July 10th @ 10 PM CST
Mississippi Coast Coliseum
Biloxi, MS
Capcity: 9,150

(Again, please click the video above and listen to it as you read the opening to the show!)

[The TNT broadcast fires up on cue at the usual late 10pm start time. "Get Free" by The Vines starts up with the fast guitar going. We see highlights of the previous week's action at DEAD END. "I wanna get free" starts being screamed from singer Craig Nichols of The Vines, and we see Shawn Rossdale superkicking the ladder after acting out as if he was proud of his ICW Champion, who was about to claim BOTH championships in a successful defense against Bobby Barratt, but Shawn is shown kicking the ladder over, Jack falling hopelessly, but the plan that Rossdale had was spoiled as he was a little off time and Diamond had already started unsnapping the ICW World title. Jack fell to the mat with it! Shawn outraged at his partially spoiled plan demands Barratt to hold him up, who is in some disbelief it seems, Barratt does what he's told as Shawn seems there to help. Shawn then delivers a devastating "Distortion" superkick to Diamond. The crowd is shown gasping... and then booing. Throwing things on the ring... Barratt claims his awesome consolation prize, which is the Shooting Star title, Barratt and Rossdale share a brief hug and a high five. We see Chaos Kid being DQ'd due to Mad Dog's chair shots. The highlights flick to Stetson and his very impressive win over Sebastian Steele, which injures Steele. Brett Stetson might be the biggest name no one is really talking about. As the song ends, we see the poster for "Midsummer Night's Massacre" show up... then we cut to pyro and ringside shot of our great announce team!]

Stanley Prescott: We're geared up for another fantastic Monday Night Spectacle! LIVE! Only on TNT!!!

Steven Blaylock: That's right! Here we are once again! And I hear we've got a special presentation from my guy!!! Bobby fucking Barratt baby!

Prescott: You mean the guy that was beat, but had help... just to get 1 of the titles that were on the line? What a joke?

Blaylock: Watch your mouth Stan. It doesn't matter how it unfolded, Barratt is the Shooting Star of ICW! In your face! (laughs at Stanley Prescott, who is getting very annoyed)

Prescott: We've got another killer show like I said... Brett Stetson and Jack Diamond square off in the MAIN EVENT tonight, but yes, my moronic partner was right. We've got a very special presentation planned....

[The lights to the arena drop and purple lights start swirling as "Motherf**ker of the Year" by Motley Crue starts to blare out. The crowd start booing louder than normal due to last nights events at Dead End. After a few seconds, "The Prodigal Icon" Bobby Barratt comes out onto the entrance ramp with the first lady of ICW, Jenny Stackhouse in tow.]

Prescott: Didn't these two cause enough hurt last night?

Blaylock: Shush! The champ has something to say. He's my guy, he's the champ....He's MY CHAMP and he's OUR CHAMP! Diamond was pushed up there, but never really delivered the quality of matches Rossdale wanted I think!

[Barratt gives Jenny the familiar kiss at the top of the ramp, before heading down to the ring. The crowd are trying to get to him and one fan even tries his luck! Vaulting the barrier! Luckily before he can get too close, security haul him off and that's the end of his night.]

Prescott: Speaking of the champ....Where's his title? And that fan's night is over!

Blaylock: It's safe. He told me all about what's going on here earlier! I got connections, you know? What a dumb fan! Enjoy your ejection!

Prescott: Yeah, yeah, he's your guy, we know. Idiot.

[Barratt and Jenny finally get to the ring, Barratt stepping through the ropes first, holding them apart for Jenny to make a graceful entrance herself. In the middle of the ring is a pedestal. On it is something covered in a purple velvet sheet. Barratt starts goading the fans some more, motioning around his waist, signifying the Shooting Star Championship, which he won in a questionable manner last night. He makes the cutting motion across his neck to get his music stopped.]

Barratt: Well, well, well. The Prodigal Icon came, saw and delivered on his promise to win his lady some gold!

Crowd: *BOOS* (and slowly, from a hum to a buzz "Diamond" is being chanted...

Barratt: You should all learn something. You should learn to shut the hell up when I talk. Be thankful I'm here. You get to witness greatness! That when Bobby Barratt promises something, he delivers! Now people may be wondering where my new pride and joy is. Why isn't it around my waist? Over my shoulder? Well it's simple. The ICW Shooting Star Championship as you know it is locked away in a secure location only I know. The Prodigal Icon and team Bo-Jen felt it lacked the prestige to be worn around this waist.

[The crowd are hating this. They're getting really mad about the whole idea of Barratt feeling he is above the Shooting Star Championship.]

Barratt: So without further ado, The Prodigal Icon presents to you the new ICW Shooting Star Championship, as funded by ICW Owner Shawn Rossdale.

Blaylock: Here it comes!! Fuck yes!

[Barratt whips off the cover of the pedestal, revealing his incarnation of the ICW Shooting Star Championship. Leathered in his traditional purple, decorated with silver plating and various stones, it sparkles in the arena lighting.]

Blaylock: Yes! It's majestic! Suck it Prescott!

Barratt: Now with this, the "Prodigal Icon" will proceed to instill the reputation and prestige that the Shooting Star Championship deserves. This will be a symbol of a fighting champion, not a recognition of the jokers that have held it before.

Barratt: Prodigy out!!

[Barratt drops the mic in a theatrical fashion, putting his arm around the waist of Miss Stackhouse, holding his title aloft in the other and throwing an ice cold stare right down the hard cam to anyone watching. Shawn Rossdale's music hits... "Inside Us All" starts to play... but stops.. the music is replaced by Oasis' "Supersonic"... the beat is riveting... and the crowd blows apart the roof almost with boos. "Rossdale sucks" chants wail... Barratt and Stackhouse look on... the music feel truly like a rock concert... it is defeaning...]

[As the guitar revs up and the lyrics of "I need to be myself".... "I can't be no one else"... "i"m feeling supersonic... give me gin and tonic..." Shawn is seen at the ramp holding his arms out as if the creation he built is finally prospering to a whole new level. Stackhouse and Barratt chat some in the ring as they had planned on exiting the ring. They start to and Rossdale motions them to stay put... they do. The music is cut a little short. Shawn picks up the mic from the ring mat... the purple plush carpeting looking crazy nice.]

Shawn Rossdale: How is everyone doing tonight? (Rossdale sucks chants start)

Rossdale: Yeah, yeah... why all the animosity? I did what needed to be done. All of this is really simple. (Barratt motions for a mic in anticipation for him to talk soon) There isn't a magic trigger or reasoning to this really. This isn't as complicated as you might all think. (The crowd starts to relax because they want to hear this lame ass excuse for his turn) Why? You all want to know why right? That's the bit you need?

Crowd: You suck! You suck!

Rossdale: Do I feel bad about what I did?... NO! I don't! Jack Diamond got what he deserved! He blew it man. He fucking blew it! I gave him every chance. He was respectful, and is a great champion but he was ungrateful... he was very very ungrateful. You owe me Jack Diamond. You owe me! He had my back, he was a good guy about everything, but you don't turn your head to the hand that feeds Jack. You slighted me. You disrepected me. Whether it was by accident or not. I don't care. When I tell you to do something you do it. You wouldn't play ball. Your "morals" came into play. I tried to run this company straight and true. I couldn't do that. Mr. Barratt here has been a pain in my ass for so long.

Barratt: Why thanks mate.

Rossdale: Funny. We all know of how Jenny and him played me like a fool... crushed my heart and soul, sent me into a quick stint to rehab so I wouldn't go too far off the rails. We all know that. Our history is well documented in ICW. What you don't know is my little secret. Bobby I've been hard on you because I want to be you in some ways. Jenny, I still have feelings for you. I will for a long time.

Barratt: Hold on now mate. You need..

Rossdale: Turn his mic off. Now! (backstage staff turn it off) Listen Bobby. I'm not here to fight man. The real secret is that you remind me of myself so much.. I almost couldn't stand you. I resisted your flamboyance, and your cockiness. I wanted this place to be professional, ever since my horrific knee and back injuries back in 2004 I've been shelved. With me being 44 years old now, my prime has went. I could still go. I could, but there's no point. You won the war Barratt. I'm not here to trick you, or even make some half assed truce. What I did last week at Dead End was wrong, I know it was, but I want to be apart of the side that really has that "it" factor. Jack is a great talent, but he doesn't have that "it" factor. You've got it Bobby. I need this. You need me. I need you. (motions for Barratt's mic to be on)

Barratt: Look mate. I'm not going to blow you off. (chuckles) this isn't like that. Jenny is with me, she was always with me. She only got with you, and played house for a few weeks to get access to you, ICW's fiances, and other information. It was all a plot to get me in the neon lights man. It was really intense and diabolical. I don't regret it. We've cucked you bro.

Rossdale: Look. I'm not going to get mad about it. I'm over that. 2 days or straight on drinking and a week off from this place will do a lot of good. It has always been you. You're what ICW needs. It isn't Jack Diamond. It is you. You remind me of myself like I've said. I'm not going to resist this. I opened up ICW because I'm just about too old to wrestle. I want to compete, but I shouldn't. I don't have that fire. My injuries took that away. The fire. You've got it. I'll help you anyway I can. We can run ICW the way it needs to be ran. The way "we" want it.

[Rossdale extends his hand, Barratt looks down at it and then up to Rossdale. Barratt denies the gesture...]

Barratt: Shawn. Look man. You seem desperate. I appreciate your help. I'm just...

Rossdale: If I'm coming off as desperate.. I shouldn't. I own this place. I helped you win the Shooting Star Championship. I write your checks. I painted my private fucking jet for you. I turned my back on a great man, but a ungrateful one. Diamond isn't what I need. I need greatness, and to be honest... you need me Bobby. Together we can be an unstoppable force. You are me about the time I got injured, and you can be me in several years time. You might even make enough in ICW with me, and be a partner in ICW one day. Fly straight with me, and you'll always have the edge.

[The crowd is going insane. They do not like this segmend.. the title unveiling.. the talks from Rossdale.. any of it. Massive boos...they are starting to chant Barratt's name in hopes he will turn his back on Rossdale!]

Crowd: No Bobby No! No Bobby no! ... BARRATT!!!! BARRATT!!!

Rossdale: There's no trick. We've caused enough pain to one another. Working together... being a team is the way to go. Help me help you. I can fulfill my past through you, and there's nothing wrong with that. You can be greater than you already are. How about it Barratt?

[Rossdale reaches out again... Barratt flinches, acts like he's going to hit Rossdale, then smiles and they both give a firm handshake. They hug briefly, and while things are awkward between them some... they seem to be on the same page.]

Rossdale: There you have it!!! Thank you Bobby. Jenny. I appreciate you working here too. We should keep our distance and keep things very professional.

Barratt: Um. Yeah. You better.

Rossdale: Tonight will be "Bobby Barratt" night. Tonight's show will be in memory of Barratt's Shooting Star win, and here's to greatness!

[Shawn, Bobby and Jenny who is now very uncomfortable and lingering behind them both head out to the back. What a start to Spectacle.]

Prescott: This is completely nuts! Rossdale is a crook! You were right all along Steven.

Blaylock: He might be a crook, but he's playing for the winning side now. Diamond is a "Dead End" street with no outlet. Barratt is the real deal!

Prescott: Our first match is coming up... we've got Romeo King vs. Maverick!!!

[Light Go Out As intro to Ghetto Superstar as Lyrics begin Ghetto supastar, That is what you are Coming from afar Reaching for the stars Run away with me to another place We can rely on each other, uh-huh From one corner to another, uh-huh]

Scarlett: His opponent, ROMEO KING!!!!

[Out Leading The Way is Bambi Diamond as she twisting playing with her hair as Romeo King flash the Crown with his index thumbs touch and pinkys extended as they headed to Ring as Romeo slide in under bottom Rope as Bambi walks up the steps gets in under Middle rope as he faces crowed as Bambi Lacey against him as they Flash The Crown]

Prescott: And here we go! Our first of four action packed matches tonight! Steven, who do you have?

Blaylock: I'm not really sure, I kind of like this Romeo and Bambi duo, but not so sure about him being a self-proclaimed "King", only my guy, the Prodigal Icon, sits atop that throne.

[King and Maverick lock up in the middle of the ring, and quickly King overpowers Maverick but pushing him away. As Maverick stumbles back, Romeo talks some trash to him telling him that this is "my hood now" and spits in his face. Maverick, wiping it off in a rage, runs in and takes down Romeo for a ground and pound.]

Prescott: Oh what a takedown! The spit in the face didn't sit too well with him.

[Maverick gets up and screams at Romeo to stand. As he does, Maverick bounces off the ropes and goes for a clothesline and King ducks under it, rebounds and runs right into a big boot from Maverick.]

Blaylock: Maverick definitely the aggressor early. He is of course looking for revenge or redemption tonight after last week, and I guess King just happens to be in front of him at the wrong time.

[Maverick goes to pick King up. As he gets him to his feet, King rakes Mavericks eyes as the ref is shielded from the action. King with the Irish Whip on Maverick, he runs and hits a low angle shoulder block.]

Blaylock: Ambush! That could be the momentum shift that King needs, Stanley.

Prescott: It definitely appears to be, as Romeo is back up with a bit of swagger. He seems to be stalking his prey now.

[Romeo looks down at Maverick and taunts him a bit. As he circles his body, he is viciously attacking certain parts of his opponent. Stomp to the arm. Then, foot stomp to the back of the knee. Then the other arm. Then, face stomp. Maverick is slowly trying to roll over, feeling the effects of the stomps, he gets to all fours as Romeo still stalks him. Romeo backs up and runs in and punts Maverick right in the ribs.]

Prescott: OH! The Ghetto Punt! That could be it, King goes for the pin. 1... 2... NO!

Blaylock: Not sure how he managed the kickout with his ribs clearly in a lot of pain.

[King, stops to argue with the ref a bit for what he thought was a slow count. He turns back to Maverick and picks up him. Maverick pushes him off as he gets to his feet and as Romeo King comes back he is met with a superkick!]

Prescott: Nice superkick out of nowhere by Maverick. That quickly put a stop to the methodical offense from Romeo King.

Blaylock: Yeah but he is still feeling the kick to the ribs Stan, he isn't able to capitalize.

[King is down and isn’t moving. Maverick fell back to the mat right after the superkick, clearly hurting from the punt. He crawls over, gasping for air and holding his side. He falls onto King but cannot hook his leg.]



[KICKOUT! Just in time. The refs hand was almost down for the three count. Maverick rolls off, winded and frustrated.]

Prescott: What an awesome back and forth match so far to open Spectacle. Both men are pulling themselves up.

Blaylock: It looks like King is still out of it from the superkick Stan.

[Romeo King has pulled himself up on the ropes, facing the crowd, trying to shake the kick off. Maverick is back up and looking a little more aware. He approaches Romeo and grabs him from behind to attempt the Death Dealer. As he goes to lift him up, it appears his back gives out on him, more than likely his ribs from the punt earlier.]

Blaylock: He is too hurt to try to lift Romeo up, I think he's about done.

Prescott: Wait, he's trying it again.

[Maverick goes for another attempt at "Death Dealer", but this time Romeo grabs the ropes, stopping Maverick from lifting him up, he kicks backwards and lands a low blow as the refs attention is on the action up high. Maverick goes down to his knees, in pain and now completely out of breath. Romeo turns and sees Maverick trying to regain enough breath to make it to his feet, and he lowers his knee pad. He runs at Maverick and hits a brutal knee smash with his exposed knee.]

Prescott: "TAGGING"!! Perfectly executed, there is the cover!




Scarlett LaDawn: The winner of this match, by pinfall.. ROMEOOOOOOOOOOOO KINGGGG!!!!!

Prescott: A nice debut by Romeo King! Very well done. Too bad he had to cheat...

Blaylock: When are you going to get it? These guys just want to win man.

Prescott: You can win by not cheating. Jack Diamond does this all the time. So does Stetson.

Blaylock: Well we now know that Rossdale was pushing Diamond some, and I hear that Stetson is a yes man too. Some guys boil over and will win. A win is a win.

Prescott: Whatever you say.

[The scene cuts to Chaos Kid who is being interviewed by Jenny Stackhouse.]

Stackhouse: So Chaos Kid, your tag team match against Mad Dog Smith & Lawrence is later tonight and you will be teaming up for the first time with Duke Kosloff, your thoughts?

Chaos Kid: The word tonight is trust, trust cant be bought, trust cant be sold, trust is given away like a present at Christmas, trust is earned. Tonight we will see if trust is earned, you see last week Duke and myself went to war, until some little weasel decided to be a part of it.

Stackhouse: I guess you are referring to Mad Dog Smith?

Chaos Kid: dog,weasel, rat, toast it doesn't matter what he is called, however I can say one thing he is, and that he is in trouble. I know how dam tough that Russian is first hand, and Jenny believe me I can roll with the best of them.

Stackhouse: Now in a comment from Mad Dog Smith he offered a challenge of sorts, I believe he said... I challenge you to wrestle me like a man! No closed fists! No foreign objects! I dare you! What do you have to say to that?

Chaos Kid: Wrestle me like a man, the question really is... are you a man?, because I have serious doubts, you want to go pure old school, why cause you think you can take me out of my game? Dog you have no idea about me, Kosloff thought he knew me, but found out the hard way that I'm a guy that doesn't back down, so Dog if you want to go old school then no fists it is!

Stackhouse: Well that's it, Chaos Kid promises no fist during his tag team match, how will Kosloff react to that news?

Chaos Kid: Thank you Jenny

[Suddenly, the camera pans over to a very pissed off looking Duke Kosloff. He towers above Chaos Kid and Jenny. He jerks the mic from Jenny.]

Duke: You don't give interviews around here Chaos. I do. I do now. Especially since Shawn seems to have smartened up some with the booking. Lucas, or whoever does it around this place. Trust? Listen. I'll have your back if you have mine. It is that simple. Our match last week was a war, and kid... you did alright. If you cross me, and screw with this match I'll make you "feel the burn". In more ways than 1.

Chaos Kid: Hey relax man. Just chill. You won the match, because you were lucky... lucky that damn bum interfered and hit you first.

Mad Dog Smith: Wait what? (from distance) Who is calling who a bum. I see a little Kid and a overrated freakshow that can't make it to the big leagues here in ICW. (Mad Dog runs off after saying that from down the hallway out of the shot. Duke and CHaos just let it go).

Duke: Like I said. We need eachother. You want some ICW gold? Come get it with me... this is the 1st step for us both!

[Mad Dog Smith comes into the shot for real this time, he must of went around the hallway's back passes to get to the other side of where they were. He hits Duke with a small travel box, and then does the same to Chaos Kid. They both fall down and hold their heads some.]

Mad Dog Smith: I'm the real marquee attraction. I'm good lookin' and smokin' hot baby! Now pick yourselves off the floor, we've got a match! (winks).

Prescott: What the hell was that? We've got Duke and Chaos bickering about their match and throwing some loose threats around.

Blaylock: Mad Dog Smith is fantastic! What a cartoon character! He got the best of them both!

Prescott: Our match is coming up very soon... Duke/Chaos Kid vs. Mad Dog Smith/Lawrence for the #1 contendership to the Tag Team Championships!

[We start with "Hungry Eyes" hitting the coliseum. Mad Dog Smith struts out with Lawrence right behind him. They pose together and Maverick comes out from the back with a 2x4 and slams into Mad Dog Smith! Mad Dog goes down, and Lawrence kinda trots off, but checks on Mad Dog as soon as he notices Maverick retreating. Lawrence and Mad Dog labor to the ring, Mad Dog is okay to go, but clearly is hurting. He gets on his knees and takes off his rabbit fur coat and red circular sunglasses. Lawrence is chatting with him to make sure their gameplan is going to go over.

The opening chords to Limp Bizkit's "Break Stuff" starts to buzz in the colisuem and Chaos Kid walks straight out and gets to the ring. He is wearing blue jeans, and a orange tank top. Looking focused and intent on winning this match.

The arena goes dark red and gold lights start to flash as the arena fills with smoke. A monster slowly appears walking down the ramp as pyros shoot flames into the air you can hear Enter Sandman by Metallica playing. He methodically enters the ring stepping over the top rope and standing like a God in the center of the ring as he waits for the bell to ring.]

LaDawn: Ladies and gentleman! This is our #1 contendership for the tag team championship! The winner of this matchup will recieve a tag team title shot as soon as Brett Stetson can find a partner replacement.

Prescott: Well here we go. Looks like we're starting out with Mad Dog and Chaos Kid.

Blaylock: This should be interesting.

[We start the match up as the bell rings. Mad Dog walks up to Chaos Kid and they start to belittle each other. Mad Dog poses, and the crowd eats it up some. They stretch their arms out to eachother, and grapple. Mad Dog gets a headlock in, Chaos reverses it and slaps Mad Dog. Mad Dog shakes his head. They reach towards eachother again, Chaos trying to keep the no fist thing going. They lock up again, Chaos throws Mad Dog back into the corner, he tries to adjust his bandana/hair, but Chaos Kid jumps in with a crazy elbow, but Mad Dog ducks underneath! Roll up!]




Prescott: A close fall by Mad Dog.

Blaylock: What a little lizard man. He's always looking for that quick cheese pot pie roll up.

Prescott: He is. Anyway he can get it.

Blaylock: Like a fruit roll up.

Prescott: Chaos Kid jumps up from the pin. Looking to generate some offense...

Blaylock: Mad Dog goes to lock up again. Taunting Chaos. Calling him dirty and asking to keep the wrestling clean.

Prescott: Great response from Mad Dog. A nice headlock takedown! Mad Dog is wrenching the head/neck.

Blaylock: What if he tapped out?

Prescott: I don't think anyone has ever tapped out to a headlock before... right?

Blaylock: You never know.

Prescott: Chaos Kid manages to get up, and breaks free of Mad Dog's headlock. Off the ropes...

Blaylock: And a nice sunset flip for Chaos Kid! Taste of his own medicine for Mad DOg!




Prescott: Pretty close yet again. Chaos smacks Mad Dog on the ground. He then tries to punch him but Mad Dog rolls out of the ring.

Blaylock: Chaos in pursuit. That bum.

Prescott: Mad Dog rolling back in the ring.

Blaylock: CHaos follows and a stuff closed fist!

Prescott: I thought Chaos was going to fight clean and just wrestle.

Blaylock: Nope! Several closed fist shots! Mad Dog crawls to Lawrence!

[Tag is made barely. Mad Dog shaken up tags Lawrence in. Duke starts yelling at Chaos to tag him in but Chaos waves him off. Duke stomps on the side apron. He's getting frustrated. The "Soviet Monster" needs to eat so to speak. Chaos is taken down by Lawrence with a jumping knee. Chaos jumps right back up and clotheslines Lawrence. Mad Dog is on the outside just getting up to his feet. Chaos hits a snap suplex followed by a nicely done DDT. Duke is demanding to be tagged in. Chaos walks over to him and points his hand in his face and tells him to relax and calm down. Duke smacks the hand away from him and Chaos pushes Duke off to the apron, but the big man lands on his feet. Cooler heads prevail and Chaos tags Duke in, Chaos holds Lawrence for Duke. Duke goes for the big boot but Lawrence ducks and Duke creams Chaos! Duke looks stressed as Lawrence jumps up and hits a dropkick on Duke! Mad Dog just claps on the side, and doesn't seem interested in helping out his partner. Duke gets up quickly and with brute strength hits a chokeslam on Lawrence who goes down. Chaos Kid rolls back in the ring and gets in the face of Duke, chest to chest and they argue. Duke pushes Chaos Kid down. Chaos gets up and goes to hit Duke, but Lawrence is able to hit another weak dropkick on Duke that knocks him out of the way. Chaos and Duke look at eachother and start to laugh as they realize these two guys are no match. They slap hands and nod at eachother.]

Prescott: It looks like these two have figured out that they are too strong for the other team, and seem to be on the same page.

Blaylock: It's about time. These 2 could be an unstoppable force. I wonder if Chaos Kid might joint he Soviet Connection at some point?

Prescott: Good question. For now, they've brushed off any competitive differences and their eyes are on that #1 contendership!

[With the missed punch not happening due to a barely tough dropkick by Lawrence... they take control, the referee orders Chaos out of the ring as he's not the legal man. Lawrence gets whipped to the corner and speared! Duke really lays him down. The crowd starts to cheer some. Mad Dog is mocking Duke and telling him to come over. Duke goes, and Mad Dog drops down to the apron and poses for the front row. Duke blows him off and starts to work in on Lawrence. Stiff shots, a headbutt and a legdrop all really wear down Lawrence. Duke tags in Chaos. Duke holds Chaos and Chaos hits a couple stiff shots on Lawrence before he falls and Duke lets him go. Chaos sets him up for a "Chaos Bomb"!!! He hits it!!! Lawrence is laid out! Chaos tags Duke back in. Duke high fives Chaos and is pleased with the new guy's work. Duke goes to whip Lawrence into the ropes, but he is able to fall and crawl to the corner, Mad Dog drops down again! Preventing the tag. Mad Dog blows a kiss at Lawrence as the terror in his eyes can be seen. Duke picks him up again lands a hellacious bench press slam. Duke then steps on Lawrence's chest and the ref counts...]




LaDawn: Your winners, and new #1 contenders for the tag team titles! Duuuuuke Kooosloooooffff and Chaaaaaoosssss Kiiiiiiid!!!

Crowd: (mostly cheers)

[Mad Dog, has other plans. He pulls out a chair from underneathe the ring as Chaos and Duke hold their hands up, rolls into the ring and instead of attacking Duke and Chaos he attacks Lawrence over and over. Duke and Chaos let him go and leave the ring with their nice win. Mad Dog follows as Lawrence if left motionless and bloody in the ring from the latest attack from Mad Dog's chair. We cut to commerical break...]

[We come back from commercial break. We see Shawn Rossdale and Bobby Barratt in their office. Yeah it's "their" office. The front door reads "Icons". Shawn is looking busy, but nervous in his face. Bobby is really enjoying the 1st class treatment. ICW is a startup, but clearly it has money behind it, and after the sellout crowd from DEAD END and the excellent PPV buys ICW clearly seems to be in good, if not great condition. Lucas and Shawn start to argue.]

Lucas Rieter: Look mate, I'm not going to be in this office if this cuck is in here. He's just another wank.

Rossdale: Look Lucas, you have a special place in my heart bro. We go back how many years?

Rieter: We go back 15 or so years. Ever since you left NWW.

Rossdale: Yeah, so that is my point. We go back a long time. Can't you just accept this?

Rieter: No I can't. I won't. I want to be apart of ICW. I love this place. It's a great place. The pay is incredible. You're my best friend. I just don't want to share a office with this cuck mate.

Barratt: Call me that again and I'll show you what a cuck is.

Rossdale: Guys... guys. We're all on the same team.

Barratt/Rieter: "No we're not".

Rossdale: Listen. Fine. Lucas. If you don't want to be in here then get out, and use that blank office for the rest of the night. I'm not going to fire you Lucas. You mean too much to me and ICW. Remember, you even own some of this place.

Barratt: He does? How much does this fool own?

Rossdale: He owns 15% of ICW, all things.

Barratt: Interesting.

Rossdale: I'm still majority owner and have final say in all things.

Rieter: I'm out of here. I'll see you later Shawn. And yeah, you do. You do remember the only thing you "can't" control is the bookings right? Remember? When I decided to join you and invest, and you hired me, in my 1 year contract we decided you wouldn't mess with the bookings and you'd actually let me book the shows and do my job, and wouldn't interfere.

Rossdale: I know. I remember. I know I've tried to influence some bookings already, but yes. You do have final say.

Barratt: So this cuck can override you in the bookings? What the fuck?

Rieter: I'm out. Peace.

[Lucas very unsatisfied leaves abruptly and slams the door.]

Rossdale: Relax Bobby. And yes. He can override any booking that I do. Or want to do. I wanted that to be apart of his 1 year deal. I didn't know if ICW would take off and last a year. Obviously it has and we'll be long term. I have the finances secure to go on about 2 years already, and that is even if we collapse and fall apart. The profits are growing.

Barratt: So what? He's been booking the cards all this time.

Rossdale: Yeah, he's the General Manager. he owns 15%, and has exclusive booking control, we agreed I would get too involved and over zealous at the start. Which I already kind of did. Where's Jenny?

Barratt: Don't worry about her. So what are we going to do about future bookings?

Rossdale: Rieter has booked the majority of the ICW matches so far and he's great at it. With him not cool with being on board about you is a problem. I'm not going to fire him, as I can do actually... he means too much to me. We'll just have to pursuade him to chill out or join us.

Barratt: Whatever you think mate. Are we really going to put all of our past and drama behind us? We caused so much hell for eachother.

Rossdale: Yes. I've given you my word.

Barratt: Forgive me... your word hasn't...

Rossdale: My word. Relax. Rieter can book whatever he wants, and so far up to this point I've been able to talk him into a few bookings. Like when we were going at it. I was able to talk him out of a few matches and place you in tougher ones etc... he did that. I can still influence him, we just got to be careful.

Barratt: Whatever man. Just as long as I get dibs.

[The shot switches away. It has been revealed that Rossdale has emotional attachment to his best friend, and won't fire him. Rieter own a minority stake in ICW and has exclusive booking control. As long as he doesn't get too pissed off, things should be booked fair and on the good guy side so to speak. The Rossdale/Barratt alliance might not be as sweet as it once seemed. We switch to a quick interview with 3 of our newest signings, all at a small table.]

Stackhouse: Hello everyone. I'm here with our latest signings. We have Brad Marsh, James Bryant and Kam Kellington.

All three: Hello ICW universe.

Stackhouse: Just wanted to touch base with our 3 latest signings. Start with you first Brad.

James Bryant: Why him?

Kam Kellington: Let her speak, it's her interview.

Brad: So... I'm very excited to be apart of ICW. This place looks to be great.

Stackhouse: It is a great place. Do you have your eyes on anyone for the neat future.

Kellington: No not really.

Marsh: She was talking to me.

Bryant: And me.

Wes Hartley: Why don't you 3 pansies take a hike? No one wants to hear you guys cry over who is and who isn't getting asked questions.

Barratt: So this is the big competition tonight? You and this Synner punk?

Hartley: You're going to be surprised Barratt. Watch your back.

[The three new signings all kinda look at eachother as Stackhouse kinda leaves the interview and walks down with Barratt to their private dressing room. Their match is soon to start. Hartlet brushes by Barratt and they have a quick stare down, but security breaks them up. The camera switches to another area, and we see Romeo King beating the hell out of Synner. He's got a table on top of him and he's trying to get up but can't. Romeo tosses him out of the shot and then winds up for a "Ghetto Punt"! He hits Synner in the ribs and he screams in pain. Romeo then brushes his shoulder off, as Bambi is seen clapping on the side. "Ders what it do bitch!". Romeo says that then walks away...]

Prescott: What a very interesting couple of segments that was. Romeo has attacked Synner... and I'm getting word Synner will not be in this matchup tonight. It's going to be a singles Hardcore match.

Blaylock: Yep! My guy vs. Hartley. Barratt's chances increased greatly!

Prescott: Like he ever needed more help right?

Blaylock: Shut up Stan. Damn.

[The lights go out as "Hero" by Pop Evil begins and red and white strobe lights flicker on. From behind the curtain, out comes Wes Hartley showing no emotion, eyes locked on the ring. The fans reach out, trying desperately to touch his arm, but Wes ignores them. At the ring, Wes rolls under the bottom rope and walks directly to his corner. He sits on the bottom turnbuckle and waits on the bell to ring.]

Prescott: This is a nice look at one of our newer signings. Wes Hartley.

Blaylock: I believe that is "Heartless" Wes Hartley Stan. And he's got no chance.

Prescott: He looks to be in great shape and very determined. Barratt can only win if he cheats.

Blaylock: My guy has talent. He just gets some help sometimes...

["Mutherf**ker of the Year" starts up and Bobby Barratt walks out with a barbwire bat! He holds up his purple looking Shooting Star title and kisses it. He then makes his way to the ring. He gets in walks over to Wes and puts the title in his face and pushes it into his face. Wes hops up from the bottom rope and strikes Barratt. The match starts as the bell rings!]

Prescott: Where's Jenny? With Shawn?

Blaylock: Just stop it Stan. You're so accusing.

[Hartley and Barratt trade shots in the beginning. Wes ends up landing a tiger suplex. He hits a few stomps, but Barratt is able to roll out of the ring. He rolls right back in and hits a low blow on Hartley. Hartley falls down. Barratt picks up the baseball bat that is wrapped in some barbed wire and smacks it into the side of Hartley. He falls over on his side into a seizure like state. Wiggling back and forth. Barratt then points the bat towards Stanley Prescott.]

Blaylock: Watch your mouth Stan (laughs)

[Steven Blaylock gives Bobby thumbs up and he laughs. Wes bleeding just a little on his side tries to get up and locks in a exploder suplex, but Barratt who still has the bat smacks it on the side of Hartley again. He loosens the grip and grabs his side. Barratt then winds up for a home-run type swing with the wired bat, but Hartley ducks it, and picks him up for a nice spinbuster! The bat rolls to the outside! Hartley gets up and smacks Barratt once. He seems to not want to use weapons really. So far at least. Barratt to his knees lays in wait for another low blow, but Hartley grabs the low blow attempt and hits a DDT. Cover!]




[A close call, but Barratt kicks out. Hartley whips Barratt into the ropes, Barratt leaps over the top of Hartley, Hartley turns around and ducks a Barratt clothesline, then when he turns around again Bobby is able to hits quick reverse russian legsweep! Barratt goes for his bat, gets it! Barratt takes another sweet Griffey swing at Hartley! He connects! Hartley goes down. Barratt does another! Hartley blocks it with his forearms. Hartley is able to kick the bat from Barratt as Bobby was trying to wedge it down in his face. Now weaponless, Hartley rolls out of the ring, and goes for a weapon. The crowd cheers greatly. He grabs a table and slides it into the ring. Bobby goads him into coming in. He does. Hartley rushes in, Bobby goes for "Prodigal Arrivial" but Hartley is able to counter it into a backdrop. Hartley sets up the table. He places it towards one side of the ropes. Barratt is getting back up. Bobby goes over to Hartley who's waiting. Barratt goes for a leg lariat, but misses! Hartley grabs him and hits a beautiful overhead belly to belly suplex threw the table!!! The crowd reacts mostly to cheers and some boos. Cover!]



thr..kickout! Prescott: That was a close one. Barratt able to twist out of that. Perhaps if Hartley had hooked the leg... he would be #1 contender for Barratt's precious Shotting Star title!

Blaylock: He's rusty it seems. He isn't quite there. He should of hooked the leg.

Prescott: Barratt tangled up in the table wreckage is able to roll out of the ring.

Blaylock: Get up Bobby! damnitt!

[Hartley runs out and grabs Barratt. He hits a double underhook backbreaker! Barratt crumples. Underneathe the ring, where Barratt lays on his stomach, he reaches for a large "monkey wrench". When Hartley goes to grab him up again, Barratt twists around and slams Hartley in the face. Busting his nose up. Blood starts to dribble out. Barratt rolls back in the ring to collect himself. Hartley holding his face sees the blood on his hands. He scrambles back into the ring as Barratt is ready and hits "Prodigal Arrival"!!!!]

Prescott: That must be it!

Blaylock: No doubt!




[NO! Hartley just got a shoulder up. WOW! Just barely! Barratt starts to argue with the referee, threatening Shawn will have some say about the slow count or something. The referee states it was 2 and 1/2. Barratt turns around after several seconds of arguing and Hartley hits "Heartstopper"!!!!!! (Gamengiri Kick)]

Prescott: What a quick exploding move!

Blaylock: That might be it right there!

[Someone in the crowd catches Hartley's eye. It is his ex girlfriend? Sonya? He stares at her and seems a little frozen... the crowd cheering and about 10 seconds pass from the kick. He shakes his head and looks down at Barratt who is able to hit a low blow! Barratt then goes for "Three Amigos" 1... then 2... and then the 3rd Northern Lights Suplex hits! Cover!]




Prescott: What HART from Wes Hartley!!!!

Blaylock: This is ridiclulous. Is this dude on steroids or something?

[Hartley shows tremendous effort and "hart" and is just barely able to get a shoulder up on that! Barratt looks in disbelief. He picks up Hartlet again, hits a "Codebreaker"... cover!]




Scarlett LaDawn: Your winner! And new #1 contender for the ICW World Championship.... "The Prodigal Icon"!!!!! Booooobbbby BAARRRRRRAAAAATTTTT!

Prescott: I don't care that Bobby won. He played dirty and barely won.

Blaylock: It was a hardcore match idiot. Barratt got the job done Hartley was just lucky.

Prescott: No one is that lucky... Hartley has what it takes, just came up short. Sonya clearly distracted him. Even though she didn't mean to.

[Shawn Rossdale walks to the ring unannounced. He gets in the ring and asks politely for the mic.]

Rossdale: You see people. This is why Bobby Barratt is the real deal. While we've just gotten on the same page, he got the job done. No one helped him. It was all Barratt. THis is why I turned my back on Jack Diamond. He doesn't get it. He's a great talent like I've said before but he just doesn't have what it takes. Bobby does. I only align myself with Icons.

Barratt: Thanks mate. Hartley was a tough customer, but he's still a cuck. Diamond if you want a piece of m...

[Jack Diamond rushes in through the crowd! He gets in, Shawn goes for a "Distortion" superkick, but misses and hits Barratt!!!! Diamond smiles quickly before quickly hitting a "Stacked Deck"!!!! on Rossdale! Jack takes the mic!]

Jack Diamond: Talk about all this "cuck" talk. You two take the cake right? Look at ya both! Your both on the ground together where you belong. Barratt, I got a piece of you. Actually Shawn did. (Crowd starts to cheer and laugh). I'll just wait in the ring here for Stetson. He's the only concern I have now that I've shut you two the hell up.

[Lucas Rieter comes out "Shimmer" by Fuel plays. He walks midway to the ramp. Shawn and Bobby are getting help from medical staff. They are on the outside of the ring as Jack looks sprung to pounce again if anyone challenges him.]

Lucas: I've thought about it Shawn. I'm going to play ball with the booking. (Shawn mouthes thank you brother) But it isn't the way you want it to be. Tonight. Brett Stetson's Ironman Championship WILL BE on the line against Jack Diamond! You're not going to screw Diamond out of more gold. Besides Stetson showed interest in defending his title anyways, as he has told me he doesn't want any part in this drama. He just wants to collect his checks, make his appearances and win. So tonight's match will be Diamond/Stetson for the Ironman title!

Rossdale: You can't do that! This ungrateful cuck doesn't deserve it.

Lucas: He does. And I did. Just now. Fair is fair. Remember. Fair play?

[Rossdale brushes by Rieter, making sure to shoulder him over some. Barratt and Rossdale argue some going up the ramp.

The arena lights dim as "Famous" by Puddle of Mudd blares through the arena. Stetson emerges from the curtain wearing sunglasses and a scarf over his wrestling attire as a spotlight follows him down the ramp. He stops to take a selfie with an attractive female fan. Stetson continues to make his way down to the ring, soaking in the reaction of the crowd and giving his sunglasses to a lucky fan. He enters the ring and throws his scarf into the crowd before flexing for the camera as his music dies down. He decides he wants to speak.]

Stetson: My people. I love you as much as you love me. I want everyone to know I have no problem with putting the Ironman Championship on the line tonight. No problem in that. Jack, it wasn't right for Shawn to influence Lucas and make this a non-title match. Since Lucas isn't having anymore of Shawn's drama and since Shawn has switched to the darkside with that punk Barratt... we'll get some fairer booking. So Jack, lets shake hands. No hard feelings.

[Jack walks up and the two shake hands then walk to their corners.]

LaDawn: This match is scheduled for 1 fall, and it is for the Ironman Championship!!!!

[The bell rings and the match starts! Diamond and Stetson circle around. They end up locking up and Stetson blows Diamond back in the corner. Jack shakes it off and they lock up again. Diamond does a sidelock and gets Stetson into a takedown. Stetson uses his legs to gain momentum and scissor lock Diamond, Diamond breaks the hold and Diamond is able to monkey flip out of the scissor lock. Stetson grabs Diamond and whips him hard into the ropes. Diamond comes off and ducks a clothesline, Stetson turns around and hits a gorgeous pumphandle michinoku driver II!!! Great move! Stetson is shaken up by this. Diamond puts Stetson into a headlock. He tries to push Diamond off, but Diamond hits a bulldog out of it. Stetson is down. Cover!]




Prescott: Brett Stetson looking strong, but Diamond has this one in control so far.

Blaylock: Yeah Diamond looks really good, and poised. He's not rattled by the craziness that is Rossdale and my guy.

[Stetson gets out and then attemps to grab Diamond. Diamond slips away. Stetson grabs him again and hits a front powerslam! Diamond shrugs it off, and rolls back to his feet. "Stacked Deck"!!!!!! Out of no where! Stetson is down! Diamond goes to the top rope! "Shuffled Deck"!!!! NO NO!!! Stetson is able to roll barely out of the way! Diamond just hits on his feet and rolls awkwardly to the ropes. Diamond walks over to Stetson and starts to chop at him! Several chops. Stetson has had enough. He's weak, but his conditioning is excellent. He grabs Jack's arm and whips him over for a arm drag. Stetson smacks the back of the head of Diamond. Stetson goes for an argentine backbreaker rack after whipping Diamond into the corner. He connects! Diamond is down. Jack twists around some, Stetson picks him back up, Diamond starts to fight back!!!

Prescott: Never underestimate the heart of a champion!

Blaylock: They are both champions...

Prescott: That's my point dummy.

[They trade shots back and forth. Diamond comes out on top barely. Stetson staggers to the corner. "Diamond Splash"!!! Stetson staggers out of the corner. Still standing. Diamond gets on the top rope. As he does, Stetson goes for and leaps with crazy athleticism and hits a hurricanrana!!! From the top rope! Diamond goes down! Stetson cover!]





Prescott: That close was Stetson to getting a victory and earning a shot on Diamond next week!

Blaylock: Suprised that cry baby Diamond kicked out.

[Duke Kosloff decides to stroll down to the ring. He gets on the apron and distracts Stetson who was in control. Stetson goes to hit him, but Duke drops down. No DQ is needed. Stetson turns around and Diamond lays in wait like a diamond rattlesnake.... "Stacked Deck"!!! Cover!]



[Lights go out. "Supersonic" by Oasis starts to play again... the 3 count never happened. The lights come back on... and instead of Shawn Rossdale being there, we've got Bobby Barratt right behind Jack Diamond. He takes one swift swing of the bat, and he crushes Jack. We then see Shawn Rossdale walking down the ramp slow clapping. Duke shoulders past Shawn... were they working together? Probably not. Duke cost Stetson the control of the match. Jack is down. Shawn hops in the ring and the referee calls for the bell!!!]

LaDawn: Your winner by Disqualification Jack Diiiiamond! Still... your Ironman Champion... Brett Steeeeetsooon!

[Stetson is stilld own after the 2nd "Stacked Deck" on him. Barratt is talking over Diamond. Diamond's forehead is bleeding badly. Shawn asks Bobby to hold him up. Bobby does. Before he can do anything Brett Stetson comes in and gives Bobby Barratt a "Director's Cut". Diamond staggers over to the corner. Bobby is laid out, and Shawn tells Brett to go to the back that he's got unfinished business. Brett turns away for a second then hits Shawn with a stiff right. Shawn goes down. Jack picks up Shawn and looks around to the crowd. Brett and Jack double team him. They do a "3-D" type of move... and Jack lays on the cutter at the end!!!! We go off the air. Shawn Rossdale and Bobby Barratt are laid out cold. Brett and Jack shake hands and Duke never left as he waits at the top of the ramp.]

Prescott: That is all folks, we will see you for our special show SATURDAY NIGHT at 10pm central time.

Blaylock: There will be hell to pay, I promise that!!!!