September 25th @ 10 PM CST
Craven Cottage
London, England
Capacity: 25,700

(Take the time to watch this video. Important for mood and setting!)

[The crowd swells with anticipation. We are England. We are in England. ICW Owner Shawn Rossdale was a proud brit, and his moving to the United States never was to insult Great Britain. Great Britain is... well great. After last week's turmoil that cleared the decks... we have a couple things position in ICW. Firstly we've got a little bit more to go in this rampant UK tour before we head back to the United States where things should be just as intense, but the UK stars might not feel so comfortable. Lucas Rieter has really made his mark on Bobby Barratt. It isn't that Lucas is a unfair guy... it is more about doing the right thing, what is best for business and not letting go of wrongs that need to be righted. It isn't that Lucas is mad at certain people... it is more about getting even. He is 0 tolerance on bullshit. Remember, with Shawn Rossdale dead, he owns 100% of the company, Barratt just gets a 5% kick on the side of all NET PROFITS. A sticking point among many that Rieter just can't stand when it comes to the prestigous Shooting Star Champion. With Jack Diamond things are more... platonic. Yet they aren't really good. He respects Jack for what he's done but they've crossed enough to get things tense. In the end... Rieter's only real problem is with Barratt. He will not rest until Bobby Barratt at least loses his title, or more importantly is exiled from ICW. Which can only happen if he's arrested with a felony, as his immunity in Shawn's will doesn't cover that... or if he quits on his own. At that point, his immunity would be void and his contract would be like anyone else's.

The crowd is ready tonight and we get started as usual with Lucas Rieter and the rest of the "Prosperous Ones" in the ring... they come down to "Shimmer" by Fuel and looking intimidating and cocky.]

Stanley Prescott: Welcome folks!!! We're getting things going fast here tonight. Rieter has a major announcement to make!

Steven Blaylock: I hope it is a legitimate announcement! This dude blows more smoke up my ass than anyone else I've ever encountered.

Prescott: Are you paid well Steven?

Blaylock: Why yes...

Prescott: Then please shut up. Here we go.. our ICW Owner... live on TNT!

Rieter: Hello everyone!

Crowd: RAAAHHHH!!!!

Rieter: Thank you... thank you.


Rieter: Please stop it.


Rieter: I'll walk right out... please stop it!!! NOW!


Rieter: That's it. The show is cancelled. I asked you to stop...


Rieter: That's better... so ... for tonight...

Prescott: What a ...

Blaylock: Dick? I can't believe this guy. Bobby runs him.

Rieter: I have a few things to announce. Firstly... if you will. Bobby Barratt has been fired. No. I wish right? I would like to announce that formally, Duke Kosloff here would like to cash in his STAR IN THE BANK BRIEFCASE!!! How about that for a night jerker?!!!


Rieter: So Bobby, when I'm finished, get your sorry ass out h...

["Motherf**ker of the Year" hits and the crowd just blows apart... they are really behind him in the UK. They hand onto his every word. You'd think that he was ICW World Champion in the UK at least...]

Rieter: I wasn't done you stupid...

Barratt: Listen up good prick dick. You are ran by me. I own this place. How is that 5% feeling for tonight? This place is sold out? Right asshole?

[Rieter jumps up and down and points at Bobby.]

Barratt: Yeah I figured that would get ya going a bit right mate? I'm not about to go in there and get my ass triple teamed... so I'm good.

Rieter: You stupid assclown. You need to get it in here. Get on with it. This is a legitmate cash in.

Barratt: What makes it legitimate? Your word doesn't mean anything you fucking fool.

Rieter: Duke, give the briefcase to Scarlett, and Myers, get your ass down here NOW! Or you're fired.

[Myers runs down frantically... Scarlett and Myers talk it over with Duke, and they do indeed confirm a cash in... not like before this one is legit.]

Scarlett LaDawn: Ladies and gentlemen, this is indeed a Star in the Bank cash in!!!!! Duke Kosloff will take on Bobby Barratt for the Shooting Star Championship!!!!


Rieter: See mate? Get fucked. And by the way, this match will be a no DQ match... and for good ole' Dukey here, I'm going to be the referee. Myers, order some drinks ringside and take a load off. I got this one. Take off your shirt 1st... you don't have one underneathe? I don't give a damn man! Take it off. Keep it under 30 bucks though Myers.

[Rieter gives Myers some cash, and he takes off his shirt, showing his normal physique, but obviously not in shape. He walks over in a embarassed way and orders some food and drink. Rieter puts on the referee shirt.]

Barratt: No no.. you've got to be fucking kidding me man?! This is all another setup...

Rieter: Hey smartass. Get you're stupid ass in here right now. Duke and you for the fucking title NOW!!!

Duke: Yes. It is time Bobby. The stars are aligned.

[Bobby shakes his head and walks down the ramp and slowly gets in the ring as he is ordered to do. He knows the fans want this, and if he doesn't do it now... it will be even worse for him later. Rieter calls for the bell!!! MAverick steps outside with a disgusting grin on his face as Duke, Bobby and Rieter are all in the ring. Here we go!]

Prescott: Rieter is taunting Bobby from the start. Bobby fakes a kick at Duke, but turns and quickly hits an "Iconbreaker" on Lucas!!!!

Blaylock: OH MY GOD! This match is already screwed up!!!

Prescott: Bobby starts to kick Lucas over and over... Duke grabs him quickly, gives him a whip in the ropes, Bobby comes off...


Prescott: Barratt rolls out of the ring...

Blaylock: Maverick! Damn you guys! Maverick was waiting... it was a setup! At least Bobby got the 1st laugh I guess?

Prescott: Maverick with a low blow on Barratt on the outside... Lucas is just starting to realize where he is!

Blaylock: Maverick tosses a chair in the ring to Duke.

Prescott: This is going to get ugly!! Fast!

Blaylock: At least this is an official cash in this time...

Prescott: Idiot. Barratt being propped up... the crowd really letting the "Prosperous Ones" have it!!

Blaylock: Lucas holds his jaw.. he's bleeding. I guess Bobby really clamped his knees on his jaw/teeth area!

Prescott: Duke has the chair... he takes a run at Barratt! And! CRACK!

Blaylock: FUCK! Barratt falls over... What a joke.

Prescott: Lucas is now able... and willing as they say. Duke holds him down... same thing as last week!

Blaylock: I'll quit man... I'll quit if they do this again!

Prescott: Calm down. Lucas winds up....Barratt!!! he's able to roll out of the ring again!

Blaylock: YES! Bobby do it! Run away man!

Prescott: Barratt motions for them all to come on... Maverick runs at Barratt, Barratt hits him with an "Iconbreaker"!!!!

Blaylock: Duke goes after him and clotheslines him as soon as he gets up from laying out Maverick!

Prescott: Duke tosses him in the ring! Look at Rieter! The referee is beating the hell out of the Champion!

Blaylock: THis is so stupid. Duke cover!



Prescott: That was a fast count! What in the hell?

Blaylock: He tried to fast count him, Bobby kicked out though barely...

Prescott: I guess Lucas is trying to keep it somewhat legit.

Blaylock: I guess.

[Barratt just escapes what would of normally been a 1 count. Almost gets fast counted. Lucas looks pissed... Barratt staggers up, and Duke hits him with "The Prosperous Bomb"!!!!!! This could be all over now! Then... Jack Diamond's music hits... he runs out and slides in the ring. He hits Rieter with a "Stacked Deck" so fast that his head almost flies off... Duke then picks up the scraps and attemps a kick to the jewels of Diamond, but he gets "Stacked Decked" as well! Maverick rushes in off the top rope and he gets "Stack Decked" like last week... Bobby is in pieces. Duke's "Properous Bomb" is no joke. Diamond looks around. Everyone is laid out but him and Bobby. He runs over and tells Myers to take off Rieter's shirt and make it official... he does, but spills a soda on himself as Diamond yanks him up. The shirt is exchanged. And Diamond tells Bobby to get up... he does. Bobby waits for a his moment. Duke's strength is insane, he gets up, dizzily turns around, and Barratt lifts the giant Russian up in the air and "Stacked Deck" again!!!!! Diamond then winks at Barratt and Bobby covers!!!]





[Barratt looks to Diamond and pushes him playfully... Diamond doesn't have his World title belt on him... but Bobby raises his Shooting Star belt up. Diamond mentions that Bobby owes him a shot now jokingly. Bobby does the same to Diamond about the World belt. Diamond points his finger in Bobby's face and Bobby slaps it away... and they separate.... they walk away as medical staff run down to check on the mayhem.]

Prescott: That was interesting! Wow!

Blaylock: Bobby comes out on top... Duke is history with that case!

Prescott: Duke did his fair share of damage. But yeah it was another sick, yet official 3 on 1.

Blaylock: I'm just glad Diamond came out to yet again help Bobby in what seems like a point of no return for Rieter.

Prescott: Our 1st match of the night is scheduled to come up! We've got Danny Ray vs. Maverick!

Blaylock: Yes! The #1 contendership to Bobby's title is on the line!

[Maverick already in the ring pushes away medical staff, while Danny Ray's music hits...Danny Ray comes out with "We are Family" by Sister Sledge playing the light are green and blue as those are his two oldest boys favorite colors. He slowly walks down the ring waving and shaking the hands of all the fans. Doing what he can to make the crowd happy before he steps into the ring.]

Prescott: Is this the night that Danny Ray blossoms into something special and gets a #1 contendership?

Blaylock: Or maybe he chokes on his luck and burns?

Prescott: What?

Blaylock: This dude is so damn lucky!

[Rieter whipsers into Maverick's ear and starts to yell at Duke for choking... and Duke yells back... they walk off separate. Maverick is left alone with Danny Ray. I guess there's no reason to screw with "The Family Man". The bell rings and Myers circles around them as Danny Ray offers to shake his hand. Maverick slaps it aside and they trade shots. MAverick goes for a really quick superkick, but misses it. Danny Ray runs in behind him and hits a bulldog!! Danny Ray picks up Maverick and whips him into the ropes. Danny Ray jumps up and hits a high knee on Maverick who loses his balance and falls back into the corner. Danny plays to the crowd and they love him! He takes a run at Maverick in the corner he throws everything into a clothesline, but Maverick sticks up his boot and smashes it into Danny's face! Danny falls over! MAverick hops up on the top rope!!! Missle dropkiiiick...??? YES! He hits it!! Danny Ray is down! Cover!]




[Close one by Maverick! Maverick slaps Danny some. He picks him up, knee to the gut, then a slap to the face. Maverick then headbutts Danny and then hits a suplex while taunting the crowd. He gets a good mix of boos and cheers. He is UK born and raised. Danny Ray tries to recover himself, but can't. Maverick picks him up... goes for a piledriver, but Danny is able to lift him over and hits a back body drop on Maverick!]

Prescott: What a match so far! Both men are trading shots! Very fast paced.

Blaylock: Danny looks to be wearing thin.

Prescott: Danny waits for Maverick to get up...."Game Night"!!!!!

Blaylock: He locks it in! (Cobra Clutch)

Prescott: Maverick is trying to get out. He can't!!!

Blaylock: Maverick rams Danny into the turnbuckle hard! Danny loosens the hold.

[The match continues with several simple wrestling moves and back and forth action. Maverick takes the edge in the match by useing more technical wrestling compared to Danny's more sloppy approach. He whips Danny into the ropes and hits a killer powerslam! Danny is shook by the tight powerslam, but he gets up fairly quickly and runs at Maverick, who connects with a big boot to the face. "Shotgun Rampage"!!!! Danny never fell down, but the (V-Trigger) type move did it!! Cover!]

Prescott: This is it! Gotta be over!

Blaylock: For sure man.




Prescott: NO! Danny Ray just gets out!! What a kickout! So close!

Blaylock: The man has heart for sure! I can't believe it! Look at Maverick's face!

[Maverick can't believe it! He starts to argue with the referee, and Danny gets a chance to recover. He even pushes the referee a little, but Danny gets up, sweaty and exhausted... Danny Ray lifts Maverick up!!! "Family Time" (Torture Rack) Maverick is getting shook up Lex Luger style! Maverick doesn't give and Danny is too tired to keep him up, he falls back... and basically hits a samoan drop! Cover!]





[After the match Maverick rolls over and can't believe it. He hits a "Shotgun Rampage" on Jason Myers and lays him out. He then walks to the back... while his head is down for his blown chance.]

Prescott: What a match. It was high octane energy and I'm surprised Maverick wasn't able to put him away!

Blaylock: Maverick did great, but Danny had more heart maybe? It was a classic!

["Shimmer" by Fuel hits as the London crowd go mad. They're booing hard. Lucas Reiter comes onto the entrance way alone, looking happy with himself.]

Blaylock: Well we know why he looks so smug after the way he treated my guy at Castle of Glass! Him and that damn racket!

Prescott: Well this crowd are making it known how they feel tonight! They hate the guy! Like him or not, The Prodigal Icon is a hero over here!

[The crowd continue to boo, throwing anything they can get their hands on at Lucas as he looks shocked at first, but then decides to take the moment in, as if he enjoys the heckling.

Suddenly Bobby Barratt runs right into Lucas, throwing him into the guard rail. Jumping on him and raining down with lefts and rights. Lucas is trying to curl up and defend himself, but Bobby isn't relenting!]

Blaylock: Well how'd you like those apples, Lucas?! Some more of your own medicine!

Prescott: You know I don't think this is a good idea. Bobby may be pissed following the events of Manchester and earlier tonight, but he needs to realise who he's messing with. It's him against Lucas, Duke and Maverick!

Blaylock: Whatever, man! It's my guy! He's double dipping tonight for that moron!

[Bobby picks up Lucas, who throws a few rights of his own, buying himself a second or two. Bobby rams the knee into Lucas' gut, before throwing him into a ring post!]

Prescott: He's bleeding! Damnit, Bobby you've gone too far!

[The crowd are going wild, seeing their home land guy give Lucas what they feel he deserves! Bobby is shouting at Lucas about attacking Jenny, an issue that has apparently been resolved without the need for legal action. Barratt wasn't finished... Diamond did the dirty work earlier for him.. without his knowledge, but Barratt had to get his hands "really" dirty as well.

Just then, Maverick and Duke come sprinting towards the ring. Bobby gives Lucas one more punt to the midsection before hopping over the guardrail into the crowd. Duke and Maverick try to follow, but it's clear that the crowd are blocking them! Bobby taunts them from the steps higher up, flipping them off before heading down the fan entrance into the back of the stadium!]

Prescott: Folks at home, we are sorry for what you've just witnessed!

Blaylock: Sorry, my ass! Boss or not, he had that coming! In this business, you have to learn that if you want to swim with the sharks, you're gonna get bitten!

[Rieter gets medical attention and is helped off. We do not know what he was coming back out to the ring to say. Perhaps we won't know? Something tells me this beating has grounded him and put him in his place for a bit. For now... we wait to see what Rieter does. Perhaps this week he'll make a statement?]

Prescott: Our next match is coming up... it's Bobby Barratt vs. Dylan Black for the Shooting Star Championship!!!!

Blaylock: Cake walk... No really Black looks to be a great test for Barratt... or really... Barratt is a tremendous test for Black!

[Dylan Black comes out and crouches down on the stage, getting a general feel for the crowd. He stands up and walks down the ramp with a bit of swagger and confidence in his step. Towards the end of the ramp he runs and slides into the ring, hopping onto the 2nd turnbuckle and throws up his hands, again getting a feel for the crowd.

Jack Diamond who was scheduled to be on commentary walks down to great cheers for his assistance of Barratt over the last few weeks. He holds out his arms and smiles. Walks down to the ring announcers and has a seat to the right of Blaylock.]

Prescott: Glad to have you ringside Jack. Here comes Barratt back through the crowd!

Diamond: The pleasure is all mine. Damn that boy...

Blaylock: Yeah he's slick isn't he? Looks like he's in pretty good shape from the attacks earlier. Glad to have you Jack.

Prescott: I think he's on something.

Diamond: Barratt doesn't take drugs or enhancers. He's straight. Trust me. He's still a jerk though.

Blaylock: Nah, he's clean. My guy doesn't do stuff. Jack's right.

Prescott: Maybe it is just adrenaline then? The guy is pumped!

Blaylock: He's got a kid on the way! Of course he is jackass!

Prescott: Black waits in the ring calmly while Barratt rushes in and gets right to work with a flying knee!!!

[Barratt is not making any mistake tonight. He's on fire! He starts beating down Black in the corner! He's just overwhelming him! Here comes Rieter!!! All by himself!!!]

Blaylock: Hell is going to be paid I think. What were you thinking Bobby?

Prescott: Rieter is all by himself. He had planned on being ringside with his crew, but things change don't they Steven?

Blaylock: Boy do they! And he's got his tennis racket. He looks completely fucking nuts!!!!

Prescott: Diamond, you want to intervene?

Diamond: What? I'm not Barratt's bitch. He can deal with it. If it gets...

[Rieter was power walking with a grit to his face, as Diamond was looking over at Stanley Prescott with his headphones on. Rieter slams into Diamond's face with the racket... completely knocking him over. Rieter then tosses the racket into Black and tells him to use it on Barratt. Black does what he's told, but does it reluctantly. Rieter tells the referee not to ring the bell, and orders this a falls count anywhere match on the spot!!!]

Blaylock: Black doesn't really want to cheat like this, but when the deranged owner is screaming at you... I guess you do it?

Prescott: You bet your chickens you do!

Blaylock: Chickens?

Prescott: Shut it.

Blaylock: Black is beating Barratt down with it. Barratt almost blocked the 1st attempt, but when you've got a psycho owner screaming and threatening firing at you... you'll do whatever. Black looks miserable....

Prescott: Black still beating him down. Here comes Duke and Maverick!!

Blaylock: Nope. Rieter is ordering them away. This just got really personal I think.

Prescott: Check on Jack.

Blaylock: He's alright. Jack wake up man. (shakes him)

Prescott: Meanwhile. Rieter is in the ring and he's ordering Black to hold Barratt down.

Blaylock: Fuck me. It's "Deadball Kick" time...

Prescott: Rieter winds up... and .... SMASH!

Blaylock: This is so stupid! Jack get up! NOW!

[Diamond finally shakes off the cobwebs... and realizes the extreme bullshit that is taking place. He runs into the ring and tells Black that Rieter would never fire him. The extremely violent "Orton-Like" punt has Barratt toasted. Diamond is arguing with Rieter. Diamond gets in his face and tells him that Rieter needs him. Rieter is heard saying "I need you, but not right now"... and low blows Diamond! Diamond rolls out of the ring.]

Prescott: Black has his chance... Rieter is jumping up and down....

Blaylock: I can't believe this.




Prescott: NO! Black is amazed. Rieter is going off on Black!...

Blaylock: Rieter just smacked Black! Come on!

[Black fires back out of something more primal... protecting your honor. He hits Rieter in the face, Rieter goes for his racket that is on the ground, and when he turns around.... KIIINNNSHHHHASSSHHAAA!!!!!! Rieter buckles over and is out! Black turns around from close to the corner area... "Prodigal/Icon Arrivial"!!!! Barratt hits it clean! Cover!]




Prescott: No! Black just kicks out!

Blaylock: Diamond is up on the outside and is walking back to us!

Prescott: Jack settle down...

Diamond: Stick it Stan. I've had enough of this place. I'm trying to stop this war between Bobby and Lucas. I'm tired of it. Someone is going to get their career ended permanently. Bobby has gained my respect for sure, but that's all it is. I'll beat his ass whenever and however. I've done it before.

Blaylock: Yes you have Champ, but Barratt did beat you last time you guys faced... (sounds almost stuttering)

Diamond: What did you say? We all get our lucky shot right? Barratt is a one trick pony...

Prescott: Guys stop! Look. Black rolls Barratt up!!!




Blaylock: Black wins!! NO!!!

Prescott: No, Barratt just kicks out! 2 and 4/5 on that one!!

Blaylock: Bobby finish him!

Prescott: Black has proven his mettle. He just can't quite come through all the way!

Blaylock: "Iconbreaker"!!!! in Shawn's memory!





Diamond: Well done. He deserved that one. Lucas is going to have a heart attack, or Bobby will. They need to find a peaceful resolution. They both lost a great friend in Rossdale, but I can't see this go on. Even if I hate Lucas, and can't stand Bobby.

[The scene ends with Maverick and DUke helping up Lucas... who has gotten his pound of flesh for now, but things clearly will escalate further. What was Lucas coming out to say before Bobby attacked him earlier? Or was he just going to run his mouth? Diamond sticks at ringside. Barratt flips him off.. as he takes his title to the back... security are sure to keep Rieter/Barratt separated.] Prescott: It is time to find out who the number one contender will be for our guest, Jack Diamond's World Title.

Blaylock: Please, we already know who will be number one contender, my guy, Bobby Barratt!

Diamond: Whoever it is, it's only fitting that they will be decided tonight in this rumble, considering I won my championship in a rumble match. After "your guy" tried to cause me to lose it. He's been a thorn in my ass ever since.

Blaylock: Well, you only won that match because he wasn't in it.

Diamond: And what about all the matches he's BEEN in? Why isn't he the champ now?

Blaylock: Well, it's because...

Prescott: Cat got your tongue Steven?

Blaylock: Shut up, let's get to the match. Scarlett?

LaDawn: Ladies and gentlemen, it is time for the ICON RUMBLE!!!

Crowd: I-C-DUB! I-C-DUB!

LaDawn: Two men will enter the ring first and every 90 seconds a new entry will be made until all twelve men have entered the match. The only way to win is to be the last man standing. To eliminate your opponents they MUST go over the top rope and have both feet hit the floor. The man who out lasts every other opponent will be awarded the number one contendership to the world title and will be able to pick when that match occurs and what type of match.

[The lights dim and flicker as "Stand by Me" by Ki:Theory fills the Motorpoint Arena. The crowd, a little uneasy by the dark nature of the song all look towards the stage. Carroll slowly appears at the top of the ramp. He is smiling with a look on his face that can only be interpeted as him thinking he is better than the entire crowd. They pick up on this and rain down boos on him as he slowly walks to the ramp. He stops to wink at a fan who is giving him the middle finger before getting into the ring.]

Prescott: Here comes Joe Carroll, again without his henchmen. Could this be the same story as at Shattered Reflections?

Blaylock: I don't know, but watch your back. They could be anywhere, and attack anyone... even the world champ.

Diamond: This guy is out there man, when I teamed with him back during the 8 man tag match it definitely was odd. He has some potential but making it from that number one spot is going to be tough.

[Carroll gets into the ring and walks over to the ropes and winks at the world champion with a twisted smile on his face. The first five seconds are the Marines' Hymn before a record scratches and the Pink Floyd song "Money" plays. As the music plays (no vocals) Steve Dackle's voice is heard saying "I'm rich", "Kneel before a true man", and "It's ok to be impressed". A "Million Dollar Man-like" laugh can be heard as well.]

Prescott: Here comes a man who has the potential to win this match. Although, he is in a tough spot coming out 2nd after not being able to beat the countout Saturday night at Shattered Reflections.

Blaylock: Well, knowing him he will throw hisself out of the ring...

[The lights turn to gold (similar to Goldust's theme) and he emerges with Haji pulling the vehicle. At the bottom of the ramp, Haji sets down the cart, goes to the side, and falls to his hands and knees so Dackle can use him as a step. Haji then hops up and disrobes Dackle as he has a looks distainfully at the crowd. They hate him anyways... so he is fitting right in.]

Prescott: The wait is over, the time is now! Who is Jack Diamond's next opponent!

[As the bell rings to start the match, the lights begin to flicker. The crowd buzzes as the three henchmen slowly make their way out from the back and walk down the ramp. Carroll begins smiling big. Lucas Rieter comes jogging out from the back just as the three men climb up onto the apron.]

Prescott: Shades of Saturday Night! This isn't good! Dackle could be in for a world of hurt here.

Blaylock: Didn't Rieter threaten to fire Carroll if he did this again? Do you job and get that joker out of here. Stop worrying so much about Bobby.

[The three henchmen enter the ring and Dackle backs up into a corner so that he can try to fend off all four men. Carroll leads the three others towards the corner, stalking his prey as Rieter tries to scream to stop. As Carroll gets closer to Dackle, he is clotheslined from behind!]

Diamond: Wait.. what the hell?

[The three henchmen start to beat Joe Carroll down to the ground. Lucas Rieter is on the outside laughing hysterically. Dackle looks at him, then at the three men and run it but is caught by one of them into a spinebuster. Now all three henchmen are laying the boots to both Carroll and Dackle.]

Prescott: Look! Rieter is calling the shots! What is going on?

Blaylock: I'll tell you what is going on, that weasel has went and hired some muscle because Duke and Maverick can't get it done!

Prescott: They are destroying Carroll and Dackle! This isn't going to be much of a challenge for whoever comes out number thre- oh wait...

Blaylock: Yeah, that would be the giant idiot himself...

[Just as Prescott comes to the realization of who number three is, the buzzer sounds and "Enter Sandman" by Metallica begins to play. Duke enters the arena to a deafening amount of boos as Rieter is just laughing.]

Prescott: This is sick! It was all a trap, Carroll and Dackle are absolutely destroyed in the ring and here comes the Soviet Monster to clean house.

Diamond: I'm surprised you didn't see this coming, that is what kind of man Lucas Rieter is, what a crock.

[The onslaught in the ring continues and Carroll and Dackle are completely out of it, bloody, not moving. Duke takes his time to get to the ring as the three henchmen get out and follow Rieter back up the ramp. He says something to Duke as he passes, and pats him on the back as Duke gets in the ring, stands in the center with his arms outstreched and laughs. He is pelted with trash. He looks down at the broken men in the ring and picks them up one at a time and tosses them over the top ropes and down to the floor below.]

Prescott: Joe Carroll and Steve Dackle have been eliminated at the hands of Duke Kosloff

Blaylock: This is pathetic, Duke is so awful that he needed someone else to come out here and hand him his first two eliminations. Well I've got news for you, you overgrown sack of shit... MY GUY IS NEXT!

[The countdown timer begins from 10 and the crowd counts along with it. As it hits zero, the buzzer sounds and "Mother F*cker of The Year" by Motley Crue begins to blare throughout the arena and the crowd goes absolutely wild.]

Prescott: Man they love Bobby over here, I don't think I will get used to hearing these fans cheer for him.

Diamond: He is their countryman and they respect him for what he's accomplished. Imagine if he was world champ.

Blaylock: We won't have to imagine it for long, once he wins this match! Here he comes! At a full sprint!

[Bobby doesn't waste any time, he comes running down the ramp and Duke tries to cut him off but Bobby slides in and all the way under Duke's legs, before Duke can even turn around Bobby is back up, bounces off the ropes and hits Duke with a huge forearm shot that teeters the big man. He runs and bounces off the ropes again, and again hits another forearm shot which has Duke rocking more. Then, a third time, but Duke goes for a clothesline this time and Bobby ducks it, when Duke turns around Barratt kicks him square in the groin causing Duke to crumple over and Barratt grabs his neck and plants a hard DDT to the ground.]

Blaylock: Beautiful DDT! My guy is on fire! He is winning this thing!

Prescott: This crowd my just blow the roof right off this building. What an insane sequence there as the Prodigal Icon comes in and quickly puts Duke down on the ground.

Diamond: He is the Shooting Star champ for a reason, but the object isn't to have Duke down on the ground. Now he has to find a way to get him up and over the top ropes, which whether we want to admit it or not, is going to be a tough feat for any of these guys tonight.

[Bobby used an awful lot of energy for that flurry of attacks to put Duke down on the ground, and it shows as he is a bit winded and chooses not to try and get the big man up just yet but to catch his breath in the corner. He walks over to the side of the ring closest to the commentators and motions at Jack for the belt. Jack just raises the title in the air, Bobby raises a middle finger back to him. Just as "Break Stuff" by Limp Bizkit blares. Bobby turns around and watches, and Duke is making it to one knee in the opposite corner of the ring. Chaos Kid comes out at the top of the ramp, and walks down like a man on a mission.]

Prescott: This is getting interesting, Chaos has major problems with Bobby after he feels Bobby handed Jack the title at Castle of Glass.

Diamond: I would have won it regardless...

Prescott: And we ALL know there is no love lost between Duke and Chaos, especially after having just lost the tag team championship.

Diamond: Who did they lose them to?

Blaylock: Ha...

[Chaos gets in the ring and all three men are upright, staring holes in each other. Waiting for someone to make the first move. Then like a switch was flipped, they all fire off at the same time. Lefts, rights, chops, elbows, they are standing in the center of the ring just beating the hell out of each other. Chaos sends Bobby into the ropes, tries for a cross body, Bobby ducks and Chaos goes flying out of the ring under the bottom rope. Duke catches the evasive Bobby though with a huge chokeslam.]

Prescott: What a monster chokeslam!

Blaylock: Damn. What about Chaos, he's out right!

Prescott: No, he went under the bottom rope so he is still in this match.

[The buzzer sounds and "We are Family" by Sister Sledge fills the arena to a surprising amount of cheers. How can you not love this guy? A hardworking, honest competitor doing this all for his wife and kids. Danny comes down the ramp, shaking hands with many of the front row fans, especially the children. He stops about halfway down the ramp where his wife and children sit and takes the time to hug and kiss each one. His wife motions towards Chaos Kid who is still down on the outside. Danny nods and continues down the ramp. He stops and kneels beside Chaos Kid.]

Prescott: It's the family man! Danny Ray! He has had a great run so far in ICW and what's this? It looks like he is stopping and checking to make sure Chaos Kid is okay. Chaos looks a little confused. Danny Ray is helping him to his feet!

Blaylock: Give me a break.

Prescott: You know, you should take it easy on the guy, he seemed genuinely bothered by your remarks at Castle of Glass, he really is a good hearted guy, and a great competitor.

Blaylock: This is wrestling, cupcake, there is no room for good guys.

Diamond: Sure there is, look at the success I've had doing the right things. You don't find that in this business often so it's refreshing to see someone else who just wants to work hard and do the right things.

Blaylock: So you think he can match up with you for your title?

Diamond: Not a chance, he doesn't have that killer instinct that you HAVE to have to hold MY title.

[Chaos Kid and Danny Ray get in the ring and Chaos nods at Danny and they start fighting with Duke who had been working Bobby over in the corner. Bobby slides out of the ring to recover. Chaos Kid is hitting some stiff boxing jabs on Duke. Danny Ray bounces off the ropes and grabs Duke by the back of the neck and plants him to the mat with a bulldog.]

Prescott: Nice bulldog there, Chaos and Danny have decided to work together here for a moment. Bobby is still in this match but is down on the floor.

Diamond: Smart move by the shooting star champion.

Blaylock: Of course it is, he is going to win. Look at what all he's already overcame tonight, defending his belts twice, once to that overgrown jackass in the ring. I hope he gets tossed out on his ass.

Prescott: Chaos and Danny pick up Duke and get him in the corner. Chaos is asking Danny to help him lift Duke over the ropes but Danny is unsure. He is all about doing things cleanly and seems hesitant. Here comes Bobby.

[As Chaos is trying with all his might to throw Duke out, Danny watches and looks to the crowd trying to get reassurance that helping Chaos here wouldn't be shady. They are cheering him on. Meanwhile, Bobby walks over by the announce table. Leaning in a bit to get in Jack's face. The buzzer sounds and out comes ICW newcomer Benjamin Allen.]

Bobby: That title is mine, punk. Get it shined up for me.

Diamond: Not if you don't get in that ring. You'd do go to keep focused on the right things, ass.

Blaylock: Hey don't talk to the champ like that, Diamond.

[Bobby sees that Duke is almost out and slides back in the ring. Duke goes over the top rope but lands on the apron. Bobby comes in to try and knock him off but Chaos, thinking he is running at him swoops in and hits a drop toe hold and immediately locks in CDM! Bobby is wincing in pain and grabbing for the ropes, but to no avail as there are no rope breaks in this match. Allen who had ran down the ring, slides in and is immediately met by a clothesline from Danny Ray that sends him right back out over the top rope!]

Blaylock: Oh no! Let go!

Prescott: Chaos has it locked in tight. He can sit on it all day and there isn't anything Bobby can do!

Diamond: Did you guys see how quick that Allen guy was eliminated?

Prescott: No, I missed it. I was watching Chaos and Barratt but you are right, he is walking back to the back with his head down. Awful showing tonight after being badly beaten down Saturday night. Danny eliminated him in what? 2 seconds maybe?

Blaylock: Well, clearly he isn't cut out for this type of competition. Come on Bobby! Get out!

[Danny goes over to try and hit Duke off the apron but he has recovered enough and grabs Danny by the throat and chokeslams him (inside the ring) before stepping back over the top rope and back into the match. He sees Chaos with CDM locked in and takes off running and spears Chaos so hard that he loses a boot. He rolls out of the ring and grabs his boot to put it back on. Duke picks Bobby up and throws him into the corner and begins trying to eliminate the hurt and exhausted Barratt. The buzzer sounds and MIA by Avenged Sevenfold sounds. There are mixed reactions for him from this crowd. Some "BULLDOG" chants start peppering that crowd. Black runs out, gets in the ring and immediate tries to help Duke eliminate Bobby.]

Prescott: Black, clearly still upset after his shooting star loss trying to eliminate the champ!

Blaylock: What is this, everyone verses my guy? Come on!

Diamond: That's the name of the game Stevie.

Blaylock: Don't call me that...

[Bobby begins firing back some, a right to Duke, a chop to Black. Chaos is back in the ring and beings hitting Bobby. It is too much and Bobby is back in the corner again, taking punishment from all three men. Danny Ray starts fighting off the three of them! First he clothelines Chaos, as Dylan Black turns around he hits him with an elbow. Then he is able to hit a snap suplex on the larger Duke Kosloff! Bobby just drops down to the mat in the corner, a little surprised Danny Ray helped him.]

Prescott: I guess nice guys will help anyone. Bobby is down, Danny is being cheered like there is no tomorrow. The crowd is counting down from ten for our next entry!

Diamond: 3... 2... 1...

Blaylock: Listen to this crowd!

["God Save The Queen" blares and the crowd goes insane! Johnny Bulldog comes running out, going right after Dylan Black who was waiting for him. Black misses a right hand and Bulldog takes him down to the mat, pounding on him while the crowd pounds the stands. The building is rocking. Chaos has made it back to his feet and him and Danny are going at it, a nice lock up, some solid chain wrestling. Duke is back up and so is Bobby and now they are trading blows in the corner.]

Prescott: Some good action going on right now. All of these men are putting it all out there on the line for a chance at the world champion. Bulldog picks Black and and sends him into the rope catches him with a cutter on the rebound!

Diamond: That was ok, but it was no Stacked Deck.

Blaylock: Bobby is kicking Dukes ass... again! I love it!

Prescott: Duke swings, misses, Side Effect!!!

Diamond: I think all these men need to work together to get Duke out, then they can worry about beating the crap out of each other.

[The buzzer sounds once again and "Evil Terminators" by Valeriy Antonyuk plays. Bobby is back on his feet as Maverick comes out. Bobby runs, slides under the bottom ropes and meets Maverick halfway up the ramp and they trade blows. Maverick knees him in the gut, Bobby rakes Maverick's eyes and hits him with the Iconbreaker!]

Blaylock: Yes! Take that you lucky charm bastard! Iconbreaker!

Diamond: Hey, that's my line. And that's my tag team partner you are talking about.

Blaylock: Oh get bent, you don't like the little irishman either.

Prescott: Meanwhile, Danny has a mandible claw locked in on Kosloff and the big man is fading fast! Chaos Kid has Black in a dragon sleeper!

Diamond: Diamond is dragging Maverick the rest of the way down the ramp.

Blaylock: Yes! Just throw him in and throw him out!

Prescott: Here comes entry number eleven, the Teen Idol, Bret Stetson!

Blaylock: He may be a teen idol, but he will never be an icon!

[Bret comes out and gets in the ring about the time Bobby gets Maverick in. He goes in and tries to eliminate Maverick, but Maverick come back to life with a nice european uppercut and then hits Shotgun Rampage! Meanwhile, Bobby runs in and tackles Chaos Kid and they go rolling across the ring, brawling leaving Dylan Black to catch his breath before getting drop kicked by Johnny Bulldog. Bulldog then goes over to try and help Danny Ray who is trying with his might to lift Duke out of the ring. As Bulldog gets there, Danny stops trying. He just doesn't want to get an unfair advantage. Bulldog shoves him, Danny shoves him back, Kosloff desperately clotheslines both men. The buzzer sounds and out comes Don White, the final entry in the icon rumble. He runs in and tries to hit a strangekick on Bobby who had just got to his feet, Bobby ducks and Chaos catches Don's leg, then his head and suplexes him over the ropes!]

Prescott: Out goes Don White! Chaos with a quick elimination!

Blaylock: I think White was in there just slightly longer than Benjamin Allen...

[Suddenly there seems to be a nun walking down the ramp, wearing the typical black and white habit, and a small cross around her neck.]

Blaylock: looks like we got a nun stalker

Prescott: Kind of strange that she is here again

Blaylock: just hope she doesn't forget her bible again

Prescott: looks like she hasn't got one this week

Blaylock: that's because she left it in Manchester, So did you find out what the verse was all about last week?

Prescott: Yeah it was about forgiving sins or something on those lines

Blaylock: well plenty of sinners and sins here in ICW

[The nun walks towards the ring and stop a few feet away from the ring, she watches the action her face is emotionless, then she bows her head and places her hands together]

Blaylock: I think we should check that we have security here in ICW that two weeks she has managed to get to ringside

Prescott: looks like she is praying again

Blaylock: some of those guys need all the help that they can get

[The nun stops praying and makes a triangle sign with her fingers, then shows her palm to the camera - Jude 1:23 is written on her palm]

Blaylock: what another bible verse? Is she trying to get us to read the bible?

Prescott: Probably be the first time you ever read that book, but what is that triangle sign?

[The Nun turns around and walks back up the ramp]

Blaylock: cant worry about that now, we nearly had an elimination Bobby went over the top rope but lucky slid back under the bottom rope.

Prescott: Oh! but Bret Stetson is not as luck! Danny Ray sends him over the ropes, he tried to hand on but the Family man with a clothesline from hell and Bret goes flying! He has been eliminated!

[The action is really picking up after the bizarre nun interruption. The crowd is a bit confused but they are totally in the action inside the ring. Maverick and Duke are now working together on Chaos Kid, putting the boots to him in the corner. Bobby, who was tossed over the ropes by Bulldog landed hard on his back, but on the apron. He slides back underneath the bottom rope and as Bulldog tries to kick him out before he gets back in, Dylan Black runs it and hits a dropkick to the back of Bulldogs head, toppling him over the ropes. He tries to grab on to the ropes but Bobby is there yank the ropes just out of reach as he goes to the floor.]

Prescott: Bulldog is out! The fans want more of the Bulldog/Black matchup but it is over for tonight. What a rumble this is. Bobby is down on the mat, Chaos is getting pummeled in the corner. Duke, Chaos and Bobby all have to be worn out as they've been in the longest.

Blaylock: Nah, Bobby is fine. He's just resting.

Diamond: Duke and Maverick have opened Chaos up, not good for the former Ironman champ.

Prescott: Not good at all! Danny Ray comes in and makes the save, again helping Chaos. Maverick goes to work on Bobby as Duke and Danny are brawling at the ropes! Danny hits a DDT!

Blaylock: Maverick picks Bobby up and sends him into the corner. Bobby hits chest first! Damn! Watch out!

Prescott: Maverick charges in, wait, Bobby climbs... PRODIGAL ARRIVAL! How did he make that move so quick from being against the turnbuckle!

Blaylock: It's called greatness for a reason! What a move!

Diamond: Yeah, I don't think Bobby hit fully on the turnbuckle and kind of lured Maverick in with that. What can I say, it was an excellent move.

Blaylock: He did it! Bobby just threw the leprechaun out!

[After the Prodigal Arrival, Bobby is able to pick Maverick up and toss him out of the ring. Maverick has been eliminated. Danny has Duke against the ropes, trying to once again lift him out. Chaos Kid has now made it to his feet and starts punching Dylan Black. Dylan catches the last punch and hits the Reaper Death Seal! He has a submission hold on Chaos in the center of the ring. Bobby sees this, walks past it and notices that Danny Ray has one of Dukes legs over the top ropes. He almost has him! Bobby runs in and grabs Danny Ray's legs and flips him up and over, sending him and Duke Kosloff tumbling outside the ring! Bobby has eliminated them both!]

Prescott: WOW! Bobby Barratt with the smart play, eliminated Danny Ray AND Duke Kosloff while Danny did most of the work!

Blaylock: Yes! Just think, if Danny had done that earlier he could have already had the giant out of the ring. Instead, he played Mister Goody-good and it cost him the match! Look! He is going to cry!

[Danny Ray is upset with himself that he has been eliminated but the crowd is chanting his name! He walks up the ramp and hugs his wife and kids again, his emotions getting the best of him as he sobs a bit in his wifes arms. He did a great job in this match and kept it clean the whole way and for that you have to respect him. Meanwhile, Lucas Rieter and the three henchmen make it down the ramp past Danny Ray. They help Maverick off the ground, where he had been ever since being eliminated.] Blaylock: What the fuck is this asshat doing?

Prescott: I don't know, but he's got the numbers now. This isn't good.

Diamond: What out, Duke is raging!

[Duke is beside himself with anger. He rips the cover off the announce table and slings it across the floor, almost flipping over the barricade to where the fans are. Rieter makes it around to Duke and tells him something inaudible. Duke smiles, an evil smile. In all the commotion, Chaos has been able to fight out of the Tequila Sunrise and now has Black locked in CDM. They are both exhausted and both in a lot of pain. Duke, Maverick, and the three Henchmen climb the apron. Bobby is looking around. The realization on his face solemn.]

Blaylock: No! This isn't happening! Fuck this!

[Blaylock throws his headset down and stands up just as the five men get in the ring. Bobby tries to fight them off but it's too much. One of the henchmen nails Barratt in the back of the head, sending him directly into the large hand of Kosloff who chokeslams him. Chaos and Dylan have rolled out of the ring, both men physically spent. Maverick grabs Bobby's legs and tosses him up for a thunderous Lethal Intoxication. Blaylock is beside himself. He is in Rieters face cussing him out. He jumps up on the ring apron just as the three henchmen pick Bobby up and throw him out and into Blaylock and the two of them go crashing down to the floor. Bobby has just be screwed out of this match.]

Prescott: Oh! Bobby and Steven spill to the floor. They both take an awful landing! I hope Steven is okay!

Diamond: This fucking ends tonight!

Prescott: There goes Diamond!

[Diamond rips the headset off and runs over just as Rieter cracks Bobby in the back with the tennis racket. Maverick turns just in time to be met with a stacked deck from Jack Diamond. Kosloff and the henchmen are kicking, scratching, punching Bobby Barratt who has been busted open. Blaylock is back to his feet and grabs a steel chair out from under the ring and cracks it over the back of one of the henchmen. Duke turns and shoves Blaylock who takes a tumble backwards. Rieter takes a swing with his tennis racket at Diamond, who ducks under it can kicks Rieter in the gut. He drops the racket and Diamond picks it up. He swings at Rieter but one of the henchmen gets in the way and Diamond nails him in the head. The other two henchmen grab Rieter and they run off to the back as Maverick gets to his feet. Duke grabs Diamond from behind in a full nelson, causing the racket to fall. As he lifts Diamond, Bobby is able to hit Duke with a low blow! Diamond falls, grabs the tennis racket again and hits Duke in the head with the hard side of the racket. The last henchmen helps Maverick up and they head to the back but Duke is down. Blaylock comes in and slams the chair over the back of Kosloff.]

Prescott: This is insane! All hell has broken out tonight. Duke is getting beat down by the hands of Diamond, Blaylock and Bobby who is making his way back to his feet. Chaos Kid has rolled back in the ring. Dylan Black pulling himself up now. We still have to have a winner between those two but all eyes are on the floor at the mayhem!

[Diamond has locked Duke in Ace's Wild. Duke is struggling but is in a lot of pain. Bobby is now overtop of Duke punching at the gash from the tennis racket. Blaylock is kicking Duke in the ribs. Diamond gets up and grabs the chair that Blaylock had. He places it over Dukes ankle, and looks around at the crowd who are chanting "LETS GO BOBBY! DIAMOND CLUB! LETS GO BOBBY! DIAMOND CLUB!" Diamond hops up on the ringside barricade and jumps down, lading with a sickening snap onto the chair and ankle of Duke Kosloff who screams out in pain.]

Prescott: Oh my god! The sound. That was horrible! Chaos Kid and Dylan Black, back at it in the ring! Duke is being lifted up by the three men. Double Iconbreaker!

[Diamond and Barrat both pull Kosloff down at the same time and each hit him with a double knee facebuster. Diamond looks at Barratt, Barratt looks at Diamond. These men have had one of the greatest rivals in all of ICW but it seems over the last few weeks they have been pushed to this moment. A common enemy in Lucas Rieter who has hightailed it out of the arena. Diamond extends his right hand. Bobby looks at him for a moment, nods his hand and shakes Diamonds hand! Diamond raises Barratt's arm and the crowd explodes! Blaylock is jumping up and down, before getting a few more kicks in at Dukes ribs who is absolutely destroyed. The three of them walk up the ramp and towards the back, possibly looking for Maverick, Rieter and the goons. A medical team rushes down to assist Kosloff.]

Prescott: This is absolutely insane! It appears Diamond and Barratt are on the same page when it comes to the Prosperous Ones! My broadcast partner has left, it's just me. Chaos and Dylan still are going at it. Irish whip to the ropes, Black tries for a crossbody but Chaos Kid catches him! Fall-away slam! No, didn't get all of it, Dylan rolls through and jumps back to his feet. He runs in, goes for a spinning heel kick, Chaos sidesteps it, DDT!

[Black goes down. Chaos is spent. He is trying to pull himself back up on the ropes. The crowd is chanting for Chaos Kid now. They are willing him up. He gets to his feet and walks over to Dylan Black. He picks him up and tries to lift him into a powerbomb but collapses under his weight. Dylan is able to stead himself and grab Chaos' arm and send him into the corner. He goes in, hops on the turnbuckle and drags Chaos up top!]

Prescott: That is not where you want to be in a rumble match folks! I'm having flashbacks to Jack Diamond and Sebastian Steele, on the top turn buckle in the the first ever rumble match in ICW, Gold Rush Rumble where Diamond bet it all to hit a stacked deck to the outside to win the match! Both men are up! Very dangerous. Black is lifting Chaos up on his shoulders! Could be going for The Way of the Reaper!

[Dylan Black goes to try and hit his burning hammer top rope finisher but Chaos slips out and down to the mat before he can jump off with him. The evasive move makes Dylan lose his balance and he falls off the turnbuckle back down into the ring, on one knee. Chaos runs in and knees him in the head and he goes back into the turnbuckle. Chaos grabs him and pulls him up for a powerbomb, throwing him back first into the turnbukle!]

Prescott: Turnbuckle Bomb! What impact... Dylan stumbles out of the corner, Chaos grabs him...TOSSES HIM OVER THE ROPES!!! CHAOS KID WINS!!!

LaDawn: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner...and new NUMBER ONE CONTENDER FOR THE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP!!!! CHHAAAAOSSSS KIIIIDD!!!!!!

[Chaos Kid drop to his knees and pumps his fist, then climbs to the nearest turnbuckle and raises his hands up in jubilation as the crowd explodes into cheers. Chaos Kid drop down off the turnbuckle and leans over the rope and motions for a mic]

Chaos Kid: I hope you are watching Jack, cause I just went through the whole ICW roster just to get another shot at you. Now this is going to be my playground, there will be no repeat of Castle of Glass, this is going to be my type of match, and this time no one is going to be able to save you.

Crowd: Chaos...Chaos...Chaos

Chaos Kid: So what match shall I choose, shall we have an ICW championship on a pole match?

[No comes a huge response from the fans]

Chaos Kid: Ohh how about this classic, loser leaves town?

[Again, the crowd emphatically chants No at this suggestion, they wouldn't be able to stand to see either Chaos Kid or Jack Diamond leave the ICW.]

Chaos Kid: Ok I got it how about a cage match?

[There are mixtures of yes and no from fans as they are on the edges of their seats with anticipation of hearing what kind of match Chaos will challenge the world champion to.]

Chaos Kid: Ok not a pole match or loser leave town match or a cage match, hmmmm that leaves me with one option

[Chaos Kid pauses and climbs to the top of the turnbuckle]

Chaos Kid: Jack Diamond, at the most famous arena in the world Madison Square Gardens in three weeks time, you and I will go one on one in the CDM...the chaos death match

Crowd: CDM..CDM...CDM

[As the crowd chants and cheer wildly, TNT goes off the air.]