamond out! Stetson is encouraging Diamond and Carroll hasn't said anything. He just keeps looking over at Carroll. Knowing he's got a clash at Castle of Glass against Maverick.

Prescott: Diamond gets picked up by Duke... Duke grabs the face of the ICW World Champion... and slams him down to the mat!

Blaylock: DIamond really taking some punishment here.

Prescott: Duke picks Diamond up, sidewalk slam! Cover!




Blaylock: Diamond just gets out again.

Prescott: Chaos Kid is demanding a tag. He wants a piece of Diamond badly. Duke walks over to the corner... and Steele slaps Duke's arm quickly and gets in. He punches Duke on the way in. Rieter advises Duke to let it go!

Blaylock: Steele goes in there, "Stacked Deck"!!!! Steele is out! Cover!




Prescott: Diamond immdeiately goes for "Aces Wild"... Steele in a submission. Grits... Duke comes in and hammers Steele!

Blaylock: Payback I guess...

Prescott: Jason Myers calls for the bell... Duke Kosloff has been eliminated.

Blaylock: What a idiot! He did get Steele back. He charges at Barratt and elbows him off the ropes.

Prescott: Looks like Rieter is advising him to go to the back. Rieter is yelling at him. Telling him he blew his chance.

Blaylock: Looks like Rieter is trying to play fair afterall. Sending Duke off.

LaDawn: Ladies and gentlemen... Duke Kosloff has been eliminated via disqualification.

Prescott: Diamond still with that "Aces Wild" submission in. He's loosening the hold some due to fatigue...

Blaylock: Steele taps out!

Prescott: Steele kicked out of that Stacked Deck, but in the end walked into a buzzsaw...

LaDawn: Sebastian Steele has been eliminated via submission.

Blaylock: Steele starting to go crazy... he attacks Barratt and hits him with a right hook, security rushes down from Lucas' radio device and escort Steele out.

Prescott: Joe Carroll doesn't want any part of this match it seems. Diamond limbers over

Blaylock: Stetson raises his arm... Stetson tags in!

Prescott: On the other side we've got Chaos Kid coming in to the dismay of Maverick. Chaos points to Stetson and shakes his head.

Blaylock: He wants Diamond! The Crowd is going crazy! They're chanting their names back and forth! WOW!

Prescott: Stetson looks over to DIamond who is weathered some by his recent action... he looks to the crowd... nods and reaches out.

Blaylock: TAG MADE! We're getting a preview RIGHT HERE!!! RIGHT NOW!!! DIAMOND! CHAOS KID!

Prescott: Barratt blind tags Diamond as he leaps back to the apron.

Blaylock: Wow! Come on Bobby! I even wanted to see that! The crowd didn't care for that at all!

Prescott: Diamond and Barratt hold hands and go with a double clothesline... Chaos, fresh, ducks

Blaylock: Chaos with a DOUBLE DDT!!!

Prescott: MY GOD! Diamond rolls out of the ring. Barratt is legal.

Blaylock: Barratt gets up... he staggers over to Chaos. Who stick out his tongue and in the moment...buckle bomb!!

Prescott: Nice buckle bomb by Chaos Kid!

Blaylock: Bobby really ate that one hard! Get up Bobby! DO it for SHAWN!

Prescott: Chaos goes to get Barratt... but Maverick blind tags Chaos... Chaos gets in Maverick's face, but nothing happens.

Blaylock: Maverick whips Barratt into the ropes..

Prescott: Big BOOT! Barratt drops! Maverick... picks him up. "Lethal Intoxication"!!!!

Blaylock: NO!! Barratt rolls him up!!




Prescott: Barratt sturdies himself... Maverick takes a run... Barratt grabs him and run to the corner!

Blaylock: "Prodigal Arrival"!!!! YES!

Prescott: Maverick falls... cover!



3!!!! LaDawn: Maverick has been eliminated via pinfall. Only Chaos Kid remains on one side, while all 4 competitors remain on the other side.

Blaylock: What in the hell!!!

Prescott: Joe Carroll is going after Maverick on the outside! Carroll makes a run!

Blaylock: The more experienced Maverick is able to drop toe hold him.

Prescott: Maverick is giving massive shots to the back of Carroll's head...

Blaylock: Here come those 3 white masked henchmen... They start beating Maverick with wooden sticks. Like staffs I guess?

Prescott: Security is coming down to separate them, the henchmen in all black clothes and a white emotionless mask are separated. They leave through the side part of the stage.

Blaylock: Carroll shaken up, Maverick being escorted away...

Prescott: Chaos and Barratt watched it all unfold with some laughter... Barratt comes in there and leaps for a jumping spinning clothesline!

Blaylock: Chaos Kid scouted it well... he grabs him.. snap suplex!

Prescott: And another! Barratt is scrambling. He staggers over to his corner, Chaos grabs him, but he's able to lunge and tags in a just recovered Joe Carroll.

Blaylock: Listen to this crowd! Sounds like it is payback time!

Prescott: Carroll shaken up still from Maverick's attack blocks a couple stiff shots. He hits a headbutt on Chaos, but Chaos shakes it off easily.

Blaylock: Carroll takes a wild swing at Chaos, but misses, Chaos Kid...

Prescott: CDM!!!! (STF) Chaos has CDM locked in...

Blaylock: Diamond and Barratt along with Stetson are trying to get the clean sweep going... they are urging on Carroll not to tap.

Prescott: Carroll has no where to go... no where... he is holding on ... still holding on...

Blaylock: It's been over a minute now! He's going bluish... he taps!!!!

Prescott: Chaos Kid taps out Joe Carroll... and releases!

LaDawn: Joe Carroll has been eliminated via submission!

Blaylock: Here we go... who's going in. Chaos is pointing to Diamond. he wants Diamond!!!!


Prescott: Nope... Barratt gets in there... Barratt runs at Chaos Kid, drop toe hold.... "CDM"!!!!!

Blaylock: Bobby is close to the ropes... he gets there!

Prescott: Referee Myers breaks the hold. Barratt scrambles to the outside of the ring.

Blaylock: Barratt waits as long as he can, Chaos chases after a 4 count. Rolls him back in.

Prescott: Bobby Barratt reverses the irish whip, holds onto the ropes, gives Chaos the middle finger and tags in Stetson!!!

Blaylock: Diamond pushes Barratt, and Barratt pushes him back!

Prescott: Oh no! This might blow up!!!

Blaylock: Inside the ring while Barratt and Diamond argue, Stetson goes for a front powerslam after rope whip. He hits it. Stetson covers.




Prescott: Stetson gets up.. he walks over to Diamond, Barratt punches Stetson in the mouth, Stetson staggers back... "Chaos Bomb"!!!!

Blaylock: Wow Bobby really screwed Stetson there! Cover!




LaDawn: Brett Stetson has been eliminated via pinfall, due to distraction...

Prescott: Stetson is out. It's down to 2 on 1. The crowd is really wanting Diamond and Chaos so badly...

Blaylock: LaDawn is a dumb bitch. By distraction...

Prescott: Watch your mouth, she's a valued ICW employee!

Blaylock: Barratt hits Diamond in the face... Diamond goes down. YES BOBBY!

Prescott: It is apparently Bobby and Chaos Kid... Diamond gets back to the apron quickly... but really can't get in there..

Blaylock: Barratt and Chaos exchange rights and lefts... the turmoil builds... Barratt hits a side effect on Chaos.

Prescott: Bobby starts to mock Diamond and the crowd some. And grabs his junk and points at Rieter... which infuriates Rieter greatly. Chaos has been in there a long long time... he's very tired.

Blaylock: Who cares? Barratt is elite. Doesn't matter. Chaos whips Barratt into the corner, so hard he falls down. Diamond is there.. Bobby is tired as well.

Prescott: Asks Diamond to make the blind tag, he does!!! THE CROWD EXPLODES!!!!

Blaylock: CHAOS, DIAMOND! RIght now! Diamond runs in, leap frogs Chaos, Chaos grabs a turning Diamond, hits a couple of jabs, goes for a DDT, Diamond lifts him up.

Prescott: Chaos lands over the top rope and on the apron! Chaos springs over the top rope onto Diamond.... Diamond rolls him over....




LaDawn: Chaos Kid has been eliminated via pinfall! Your survivors of the match... Jaaaaaaaaack Diiiiiiiamond and Bobbbby Barrrraaaaatttt!

Blaylock: Look at Chaos. He's so tired. He just wore down to a lack of help. I almost feel bad... not.

Prescott: Chaos Kid stands up. He shakes his head. Him and Diamond didn't get to tangle too much, just a quick sequence.


Prescott: Damnitt! Bobby Barratt with an Iconbreaker on Diamond from behind.

Blaylock: FUCK YES! Rieter!!! NO!

Prescott: Rieter has his damn tennis racket! What in the hell...

Blaylock: Rieter slams Barratt with the tennis racket. Here comes Duke!

Prescott: The new Star in the Bank holder comes down, he goes for Barratt, but Diamond trips him up from his knees...

Blaylock: Rieter is calling for that fucking deadball kick! OMG... They are doing it to Barratt this time...

Prescott: Chaos Kid is too spent to do anything on the outside of the ring. He probably can't even see what is going on...

Blaylock: Well here comes Joe Carroll! Chaos and Carroll scrap on the floor.

Prescott: Looks like a fresh Carroll can hang with an exhausted Chaos... what a weasel.

Blaylock: In the ring! Look! Diamond is still spent after the Iconbreaker... he's huffing in the corner...

Prescott: Rieter is screaming at Duke to hold Barratt down... Duke holds him down... Barratt is helpless...

Blaylock: Here comes that fucking "Deadball Kick".... NO!

Prescott: "Stacked Deck" on Rieter!!!! FUCK! Pardon my french!

Blaylock: Diamond got "Stacked Deck"! WOW!

Prescott: "Stacked Deck" on Duke too!!!

Blaylock: Diamond collapses...

Prescott: Barratt gets up.... he looks around he gets his Shooting Star Championship from LaDawn, and Diamond World title.

Blaylock: What is Bobby going to do now? Security have just broken up that Carroll Chaos scrap.

Prescott: Barratt is taking the title to Diamond. Diamond saved him.

Blaylock: I'm sure it wasn't on purpose. Diamond is sick of Rieter's bullshit antics when things don't play out his way.

[We see the end of the night come with a buzzing crowd. Bobby Barratt walks over to Jack Diamond, who is sitting up in the corner again, bloody from his nose some... Barratt drops Diamond's WORLD title at his feet, gives Diamond a playful kick to the boots and walks away.....

Castle of Glass is coming. What will happen next? The stage has been set!]