July 17th @ 10 PM CST
Kirk Fordice Center
Jackson, MS
Capcity: 10,000

(Again, please click the video above and listen to it as you read the opening to the show!)

[We open up to just from 2 days ago in Lake Waco... in Waco, GA! Prescott is screaming! "What in the hell is this? What is Sebastian Steele doing here?" The audio clip plays with orange sound waves fuzzing about, then the screen explodes and we see Steele in a computer generated orange smoke on the screen from Saturday night's Sleepaway Camp. His proud and massive return shocked the TNT viewers and the ICW world. Then we see Stetson "Director's Cut" him and then we flash to a new intro. It shows different quick flashes of past superstars of ICW lore in orange tint. "Echo of a Scream" by Art of Anarchy plays over the highlights that are maybe 1 second each and flash to the next one. This last for about 1 minute. We see lots of things from ICW's already explosive past. Everything from Vadyl winning, to Steele defending to Stetson's win over him, Jack's rise to superstardom and Barratt's strange and awkward alliance with Shawn Rossdale. Duke with a flamethrower, Chaos Kid causing "chaos". Etc. The song really adds to the current vibe of the formal explosion that is to happen soon!]

Prescott: WELCOME! TO MONDAY NIGHT SPECTACLE! I'm Stanley Prescott and we are...

Blaylock: That's right! We're SOLD OUT! The fans are rabid and ready for some action.

Prescott: We are ready to go! Our 1st match is Wes Hartley vs. Chaos Kid!!!

Blaylock: I can't believe Wes is even here tonight! He got crushed last night. Like the weakling he is!

Prescott: Yeah, the report on him was mild concussion, various scrapes and bruises... and he almost drowned!

Blaylock: Yeah that twisted up Sebastian Steele damn near killed him!

Prescott: That was insane. Brett Stetson got the last laugh though with that "Director's Cut".

Blaylock: Here comes Wes Hartley! The match is going to be starting very soon!

Prescott: Wes Hartley looks to be focused and his toughness is apparent.

Blaylock: The guy is a pansy. I mean really? Heartless? He's a t00l.

[Wes Harley walks straight to the ring. He high fives some fans on the way. He looks really bad. He's even limping some. He has a black eye, and look like a total bitch.]

[Chaos Kid's "Break Stuff" intro by Limp Bizkit roars, as he walks straight to the ring. He doesn't stop. He gets right in and gets in Wes' face and pushes him. The referee breaks it up. The separate and Scarlett LaDawn chimes in...]

LaDawn: This match is scheduled for 1 fall!

Crowd: ONE FALL!

LaDawn: Introducing 1st, from Nashville, Tennessee... WEESSSS HARRRRRTLEYYYY!

Crowd: Cheers!

LaDawn: From None of your Business, Anywhere... umm.. Chaaaaaaosssss KIIIIIIIID!!!!

Prescott: Such a stupid hometown. Also remeber, this match is for the #1 contendership for the Ironman title!

Blaylock: Relax. He doesn't want his fans to bother him... if he has fans...

[The referee rings the bell and they go at it. Wes hits a great forearm to the nose of Chaos! Chaos starts to bleed! Already! Chaos checks it for blood, and indeed it is a bright red from his nose. He wipes it off on his yellow tank top. He runs at Wes, takes him down with a leg clip. He then fires away with rights and lefts.]

Prescott: Anyone selling hot dogs?

Blaylock: That's actually funny. Ketchup and mustard going on!

[Wes is pleading for the punches to stop. Chaos picks him up and whips him into the corner. He goes for a clothesline, but Wes ducks, Chaos then spins around and hits a DDT! Wes drops easily. Chaos kicks him and kicks him. Wes rolls out of the ring. Chaos Kid springs over the top rope and splashs onto Wes! The referee starts the 10 count. We get to the 6 count or so, and Chaos hits Wes with a snap suplex. Chaos rolls back in the ring.]

Prescott: Chaos Kid is looking very good so far tonight.

Blaylock: He is, but he's a rageaholic it seems. Refere is at 9!!!!

[Wes just barely rolls back in. Chaos run at him and hits another DDT! Chaos slaps Wes like the bitch that he seems to be and locks in a figure 4 leglock!!! Wes is already banged up greatly from Saturday night, and he's getting grinded!]

Prescott: He might tap out to this.

Blaylock: This isn't even Chaos' finishing move! What a joke!

Prescott: Doesn't matter! Listen to the crowd, they're blowing up!

Blaylock: Oh it is that pretty boy STETSON!

Prescott: Ladies and gentlemen, we've got Ironman Champion Brett Stetson just watching from the back, waiting. He's not looking as if he will interfere. Not his style.

Blaylock: He probably wants to see who the competition is. Next week I guess?

[Stetson just watches from the giant-tron area. Not gettin involved. Chaos still has the figure 4 locked in. Wes gets to the ropes! The referee breaks it. Wes tries to roll out of the ring, but Chaos grabs him. Whips him into the ropes and hits a gut knee, which flips Wes over. Chaos Kid... STF!!!! Wes taps out!!!]

LaDawn: Your winner, by submission and NEW #1 Contender for the Ironman Championship... Chhhhaaaaaaoss Kiiiiiiiiiiiid!!!!!!

Prescott: Look at Stetson. He's clapping. Great sportsmanship.

Blaylock: Stetson is coming to the ring now!

Prescott: Stetson gets in the ring folks. Looking to shake hands.

Blaylock: My guy! YES!

[As Stetson gets in the ring in his light cotton button up shirt that is white with dark and light orange palm trees all over it, Bobby Barratt comes down the ring, rushes in and swings the bat at Stetson, who ducks... and he ends up hitting Chaos Kid, and knocks him out. Stetson hops away to the other side and then we see Jack Diamond run out. He and Stetson check out Chaos Kid who is badly hurt. Barratt points to them both with his bat as he walks backwards to the entrance area. Chaos Kid won, but took a hard hit. What will he say or do next?]

[Back from commercial break we've got James Bryant and Brett Stetson walking about. They've just become familiar with eachother. Bryant is the interim tag team champion now. He isn't an official champion, since the belt were won by Stetson and Suckboat. Who is no longer here after being destroyed by Duke Kosloff. Once Bryant is able to defend the title with Stetson it will MOLD him into official "tag team champion". Until then, he is like a place holder of sorts. Stetson is showing Bryant some of his fan videos on his phone as they casually about the locker area and hallways of the underratedly LARGE Kirk Fordice Center. They turn a corner and overhear "For sure, he's going to be dealt with. Don't worry you have the path to glory Bobby". They both kinda stop as they all come face to face.]

Barratt: What are you two slags doing here?

Bryant: Yeah well, we were just hanging around. Having a good time before Brett's match. We just met.

Rossdale: Your comments are definitely not worthy of ICW's already growing legacy. Love affair? What should we do Bobby?

Barratt: I don't know man. He sounds like a jealous wannabe. What should we do?

Stetson: Guys. I've never had a problem with either one of you. I come here do my thing and do my very best. Shawn, you know I'm a respectable champion. I simply don't want any trouble bros.

Rossdale: There's a price, and it must be paid. Handsomely. Brett I suggest you get back please. If you don't I'll strip your Ironman Championship from you right now.

[Brett takes some steps backwards, he knows what is about to happen, but just met Bryant and has been threatened of a title stripping. Barratt walks up to Bryant casually pats him on the shoulder as if he's going to chat it up, but hits a knee to the nuts. This sends Bryant to the ground. Stetson acts as if he's going to rush in, but Shawn points his finger at him.]

Rossdale: If you touch him, we will definitely strip you.

Stetson: We? Who's we? Just leave him alone. Come on James.. you're alright.

Barratt: Me and Shawn. We run this shin dig.

Rossdale: Well I run it. You're helping. I thought that was clear?

Barratt: Whatever man. Just keep Rieter out of my hair. He's really pressing.

Rossdale: Don't worry about him...

Barratt: Shawn, get your crap together mate.

Bryant: You guys... (cough)... why?

Barratt: Oh get up. (kicks Bryant)

Stetson: This is uncalled for. You guys need to grow up.

Rossdale: Another word Stetson and I'm taking that Ironman Championship. You've been a great part of ICW, but what I say is the law. Whether you like it or not. I pay you well, and things are going along well. Just look the other way. Good night.

[Bryant starting to recover from the low blow from Barratt's concrete like knee looks angry and frustrated and Stetson helps him up. They hobble off to their dressing rooms, which are across from eachother. Scarlett LaDawn is there for a quick interview.]

Scarlett: Guys, I saw what happened from a distance, do you have any words?

Brett: This really isn't a good time. We're just minding our own business and then this happens.

Scarlett: I apologize on the behalf of ICW. There was no cause for that reaction.

Brett: I've tangled with Rossdale and Barratt a couple times, but it was out of necessity trust me. Bryant was attacked for comments he said last week. What can you do?

Bryant: Well... (cough) that was a hell of a cheap shot. That's all Barratt is... a cheap shotting one trick pony. Their little borderline gay fest will end soon. It will never last.

Brett: Come on man. Lets get you in here. Can we get some help? Medical staff?

Scarlett: Well there you have it folks. Some tough words from Stetson and Bryant.

Prescott: Well that was something to remember.

Blaylock: They got in the way of the "Icons". That is what I'm calling them.

Prescott: Real cute. There was no need to attack Bryant. Then threaten Stetson. What were they afraid of?

Blaylock: Nothing. Their issue wasn't really with Stetson. It was with Bryant. Stetson has been very respectful so far in his tenre in ICW.

Prescott: We've got something else brewing backstage I'm told. In a far, but separate area of the Kirk Fordice center.

[We cut to backstage once again. We see Lucas Rieter who has almost been forgotten about, Duke Kosloff and Chaos Kid all in a room, with the beautiful Alexis Grace too. The door is locked, deadbolted as we can see. They are all sitting down. The meeting has been going on, but the camera man had just entered.]

Rieter: So that's the deal. No changes.

Kosloff: I don't know if that is what is best.

Chaos: Look bro. We're with you. We are, but we aren't going to go that far.

Rieter: It's simple. I control the booking and that assclown forgot that. Shawn is a great friend of mine, and I'm being paid very well. We all are. ICW is really taking off, but I'm not going to sit back and watch the sparks fly by.

Kosloff: So if we align with you, we're going to be treated fair once and for all?

Rieter: Yes brother. You've been held back, Chaos you just joined, but you'll get held back. The one thing that Shawn can't do is override my booking decisions. What I say goes. Period. It is in the contract, besides with me being 15% minority owner in ICW, I'm not going to quit. We'll just look at this as a friendly competition.

Chaos Kid: What if it becomes unfriendly? Do we get sacrficed?

Kosloff: We will not be the lambs that you desire Lucas.

Alexis: Yeah. What about me? I'm here for Dukey, yer better be gettin' yer stuff together. We just want equal oppurtunity.

Lucas: Join me, and you'll never go unrewarded as long as the work gets put in. This whole thing has made me feel like I've been born out of the ashes, revived. Born again I guess. From this point foward we'll refer to ourselves as the "Fireborn Connection". Anyone that wants in... that has the chops can be in. We'll only get in the toughest and strongest. Shawn is going to pull all the strings he can. With me controlling the booking in ICW... that gives us an edge.

Duke: Sounds good to me. Do not cross me, or you'll feel the burn!

Chaos: Yeah man. We're with ya. This really isn't personal for us. Shawn can do his thing, we just want a fair crack at things here. We love it here.

Lucas: The Fireborn Connection will not be out to cause trouble boys, and girl... but we will not bend the knee to ANYONE!

Prescott: WOW! We have a new stable in ICW!

Blaylock: Are you serious? Fireborn Connection? Sounds like a new Pokemon card or something.

Prescott: It is very appropiate. They are renewed in their thoughts and abilities. Clean slate. Fireborn... we know Duke likes fire!

Blaylock: Yeah he does. Scares the hell out of me.

Prescott: Our 2nd match is underway... Romeo King is due to make his appearance!

[Light Go Out As intro to Ghetto Superstar as Lyrics begin

Ghetto supastar, That is what you are Coming from afar Reaching for the stars Run away with me to another place We can rely on each other, uh-huh From one corner to another, uh-huh

Out Leading The Way is Bambi Diamond as she twisting playing with her hair as Romeo King flash the Crown with his index thumbs touch and pinkys extended as they headed to Ring as Romeo slide in under bottom Rope as Bambi walks up the steps gets in under Middle rope as he faces crowed as Bambi Lacey against him as they Flash The Crown.]

[The arena goes dark red and gold lights start to flash as the arena fills with smoke. A monster slowly appears walking down the ramp as pyros shoot flames into the air you can hear Enter Sandman by Metallica playing. He methodically enters the ring stepping over the top rope and standing like a God in the center of the ring as he waits for the bell to ring.]

Prescott: No Chaos Kid at ringside. Duke just by himself.

Blaylock: Yeah so much for this new faction. They don't even come out together.

Prescott: Lucas stated they aren't going to go looking for trouble really. Relax!

[The match starts as the crowd is surprisingly in Duke's corner for this. Perhaps the alignment with the tried and true side of ICW (Rieter) will give Duke a needed boost from the fans. Duke seems to enjoy the cheering, but you just know he doesn't really care what they think. Romeo comes at Duke big time. They clash in the middle of the ring, Romeo spits in Duke's face then slaps him. Duke goes crazy. He grabs Romeo by the throat! CHOKESLAM! Duke sits in the corner and waits for Romeo to get up as the crowd is buzzing some. Romeo staggers up and runs at him for a spear! CONNECTS! WHat a spear! Romeo goes down again. Duke goes for a pin, but Romeo bites him on the arm area. The ref didn't see. Duke rolls off. Duke argues that he cheated and a singles match should be fair. The referee states he didn't see it. Romeo gets picked up, tries to eye rake Duke, but Duke headbutts him. Duke pushes him into the ropes and starts firing away lefts and rights. Romeo hits a low blow on Duke as the referee was in tight counting. The referee thinks something stupid and illegal has happened. He asks Romeo about it and he says he didn't do anything. Duke is on all fours now. "GHETTO PUNT"! Romeo takes advantage of cheating multiple times already and runs at Duke and connects with a lethal shot to the ribs! Duke goes down to his stomach! "Ghetto Lock"! Romeo picks the leg up from behind, no turning over here. He locks the single leg elevated crab in. Duke winces. Romeo King is rocking back and forth trying to create as much pain as possible. Will Duke tap...? His hand is getting close. Duke is able to stretch to the ropes! BREAK!]

Prescott: That is almost unfair. His length makes it so hard to submit him unless he's in the very center of the ring.

Blaylock: That is a very nice secret weapon to have. Submitting Duke because of his toughness and length is very hard.

Prescott: Romeo not breaking the hold. The referee counts to 4, and he breaks!

Blaylock: What a little thug punk. Referee Myers is notifying him of anything else even suspicious and he's getting DQ'd.

Prescott: THat seems fair, the referee knows he has cheated, but without seeing it... it's hard to call a match.

Blaylock: Duke trying to get up from his back. Romeo King with a face stomp! Ouch!

Prescott: Romeo in control now. Runs at Duke and hits a sliding punch. Very awkward move.

Blaylock: In the streets it is whatever goes yo.

Prescott: Romeo in the face of Duke now. Duke is not on all fours again, trying to make his way up. Romeo waiting.

Blaylock: He's going for a "Tagging"!!! He's exposing that ghettofied knee!

Prescott: There he goes, this could be over!!

Blaylock: NO! Duke springs up, SUPERMAN PUNCH!!

Prescott: What a counter! Romeo staggers over to the corner!

Prescott: Romeo looking shaken up badly. DUke looks to be going for... oh no

Blaylock: Looks like an "Soviet Atom Bomb"! We've seen this a couple times.

Prescott: Duke lifts Romeo on the top rope, and goes up there with him. Duke on the 2nd rope as Romeo starts to punch back.

Blaylock: Duke is taking the shots. Kosloff with a headbutt! Romeo is in position, Duke lifts him up... BOOM!

Prescott: What impact! "Soviet Bomb"! from the top rope!

Blaylock: Cover!




Scarlett: Your winner, by pinfall, DUUUUKEEE KOOOOSLOOOOOFFFFFFF!!!!

Prescott: Romeo King has a chance to be in the triple threat match for the Shooting Star Championship. Now that it has been ruined... who will be the 3rd person? Maybe Rieter will just throw someone in there.

Blaylock: Maybe he'll give one of these fresh faces a shot? All we know is that the match still stands as Barratt vs. Kosloff vs. ??? I'm sure we'll find out which scrub Rieter will put in there, or better yet... who he puts in there to make it miserable for my guy. Barratt!

Prescott: Look at that, Chaos Kid and Alexis Grace walk down. Chaos gives Duke a slap on the back. They seem to be truly in cordination for their upcoming tag team championship match!

[The camera is now focused behind the announcer's table, Prescott and Blaylock are turned around in their swivel chairs to face the camera.]

Prescott: Now we have a special segment for you all at home. There has been a disappearance of a former champion that has had fans talking.

Blaylock: Many folks have been asking us both in person and on social media where exactly has Sebastian Steele been? Until Saturday at Sleepaway camp we haven't heard from him since Brett Stetson was responsible for his injuries sustained at Dead End.

Prescott: Sebastian has asked to address ICW and to apologize for disappearance. Perhaps we will get some answers as to just what happened on Saturday night.

[The opening riff of "Welcome to the Jungle" begins to play and Cazador can be seen making his way onto the stage. He is met with mixed reactions as he first appears at the top of the ICW stage. He is not in his usual black attire but instead an all white variant with gold detailing. He trots down to the ring with an uncharacteristic jaunt that we have never seen from him.]

Blaylock: All white? This is a much different attire than what we saw in Georgia. Perhaps he has decided to turn over a new leaf here in his return?

Prescott: White is definitely a color that we don't see very often in Sebastian's wardrobe.

[Cazador has made his way into the with a mic in his hand. There is something quite off about him though, he doesn't appear to be himself tonight. He raises the mic to speak and before he can say anything the crowd erupts once again. It's still a mixed reactions of cheers and boos. He acknowledges the crowd before bringing the mic to his mouth again. This time the crowd goes silent, allowing him to speak.]

Cazador: I just want to start things off by saying that I'm sorry. Sorry that I let all of you down. I was your first ever and longest reigning Ironman Champion and when you all needed me most... I vanished. I allowed Brett Stetson to get the best of me and now he has my... no.... OUR title.

Prescott: What is this? Steele saying that he is sorry?

Blaylock: I don't trust this one bit! Why would someone like Steele care about the fans, he doesn't need them!

[The luchador in the ring begins to slowly pace the squared circle and address the crowd once more. They're hanging onto every word.]

Cazador: I may have put on a tough guy act, but that's just where I come from. Any kindness is mistaken for weakness. You all were the driving force in my success in the past, and I know you all will be moving forward. I know I was a bad person, and many of you probably don't think I deserve a second chance, but I'm asking you all to just give me a chance to start fresh here in ICW.

[Before he can finish his statement the lights of the arena go out and darkness fills the Kirk Fordice Center. The crowd is noticeably scared as they can be heard screaming in the darkness.]

Cazador: What's going on? Hit the lights!

Prescott: We appear to be having some technical difficulties here with the lights.

[The following song begins to play.]

[While the lights were out the stage had been filling with smoke from a smoke machine within the stage. The music is quickly met with a fiery explosion on the stage that erupts from the darkness. The stage is engulfed in flames that continue to burn as the music plays.]

Cazador: I said hit the lights! We need to get these people out of here!


Blaylock: Here he is! The REAL Cazador!

[The red light follows Sebastian Steele as he is eerily pacing his way towards the ring. He is wearing the same mask from Saturday dark red, pitch black, shimmering gold, with the horns of the devil. He is wearing a black shirt with the sleeves cut out and on that shirt is a red pentagram drawn in blood. His deep red tights match his attire with their gold and black detailing. Per usual attire he has matching kickpads over his golden wrestling boots.]

[Sebastian climbs into the ring by jumping up onto the apron and flipping over the top rope. The lights cut back on to reveal both Cazaors standing toe to toe in a haze of red smoke. The Cazador in all white appears to be slightly shocked. Sebastian takes away the mic from the white Cazador before he can even say anything. He begins to speak in a dark gravelly voice.]

Sebastian: 5 long years! For 5 long years you have attempted to make my life a living hell! From Panama to Tijuana you have followed me. You even hired two Irish goons to hunt me down. Why? All because you're jealous of me? Ever since I was given the mask you have done nothing but to try and be me. Last month you had me kidnapped, beaten, and had plans to bury my body in the Arizona desert. All so you could try and take my place here in ICW?

[Cazador Blanco is very started at this point and he begins to back up from Sebastian towards the ropes behind himself. He manages to choke out a sentence.]

Blanco: Y...y...you're supposed to be dead?

Sebastian: YOU CANNOT KILL WHAT IS ALREADY DEAD! You had two goons whack me over the head with a baseball bat a few times. They killed me, sure but the tricky thing about that is this mask doesn't let me stay dead very long. Trust me. I've tried.

[Cazador Blanco attempts to leave through the ropes but Sebastian was prepared and quickly grabs the imposter by his long hair and drags him back into the ring. Sebastian quickly delivers a "Killshot" directly in the center of the ring to the defenceless imposter. The white luchador is laying lifeless on the mat when Sebastian rips the mask off of his doppelganger. Sebastian picks up the mic and begins to speak again.]

Sebastian: This man is an imposter and quite frankly I'm insulted that none of you can even tell. This man has no tattoos, the wrong color hair, and nowhere near the talent that I do. I can't believe that Rossdale allowed someone to wrestle in my place and give MY title away. You all make me sick, that you couldn't tell your true champion for a fraud. The record books may say that I lost my Ironman Title, but that is far from the truth. This piece of scum gave my title to that paper champion Stetson.

[Sebastian has now placed his foot on the back of the downed man.]

Sebastian: I am both the angel and the devil of ICW. I am the one who runs things around here and don't let that be forgotten. I don't need anyone but myself and I'm going to make that very apparent here in the next few weeks. I am back to take the souls of anyone who dares wrong me. I am on a mission, a mission of destruction, a mission that will not be complete until ICW is in ruins and I sit upon the throne of hell looking down upon my work.

[The broadcast is cut and quickly goes to a commercial break as the camera zooms in onto Sebastian's masked face. As we cut back from commericial we see Steele walking in the back, and other wrestlers are kinda afraid to approach him, probably more awkward than afraid, but who knows? Mad Dog Smith runs in. Gets in Steele's way and slaps him, and runs off. Steele just looks down at the ground after the slap and starts to laugh quietly... and the laugh gets louder and louder.]

Prescott: What a show so far! We've got our main event lined up now. Lots of stipulations in this match.

Blaylock: My guy baby! Barratt will triumph. He's got Rossdale in his pocket!

Prescott: Lets go over these complicated stips. Barratt is getting a shot at the world title at Midsummer Night's Massacre. We know that. If Diamond is able to win this huge match, he'll lock it in and not have to defend it until the PPV against Barratt in their highly possible anticipated rematch. Otherwise he'll be defending it next week against someone.

Blaylock: And if my boy Barratt wins... he'll be able to choose the match type whether Diamond is champion at that time at the PPV, and Rossdale will be special guest referee... YES!

Prescott: Lastly if Stetson is able to pull this off, he'll be in the World title match as a triple threat match at the PPV. So there's A LOT riding on this 1 match.

Blaylock: Lets get to it baby!

[Lights go out, Motley Crue starts playing and spotlights swirl on the stage. In his own time, Mr Barratt comes strolling through the curtain. Confidence, arrogance and smugness all apparent. He has a lot to say, so he approaches the camera, talking smack about his opponent and whatever is currently happening, before headed out to the ring. As the chorus is about to drop, he flips over the top rope and onto the buckle to sing "I'm the Motherfucker of the year!" Before continuing to antagonise the crowd.]

[The arena lights dim as "Famous" by Puddle of Mudd blares through the arena. Stetson emerges from the curtain wearing sunglasses and a scarf over his wrestling attire as a spotlight follows him down the ramp. He stops to take a selfie with an attractive female fan. Stetson continues to make his way down to the ring, soaking in the reaction of the crowd and giving his sunglasses to a lucky fan. He enters the ring and throws his scarf into the crowd before flexing for the camera as his music dies down.]

[The lights in the arena go out and a red hue takes over (much like when old school Kane comes out) A version of Motorhead's "The Ace of Spades" plays and smoke feels the entrance ramp. Jack Diamond appears backwards at the top of the ramp work a black, white and red robe on (a'la Flair) with the words "The Ace of Spades" written across the back. He turns around, wearing Red "diamond shaped" glasses, smiling as smug as he can and playing to the crowds reaction. He arrogantly walks to the ring, climbs the stairs and enters through the middle ropes and either plays to or taunts the crowd (depending on if he is working heel or face) He throws up the Diamond sign (reminiscent of DDP) and as he throws his hands down Pyro goes off around him in the shape of a diamond.]

Prescott: Some awesome.. awesome talent in there.

Blaylock: Stetson and Diamond are good, but they aren't great like my man Bobby.

Prescott: Diamond has beaten Barratt 2 times, and beaten Stetson too. What is your point?

Blaylock: Shut up Stan.

[The 3 men all look to eachother. As expected Diamond points to Stetson and motions for them to get Barratt. Bobby rolls out of the ring and puts his hands up. Stetson puts his hands on his hips and looks at Diamond, who in turn takes a run at Stetson. He hits Stetson with a flying crossbody!]

Prescott: Well that didn't last long. Diamond is a backstabber!

Blaylock: Nah, he's a soft prick, but he's doing what he's gotta do. Barratt rolled out smartly, as he didn't want to get gang banged by these two tryhard kiss asses.

Prescott: Whatever the case, Diamond is really laying it on thick to Steston.

[Bobby outside the ring, the referee is focused on the action inside. Diamond hits some chops on Stetson. He then goes for a standing dropkick, but Stetson brushes it off. Stetson goes after Diamond and attempts to pick him up for a front powerslam, but Diamond wiggles off to the backside of Stetson and hits a nice neckbreaker. Diamond points at Barratt and challenges him. He asks Barratt where his personal cuck "Shawn" is. Barratt tells him to get "F'd" and Diamond turns around!!! Stetson! "Director's Cut"!!!! Diamond goes down... Barratt laughing his ass off!]

Prescott: What a move. That weasel Barratt has yet again cost Diamond big TIME!

Blaylock: Wow...




[Diamond with an impressive kickout. Barratt crawls back inside with a weakened Diamond and hits a single leg lariat to the back of Stetson's head. Stetson staggers and Barratt hits a reverse russian legsweep! Diamond now up to his knees. That Director's Cut move is no joke. Barratt walks over to Diamond, but Diamond hits a couple backhanded chops. Barratt fights back and hits a right hand of his own, and starts chopping. They trade chops. Barratt smacks Diamond in the mouth, and Stetson is able to get over there and hits Barratt from behind. He picks up Bobby and hits a spinning spinebuster on him. Stetson asks Diamond is they just want to get rid of him, and Diamond has second thoughts and agrees. They both pick up Barratt and whip him into the corner. Barratt hits the corner bounces out and they double clothesline him. Barratt falls down to his knees and pleads with Diamond and Stetson to go easy. Shaking his head. Diamond laughs, grabs Barratt's face and hits it. Diamond rests in the corner as he tells Stetson to get him up. Stetson picks him up, Barratt hanging in an electric chair drop type of move, and Diamond does a dropkick to Barratt and he falls back. Stetson goes for a high five as it was a great move, but Diamond smacks his hand out of the way. Stetson pushes Diamond, and the two get hot and heavy with eachother. Stetson points to his waist and hits Jack, Jack fires back, then Stetson hits again... they go back and forth. Stetson jumps up for a hurricanrana, but Diamond flips out of it on his feet! Barratt lays in wait, as he has recovered. He sees 2 of the good guys in ICW grinding it out and a desperate, painful smirk comes across his face. Jack hits Stetson with a enziguri, and Stetson falls over. Barratt comes charging in, goes for a side effect! And yes! He hits it. Stetson comes over, rolls up Barratt!!!]




Prescott: NO! Shoulder up, he just got out!

Blaylock: Barratt just rolling/kicking out of that! Close!

Prescott: Diamond up from the side effect staggers over to a distracted Stetson, who has his back to Diamond. He spins Stetson around, goes for a belly to belly, but Barratt comes in and dropkicks them both. Jack lays down, Stetson gets up and hits a quicker than normal military press slame!

Blaylock: That press slam has Barratt down. Jack comes in now...

Prescott: Jack Diamond with a "Stacked Deck"!!!

Blaylock: Damn "Stacked Deck"!!




Prescott: Stetson is eliminated from the matchup. It's just Barratt and Diamond. As it seemed destined to be.

Blaylock: Wow, can't believe Stetson went out, I thought he'd be left and Diamond would of been out of this!

Prescott: Never underestimate the heart of a champion.

Blaylock: Be more cliche?

Prescott: Anyways, we've got James Bryant down here now. He's looking very happy for some reason. He is yelling something at Barratt, as he helps his tag partner to the back.

Blaylock: Barratt didn't like whatever he said. I can tell you that. Barratt getting pulled up by Diamond. He gets whipped into the corner. "Diamond Splash" from Diamond! Damnitt!

Prescott: Diamond pushes Barratt down. Cover!




Blaylock: Come on Bobby!

Prescott: Barratt swinging at Diamond, missing. Diamond with another irish whip into the ropes, drop toe hold, "Ace's Wild"!!!

Blaylock: Barratt reaching for the ropes. Diamond locking it in now.

Prescott: Diamond really applying great pressure. Very intense.

Blaylock: Barratt isn't going to tap. He's too tough... too slick.

Prescott: Diamond still with Aces Wild applied. Barratt starting to moan. Ropes!

Blaylock: He gets to the ropes! Referee break it!

Ref Lee Ray: 1, 2, 3, 4, come on Diamond!!! Don't make me DQ you like this...

Prescott: Diamond breaks the hold!

Blaylock: Wow. Bobby really hung in there. Crowd is chanting that Diamond moron now...

[Like it was almost a plan all along (we're sure it was) Diamond is able to lock it in again... in the middle of the ring this time... Barratt has no where to go. The match probably would of ended to a Barratt tap out then and there... but "Supersonic" by Oasis hits, the heavy drums pounding, and the crowd boos. Shawn Rossdale walks down with a "Bobby Barratt" t-shirt, black with white/purple logo and letters. Shawn has his hair pulled back into a man bun. He walks to the ring and gets on the apron. Yelling at Diamond. The referee is distracted and its so cheap... Barratt hits a low blow from behind. Rolls Diamond up! Rossdale drops to the outside this time.]




Prescott: NO NO! Diamond kicked out! Just barely! WOW!

Blaylock: This is a joke! What a slow count!

[Rossdale points to Bobby and Barratt heaving heavily from exhaustion can barely get up. He stumbles to the corner... and waits. Diamond points to Shawn on the outside. Diamond turns and sees Barratt crouched in the corner, seems like a good time to go for a "Diamond Splash". Diamond goes in hard, Barratt rolls out, pops up and with what little energy he has left hits "Prodigal Arrvial"!!!! Cover!]




Prescott: Another near fall! No way!

Blaylock: This is bs.

[Rossdale looks very concerned and gets in the ring now. He tells the referee to do whatever he says. The referee backs up. Barratt holds Jack tight. Shawn gets in his face. Tell him he could of been with them, if he wasn't so stubborn and ungrateful. Shawn deliveres a stiff shot to Diamond's face, then gets out of the ring. Barratt stands over Diamond. Then it happens... Diamond with a small package!!!!]




Prescott: No NO!!! Barratt spins out of it!

Blaylock: Oh my. Come on damnitt!

[Diamond goes for a sloppy "Stacked Deck", but Barratt pushes him off into the ropes, he comes back, and "Iconbreaker"!!! (codebreaker) from Barratt on Diamond!!! 1



Scarlett: Your winner by pinfall and will be able to choose his WORLD title match type with Owner Shawn Rossdale as special guest referee at Midsummer Night's Massacre... "The Prodigy" BObbbbby Barrratttt!!!!

Prescott: What a complete crock! Diamond was robbed! I can't believe this!

Blaylock: Oh stick it Stan.

[Diamond is out. No one is there to protect him. Rossdale looking very cocky and Barratt wore down and almost can't walk straight look on. They chat and Barratt's music cuts. The crowd knows what is going to happen. He tells Shawn to get his Shooting Star title, and he does. Barratt takes it. Waits for Jack to get up and slams it into his face. Shawn gets Diamond belt out too and they lay it over his face. Rieter comes running out with Chaos Kid and Duke Kosloff!!! Rossdale and Barratt roll

out of the ring. Barratt falls down as he exits. The Aces Wild took some toll. Rieter grabs a mic.]

Rieter: You think this is a game? I run the booking. Diamond WILL NOT have to defend his title next week because of this. I was going to play ball and have it sorted and fair. What you caused here tonight... I'm throwing out that stipulation. Diamond WILL NOT defend until Midsummer Night's Massacre!


Rieter: We are the "Fireborn Connection" we are intense, and fair. You've caused trouble, and we'll end it if we have to. While I cannot change previous match stipulations, I can add to them. I never should of let that special guest stipulation go through, but Shawn... you threatening to fire me... well that worked. From this point on. Duke, Chaos Kid and myself shall not be afraid of anyone. We don't start trouble, but we finish it. Remember that! Barratt you get to pick your match, that is fine, Shawn you'll be special guest referee, but so will I!!! Yes. Two referees for this match. Depending on Barratt's match type he chooses, we might not even be needed, but I'm going to make sure this World title match at our biggest summer event runs without issue!

[Rossdale and Barratt leave willingly as Barratt is in no real shape to compete right now. Jack is up and about now. He shakes the hand of Rieter, slaps the hand of Chaos and Duke. Clearly if they hadn't come down to the ring, Barratt and Rossdale were going to pick his bones. The "Fireborn Connection" saved him for sure. Will Diamond join them? Who knows at this point. The table is more set than ever. 2 weeks is the biggest PPV in ICW history.]