August 28th @ 10 PM CST
Kemper Arena
Kansas City, Missouri
Capacity: 19,500

(Take the time to watch this video. Important for mood and setting!)

[The previous show ends which is called "Stealing Stella" one of TNT's dramas. The picture fades in and we see the Monday Night Spectacle logo dissolve inwards and appear crystral clear in HD as it states at the bottom. It immediately has some Gladiator music that churns up and down in rhythm and we see some of last week's highlights. Chaos Kid and Shaw tying, to Steele going over top of Penguin to Barratt squeaking past Jack Diamond. I mean squeaking. Rieter firing Barratt for his over the top actions... and Steele finishing him off at the end... only to point towards Diamond and smile. Why? Maybe we'll find out in this latest edition of MONDAY NIGHT SPECTACLE!!!!]

Stanley Prescott: Here we are! Back for another Monday Night Spectacle! Things are looking better for ICW's future now that Bobby Barratt has been terminated.

Steven Blaylock: You're such a moron. Barratt might be terminated, but we'll see him again in some way. "The Prodigy" doesn't get told what's up.

Prescott: We will see. We've got 3 matches tonight and we're sure it will be a grand affair!

Blaylock: Lets get to it Stanley! Wait this wasn't scheduled!

["Shimmer" by Fuel starts to play, and out walks Lucas Rieter all by himself. He walks with a certain arrogance... but a certain type of sadness too. A strange mix for sure. He gets in the ring, winks at Scarlett LaDawn and starts to speak... as he addresses this SOLD OUT Kemper Arena crowd.]

Rieter: How do you guys think my name is pronounced?


Rieter: It isn't "writer" like some of you morons have been saying. What is this? A "you suck" chant? I'm owed more than that. I'm owed a lot more than that bit you've just given me.

Crowd: Bobby! Bobby!

Rieter: Are you guys seriously wanting that fool back in here? He's fired. He's gone! He's out of here. It's not going to be happening anytime soon... or ever. His friend was killed. My BEST friend, and we are going to miss him, but I've recieved today from Shawn Rossdale's Attorney, that I will indeed be getting FULL 100% ownership of ICW. I am the king. I will prosper... I am "The Prospering" Lucas Riiiieter!!! (laughs)

Crowd: Rossdale! Rossdale!!!!! Barratt!!! Barratt!!!

Rieter: Listen. You guys only...

Crowd: Lucas sucks! Lucas sucks!

Rieter: Now now... I'm not the bad guy you guys make me out to be. I had to let Bobby go. He violently attacked Steele, myself and just caused more and more chaos. Something had to be done. His little clause ended when my good pal Rossdale died tragically. I will carry on ICW in his honor. In his name. Shawn "The Icon" Rossdale!


Rieter: So, I've heard my name mis-pronounced a few times recently. It is "Reeter". Rieter. Like that. And you good people are very appreciated being here tonight. ICW is proud to call you all fans of our product. I'm rewarding EVERY SINGLE person in the audience to a FREE BluRay/DVD copy of our 1st ever release... "ICW: Icons in the Making"!!!

Crowd: Rieter! Rieter!

Rieter: Thank you. On your way out tonight just stop at any exit and you'll get 1 copy per person. Easy. Thank you all again.

Rieter: Maverick... get your sorry ass out here right now.

[Maverick walks out..."Evil Terminators" by Valeriy Antonyuk plays and it is truly epic. He gets in the ring looking a but ancy.]

Maverick: I'm glad you called me down. I was getting ready ta come on ouuut here and really give ya a piece of me mind.

Rieter: Look mate. That attack from the other week. It wasn't me. It wasn't Steele.. we don't know who it was. But I do know this...

[Rieter grabs Maverick and hits a heavy slap with a low blow on him. Maverick is bent over and in a bad way. He finally falls to his knees and is on all 4s. Rieter winds up and hits his "Deadball Kick"...(Like Orton's Punt kick) which violently shatters Maverick and he just falls over. Limp and out cold.]

Rieter: That mate is for accusing me off doing anything. You're a prick man. I didn't tough you. It wasn't Steele. Who cares really? I know I know. I hurt poor Maverick... well that's just too bad. I am Fireborn... I will only do wrong when a wrong is done to me. Or my clan. We're not here to cause trouble, but we won't tolerate it. Get my drift people?

Crowd: Rieter! Rieter!

Rieter: Maverick now, get yourself up...

[Just then..."Motherf*cker of the Year" hits...and out walks Bobby fucking Barratt. Looking super smug... and really really cocky. Jenny Stackhouse is with him, and she looks like dynamite. In a lavender dress, with a leg cut, and honey skinned.]

Barratt: Mate... you've got me all wrong....

Rieter: Security, Keegan... get him the hell out of here... NOW! This man is a fan without a paying ticket.

Barratt: Wait! Just wait. I've got something YOU need to hear. All of you need to hear.

Crowd: Barratt!!!

Barratt: Now don't mind me... like I've said. You've got me all wrong. Lets just play this quick footage from last week again.

[Barratt looks up to the giant tron as the footage from last week plays once more...]

Shawn: Yeah man. Look we're doing this thing mate. You're going to be top guy. Fuck Lucas. I don't need that slag man. He was my best friend. You've been that for a long time now. We've only been seeing eye to eye for 2 or 3 weeks now... but..

Bobby: It's cool mate. You don't need to go on. You're like an older brother to me now. Just think of our past be like brothers giving eachother a hard time right?

Shawn and Bobby: Some banter... and they laugh.

Shawn: No really, you're like a little brother I never had man. You never had to use me in the beginning. You only had to ask. You're the chosen one of ICW. The chosen one of professional wrestling. You're greater than me. You are me, but what I could of been. You truly are the "Prodigy" mate.

Bobby: I don't even know what to say. Thanks mate. You've been too kind.

Shawn: It is just the truth and having you in ICW gives me a reason to live. Bobby I'm an alchoholic. I've been hiding it. Very well... I drink myself up badly. The stuff with Jenny I'm truly over, but I was like this with her. I drink by myself. I guess I'm a controlled alchoholic if that makes sense.

Bobby: We need to get you some help. I'm flying in with Jenny tomorrow to O'Hara. It's cool if we take your private plane?

Shawn: Yeah, for sure. I'll be in later. I'll fly separately. I've got a couple things to deal with at the attorney's office.

Bobby: Like what?

Shawn: Nothing major mate. Just a couple things. Legal stuff. Pertaining to my will and ICW.

Bobby: You're not going to die on me are you? (both laugh)

Shawn: No, I'm healthy. Very healthy. I could join the ICW roster, but wouldn't that be a wash? No. My back and knee have been healed for years now. I'm just too old I think. I have you though. You are me in so many ways. Really though, I just gotta change my will. I'm taking Rieter out of it. I don't have any kids that I know of... and I'm not married. My estate wouldn't go to anyone. Both of my parents are dead. My brother is a joke and my sister ... we don't talk. There's no one to really leave my estate to. I don't know how that all works. I'm going to put you in my will.

Bobby: I don't even know what to say Shawn. Thanks. I don't know what to think.

Shawn: Oh it isn't much mate. Just a little something. If something ever happens to me... remember one thing. You are wrestling. You are ICW. Not Jack Diamond. Not anyone else. Bobby Barratt is pro wrestling. If I'm ever in an accident... it isn't accidental. Just remember that. (fades to black)

Barratt: So yeah. We all remember that right? Well I guess you guys remembered that thing Shawn was mailing out... well I got it today and faxed it to my attorney in England. You fucking fool.

Rieter: Get this wanker out of here...

Barratt: Oh no. That isn't going to happen Lucas. You need to listen. Brace yourself. Shawn Rossdale included me in his will as we all know. What he did... that in his terms "wasn't much" was actually a lot.

Rieter: Shawn would never of given you anything of major value. You were a desperate attempt for him to live through again in wrestling.

Barratt: And as for you people in that crowd. My best friend died. But don't think for a minutes I really give a flying fuck what you idiots think. I'm here for myself... and to carry on the legacy of Shawn Rossdale! So Shawn... he left me a business stipulation in his will. I am entitled to a ICW contract for as long as I live and as long as the company is open in good standing. I also recieved... oh yes. His entire estate in Stillwater, MN as well as his net worth... ready for this?

Rieter: Fuck me...

Barratt: I am entitled through his estate his home in Stillwater like I said, a 5% stake in ICW, and 6.5 million dollars. Which is what his earning in net were worth.

Rieter: You fucking fool. That doesn't make you anything. 5% isn't anything. When we invested together, BEFORE you. Before he was all excited about your lame ass video tapes...

Barratt: You don't know anything mate. Shawn loved you like a brother. He had hoped we could all get along.. you, me and him and become something special. He saw how controlling you were being with the booking and maybe we deserved our shake, but I was his pick. I was his successor... and for my late mate to include me in his will... that proves it. He didn't leave you anything. Or you would of heard by now.

Rieter: So you're back? Just like that?

Barratt: That's right. Just like that. I'm untouchable. I own 5%. I'm rich and I own everything that Shawn ever owned. So over time I'll be able to dig and see in his things some of the inner workings. My 5% is just a profit line from ICW earnings. You still own and retain your investment amount and the carry over from his death of 95%.

Rieter: What are you? A fucking accountant?

Barratt: No. I'm your worst muther fucking nightmare... Prodigy... cough... Icon OUT!

[After all that Maverick is still shaken up badly from that "Deadball Kick" and the ICW medical staff is getting him going. Rieter is throwing a tantrum in the ring. Spiking the mic down and giving the crowd a unhealthy feedback because the mic is cut off. He screams to the giant tron area where Barratt is laughing before he shares a kiss with Jenny Stackhouse. As we cut to commercial.]

[We come back and a shaken up Maverick is in the ring and holding his head. He's told the staff that he can go, and the on site doctor has cleared him. Everyone is waiting for The Killer Penguin to come out.... but he doesn't. A couple moments pass by and he finally comes in from the crowd somewhere and attacks Maverick from behind. Maverick who has vicously attacked earlier by Rieter for accusing him of having him attacked hasn't fully recovered. Penguin pummels him over and over and the referee calls for the bell!]

Prescott: Penguin is beating the hell out of Maverick to start.

Blaylock: Maverick seems to not be in shape here. That little love dove needs his ass kicked!

Prescott: Penguin picks up Maverick and whips him into the ropes for a brutal powerslam!

Blaylock: That has to hurt! Penguin picks him up gives a couple deliberate and accurate leg strikes.

Prescott: Penguin looking like a total winner here... DDT! Cover!




Blaylock: Maverick just gets his shoulder up. He's really laboring out there. Suck it up!

Prescott: Suck it up? He took a damn "Deadball Kick" to the jaw/face man!

Blaylock: Hey, if he's able to pull this off it will really make him a tough cookie. Penguin looks to have his beak deep in this one.

Prescott: Maverick, trying to reach up... Penguin slaps him, roll up!!




Blaylock: PENGUIN just kickout! Almost a close one there.

Prescott: Maverick has gotten his feet wet and seems to be more lucid. Maverick ties up...

Blaylock: Penguin comes in from behind for a waist lock.

Prescott: Maverick elbows off the lock. Goes for a superkick!

Blaylock: The bird ducks! Maverick turns around! Oh no!

Prescott: Penguin with his own superkick, he misses!

Blaylock: Maverick with a knee to the gut as Penguin turns!

Prescott: "Death Dealer"!!!!

Blaylock: That could be it! Maverick hits a heavy move!

Prescott: He's not covering him. He's pointing to the locker room.... what in the hell?

Blaylock: Who knows. Maybe he's sending Rieter a message?

Prescott: Maverick in complete control. He's in poor shape from the pre-match attack, but again, is hanging in there.

Blaylock: Penguin.. is totally out of it. He's not much of a killer tonight. Pathetic.

Prescott: Maverick, picks Penguin up... "Lethal Intoxication"!!!! (Wheelbarrow Neckbreaker)

Blaylock: That has to be it!

Prescott: Maverick with a single foot cover on Penguin....

Blaylock: Seriously?




LaDawn: Here is your winner, by pinfall... MMMMAAAAAAVVVERIIIIIICCKK!!!!!!!!!!!

Prescott: A good clean win by Maverick. He was attacked before the match by Rieter and then attacked in a cowardly way by The Killer Penguin

Blaylock: Small birds can't fly. Penguin is garbage. When he bends... he breaks. Trust me. ;)

[The lights go out... no one knows what is going on. They go out. They flash on, and go out again. Yellow and black smoke rises from the ramp area... and "The Scholar" Joe Carroll appears before us all. He's dressed in a suit but the jacket is off and he's got a vest instead. Black slacks, white dress shirt done to perfect with a yellow and brown vest. A bow tie done in a black color. He has a mic, and means to address Maverick for some odd reason...]

Joe Carroll: You fool. You wish to enlighten yourself in which you cannot answer?

[Maverick looks confused... in several ways. He's tired. Penguin is still down, he's won and this moron has come out here... running his mouth about what?]

Carroll: I must say. Your win is to impress is it? Or is it? The way of the world to themselves is only up but not down...

Prescott: What in the hell is this guy talking about?

Blaylock: This is above your understanding. I love this guy so far...

Carroll: Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce myself. I'm Joe Carroll. I'm "The Scholar" for ICW. I can teach you all things. Such as to clap when I'm around... to shut the hell up when I speak, and lastly... to know why I'm here.

Crowd: You suck! You Suck!

Carroll: Do I really suck? Or is it that none of you are smart enough to understand brilliance when you see it? Think. Please do. I must answer myself because Maverick is too dull to think right now. He's beaten a bird that was on his way out in life... Maverick it was me that attacked you. Well not me.. but my followers. It was my followers that needed to teach you many things. We had to teach you about pain, how it feels to be confused and ... fair play.

Prescott: Fair play? So this is the guy that had that attack on Maverick in his hotel room a couple weeks ago? SICK!

Blaylock: This is just excellent! Oh man!

Carroll: This is the means to an end... the means to a better way. Next time, do not complain for your losses. Think before you speak... and know that the "Fireborn Connection" wasn't involved. It was me. It was always me. So enlighten yourself Maverick. Choose to think... and dare to dream.

[Carroll smiles at Maverick... walks to the back calmly as Maverick chases after him. We cut to a Pepsi commercial... on the way back the scene is quite horriffic.... We see Maverick knocked out, no blood but he's looking badly beaten. We see Chaos Kid checking on him. He's yelling for Lucas... and then we see in the dim lit hallway of Kemper Arena... Joe Carroll. Who is standing behind him in the distance. By an exit. He snaps his fingers and 3 men run in and share blows on Chaos Kid from behind. They lay out Chaos Kid and then leave. Lucas comes into the scene just as the 3 masked men leave. Their masks were solid white. Similair to Michael Myers' mask. Not the same, but in the same feel. Lucas screams for security... Chaos is shaken up, Maverick knocked out and Joe Carroll is at his exit down the long corridor and winks. Then leaves.]

Prescott: Ladies and Gentlemen. We apologize for the disturbing behavior. Joe Carroll was signed earlier this week, but wasn't supposed to be here.

Blaylock: Who cares! We need ratings! This guy is a loose cannon! Maverick got what he deserved for blaming others for a master's work...

Prescott: Really? Joe Carroll is a sicko. I've not seen much but it has been enough. The way he talked, the way he looked... he's got 3 bums doing his bidding.

Blaylock: That is the great part. More power to him. I guess he's some sort of philosophical teacher? Who knows! I'm sure we'll find out more soon!

Prescott: Our next match is for the #1 contendership for the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP!

Blaylock: Well my guy should be in this match. He won his match last week.

Prescott: He was fired though... so how does that work? It probably resets...

Blaylock: Who knows, but Rieter is in full control of ICW now. Sucks for my guy... damn.

Prescott: We've got Steele against CHaos against Shaw next!!!

Blaylock: Don't go anywhere... put thank our sponsors... KFC!

[We come back from commerical break and a segment is happening. It's Chaos Kid and the crowd pops loudly for him! Chaos Kid is seen pacing around the backstage area, Jenny Stackhouse comes up to him... looking sweet with a mic.]

Jenny: This is probably one of the busiest nights in your ICW career, how do you feel about going into tonight?

[Chaos Kid looks at Jenny and then at the mic... staring into the camera...]

Chaos Kid: Normally I've been the guy that has avoided these situation backstage, however I'm feeling a mixture of built up rage and full of emotion just waiting to explode. Its going to be a long night for me. And that coward Joe Carroll... I'm calling you out man. You're in for a real teaching. Win or lose tonight. I want you next week!

Jenny: Joe Carroll vs. you next week is that right?

Lucas (in background): Yeah that's right! Consider it done!!!

Jenny: So we have all heard your promo this week, you seem very angry with everyone including your tag team partner, do you have anything to add?

Chaos Kid: I've got no excuses I'm human and when we get angry we say things that we shouldn't. I was angry with the position that I've been placed in, however that isn't an excuse for my action and my vocal opinion stands.

Jenny: So does that mean you are not leaving Fireborn Connection?

[Chaos Kid looks at Jenny and ponders for a second and smiles at Jenny and walks away in a different direction that leads to the ring...]

Prescott: Interesting. I wonder what is going on in Chaos' head....

Blaylock: He's got a lot going on. He's got double duty tonight, this Joe Carroll guy talking awesome and just a lot to think about!

Prescott: Chaos looks to make his best push of his career against the never in doubt Sebastian Steele.

Blaylock: Billy Shaw is also a dark horse. Now that Barratt has been re-instated via Rossdale's will... which is just crazy... I wonder if he cashes in?

[NF - Motivated blasts through out the arena as Shaw walks out to the stage bobbing to the music as he smirks to the crowd as he then sprints down to the ring as he leaps up to all four corners as he salutes the crowd then back flips off the fourth corner as he then readies himself for the match.

Chaos already in the ring starts to mouth off some to Shaw who keeps his distance. Chaos is pumped, a little weary from the attack from Carroll earlier but he seems to be very determined...

The lights of the arena go dark and begin to softly strobe as "No Leaf Clover" by Metallica begins to play over the arena's sound system. The jumbotron is illuminating the stage with a tiger stripe pattern. His mask is missing and it seems he dare not wear another mask.]

Prescott: Here we go, the #1 contendership for the title is on the line!

Blaylock: This should be great! I saw Shaw pulls this one out... bummed knee and all!

Prescott: The referee has called for the bell!

Blaylock: Shaw runs in on Steele... goes for a spinning heel kick...

Prescott: Steele catches him!!! "Killshot"! Just like that! BANG!

Blaylock: Incredible... so much for my prediction! Steele kicking the face of Shaw...

Prescott: Here comes Chaos! He leaps and hits Steele with a tornado DDT! WOW!

Blaylock: Chaos Kid picks up Shaw, hits a quick snap suplex to soften him up more...

[The match takes on a frantic pace for a bit. Back and forth action to start. Steele is hurting from the tornado DDT, and Chaos Kid locks in CDM!!! Shaw is close to the ropes... but can't quite get there... SHAW TAPS!!!!]

Prescott: I don't know what to say...

Blaylock: No! Steele grabbed Shaw's arm before it hit... he breaks it up!

[Shaw weak and crushed early... rolls out of the ring. Steele and Shaw trade blows. They counter each other a great deal. Steele is able to take the lead in the match by hitting a right hook followed by a German Suplex. Which sends Chaos Kid into the corner hard. No Mira in sight, but Steele seems more precise than ever. Maybe just just wants his mask back? Who knows. Chaos Kid gets dragged out. "Jaguar Clutch"!!! Steele locks in his version of the sharpshooter and turns Kid over. He thrusts back and Kid resists.. he tries to crab walk his way to the ropes... Steele pulls him back to the middle and sits back down on him. He's really putting pressure. Shaw goes flying from the top. Steele sees it coming, and moves... Shaw ends up hitting Chaos' legs with a flipping leg drop! Steele sees this, and while Chaos seems to be alright from Shaw's miscue... he's still worn out by that Jaguar Clutch. Steele grabs Shaw and hits a uppercut, then while the referee is checking on Chaos, and quick low blow. The crowd boos in a heated way. Steele has cheated yet again. Shaw musters a wild shot at him, but Steele ducks easily and hits a violent shining wizard on Shaw... he topples over the middle rope and out of play. Chaos Kid is sitting up in the corner... makes a run at Steele but he side steps the leg clip. He then turns around and "Killshot"!!! Cover]




Prescott: A great kickout by Chaos. He's still in this thing!

Blaylock: Steele is so lucky. Prick.

[Chaos kicks out but he's down in bad way. Steele raises his arms and flips off the crowd. They boo. Shaw comes rolling back in, goes for a roll up, but only gets a 1 count. Steele then picks him up and hits another "Killshot" on him!!! Cover!]




Prescott: Chaos Kid just got in there for that break up!

Blaylock: Yeah he did. Close one. Not easy win for you pricko.

[Chaos starts to throw shots at Steele's face. Steele blocks a few and counters. Chaos grabs Steele, tries for a "Chaos Bomb" but Steele counters it into a back body drop which lands on top of Shaw! Shaw gets kicked out of the ring by Steele... he seems to really want Chaos. Joe Carroll marches down to the ring with his 3 masked men...!!!!]

Prescott: This doesn't look good. We need security now please.

Blaylock: Look it's Stetson! He's alright! He's back!

[Brett Stetson tries to stop Joe Carroll and his potential disruption, but the 3 masked men beat him down to the crowd's great dissmay. Don White runs out from the back with Jack Diamond and they start to fight them off, but Joe and his 3 henchmen leave like scurried cats in the night. Chaos notices the ruckus down the ramp and shakes his head. Shaw still down on the outside, Steele picks him up... and locks up with him, goes into a waist lock and Chaos rolls him up!] 1



LaDawn: Your winner and NEW #1 contender for the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP!!!! CHHHHAAAAOOOOOSS KIIIIIIDDD!

Prescott: I can't believe it! Look at Diamond up there! He's smiling!

Blaylock: Well Chaos pulled it off on Steele. A very slick move. He gets it done. Well done KIDDO!

Prescott: Looks like White and Diamond are heading to the back. Shaw is getting medical help. Stetson seems to be alright. He's talking with the fans at the rampside railing. Signing some autographs.

[Steele isn't done. Livid at his loss... he attacks Chaos from behind and starts to pummel him. Diamond and White run down together after hearing word of the attack backstage and Steele runs off into the crowd like a true cowerd. Diamond checks on his buddy Chaos and Chaos refuses his help. Diamond raises his arms up and walks away. White tries to help him up as well, but Chaos says something to him and they leave him alone. We cut to commercial.]

[We come back from commercial yet again and see a couple new people being interviewed for ICW. We've got "The Scorpion" Steven Dackle and "The Punisher" Dylan Black... Kip "The Tip" Sweet is backstage and ready for his dual interview.]

Kip Sweet: I'm here with two of our newest signings! Steven Dackle and Dylan Black!

Crowd: RAAAH!!

Kip: 1st to you Dylan, why do they call you "The Punisher"?

Dackle: Why does he get asked his question 1st? I'm the more important person here. I've got money, and I served. What have you done? Pumped gas? They still do that anywhere?

Black: You should watch what you say so someone like myself. I'm not here to stir things up... but if I have to..

Dackle: What? (shoves Black)... come on...

Black: I'm not doing this right now. A interview and you want to act like a jerk? I'll be the bigger man and walk away...

Kip: Well so much for that interview... this is Kip Sweet bring you the latest tips.

[Diamond, Chaos and White were already in the ring. Duke Kosloff makes his way down...

The arena goes dark red and gold lights start to flash as the arena fills with smoke. A monster slowly appears walking down the ramp as pyros shoot flames into the air you can hear "Enter Sandman" by Metallica playing. He methodically enters the ring stepping over the top rope and standing like a God in the center of the ring as he waits for the bell to ring. Duke goes to high five Chaos Kid, but he's not in the mood and leaves him hanging. Jack and Don whisper in eachother's ears their strategy... as Scarlett LaDawn steps up to the ring.]

Scarlett: Ladies and gentlemen this match is a tag team match for the ICW Tag Team Championships!!! It is scheduled for one fall! (one fall!!!) Introducing 1st, the challengers, "The Ace of Spades" Jaaaaackkkk Diamond and Dooooon WHIIIIITE!!!!!!

Crowd: Diamond! Diamond! GO WHITE! GO WHITE!

LaDawn: And you're Champions... Duuuuukke Koslooooooooff and CHHHHAAAAAIS KIIID!!!! (BBOOOOOOOs and cheers) Please remember. The loser of this match will not get a rematch.

Prescott: This match has all the makings. We've got some serious stuff going down tonight. Some of the very best in the ICW ring at the same time!

Blaylock: Oh stop. Duke Kosloff can't hit a lick. Chaos is overrated and Diamond is a prick. Who does this guy think he is?

Prescott: Well he's beaten Barratt over and over... like a dirty rug...

Blaylock: What happened last week?

Prescott: Fair play I guess. Where does Don White fit into this?

Blaylock: I like DOn White. He's a wild card. He's good but could be better. He's the standard of what "good" or "solid" should be. I can't wait to see him win this tonight?

Prescott: So Diamond and White take the belts?

Blaylock: For sure. Diamond is a prick, but he's good really good. He's lucky though. Ace of Spades my ass. White brings that crazy vibe of quickness. He has the quickest striking finisher in ICW. Always has.

Prescott: My money is on Duke and Chaos defending. They might not have the best chemistry outside of the ring, but the crazy, desperate style of Chaos mixed in with Duke's power is a great blend.

Blaylock: We'll see...

[While they were discussing the matchup both teams were getting ready... Chaos and Duke were shown arguing some about who is starting the match... while Don and Jack get on well. Out walks Lucas fucking Rieter.... who strolls right on down to ringside, tennis racket in hand... and takes a seat away from the announce table for now...]

Prescott: The referee calls for the bell! here we go! Live from TNT, ICW Tag titles on the line!

Blaylock: It doesn't...

Prescott: Get much better than this!

Blaylock: We start with White and Duke in there 1st. Circling around eachother

Prescott: I'll call the play by play idiot. White ties up with Duke, Duke throws him back!

Blaylock: White gets back up... what a shove by Duke.

Prescott: Duke runs in for a spear... and...

Blaylock: BOOM! The post! White just gets out of the way. You see how fast Duke ran?

Prescott: Yes I did...

Blaylock: Steroids much? Fucking freak.

Prescott: White takes a couple kicks at Duke, and tags in Diamond. The crowd is going crazy!

Blaylock: Who cares... he's a 2 face prick. He acts like a good guy... but he's twisted I think.

Prescott: Diamond has done nothing and been nothing then stand up. Just because he's beaten your boy over and over and over doesn't mean anything you say is valid!

Blaylock: Last week?

Prescott: ...

Blaylock: Yeah. Shut it. Call the match.

Prescott: Diamond whips Duke into the corner, Duke reverses the whip, Diamond slams into the corner. Duke runs in for a spear!

Blaylock: He hits it! A devastating spear on the ICW World Champion. Duke picks him up...

Prescott: Running bulldog! Diamond goes down again! The crowd is really pulling for Diamond here!

Blaylock: Makes me so fucking sick.

Prescott: Diamond reaching for White, can't get there. White is holding his corner line and reaching... almost!

Blaylock: Nope. The sucker can't get there! Chaos is demanding a tag...

Prescott: Duke says something in russian to Chaos. Chaos is screaming at Duke...

Blaylock: He's stopped now. What was that about?

Prescott: Who knows. They don't get on that well personally, but usually are a good team.

Blaylock: Duke with Diamond in a sleeper hold. He grips him tightly.

Prescott: Diamond trying to find a way out... can't. Referee Myers is asking over and over. Diamond shakes his head.

Blaylock: His arms are like car mufflers! Steroids for sure.

Prescott: Diamond trying to stand up... Duke grinds him back down. White reaching... reaching. Can't get there. Duke drags him backwards.

Blaylock: Diamond with an explosion of energy! Pushes Duke into the corner!

Prescott: Diamond loosens the hold. Duke doesn't let go, again Diamond rears him into the corner. Chaos makes a blind tag in their own corner. Diamond falls over... on his stomach.

Blaylock: Look at these morons... they are arguing... lets see if we can pick up some of this audio...

Duke: I don't need your help you fool.

Chaos: You need me more than you will ever know about.

Duke: You've already made a stupid tag... get in there. DOn't blow this.

Chaos: Get off...

Prescott: Interesting. Diamond almost to White!!! Chaos grabs him! DDT!

Blaylock: No! Diamond flips out of it...

Prescott: Chaos held on, he's got him in a gator roll type position! He rolls Diamond around some.

Blaylock: Diamond hanging in there...pushes Chaos off him and into the ropes.

Prescott: Chaos comes off, clothesline! No! Diamond ducks it. Back he comes... "Stacked Deck"!!!!

Blaylock: This is so fucking ridiuclous...

Prescott: Relax. He didn't get all of it. It wasn't tight and the angle was off. He didn't get all of it for sure.

Blaylock: Chaos raises up... looking screwed up. Diamond crawls towards White....

[TAG! White gets tagged in and the crowd pops loudly... Diamond did enough to give his team a chance. Duke is screaming at Chaos like he's a russian sled dog. Chaos finally gets up. Seems not to bad off. White goes in, tries for a "Strange Kick" but misses it. Chaos goes off the rope, and White misses his "Strange Kick" yet again. He comes back around. Chaos tries for another clothesline, but White ducks that... incredible technical display here.. kick to the gut by White on Chaos... "Strange Land"!!!! He hit that clean! Cover]



break up!

Prescott: Duke Kosloff gets in there and breaks it up. Jason Myers is warning him the next time will be not a DQ, but an ejection and would force Chaos to defend them on his own.

Blaylock: Interesting. I guess Rieter had that in place with Myers.

Prescott: Rieter probably doesn't want his Fireborn tag Champions keeping the titles on a DQ loss.

Blaylock: I bet. He's a snake.

Prescott: Rieter has been fair. He's been straight. He just doesn't want "Chaos" so to speak.

[Rieter looks a little uneasy. His tag Champions are arguing a lot and they narrowly escaped a loss. Where does Don White fit into this? We're about to find out. Or will we? White picks up Chaos and tosses him into his corner. Diamond refuses the tag, telling White to go ahead and keep going. White nods and goes on. Diamond cheers White on some. White whips Chaos into the ropes, he comes off Chaos tries for a stiff right, but White ducks... and hits a nice belly to back suplex! Chaos goes down. Duke is going crazy. Clapping and reaching his long arm. Chaos is in a bad way now. White tags Diamond in this time. He doesn't refuse. Maybe he wants to finish off the job? Diamond in there... the crowd eating every move of him up... Diamond locks up with Chaos, Chaos switches it to a wrist lock, Diamond reverses... Diamond jumps up and hits a nice leg drop on the arm. Diamond goes for a armbar, but Chaos rolls into it getting pressure off and his legs under the ropes. Referee calls for a break. Diamond does. He gets to the corner and tags White back in. Duke is still going crazy. Chaos is in need of a tag... he starts crawl over to Duke, but White intercepts. White laughs at Duke. Duke tries to get in, but the referee warns him. White whips Chaos into the ropes again, Chaos slides under White's legs and crawls desperately to Duke... Duke gets tagged in!!! The crowd BOOS heavily. Duke runs in there, goes after Diamond, knocking him off, then focuses on White. Duke picks him up and tries for a samoan drop... he hits it. Cover!] 1



Blaylock: Here comes Barratt!! YES!

Prescott: What a crock... Bobby Barratt is running down to the ring. Diamond notices but keeps his focus on the tag titles. Barratt gets in Rieters face. Rieter swings wildly at him with the tennis racket... Barratt pushes him back. He's demanding to be put in the world title match at Castle of Glass. Rieter is ...

Blaylock: Rieter is telling him no way in hell that happens...

Prescott: Diamond coming over to get in Barratt's face...

Blaylock: Barratt! "Iconbreaker" to Diamond!!! YES!

Prescott: Rieter calls security down from his motioning... they come down and takes Barratt away.

Blaylock: Back to the action! Wow that was intense. Right next to us.

Prescott: Rieter assists Diamond who is down and out. Struggling to come to.

Blaylock: In the ring, Duke is landing shot after shot on White. White is bloody now. The crowd is chanting for White.

Prescott: Yes they are. "Go White" is the call. Chaos wants to be tagged in, he's recovered now. Duke tells him he's got the job handled.

Blaylock: This might bite them...

Prescott: Duke! CHOKESLAM on White! Cover!




Blaylock: White just gets out! WoW!

Prescott: Diamond still down. Rieter almost has him stirred up.

Blaylock: Here comes barratt again!!! With Debra... security is chasing him! FUCK YES!

Prescott: This is a joke! Someone get him out of here!!!

Blaylock: Steele! OMG!

Prescott: Sebastian Steele comes in with a wooden stool from the side of the entrance ramp area and takes out 1 security guy that had just got a hold of Barratt... and Barratt!!!

Blaylock: Damn! The stool explodes everywhere... cheap ass wood!

Prescott: Security is cleaning up that mess... getting Steele restrained. he's screaming for his mask!!!

Blaylock: Here come more security... looks like they aren't getting down here for sure.

Prescott: Back to the ring action. Duke distracted by some of the ramp action gets "Strange Kicked"!!!! White falls on top of him!




Blaylock: Chaos really wanted to jump in there, but knew of the ejection rule Rieter put in place. These titles will seemingly be won fair!

Prescott: Duke just gets out of that move! Not even a killer kick like that can take him out!

Blaylock: Steroids...

Prescott: Chaos Kid going crazy, he really wants to get in there but doesn't. In fear of that ejection...

Blaylock: Don White looks to end this. He's waiting for Duke to get up.

Prescott: Looks like Diamond is finally up. And on his apron. White nods to Diamond as if he's got this covered...

Blaylock: Duke getting up, turns around... "Strange Kick"!!!

Prescott: NO! Duke runs to Chaos, and tags him in. Duke just sidestepped it!

Blaylock: If he had tried to duck, it still would of caught him.

Prescott: Chaos runs in and lands a awesome clothesline. Followed by a snap suplex.

Blaylock: Here comes Barratt again! He must of wiggled away from the security team... or something!

Prescott: What is he saying?

Barratt: Yeah mate I broke down your locked door. Nothing will hold me down!

Blaylock: Rieter had security lock him up... pitiful.

Prescott: Barratt is coming to get Rieter. Diamond jumps off the apron to intervene...

Blaylock: Chaos Kid has White in control, he locks in "CDM"!!!! CDM!

Prescott: CDM on White! Will the submission be enough? referee is focusing on the hold... letting the craziness go ont he outside. Rieter is up looking to get involved...

Blaylock: Diamond hits a stiff shot on Barratt!!! They scrap on the outside!

Prescott: Diamond is protecting Rieter...

Blaylock: White gets to the ropes inside the ring!

Prescott: Sebastian Steele!! here he comes! Steele comes through the crowd... he uses brass nucks and clobbers Diamond in the head from behind and then Barratt too.

Blaylock: Brett Stetson? What is going on? This is madness!

Prescott: Stetson comes down to preserve order... we've got security on the outside... a laid out Barratt and Diamond, and Rieter screaming at Steele! Stetson is trying to do the right thing. He's checking on Diamond.

Blaylock: Chaos Kid sees that Diamond is out of this match. Due to ridiculous stuff.

Prescott: Chaos Kid, primes Don White for a finish.... he lifts up White... snap suplex!

Blaylock: NO! White pushes out! "Strange Kick" again!!!

Prescott: OH MY GOD! We're going to have new CHampions!




Blaylock: Chaos just kicks out? HOW! Don goes outside to check on Diamond who is being attended to by Stetson and some medical staff. White gets back in...

Prescott: These men are leaving it all on the table. Duke is demanding to be tagged in. Chaos looks over at him and flicks his hand at him in a jerk like way. Duke walks out....

Blaylock: Where is this moron going?

Prescott: Chaos could of tagged him in as the Strange Kick left him close to the corner... but he decided to not do it. I don't believe Chaos thinks he needs Duke.

Blaylock: Chaos is laying in the middle the ring. White picks him up...

Prescott: CDM!! CHAOS WITH CDM AGAIN! He was playing coy on Don White....

Blaylock: Chaos is giving all he's got. His partner walked out on him. Duke is at the ramp. What a fucking idiot!

Prescott: No matter, Chaos with control... White is holding out... he's been in there for a long time....


LaDawn: Your winners... and STILL ICW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS.... Chaos Kid and Duke Kosloff....

Prescott: Don White had no choice. he was in there forever. His partner was getting screwed with the whole match.

Blaylock: Rieter is going absolutely crazy! He calls for Duke to come down there...

Prescott: This is going to absolutely explode.

[The scnene is absolute madness... Barratt's return has really stirred things up. Steele has left through the crowd like a cowherd. Diamond and Barratt are just now coming to. Duke is walking back down to the ring area... Rieter whispers something in his ear... Duke smiles like he is made of fire. Duke gets in the ring to a laid out Don White who the referee is checking on... and a Chaos Kid that can't stand up. Duke raises him up... then the unthinkable happens... Duke puts him between his legs.... "Fireborn BOMB"!!!!! Chaos Kid is broken in pieces... He pulled out the win for his partner, but he completely gets crushed.]

Blaylock: What is this about? What?

Prescott: I don't know. Chaos kept the titles barely for them. Don White couldn't fight them both due to Steele and barratt going nuts on the outside.

Blaylock: Rieter is calling the shots for Duke!

Rieter: Do it Duke! Damn you! DO IT NOW!

Prescott: Duke is like a robot for Rieter!

Blaylock: I can't believe this.. Duke is going to the outside... the security team scatters!

[Security scatters Barratt tries to hit Duke, but Duke headbutts him. barratt goes down easily. Duke grabs Diamond. He chokeslams Diamond! Stetson hits a "Director's Cut" on Duke... from behind of course. Stetson is asking Rieter why? Rieter grabs a mic...]

Rieter: Yeah... keep on booing. I had to do what I had to do. I value all of you people, but Chaos Kid is ungrateful for my help and my support. I'm done with him. Duke is loyal. He deserves better. Until he crosses me too. Diamond couldn't handle Barratt... he's an embarrassment... I'm done with Diamond too. From now on... the "Fireborn Connection" is no more. Myself, and Duke we be aligned together and we will be called "The Prosperous Ones". We will win. We will work. We will right the wrongs... Jack Diamond you are weak.... you are...

[Diamond and Barratt are up... they run in together... they look at eachother for a second, then look at Rieter... Duke is still laid out. Stetson is in the ring too.]

Rieter: Hey now. Come on guys. YOu know I was just messing around. I talk a big game.

Diamond: This isn't happening right now. You've crossed the line.

Crowd: Diamond! Stetson!

[All 3 men approach Rieter, Duke is behind them as Rieter pleads... like a fucking rat. Duke grabs Barratt from behind and hits a neckbreaker. Barratt goes down. Stetson goes in Duke... Stetson gets chokeslammed... Diamond goes for a "Stacked Deck" but he's been wore down so badly... Duke pushes him off...]

Prescott: I don't know what to say. Insanity.

Blaylock: Looks like DUke has some serious musicle behind himself now.

Rieter: Hold him down... he's weak... he couldn't handle anyone in this match tonight. hold him down...

[Duke holds Diamond down... in a camel clutch to soften him up... Rieter drops the mic... poses for his "Deadball Kick" and runs at Diamond... Duke lets go and Rieter smashes the face of Diamond... the crowd starts to riot... they through cups and food into the ring... Rieter takes a bow as he gets hit with popcorn and a nacho holder plate... as we go off the air.]