July 31st @ 10 PM CST
Legacy Arena
Birmingham, AL
Capcity: 17,654

(Take the time to watch this video. Important for mood and setting!)

[The show fuzzes in from a brief blackness and TNT's live, late night "Spectacle" starts up! Monday Night Spectacle has returned as it always does! We see a few highlights from last week's show. Most notably the fantastic Ironman match which saw Chaos Kid dethrone reigning Champion Brett Stetson! We also saw Jack Diamond stave off the desperate and less skilled and very lucky Mad Dog Smith. We watched as heartbreak befell Duke as he misses his chance at the Shooting Star Championship, but we see that Bobby Barratt holds off a brave and determined James Bryant. Fireborn Connection were on the outside and weren't able to twist it up much. Barratt won fair and square as his legacy grows. Rieter forces Barratt's hand tonight with another title match. GB Armstrong, who goes by "The Killer Penguin" comes in at the end of the show and smashes Jack Diamond... why? We'll get some justice tonight perhaps...?]

Stanley Prescott: Welcome to another episode of Monday NIGHT SPECTACLE! This marks a clean 3 months since we opened and things couldn't have gone crazier.

Steven Blaylock: That's right! I thought you were going to say better Stan. They have been wild... and well just wild!

Prescott: Yes they have! We have a special segment for you all tonight. Our newest signing is coming out. He requested this as a formal introduction earlier tonight.

Blaylock: He seems edgy. Lets see him!

["Motivated" by NF blasts through out the arena as Billy Shaw walks out to the stage bobbing to the music as he smirks to the crowd as he then sprints down to the ring as he leaps up to all four corners as he salutes the crowd then back flips off the fourth corner as he then readies himself for his mic time. He's wearing some loose shorts, dark boots and a edgy muscle shirt that is tight. He's sporting some tattoos too. The crowd seems to like him, but their mind isn't quite made up.]

Billy Shaw: Hello everyone! I wanted to come out here and introduce myself. I'm the "Aerial Sensation" Billy Shaw!!

Crowd: Mixed reaction... confused.

Billy Shaw: What you see is what you get with me. I'm an extreme athlete. I'm real. I'm here and I'm ready to take this place to new "heights" you see. No one in ICW will be able to jump with me, fly with me and do the things I do. I'm extreme. I'm the real deal here. Everyone in the locker room needs to know to brace themselves, as the wave is ready to hit you in the face. The only question is how long will it take for you to drown?

Crowd: Some cheers!

Shaw: Most importantly, I promise to give all you fans, your money's worth. To make you awe... to make you want more and more. I will never let any of you down. I do this because I love the thrill it brings me... and YOU GUYS! Thank you!!!!

[Just then Jack Diamond strolls down to the ring. Gets in and asks for a mic. Wearing his tight leather jacket, and his wrestling tights.]

Diamond: Wait a second. You're who? A sensation? Well let me introduce myself. I'm the "Ace of Spades" Jack Diamond, and despite what some people think, I run this place. I'm the #1 ranked ICW competitor. I'm the WORLD CHAMPION. I'm the bar that people try to jump over. As for you, I'd watch your back coming out here, acting like you're entitled and you are this great aerial thing. Just watch your mouth too kid. No one comes out here without putting in work and gets to say what they want without the Champ saying something about it.

Shaw: I really respect you Jack. You've been a great influence to me. You're one of the reasons I even joined ICW. I didn't mean to offe...

Diamond: Offend me? You couldn't do that. These people you see in the crowd. They deserve better than some new signing coming out here and blowing hot air up their asses. You want respect? Do it in the ring. Get a match. Get the ball rolling. That is what you need to do. Talk is cheap, this isn't... (points)

[Jack points to his beautiful ICW World Championship. The crowd chants "Diamond" over and over... Shaw claps slowly and both men leave, with a little tension to boot.]

Prescott: That was very interesting! Diamond clearly felt stepped on by a newcomer.

Blaylock: Diamond is a shmuck. He's very lucky that Barratt doesn't have that title.

Prescott: What do you mean? Diamond has beaten Barratt twice.

Blaylock: Does losing your Shooting Star title count as a win? Idiot!

Prescott: Diamond took home the most important belt. What does that mean?

Blaylock: Wait. I'm getting word from the back about something BIG going down.

[We cut to backstage and there's some crazy things going on. Keegan O'Donnell is furious. The security team has been called in full, and the local Police are even there. Barratt has his hands on the top of his head, looking kinda strange about the whole thing. Stackhouse is next to him in more casual attire, and we've got various members of the roster walking about, including Lucas Rieter, Duke and Chaos Kid. Jack Diamond is in the distance, listening.]

O'Donnell: Yeah, I'm head of security. Yes.

Police Officer: Where was the last time he was seen?

Barratt: He never made it you ass clowns!

Police: Watch your mouth. We're just trying to figure this out.

O'Donnell: I've already looked through the footage. He was supposed to be here 45 minutes ago. I figured he was just running late. I talked to him from his hotel last night, late. We were going over security for tonight.

Rieter: Yeah, I talked to him too. I didn't really want to, but we're partners. I talked to him around 10:40 or so last night. Then I spoke with him bout' 4 something today. He was due to be in around a quarter past 9. We go live at 10. We're live now.

Barratt: You fucking prick. He's my meal ticket. Where is he?

[Barratt dashes at Rieter, which knocks the cop backwards some, the cop's partner checks on him and Rieter takes a Iconbreaker!!! Right there in the back! Chaos Kid jump on Barratt and they pummel eachother. Duke makes the whole thing a "Fireborn" matter and starts to choke Barratt out. Diamond comes in, and tries to break it up. The policemen start yelling orders and everyone calms down. Rieter is moaning, and being attended to by medical staff.]

Police: Listen to me. Pull that again and we'll haul some of you off tonight. I don't care if this is a professional REAL wrestling promotion or not. My son loves this place, but I have a job to do. If it's not in the ring, sanctioned then it is assault. Cool it.

Barratt: (getting up after secuirty is thick between them all) Yeah sure mate.

Rieter: You fucking slag! I'll get you! You'll see! (Chaos and Duke pull him away)

Police: Any idea who might want Shawn Rossdale's person? This seems like a possible kidnapping. Is he ever late?

Barratt: No. He's always early man. Never late. I haven't been able to get a hold of him. He's always available to me.

Stackhouse: This is really strange.

Police: Is their a history with anyone here?

O'Donnell: (Chokes) Um yeah. Bobby Barratt here and Shawn has some MAJOR problems several weeks back. Jack here also has had some problems. He's had a target on his back. He's the majority owner with Lucas here.

Police: Bobby we might have need to ask you some questions if he doesn't show.

Barratt: On what grounds? Shawn and myself are completely cool. I didn't do anything man. So shove it.

Police: Another word and we're taking you in. Don't be disrepectful.

Barratt: Whatever.

Billy Shaw: Hey guys. Where's Shawn? I need to talk to him.

[Everyone looks at Billy and he walks away quietly after he kinda figures out they are in the middle of something big.]

Police: Look. It hasn't been 24 hours yet. There's nothing we can really do. So no one has heard of him since 4ish today? about 6 hours ago?

Keegan: Yeah that seems to be the story. Lucas was the last to speak with him.

Jack: I was going over my contract with him actually about 6 something. here's my phone info here. Look

[The policement quickly see the numbers they have on file for Rossdale, and match it all up. Jack was the last to speak with him.]

Diamond: So I guess I was the last to talk with him... fuck. "I was the last to talk with him. Great"

Police: Maybe he had an emergency? Who knows. We're going to have to go now. We've got bigger things to do. I'm sure he'll turn up soon.

Barratt: Jack. He better prick. (Bobby walks away as Jack scowls at him)

[The entire grouping slowly departs the area. Shawn Rossdale is missing. He never made it to Legacy Arena, but was in Huntsville as of 6 something pm, 4 hours before talking with Jack Diamond. About what? Why? Contract issues? What does this mean? For now the show much go on. The ICW's owner is missing, but we're sure he'll turn up soon. Probably had a car wreck or something... or ... something.]

Prescott: Our 1st match of the evening is just around the corner!

Blaylock: I sure hope Shawn is alright. What in the hell is going on? Maybe it was Rieter. I bet it was that sniveling prick.

Prescott: We don't know anything. He's probably at the bar drinking again.

Blaylock: Shut it man. The show must go on. I'm sure Lucas is going to love his control over tonight!

[Mad Dog comes strutting out to the ring, dressed in the whitest of white outfits, bedazzled from head to toe, sparkling in the arena lights. He is actually stopping along the way to give fans high fives, trying to kiss babies, and signing autographs.]

LaDawn: Ladies and gentlemen, this match is to determine the number one contender for the ICW Iron man title! Introducing first from West Hollywood California, MAD DOG SMITH!

Blaylock: Look at this moron. I thought he had something special, some fire in him but he's gone soft ever since hanging around Jack Diamond and Chaos Kid. What is up with that anyways?

Prescott: Well, he has gone technico. He feels like he needs to be a good guy to hang out with the likes of our World Champion and our Iron man Champion.

Blaylock: They aren't my champions, and this isn't lucha libre.

Prescott: In any event, Mad Dog has a huge chance tonight to become number one contender for the Iron man title.

Blaylock: Then what? Battle Chaos Kid for the belt on some lame reality show? This is a joke.

LaDawn: His opponent, "The Mercenary" Maverick!

[Maverick comes out, stops and stretches his hands out for a few seconds, like soaking in the crowd's reaction. He walks down to the ring slowly, coming up the steps and jumping over the top rope. Mad Dog graciously gets out of the ring as Maverick poses again.]

Prescott: Mad Dog showing Maverick some respect here.

Blaylock: I don't get it, this is the same little twerp that slapped Sebastian Steele a couple weeks back, and now he is a changed man?

Prescott: It happens, you should try it Steven.

[The bell rings as Jason Myers tells Mad Dog to get in the ring. He shakes his head no.]

Blaylock: Now what is he doing? He doesn't even want to fight in this match?

Prescott: I'm just as confused as you are. This is for a title shot.

Blaylock: Confused is a good word to use for Mad Dog, as the referee starts his count.

[Myers begins counting Mad Dog out, as he has made his way over to the barricade to sign an autograph. As the ref's count gets to five, Maverick has turned to the opposite side of the crowd to shrug to them and pose a bit. It was the opening Mad Dog has hoped for.]

Prescott: Wait, Dog is in the ring.. SMALLEST PACKAGE! This could be it!



No! Maverick just gets a shoulder up!

Blaylock: What a weasel of a move, I knew this good guy routine wouldn't last long.

7 [Mad Dog rolls off of Maverick and smiles a big smile, pointing to his head. He almost ended this match very quickly. Maverick stands, furious and as Mad Dog still points to the side of his head, Maverick flies across and delivers a massive forearm strike, bloodying Dog's nose a bit as he crumples to the ground.]

Prescott: What a shot! The Heavy Rainmaker!

Blaylock: Can't say he didn't deserve that. Wait, what the hell was that?

[The lights in the arena flicker a bit, but then come back on. There is a wave of anxiousness in the crowd, but the match continues.]

Prescott: I'm not sure, maybe Shawn didn't have enough money to pay the power bill after giving it all to Barratt.

Blaylock: Easy there, that's my guy you're talking about.

Prescott: Oh really? I didn't know that... Maverick is taking control of this match. He has Mad Dog up, the whip into the ropes, nice powerslam!

[As Maverick walks over to pick Mad Dog up again, Dog tries to raise up and roll Maverick over, but Maverick is able to drop a vicious knee to the sternum, leaving Mad Dog Smith gasping for air.]

Blaylock: That will shut him up for a bit.

Prescott: You really have to watch Mad Dog Smith, I've never seen anyone as quick with pin attempts as he is.

Blaylock: He may have had his last pin attempt tonight, look how winded he is.

[Maverick picks Mad Dog up and sets him up for a suplex. When he lifts him, Dog is able to shake out of it, landing on his feet and bounces off the ropes. Maverick drops down and Dog rebounds off the other side and attempts a hurricanrana but Maverick catches him. Dog makes a desperate attempt to turn him, but is held strong and Maverick is able to drop him into a picture perfect piledriver.]

Prescott: What a maneuver. The pin...




NO! Dog just got his shoulder up. Now what is he doing?

[Dog barely kicked out, Myers hand was maybe an inch from the canvas. But as Maverick rolls off and gathers himself, Mad Dog actually rolls over and complains to the ref.]

Blaylock: Is that idiot complaining it was a slow count?

Prescott: No, If I am reading lips properly, he wants Maverick disqualified for using a piledriver.

Blaylock: Disqualified for a piledriver? Does he still think this is lucha style?

[As Mad Dog, clearly out of it, complains to the ref Maverick walks over and picks him up. Mad Dog seems to be recovering a bit, tries for an irish whip, blocked by Maverick. He attempts it once again, and again Maverick blocks. This time Maverick pulls him in and jumps, kneeing Dog hard in the side of the head, adding to his already bleeding nose]

Prescott: Shotgun Rampage! Shotgun Rampage!




LaDawn: Here is your winner, and new Number One Contender for the Iron man Title! Maverick!!!

Blaylock: I knew that loud mouth was going to lose.

Prescott: What an impressive showing by Maverick tonight, wait what is that smoke?

[Mad Dog is out cold. Maverick gets out of the ring almost as quick as Scarlett LaDawn announces him the winner as the ring starts to fill up with smoke, almost to the point where we can't see Mad Dog lying there. The lights begin to dim, and then flicker. This time it lasts more than a couple seconds. It's non-stop.]

Blaylock: I don't like this Stanley.

Prescott: Nor do I, what is this?

[From the smoke filled ramp, Sebastian Steele appears just as "No Leaf Clover" by Metallica drops hard over the sound system and the hue in the building turn blood red. He looks more menacing than ever as he slowly paces down to the ring, with each few steps being accompanies by fireballs shooting from side of the ramp. Mad Dog hasn't moved.]

Blaylock: El Cazador! The real deal, not the imposter. Look at those horns, he looks like the devil!

Prescott: He may just be, and I think it's time for Mad Dog to pay up for that slap a two weeks ago!

Blaylock: I'm getting the hell out of here I think?...

[Steele is in the ring and circles Mad Dog slowly. Looking down with almost a joy behind his mask. He licks his lips as he crouches down a bit in the smoke filled ring. Dog has finally started to stir, and Steele leans in a little closer and says something to him before throwing his arm over his head and...]

Blaylock: KILLSHOT! He damn near broke Dog's neck with that one!

Prescott: This may get out of hand. He isn't finished. He is picking him up again. OH! Killshot! A second one, just a lethal and ferocious! Someone get down here!

[Steele looks down at Mad Dog, clearly the punishment for one slap to the face has been paid, but he is far from done here. He turns Dog on his back and applies an aggressive "Jaguar Clutch", really arching the back and applying as much pressure as humanly possible.]

Prescott: He's going to break him in half! Someone needs to stop this!

Blaylock: Oh look, here come his little buddies now!

[Jack Diamond is out first at the top of the ramp, followed a few seconds later the Ironman champion, Chaos Kid. They stop at the top of the ramp and glance at each other. These two men have been filming a reality show with Mad Dog and have been referred to by him as his best friends. They kind of shrug and just stare down at the ring though.]

Blaylock: And even they don't want any part of El Cazador! Who can blame them!

[Steele is directly facing Diamond and Kid as he locks the Jaguar Clutch on even tighter and Mad Dog screams in agony. As Diamond takes one step down the ramp, Steele releases and Diamond holds up.]

Prescott: It looks like Diamond is considering coming down. Steele is backing down a bit. We need paramedics out here now!

[Steele looks coldly in Diamond and Kid's direction and walks in front of Mad Dog and picks him up. He delivers another devastating Killshot and Mad Dog is motionless. Steele walks to the ropes and does a belt motion with his hands at his waste as he stares on. Diamond and Chaos, almost in unison back away, never taking their eyes off of Steele as the go into the backstage area.]

Prescott: Who was he motioning for? Diamond? Chaos Kid?

Blaylock: It's clear he wants his Iron man title back soon.

Prescott: Or maybe he is thinking big picture? He is after all one of the few competitors here who cleanly beat Jack Diamond. Maybe he wants a shot at world gold?

Blaylock: Well, he appears to be leaving, Mad Dog is absolutely destroyed. There are going to need a spatula to remove him from the ring. We have to go to break, but we have so much more action tonight!

[Paramedics hurry down to the ring with a gurney to attend to Mad Dog Smith as Spectacle goes to commercial break.]

[We come back to a small scene in the back. The Fireborn are talking things over.]

Rieter: With Shawn gone, I run the show. That is the deal we signed when I invested. He's not here on the premises. I call the shots. So tonight, we're going to win these tag titles fair and square mates.

Duke: What about Stetson and Bryant?

Rieter: Bryant has actually been medically denied. He was injured by Barratt last week. With all the Shawn gone missing stuff I almost left it out.

Chaos: So who is his partner? Is this a handicap match?

Rieter: I guess it is unless someone wants to step up for Stetson.

Chaos: Stetson will be gunning for me. I have the Ironman. He's going to want some revenge. People are calling my win a fluke.

Duke: Chaos, you earned that.

Rieter: Yeah mate. It wasn't a fluke. You survived. It was a ironman match afterall. With Shawn being gone, I'm sure he's just really late, we can get this done without his BS.

[The scene ends as we find out Bryant is medically unfit for tonight. He tried to lace up, but his shoulder/collarbone area is damaged. Fracture. Stetson needs a partner. Who is going to step up?]

LaDawn: Making their way to the ring, with ICW minority owner Lucas Rieter, we have "The FIIIREBORN CONNNNNECCCCCCCTIIIIOOOOONNN"!!!!

Prescott: They are looking like all business tonight.

Blaylock: They are using Rieter's "Shimmer" intro too. Hmm.

Prescott: Here comes fan favorite Brett Stetson!

["Famous" by Puddle of Mudd hits the arena. Stetson walks out looking a bit more intense than normal. He gets in and grabs a mic.]

Stetson: Hello good people! As you all know. I don't have a tag partner tonight. Bryant was hurt and while I wish him the best. I just can't catch a break. I need a durable and loyal partner. And more importantly I have my eyes set on keeping these tag titles tonight and then moving onto bigger things. ICW, you've not seen my best, and I'll be here through the test of time. Steele, Diamond, Barratt. Watch your backs. I'm coming!

Prescott: Huge words from Stetson. Who looks to push forward despite being screwed out of his Ironman title and now not having a partner.

Blaylock: Maybe Shawn had a hand in this? Or maybe it was Lucas?

Prescott: No dummy. Bryant was hurt. Legitimately. Just bad luck. Who will his partner be.

[Everyone is standing around. Duke is in 1st this time. Stetson looks to try his very best. No partner. Then suddenly Billy SHAW!!!! Comes running down. He gives Stetson a pat on the back and motions like he has his back!]

LaDawn: His partner, and current interim tag champion, unofficially... Billy SHAWWWWW!!!!!


[The crowd eats it up. They love Shaw's heroics. They love the fighting good guys. Stetson high gives Shaw, and they get to work, the bell rings!!!]

Prescott: Here we go. Kosloff and Chaos against Stetson and Shaw for the tag team championships!!!!

Blaylock: There's no way these Fireborn clowns will have a chance. Stetson has help now.

Prescott: Shaw is unproven. What is your point?

Blaylock: Stetson looks really determined. Not a fan of the guy, but I hate Rieter's group more. Look at that chump over there ont he apron with his tennis racket. it's a joke man!

Prescott: Kosloff and Stetson start this off. Duke coming in, missing a clothesline. Stetson hits a right, then a left.

Blaylock: Stetson looking strong, Duke dazed, Stetson picks Duke him, goes for a spinebuster...

Prescott: No. Duke counters it into a DDT. Stetson is down.

Blaylock: Duke waits for him to ready himself, SUPERMAN PUNCH!

Prescott: Stetson sidesteps it! Stetson hits a spinebuster on Kosloff!

Blaylock: He picked him right up and blam. Down he went!

Prescott: Kosloff isn't too affected by the spinebuster, he gets up. Stetson prepares himself.

Blaylock: Stetson tries to lift Duke for a "Director's Cut" but it is too early, Duke shrugs him off!

Prescott: Irish whip into corner by Duke. Blind tag made by Shaw!

Blaylock: This kid looking smart with the blind tag!

Prescott: Billy leaps on the top, jumps!!! Crossbody!

Blaylock: Nope! Duke catches him. Fallaway slam!

Prescott: Stetson now on the apron is cheering on Shaw. Who is much smaller than Duke. Kosloff hits him with a couple stiff shots.

Blaylock: Duke tags in Chaos Kid. Chaos hits a held Shaw a couple of times in the midsection as the referee counts, and Duke gets to his corner and gets out. Chaos Kid now in control.

Prescott: Shaw gets hit down lower and lower. Chaos puts him into a headlock.

Blaylock: Shaw is pushing him off, into the ropes Chaos goes.

Prescott: Chaos ducks a clothesline! Off the ropes again, Shawn leap frogs Chaos!

Blaylock: Back they come off the ropes, Shaw jumps!

Prescott: What a tornado DDT! BOOM!

[The match continues in a blistering pace. Shaw really pushes the movements. Chaos is scrappy and tough throughout, and Duke is a powerhouse with great agility. Stetson is determined and powerful himself and Shaw is a flying machine! After the tornado DDT. Shaw tags in Stetson again. Stetson goes after Chaos, who is a man on a mission. Chaos tries to roll up Stetson as he walks over, but Stetson kicks out easily without a count even happening. Duke is yelling to be tagged in as he wants a piece of Stetson badly. Stetson headlocks Chaos, and takes him down. Wrenching the headlock over and over. Shaw is on the bottom rope bouncing like tigger to get back in. Stetson lets loose of the headlock. Chaos tries to get up, but Stetson kicks him down. Stetson readies Chaos for a suplex and hits it cleanly. Shaw gets tagged in, and he leaps to the top rope. Waits, perched like a statue on a building. He leaps! He connects with a spinning heel kick off the top rope!!!]

Prescott: What a move! I can't believe it!

Blaylock: Impressive technical ability by Stetson and Shaw is really shining.

Prescott: Chaos is down and hurt. That heel kick landed right on his temple, behind the ear area. He's looking badly hurt.

[Duke is screaming to get tagged in as he feels the match could be slipping. Duke rushes in, but the referee holds him off. Chaos low blows Shaw, and rolls him up!]




Prescott: It's over! Thats it!

Blaylock: No NO! 2!!! Just a 2! Calm your ass Pressy.

[Stetson is screaming for a DQ, but doesn't get it. Charles Lee Ray is in full control. Shaw is limping about some. Chaos tags in Duke. Duke comes in and hits a superman punch! Duke picks him up and tosses him out of the ring! Duke points at Stetson and tells him to come on, meanwhile Rieter takes a quick swipe with his racket on Shaw's face and walks away. Dirty, but not evil. Stetson barges in, to be held off by the referee. Duke laughs at Stetson. Shaw rolls back in the ring, and Duke tries a standing moonsault to show off some, but Shaw rolls out of the way. He tags in Stetson, who comes in guns blazing as the crowd is building up. Stetson and DUke trade shots back and forth. Chaos Kid is ready to be tagged in while Shaw is laying sideways on apron holding his face from the Rieter shot. Stetson blocks a Kosloff shot, whips him up on his back, and like the limbering tower Kosloff is!!!! "Director's Cut"!!!!! BOOM! Cover!]



break up!

Prescott: Chaos Kid saves the day! Duke might of been out for the 3. We'll never know.

Blaylock: Smart break up. Lee Ray looks like he's threatening a DQ the next time they bend the rules.

[Stetson hits a leg lariat on Chaos and he bounces out of the ring. Stetson goes for a front powerslam, but Duke is able to counter it and lift Stetson up. ANd hits a tombstone type of move! Stetson is down.]




Prescott: What a kickout by Stetson!

Blaylock: Tough kid man.

[Shaw is up and getting the crowd into the match big time. The crowd starts to clap slowly and then faster and faster. Stetson is able to crawl to Shaw and tag him in. Shaw leaps up on the top rope and jumps like AJ Styles would. He hits a forearm smash! Right on Duke! NO!!! Duke caught him in a choke hold! CHOKE SLAM!!!! Cover!]




Prescott: No! Shaw kicked out barely! I thought it was over again!

Blaylock: Listen to this crowd. They love Stetson and Shaw's effort. Bryant who?

[Duke is very frustrated. He tags in Chaos, who looks to maybe finish him off. Shaw tries to roll towards Stetson, but can't. Chaos picks up Shaw and hits some shots. Chaos trips a weak Shaw and "CDM"!!! (STF) Shaw is reeling... he's trying to roll away and towards the ropes. No where to go, Stetson comes in to break it up, but Shaw TAPS!!!! It's over!]

LaDawn: Your winners, and NNNNEEEEEWWWW Tag team champions!!!! "The Fireborn Connection" Chaos Kid and DUUUKE Kosloff!!!!!!!

Prescott: We have new tag team champions! The crowd is not happy at all. They chant Stetson! and Shaw! like they are legends!

Blaylock: Chaos hit that low blow, and Rieter on the outside were just enough. Poor Stetson wasn't pinned, but he had great help in Shaw. Maybe this is a future tag team in the making?

Prescott: They'd be a great one. Nothing wrong with losing the way they did. Some dirty work by Fireborn, but they had it together and worked great together!

[Our tag team match concludes, and we see Jack Diamond in the back getting ready for his match and then we see "The Killer Penguin" GB Armstrong throwing fists and kicks in the back.]

LaDawn: The following match is scheduled for one fall. The stipulations follow, if GB Armstrong can win tonight, he will get a shot at whoever the world champion is on the 8.14.17 Spectacle. If Diamond wins tonight, he will get a world title rematch, if he loses at Midsummer Night's Massacre next week! But it will be in a triple threat match with an unknown opponent.

[The lights in the arena go out and a red hue takes over (much like when old school Kane comes out) A version of Motorhead's "The Ace of Spades" plays and smoke feels the entrance ramp. Jack Diamond appears backwards at the top of the ramp work a black, white and red robe on (a'la Flair) with the words "The Ace of Spades" written across the back. He turns around, wearing Red "diamond shaped" glasses, smiling as smug as he can and playing to the crowds reaction. He arrogantly walks to the ring, climbs the stairs and enters through the middle ropes and either plays to or taunts the crowd (depending on if he is working heel or face) He throws up the Diamond sign (reminiscent of DDP) and as he throws his hands down Pyro goes off around him in the shape of a diamond]

Prescott: The champion is looking great tonight. Confident and calm. He's been #1 in ICW for a long time now.

Blaylock: As soon as Rieter stops playing games with the booking, we'll see.

[The lights fade to black, the slow methodical song "Deliverance" from Thrasher 726 begins to play and a spotlight begins to brighten pointing to the top of the entrance ramp. The light cuts to black as the music stops for a split second. Pyro goes off, the lights come on and the song resumes with a super fast rhythm. The Killer Penguin appears on the ramp and runs to the ring, takes a lap around the ring before jumping into the ring beneath the bottom rope. He pops to his feet and begins to bounce between the ropes as the music rages on.]

Prescott: The Penguin looks great as well. Who will come on top? We'll find out soon. Here is Scarlett LaDawn!

LaDawn: Introducing first, the challenger, from Bluff, New Zealand, "The Killer Penguin" GB Armstroooooooonnngggg!!!!!

LaDawn: And your champion and reigning, defending ICW #1 ranked wrestler and ICW WORLD CHAMPION. "The Ace of Spades".... JAAAAAAACCKKKK DIIIIIIAMOOOOOND!

[The two men start off by staring eachother down. Diamond circles around and Penguin does the same. They end up locking into eachother Diamond takes him with a push into the ropes. Penguin springs at Diamond with a leap, but Diamond is able to land an incredible.... "Stacked Deck"!!!!! Oh my God! Diamond stands up, and looks down on Penguin. Doesn't move and he lets Penguin get up. The crowd wait about 2 minutes. Diamond could of covered him easily and probably could of won. Penguin looks wasted already. Diamond sits in the corner while he waits for Penguin to raise up. Once Penguin does, Diamond goes at him with a "Diamond Splash" looking to end it early, but NO! Diamond took took much time. Penguin counters it, and hits a pele kick as Diamond comes down on him. Diamond is stunned and falls over. Diamond gets to his knees and Penguin hits a standing dropkick on his shoulders. Penguin kicks him in the ribs a couple times and bends down and screams at him that he's the man. He turns Diamond over onto his back, and hits a leg drop, into "Southern Cross" (crucifix armbar). Diamond is trying to fight out of it, but is able to roll into it some and creates a pin!]




Prescott: That was a closer than you think pinfall. Slick counter by Diamond.

Blaylock: Yeah I don't think Penguin had it in there tight enough.

Prescott: Diamond up and trying to get some offense going. Penguin is looking like he is feeling the magic.

Blaylock: Maybe this is his night? Diamond is creating this mystique that he is unbeatable in some ways. Very hard to handle.

Prescott: Diamond with a couple rights, Penguin absorbing them!

Blaylock: Penguin hits a couple excellent leg kicks, which buckle Diamond.

Prescott: Diamond is looking for an exit out of this flurry of strikes. He gives a vicious chop to the chest of Penguin, which slows him down!

Blaylock: And another. This Penguin guy is starting to look like a clown. I hope he pin this go lucky prick. He might seem unbeatable but he isn't.

Prescott: Diamond still working on Penguin, Penguin in the corner now. More chops, as the crowd gives off Ric Flair "Whooos" over and over.

Blaylock: Penguin is able to muster up enough offense to grab him and give a belly to belly in the corner. Diamond hits!

Prescott: Diamond hit that corner quite hard Steven. Penguin looking to capitalize!

Blaylock: Penguin goes up top. Diamond bounced back from the buckles and landed on his back. Dazed.

Prescott: "Penguin Splash" from the top rope!!! BOOM!

Blaylock: He hits it! Cover!




Prescott: That is it! Penguin has done it! He'll get a title shot on the follow Spectacle after the PPV!!!

Blaylock: No! The referee is trying to get his attention. Penguin thinks he won. It was so very close, but the referee is now got his attention after massive boos from the crowd. He motions for a shoulder getting up.

Prescott: We now see on replay that, indeed Diamond got the shoulder up clearly. But it was razor tight!

Prescott: Penguin looks to be in a complete rage now. He is getting in the face of the referee!

Blaylock: Diamond is down. But he's recovering.

[Diamond rolls up Penguin!]




[Diamond starts to take control of the match. He lands a couple more chops. Followed by a swinging neckbreaker. Jack raises up his hands... the crowd cheers!!! Things are really swinging his way... and here comes Barratt!!! He runs down to the ring and accuses Jack of doing something to Shawn. Jack argues with him, then takes a quick shot at Barratt, knocking him off the apron. Penguin comes in from behind, hits a low blow while the referee was looking at Barratt, and rolls him up, extends his legs... on the middle rope!!!]




Prescott: It is over! What an upset!

Blaylock: I can't believe it!!!

LaDawn: here is your winner, by pinfall. "The Killer Penguin" GB Armstrong!!!!!!!

Prescott: This is unbelieveable!!!!! Jack has been upset!

[Lucas Rieter comes down. With his Fireborn cronies at his side.]

Lucas Rieter: No no no. Not like this. Referee Charles Lee Ray. You need to reverse your decision. (The referee mouths "why" as the crowd is booing like crazy!!) Look at this replay. A dirty low blow is one thing, but using the middle ropes for leverage, that is too much. Shawn isn't here to let this go on as a decision, I hold the cards. And I think you had somethign to do with Shawn being missing Jack. None the less, I'm reversing this decision. You clearly cheated GB. Not once, but twice. Restart the match. No decision. Referee Ray, watch what you're doing out there.

[The match restarts, bell rings. That fall will NOT COUNT. Once the referee saw the footage, he reversed his decision, along with Lucas' pleading too. Diamond goes after Penguin. Starts talking massive crap to him. Penguin shrugs off a dropkick by Diamond, hits a nice roundhouse, but Diamond takes it and falls into the corner. Penguin runs in, hits a pele kick. Diamond falls. Penguin, up top looks to get the win. He stands tall and proud. With his arms raised, and jump for another "Penguin Splash".... "STACKED DECK"!!!!! Out of no where!!!!!! DIAMOND STACKED DECK!!! Cover!]




LaDawn: Here is your winner, "The Ace of Spades"... JJJJAAAAAACCCKKK DIIIIIIIIIIIIAMMMOONNNNDDD!!!!!

Prescott: What a match! I thought Penguin had it all wrapped up a couple times!

Blaylock: As much as I hate it, and Rudy Tom... "never underestimate the heart of a champion". Diamond got the job done despite cheesy efforts by Penguin.

Prescott: Our MAIN EVENT is coming up next folks!!!

[Jack and Lucas shake hands, Lucas whispers in Diamond's ear something and they walk off. Penguin gets up eventually, with medical staff around him, tells them he's fine and walks off pissed.]

LaDawn: The following hardcore match is scheduled for one fall and is for the ICW Shooting Star Championship! Introducing first, the challenger, making his ICW debut, Kenneth "Boobie" Williams!

[The lights go out, as red and blue spotlights start rotating around the arena. The 2 lights converge on the entrance, and a yellow spotlight emerges. Kenneth Williams emerges in the spotlight, slowly making his way to the ring. Ignoring the jeers, and cheers of the fans at ringside. Focused on match ahead, he cracks his knuckles and is all eyes on that squared circle ahead of him. Ready to take care of business.]

Blaylock: Fresh out of prison and into the ICW ring Boobie looks to make a splash here tonight!

Prescott: He looks to be sporting an ankle bracelet Blaylock.

Blaylock: I heard that he needed his parole officer's permission to be here tonight. He looks like a punk with poor morals!

Prescott: Well he appears to be a rehabilitated individual let's give him a fair shake here.

LaDawn: And the champion! He is the man that would like to be announced as "The Prodigal Icon" he is your ICW Shooting Star Champion, BOBBY! BARRATT!!!

[Lights go out, Motley Crue starts playing and spotlights swirl on the stage. In his own time, Mr. Barratt comes strolling through the curtain. Confidence, arrogance, and smugness all apparent. He has a lot to say, so he approaches the camera, talking smack about his opponent and whatever is currently happening before headed out to the ring. As the chorus is about to drop, he flips over the top rope and onto the buckle to sing "I'm the Motherfucker of the year!" Before continuing to antagonize the crowd.]

[Just as Barratt hands his title to the ref the lights go out. The crowd screams out in shock as the jumbotron above the stage cuts on. On the screen, we see a taco truck barrelling down the interstate weaving between traffic at dangerous speeds. The side of the large black truck reads "El Cazador Huntsville, AL" in bold red letters. A large picture of a deer jumping can be seen above the lettering.]

[The camera cuts to show through the windshield of the taco truck to reveal El Cazador in his new mask behind the wheel of the large automobile. Just over his shoulder we can see Shawn Rossdale tied and gagged in the back of the truck screaming and trying to free himself.]

El Cazador: Sebastian Steele in the Steel City! Has a nice ring to it doesn't it? SHUT UP SHAWN! I'M TRYING TO TALK TO BARRATT! Barrat! How are you mate? I hope all is well because things aren't so good for ol' Shawn here. You know a week or two ago when I showed up on Spectacle and kicked my imposter's ass? Well, I did a little digging on that.

[Sebastian continues to negligently drive the taco truck narrowly avoiding cars as he weaves into open lanes.]

El Cazador: Well it turns out that my psycho stalker friend came to Shawn the week before I was to defend my title against Brett Stetson. He offered to take me out and take my spot thinking nobody would ever notice. This was Shawn's downfall. I'm sure you're all wondering why Shawn would do such a thing to his top star, because I know I wondered the same. You see as I have mentioned before everyone in his company is just a pawn to him! Someone he can manipulate with his check book.

[Sebastian rams a car in front of him off the road and accelerates as he continues driving.]

El Cazador: I'm sure you all know by now that Shawn is a jealous man as well. Well, when one superstar gets a little too popular he gets paranoid that the spotlight may be pulled off of him and to the more deserving individual. I'm not the first example of this, you were the first Barratt, then after us just last week with Stetson.

El Cazador: I'm not usually a vindictive man, but I don't take threats on my life or my livelihood lightly. So we're going to head on down to the Vulcan statue and Shawn back there is going to be flung from the top. And when I'm done, I'm driving this hunk of junk down the Legacy Arena to beat some sense into you and take what is rightfully mine, ALL OF ICW.

[The Jumbotron cuts off and the arena lights are back on to reveal Barratt standing near the ropes still yelling at the Tron. Behind Barratt is Kenneth Williams standing menacingly eyeing down his opponent. The ref rings the bell and Barratt turns around to walk to the center of the ring and runs directly into his larger opponent behind him.]

[Bobby slightly bounces off the rotund man's belly just before Kenneth puts his large meaty hands on either side of Barratt's head. Bobby swings at the man and delivers a few punches to his large midsection. The strikes to his stomach do not affect him much and Williams begins to lift Barratt up using only his head. Barratt brings his hands up to firmly grab the wrists of his opponent in an attempt to leverage himself out.]

Prescott: Barratt was caught off guard by the distraction from Steele and our debuting member here has taken the upper hand early!

Blaylock: Don't count out my guy just yet Stanley, just because he was distracted by that devil it doesn't mean Barratt is going to lose. Besides! This is a hardcore match, there will be plenty of time to even the odds!

[Barratt is still held into the air by the larger opponent but he hasn't given up hope yet. Bobby begins to deliver a few well-placed kicks to the upper midsection and chest of Kenneth. Boobie's hold on Bobby falters and his opponent drops the champ. Upon being dropped Barratt is able to rake both eyes of Williams who recoils from the assault. Bobby lands on his feet and strides back into the ropes to prepare for an attack. Williams turns around just in time to be hit in the chest by a spinning clothesline from Barratt. The strike looks to not affect him and he even taunts to Barratt to hit him with another strong strike. An annoyed look washes over Barratt as he steps into the ropes to his left and delivers another hard spinning clothesline to the chest of Williams.]

Prescott: A beautiful set of back to back spinning clotheslines there seemed to have not phase Williams at all.

Blaylock: Boobie is tanking really good attacks from my guy. He's even taunting for more!

[Barratt attempts a third spinning clothesline but before it can connect he is met with a big boot to the face from Williams. Barratt goes down and his large opponent begins to stomp on his chest and stomach. Bobby takes a few stomps before rolling out of the ring to take a breather.]

Prescott: Bobby retreats. Perhaps he is looking to retool his strategy here. Do you think that Cazador has him shaken up?

Blaylock: Nobody shakes up my guy, Bobby will get the upper hand no matter what.

[Kenneth remains in the ring taunting at Bobby down on the floor. The crowd does not appear to be a fan of either of these men as the boos rain down from the rafters of the Legacy Arena. As Kenneth continues to taunt him Bobby lifts the apron up and begins to dig under the ring for a weapon. Bobby pulls out multiple steel chairs, a garbage can and lid, and a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire. Once Boobie sees the arsenal that the Prodigy is amassing outside the ring he begins the climb through the ropes in an attempt to stop his opponent.]

Prescott: Looks like Boobie got tired of waiting and it bringing the fight to the outside.

Blaylock: Anything goes in a hardcore match Pressy.

Prescott: Don't call me that.

[Williams is halfway through the ropes when Barratt delivers a chair shot right to his skull. He seems almost unaffected and Barratt delivers another crushing chair shot. Kenneth is dazed and now teetering over the middle rope. Bobby hits his opponent with another stiff shot that sends him over the edge. Kenneth falls through the ropes and down onto the garbage can in the floor. The aluminum can is crushed under the weight of Kenneth who still appears to be out. Barratt goes for the cover.]




Prescott: Williams somehow finds a way to kick out of a pin after 3 brutal chair shots to the head!

[Barratt is very frustrated now as he jumps up and steps to another side of the ring and lifts up the apron again. He reaches under and has now begun pulling fluorescent light tubes from under the ring and putting them onto the mat. He pulls out all he can find which totals to 8 light tubes now in the ring. Just as Barratt climbs up onto the apron Williams comes running at him with the barbed wire wrapped baseball bat. He swings at Barratt and misses.]

Blaylock: Boobie is still seeing stars from those chairs to the head he completely missed Barratt there.

[Barratt lets out a noticeable cocky laugh after Williams misses his attack. Bobby waits for the right time and delivers a quick leg drop to the baseball bat, sending the barbed wire directly into the face. Williams goes drops to a knee and a wound has opened up across his forehead. As Boobie collects himself the Prodigy is on the apron reaching through the ropes to grab a light tube or two. Williams stands up just in time to be stricken over the head with a light tube from Barratt. Glass and white powder fly through the air as the light bulb explodes over the massive head of Williams.]

Prescott: Oh my god! Did you see that explosion!? I can't say I have ever seen such an item being used as a weapon in a wrestling match!

Blaylock: And the blood begins to pour! I love it!

[Kenneth is barely phased from the shot and Barratt readies the other tube. The crowd boos as he raises the light bulb up high above his head. He smiles a wicked smile and smashes the bulb over the bloody head of his opponent. Williams goes down this time. Barratt quickly makes his way into the ring and gathers the remaining 6 bulbs. He positions 3 light bulbs into one corner and 3 in the opposite corner. The crowd is not happy as they continue to boo.]

Prescott: We can barely hear! The boos of the fans continue to drone about here in Birmingham.

[Kenneth is now stirring outside the ring once again and has propped himself up on the apron. Bobby scrambles out of the ring and out on the floor to push his large opponent into the ring. As Kenneth rolls under the bottom rope Bobby jumps over the top and is awaiting Kenneth to make it to his feet. Just as Kenneth makes it to his feet Bobby whips him into the corner with the light bulbs. All three bulbs explode from the impact of Williams slamming back first into them, driving glass into his tender flesh.]

[Williams recoils in pain from the bulbs breaking on his back and Barratt is there waiting to whip him into the opposite corner. Just as before the bulbs explode in theatrical fashion and Kenneth screams out in agony. Just as before Barratt is waiting on the recoil and sets up for a finisher. It goes off without a hitch and Barrat climbs the turnbuckles and hits a "Prodigal Arrival" on Williams in the glass. He quickly goes for the cover on his bloodied opponent.]




[The match concludes and where Barratt's music should play Jack Diamond's plays instead. The crowd goes wild with the hopes of seeing their champion. The ref hands Barratt his Shooting Star Title just as Diamond steps out to the top of the stage with his title held high. Barratt quickly turns his attention to his rival and responds in the same manner. Both men lock eyes and stare each other down not saying a word.]

[From backstage a faint honking can be heard. The honking continues to grow louder and more rapid as both champions are still staring each other down. That's when a taco truck being driven by El Cazador crashes through the stage. Diamond dodges out of the way just in time as the truck speeds down the stage and crashes into the side of the ring. Barratt is toppled over from the impact of the truck hitting the ring.]

[El Cazador throws open the driver's side door and jumps out of the truck he makes a beeline for the ring. Diamond collects himself and watches on quizzically from his post atop the stage. Cazador makes his way into the ring and both men begin to instantly start throwing hands.]

Blaylock: What is that Diablo wanna be doing laying hands on MY GUY!? Our brave champion should come help out. This man isn't even on the roster anymore!

[As the commotion in the ring continues the "Fireborn Connection" come running out right by Diamond and to the back of the taco truck. They open the door in an attempt to get to Shawn but he is nowhere to be found. Both men move on to the ring and get to either side where Cazador has now gotten the upper hand on Barratt with an STO. Cazador looks on intensely as both men climb up either apron.]

Blaylock: Have these bozos finally had a change of heart? Are they here to save Barratt?

Prescott: I'd say quite the opposite, Sebastian has stepped out of the ring and has let The connection have their way with the Shooting Star Champion.

Blaylock: Here comes Rieter! This is getting out of hand!

Prescott: I may have to take off my tie and get in there myself!

[Lucas Rieter makes his way down to the ring and is trying to establish some sort of order just when Mad Dog Smith comes jumping over the barricade and into the ring. Smith goes straight for Duke Kosloff delivering strike after strike to the Soviet. Then out of nowhere Diamond hits Mad Dog with a "Stacked Deck" from the top rope!!!! Diamond makes it to his feet and looks prepared to fight Duke and Chaos when GB Armstrong, also known as "The Killer Penguin" hits him with a clothesline from behind!!! These two had a hell of a match earlier tonight!]

Blaylock: Another one? That's it I'm getting in there!

[Chaos and Duke quickly turn their attention to Armstrong after he attacks Diamond and corners him. Both men, who are newly crowned tag team champions begin to double team the New Zealander stomping him in the corner. Blaylock has climbed into the ring and begun helping Barratt back up to his feet from his earlier assault. Cazador slides under the rope and begins swinging on Barratt again. Both Blaylock and Diamond step between them and an attempt to separate the two men. Mad Dog and Kenneth have both made it to their feet and began fighting each other amidst all the commotion. Brett Stetson comes running down the stage and slides under the ropes and into the action.]

[Stetson has made his way into the ring and has begun attacking Chaos Kid, going for a "Idol Bomb", but this causes Duke to direct his attention to the former Ironman Champion, as Duke and Stetson start to swing it out! With no one left to stomp him in the corner, "The Killer Penguin" is able to roll out of the ring and make it to the side Diamond is on. Diamond and Blaylock still have a heavy hold on Steele and Barratt as they keep them separated in the corner.]

[From outside the ring Armstrong (Penguin) takes out the legs of Blaylock and pulls him onto the floor, this causes Barratt to get free and run directly to Steele and the two men begin to swing at each other again with Diamond in the middle. Armstrong hops right into the action and tackles Diamond to the mat. With no one to separate them Cazador and Barratt fight freely until Barratt connects with a heavy Iconbreaker! Sebastian rolls out of the ring and into the floor after the impact.]

[Barratt attempts to help Armstrong double team Diamond when he is tackled by Maverick who quickly begins to wail on the downed Barratt. Right behind Maverick was Billy Shaw who goes after Armstrong and follows suit with a hail of blows. On the other side of the ring Stetson has downed Chaos Kid and is now brawling with Kosloff.]

Prescott: This is Madness!!!! Somebody needs to stop this!!!! I'm getting in there!!! Fuck it!!

[Prescott throws off his headset and catches up with Blaylock, both announcers jump into the ring and start trying to separate wrestlers with little to no avail. Just then Keegan O'Donnell and his staff of security storm the ring. It's complete and utter madness and the crowd has done nothing but cheer the entire time, but the cheering rushes and comes to a fever pitch with excitement!! The ring is littered with bodies as wrestler start fighting with security guards in an attempt to get at their rivals.]

[In all of the chaos and confusion Sebastian somehow managed to slip away and all but disappear from the arena. With almost the entirety of ICW staff fighting in the ring, the jumbotron is hijacked once more. This time a dark room is depicted with a single overhead light shining down onto a chair. In that chair, we see an unconscious Shawn Rossdale still tied and gagged. A few second pass and El Cazador steps into the frame. We hear him laugh a demonic laugh before he speaks in his chilling voice.]

El Cazador: I own ICW now! The soul of Rossdale belongs to me! I am the angel and I am the Devil of ICW. I am the one who breeds destruction, I leave nothing but ruin in my wake. This Sunday at Midsummer Night's Massacre I will ruin anyone brave or stupid enough to step in the ring with me. Consider this an open challenge. At the start of the show, I will be standing in that ring waiting for anyone who dares face me.

[The Jumbotron cuts to black as the brawl in the ring shows no sign of stopping and crowd continues to cheer. If both announcers were at their desk this is where they would be signing off but ICW had other plans and the broadcast goes off the air with the brawl still going. The last thing you see is a crowded ring with some bodies beaten and devastated, some still fighting. Complete chaos.]