July 24th @ 10 PM CST
Lafayette, LA
Capcity: 12,068

(Take the time to watch this video. Important for mood and setting!)
[In Memory of Chester Bennington and his music that touched me growing up and everyone else. God bless him, his family and his fans for any sadness.]

[The TNT broadcast starts and the video fires up. With the TNT logo in the bottom right corner, the logo being proud as strong as ever... another Monday Night Spectacle starts. The video above starts, it is tinted in a light orange shade. (imagine please) The emotion from the video swells and swoops into your soul. The sacrifice of ICW wrestlers and the toll it takes on all of us is real. "The sacrifice is never knowing... now I see your testing me.. pushes me away". The song trickles on, a solemn piano version of the hard rocking "Pushing Me Away" by Linkin Park. The recent events of ICW has a lot of the roster wondering where they stand, what is next and with the centerpiece of the ICW Universe starts to rev up around a possible future war. We have Bobby Barratt and Shawn Rossdale together and we've not got a new alliance... Duke Kosloff, Chaos Kid, and Lucas Rieter. The pawns have been set, what will Rossdale do? Can Chaos be crowned new champion or will Stetson yet again survive? When will the tag belts finally get defended? Barratt reluctantly puts his title on the line... Rieter forcing him. The idea is to be true to yourself in all things that you do. Do it right and do it well. Sometimes your best is someone else's dream and sometimes their dream is your reality. You just have to grab it. ICW is the land of chance, the land of fairness, and Lucas Rieter hopes to instill that back in what seemingly seems a corrupted ICW.

After the video plays in the orange tint... with a few flashes of our ICW Champions holding their gold in between... the video fades away to a somber crowd that is excited, but chilled to the bone to the tribute/intro to this week's Spectacle.]

Prescott: What a introduction! Our ICW stars never really know the sacrifice of their actions and words until the end.

Blaylock: Yeah really, espeically that punk Rieter. And his clown posse Duke and Chaos. Are those guys for real?

Prescott: I don't know what you mean about that, but ICW has been equalized. The only thing Rossdale could do if fire Rieter, but I think they go way too far back for that.

Blaylock: Maybe so, but we've got big fish to fry. I'm not big on Stetson, but I can't wait to see him win over this loose canon clown that isn't even wild. He's a joke.

Prescott: We've got a nice 3 match show tonight for you all. But first, we've got something cooking, in the back!

[We flip backstage. The crowd is anxious for their weekly fix of action. The lights in the arena are great as usual and with the success of ICW, the production quality has never dipped. To date, ICW has turned a NET PROFIT of 2.2 million dollars. Shawn has to give off 15% of that to Rieter, but they are getting rich and successful already. What is 15% of 2.2m? 300kish? I think. Anyways, the scene is a desperate one. It is the "Fireborn Connection" in the back. The relationship between Shawn and Lucas has mellowed, but it is definitely fractured. It remains business and respectful.]

Rieter: So listen. This is what is going down... we're not backing off. They started this, we'll finish. We never start trouble guys, but we're not bending the knee eh boys?

Kosloff: Definitely not.

Chaos: What do I do?

[Rieter gives them each a paper that has different, yet specific instructions on it. Chaos and Duke smile. Duke starts to laugh even. Rieter keeps talking.]

Rieter: Where is Alexis?

Kosloff: She's at the hotel. She's not realy being used much at all.

Chaos: Yeah where is Alexis? Are you guys like a thing?

Kosloff: Yes moron. So you want me to really do this Lucas?

Rieter: Yes! Both of you do this. You've both been put in great spots this week, Duke I know yours was earned weeks ago, but do this for me. They deserve it.

Kosloff: You got it boss. One thing though...

Rieter: Yeah?

Kosloff: Who gets burned first?....

[The scene ends and we cut to ringside...]

Prescott: What was that about?

Blaylock: Something stupid and sneaky...

Prescott: You mean like Rossdale and Barratt?

Blaylock: What do you know? Whatever the "Fireborn Connection" is up to, it seems that the little stunt performed by Barratt won't go unpaid back.

Prescott: We have our 1st match upcoming. It is for the Ironman Championship. A 30 minute Ironman match. Stetson. Chaos Kid. What is this?

[The lights dim to prepare for Chaos Kid's entrance, as Champion always comes out last. We get something different. A previously recorded segment is airing on the giant-tron]

[Our scene starts off with a snowy television screen. Slowly it fades into a room with a podium set up at the front of it. Behind the podium is a logo for the FBI. Their motto reads "Fidelty, Bravery, Integrity". A small fuss is made as a woman makes her way up to the podium. Flashes go off from all around the room as the woman adjusts the microphone. She has a smile on her face as she shifts through a pile of papers, then clears her throat and begins to address the media.]

FBI Representative: Ladies and Gentlemen of the press, thank you for joining me. Today makes a triumphant day for the Federal Bureau of Investigations. We have finally caught him. Kenneth "Boobie" Williams, leader of the "Boobie Boy Gang", was captured today. Police say that the Carol City gang trafficked 89 million dollars worth of cocaine throughout 25 cities and 12 states. Williams was linked to 100 shootings and 35 murders. The gang is blamed, by Miami police, for a drug war that killed to establish turf and retaliate against rivals as it dealt drugs in the 80's through the 90's. The gang's favorite method of attacks were drive-by shootings which wounded several people. This is a huge accomplishment for the FBI, as we now move one step closer to making America safe, and keeping dangerous men like Mr. Williams off the street...for good!

[Questions are shouted out from every direction as the woman gathers up her papers and makes a swift exit. The scene switches back to a snowy TV screen for a moment, then fades back in. Now we see a long hallway leading up to a set of doors. At the beginning of this hallway, there's a sign above that reads "The Federal Correctional Institution of Miami." A large figure is seen exiting the doors and the figure slowly makes it's way towards the camera. The man has a huge smile on his face as he looks into the camera.]

Kenneth Williams: Boobie is back in the real world, baby! Get ready, Miami...a hurricane is about to sweep through!

[After this brief outburst, the man then walks past the camera. We do not know how long he served, but the 1st footage was from a long time ago, and this recent separate video was more recent. He walks up to a brand new Escalade where two other men hop out to greet Williams. They both take their turns shaking his hand and then giving him a hug as they welcome back their leader onto the streets of Dade County. Williams gets in the passenger seat as all three men pile in and head off into the distance.]

Prescott: Isn't that the lastest ICW signing? I had heard of rumors that we might sign this guy.

Blaylock: What a thug! I can't believe it if we actually sign this dude! I've heard of this guy, but I hadn't heard of a possible signing. We'll see what happens I guess. I hope to God he stays away from ICW!

Prescott: Anyhow, we are ready for our 1st match! Here comes Chaos Kid!

Blaylock: I always loved that intro. He just walks straight in. No BS. Just business. Look at him. Too bad he's going to lose.

Prescott: I think Chaos might be able to pull this off actually. Who knows. I wonder if Barratt will show his mug?

[Chaos Kid grabs a mic, and does a neck slash for his "Break Stuff" music to be cut. He starts talking somewhat ramble-like as he is definitely winging this.]

Chaos Kid: Hey guys. Thanks for the applause. I.. I wanted to. Well I wanted to just say some stuff. Duke, Lucas. You guys are great, thanks for letting me be your friend, or partner. Whatever. Also, I was informed, and I'm quite excited for this. That. Well. I, I mean me and Duke will be getting our shot finally at the tag titles next week. I was told that if Stetson wins against me, which he won't... that he'll have to defend that title via a pin on him for it. Which is good to know. So even if Barratt tries to fuck me... which he will. We all know.. and that. Well. Even if I lose tonight. I'll still have a crack at pinning Stetson for tag and Ironman gold next week. I'd rather just get it done tonight though. Wouldn't you guys like that?

Crowd: Boooo!!! (crowd loves Stetson)

Chaos: Well whatever. The intro tribute to Chester Bennington was a nice touch Shawn, Lucas. ICW staff. I've been to a point where I've wanted to do myself in. Please remember that life is good, it is resilient. You just have to be too!

[Suddently Wes Hartley comes out from the crowd!!! He rushes in while Chaos was going to talk more, and Chaos sees him from the side barely. Wes goes for a clothesline, while his other arm is in a sling. He misses, Chaos ducks the clothesline, kicks him in the nuts, and locks in "Chaos Time" (dragon sleeper)... Hartley stuggles like a retarded salmon going upstream... and he screams out that he "quits". He starts to beg to get Chaos off him. Chaos rips it in more. Security come down and try to break it up. They eventually get Chaos off Hartley. Chaos jumps back onto Wes, with the mic. He screams demanding that Wes quit.]

Chaos: Say it! Say it!

Wes: Ahhh... ahh.. I quit man. Get off.. (sighs) Please.

Chaos: There you have it people. This fool is done.

[Chaos goes outside, grabs a chair and as security are helping him to the back with a couple medical guys talking to Wes, Chaos chair shots Wes from behind, bringing him to his knees. Chaos, rolls back in the ring and sits on the middle rope.]

Prescott: What in the hell was that?

Blaylock: Hartley got crushed.

Prescott: Word is in. Just heard. Hartley was fire last week behind the scenes... he is been banned for life from any ICW arena. What a punk.

Blaylock: He looked desperate. Anyways... here comes Stetson.

[Stetson makes his way as "Famous" by Puddle of Mudd rips. He points to his Ironman Championship. Winks at Chaos from mid ramp, and a crazed female fan runs in and hugs him. Brett surprised, half hugs back, and security tear here to the back where she will either be warned, or possible ejected. Stetson takes another pose with the belt. Stetson motions for a mic.]

Stetson: Chaos. Relax. I had no issue with you last week. Barratt was going for me. There was no purpose or inside plan to get you hit with Barratt's bat. I promise. I want to be clean, fair and honorable. I promise man. I don't have to CHEAT to win. So if you want to go punk, lets go!

Crowd: Stetson! Stetson!

Prescott: This is a 30 minute Ironman Match for the Ironman Championship! Most falls in 30 minutes wins!

Blaylock: It is hard to say who is winning this, but I can't stand Rieter now. So screw Chaos! Referee rang the bell!

Prescott: Chaos runs in, the Ironman title being taken away by Scarlett.

Blaylock: BOOM! Stetson with a intimidating shoulder block!

Prescott: Chaos turns right back up, grapples with Stetson, he's driven back into the corner. Brett hits Chaos a couple times then backs away. The clock reads 29:15 and counting down. Most falls win!

Blaylock: Chaos gets the break from the referee. Look at him go! Middle rope fly! Elbow to Stetson's jaw!

Prescott: Stetson falls down, he's getting back up, Chaos starts to stomp on him some.

Blaylock: Stetson powers through some shots, fireman's carry.

Prescott: He probably wanted to stand up with him and do the "Director's Cut" but couldn't.

Blaylock: Yeah it was a tough spot for sure. Stetson has in a side headlock. Chaos on his stomach.

Prescott: Referee asking if he wants to give in.

Blaylock: Are headlocks even a submittable thing?

Prescott: Sure they are. Any move is submittable. If he can't take the grinding pressure on his skull, he can give in for the submit to get relief. Never heard of it though.

Blaylock: Chaos to his knees, still in the headlock. He's stood up now. He runs Stetson into the ropes, Stetson grabs them, and Chaos' dropkick hits air! What a loser.

Prescott: Stetson hits a lariat!

Blaylock: Stetson looking pretty good so far. Chaos waits for Stetson, trips him up... CDM!!!!

Prescott: CDM is locked in! WOW! out of no where! Stetson is in trouble.

Blaylock: Damn kid got too cocky. Punk. Stetson has no where to go here!

[The lariat wasn't enough to really damage Chaos, he played possum and got Stetson when he least expected it. Side kicked the back of his leg as he was walking to him and slapped on a "CDM" (STF)! Stetson is grinding in pain, it is locked in. No where to go. Stetson is waiting a long time in this. He's reaching. Chaos is desperately cranking it on. Even wiggling his shoulders back and forth to make it miserable. Stetson taps!!!!!]

Prescott: Stetson taps!

Scarlett: At 24:34 left, Chaos Kid scores a submission on Brett Stetson. Chaos Kid 1, Brett Stetson 0.

Blaylock: What a start. That was somewhat surprising. If this was a singles match, Chaos would be champion!!!

Prescott: That is right. Crazy.

[Stetson waited a good amount before giving in. It was locked in clean and hard and there was no escape or ropes close. The referee breaks them, Stetson gets to his feet and Chaos comes charging in. Bad move. Stetson grabs him up with sheer power and hits a spinning spinebuster! Stetson hits a couple shots. He picks up Chaos. He lands a Michunoku Driver II!!! Cover!]




[Stetson almost ties it. Chaos breaks out of the cover. Stetson picks up the now visibly wobbly Chaos, whips him into the corner. Stetson looks for a front powerslam, but Chaos jumps over him in a underrated display of athletism. Stetson turns around and ducks a clothesline. Pick Chaos up.... hits a argentine back breaker! Nicely done. Chaos is hurting badly. He gets picked up again by Stetson. "Director's Cut"!!!! Cover.]




Scarlett: At 21:27 left. Stetson scores a pinfall. Stetson 1, Chaos 1.

Prescott: We're all tied up now!

Blaylock: Yes we are! Been a entertaining match so far. Referee is separating them again. Here we go!

[Stetson jumps right back on Chaos after a quick clothesline, covers! But Chaos is able to kickout at 2! The crowd is enjoying the battle. Chaos rolls out of the ring to collect himself. Brett doesn't like the poor sportsmanship, he rages at Chaos to get back in. The crowd boos too. Chaos rolls back in, and Stetson finds himself in a bad spot as Chaos drops to his knees and rolls Brett up with a rollup... he puts his feet on the ropes for leverage!!!]




Prescott: That is ridiculous! Stetson was cheated!

Scarlett: At 17:31 left. Chaos scores a pinfall. Chaos 2, Stetson 1.

Blaylock: Damn. He cheesed his way to that one. Referee didn't see it.

[Stetson sees the reply and flips out! He gets in the referee's face some, and the referee tells him to chill out. Chaos laughs in his corner. The replay shows again. Stetson pleads for a reversal but the ref doesn't budge. He didn't see it as it happened. Bad luck. Stetson points to Chaos and starts making threats. Chaos tells him to come on with it. They collide in the middle the ring. Stetson really pouring it on, using his strength.. puts a waist lock on Chaos pushes him into the ropes, Stetson rolls out. Chaos charges, Stetson lifts him up, but it is a little too the side, Chaos lands on the referee some, knocking him into the corner. Stetson hits a kick to the stomach. "Idol Bomb"!!! Cover!]






and so on...

[The crowd gets to 6 and Stetson disgusted gets the referee up some and shakes him to life. He points, Stetson covers again!]




Prescott: No! Shoulder up!

Blaylock: Man, you gotta feel bad for Stetson. And here comes my guy...

[Barratt seemingly has a problem with Chaos Kid for some reason, or perhaps it is the doing of Rossdale? Whatever reason, he runs in, hits a home run with Chaos Kid's head, which DQs Stetson!!! As it looks as if Barratt is there to help Stetson.]

Scarlett: At 12:33 left. Chaos scores a disqualification. Chaos 3, Stetson 1!

Prescott: This is so messed up. Come on!

Blaylock: Looks like Barratt has a problem with Stetson, not Chaos. That was done to screw Stetson.

[Stetson with his hands on his hips just looks pissed. He complains to the referee that Barratt was just there to jack around with him, but realizes that Chaos is at least down badly. Stetson hits a leg drop on Chaos. Shakes his head... and goes for the pin.]




Prescott: No! No! Chaos gets a shoulder up! WOW!

Blaylock: Unreal. This kid has fight in him. Pun intended you clowns.

[Chaos rolls over totally out of it. The clock now reads 10:12 left and ticking. Stetson is starting to feel the pressure. Brett gets him up, and throws him out of the ring. Stetson springboards over the ropes and hits a flying splash on him, which is very uncharacteristic of him. Stetson rolls back in. Pacing back and forth as the referee makes his count.]










[Chaos just makes it back in. Stetson pounces. Stetson starts to kick Chaos over and over. He lifts him up for a Military Press slam! Stetson throws some more shots. Chaos swings wildly. Misses. Stetson making a strong push. Stetson... "Director's Cut"!!!!!! BOOM!]

Prescott: That has to be it.

Blaylock: No doubt about it.




Scarlett: With under 10 minutes to go, at 7:16 left. Stetson scores a pinfall. Chaos 3, Stetson 2!

[The match is winding down. Chaos back to his feet, but he can't really stand. Stetson comes running in. Clothesline! Stetson takes him down easily. Clock ticking on. Chaos turns to his side, sees the clock and smiles some. Almost in a slight laughter. He is in incredible pain and Stetson looks like a machine. Chaos gets picked up by Stetson. Whipped into the opposite corner, Stetson comes running, Chaos ducks and Stetson smashed into the turnbuckle! Stetson turns around and goes for a single leg dropkick! It hits! Chaos drops to his knees. Stetson walks over... CDM!!!!! CDM!!! Chaos locks it in, but Stetson is able to break free after about 20 seconds or so, never in any real danger. The endurance of Stetson is really showing. He is starting to wilt some. Chaos to his feet as Stetson lingers by the ropes. Chaos runs in goes for a snap suplex after grabbing Stetson, Stetson blocks it. And hits his own vertical suplex, and Chaos lands on the ropes!! He rolls off, but falls inside. Stetson picks him up... the clock reads 3:45 left! Stetson goes for a "Director's Cut!!! NO! Chaos wiggles off this time! Neckbreaker! Stetson is down. Chaos rolls over... slowly. Cover!]




Prescott: NO NO! Stetson with a shoulder up!

Blaylock: This is getting down to the nitty bit. Can Stetson score a fall against Chaos? 2:11 remains!

[Stetson looks up and sees the massive clock on the giant tron. He goes for broke. Chaos dodges a single leg dropkick, Stetson falls, Chaos leaps to the middle rope, but misses his axe handle smash! Stetson jumps with crazy momentum from his own legs and hits a perfect hurricanrana! He then starts to smash in the face of Chaos. Cover!]




Prescott: No! Chaos denies Stetson the tie!

Blaylock: We're down to 1 minutes left! This is getting nuts!

[Stetson shakes his head. Will he be able to tie it up for a sudden death period? Or will it just end in a draw? He argues with the referee some in disbelief that this broken man has kicked out yet again. Brett Stetson hears the chants of "Idol"!!! Over and over. 25 seconds left. He wasted some time arguing. Stetson picks up Chaos who is limp now. "Director's Cut"!!! Clean and heavy! Cover! Stetson rolls over!!! Hooks the leg!]



BUZZZZZZ 3!!!!!!!!!!!!

Prescott: Stetson did it! 3 to 3!

Blaylock: I don't think so. We might have a new Ironman Champion.

Prescott: No. Stetson got the 3 count in before the buzzer went off.

[Stetson is confused, thinks he tied it. Chaos Kid is down and broken. Stetson argues with the referee, Scarlett comes into the ring and discusses. They show the replay, the clock clearly shows 0 and the buzzer going off, as the 3 count is half way down. Maybe 1 foot off the mat. The clock ran out on Stetson before he could tie it up.]

Scarlett: After talking with the referee to get this right. The time has expired. The score ... is Chaos 3, Stetson 2! Your NEW Ironman Champion!!!! CHHHHHAAAAAAAAAOOOOSSS KIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIID!!!!!

Prescott: WOW! New Ironman Champion! I can't believe it!

Blaylock: This is bullshit. I hate them both but that prick Rieter is loving this.

[Stetson might lose his cool. He walks over to Kid who is now sitting up in the corner. He has been presented the Ironman Championship by the referee. He is in tears. Chaos Kid has done it! Stetson walks over and offers to help him up. Stetson helps him up and Chaos hobbles middle ring as the crowd's boos turn to cheers when Stetson raises Kid's arm! With one arm raised by Stetson as approval, and the other holding the Ironman Championship... he cries some more. Pure Zen! Stetson's smiles turn sour... he pulls Chaos in close and delivers a clothesline from hell!!! Chaos drops! Stetson stands over him and screams. He then walks out as the crowd boos and cheers are mixed up.]

Prescott: That was crazy! What was that about?

Blaylock: Are you stupid? Stetson got robbed. Feet on the ropes... then a Barratt DQ call to further screw Stetson. I wonder what my guy was doing? Hmm Either way Stetson didn't do enough to win, but he dominated most of the match.

Prescott: I was shocked to see Stetson go sour like that. He's always been a stand up guy. We'll be back after a word from our sponors.

[We come back from commercial break. Chaos was helped off with his newly won Ironman Championship. He's hurt bad, but seems to be okay. He's in his lockeroom enjoying the fruits of his labor. Was he lucky? We don't know, but he had lots of help thanks to Mr. Middle Rop and Mr. Barratt. We cut to a very important scene from Shawn Rossdale's office. In it, behind locked doors is Barratt, Rossdale and Stetson.]

Rossdale: Listen. It had to happen. We needed the belt off you. We have bigger things planned for you.

Stetson: So you guys did F me?

Barratt: Oh chill out mate. Are you going to join us? You've already turned to the dark side with hammering Chaos.

Stetson: No. Eat me. Both you are sick. I did that because that little rat was lucky. He's a joke. This whole thing is a joke. I want a rematch! I want it next week!

Rossdale: Mate. Pal. Calm yourself. I own you. You'll do as I say.

Stetson: Own me? Barratt owns you. You're just cuck bitch. I was screwed. Chaos Kid cheated. This puppet cheated me too when he hit Chaos. If I had a few more seconds and no one cheated me... and stayed the hell out. It would of been 3-1 ME! ME!

Barratt: (looking at his title belt) You lost bro. Go eat some more protein bars fool.

[Stetson lunges at Bobby. Hits him in the mouth, takes his title and tosses it back at him. Rossdale gets in between them both and starts screaming.]

Rossdale: Cool it! NOW! Brett. Okay, you don't have to join us. You need to calm down. Just thought maybe you wanted a piece of the sweet pie that is money, and power?

Stetson: I won't turn. I will not. I fight the good fight. And Bobby, remember how easy that title came off you just now.

Barratt: I'll remember how easy it come back too prick!

[Stetson slams the door shut. Rossdale like a lamb, scurries over and locks it with the deadbolt he had installed this morning, as it only had a door handle lock. They sit down, cool off and chat.]

Rossdale: Well that plan is out. Damnitt.

Barratt: Shawn, just let me decide what's up around here? I've already cucked you bro. Let me...

[Shawn gets up, and stands over Barratt, takes his title from him.]

Rossdale: You see this belt? You like it? You like your checks!? Then shut the hell up and show me some respect.

Barratt: Missing Jenny bro? Calm down.

Rossdale: I'm over Jenny. I am. You two really fucked me up on that. You did. Remember why I aligned myself with you? Do you remember?

Barratt: Because I'm the "Prodigal Icon"? And I'm a winner?

Rossdale: No. Not really. Mate. You remind me of myself. You really do. You just need to mellow out a bit. I'm here with you. Our past is checkered.. and intense. I was just fighting you because I hated myself and the way I used to be. I used to be like you. It is just incredible. You've never seen me on tape? From NWW? New Wave Wrestling? About 9-11 years ago I was bright, and up and coming. Finally made it.

Barratt: No mate. I've never even seen you kitted up.

Rossdale: Here take this. It's a DVD of my debut match in NWW. It was about like ECW when it was rolling, in popularity of course. It was never that violent. We actually outsold ECW for a couple years in the late 90s. Anyways. It has my debut match, and my New Wave Rising title capture. Just 2 matches. Check them out. It also has some promos I did.

Barratt: Um yeah. I'll get to it.. (rolls eyes)

Rossdale: Listen. Jack Diamond is a wanker. When we were going at it, we had several conversations. He never was on my side. He was always neutral. He was so ungrateful. I wanted him to be my guy. He wouldn't bend.

Barratt: Well I'm not bending over...

Rossdale: Listen. Shut up and listen. He blew his chance. He'll pay. He's costing me a lot of money. We're doing great finanically now, but his salary is kicked up so high being World Champ. We need the title off him.

Barratt: What are we talking about here? Another Montre...

[The cameras cut away... and goes to static. Then clears as our next match is almost underway.]

LaDawn: The following match is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first from West Hollywood, CA, weighing in at 170 lbs... MAD DOG SMITH!

[Mad Dog runs to the ring in neon green tights! He rolls right in poses like a drama queen winks like Jani Layne from Warrant... and blows a kiss.]

LaDawn: Mad Dog has quickly made a name for himself in ICW both with the talent and the fans!

Blaylock: Indeed he has, so much so that if he wins here tonight he will be rewarded with a chance at the World Heavyweight Championship opportunity after Mid Summer Night's Massacre!

Scarlett: Introducing next! from Cherokee, NC... weighing in at 190 lbs... he is your ICW World Heavyweight Champion! JACK DIAMOND!

[Mad Dog has cleared the ring for his opponent and is out on the arena floor talking to a few female fans on the front row while signing autographs for them. The lights go out and "The Ace of Spades" begins to play. The darkness is quickly replaced by the red glow from the light filters above. Smoke fills the entrance ramp as Diamond emerges backward at the top of the ramp wearing a black, white and red robe (a'la Flair) with the words "The Ace of Spades" written across the back. He turns around, wearing Red "diamond shaped" glasses, smiling as smug as he can and playing to the crowds reaction. He slips out of his rope before beginning to arrogantly walk to the ring. Once to the ring he climbs the stairs and enters through the middle ropes and begins playing to the crowd. He throws up the Diamond sign (reminiscent of DDP) and as he throws his hands down Pyro goes off around him in the shape of a diamond.]

[Mad Dog watches every move Diamond makes as he continues to sign fan's breasts. The ref signals for Mad Dog to get back into the ring for the match. He gives a quick kiss to the cheek of a rather tall female before he slide into the ring under the bottom rope. He begins to circle the ring still staring at Jack who stands in the middle, title on his shoulder. Smith finally steps to the front of Diamond and looks him in the eye. The crowd erupts as these two men lock eyes. Diamond...Diamond...Diamond! chants echo through the Cajundome.]

[Diamond lifts his title up high above them as they continue to stare each other down with the crowd wholly behind their champion. Mad Dog reaches up and gives the front plate of the belt a playful smack with a sly smile.]

Smith: I'm comin' for that belt Diamond baby. It'll look good with a different colored strap and my name on it.

[Diamond doesn't reply to Mad Dog's remarks. He simply steps back and hands his belt to the referee who is ready to start the match.]

Smith: The old cold shoulder treatment, huh honey?

[The bell rings and both men ready themselves. Diamond raises his right hand, signalling for a test of strength. Mad Dog playfully slaps Jack's hand away with his left before locking fingers with him. Jack still has a stern look on his face as he raises his left hand up.]

Blaylock: Diamond is all business here tonight! He isn't having any of Mad Dog's antics here.

Prescott: Is it too much to ask for your opponent to have a serious match?

[After some delay and taunting Smith raises his right hand to meet Jack's left but before they lock fingers he delivers a quick kick to the mid section of Diamond. Diamond doubles over from the unexpected kick and Mad Dog responds with a knee to the face. The quick combo causes Diamond to stagger back into the ropes. Mad Dog is right there waiting for him and delivers a smooth Irish whip that sends Jack across the ring and into the opposite ropes. Mad Dog follows and is awaiting Jack's rebound from the ropes.]

[Jack was able to gather himself and delivers a strong shoulder block that knocks Mad Dog onto his back in the center of the ring. He runs through the shoulder block and into the ropes he was once staggered on. Mad Dog has now rolled over onto his stomach. Jack allows his momentum to throw him from the ropes and towards the opposite ropes once more. He steps over the prone Mad Dog before leaning heavily into the ropes.]

Prescott: Diamond is building up some momentum here, he must be waiting for Mad Dog to make it to his feet again so he can deliver a strong clothesline.

[Just as Jack hits the ropes again Mad Dog springs to his feet and is awaiting Jack's rebound. Mad Dog steps in front of and hooks the arm of Jack just as he leaves the ropes to deliver a hip toss with a crash to the center of the ring. As soon as Jack hits the mat Mad Dog is there and sits Jack up to quickly apply a hammerlock.]

Prescott: Mad Dog showing a speedy side of himself tonight as he gets Jack in the hammerlock.

Blaylock. Mad Dog is hungry, he looks to continue blazing the trail that he is on. He wants that title shot.

[Jack manages to make it up to his feet from the sitting position he was in but Mad Dog still has the hammerlock applied to him. With his free arm, Jack attempts a few elbow strikes in the general direction of Mad Dog but he is unable to connect. Smith begins to wrench the hammerlock on Diamond as he struggles. Mad Dog begins to laugh and taunt at Diamond. That was the opening that Diamond needed as he steps through the hammerlock and reverses it on Mad Dog.]

Prescott: The tables have turned now as Mad Dog is the one in the hammerlock.

Blaylock: Such a simple move that can inflict a lot of pain when done correctly.

[Mad Dog struggles in the hammerlock but is able to quickly make his way to the ropes. Referee Jason Myers steps from the corner and gets in between them. Diamond quickly breaks the hold and steps back to the center of the ring. Mad Dog is rubbing his arm as he steps back to the center of the ring. Both men eye each other once more as the crowd (besides a select few females) has begun to boo Mad Dog. Jack's expression lightens up a bit as the crowd cheers him on. With a stern look of determination Smith goes for a quick lockup on Diamond. Diamond is almost caught off guard but happily locks up with his opponent.]

Blaylock: Mad Dog showing off some more of his speed here. Really wanting to get the best of Diamond.

Prescott: Not only that, but he's showing off a technical side that we don't normally see. It's quite beautiful if I must say so.

[Mad Dog is able to get Jack into a headlock and is wrenching it tightly in the center of the ring. The crowd begins to boo louder as Mad Dog gets the best of their champion once more. Diamond looks like he may wiggle his way out of the hold until Smith replies with a stern headlock takedown that knocks the wind out of Diamond. Mad Dog continues to wrench the hold onto Jack who is now stomping his feet onto the mat. Diamond is slowly able to regain his breath as he manages to hook a leg and reverse the headlock into a pin. Myers drops to check the shoulder and counts the pin.]



[Mad Dog is able to shift his momentum with the kickout and go right back to wrenching the headlock on Diamond. Diamond squirms in the hold and somehow manages to reverse into a pin once again! Myers drops to count the pin again.]




[Mad Dog was caught off guard and not expecting another pin from Jack. He narrowly escaped but in doing so he breaks the hold on the champion. Mad Dog is able to land on his feet after kicking out and slowly brings himself upright. Meanwhile, Diamond is laying on the mat gathering himself from the assault he has been withstanding all match. Mad Dog stands over Jack and attempts to pick him up off the mat. Diamond somehow is able to answer with a jawbreaker onto Mad Dog and the crowd cheers. Mad Dog staggers into the corner and begins to collect himself.]

Prescott: Diamond looks to gather some offense here! Is this the opening he's been looking for the whole time?

Blaylock: The crowd is behind him, this is his moment!

[Diamond is up to his feet and begins to back into the opposite corner of Smith. He holds a Diamond sign up above his head before he takes off for the Diamond Splash. Mad Dog was wise to the plan of Jack and slips out of the way at the last moment and Diamond delivers a splash to an empty turnbuckle. Diamond's head bounces off of the top turnbuckle and he staggers back dazed from the missed attack. Mad Dog is there waiting for the rebound and catches Diamond off guard with a grueling German Suplex by the ropes! As they hit the mat, Mad Dog bridges the suplex into a pin! Myers is there and delivers the count.]





Blaylock: Someone needs to tell Mad Dog that, he thinks he has won.

[Mad Dog is marching around the ring with his hands held high as the crowd boos him louder than ever. Jason Myers is trying to tell him that the match isn't over but he isn't listening. Diamond uses the ropes to pull himself back up to his feet and begins collecting himself as the ref chases Mad Dog out of the ring.]

Blaylock: Looks like Myers has finally got the message across and Mad Dog is not happy!

[Mad Dog's look of excitement quickly turns to one of rage as he turns back to face the ring. He shoots Diamond a dirty look as he begins to scream. Mad Dog is throwing a full blown temper tantrum as he knocks concessions out of spectators' hands and into the floor. He takes a large beer cup from a fan and throws it at Diamond in the ring splashing beer all over Jack and the ring. Smith makes his way to the announcers table and begins wreaking havoc.]

Prescott: Ladies and gentlemen we do apologies if we experience any technical difficulties Mad Dog is tampering with our table here. Oh my! He's got Blaylock!

Blaylock: Get your hands off me freak! What are you doing!

Prescott: Oh god! It looks like he wants to put Blaylock through our announce table.

[The camera is now focused on Mad Dog who had just thrown the ringbell into the crowd and looks to be setting up Blaylock for a suplex. Mad Dog goes for the lift on the struggling Blaylock, suddenly he stops. Smith lets go of Blaylock and apologizes before stepping away and back to the ring. Diamond appears to have regained his own composure as well as he hands a beer soaked towel back to the ref. Mad Dog slinks back into the ring and steps directly to Diamond reminiscent to the start of our match. In a surprising turn of events Mad Dog extends his hand.]

Prescott: To any of you lost at home, Mad Dog appeared to have pinned Jack with a bridged German Suplex but just at the count of 3 the ref noticed the arm of Jack Diamond under the rope and declared a rope break. Mad Dog got a little ahead of himself and believed that he had won the match.

Blaylock: That's when the freak decided to lay his hands on me! Some partner you are Prescott, you gotta help your announcing partner out!

Prescott: I'll remind you that only one of us is formally trained in professional wrestling.

[Back in the ring, Mad Dog is addressing Jack.]

Smith: I'm sorry Mr. Myers I just lost my cool there, it won't happen again. And to you Jackie honey I'll have a good clean match from here on out. So what do you say? How about we start over? And the Ace of Spades? He's the Ace of Diamond... that is more like it. The dude cheats like anyone's business! Call it clean Myers!

[Smelling of draft Miller Light Diamond looks to be very unhappy but begrudgingly shakes Mad Dog's hand. As soon as they finish shaking hands Mad Dog gets the upperhand once again and goes for the "Smallest Package in the Business" pin on Diamond. Ever light on his feet, Myers counts the pin once again!]




Blaylock: That package was small, but I've seen smaller!

Prescott: Wasn't small enough and Diamond makes his way out!

[Diamond is able to kick out from the pin in the knick of time and deftly leaps to his feet, Mad Dog follows suit but is swiftly met with a dropkick that knocks him onto his ass. Diamond steps back into the ropes and shoots himself forward to the sitting Mad Dog. With amazing pace Diamond hits a running enziguri to the sitting Smith. The sound from the kick fills the Cajundome as the crowd goes nuts. Mad Dog goes down and Diamond goes for the cover!]




Prescott: It's not enough, Diamond is going to have to work his opponent over a bit more if he wants to put him away.

[And work him over Diamond will as he has now picked up Mad Dog and positioned him into the nearest corner. Diamond delivers a devastating flurry of backhanded chops to the exposed chest of Smith. The crowd cheers louder and louder with each powerful chop that echoes through the arena. Mad Dog appears dazed against the turnbuckle, his chest is now bright red with Jack's handprints as Diamond backs into the opposite corner. Diamond sets up the "Diamond Splash" once again this time electing to leave the taunt off of the delivery. With a running start Jack Diamond leaps into the dazed Mad Dog Smith and delivers an impressive "Diamond Splash."]

[Mad Dog stumbles out of the corner and falls to a knee almost in the center of the ring facing the corner he was just in. Jack Diamond has now made his way up to the top rope and is addressing the crowd who is chanting his name louder than ever.]

Diamond: C'mon! C'mon!!!!

[Diamond holds his sign up high above his head once more awaiting the perfect time to strike Smith. Mad Dog appears to slowly shake himself out of his stunned state and slams a clenched fist into the mat. He uses his fist to lift himself up off of his knee and onto his feet. He spins around and delivers a strong punch that connects with nothing but air. Perhaps if her were facing the other direction he could see Diamond approaching him at break-neck pace as he flew through the air.]

Prescott: STACKED DECK! Diamond hits his finisher off the top rope! This should put things away here!

Blaylock: Here's the cover!!!!!




LaDawn: Here is your winner! Your ICW World Heavyweight Champion! JACK DIAMOND!!!!

[As Jack is celebrating Mad Dog begins to stir from off the mat. Jack is apprehensive at first but it is apparent that Mad Dog no longer wishes to fight. Mad Dog is doubled over holding his head when he extends his hand once more. Jack laughs softly under his breath before shaking his opponent's hand. He then lifts Mad Dog's hand into the air and both men exchange looks of respect as the crowd cheers on both competitors.]

Prescott: What a match. Mad Dog came up short but showed people how close he is to becoming a main eventer and challenging for a world title soon? Perhaps.

Blaylock: That idiot needs to get bent. F him. He comes over here again we'll see what's up. I'll roll next time he tries that.

Prescott: Right. We do have a situation backstage. What is this?

[The scene starts out innocent enough. We see Chaos and Duke outside of Rossdale's office. We can hear a little bit of yelling, as usual, but they both stand on either side of the door. The camera pans lower. Duke is holding a 2x4 and Chaos is holding a lead pipe. I guess "burned" was an metaphor Duke was using. Thank God. No one is actually going to be burned. Besides, that isn't Lucas' style. They wait a few more seconds. Bobby comes out first, Duke smacks him in the head with the 2x4. Bobby drops. Rossdale in a panic sees this and screams "No"... "no"!!! Lucas appears from the side.]

Lucas Rieter: On 2nd thought boys. Just hit Bobby. Shawn might have you guys fired or something. That doesn't mean that you will get off free on this. Don't ever come to my house. You or Barratt. Understand? Don't make this personal.

Rossdale: It wasn't me mate. It was Barratt here. I had no idea.

Rieter: Very well. Duke, job well done. Don't over do it. We're just sending a message. This gives you a leg up for your important match tonight. Chaos, both of you do the 2nd thing on your list tonight. All this is in the name of fairness. Now get to it.

Duke: Yes bossman.

Chaos: Yeah man, looky here... your Ironman Champion is ready to roll. After this we're good to relax right?

Rieter: Yeah just do the 2nd thing I put your your lists. Each of you. Then we're good. Congradulations on that belt. Stetson is a winner. Well done. Less cheating next time? Okay?

Chaos: Yeah... whatever.

[The scene fades. Barratt has been hit hard in the head with a large piece of wood that was lying around. The attack on Rossdale never happened as Rieter came to his senses, but they each have something else in store tonight. What is it? Why? Only Barratt monkey'd around with Rieter. We'll soon find out. Barratt gets up dazed with Rossdale screaming for medical staff.]

Prescott: Our MAIN EVENT is upcoming. I wonder what that holier than thou Rieter has up his sleeve?

Blaylock: I'm sure its something over the top. Who knows man?

Prescott: One thing is for sure. Shawn Rossdale's slimy tale won't be out here tonight for this match. If Bobby Barratt wins, it will be all on his own, and with a pre-match attack to boot.

Blaylock: This match should be cancelled. This is a joke.

[Duke's "Enter Sandman" starts up and the lights go red and yellow and pulsate to the beat. Duke walks out with Lucas, Levi. Chaos is no where to be seen. Duke makes his way down, Lucas is slapping Duke on the back and nodding with a great smile. They all get in the ring.]

["War Zone" blares through the P.A. system, as James makes his way down the ramp celebrating with his "Revivalists". Chaos Kid emerges with a chair, and lays to waste James Bryant with 1 swift and smooth shot. Bryant crumples to the floor as he music stops. Lucas applauds. He demands a mic. They all wait. No one comes out. Chaos joins them in the ring. James is trying to recover as a couple medical staff check in. James is alright, just shaken up badly. We wait for maybe 3 minutes. The crowd starts to chant "you suck" in general to Rieter or Barratt. No one knows for sure. Rieter starts to speak...]

Rieter: You twat. Come out here. Bryant is going to man up and join. Now get out here.

[We wait about 30 more seconds. Nothing happens. Bryant is now on the apron, halfway afraid to get in.]

Rieter: Come on James. That beatdown was for being a smartass on your channel. Don't. Do. That. Besides. I was going to ask you to join the Fireborn Connection, but you don't seem cut out for this. Barratt. If you're not down here in 10 seconds, I'm stripping you of your World title shot at Midsummer Night's Massacre!!! I would strip you of your belt actually, but I know Shawn would just override me. Get your ass out here now!!! I SAID NOW!

["Motherf**ker of the Year" fires up and Barratt comes out. Looking fully recovered, and very intense. No Shawn as per stipulation. Barratt holds his title up high to massive boos. He flips off the crowd in general and makes his way down to the ring. He doesn't get in, but stands on the outside steps.]

Scarlett: Ladies and gentlemen! This match is for the SHOOTING STAR CHAMPIONSHIP!!! Triple threat rules apply. Shawn Rossdale has been barred from ringside. If he is seen even around the ring, he will cost Barratt his World Title shot against Diamond at the upcoming PPV. That is all. Now gets get ready to... sorry. I had to do that.

Prescott: Here we go. Kosloff. Bryant. Barratt. For the Shooting Star Championship! LIVE!

Blaylock: This is how champions are made, and how champions prove themselves further. This is how. Come on Bobby baby!

[The bell rings. Levi, Lucas all get chairs and sit ringside, but have no intention on commentary. Chaos too. Chaos sporting his newly won Ironman Championship looks pleased, proud an happy. Even somewhat cocky. Not much though. Barratt brushes his nose off, and rubs the back of his neck. Duke smiles at him and laughs. Bryant looks kinda terrified honestly. Duke asks Bryant about teaming up to eliminate Barratt. Bryant doesn't know whether to go with it or not. He agrees. The referee explains that a clean match is to happen and he'll DQ anyone. He also explains to Barratt that an intentional DQ would not be allowed by him, as Rieter has prepared himself for such a tactic. We pan over and see The Fireborn Connection eating popcorn on the outside. What a bunch of pricks! Duke tells Bryant to go in 1st and he'll follow. Bryant refuses. Duke then chokeslams Bryant without hesitation!! Barratt flys in with a leg lariat that stuns Duke and bounces him off the ropes. Barratt gets back up and goes for a dropkick. He hits that too! Duke becomes raged and screams "BUUURRRN"!!! Barratt laughs his ass off and ducks out of the ring. Bryant is getting up now and Duke walks over. Picks him up, and tosses him outside the ring easily. Barratt steps up on the apron. Duke comes running over to it. Barratt ducks a superman punch, bends down, shoulders Duke in the gut, and goes for a sunset flip pin!]




Prescott: Almost a fall there for Barratt. A slick move.

Blaylock: Duke was too strong. Bobby you gotta think more than that.

Prescott: Screw you and your Bobby rambling. I hope little James Bryant takes this and shock all of you.

Blaylock: Duke is going to eat Bryant. Trust me.

Prescott: Duke rolls over and gets up. James Bryant snakes back in, from behind and launches from the top rope. He hits Barratt with a diving splash!

Blaylock: Barratt going down. Bryant is getting lifted by one arm from Duke! What strength!

Prescott: Barratt has crawled to the ring corner. Duke slames Bryant down again!

Blaylock: Barratt braces himself in the corner. Duke comes in with a spear!

Prescott: Barratt ducks! Duke slams shoulder first through and into the post! Bobby has turned around he's waiting like a snake in the grass...

Blaylock: "Prodigal Arrival"!!!! WOW!

Prescott: Barratt hits his move! Makes his moment happen!

Blaylock: Cover Bobby!

Prescott: Bryant is rushing in, breaks the cover at 1! Bryant hit a diving crossbody to break that count up!

Blaylock: Damn! Duke is already recovering some.

Prescott: Kosloff already getting up, but he falls back to his knees.

Blaylock: Bobby looks to deal with Bryant. Bryant is in the face of Bobby.

Prescott: Barratt slaps Bryant! Barratt with a side effect!

Blaylock: YES! Bryant goes down! Cover!!!




[Duke breaks up the cover! The match's intensity slowly rises. The crowd as usual is very knowledgeable and intense. They start to chant "BRY-YANT" in uniform. A very small pack of fans chants "Kosloff" after the BRY-YANT chant, but this is a pro-James Bryant crowd for sure. Bryant rolls out of the ring, as he recovers from that side effect. Duke and Barratt slug it out back and forth. Duke's strength wins, and he is able to throw a strong whip into the ropes with Barratt and connect mightily with a clean superman punch! Duke looks over and sees Bryant whispering back into the ring. He goes to superman punch him too, but Bryant monkey rolls around him, trips him down and does a quick standing splash. Cover!]


Throw off!!

[Duke throws Bryant off! Bryant lands on his feet. The strength off Kosloff is insane. Barratt rolls out of the ring. And kneels at the apron's edge. Bryant sees the champion fuming, and not paying attention. Bryant goes... and hits a baseball slide, slams Barratt into the steele gate that separates the fans from the outside ring area. Duke takes full advantage of the desperate risky move. Duke waits, and when Bryant turns around Duke picks him up, and hits a samoan drop. Duke sees Barratt still down. He picks up Bryant, who is starting to lose some steam. "Fireborn Bomb"!!!!! (renamed, tell me if this is okay Duke). Bryant goes down hard. Duke covers!!!]




Prescott: I can't believe it!!! We have a new Shooting Star Champion!!! Oh my God!

Blaylock: No no! Referee is signaling a 2 count. It was a 2 count.

Prescott: You're right! That looked like a 3 to me. How did Bryant kick out of that.

Blaylock: Oh man. I can't believe it. I thought Bobby had lost. Bryant twisted out of that. Imagine if it was from the top rope?

Prescott: That would of taken too long. Wouldn't of had time. Here's Barratt!

[Barratt got shook up badly over the baseball slide into that steel fencing on the outside. He almost lost the match, but Bryant twisted out barely. What heart! Barratt comes back in. He smashes a leg lariat into Duke, rolls Bryant out of the ring, takes a quick look and hits a very sneaky low blow on Duke. The referee asks Duke what happened, but he can't respond. He covers Duke!]




Prescott: This is ridiculous. Rieter is getting up. Here we go.

Blaylock: No this isn't happening. Fuck Rieter.

[Rieter gets up with Chaos Kid and they walk to the ringside. Blaylock takes off his shirt and tie and throws it at Rieter and tells him to put his ass in the seats and play fair ball if he's going to be about fairness. They come to push and shove as the action in the ring is about Bryant crawling back in, Duke still down and Barratt taking notice on the outside drama. Rieter sits back down, while Blaylock, a former decorated Champion himself overseas puts a burning stare through Rieter and Chaos, Levi...]

Prescott: Settle down buddy.

Blaylock: Screw this. Barratt might be sneaky, but the guy was forced into this match, he was attacked by Duke. I hope he sucks on that low blow. Prick!

Prescott: Please watch the language.

[Bryant spins Barratt around, and hits a cradle DDT! The underrated move is devastating. Cover!]




Blaylock: Going to take more than that to put down Bobby.

Prescott: No doubt about it. Barratt is tough. One of the best in the business today.

Blaylock: You've finally seen the light huh Stan?

Prescott: He's great. What you want me to say..? Bryant with arm drag.

[Bryant starts to take control finally, but Duke is back up. He runs in as Bryant is dealing with Barratt in a corner and spears both of them. Hitting Bryant's back into Barratt's front. Both both crumble to the floor. Barratt in the corner still. Duke sees this as his prime chance. He lifts Barratt on the top rope. He's going for a "Fireborn Bomb" from the top rope!!! He gets Barratt up there. Duke gets on the middle rope. Gets Bobby locked in, and starts to pull him up so he can twist around and hit it... Bryant gets up though and hits Duke in the back, this buys time for Bobby who starts to slam fists into Duke. Bryant sees Duke fall, Bobby is dazed on the top rope still. Bryant runs in! "The Review"!!!! BOOM! Duke goes over the top rope near the corner! He's down! Barratt up top still, jumps... hits a knee on Bryant! Cover!]




Prescott: No! Shoulder up! Omg!

Blaylock: Damn you Bryant! Finish him Bobby!

[Bryant has shown tremendous heart, and that he belongs! He's ICW brand for sure! Barratt has struggled but had brilliant moments pieced in there. Triple threat matches are unforgiving. Rieter stands up desperately. Nervously. Blaylock tells him to sit his ass down. Rieter and Blaylock come to blows as Chaos drops Steven on the outside. Rieter is down too from Steven's right hook. As that is happening.. Prescott calls it.]

Prescott: My God! Steven has been leveled by Chaos Kid. This won't go away on it's own. Hell to pay for that. Barratt sees Duke getting to the apron. Barratt flys at him and hits a flying knee to Duke, knocking him back down. Levi is screaming at him to get up. The low blow and being double teamed in the corner must of taken an effect on him.

[Barrat, poised, takes his moment. Goes for the kill... Bryant was ready. No fucking way. Bryant ducks the flying knee! Spins, runs "The Review"!!! He hits it again (Helluva Kick)! Cover!]




Prescott: NO!!! SO CLOSE! Bryant can't finish the job. Barratt kicks out just in the nick of time. Bryant is reeling from this. He thought he had it. He can't believe it. Barratt smirks and does a quick chuckle as if "he's still in it" feeling takes over. Bryant sets up for another big move. He goes for "Vlog This" but Barratt hits a neckbreaker out of it. Duke is getting back up from the outside. Barratt. Waiting. "Iconbreaker"!!!! Barratt covers!




Prescott: That's it! Yes! Barratt has done it, and did it cleanly! What a nice win. Blaylock had Rieter and CHaos busy on the outside, Duke was just late getting back in, and Bobby has done it!!! Duke is in now, and chokeslams Barratt... the party isn't over yet... "Fireborn Connection" is going to impose their will. Rieter has threatened to fire Blaylock if he doesn't sit his ass down. So he does. I can overhear them.

[Barratt has been crushed after a brilliant performance without help. Blaylock is roughed up, and calms down some beside Stanley Prescott... and Chaos, Levi, Rieter, and Duke all in the ring over a crushed Barratt and a fallen and helpless Bryant.]

Blaylock: I swear I'll quit unless Shawn evens the score. These jackasses act like this is some sort of good vs. evil thing? It isn't they are just twisting it all around. Sure Bobby started the fire, but they are soaking them in gasoline!

Rieter: Well, that isn't what I was hoping for, but consider the score even. Even steven mate.

[Shawn comes down, his music not even starting. He runs into the ring, and checks in on Bobby. Shawn seems happy that Bobby won, but worried.]

Rieter: That's cute. Chill out Shawn. We're even. Stay the hell away from my house. Keep it business like. Not personal. Bobby had this coming. Good for the chap for pulling it through. Well done. He isn't picking his match type. I am. At Midsummer Night's Massacre, it will be Diamond and Barratt. Inside HELL IN A CELL!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's right. Hell in a Cell. No escape. No drama. Just those 2. Chew on that...

[Jack Diamond comes out. Looking cool, calm and badass as usual. Jack already has his mic.]

Jack Diamond: Hell in a cell huh? Sounds fine with me. Why don't you clowns leave the ring. As much as I hate Barratt... he only just got a taste of what I've been through. He's had enough. What the hell is your problem?

Rieter: Watch your mouth mate. Barratt has been paid in full. We're even. Like I said. Everyone just calm down.

[Shawn and Barratt hobble off together. (Barratt hobbling), Bryant is getting medical attention, and as time winds down... a man that goes by "The Killer Penguin" takes a chair and slams it into Jack Diamond. Laying him out. We don't know why. The TNT broadcast cuts off...]