LIVE! August 21st @ 10 PM CST
Van Andel Arena
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Capacity: 10,834

(Take the time to watch this video. Important for mood and setting!)

[Our Lady Peace's new single "Drop Me in the Water" reprises from Saturday Night's Rising Tide special show. The music reverbs throughout the arena. It is again a sellout crowd. "Drop me in the Water, try to make me clean, got this sinking feeling... boat has a leak". The lyrics almost have a feeling of trying to refresh yourself after Shawn Rossdale's tragic death. The area's crowd is getting along fairly well. The picture of Shawn Rossdale is polarized on the giant tron. With the music blaring. The music fades away as the picture remains.]

Scarlett LaDawn: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Monday Night Spectacle. If you would all rise an be silent while our entire ICW Roster comes out, as a last sign of respect to the great late... "The Icon" Shawn Rossdale. Please.

[The entire roster files out. Bobby Barratt the 1st in line, and the only one that gets in the ring. Barratt gets on one knee in the ring. The rest of the roster, Duke, Danny Ray, Killer Penguin, Brett Stetson, Jack Diamond, Chaos Kid, Lucas Rieter, even Blaylock and Prescott are there. No announcers are present yet. We continue with Maverick, Don White and Billy Shaw. Sebastian Steele is not present. They all get around the ring, like a lumberjack match or sorts.]

LaDawn: We thank you all for coming again. ICW is in great hands. Shawn Rossdale was a passionate owner. He will be sorely missed. We will ring yet again... the bell for this Spectacle. As was done on Rising Tide. Stand by.

Barratt: Wait! Before that. I just wanted to say, Shawn... I know you're watching down mate. I did my best in that tag match, but I was overcome with too much. I'm sorry I failed you my brother. I'll not get into Sebastian Steele not being out here, but I will... I will. That's all.

[Barratt with tears in his eyes... but they've not yet dripped... takes his prestigous Shooting Star Championship and rolls out of the ring after he did his point above to the rafters. Barratt stands alone. He's in with the rest of the roster, but he's out of line, and behind Billy Shaw and Don White in line. The ringside bell rings... one last time for the respect of Shawn Rossdale.]











[The crowd is ghostly silent as they pay their respects. No one is drunk and stupid. No one blurts out. All you hear is the echo of the riveting bell and the occasional gasp or cough from crying.]

LaDawn: Thank you everyone. We really wanted to do this for Shawn's vision, his Monday Night Spectacle show. It was great to do this on Rising Tide AND Spectacle. Now lets get on with the show... the way Shawn Rossdale would of wanted us to!


[The wrestlers all file to the back except Danny Ray and Maverick who remain. They are set to square off one on one. Danny Ray making his debut against the seemingly twisted Maverick. While the wrestlers file out and Maverick and Danny Ray get their minds in order... our announcers take their seats.]

Stanley Prescott: Welcome to Monday Night Spectacle! We've got a Spectacle tonight!

Steven Blaylock: Real cute.

Prescott: And my partner almost as always... Steven Blaylock! Great to have ya back Steven!

Blaylock: Yeah, I'm glad to be back Stan. Ley. I couldn't deal with Rising Tide. I needed that time off. Jack Diamond did a prick job for me, but it will do I guess.

Prescott: Jack Diamond was fantastic. Maybe you need to find another spot here in ICW?

Blaylock: Yeah. Real funny. Shawn is gone, and we try to move on from that. I was just starting to grow to like him.

Prescott: Yeah, with him being in "your guy's" corner... I would see how..

Blaylock: Stan... you're... Anyways. Our 1st match is this family clown vs. Maverick! I hope Maverick beats the hell out of this idiot.

[Both men are already in the ring. Maverick is tilting his head back and forth as Danny Ray is looking quite nervous and wears black sweat pants, oddly shaped and a white v neck showing lots of chest hair with a old flannel shirt, unbuttoned, hanging loose with the sleeves rolled up. He has shoulder length hair and a goatee beard. Maverick looks dangerous, elite and wears his black and red pants with a "M" lightning bolt in red design.]

Prescott: We are almost underway here. The referee is checking with both men...

Blaylock: And we're off! Referee Charles Lee Ray calls for the bell!

Prescott: Maverick circles around Danny Ray here... looking for an opening.

Blaylock: Come on Maverick. This fool doesn't belong in ICW. Does this guy even wrestle?

Prescott: He's amateur but apparently has picked up nicely over the last week?

Blaylock: A week? I know guys that train for several years to get to ICW level. Or to at least make it somewhere. What a joke.

Prescott: Danny Ray ties up with Maverick! The crowd pops!

Blaylock: Maverick looking to twist him around... he does! Maverick takes him down with a wrist lock. Danny is looking very out of the water like.

Prescott: Danny Ray reverses! He puts his own wrist lock on Maverick! Danny Ray tries to hold him over, but Maverick elbows out of it!

Blaylock: Yes! Get him! That bum doesn't deserve to be in here!

Prescott: Maverick off the ropes, and back... hits a knee to the gut, followed be a headbutt.

Blaylock: Quick strikes, Danny Ray is staggered! Maverick goes for a suplex... and...

Prescott: Executes it cleanly. Nice piece of work by Maverick.

Blaylock: Danny Ray on the ground like a homeless bum.. where's his change cup?

Prescott: I don't know, but Danny Ray is in a bad way. I think it is more the moment catching up with him than anything.

Blaylock: Maverick is taunting the crowd. Doing a couple crotch chops... this is great! He's telling Danny Ray to "suck it"!! OMG

Prescott: All funniness aside, Danny Ray is back up, grabs Maverick, hits a high knee, but Maverick shakes it off.. and hits a sweet superkick.

Blaylock: Awesome. He's mouthing, "that was for you Shawn". Nicely done Maverick.

Prescott: Maverick is waiting for Danny Ray to get up. The crowd is starting to rain some boos down.

Blaylock: "Death Dealer"!!!!! (Lumbar Check) what a move!

Prescott: That is it people! Maverick covers!




Blaylock: No! That damn bum gets a shoulder up. What a joke. Lee Ray you are a bum. Are you idiots related?!

Prescott: Funny. Actually.... Charles Lee Ray, Danny Ray... I don't know. I'm sure he's got a last name right?

Blaylock: Yeah it's Ray idiot.

Prescott: Right. Danny Ray is reeling. He's twitching back and forth on his back.

Blaylock: Go back to the factory bum! What a fucking joke. Maverick finish this!!!

Prescott: He can't hear you dummy.

Blaylock: Maverick! "Death Dealer" again!

Prescott: NO NO! Danny picks him up, spinbuster...

Blaylock: I think Maverick pulled his head down with that one. In a partial DDT or something.

Prescott: Yep, the replay shows he grabbed the head on the side some. Both men are shook up.

Blaylock: Danny Ray comes out on top and is up first here. The crowd is sucking this up.


Prescott: Danny Ray up to his feet, looks wide eyed and innocent. Picks up a stunned Maverick... piledriver!

Blaylock: Nicely done piledriver. Any bum with a week's training can do that one though.

Prescott: Cover!




Blaylock: Danny Ray shakes his head.... he puts on an arm bar into Maverick, Maverick rolls into it to relieve pressure.

Prescott: Slick move by Maverick. Danny Ray, "Game Night"!!!!

Blaylock: Impressive.. he pulled that in tight as soon as Maverick stood up! Maverick is trying to fight out... he goes to the corner. Slams that bum in there...

Prescott: Nope... Maverick slams him again. Danny Ray is desperately hanging onto this Cobra Clutch move... "Game Night" he calls it I have read here in my notes.

Blaylock: MAverick is tapping! Are you serious? Fuck!

[The match was fairly quick, but a good one. Maverick taps out to "Game Night" as Danny Ray falls to his knees in a out of shape way, but hangs on for the win. Danny looks surprised even. The referee raises his hand as the crowd cheers proudly. Is this the new People's Champ? Maybe. Jack Diamond might have something to say about that. Maverick gets up and isn't finished... he's coughing, face is red but he's got a chair from underneath the ring. He runs in and smashes it into Danny Ray. He starts to beat the hell out of him. Keegan O'Donnell and security come rushing down. They break it up and Maverick heads to the back as we go to commercial break.]

[We come back from commercial break and we've got a small ruckus going on in the back. Bobby Barratt is standing over Sebastian Steele, and Steele is unconscious. He's bleeding from his face. Barratt has taken Steele's mask as well. He's just standing over him with fire coming from his eyes. Breathe heavily and sweating. He's cut also. The glass from the nearby car has been shattered, Barratt has several small cuts to his shoulder and arms. Steele is laying face down in front of the car. He's not moving at all. Barratt is screaming at him... breathing in a panic.]

Barratt: It was you! It had to be you! Why else would you not show up you fucking prick?! Tell me!! TELL ME! FUCK!

[ICW Security just caught wind of this via their ICW broadcast on TV, and Lucas is quick to rush in. Fireborn is right behind him.]

Lucas: Mate... calm

Barratt: Don't "mate" me you fucking slag. You're not matter than any of these fake pricks. What Shawn and I had was legitimate brothership. We were just a team. FUCK!

Lucas: I miss Shawn more than you do even mate. We go way way back.

Barratt: You see this mask? You see this? You see Steele? You see? This guy has just taken the biggest piss of his life. He's down. I'm not even started. Sebastian Steele had something to do with Shawn's death.. maybe in the car that hit us, which I didn't reveal yet, but it was a hit and run. YEAH A FUCKING HIT AND RUN!!!! And why wasn't he at the ringside official tribute earlier tonight?

Lucas: Okay. Alright. Listen please. Just walk away. I'll let this one go. Maybe Steele had this coming? I don't know. I believe in fate, and I'll let you walk away from this just leave. This is borderline assault. Bobby... go.

Barratt: Assault? You fucking fool!!!

[Barratt rushes at Rieter and gets an "Iconbreaker" off quickly. Rieter flops and drops like a broken man. He shakes from the more intense impact. More intense than normal. Duke and Chaos tackle Barratt as he was going to get at Rieter again. Steele still hasn't moved. He seems to be okay. The paramedics have him turned over and he's conscious, but not moving. It seems to be the front windshield that Barratt through Steele into, and it seems from the cuts that Barratt put Steele's head through the passenger side window of the parked car. That would explain the cuts on Barratt's arms and the massive bleeding from Steele's head. The mask must of been ripped off prior. Barratt picks up the mask that had fallen as he was performing his "Iconbreaker" move on Rieter after Duke and Chaos let him up. Barratt smacks Duke and Chaos. Duke tries to get at Barratt, but they do feel somewhat sorry for him. He's a fucking wreck still. He probably feels alone. All alone. In ICW at least.]

Prescott: That was insane. Steele getting caved in, and Barratt attacking Rieter. With Rossdale now past on... what does this mean?

Blaylock: I don't even want to know. There's nothing holding back Lucas. I would assume he holds majority ownership now that Rossdale has passed on. Who knows?

Prescott: We don't know about that. What has happened to Rossdale's 85% ownership is still yet undecided. We're not to that point yet, but I'd imagine we soon would be.

Blaylock: Yeah, in Rossdale's voicemail to Barratt, the day he died... last Monday evening... he mentioned mailing him something. I wonder...

Prescott: We'll find out soon enough. Right now we've got Chaos Kid vs. Billy Shaw!

Blaylock: Yes we do. Prick vs. Prick. Billy Shaw is dynamic. I say he wins this!

[The lights go dim as our 2nd match of the night starts up. NF - "Motivated" blasts through out the arena as Shaw walks out to the stage bobbing to the music as he smirks to the crowd as he then sprints down to the ring as he leaps up to all four corners as he salutes the crowd then back flips off the fourth corner as he then readies himself for the match

"Break Stuff" by Limp Bizkit fires up and Chaos power walks right down to the ring. He's wearing a grey hoody with blue jeans and a belt. The jeans are strangely tight.]

Prescott: Chaos and Billy are ready to rock n' roll!

Blaylock: How does he wrestle in those jeans? That kills me!

Prescott: Who cares? He's one of ICW's best.

Blaylock: Billy Shaw is the most entertaining of the bunch of "good guys".

Prescott: The referee has rung the bell... we're official. Jason Myers here...

Blaylock: Chaos Kid runs in with a heavy clothesline! Billy Shaw doesn't know where he is.

Prescott: Back to his feet is Shaw, but he's dazed. He didn't expect that to come in so heavy.

Blaylock: Shaw, with a spinning heel kick, but Choas backs up. Shaw hits the mat.

Prescott: I can't believe this fast paced feel of this match. Chaos briefly looks for "CDM", but Shaw rolls out of the ring.

Blaylock: What a prick. Get back in there!

Prescott: Shaw rolls right back in, did he hear you? No...

Blaylock: Of course not moron.

Prescott: Billy Shaw runs at Chaos, ducks underneathe his clothesline, and jumps up..

Blaylock: Tornado DDT! What a heavy move by Shaw.

Prescott: Indeed. Shaw with a quick pin.




Blaylock: Chaos kicks out strong.

Prescott: Chaos looks like he's recovered... they tie up, Shaw overpowered quickly.

Blaylock: Shaw gets waist locked from behind, bridge suplex!!




Prescott: Shaw with a nice kickout there!

Blaylock: Chaos Kid gets him locked up, whips him into the corner, and

Prescott: Leg clips Shaw!

Blaylock: Shaw took that right on his knee!

Prescott: Shaw is writhing in pain.

Blaylock: Billy Shaw is down and grimacing in pain. Chaos smiling.

[The match starts to take more of a shape now. Chaos Kid heard or knew something. He's starting to target Shaw's bum knee from last week. He starts to kick at it, and elbow it. Shaw gets up, and walks gingerly on that knee. Chaos chop blocks him underneath. Shaw rolls out of the ring to get a moment. Holding that knee. Chaos gets on the top rope and goes a simple splash, but misses.... Shawn rolled out of the way. His long hair all over his face with sweat and his baggy pants made him a bigger target than what it really was. Chaos misjudged that badly. Shaw hobbles up and rolls into the ring. The referee gets to the count of 6 before Chaos gets back in too. Billy Shaw seems to be alright, but his knee has locked up on him and it is stiff. He springs off the ropes and jumps, screams out but hits a diving back elbow to Chaos Kid. Shaw rolls around and stands up. He slaps his knee a few times and does a couple small jumps... he seems to be feeling a little better. Chaos gets up and waits on Shaw. Shaw runs at him with another spinning heel kick, but Chaos dives underneath it. Chaos goes back to Shaw, kicks him in the gut and lands a nice snap suplex. Shaw holds his back, but turns upward. Chaos hits a DDT. Cover!]




Prescott: Close match so far. Neither man wants to give in.

Blaylock: Chaos is in control, the knee seems to be alright for Shaw, but who knows what is really going on?

Prescott: Chaos Kid with a tie up, whips Shaw into the corner, Shaw is able to reverse the irish whip.

Blaylock: Chaos hits hard into the corner. Shaw jumps and hits a springboard body splash.

Prescott: Chaos stumbles out and falls to his knees. Shaw going up top!

Blaylock: Oh shit... here we go!

Prescott: Shaw is up top... extends his arms... Chaos stands and turns around!

Blaylock: "Superkick" from the top rope!!! WOW!

Prescott: Incredible! Chaos buckles and collapses... Billy Shaw is also hurt!! He hit the kick clean, but landed on that bad knee... he's in some serious discomfort now... he can't make the pin!

Blaylock: Yep. He really gambled. He landed the kick, then a split second later come down really stiff on that knee. Looks like a classic hyper extended knee. A bad one though. I've had them. Hell I had to retire because of knee problems.

[Chaos Kid is out, and would be out for a count of 6 or 7 probably. Shaw just can't capitalize on the moment. He finally gets over there after 15 seconds or so.]




Prescott: Shaw did it!! Wow I thought that Chaos would be recovered in time!

Blaylock: No! A 2 count! Myers signals a 2 count!


[Chaos Kid had enough time to barely shoulder up that pin attempt. Both men are hurting. Chaos Kid is able to roll away from Shaw. He picks Shaw up, but he can barely stand. Chaos goes for a "Chaos Bomb" but Shaw counters it into a hurricanrana. Shaw rolls over for another pin...]




[Chaos kicks out yet again. Shaw is unable to stand. He gets up on one leg... and uses the ropes to brace himself. Chaos Kid runs at Shaw and Shaw is able to lift him up and over the top rope. Chaos Kid goes down hard on the outside. Billy Shaw tries to climb on the top rope inside. He gets up there, jumps, but doesn't have enough lift. The knee gives and he falls off the turnbuckle's top rope and hits his shoulder on the outside. Chaos Kid gets over there, the referee starts his 10 count. Chaos Kid hits a few jabs and starts to pummel Shaw on the outside. He picks up Shaw, who can't stand very well, and tries to whip him into the post, Shaw falls down... he couldn't even get there. Chaos is kicking the knee more, but Shaw uses his good leg and kicks in the back of Chaos' knee, and Chaos falls over and Shaw monkey flips Chaos into that post... Chaos is dazed badly. Referee is at 6...]

Prescott: Referee just hit 6.

Blaylock: This is a slow count. Chaos isn't getting up...

Prescott: I don't think Billy Shaw can make it back into the ring... "7"

Blaylock: Doesn't look like it. He can't even stand. He's using the barricade on the outside to get up. "8"!!!!

Prescott: Shaw one leg hops over to the apron of the ring... "9"!!!!!

Blaylock: Referee is almost there, he's holding out that long count....

Prescott: Chaos is starting to get up... Shaw has his bad leg on the apron... trying to get under the ropes...

Myers: 10!!!! DING DING DING!!!

LaDawn: This match has ended in a draw. ICW's first ever draw. A double countout has been awarded to both Billy Shaw and Chaos Kid!

Crowd: Boooooo!!!!!

Prescott: Well there you have it folks. Our 1st ever draw via double countout...

Blaylock: Both of these guys are pricks, but Shaw had this match won... he was literally another second away from being in there for a countout win..

Prescott: Are you serious? It was a nice close match, but Jason Myers gave that a SLOW count. That really like a normal 16 second count or something. A double countout was the right call here.

[Billy Shaw is quite disappointed in the draw and Chaos Kid is asking the referee why? They both can't believe it. Chaos Kid walks past Billy and bumps him down to the ground as Shaw could barely stand. We cut to commercial break.]

[We cut backstage and Bobby is seen storming along a corridor. He looks pissed!]

Blaylock: I wouldn't wanna be whoever my guy is looking for, right now! He's already done Steele in.

Prescott: Right now... I'm not sure I'd want to be your guy. He's had the week from hell, the guy is a mess and there's no sign of letting up. He has a match with two of the best in ICW later tonight and it's for the chance to face Jack Diamond for the ICW Championship!

Barratt: Kosloff!! Where the fuck are you?!

Barratt sees a door marked "Fireborn Connection". He hammers it with the side of his fist. The door shakes with the impact. No answer.

Barratt: Get the fuck out here, you double stacked pile of sliders and shit!

[Still no answer. Kip Sweet is seen approaching Bobby from out of shot. Bobby hears him coming and goes to throw a right, expecting to see one of Lucas' band of merry men. Luckily he notices in time and stops.]

Sweet: Bobby, with your match tonight, surely your time would be better spent preparing? What's going on?

Barratt: I'll tell you what's going on! Duke Fucking Kosloff..The big, intimidating Soviet "Monster" seems to think showing up to my friends funeral...a friend who died under the influence of alcohol and swigging neat vodka in front of a grieving family is acceptable! You piece of shit! Duke I have pulled some stunts in my time...I know that, you know that and we all know that. But you caused more pain, more anguish and upset for a mother and father who lost their son. Brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews...Don't you get that?! Even your fucking tag team partner was ashamed of you in that moment! You know what? I'm done talking, Duke get the fuck out here!

[Barratt storms off shot, looking for Duke. He's not normally the man to administer justice, but this is personal.]

Prescott: Barratt needs to watch it tonight. Rieter I'm sure will have something to say later.

Blaylock: Maybe. But then maybe.. he's giving Bobby a break. No one has taken Shawn's death harder.

Prescott: Yeah, Rieter and Shawn were at odds when he died, but I'm sure Riter is taking it hard too.

Blaylock: I guess Rieter understands the cirumstances of Barratt lashing out.

Prescott: Our 3rd match is coming up in a few moments... we've got Sebastian Steele vs. The Killer Penguin.

Blaylock: Who is going to get a spot in that #1 contenders match for Diamond's world title?

Prescott: Good question. Since they tied... I guess it will be both of them I would think.

Blaylock: What a crock. That is like kissing your sister.

Prescott: It is what it is Steven.

Blaylock: What it is... is a crock of shit. Here we go... Penguin is coming!

[The lights fade to black, the slow methodical song "Deliverance" from Thrasher 726 begins to play and a spotlight begins to brighten pointing to the top of the entrance ramp. The light cuts to black as the music stops for a split second. Pyro goes off, the lights come on and the song resumes with a super fast rhythm. The Killer Penguin appears on the ramp and runs to the ring, takes a lap around the ring before jumping into the ring beneath the bottom rope. He pops to his feet and begins to bounce between the ropes as the music rages on.

The lights of the arena go dark and begin to softly strobe as "No Leaf Clover" by Metallica begins to play over the arena's sound system. One lone golden spotlight can be seen directed onto the stage just at the curtain. Sebastian slowly skulks out from the curtain as if he were stalking prey. He is draped in a luxurious pelt of a black jaguar, the pelt's fine fur flowing in the golden light. The head of the jaguar sits atop the newly bare head of Sebastian. The luchador continues his way to the ring with the spotlight still bathing him in gushing gold. Once in the ring the overhead flood the arena with light once more. Sebastian then climbs a turnbuckle facing the camera. His demeanor is overly intense, as he's got some dried blood on his head and some fresh stitches... maybe 4 or 5 on the side of his head. He pushes the camera man down, as the network switches away from the toppled over shot.]

Prescott: What is going to happen tonight? Sebastian Steele has never been more dangerous. He's not a guy that you fool around with.

Blaylock: Bobby Barratt doesn't give a flyin' fuck what happens to Steele... Barratt has never been more dangerous.

Prescott: Well, relax Steven. We've got Penguin and Steele one on one... I've been informed from Rieter backstage that it will be Chaos and Shaw in that #1 contenders match. Who goes in with them? Who knows. It could end up being a fatal 4 way match possibly if Diamond loses. Who knows.

Blaylock: Diamond is going to lose tonight. Stetson or Diamond aren't going to be able to overtake Bobby's passion and zeal.

Prescott: Zeal? That is a good one. I didn't know you could think.

Blaylock: Shut it Stan.

Prescott: You know I love you brother.

Blaylock: The match hasn't started yet!! Look at STEELE!!!!

[Steele charges in towards Penguin and grabs him. He hits a gorgeous german suplex! Steele looking out of control hits a right hook that sends Penguin down and picks him right up... "Killshot"!!!! FUCK! Penguin is down... cover!]

Prescott: You have got to be kidding me...




Blaylock: Man! Penguin just gets out of that. He was fresh... that is the only reason why!

Prescott: Penguin is tough... very tough.

[Penguin looks absolutely stunned. Who is going to win this matchup? We'll find out soon enough! Steele grabs Penguin, and tosses him through the ropes in a mocking fasion. Without his mask he looks strange. Very strange. We've not seen this stuff since Jumbo Johnston did this months ago!]

Blaylock: Steele is clearly enraged over Barratt taking his mask off him earlier tonight.

Prescott: I'm pretty uncomfortable calling this match actually.

Blaylock: Nah, fuck Steele. He'd not got anything on me. I've not forgotten Midsummer. (ppv)

[Steele gets to the top rope and flexes... then pans his hand showing a middle finger to the crowd. Penguin strolls back in. Steele runs him and discus uppercut. Penguin bounces off the ropes and comes back with a clothesline. Steele ducks it! But Penguin hits a awesome Pele kick! Steele falls. Penguin starts to get on top of Steele, but his technical ability shines through. Steele arm drags Penguin over. Penguin sweeps Steele's leg and he falls. Steele tries to get up but Penguin hits a standing dropkick which takes Steele out. Steele picks himself back up and tries to grapple Penguin. Penguin ducks under and gets a waist lock going, but Steele elbows out of it. Steele reveres the waist lock. Another german suplex! Steele walks over and spits on Penguin.]

Prescott: He's going to go for... yes..

Blaylock: "Jaguar Clutch"! Steele gets it in. He's kinda close the ropes though.

Prescott: Sebastian Steele crosses the legs, turns him over.. and yes locks it in. Steele really cranking back on Penguin.

Blaylock: That little bird might just snap in half!

Prescott: Penguin is looking around, unsure of where to go, he scoots a little more... to the ropes.. he's maybe 8 inches away.

Blaylock: Nope! Steele is pulling him to the middle of the ring... oh man!

Prescott: Steele with it still locked in... grinding back. He's screaming in some spanish!

Blaylock: What in the hell is he saying?

Prescott: Penguin is going to tap.... this is it!!

[The lights go out. Just as Penguin was getting ready to give in. They are out for a good while. No one can see anything. Maybe they are out for 10 seconds. Suddenly a purple glow shows up at the giant tron... And a video starts to play... it is in a purple hue. The entire video. It is a short video, but it shows something that Jenny Stackhouse recorded when Shawn and Bobby weren't aware. It was from Shawn's house in Stillwater, MN, the night before they flew to Chicago. The night before his evening death outside Chicago on the outer loop. This is the audio from the video. It's just Shawn and Bobby having some tea together, as Jenny records from a small crack outside Shawn's den... a area she knew well before she turned on Shawn. The ring is barely visible from the purple hue, no one can see much, the crowd looks in amazement... Steele released the hold on Penguin.]

Shawn: Yeah man. Look we're doing this thing mate. You're going to be top guy. Fuck Lucas. I don't need that slag man. He was my best friend. You've been that for a long time now. We've only been seeing eye to eye for 2 or 3 weeks now... but..

Bobby: It's cool mate. You don't need to go on. You're like an older brother to me now. Just think of our past be like brothers giving eachother a hard time right?

Shawn and Bobby: Some banter... and they laugh.

Shawn: No really, you're like a little brother I never had man. You never had to use me in the beginning. You only had to ask. You're the chosen one of ICW. The chosen one of professional wrestling. You're greater than me. You are me, but what I could of been. You truly are the "Prodigy" mate.

Bobby: I don't even know what to say. Thanks mate. You've been too kind.

Shawn: It is just the truth and having you in ICW gives me a reason to live. Bobby I'm an alchoholic. I've been hiding it. Very well... I drink myself up badly. The stuff with Jenny I'm truly over, but I was like this with her. I drink by myself. I guess I'm a controlled alchoholic if that makes sense.

Bobby: We need to get you some help. I'm flying in with Jenny tomorrow to O'Hara. It's cool if we take your private plane?

Shawn: Yeah, for sure. I'll be in later. I'll fly separately. I've got a couple things to deal with at the attorney's office.

Bobby: Like what?

Shawn: Nothing major mate. Just a couple things. Legal stuff. Pertaining to my will and ICW.

Bobby: You're not going to die on me are you? (both laugh)

Shawn: No, I'm healthy. Very healthy. I could join the ICW roster, but wouldn't that be a wash? No. My back and knee have been healed for years now. I'm just too old I think. I have you though. You are me in so many ways. Really though, I just gotta change my will. I'm taking Rieter out of it. I don't have any kids that I know of... and I'm not married. My estate wouldn't go to anyone. Both of my parents are dead. My brother is a joke and my sister ... we don't talk. There's no one to really leave my estate to. I don't know how that all works. I'm going to put you in my will.

Bobby: I don't even know what to say Shawn. Thanks. I don't know what to think.

Shawn: Oh it isn't much mate. Just a little something. If something ever happens to me... remember one thing. You are wrestling. You are ICW. Not Jack Diamond. Not anyone else. Bobby Barratt is pro wrestling. If I'm ever in an accident... it isn't accidental. Just remember that.

[The scene goes from purple hue to a black screen as the video ends, just before... Jenny says "my boys... how sweet". The lights come back on and the haunting purple glow resides... and we see Sebastian Steele completely knocked out. His stitches have been torn open and Bobby Barratt is outside the ring laughing... and screaming at the same time. The referee didn't see anything, so the match goes on, but Barratt is accusing Steele of killing Shawn Rossdale. Is their any merit to this? What in the fuck is going on? Penguin looks around... still worn down from the extended stay in "Jaguar Clutch". The camera switches back to Bobby who is telling Penguin to finish him. We see the end of "Debra" just barely sticking out with that purple tape on the handle. Jack Diamond and Rieter come down to the ring... Barratt scurries off.... into the crowd.]

Blaylock: What in the holy hell have we just witnessed? I don't...

Prescott: Not sure Steven. My mind is blown.. the crowd is almost silent. Steele might need to go to the hospital. Barratt is long gone. Rieter is screaming and going crazy. Diamond is trying to calm him down.

Blaylock: Back to the action I guess... Penguin... crawls over. Cover!




Prescott: No!!! Steele with a shoulder up.

Blaylock: No way! Get the fuck out of here!

Prescott: Steele gets up. Diamond and Rieter are leaving now that Barratt has gone.

Blaylock: No wait, Diamond is taking Debra. He must of seen the handle. Uh oh!

Prescott: Penguin, in control... he lifts up Steele. You can't even see his face. So much blood.

Blaylock: YES! Kicks from Penguin... 1, 2 ,3, 5... and he stops!

Prescott: Penguin. Looking poised. Steele on his knees and bent over....

Blaylock: Looks like Penguin is going top rope! This isn't looking good for Steele...

Prescott: KIWI CRUSH!!!!! (double foot stomp)

Blaylock: NO! Steele!! Oh MY GOD! Steele rises, grabs the feet of Penguin...

Prescott: JAGUAR CLUTCH!!! Steele got Jaguar Clutch again!!!

Blaylock: He turns him over...Steele... cranks it...

Prescott: Penguin not giving in... the blood on Steele's face...

Blaylock: It's like Austin from WM 13, but he's going the sharpshooter move instead!!

Prescott: No this is worst than Austin's face. Penguin taps!!!!

Blaylock: It's over! Steele wins! What a fucking win!

LaDawn: Your winner by submission, "El Cazador" Sebbbbasssstian STEEEEELLLEEE

Prescott: What is wrong Steven?

Blaylock: You see his eyes man?

Prescott: What are you talking about? They were covered in blood.

Blaylock: No, they were red looking. They weren't like that before the match.

Prescott: Steven. Come on, it was the blood. Don't be a moron.

Blaylock: I've got to go. I don't feel right. I'm feeling sick man... his eyes..

[Blaylock leaves ringside... and collapses... He had it out with Steele at Midsummer Night's Massacre! But something is up. Steele is standing with his head down in the ring, Penguin is walking to the back... We cut to our last commercial break.]

[We come back and see Duke, Chaos, Jack and Lucas Rieter all arguing. They aren't very happy...Danny Ray is in there too.]

Rieter: Look Jack. No weapons man. We're not about that. I'm letting his attack on me go, but what he did to Steele... I let that go too. He's been through hell. However ... his attack on Steele in the ring in darkness isn't okay. The referees are instructed to have hardcore visual proof to DQ a match. We all know he did it. You need to relax.

Jack: Look Lucas. I need this. I'll deal with him. Some sort of justice has to happen. He's completely out of control.

Danny Ray: Can I say something?


Lucas: Alright fine. I'll make your match with Stetson and Barratt a NO DQ match. Anything goes. Is this what you want? Barratt will thrive...

Jack: So will will i...

[The arena lights dim as "Famous" by Puddle of Mudd blares through the arena. Stetson emerges from the curtain wearing sunglasses and a scarf over his wrestling attire as a spotlight follows him down the ramp. He stops to take a selfie with an attractive female fan. Stetson continues to make his way down to the ring, soaking in the reaction of the crowd and giving his sunglasses to a lucky fan. He enters the ring and throws his scarf into the crowd before flexing for the camera as his music dies down.

The lights in the arena go out and a red hue takes over. A version of Motorhead's "The Ace of Spades" plays and smoke feels the entrance ramp. Jack Diamond appears backwards at the top of the ramp work a black, white and red robe on (a'la Flair) with the words "The Ace of Spades" written across the back. He turns around, wearing Red "diamond shaped" glasses, smiling as smug as he can and playing to the crowds reaction. He arrogantly walks to the ring, climbs the stairs and enters through the middle ropes. He throws up the Diamond sign and as he throws his hands down Pyro goes off around him in the shape of a diamond. His world championship glistens... and sparkles under the spotlights in the dim arena.]

Prescott: Awesome. Just awesome. Diamond looks the part and is the part.

Kip Sweet: He is. He's just awesome. You're right. I would think "perfection" actually.

Prescott: Ladies and gentlemen... my collegue Steven Blaylock has been taken to the back and is recieving medical care. No word on his condition. We're praying for you Steven.

Sweet: I sure hope he's alright. I'll try to provide unbiased color commentating for us.

Prescott: You'll do great Kip. Relax.

Sweet: Thanks! Jack Diamond is ICW. Isn't he?

Prescott: My partner would disagree, but yes I think so.

Sweet: Where is Bobby Barratt?

Prescott: Who knows. He ran through the crowd earlier.

LaDawn: This match is scheduled for one fall....


LaDawn: And is for a spot in the #1 contendership match for Diamond's world title. However if Diamond wins, he will hold the "cards" for his World title match at Castle... of GLLLLASSSSS!!!


LaDawn: Rieter informed me through Jack Diamond, that this match will be a NO Disqualification match. Falls must be in the ring, but Anything goes...



Prescott: Where is Bobby Barratt?

[Lights go out, Motley Crue starts playing and spotlights swirl on the stage. In his own time, Mr Barratt comes strolling through the curtain. Confidence, arrogance and smugness all apparent. Also he had a tinge of being broken some... but his rage is overriding that at the moment. He has a lot to say, so he approaches the camera, talking smack about his opponent and whatever is currently happening, before headed out to the ring. As the chorus is about to drop, he flips over the top rope and onto the buckle to sing "I'm the Motherfucker of the year!" Before continuing to antagonise the crowd.]

Sweet: There is Barratt. Fashionably late.

Prescott: Well Barratt never really goes out of style.

Sweet: Barratt totally is driven by something just unexplainable. Look at his face. It's like stone.

Prescott: It is. Bobby Barratt is telling the crowd "this is for Shawn" and he's going on about Diamond sucking Rieter or something.

Sweet: I can't wait. This is going to be just awesome.

[The 3 men all stand in their own corners... Diamond is trying to get Brett to go in with him on Barratt. Brett agrees... With Bobby's outrageous behavior tonight... I think Diamond has no sympathy for Bobby. Stetson shakes the hand of Diamond. They both run at Bobby and do a double clothesline to him. Barratt goes down, but pops back up and hits himself in the face. Diamond looks over at Brett as what to do next... Brett says "he's got this". Brett gives Barratt another stiff shot and Barratt hits himself again and smiles... ]

Prescott: What in the hell is he doing?

Sweet: He's just really emotional.. probably angry and just intense.

Prescott: "Stacked Deck"!!!!!

Sweet: That came out of no where. It looks like Barratt isn't getting up from that. What is his problem?

Prescott: Diamond quickly turns on Stetson, goes for a "Stacked Deck" on him, but Stetson sees it coming, and pushes Diamond off.

Sweet: What a counter. Stetson is free, Barratt is still down. Stetson runs at Diamond, misses a lariat.

Prescott: Diamond with a flying clothesline!

Sweet: Stetson gets back up quickly. He picks Diamond up for "Director's Cut", but Diamond waggles off.

Prescott: Waggles?

Sweet: Hey man...

Prescott: Diamond gets off... swinging neckbreaker!

Sweet: As usual, perfect form on that move. He's like a Diamond!

Prescott: Barratt is back up. He's hitting himself again. Jack throws a right, Barratt catches it, and hits back!

Sweet: Barratt is on fire!

Prescott: Barratt with a strike to Diamond's head... Diamond slaps him. Diamond with chops!! and more chops!

Sweet: The crowd is going "Nature Boy" on this!

Prescott: Stetson getting back up to his feet now. Diamond has Barratt in the corner, doing more chops... Diamond backs up goes for a cross body into Barratt...

Sweet: And he hits it!

Prescott: Stetson is over there now. He grabs Diamond from behind. Back body drop!

Sweet: Diamond goes down. Stetson looks to take advantage... "Director's Cut" on Barratt!!!

Prescott: No way!

Sweet: Barratt shakes it off..

Prescott: What happened to "waggles"?

Sweet: Barratt with an eye rake, a slap and then a side effect to Stetson!

Prescott: Steston is down. Diamond is back up... Diamond comes in...

Sweet: "Diamond SPLASH"!!!! Diamond Splash on Barratt!

Prescott: Barratt staggers through the ropes to the outside... he's already reaching for something...

Sweet: It's a chair. Oh no.

Prescott: Barratt with a steel chair on the outside... baiting Diamond to come out. Diamond shakes his head no.

Sweet: Stetson with a roll up!!!




Prescott: Looks like Barratt sickly knew Diamond would kick out of that...

Sweet: Yeah it did. He didn't even try to get in there.

Prescott: Until now... Barratt... chair shot! Right on Stetson!

Sweet: Again and again and again!!! Diamond is looking at Barratt then Stetson back and forth in horror..

Prescott: Diamond is begging Barratt to stop... Barratt swings at Diamond, he ducks... dropkick into the chair!

Sweet: Right into Barratt's face. Brett Stetson is bloody! His nose might be broken! Oh my Lord!

Prescott: Diamond takes the chair and tosses it out of the ring and shakes his finger at the crowd.

Sweet: He isn't resorting to weapons yet.

Prescott: Jack Diamond, lifts Barratt up.

Sweet: LOW BLOW!

Prescott: Diamond drops. Damn you Bobby.

Sweet: Looks like Barratt isn't done with Stetson. He picks up the chair again and hits hime one more time before shoving him out of the ring.

Prescott: He's using the chair like a shovel...

Sweet: Stetson out of the ring. Unconscious as ICW medical staff come down. Don White is coming down there too...

Prescott: What is Don White doing?

Sweet: Just checking on one of the good guy.

Prescott: Diamond is waiting for Barratt when he turns around... "Stacked Deck"!!!!

Sweet: DIAMOND WITH A "STACKED DECK" on Barratt!!!! Cover!




Prescott: Jack Diamond has done it yet again!!

Sweet: I don't think so! Kickout by Barratt, just barely.

[With Stetson being carted off... Don White stays at ringside to survey the action. He presumably is in Diamond's corner in this match. Diamond shakes his head and picks up Barratt, gives him a hard whip into the ropes, Barratt grabs onto the ropes. Diamond goes flying with a forearm, but Barratt crawls under his flying body. Diamond goes chest first into the top rope, but springs off fine. Barratt waiting, bounces off the ropes and hits a high knee strike to Diamond as he turns around. Now things get sickening. Barratt goes outside and grabs the chair that was kicked out. He also gets a table... and slides it in there. He gets back in, Diamond is shaking his head and getting his mental bones together. This is now a one on one matchup! Barratt beats down Diamond with the chair. He sets the table up in the middle of the ring. He then swings again with the chair and it slams into Diamond's mouth, knocking him back and blood starts to drip down to his chest. He smiles at Barratt and his teeth look red/pink. Diamond falls over after smiling and rolls out of the ring. Bobby goes out there, and slaps Diamond. Diamond slaps him back. Diamond lands another chop. Barratt eye rakes Diamond. Then they start to talk.]

Barratt: You know mate, you've really done it. Trying to act like you care. You don't care (strikes Diamond).

Diamond: You... you're a mess Bobby.

Barratt: I own you. This is all for Shawn.

Prescott: These two know eachother so well. They are holding a intense conversation on and off... talking trash.

Sweet: It is mostly Barratt doing the talking.

Prescott: Diamond hits a enziguri on the outside. Right after a Barratt knee strike to the body.

Sweet: Referee Jason Myers is pleading with them to finish it in the ring.

Prescott: That he is. I don't think these two really care.

Sweet: Don White is starting to get close to the action.

Prescott: Yeah he is. I wonder what he's doing out here?

Sweet: I don't know. His return to ICW was a welcome one, but he's got no business out here.

Prescott: Diamond grabs Barratt by his neck and runs him into the announce table!

Sweet: Watch it!!! Whoa!!

Prescott: Get back Kip! Guys watch out!

Sweet: Man! you guys have to get in the ring.

Diamond: Shut up.

[Prescott and Sweet stand up and get to the side of the table. Diamond has Barratt on there... both are breathing heavily and Diamond's got blood on his chin and neck area now. Diamond hits him one more time in the face. Diamond goes inside the ring. Myers is begging him to calm it down and stay in the ring, Diamond shoves him slightly. Diamond up top... he points to the crowd... and points up to the ceiling... (for Shawn maybe?) and...]


Sweet: Watch OUT!!!!! (The table crashes and snaps)

Prescott: I can't believe that! That was a good 20 feet of distance from that top rope to the outside.

Sweet: The angle gave him more flight to hit that... but wow that is just insane!!

Prescott: Diamond!!! Looking vicious... gives a beating to Barratt... he drags Barratt off the broken table top.

Sweet: This is just unbelievable!!! I can't ... I don't believe what I've seen.

Prescott: Diamond!!! He's not done. We need some damn help out here...

Sweet: Don White!!! NO!!!!!!!!

[Diamond had dragged Barratt off the table and Barratt had just gotten Barratt leaned against the ring apron on the outside and was looking for something underneathe the ring, when Don White comes in with "Strange Kick" on Barratt, which topples him over horribly. Don White starts to speak to Diamond.]

Don White: Finish this chump. He just got put in check. Now close the deal Diamond. Now even Shawn would want him acting this crazy man.

Prescott: Don White is leaving. I guess he wanted to get a piece of the crazed Barratt.

Sweet: He doesn't know what Shawn would of wanted. The well runs very deep.

Prescott: Diamond lets go of the weapon, which was a chain.

Sweet: Diamond slides Barratt into the ring. He is having trouble doing so. Diamond gets him in there, and covers...




Prescott: No! Shoulder up. My God!

Sweet: Bobby Barratt is still in this thing.

Prescott: Diamond is screaming at Barratt to let it go, and give in... he's going for "Aces Wild"!!!

Sweet: "Aces Wild" is locked in.... there's no rope break in this... Barratt is barely conscious... he's screaming.. these two are going to tear eachother apart!

Prescott: Barratt is twitching. Diamond is doing sit ups to rip the knee and create pressure over and over.

Sweet: Barratt is reaching... he finds a chair in the ring from earlier... he takes it and starts swinging desperately. Diamond takes a shot in the head... but barely holds on... and another... Diamond releases the hold. Bobby is reeling... he's so tired and broken. He can't stand. Bobby scoots to the corner and sits down in the corner... breathing heavily...

Prescott: Who knows what is going to happen NOW!!!

[Bobby is heaving in the corner. Diamond is trying to look around and figure out where is... he eventually uses the ropes to get up. Barratt starts to to the same in the corner. They meet in the middle, beside that table that still stands and trade shots back and forth over and over... Barratt gets thrown into the ropes... "Stacked Deck"!!!]

Prescott: NO!! Barratt Pushes him off... Diamond into the ropes chest first... he turns around...

Sweet: "Distortion"!!!! (superkick)

Prescott: "Distortion" by Barratt!!! In the memory of Rossdale! Cover!!!




Sweet: NO!!!! Oh my God! NO! Diamond just gets out!!! I can't believe this!

Prescott: ... ladies and gentlemen. These two is what it is all about.

Sweet: Sigh... wow.

[Diamond rolls over on his stomach for safety I guess from another pin. Bobby can't believe it. He lays on his back, totally burned out.. and has his hands on his head... Rieter has chosen to stay out of this, and wants Diamond to finish the job the "Fireborn" way fair and justly. Diamond and Barratt lay there for a minute or 2... the crowd starts to chant "LETS GO BARRATT... BARRATT SUCKS" and some chant "DIAMOND CLUB"!!!!!]

Prescott: The crowd is into this... they are really really getting their money's worth tonight!!

Sweet: Diamond and Barratt both stand, they trade shots like this is their last match ever...

Prescott: Diamond with a right, Barratt with a left... they trade more...

Sweet: Diamond! "Iconbreaker" on Barratt!!!!

Diamond: How's that feel?

Prescott: Barratt is dazed badly... Diamond just used Barratt's own move on him. This is getting really personal!!!

Sweet: Barratt has been completely nuts tonight... he almost killed Steele...

Prescott: Yeah it's creepy Steele hasn't made an appearance...

Sweet: I know. That is the scary part...

Prescott: Diamond goes up top... Barratt is staggered on the ground. Diamond waits...

Sweet: Barratt gets up, he's leaning some...

Prescott: "Shuffled Deck"!!!!! NO! OH MY GOD!!!

Sweet: "Distortion"!!!! Dang it!!

Prescott: BARRATT HIT DISTORTION!!!! Diamond flipped right into it... looks like he got most of it... he collapses over top of Diamond....




Sweet: NO!... YES!!! Barratt has done it!!!

Prescott: I can't believe this! Bobby Barratt has finally defeated Jack Diamond one on one!!!!

LaDawn: Ladies and gentlemen... your winner via pinfall.... "The Icon"....... BOOOOOBBBBBBBBBY BBBAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAATTT!!!!

Prescott: Unreal.

Sweet: This is crazy...

[Lucas Rieter comes out. "Shimmer" by Fuel blasts... and fades out. Jack Diamond is destroyed in the ring... so is Bobby. He can't even stand to hold up his Shooting Star title. The referee brings each belt to their respective owner. Each lay beside eachother, conscious, but completely wiped.]

Rieter: You fucking slag. You little prick. Diamond almost finished the job, but I must say, that was truly impressive. Truly, but it isn't going to save your ass. You're ass is fired!!!

Prescott: He can't do that! Barratt still has what is it? another month or so of immunity in the contract he signed this summer with Rossdale when things were wild.

Sweet: Wait.. listen.

Rieter: Yeah that's right. I can fire your ass. Shawn sadly is no longer here with us, your contract with him is void. Didn't you read the fine print. It was stipulated, that if ownership ever leaves him in a majority way, that contract is voided... I've been waiting all week, and I was going to let you slide.. but your attack on Steele.. and me... it is too much. You don't get to decide anything in ICW anymore. Your ass is fired!!!!

[Barratt looks sad, shocked, but almost too tired to even care in this moment. Sebastian Steele comes through the crowd... completely deranged looking. He picks up Barratt and hits a "Killshot". Which shatters Barratt. He then points to Jack Diamond and grins... then he leaves through the crowd again like a rabid wolf or something.]

Rieter: That was unexpected, but deserved. Security, get him out of my ring...

[A massive team of security comes down. Diamond almost feels bad... almost. Barratt gets picked up, and they carry him out, and leave him in the medical room, and we cut off the air to a stunned sold out crowd.]