August 14th @ 10 PM CST
United Center
Chicago, Illinois
Capacity: 23,500

(Take the time to watch this video. Important for mood and setting!)

[Another Spectacle is set to open up from Chicago, IL! Following the great events from last week's huge PPV, Midsummer Night's Massacre! we are here and back for the continuing saga that is ICW.]

[From inside the United Center we've got a crowd bustling around and filling in their seats. We've got a promotional poster for Castle of Glass up on the screen and various advertisements from ICW local sponsors. We see a brief highlight clip of the action from last week. Diamond barely beating Barratt in a massive matchup. Steele interfered but he attacked both men and mocked them both. Steele was able to handle Stetson in a close and tight match. Stetson looked strong, and hopefully looks to rebound. Billy Shaw surprised and came out on top. Chaos dealt with a tough Maverick and so on. The scene was unique and it was a great show, however things switch to a more traditional setting for Spectacle tonight. Orange and white pyro blow off the stage as we go live...]

Stanley Prescott: Ladies and gentleman welcome to MONDAY NIGHT SPECTACLE!

Steven Blaylock: We've got a great show upcoming don't we Stan?

Prescott: We sure do! We've also got a very important developing story for our viewers...

Blaylock: We've had our differences, and all that but this is really sad and unfortunate.

Prescott: Let's cut to the Icon Tron for the story and scoop! Take it away Kip!

[The scene switches to a backstage live shot in the United Center with various people and a few wrestlers walking about. Kip looks stressed as he's a new hire right out of Western Kentucky University. Top of his class is journalism, but he's still a rookie. The crowd in the arena looks onwards.]

Kip "The Tip" Sweet: Hello everyone. As I reported earlier on the ICW website, Chaos Kid was attacked earlier, and as everyone thought it was indeed Bobby Barratt who did the bidding of Rossdale so we thought. We'll never really know the truth. Not anytime soon anyways. The driver of the 1974 Pontiac Firebird was confirmed to be Shawn Rossdale's car. However, after it left the scene of the vicious attack that left Chaos Kid beaten and unconcious over a broken bottle to the head, Shawn Rossdale and Bobby Barratt wrecked. Shawn was not wearing a seatbelt, and was ejected through the windshield. Barratt was, and is in stable condition, and was released a few hours ago. He'll be ready for action tonight.

[Barratt just walking into the arena is super upset and completely flipping the fuck out. He strolls with Jenny Stackhouse and he's screaming and kicking anything that will move. He takes some recording equipment and spikes it into the ground. He seems the live interview going on.]

Barratt: What is this trash? Are we live man?

Kip: Why yes we are. I was reporting the breaking news about ICW Owner Shawn Rossdale to the world offically.

Barratt: You're new kid aren't you?

Kip: Um yes, but we're live.

Barratt: Right. Well go on.

Kip: As you see Barratt is here and well.. and

Barratt: Shawn isn't though!!! I hope he's alright! I've gotta go, I can't even deal with this!!! FUCK!

[Barratt had intended on jumping the reporter and camera man when he walked over but decided against it because Jenny was tugging on him constantly from the back. She keeps him in check sometimes.]

Kip: As you can see Mr. Barratt is in extreme emotional discomfort. Back to the story, Shawn Rossdale was ejected through the front windshield in a head on collison just a few miles away from the scene of the Chaos Kid attack. Chaos Kid as reported earlier will not press charges. He wishes to settle things in the ring tonight. Shawn Rossdale had been drinking, heavily. Barratt was not. He is in critical, but stable condition. He suffered a concussion, broken arm, lacerated forearms and neck, bruised ribs. All in all he was quite fortunate to make it out alive. He is currently unconscious at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. Our thoughts and prayers go with him. This is Kip "The Tip" Sweet, bring you the latest.. but not so sweet in this case tips.

Prescott: I had heard some things about the wreck, but nothing was confirmed. I had heard Shawn had died.

Blaylock: I heard MY GUY! died actually! It was so screwed up.

Prescott: Well now we know. Shawn is badly injured, but is going to be alright.

Blaylock: Our 1st match is upcoming. Shawn would want us to put on a great show tonight! So lets do it eh Stan?

Prescott: Yes! He would want that! The show must go on!

[Lucas Rieter's "Shimmer" by Fuel plays on, and he walks out by himself to address the crowd.]

Lucas: I just wanted to come out here and address a few things. 1st off. I had NOTHING to do with Shawn's accident. Things have been really a bit off lately and well he's been a major prick as you can see by the slight bruising on my damn cheek, but I'd never go this far. It seems like a tragic.. tragic accident. I didn't hear about the accident until about 20 minutes ago. Word got around. Shawn, on behalf of the ICW roster, we hope you get better mate.

Lucas: Now onto some ICW news. Maverick! Get your ass out here!

[Maverick comes out without music and walks down to the ring... smashing his hand into his fists.]

Lucas: You seem to think that I had some people beat you up recently? Well it wasn't me/us. Fireborn isn't like that and that isn't what we're made of mate. So your outburst earlier tonight was completely off the wall.

Maverick: It wasn't? Then who was it? I can barely go tonight. I feel like I've been hit by a car...

Lucas: You're an asshole.

Maverick: My bad man. Yer giving me a hard time. I hope Shawn is right. I hope he's made right in the end of it.

Lucas: I just wanted to let you know in front of everyone, and I had nothing to do with your attack. So figure it out yourself.

Maverick: SEBASTIAN!!! Get out here now! Right now!

Lucas: That might not be such a ...

[The lights in the arena go off, the crowd gasps... and they come back on with lightning sounds and thunder. "No Leaf Clover" by Metallica plays and he walks out with a strange woman. They circle the ring together and get in. Sebastian pushes down the middle rope as she gets in. No one recognizes her. The lights come back to full brighness as Maverick looks like he's ready to jump.]

Sebastian: So it is me cabron? It's always me right? The great big bad wolf that is Sebastian does all things evil?

Lucas: Well was it you Sebastian? Maverick took a 4 on 1 beating a few days ago.

Sebastian: GM Rieter. You'll get yours soon. Don't you worry. The next time I speak, and it isn't to you. Don't address me again. Maverick. You need to not worry about such things brother. I only do what I have to do, and you're hardly worth the time.

Maverick: You stupid prick.

[Steele denies the attack or having anything to do with in a very arrogant way, Maverick jumps at Steele quickly with a "Heavy Rainmaker", but the forearm strike to the forehead misses, and Steele kicks him in the gut and delivered a promising "Killshot" to Maverick! Maverick goes down as the crowd boos.]

Steele: Now, punto, you may address me.

Lucas: Listen to me...

Steele: Not like that. You may ask me if my lady here would like a contract.

[Rieter in a rage goes for a roundhouse kick, but Steele ducks it. Steele pushes Rieter backwards and he falls down.]

Steele: Like I said. Ask me if my lady would like a contract here. In. ICW. Ask now.

Rieter: What is your lady friend's name? And would she like to be included on ICW's woman's roster?

Steele: Her name is Mira Martinez. And yes, she'd very much like a short term deal here in ICW, so she can try it out.

Rieter: Consider it done. No problem Sebastian.

Steele: I hope we don't have any problems.

[Steele's eyes appeared to be red or something. Maybe it is contacts? We don't know but Rieter agreed with him pretty easily after missing a shallow move. Was he scared? What was that about? Anyways, Mira Martinez got her deal, to be signed later backstage apparently. Maverick was hit with a beautiful "Killshot" as he gets up the crowd claps and cheers him. "MAV-RICK" over and and over. ICW cuts to commerical break.]

Prescott: We're back! That was an interesting exchange. Where's Riter's balls went to?

Blaylock: What would you do? WOuld you stare down Sebastian too?

Prescott: No, but Riter has always been steadfast.

Blaylock: He's probably just shaken up over Shawn. He's a punk anyways.

Prescott: Our 1st match is upcoming! A tables match!!!!

[The cameras cut to the arena where there are tables EVERYWHERE. There are two at the top of the ramp, three tables line both sides of the ramp leading to the ring, and there is a folded up table propped up against each side of the barricade that separates the ICW fans from ringside. The atmosphere in the building is electric tonight, almost pay-per-view style electricity.]

Prescott: We are ready for our first match of the night, and what a match it will be! Tables Match! Look at all the hardware here tonight.

Blaylock: That's right Stanley, tables are everywhere. You have to think this kind of match favors the big man, but The Killer Penguin is coming in off of two loses and you can't discount that kind of motivation.

Prescott: You certainly can't, but I think he could be focused more on feeling like he was screwed out of his first match with Jack Diamond than having his mind on the brutality of this match before him.

Blaylock: He WAS screwed in that match, and tonight he looks to get a little bit of revenge on Rieter and these jokes, the Fireborn Connection. I used to like Duke, but he is running with wrong crowd here.

LaDawn: The following match is a Tables match! The competitor who puts his opponent through a table will win the match. Introducing first, from Bluff, New Zealand The Killer Penguin, GB ARMSTRONG!!!

[The lights fade to black, the slow methodical song "Deliverance" from Thrasher 726 begins to play and a spotlight begins to brighten, pointing to the top of the entrance ramp. The lights cut to black as the music stops for a split second. Pyro goes off, the lights come on and the song resumes with a super-fast rhythm. The Killer Penguin appears on the ramp and runs to the ring, takes a lap around the ring before jumping into the ring beneath the bottom ropes. He pops to his feet and beings to bounce between the ropes as the music rages on.]

Prescott: Here he is, the Killer Penguin, lots of energy here tonight.

Blaylock: He needs to pace himself, he's going to be blown up before Duke even gets out here.

Prescott: If he is able to win this match he would get a shot at the tag team titles with an unknown partner, I wonder who that is.

Blaylock: There is several people who want to see the Fireborn Connection fold, I'm sure he will find someone. Hell, I may even have to suit up.

[The arena goes dark. Red and gold lights start to flash as the arena fills with smoke. A monster slowly appears walking down the ramp as pyro shoots flames into the air. You can hear "Enter Sandman" by Metallica playing.]

LaDawn: And his opponent, from Moscow Russia, representing the Fireborn Connection, The Soviet Monster... DUKE KOSLOFFFFF!!!!!

Prescott: Duke has returned from Moscow where he went to find himself, and he looks as menacing as ever. Armstrong may really be in for a long night here.

Blaylock: When he is not trying to play yes man for Rieter, Duke is really a scary monster. This is definitely his element tonight, and what was Penguin thinking talking about setting tables on fire? Has he lost his mind?

[Duke methodically enters the ring, stepping over the top rope and standing like a God in the center of the ring as he awaits for the bell to ring.]

Prescott: We are set for our first match Steven, this is really going to be a great night. If you thought Midsummer Night's Massacre was a great show, THIS is the way to follow it up!

Blaylock: I didn't think Midsummer Night's Massacre was a great show...

Prescott: Oh be quiet, just because "your guy" didn't get the job done doesn't mean it wasn't special. Here we go! Killer Penguin charges in and brings the heat, throwing lefts, rights, lefts, rights. He is being really aggressive here.

[The Killer Penguin started throwing wild punches at Duke just as the bell rings. Duke takes a couple steps back and as Penguin closes in Duke grabs him and throws him back all the way to the other corner.] Prescott: Oh wow! What strength by the Soviet Monster here, those punches were wild, and fast but Duke just shook them off and launched Penguin into the corner. He is dazed.

Blaylock: Duke runs in for a clothesline, OH Chest first into the turnbuckle as Penguin moves!

Prescott: Duke turns around, beautiful pele kick by Penguin! Duke falls back against the turnbuckle but he has gone down! Penguin back up, runs in and jumps up for a hurricanrana, no Duke catches him this isn't going to be good!

[Duke has lifted Penguin back into powerbomb position and takes a couple steps out of the corner before planting Penguin down into the mat. The impact is loud and the fans all gasp at the thud.]

Blaylock: Wow, what a powerful move that will slow down the pace of this match tremendously! Or end it quick! Duke is sliding out of the ring going for a table.

[Duke grabs one of the tables that is propped up next to the barricade and the fans start buzzing. Killer Penguin is just starting to roll over a bit, shook up by the massive powerbomb as Duke slides the table underneath the bottom rope before pulling himself up on to the apron and stepping over the top rope.]

Prescott: Evil intentions here as Duke is looking to set this table up so he can end this match quick! Hes got one leg open, wait Killer Penguin is back up!

[As Duke starts to open the second set of legs on the table Penguin gets up, behind Duke, and bounces off the ropes and hits a big dropkick to Dukes back, sending him flipping over the side of the table and down to the mat.]

Blaylock: That's one way to get the big man on the ground, nice use of the table there!

Prescott: Armstrong is going up top here, looking for the Kiwi Krush! Oh! He hits it, nice double stomp from the top rope and it looks to take the air right out of Duke!

[Duke is coughing and holding his stomach after the high impact move by The Killer Penguin, who is working quickly to set the table Duke had set up. He goes over to pick Duke, who Is back to his knees, up and tries to set him up for a vertical suplex]

Blaylock: Killer Penguin can end it here!

Prescott: He tries to lift, but I think Duke is too big! Again, and again Duke uses his weight to his advantage! Duke counters into a suplex of his own!

Blaylock: The big oaf should have thrown Penguin into the table there!

[Penguin rolls out of the ring to regroup as Duke makes it back to his feet. On the outside the Killer Penguin is grabbing another table to set up. He gets the legs open and sets it outside of the ring, sort of behind one of the ring posts. Duke is catching his breath from the quick pace of Penguin as well as still feeling the effects of the double stomp.]

Prescott: Duke is watching Penguin set up the table. He is climbing up top! What is he doing!

Blaylock: Get down from there Duke, seven foot monsters should not be allowed on the top turnbuckle.

Prescott: Duke glances down at Penguin who now has the table set up, Duke turns around OH MY! Moonsault off the top!!! Duke misses!

[It was a beautiful moonsault but Penguin seen it just in time and was able to dive out of the way as Duke crashes down onto the floor below. The fans start a "HOLY SHIT" chant as the site of the 7'4" Kosloff flying through the air was definitely something they will never forget.]

Prescott: What an amazing high risk move, but unfortunately for Duke it didn't pay off.

Blaylock: And very fortunate for the Killer Penguin, as that would have killed him!

Prescott: Penguin is back to his feet and is looking around the crowd. He motions to them that Duke is finished which actually brings on a chorus of boos!

Blaylock: Jack Diamond joins the Frieborn Connection and all of sudden these fans are pulling for Duke? Give me a break!

Prescott: I think it's more that they respect Dukes athletic ability in the ring, Steven.

Blaylock: Well it didn't do him any good there, now did it?

[The Killer Penguin is struggling to lift Duke up but he does so and uses all his strength to roll the big man into the ring under the bottom rope. Duke is stirring some but is clearly favoring his ribs now as they are taking a beating in this match, especially after the missed moonsault. Armstrong jumps back up on to the ring apron and really plays to the crowd who are raining down some deafening boos to him. He raises his arm in the air and pumps it a few times, patting his forearm.]

Prescott: Duke is getting up, it looks like Killer Penguin is setting him up for his flying forearm, he springboards, jumps off the top rope DUKE CATCHES HIM! Chokeslam! Chokeslam!

Blaylock: Wow the Killer Penguin is out! Duke just needs to set up a table and do that again.

Prescott: Looks like he may be doing that very thing.

[Duke walks over to the table and leans it up against one of the turnbuckles. He picks Penguin up and drags him to the corner and sets his limp body against the table before casually walking to the other turnbuckle. He stares across the ring, fire burning in his eyes as he yells "FEEL THE BURN!"]

Prescott: This is it! Duke runs... DUKE CRASHES THROUGH THE TABLE!!!!

Blaylock: It's over right? Penguin wins?!?

Prescott: The ref is saying something to Penguin...

[Duke had tried to go for a monster spear, running full steam ahead and the Killer Penguin was able to get out of the way just in time, with Duke crashing through the table. Penguin, seeing Duke go through the table was celebrating but the ref had to explain that he has to be the one to put Duke through a table, it only counts if it's an offensive move on his part.]

Prescott: Penguin is going crazy, he thought he won this match but Duke put himself through a table so it doesn't count. The match must go on!

Blaylock: That is BS! Rieter has his name all over this, the little rat!

Prescott: Nonsense Steven, rules are rules and the ref is just making sure the match doesn't end on a technicality.

Blaylock: Well, I always through it was the first person to go through a table no matter what! If Duke was willing to dish out the punishment, he gets what he gets.

Prescott: In any case, the match continues! Duke is out! Penguin is down below us getting another table. He looks to end this now.

[Penguin has regrouped himself and is sliding a new table in the ring. Duke is in a mess of splintered wood, taking the brunt of the impact on his head, but is moving around a bit. Penguin sets up the new table near the opposite turnbuckle where Duke is. As he gets it situated, he turns around..]


Blaylock: How did he recuperate from going through that table! Now Killer Penguin is in a world of hurt again. The table is set up, he is out cold, and Duke is just moments away from winning this match! Wait, what is he doing?

[Duke has Killer Penguin right where he wants him, but it looks like he has snapped. Something in his eyes does not look right. He rolls out of the ring and starts looking for something under the ring skirt]

Blaylock: He had this thing won, the table is in the ring! What are you doing Duke?

Prescott: Oh my God! He's just found a gas can under the ring! That's for the backup generators if the power was to go out. This isn't a good sign.

Blaylock: Oh no, I told you Killer Penguin shouldn't have given Duke the idea of burning tables, doesn't he know Dukes motto?

[Duke lays the gas can in the ring before getting back in. Killer Penguin is still down, and rightfully so after taking a powerbomb, chokeslam, and superman punch all during the course of this match. Duke walks over to the table and starts dousing it with the contents of the can, the strong stench of gas filling the arena quickly. He walks over to one of the other corners, reaches down and grabs something that is tucked inside the ring skirt.]

Prescott: It's his gold lighter! His best friend! We are going to need help down here quick!!!

Blaylock: Anyone got any marshmallows?

[Duke sets fire to the table and it is quickly engulfed. He picks Penguin up and drags him over to the turnbuckle, hops up on the top and pulls Penguin up. He quickly gets him in a powerbomb position from the top rope.]

Prescott: He is going to powerbomb Penguin through the burning table! This is not good..

[Both announcers go speechless for a moment, the site is scary yet amazing at the same time. Duke lifts Penguin up and is getting ready to throw him but Penguin comes to life, firing punch after punch into Duke. He is able to fight his way out of the hold and now is standing, back to the fire, on the top turnbuckle in front of Duke. Duke starts to stand and the two of them start trading punches, both teetering at the top of the turnbuckle, a fiery table behind Penguin and a table set up on the ground behind Duke. It's a dangerous situation.]

Blaylock: I can't believe Penguin fought out of that, OH, he almost slipped. They are trading punches back and forth!

Prescott: Someone please get down here and put this fire out before the whole place goes up!

[Duke punches Penguin and he starts teetering but is able to catch himself and establish his balance. He punches Duke who is stunned for a moment and in that moment, Penguin decides to go for it and jumps up in the air and hits a massive dropkick on Dukes chest! Sending him toppling off the turnbuckle.]

Prescott: Penguin crashes through the fire!!! Someone help! Now!

Blaylock: Duke went flying, I think he crashed through the table outside of the ring! Who wins, I can't see anything through the smoke!

[It was an amazing sight, Penguin had no fear as he jumped and sacrificed himself to dropkick Duke. As Duke went toppling over, Penguin came crashing down through the burning table, rolling around quickly but having to have been burnt a bit. A crew had rushed down to the ring moments before and is able to use fire extinguishers to put out the table as Penguin rolls around in agony. Meanwhile, Duke took an awful fall and landing squarely on and through the table outside of the ring. The ref checks on Penguin and then walks over to see Duke laying in another splintered mess. The fans are cheering loudly, not sure what the decision is but knowing that they just seen one of the most memorable table matches of all time.]

Blaylock: Who wins? They both went through the table, did Duke throw Penguin off? I couldn't see it?

Prescott: I'm not sure, they were going at it and it looked like Penguin was about to fall but he balanced himself and dazed Duke. I think he actually hit a dropkick on Duke. The ref is talking to Scarlett LaDawn right now...

LaDawn: Ladies and gentlemen, the referee has explained that while the Killer Penguin fell through a table, it was of his own doing, after delivering a dropkick to Duke Kosloff. This caused Duke to crash through an outside table, therefore the winner of this match..... THE KILLER PENGUIN!!!!!

Prescott: Oh wow! What a match! Penguin risked his own well-being to win this match! I can't believe it!

Blaylock: He may not be the brightest in the room but that definitely took a lot of heart, but I guess when you come back from a broken neck you feel invincible!

Prescott: Duke is beside himself!

[The referee has helped GB Armstrong to his feet and raised his arm, causing him to wince in pain. A medical staff is down checking on him. Duke, realizing he lost the match is destroying table after table as he walks back up the ramp towards the back.]

Blaylock: Duke is taking his frustrations out on those poor tables! I can't believe Rieter didn't reverse this decision like he did a couple weeks ago with Diamond, I'm sure Duke will have something to say about that!

Prescott: That was a fair decision a couple weeks ago, and this is tonight. That is what the Fireborn Connection is all about, being fair. Crazy way to start this action packed Spectacle, we have to go to break!

[We cut back from the break, which was a nice Pepsi commerical. We see Bobby Barratt preparing for his match later on in the evening. Jenny is disstressed greatly. Bobby is shaking his head in complete dissatisfaction. There's great tension.]

Jenny: Love, you've got to forget about Shawn for now, and move on for tonight. Your title.

Barratt: I care about this title right here more than anything in the world. Except for maybe you my love. But the fucking Prodigy Icon isn't here to unify and suck off Rieter. Fuck him. I know he had something to do with our wreck! I know it!

Stackhouse: What do you mean? What exactly happened? What in the hell is going on Bobby? You've not talked about it yet.

Barratt: I beat the fuck out of that prick Chaos, to soften him up for the match tonight, because what does the Prodigy do? He gets things done right?

Stackhouse: Yes, but remember what happened... after.

Barratt: So, I had a hoodie on, you know it is windy in that dump... (crowd boo as they watch on the Icon Tron) and I guess no one saw me. I got in his badass Firebird... and we took off. Shawn had been drinking pretty heavily earlier that day when we met up at the hotel. It was around 4pm or so.

Stackhouse: Right, those are the reports so far... what else?

Barratt: Well we're both laughing, I buckled up, but didn't even notice if he was... I should of noticed. Anyways.. FUCK! anyways. We got on through a few miles, Shawn was really turning out that 455 and driving completely wild. We were having a geeze of it all. He was taking the piss big time right?

Stackhouse: And that is when it happened?

Barratt: FUCK!!! (Barratt picks up a cooler that was in the room and smashes it. He also flips the table over and Jenny screams.)

Barratt: Yeah love. I'm sorry. I'm just. I'm so upset over this shat. Shawn was driving like a moron, but we both were having a time ya know? We got out to this interloop from the city, and a car hit us head on man. It shook me up pretty bad, and I'm sore as hell, but Shawn went right through the windshield. Traffic was stopped around us and he wasn't moving and his white button up was just so red. So red.

Stackhouse: I'm so sorry.

Barratt: Now my mate is in a fucking ICU, knocked out. It was all so stupid.

Stackhouse: He had just given me a small advance on my paycheck, to cover Bud. I'll need him more than ever now. I hope this clown doesn't fuck me. Where is he anyways?

Stackhouse: Yeah, I meant to tell you, he's coming in now. I told him to wait at the gorilla area and not move.

Barratt: Right. That works. Yeah Shawn and I were just starting to hit it off. Now with him out of the picture tonight at least, Rieter has jerk me off mode going on in his head. FUCK! I'm going to fight tonight for Shawn.

Stackhouse: Shawn is going to be alright. I know you two have gotten closer over the last couple weeks. Ever since he showed you some moves... and well you guys are just alike really. In the ring at least.

Barratt: Yeah, this is for Shawn.

Prescott: We are back at ringside, what a crazy night so far, par for course with Icon Championship Wrestling.

Blaylock: ICW, where anything goes but murder!

Prescott: And anything can go in this next match, a triple threat match with a lot on the line!

Blaylock: That is right, the winner of this match will be crowned number one contender to my guy's Shooting Star Championship! Prescott: That is IF your guy still is the champion after tonight. Billy Shaw currently holds the briefcase from winning last week giving him a shot at the shooting star title and that still stands, but if HE wins tonight he gets thrown into the world title picture at Castle of Glass. LaDawn: The following match is a number one contender, triple threat match for the ICW Shooting Star title! Introducing first from Hollywood, California, the former ICW Ironman Champion... The Teen Idol, Brett Stetson!!!

[The arena lights dim as "Famous" by Puddle of Mudd blares through the arena Stetson emerges from the curtain wearing sunglasses and a scar over his wrestling attire as a spotlight follows him down the ramp.]

Blaylock: This guy is a joke, I really thought he was going to retire but it was all a con just to try to take a low browed shot at the Champ, Bobby Barratt!

Prescott: Brett is still at the top of the food chain here in the ICW, why would he retire?

Blaylock: Top of the food chain my ass, look at him, that fan doesn't even want those glasses chump.

[Stetson stops to give his glasses to a little kid in the front row, despite what Blaylock says the fan is excited for their favorite. He stops to take a couple selfies with some of the female fans before rolling into the ring and throwing his scarf to the crowd.]

LaDawn: Making his way to the ring next, from Wexford Town, Ireland "The Mercenary" Maverick!!!

["New Heights" by CFOS plays throughout the arena as Maverick comes out and throws his arms out in the air as if soaking in the crowds reactions. The crowd definitely respects all three guys in this match. He walks down the ramp slowly, staring at Stetson the whole way before walking up the steps and jumping over the top ropes, motioning for Stetson to give him some space and posing to the crowd again.]

Blaylock: This guy may have what it takes to win this match, did you see the heart and determination of him last week? It was so much that Rieter sent his flunkies to attack Maverick in his hotel room!

Prescott: We don't know that was Rieter, our General Manager has said time and time again that he is trying to stay on the "up and up" and do things right for the sake of ICW, unlike some people.

Blaylock: And I said I am a millionaire, yet here I sit beside your ass trying to get a paycheck...

LaDawn: And finally, from Stillwater, Oklahoma he is the star in the bank holder and the Aerial Sensation... Billy Shaw!!!

["Motivated" by NF blasts throughout the arena as Shaw walks out to the stage bobbing to the music as he smirks to the crowd. He then sprints down to the ring as he leaps up to all four corners and salutes the crowd then does a back flip off the fourth corner and readies himself for the match.]

Blaylock: What, no Jet ski this week? Or hang gliding from the rafters?

Prescott: This triple threat match should be enough to the adrenaline going, all three men are ready, the ref is ready and there is the bell and Maverick quickly takes a shot at Stetson who returns fire.

Blaylock: Can we please stop using the word fire this week, it makes me feel uneasy. Maverick with a knee to the gut on Stetson, here comes Shaw...

Prescott: He jumps, hits a picture perfect Tornado DDT on Maverick and instinctively goes for a pin but Stetson is there to drop an elbow on him.

Blaylock: Maybe he thought he could sneak one in, or he forgot it was a triple threat match.

Prescott: Stetson picks Shaw up, sends him into the ropes, Shaw leapfrogs Stetson and OH Maverick with a big boot! Shaw goes down!

Blaylock: Huge lariat by Stetson, Maverick should have had his head on a swivel there.

[The pace was fast and furious to start with, but now with Shaw down from the big boot and Maverick down from a lariat, Stetson uses the moment to catch his breath. He picks Maverick up and sends him into the corner. As he gets ready to walk to the corner, Shaw hits a drop toe takedown on Brett, jumps up and runs to the opposite corner. Takes off running, steps on Brett's back who has gotten to his knees, jumps, flips and hits a huge cannonball on Maverick in the corner.]

Prescott: What a move! The Aerial Sensation is not afraid to use his body as a weapon in any way possible.

Blaylock: Looks like he took a lot of damage too, falling back on his head. Brett isn't too happy about being used as a step stool either.

[Maverick is dazed in the corner and Stetson is back up, grabbing Shaw. He lifts him in the air and does a couple military presses with him as the crowd counts...1...2....3....4 Bret goes for a Press slam after the fourth lift but Shaw is able to get his lets around Brett for a head scissors takedown.]

Prescott: Beautiful takedown! Here comes Maverick, Senton on Brett! But Shaw is already back to his feet, runs at the ropes Springboard body splash to Maverick! He covers



Maverick kicks out just in time!

Blaylock: Close call there, these guys are really going at it. The Teen Idol back to his feet, meets Shaw with a wicked right hand!

Prescott: Shaw stumbles back, bounces off the ropes and flies at Stetson for a cross body but Stetson catches him! Fall-away slam! Shaw goes rolling out of the ring.

[Shaw is outside after the display of strength by Stetson. Stetson turns his attention to Maverick who is just getting to his feet. He sends him into the ropes and jumps into a hurricanrana, and hooks the legs on the way through for a pin.]

Prescott: Stetson with a pin!



Shaw dives in and makes the stop right before three! Stetson almost had it there!

Blaylock: They are really picking on Maverick here, both scoring near falls in a matter of a minute or so.

[Stetson is back in Shaw's face before he can even gather himself as Maverick rolls to the outside of the ring. Stetson whips Shaw into the ropes, he ducks a clothesline, rebounds and Stetson drops down, Shaw hits the ropes again full speed and as he comes back at Stetson he is lifted for a spinning spinebuster but Shaw is able to counter and spin it into a tornado DDT, Stetson goes rolling out of the ring near Maverick.]

Prescott: Nice counter, the pace of this match is definitely break neck speed. Maverick is up, and he picks Stetson up. He punches Stetson, who is immediately snapped back into life and he nails Maverick with a series of left jabs. OH! Maverick headbutts him!

Blaylock: Look out! Look out!

Prescott: Billy Shaw goes flying!

[Shaw, watching the exchange of punches between Maverick and Stetson runs and bounces off the opposite ropes, runs and leaps over the top ropes and hits both men with a suicide swanton dive]

Prescott: And all three men are down! It looked like Shaw may have tweaked his knee there on the barricade when he landed.

Blaylock: That fool! Those high risk moves get you nowhere in this business!

Prescott: Well it's got him a huge response from this crowd as they are all standing. He is clearly in control of this match right now as he is limping a bit around ringside and the ref begins his count.

[Shaw picks up Maverick and rolls him back into the ring. He climbs up onto the apron and as he goes to get into the ring Stetson reaches up and grabs his leg. He tries to kick him off but Stetson pulls himself up and yanks Shaw off the apron and back down onto the floor, knee first. Stetson rolls in at the count of 7 and goes to Maverick.]

Prescott: Stetson doing even more damage to that knee of Shaw. Some of the fans actually booed there as they are clearly finding a hard time figure out who to cheer for here. Stetson picks Maverick up into a firemen's carry

Blaylock: Looking for the Directors Cut! No! Maverick slips out!

Prescott: Stetson turns, goes for a clothesline, ducked by Maverick DEATH DEALER!!! Is this it!




No! Stetson barely gets a shoulder up! 2 count says Jason Myers!

Blaylock: I thought he had him beat there, how did he kick out!

[The count was very close, the match was almost over and Maverick rolls off. He can't believe it. Stetson crawls over into the corner holding his back. Shaw is now making his way back into the ring, favoring the knee. Maverick seeing runs in and Shaw is able to side step him and try for a roll up pin but Maverick quickly kicks out and gets back to his feet and clotheslines Shaw.]

Prescott: Nice exchange there, the opening two matches are definitely setting a tough stage to follow for the two title matches! Maverick picks Shaw up, sends him into the ropes, and tries for a superkick. No. Shaw catches his foot. Spins Maverick around, enzigurri attempt, Shaw ducks it SUPERKICK!!!

[As Shaw ducks the enzigurri attempt, Maverick spins around right into a Superkick by Shaw, but shifting the weight to his back foot caused him to collapse on the knee, not able to make the pin. Stetson, still immobile in the corner and Maverick laid out, the fans start clapping and stomping their feet, wanting the action in this match to keep going.]

Blaylock: Is there any way all three of these men can lose? They sure are trying!

Prescott: It's been an amazing match so far. Shaw pulling himself up in the corner, Maverick is laid out. Shaw signals to the crowd who are eating this up. He looks to go up top!

Blaylock: He can barely walk, how does he expect to climb?

[Billy Shaw does have a hard time climbing to the top of the turnbuckle but he gets there. He looks around to the crowd for a moment, points up to the sky, turns and jumps into a beautiful corkscrew moonsault]

Blaylock: STUNTIN' 1-What the hell!!!

Prescott: Director's Cut! Director's Cut!

[Shaw's finishing moonsault was a beauty, but just before he landed on Maverick, Brett Stetson comes out of nowhere and hits his cutter on Shaw, as they both land hard on Maverick. Shaw bounces off and rolls out of the ring. Stetson jumps back on top of Maverick and hooks his leg.]

Prescott: Stetson came out of nowhere! He hooks the leg!




He did it!

LaDawn: Your winner by pinfall, and new number one contender for the Shooting Star Title, BRETT STETSONNNN!!!!!!

Blaylock: I can't believe it, he was playing opossum in the corner and let Shaw do the heavy lifting! I hope he doesn't think he will be able to do that to the prodigal icon!

Prescott: He persevered through this match and was able to win it. And who is to say Barratt will even be the shooting star champ after tonight.

Blaylock: You think Chaos Kid can beat him? He barely beat Maverick last week, the man who just lost to the Teen Idol!

Prescott: In any event, what an amazing win by the Stetson tonight. And speaking of Chaos Kid and Bobby Barratt that match is coming up next! Stay tuned!

[We see Duke Kosloff in the back. Going crazy. Answers his phone as it rings, while Lucas and a couple others try to calm Duke down. Jack Diamond tells him to let it go as losing builds character, not hurting it. Duke answers his phone. Apparently the waitress who he had a great conversation with has reached out do Duke.]

Duke: Who in the hell is this?

Waitress: Duke, hello. I'm sorry to bother you sweetie. It's my son, he's in tears. He's lost his job. He doesn't know what to do. He's been depressed lately anyways. Danny Ray, he needs some help. He used to want to wrestle. He has asked me if I ever saw anyone stop in. I told him about you.

Duke: THis isn't the best time maam. Just give him my number, I'll be in touch with him soon. And, tell him to buy a flame resistant suit...

Waitress: Why? That doesn't sound like wrestling.

Duke: It is the only way...

[Duke hangs up, then out of frustrating slams his phone down, shoves Jack Diamond and Chaos Kid out of the way and bolts. He calls for the limo Rieter always has on standby and jets outta there fast.]

Prescott: Duke Kosloff leaving the arena... who is Danny Ray?

Blaylock: I think Duke might be the most dangerous wrestler in ICW right now. He needs to push forward, and adapt. Losing isn't everything, but it does sting.

Prescott: Here dim the lights... it is time.

Blaylock: Barratt is going to have a heavy heart with this one.

[The lights go down, Barratt has some purple and white strobes hit, as "Mutherf**ker of the Year" plays. He walks out with his purple Shooting Star title raises it high, like it might be the last time he ever holds it. He gets in the ring. His bodyguard, a large man, that might be able to lift over a small car stands right behind him. "Bud" is his name. Stackhouse accompanies him as well. Barratt looks kinda in bad shape. He looks "tired".]

["Break Stuff" blasts and the crowd cheers. Chaos Kid comes down to the ring and is wearing a bandage around the forehead and side of his head. He gets in the ring and starts to pace violenty back and forth.]

Prescott: This isn't looking good at all. Here comes Rieter!

Blaylock: What a prick! Bobby turned CHaos into a mummy and he can't stand it.

[Rieter gets a mic, and he has a BRAND NEW "Shooting Star Championship". It is a gold color, with the world in blue and an eagle around it. Very much like the old WWF belt that was worn by greats as Bret Hart, The Rock, Shawn Michaels. etc.] Bobby flips Rieter off as he steps through the middle rope, and Rieter high fives Chaos Kid. Rieter puts both hands on Chaos' face and gets him super pumped up. The crowd is blazing. "Barratt Sucks!!" chants rain down from everywhere...]

Blaylock: This crowd is sick, man I hate Chicago. Shawn Rossdale was almost killed a few hours ago! Give the guy a break! This is his new best friend!

Prescott: It is a zealous crowd for sure Steven. Listen to this.

[Rieter gets the Ironman Championship belt from referee Lee Ray, since Chaos dropped it after defending it. And gets Barratt's belt from Bobby, who throws it at his feet and says something really rude. Rieter gets in Barratt's face, but the referee breaks it up. Bud starts to get in the ring, but Bobby tells him to mellow on. Rieter raises both of the older belts... and then raises the brand NEW Shooting Star title! Which will be unified by the winner of this match tonight.]

Rieter: Everyone! Thank you! I have Chaos Kid's defunt Ironman Championship, and Barratt's Barney looking Shooting Star championship. (Barratt yells at Rieter). This titles will be combined into this NEW Championship belt TONIGHT! I give you the NEW ICW Shooting Star Championship belt!!!!

Crowd: ICW! ICW!

[The belt glistens in the light... the badges on the ends are of things we can't see, however we do see the Ironman Championship logo on one of them, signifying it being apart of the belt from this moment forward.]

LaDawn: Ladies and gentlemen, the follow match is a LAST MAN STANDING match. The only way to win, is prevent your opponent from getting up BEFORE the count of 10 on 2 feet. And be the last man standing!!! The winner will become the NEW, and UNDISPUTED Shooting Star Champion while unifying the Ironman Championship and its prestige into this belt!!!

[The bell rings and we're off! Barratt comes in heavy. He hits a flying knee. Barratt very agressive so far, hits some rights and lefts. Chaos is trying to get with it. He blocks a Barratt eye rake attempt, and takes a DDT! Barratt goes down. Bud tries to get in the ring like a moron, but Jenny talks him out and explains that he can't just go in there. Chaos Kid is in control until the pattened low blow comes, and gets deep into Chaos' junk. He kneels over and falls shaking. Barratt gets up and wipes some sweat from his eyes that has already formed. He grins and motions to Jenny, who bends down and grabs good ole' Debra from the ring's nesting area. She tosses it in, and Barratt goes to work. He does a Barry Bonds like swing motion and clips the back of Chaos' legs. He points to the crowd with the bat and they boo.]

Prescott: Barratt can only fight while playing dirty!

Blaylock: It is the way of the winner Stanny! You idiot.

Prescott: You call this honorable?

Blaylock: It is an Last Man Standing. He likes to stand! Stan!

Prescott: Barratt waiting for Chaos to get up, he clips him again. Chaos down on the mat, looking to get up.

Blaylock: Barratt is unwinding the purple tape on his bat now! He's going to try to choke out Chaos!

Prescott: He is! That is too far. Barratt has got CHaos in a camel's clutch type way and pulling back on that tape.

Blaylock: What is that purple gorilla tape? it isn't breaking!!!!

Prescott: Chaos is turning dark red... the referee breaks it up. Chaos is down.









Blaylock: Chaos gets to 2 feet... the count is broken.

Prescott: Barratt swings, and hits a home run! Chaos goes down, blood sprays from his mouth!

Blaylock: That idiot looks ridiculous! Look at the white bandage almost covering one eye... and now his bloody mouth!

Prescott: Barratt shrugs, look at that jackass.

Blaylock: Chaos is down.










Prescott: This match is looking really messed up. CHaos to his feet just in time. What heart!

Blaylock: Yeah until it explodes! He's got no chance

Prescott: Barratt turns his back on Chaos as he is leaning in the corner. Who is this?

Blaylock: It's Jack Diamond! What a prick. Get out of here man!

Prescott: Our reigning ICW Champion...

Blaylock: Not for long.. Steele's got him tonight.

Prescott: Anyways, DIamond is down here... and he's returned with Rieter.

Blaylock: This is bullshit people. I can't believe this.

[Rieter and Diamond walk down, distract Barratt, but don't get in the ring. They are seemingly there for Chaos and to rally him on with this SOLD OUT crowd! Rieter gives Chaos his tennis racket. Chaos turns around and a swing... anna miss! Barratt spins around. Diamond grabs Bobby's ankle and he trips over. This is the turning point. Bud walks over and Diamond gets in his face. Meanwhile... Chaos beats the living fuck out of Barratt with the racket... so bad that the referee takes it from him. This prompts Rieter to get in the ring.]

Prescott: All hell is breaking loose!!!!

Blaylock: When you thought things might be calm...

[Diamond and Bud push eachother, Bud hits Diamond once, and staggers him. Diamond leaps from 5 feet away, and the slower Bud can't react!!! "Stacked Deck"!!!! Bud goes down. Diamond takes off his leather jacket and slaps BUd with it. He looks on as Rieter is in the ring. He hits Barratt in the mouth probably for disrespecting him earlier before the match. Rieter calls for the purple championship belt that is ringside to be retired later tonight. He gets it. Chaos is on top of Bobby and Rieter tells him to move. Rieter in a rage of frustration over losing his best friend to Bobby and the whole thing of Rossdale being in ICU just collides in his mind. He gets on top of Barratt and smashes the purple title in his face. Jenny starts to scream and cry. Diamond walks over and tells her to stay out of it and relax, she slaps Diamond in the face and stomps off to the other side of the ring. Bud has sat up finally.]

[Rieter calls Diamond and has security remove Bud from ringside. It looks like this match will finally be fair. As the referee counts as Chaos waits.] 1









Prescott: No! Barratt staggers up. he's bleeding from everywhere. His nose and mouth!

Blaylock: He's got a heavy mouse over his right eye too!

Prescott: Chaos Kid grabs Barratt and hits a quick snap suplex. He lets Barratt stagger back up.

Blaylock: Barratt falls over. Get up Bobby!

Prescott: Chaos lifts Barratt up. BUck bomb!!!

Blaylock: FUCK! Damn you Bobby get up!

Prescott: Barratt is wilted greatly here. Will he hold on. Chaos Kid gets Barratt's bat.... and takes a running swing, but Bobby falls to his knees and rolls some, but looses his balance and falls over. Chaos turns around and finally gets his sweet revenge with the bat.

Blaylock: He's hitting Barratt over and over! DQ this prick ref!!!

Prescott: No DQs in this match type.

Blaylock: The referee is counting again! Damnit!










Prescott: Barratt just gets up. He falls out of the ring. He couldn't even hold himself up with the ropes.

Blaylock: I can't believe this. ICW is crooked.

Prescott: Maybe he shouldn't of attacked his opponent in a bar with glass bottle while he's eating lunch.

Blaylock: Fuck you Stan.

[The match goes on. Barratt starting to recover a little. Chaos goes outside to get him. Bobby waits coyly for a swing with his own bat, and as he kneels over he rolls out of the way. He hits a slap, then a forearm. Which is enough for Chaos to drop the bat. They trade rights and lefts... then "Iconbreaker"!!!! Chaos goes down. Bobby gets a table out, and sets it up by the steps. He waits for Chaos to get up. Once Chaos gets up Barratt tries for a side effect, but Chaos counteres it into a STO! Barratt is down! Barratt down! Chaos picks him up yet again, Barratt is wasted. Chaos slaps him, delivers a couple stiff jabs and goes for a DDT! Barratt low blows Kid and grabs his head! he goes running with it up the steps out the outside, and "Prodigal Arrivial" through the fucking table!!!!! OMG!]

Prescott: I can't believe this! Barratt turned the corner! What a move!

Blaylock: Finish him off Bobby!

[Barratt picks up Chaos Kid and hits "Downward Spiral"... the ref starts his count!]











Prescott: That is it! Barratt has done it! I guess he fought through and did it for Shawn!

Blaylock: Yes Bobby! What a tough one for Shawn. Or for yourself. Who cares!!!


[The crowd boos heavily. Rieter and the rest of the Fireborn come down, and check on Chaos Kid who looks terrible, but Bobby is unable to stand. He falls over in the ring. Diamond looks at Barratt and points at him. Barratt screams back. Jenny is kissing on Bobby as they have done it! Rieter is so pissed, but they head to the back as we cut to commercial.]

Prescott: We'll be right back after this wor...

["Motivated" by NF blares... and Billy Shaw is screaming and jumping up and down like he's on a trampoline!!! He runs down to the ring with his Star in the Bank case... he drops the case and runs into the ring!!!! Barratt is recovering still and Jenny runs out. Shaw attacks the broken down Barratt!]

Prescott: Shaw is cashing in! What in the hell!

Blaylock: I can't believe this... fuck this place. (Blaylock gets up and walks to the back to find Rieter).

[Barratt is weak and Shaw takes full advantage. Coming off a tough loss earlier in the night... he probably decided to cash in! Barratt was looking vulnerable. Barratt gets blindsided and smashed from behind with a heavy dropkick as he was bent over on one knee. Shaw, fireman carries into a roundhouse kick. He goes up top!!! This could be it!!!]

Prescott: You've got to be kidding me... just like this huh folks? STUNTIN' 101!!!! SHAW hit Stuntin' 101!!!

[Shaw in a magical way, just crumbles over on Barratt and hooks the leg... and rocks his head back and forth as he's just dying to get the 3 count!]




Prescott: Billy Shaw has done it!!! This is incredible!!!! I can't believe it!! Shaw is elated!


LaDawn: Your new Shooting Star Champion.... Biiiiillllllllllllllyyyy S--

[Rieter's music hits with Steven Blaylock walking out with him. Interupting everything.]

Rieter: It has come to my attention, while attending to Chaos Kid in the back, that Billy Shaw did NOT cash his case in properly as stated... apparently his excitement overtook him in the moment. The case was never given to the ring announcer Scarlett LaDawn, and the referee never rang the bell. The cashing of his contract was unofficial an improper. Therefore this match never happened. I hate to say it, but fair is fair. Barratt you're a prick and I know Shawn wouldn't want to see it go down like this either. Billy Shaw, you are not the new Shooting Star Champion. Your briefcase must be given to the ring announcer, it must be announced and the bell must be rung. Thank your friend Steven Blaylock... prick.

[Rieter leaves, the crowd absolutely blows up in boos as Shaw argues with the referee. The referee asks him about cashing in now.. he declines as Barratt is on the outside now with his bat and somewhat recovered with Jenny and now Bud by his side.]

Prescott: So you went to the back and cried for Barratt?

Blaylock: Hey man, those guys are all about fairness. As soon as he didn't give it to LaDawn and dropped it and rushed in there AND in addition the referee forgot to even ring the bell... 2 wrongs don't make a right Stanny. That match wasn't going down. I argued, I threatened to quit even, Rieter came out and did the right thing. I asked them "Aren't you guys about doing the right thing"? and he listened. I think Shawn being in ICU had something to do with it too...

Prescott: We'll be right back.... coming up next is Steele vs. Diamond!

[The scene cuts to the back Bobby Barratt is worn down badly. Jenny is in tears. Barratt has destroyed everything in his room. He in a complete wreck. He's punch holes in the wall. He just got off the phone... it just happened. Shawn Rossdale has died from his wounds... At age 42.]

Barratt: I'm fucking retiring. I'm done. I... FUCK ME!!! FUCKKKK!

[Jack Diamond rushes in... with Rieter too and the rest of FC.]

Jack: I'm so sorry Bobby. I know how much he meant to you.

Bobby: Fuck you, And fuck you... fuck you and fuck you!!!

[Barratt points to them all and raises a metal chair, in tears... Jenny is crying. They are all just saddened. Barratt throws the chair at them all, but it doesn't get there as it hits the entrance way...and Barratt just collapses in tears... hopeless, tired, angry... and super upset. We switch to beat reported Kip Sweet.]

Kip: This is Kip Sweet. I don't know how to say this, but Shawn Rossdale has died it isn't confirmed, but I just called the hospital after Bobby Barratt had called and he was told Mr. Rossdale passed away about 15 minutes ago. What can we do or say? We dedicate this night to Shawn McGregor Rossdale. We'll miss you. I've been informed that the last match will indeed go on. Rieter has no comment and had dedicated tonight and future of ICW to Shawn and in his memory. Shawn Rossdale dead at age 42.

[A quick picture of Shawn Rossdale shows up on the Icon Tron... Barratt has left the arena in a complete blaze of destruction. He's destroyed and kicked everything in his sight, everyone stayed away as Jenny was begging for him to stop....the picture gets people choked up in the arena as well as the roster...]

Prescott: Ladies and gentlemen, this is not a sick joke, or well anything that was planned. Our owner Shawn Rossdale has died.

Blaylock: What can I say?

LaDawn: Ladies and gentlemen, as you all know, Shawn Rossdale passed away about 25 minutes ago here at a local hospital. We ask for you to give a moment of silence..... thank you.

[Jack Diamond walks out to no music. He takes a bow at the beginning of the stage. Holds up his world title and points it to the constant displayed picture. He's got some tears in his eyes, but not crying. He gets in the ring, and waits.]

[Sebastian Steele comes out with "No Leaf Clover" blaring, and he gets extreme boos... absolutely MASSIVE boos. He flips off the crowd and motions to his crotch. He gets in the ring and fakes a charge at Diamond.]

LaDawn: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!


LaDawn: It is for the ICW World Heavyweight Championship!!!! 1st your challenger... coming from South of the Border... Sebastiiiiannnnn Steeeeeeeeellllllleeeee!!!!!

Crowd: Steele SUCK! Steele Sucks!

LaDawn: And your Champion... from North Carolina!!!! The #1 ICW wrestler... the undisputed... ICW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION of the world.... JAAAAAAAACCKCCKKK DIIIIIIIIAAAAAMMMMOOOONNDDDDD!

Crowd:Diamond Club! Diamond Club!!

Prescott: Listen to this crowd. This is incredible.

Blaylock: What? I can't hear you....

Prescott: (In Blaylock's actual ear.) This is incredible. The crowd.

Blaylock. Ye.. i is... i kds sd (inaudible)


Prescott: Here we go! Steele comes in with a right hook, ducked by Diamond. Diamond tries for a dropkick!

Blaylock: Steele blocks it and shrugs him down!

Prescott: Diamond back up, runs at Steele, countered!

Blaylock: Steele countered that clothesline into a drop toe hold!

Prescott: Steele on top, Diamond on his stomach, Steele slaps him around some.

Blaylock: Steele spins him around, goes for "Jaguar Clutch"! It's too early for that!

Prescott: It is, Diamond kicks him off, Diamond with a nip up, Steele with a shining wizard!!

Blaylock: And down goes Diamond! These guys are really putting on a show... for our owner.. such a sad thing.

Prescott: They are really pushing themselves. Who knows what Steele thinks.

Blaylock: I don't think he cares.

Prescott: Steele picks up Diamond... "Killshot"!

Blaylock: No! Diamond flips out of it! Holds the legs over.. PIN!




Prescott: That was a close one! Wow!

Blaylock: Steele isn't nearly done yet! Steele misses with a right hook, Diamond clobbers him over the top rope. The referee starts his count.

Prescott: Jack Diamond getting some energy from this SOLD out crowd! Steele on the outside.

Blaylock: Diamond goes to investigate, Steele tries to trick him, but Diamond suicide dives through the middle rope and topples into Steele. The referee yelling at them both!

Prescott: Diamond pummeling Steele on the outside. Steele reverses a shot a lands his own right hook, coming back around...

Blaylock: That prick Diamond. He's winning! Diamond with a belly to belly into the barricade on the outside. The referee starts his count again!

Prescott: Diamond gets back in the ring. Steele is on his stomach by the ring's bottom apron. Diamond goes back outside...

Blaylock: The referee is determined to let this one go further. No one wants a countout.

Prescott: Indeed my troubled biased collegue.

Blaylock: Eat me.

Prescott: What in the hell is this? Steele has hit Diamond with a low blow. The referee didn't see it because of the apron.

Blaylock: Yes! Diamond you suck. If the referee was closer to the edge of the ring, he would of seen that.

Prescott: The referee is asking why Diamond is holding his groin. Steele protests he has no idea.

Blaylock: Maybe that Dakota slut has a STD?

Prescott: I doubt that.

Blaylock: Steele back in the ring to restart the count. Back outside he goes.

Prescott: Sebastian Steele is grabbing Diamond, rolls him back in. Whipping Diamond into the ropes, Diamond comes off, arm drag!

Blaylock: Steele locks in a rear naked choke...

Prescott: Referee Myers is checking with Diamond. He's saying no.. checks again...

Blaylock: Steele is really applying some pressure. Diamond again saying no...

Prescott: Diamond hearing the crowd buzz with his name gets up... and Steele grinds him back down!

Blaylock: Diamond tap you wuss!

Prescott: Diamond still denying a submission. He lets a leg under a rope... and referee counts to 4 before Steele breaks the count.

Blaylock: Steele starts to stomp on Diamond several times. He whips Diamond into the corner, Diamond reverses it, and collides Steele into referee Jason Myers!

Prescott: I can't believe that. Let me do the play by play Steven. Dummy.

Blaylock: The referee is out... he's shaken up a good bit!

Prescott: Diamond sees the referee is out, he's shaking him to alert him, but Steele was hit into him heavily.

Blaylock: Great...

[Diamond tries to wake up the referee again. Nothing. Diamond whips Steele into the ropes, Steele holds on and Diamond goes for a "Diamond Splash" but misses! Steele ducks and flips Diamond over the top rope!]

Blaylock: If this were a rumble, Diamond would be out of this!

Prescott: You are so stupid.

[Coming back around is Steele, he's looking to make his comback in this match. Referee is starting to get up. Steele gets outside the ring, and from under the ring comes Mira Martinez!!! She hands Sebastian a fucking basketball with a replica mask simulair to what Steele wears!!! It's a metal basketball! Mira claws at Diamond's face and runs away to the back, so that the referee wouldn't DQ or want to DQ Steele when he comes to. Steele takes the metal basketball that has a large lucha mask on it and smashes it into Diamond's jaw/shoulder area quickly, then rolls it under the ring as Jason Myers gets up and checks back in on the action. He demands them both to come in or he's DQing the match. Steele pleads and obeys. Diamond is almost knocked out, and rolled back in.]

Blaylock: Are you fucking serious? That was the ball to the Jordan statue from earlier... we forgot to mention that with such a busy evening!

Prescott: Yes, that is the missing metal statue basketball from the Jordan statue. I guess Steele trashed it!! He didn't take kindly to a lucha mask put on it as a mockery.

Blaylock: Looks like DIamond got what was coming to him...

[Steele sets Diamond up... extends two middle fingers and "Killshot"!!!! Cover!]




Prescott: Diamond gets out of that one!

Blaylock: Great fighting heart by Jacko. Fucking freak.

[Steele argues briefly with the referee. Jack is in la la land. Steele hits a sidewalk slam. Cover!]




cover again!



kickout! cover again




Prescott: Steele is getting very frustrated.

Blaylock: Yes he is. He needs to focus and try something else.

[Steele argues again for a brief time, and then turns his attention back to Diamond who still isn't right after that metal masked ball shot to the jaw/neck. Steele picks him up, hits a uppercut, and then another stiff shot. He whips Diamond into the ropes and executes a picture perfect spinebuster. The crowd boos. The atmosphere is electric. Steele slaps Diamond around some. He takes him by the jaw line and spits in his face. The crowd erupts more and more. Steele picks up Diamond he tries for a killshot and no... well yes he lands the "Killshot"!!!!]

Prescott: KILLSHOT!!!! Steele hits a Killshot!




Blaylock: No! Almost! Diamond just gets out. The weasel.

Prescott: Steele is going crazy... he's really pushing his limits with ref. Myers!

[Steele is going after Myers. Diamond is able to recover just enough to stand. Steele sees him and makes a uncalculated run towards him. Diamond lifts Steele over the top rope but he comes down on the apron on the other side! Steele hits Diamond from the outside apron. He locks in a suplex... he lifts Diamond over... "Stacked Deck"!!!!]

Prescott: Stacked DECK! DIamond with a Stacked Deck!!!!

Blaylock: Diamond twisted that around and landed a Stacked Deck from the inside of the ring over the top rope and to the outside mat!!! Steele is really laboring!!

[Both men are outside the ring. Myers starts his count!] 1









[Both men just get under the bottom rope as Steele didn't want to win/lose via countout, and Jack has too much self respect to win via countout or draw. They get in but both lay under the ropes with their legs hanging off the sides. Jack to his feet 1st. Diamond with a solid few chops to Steele who is leaning against the ropes now. Diamond hits a solid dropkick to Steele's face. He drags him over to the middle the ring...]

Prescott: He's going to try for "Shuffled Deck"!!!

Blaylock: I hope he misses..

[Diamond goes up, and does the devastating 450 splash! He misses!!! Steele just rolls over once! Diamond hits hard. Steele to his feet kicks Diamond in the face a few times. He picks DIamond up and sends him through the ropes. Steele collects himself. Diamond gets back in, runs it to grab a swinging neckbreaker, Steele jump flips out of it... and hits a shining wizard. Steele smashes some shots into Diamond. Diamond hearing the chants... gets up and rallys... Diamond grabs Steele's arm, and arm drags him down too. Diamon starts to stomp on Steele's leg. Diamond lands a knee to Steel's face. "Aces Wild"!!]

Prescott: Diamond with "Aces Wild"!!! he gets it over...and sits down and rears back on it...

Blaylock: This might be it... Diamond is really cranking on it. Steele saying no, via headshakes!

Prescott: Steele... trying to reverse the pressure... turns him over... and yes! Steele has reversed it!

Blaylock: Diamond is screaming no over and over. Who is going to give in first?

[Diamond is pleading no with verbals and head shakes. Steele reaches over and grabs the bottom rope for leverage and lifts himself up some... which really brings in the tension! Diamond screams out... won't give in. Eventually Steele loosens the hold due to fatigue. Diamond holds his own knee and rocks back and forth. Steele puts on "Jaguar Clutch" after a few moments. He was too tired to drag Diamond to the middle of the ring. Diamond is able to barely get to the bottom rope. Steele falls foward in exhaustion. Diamond is really hurt. Steele gets up... walks back over SMALL PACKAGE!!!! Diamond holds the tights for leverage!!!!]




Prescott: What a shocking ending! Diamond small packaged Steele for the win!

BLaylock: I wonder if that homo Mad Dog taught Diamond that? He cheated!! He grabbed the tights!!! That is illegal!!!

LaDawn: Your winner... by pinfall, and STILL ICW WORLD CHAMPION! "The Ace of Spades"... JAAAAACK DIIIIIAAAAMOND!!!!!

Prescott: What an emotionally exhausting show this has been. Wait. Jack Diamond has something to say.

Blaylock: This is a f'n joke. Where's Rieter. What about fair and being true blah...?

Prescott: Are you serious? Steele cheated constantly in this match.

Diamond: I just wanted to tell everyone here tonight that Shawn, you'll be missed and I can't believe this is real. I dedicate this win... this match to Shawn Rossdale people!!! Come on let's hear it!!!!

Crowd: DIamond! Shawn! Diamond! Shawn!

[The crowd is elated that Diamond pulls off the win, sad by Shawn's death in ICU and the night is over, but the story just begins...]