June 5th @ 10 PM CST
Resch Center
Green Bay, WI
Capcity: 9,877

(Again, please click the video above and listen to it as you read the opening to the show!)

Sevendust's "Denial" plays in the Resch Center as the crowd explodes!!! The song starts mellow and quickly goes into a fluery of aggression! The ICW LOCO pops up and as the music goes into "Denial seems it had to come" part of the song it shows Jack Diamond raising the ICW World title and smiling... with exhaustion still on his face. It shows Jericho Kade getting low blowed by Lucas Rieter after winning the Shooting Star title, and it fast fowards like an old VCR tape and cuts to Shawn and Lucas laughing in the back, then rewinds to show Jericho getting low blowed again then shows Lucas/Shawn laughing. The video then turns dark orange tint and we see Bobby and Jericho screwing around with the rumble match last week. While Jericho Kade was eliminated they came back and really really made a mess of things. Then it blurs and shows Rossdale beating the hell out of Bobby Barratt. We then see Duke Kosloff eating Stetson alive in his match. As the song ends we head off to our annoucers while orange/white and grey pyro blow about the entrance, and the "Denial" song starts again.]

Stanley Prescott: Welcome to Monday Night Spectacle ladies and gentlemen! I'm Stanley Prescott here with Steven Blaylock as always.

Steven Blaylock: Listen to this crowd! It is getting loud in here. What is the decibal level? We just installed that this evening.

Prescott: It is clocking in at 94. That is loud my friends! We have so much to get to. We have the other side of the #1 contendership for the tag titles to decide!

Blaylock: Boy do we! Who is going to face my guys... my guys that went overboard last week? Damn. I bet it is going to be Duke and Ari. They seem primed for a huge win tonight!

Prescott: We'll find our shortly, don't count out the newly formed Stetson/Longboat tandem. They seem to get on well.

Blaylock: Longboat? Really? I mean what is a shortboat even mean then? Longboat. Ari Naxt is prime to get his first win tonight! Watch him!

Prescott: We also have the Ironman title on the line yet again as it will be forever in ICW against Don White! Can Don bounce back from another tough loss in the steel cage against Steele and Kade to win the Ironman tonight?

Blaylock: I don't think he has a chance in hell Stan.

Prescott: And don't forget people, we've got the HUGE main event match between Jack Diamond and Bobby Barratt who was reinstated last week. He really forced Rossdale's hand. This is going to be a crazy match! Remember the stipulations too folks!

Blaylock: I wonder if Shawn will even be here tonight? He drove frantically from his home to the Xcel Energy Center last week to stop the bedlam that Barratt and Kade were causing. Those two.... love them!

[Suddenly Creed's "Inside Us All" hits as Shawn Rossdale walks out. He's wearing his typical black dress pants and white button up shirt that isn't tucked in. The buttons go up about half way and he seems to be a bit upset. As usual, he makes his way into the ring by stepping through the middle ropes, the song that started with picking of clean electric guitar and dark words turns bright with chorus blazing in over the PA system, very loudly. When the song gets to the "I'm left wondering... is it really worth it all" part Shawn drops to his knees and raises his hands up in the moment. The song shortly fades out as Scarlett LaDawn hands a mic up to him through the ropes.]

Stanley Prescott: Shawn is here people. Indeed our owner has arrived.

Steven Blaylock: Oh great. I can't wait for this corrupt guy to ramble on and on about something with Barratt now...

Prescott: Shawn Rossdale is fair. He is NOT corrupt. Duke's statements hold 0 water.

Shawn Rossdale: That is right. There is a "peace inside us all". Despite the great efforts of some of my roster, things will go according to plan tonight. I'm not the one for foul play and unfairness. ICW is a land of equal opportunity. With Gold Rush being in the past, we've got 3 Champions now. 2 of them are new. Jack Diamond (massive pop), Jericho Kade (mild pop) and Sebastian Steele (boos). This is wrestling, this is competition. This is the highest caliber stuff out there. We're new, but that doesn't mean that we can't and won't compete with any other federation! I'm proud to say, that we're the biggest and now most successful promotion in the Minnestora/Wisconsin/Dakotas region, and our arm is reaching further each week. Thank you all! All of you at home watching on TNT, our great partner and all of you here in attendance tonight. Don't worry everyone, we plan on making some southern stops soon!

Crowd: Large pop from crowd!!!!

Prescott: Hmm seems like Shawn has his head on straight for tonight. He's being very professional.

Blaylock: Yes he is. I bet it's all a plan to twist around the matches to his bidding. He couldn't hack it on his own years ago...

Prescott: Shawn was a multiple champions at the lower to mid levels in Great Britain and in the northern MN region. Why do you think ICW has taken off so well?

Shawn Rossdale: I came out here to announce those few things, but I also want to get Duke Kosloff out here right now please.

["Enter Sandman" plays as Duke calmly walks down to the ring with Levi. They don't do anything crazy, just calmly get in the ring and walk up to Shawn.]

Rossdale: What you did in the Xcel Engery Center last week was uncalled for. I had already left the arena. You went in there and used starter fluid and set a fire in my office's trash can! You can't do this mate. The fire actually spread to the cherry wood desk and luckily for me the sprinklers went off and put it out.

[Duke steps closer to Shawn Rossdale and looks intense.]

Rossdale: Do you know how much that cost me? The entire room needs to be re-carpeted, and the desk is shot. They billed me 8,000 dollars for that. I can't really afford having these things go on Duke. You need to watch your temper. And you're paying for it. I've docked 1/2 your pay for that from tonight's earnings. That will cover most of it, and I'll cover the rest. You need to be professional Duke. With Barratt and Kade running their disrespectful arses around here I can't have other things going on.

[Duke grabs the mic from Shawn and starts to talk...]

Duke Kosloff: Shawn. You know what your problem is? You never have control of this place. I'm not getting my fair shakes in ICW. I've beaten Max Glory, Stetson and I've beaten Halifax McAlister who seems to be gone from ICW. You need to give me my chances.

Rossdale: You've also lost a Ironman title shot and a triple threat match with Steele and Jumbo. Steele has beaten you twice. You didn't tap out in the triple, but you lost mate. Enjoy the loss. Embrace it. Move on.

Kosloff: You do not get it do you? I will burn this place to the ground in every way. Literally, metaphorically. Whatever it takes man. I want my shot. At. Diamond.

Rossdale: Wait a minute now. You are getting your shot. You're getting a chance to face off tonight for a right to face those 2 clowns for the tag titles later (Barratt/Kade) down the road. You've had your cracks. You need to train harder... you need to focus more. You're doing well Duke, but I'm not having this fire setting stuff going on in ICW. It isn't going to happen.

Kosloff: Whatever you think. You're just as corrupt as they come boss. I want an inferno match. I want one soon. Got it?

Rossdale: An inferno match? If you play your cards right, maybe you can have one at DEAD END in July. We'll see Duke. If I were you, I'd focus more on your tag match tonight. I'll tell you what. If you play it cool, and stop setting things on fire I'll award you that Inferno Match at DEAD END. Deal?

Kosloff: Whatever you say Shawn. Let me make this clear to you... watch your... back!

[Duke gets really close to Shawn as he drops his mic that was given to him by Scarlett so they both had one. Shawn seems frightened, and doesn't say anything and asks him to leave. Duke and Levi exit the ring as does Shawn they all make their ways back to the locker room/office area, but cautiously distant from eachother.]

Prescott: What was that about? What is Duke's deal?

Blaylock: You heard him. Rossdale has his Champions picked out. They've not been cheated but the booking is clearly being influenced by Rossdale through Rieter. I'd be pissed too.

Prescott: Duke will be right back out here, as we get to our first match! The tag team match. Kosloff/Naxt vs. Stetson/Longboat! Right after this break!

[We come back from the commercials and get started...]

Prescott: Thank you for tuning in to Monday Night Spectacle! We have only our second tag match ICW history lined up for you! Both teams are in the ring.

Blaylock: We have a team of lunatics on one side of the ring in Naxt/Kosloff. We also have the debut of Longboat as he teams up with "Teen Idol" Brett Stetson!

Prescott: This match has big implications, with the winner moving on the face the cocky team of Barratt/Kade for the tag team titles.

Blaylock: Myers looks to be starting this match up now.

[In the left corner of the ring we Ari and Duke playing rock paper scissors to decide who is in the ring first. In the opposite corner we see Longboat using the ropes to stretch out. Duke wins the game and Ari climbs through the ropes onto the apron. Myers signals to the timekeeper to start the match and the excited crowd goes wild.]

Blaylock: Just listen to this ICW crowd! They’re going nuts for some tag team action.

Prescott: Specifically Longboat, they appear to be chanting his name in unison. They're ready for this in-ring debut.

[After the bell rings Longboat turns to Stetson and tags him in. An "Aww" can be heard from the crowd that is quickly replaced by the squeals of pre-teen girls. The crowd quickly begins cheering for Stetson and he and Duke circle the ring. Both men's partners can be heard cheering them on from the apron.]

[After a few seconds of circling both mean quickly lock up in a collar and elbow. Both Duke and Stetson look determined to settle their score as they test each other's strength. Neither man is budging as they both push each other around the ring. The crowd continues to cheer for Stetson as he somehow manages to back Duke into the Corner with Longboat. Being the good sport that he his Longboat steps away and raising his hands into the air.] Blaylock: Longboat looks like he doesn't want any part in the match just yet.

Prescott: He is not the legal man, he's being a good sport and not assaulting his opponent.

Blaylock: The wrestling ring is no place for being a sportsman! He should help his partner out.

[Stetson has Duke trapped in the corner, attempting to hit him heavy chest chops. Before the first one even lands Duke is somehow able to slip out of the corner and muscle Stetson into the place he once was. Duke delivers a drop kick to Longboat standing on the apron of the ring. Longboat is able to get his hands in front of his face but the kick still sends him to the outside.]

[Ari sees longboat fall to the floor and drops to the outside. Referee Jason Myers sees Ari heading for Longboat and yells at him. Ari was about halfway around the ring before he was caught but he stops dead in his tracks. He stops to shoot Jason a dirty almost deranged look and he proceeds to jump up onto the apron. He begins to argue with the ref in an attempt to distract him.]

[While the ref was preoccupied with Ari, Duke has managed to spin Stetson around and has begun to choke him by pushing his neck down over the top tope. Longboat quickly gathers himself on the outside and begins yelling to the ref. Myers attempts to turn to the action but is stopped by Ari who grabs his wrist. Myers begins to scream at Ari.]

Myers: Keep your hands off of me or you're disqualified Ari! I mean it! Let go of me!





[At the four count Longboat pulls Ari off the apron by his legs. Ari manages to land on his feet and turns to Longboat. Both men stare each other down on the outside of the ring before Ari turns and walks back to his corner.]

Prescott: Both of these men should be disqualified for this sickening display! They're making a mockery of this match!

Blaylock: Take notes Longboat! That's how you wrestle right there! Doing whatever it takes to win a match!

Prescott: This isn't backyard wrestling Blaylock, all of these men should keep some sense of civility in the ring!

Blaylock: Do you really think a man who calls himself a God and another who calls himself a "Soviet Monster" are civil?

[After he was freed Myers turned his attention back to Stetson and Kosloff. Stetson appears to be fading fast as he is till being choked over the top rope. Myers sees this and quickly rushes in to stop this. He manages to barely squeeze himself between the two large men and begins counting.]




[Duke breaks the hold and allows himself to be led back into his corner by the ref. Duke puts his back to the turnbuckle and outstretches a hand to Ari who has just climbed back up on the apron. Ari tags himself in but takes his time getting into the ring as Myers tends to Longboat. Stetson is now sitting in his team's corner, propping himself up with the second rope. Myers is asking him if he can go while looking into his eyes.]

[Ari has now made his way into the ring and slowly stalking his way towards Stetson. The ref kneeled in the corner sees Ari and quickly stands to stop him. Longboat is now up on the apron and tags himself in on the shoulder of the downed Stetson. The crowd erupts as he leaps over the top rope and into the ring.]

Prescott: Wonderful display of athletics as he effortlessly clears the top rope.

Blaylock: Look at this! He's preparing a clothesline.

[As soon as his feet hit the mat Longboat begins to charge directly towards Ari. Myers moves out of the way just in time and Ari is hit right across the chest with a strong running clothesline. Ari goes down and Longboat follows suite! He goes for the cover!]



[Ari kicks out and springs to his feet. Longboat meets the intensity and is right back on his feet as well. He's able to lift Ari into a suplex position and holds him high. The crowd begins to chant Longboat's name as he steps around the ring holding Ari. He steps to the center of the ring and lands a vicious snap powerslam on Ari Naxt. He goes for the cover again!]




[Ari stands in tandem with Longboat and hits him with a spear out of nowhere!]

Blaylock: Just when you thought he was down and out from that snap powerslam he pulls a spear out of his back pocket!

Prescott: He looks to be gathering himself here as he's standing on his knees.

[Ari seems to be staring off into space with a deranged look. He cocks his head to the side like a confused dog. Longboat has also collected himself and is back up to a kneel. He slowly stands up and as he does Ari creepily rises to his feet staring down Longboat. Naxt is able to grab his opponent and attempt a DDT before he can stand. Longboat is able to counter and push Ari off of him and into the ropes.]

Prescott: Look at this! Ari Naxt has leapfrogged Longboat after coming off the ropes!

Blaylock: Naxt is one of the most unpredictable people that I have ever met! You just don't know what he is going to pull out of his bag of tricks.

[Ari bounces off of the opposite ropes and hits Longboat with a bulldog. Ari goes for a cover!]




[Bret Stetson jumps in through the ropes and breaks up the pin, saving the match! Stetson stomps the downed Naxt as Myers tries to corral Stetson out of the ring. Duke steps over the top rope and gets in on the action. Kosloff pushes the ref out of the way from Stetson and delivers a blow the cheek. Stetson is staggered but quickly recovers and replies with a blow of his own. Kosloff doesn't budge and delivers another strike. Stetson is able to dodge this strike by stepping backward into the ropes.]

Prescott: We may need to get another referee out here Blaylock! Can you tell those voices in your headset about that?

Blaylock: They say to let it play out Presley. Myers will restore order when it cools down a bit. Besides! It's just getting good!

[Stetson shoots off the ropes and back towards Kosloff. Duke runs and attempts a clothesline, Brett ducks to avoid the attack and both men bounce off the ropes and run back to each other. In the very center of the ring Stetson is able to lift Duke and deliver a spinning spinebuster to Duke.]

Prescott: Stetson smoothly sending a stunningly spectacular spinning-spinebuster to the shockingly strong Soviet on Spectacle!

Blaylock: What!? Are you on drugs Stanley!?

Prescott: ...I just really, REALLY, love wrestling, Blaylock.

[As Duke and Brett were fighting Ari and Longboat were getting back on their feet in the corner of the ring. Ari attempted to pick Longboat up to his feet but his attack was quickly ended by a high dropkick from Longboat. Longboat takes the initiative and begins delivering strikes to Ari who recoiled into the turnbuckle from the jawbreaker. Longboat continues to assault Naxt in the corner as Myers restores order.]

[Myers forces Stetson back into his corner and then tends to Duke who is recovering from the stunning spinebuster. Duke is able to make it back to his feet and back into his corner with a moderate pace. Myers then returns to the corner where Longboat is attacking Naxt.]

Myers: Come on Longboat! Let's get it out of the corner okay?

[Longboat obliges and drops to hit a monkey flip on Naxt, flinging him to the center of the ring with a thump. Longboat recovers and goes for a cover!]




[Longboat jumps up in frustration and yells out. He begins pounding his chest and the crowd chants his name louder and louder. Just as he backs in the corner and looks to be pumped up Stetson pats him on the back and tags himself in. Myers calls the tag and Stetson steps into the ring. Just as before an "Aww" can be heard from the crowd just before the squeals of girls echoes through the arena. The chants of "Longboat" are soon replaced with the chants of "Stetson". Brett panders to the crowd a bit before he steps over to Naxt.]

[Naxt is now up to a kneel as Duke can be heard shouting things to him in Russian across the ring. Stetson laughs a bit and shouts something back to him in made up Russian. He is now lifting Naxt up and onto his shoulders in a fireman's carry. Duke tries to run into the ring but referee Myers sees Duke and runs over to him and prevents him from getting into the ring.]

[Duke grabs Jason by the face and delivers a devastating headbutt that busts the referee wide open. Myers is knocked unconscious from the blow and collapses from the heavy blow. Just as Myers hits the mat Stetson hits Naxt with the "Director's Cut" in the center of the ring. The crowd is mixed with cheers and boos as some are cheering Stetson and some are booing Kosloff.]

[Stetson had his back and goes for the cover unknowing of the debauchery occurring in Duke's corner. Duke rushes in the ring and begins heavily kicking and stomping Stetson on the mat. Longboat jumps into the ring and shoves Duke off of his partner. Duke then shoves Longboat who had now stepped up to him. Behind Longboat's legs, Naxt has gotten onto his hands and knees to trip him. Longboat falls back-first hard onto Stetson from the heavy shove. Naxt has made it to his feet and is lifting the downed Stetson into a torture rack!]

Prescott: Eye of Evil!!!! He's got the torture rack move on Stetson...

Blaylock: YES! Stetson is tapping! He's tapping!!

Prescott: There's no referee to make the call. He's tapping desperately.

Blaylock: Come on! Get another referee down here quick someone!

[Duke tosses Longboat out of the ring and is watching Stetson tap over and over again. With no referee the match goes on. Duke tells Naxt to "finish" him. Ari takes his "Eye of Evil" to a new level and performs the secondary option "cutter" into it. Stetson goes down horribly as Ari pops back up and starts blinking eyes eyes very slowly. Duke starts stomping on Brett Stetson. "Feel the burn" is stated a few times. Longboat gets up from the outside as Duke and Ari are hammering away on Stetson while he's barely conscious. He sneakily climbs to the top rope as they fool around with Stetson. Longboat stands backwards... he jumps... "CALL FROM ODIN"!!!!

Prescott: WOW! A double moonsault flip right into Duke's back area! Duke topples over!

Blaylock: No! No! Not this way. Where in the hell is Shawn Rossdale? Is he just going to let this play out like this?

[It is assumed that Lucas and Shawn are letting it play out since Duke started to drama with a referee headbutt. Stetson's great physical condition is allowing him to finally shake off the massive pain and get to one knee now. Jason Myers comes too finally.. and doesn't know or remember who is or was legal. He forces both teams to go to their corners. They both reluctantly do. Duke staggers over there. The referee threatens a no contest match if they don't listen. He tells them both admist a raunchous crowd to choose who is legal to kinda restart from scratch in the legality of the tag partners. Longboat tells Stetson he wants to go and he can relax for a bit and recover, while Stetson says he owes this to the team. Stetson steps through, while the fresher Ari Naxt comes through his side.]

Prescott: So the referee is back up and Naxt and Stetson are the legal partners in now.

Blaylock: This is a load of malarkey. Stetson was tapping like the teen baby he is.

Prescott: Well if Duke hadn't raged out and headbutted the referee... maybe they'd be winning.

Blaylock: Maybe Shawn sent word through Myers' earpiece when he came too, or even before the match about no DQs? Who knows?

[Ari Naxt goes for a spear, but fakes it. Stetson jumps and when he lands Ari picks him up into a Fisherman's suplex. PIN!]




[Naxt picks Stetson up, he goes off the ropes and tries for a spear this time. Stetson jumps over it as Naxt missed and hits the bottom rope. He waits for Naxt to get up. When he does he deliveres a beauitful hurricanrana to Naxt! Naxt dazed and confused gets back up swings wildly but missed. "Director's Cut"!!!!! Director's Cut!!!!]

Prescott: PIN!




Scarlett LaDawn: Here is your winners and NEW #1 contenders for the Tag Team titles... Breeeeeeett Steeeeeeeeetson... and LOOONGBOOOOAT!

[As the pin was happening Duke tried to rush in and break it up, but Longboat ran in as he was quicker and delivered a dropkick to Duke to keep the pin going.]

Prescott: What a great match! What a ending!

Blaylock: Damn. Duke fell short and Ari is still winless. I can't believe it. Stetson tapped out man.

Prescott: Oh no! Come on!

[Naxt had rolled out of the ring with Duke. Who was dropkicked out of the ring by Longboat during the pin. They both gets chairs and as Stetson and Longboat are on the far side of the ring with their hands up as Stetson's music plays... diaster strikes.... Both men chair shot the back of Longboat and Stetson. They drop a couple more shots each and then start stomping on them both. Security rushes down and breaks it up as they all head to the back.]

[After the sponsor commericials we cut directly to the back. We see Jenny Stackhouse interviewing a beaten up Stetson and Longboat.]

Jenny Stackhouse: Guys, while you've recovered a bit since the commericial break, what does this mean to you both?

Longboat: I'm just proud to be here. I'm relishing in this crowd. THANK. YOU. Green Bay!

Stetson: It feels great to earn my tag title shot in front of my home state crowd tonight. You guys pushed us through. (winks)

Stackhouse: You guys were attacked post match, why do...

[Bobby Barratt and Jericho Kade stroll into the frame barely as they talk off shot...] Kade: Well whatever. I want you to know that I'm going to be the face of your company and when I am, I want an apology from you Lucas.

Barratt: So this is our competition? What a surprise... I thought Naxt would finally squeak his first win. He couldn't even do that against you clowns. And hey Jenny, nice Stack baby.

Kade: Yeah see our shirts? Jenny's Stacked baby! Anyways, what a joke man. You two are the competition? The "Prodigy" and "Mr. ICW" own ICW and run this shin dig. We'll just run through you 2 soon. You guys don't stand a chance. You know that right?

[Stetson and Longboat don't say anything as they are fairly weak from their tough match and aren't able to deal with another attack... Barratt winks at Jenny and Kade blows a kiss at her as they walk away. It shows a frustrated and embarrassed Jenny Stackhouse briefly before cutting to ringside.]

Prescott: Who do they think they are?

Blaylock: My guys run this place. As long as they don't go over the line.. they run it. Bobby is untouchable. Kade just has to watch it.

Prescott: Just announced. Next week we'll get the tag team title match in a special 2 match show called "Bankrupt". It will air on TNT as Spectacles does. It will be held in the St. Croix Valley recreation center in Stillwater, MN!!

Blaylock: I wonder who Shawn has golden for this match. I bet he screwed over Kade and Barratt.... it is in his hometown afterall!

Prescott: We'll find out soon! Lets gets to our next match! We've got Steele and Don White for the Ironman title! [El Cazador jumps from the guerilla position and skulks to the ring as though he was stalking prey. He wears the pelt of a jaguar over himself with the head on the jaguar over his own.]

[Next we have Don White coming out. Lights go to red. Straight out the gate plays by Tech N9ne. Don White makes his way to the ring slowly. He points to fans with Don White signs as he makes his way to the ring. once in the ring he goes to two separate turn buckles, climbs up and throws his arms in the air. He stands in the ring with an empty look in his eye, looking right at Steele.]

Prescott: This should be great. Here we go... bell sounded!

Blaylock: I wonder if White will be able to shake off his close loss last week and do something? Vadyl played mind games.

Prescott: Vadyl hasn't been heard from since Gold Rush either. I'm sure he'll pop up again soon.

Blaylock: He is lethal.

[Steele and White lock up. Sebastian ties him up with a grapple and sends him into the corner. Steele then proceeds to land some strikes, but White is able to move out of the way. White picks Steele up quickly and hits a scoop slam, but Steele pops right back up from the move. Steele grabs White and lands a arm drag, followed into a short lived arm bar, White is able to flip around and out of it. White goes for a dropkick, misses as Steele applies the arm bar again. White gets to his feet as the arm bar was loosely locked in. White takes Steele's momentum and tosses him over his back, Steele hangs back to back on White drops off and spins White around. Steele goes for a "Killshot" but White counters it into a hurricanrana. White then applies a sleeper hold on Steele.]

Prescott: What a match so far. Lots of action.

Blaylock: White seems to be taking this seriously. He is getting some resistance from Steele.

[Steele stands up with the sleeper hold in, starts elbowing White. The grip loosens as Steele goes off the ropes and hits a shining wizard! He picks up White and hits a STO! Pin!]




[Was closer than it looked. Steele picks up White. Whips him into the corner, back body drop! He then goes for the "Jaguar Clutch". As he crosses the legs, White reaches and grabs Steele's ankle, preventing him from turning him over. Steele lets go while the crowd boos him and chants "White". Steele lets him up and motions for a throat slash. White starts talking trash to Sebastian who runs in for a right hook, misses and catches a face buster from White. Steele gets up and dodges a "Strange Kick"!!! White wildy flys past Steele on the kick's momentum... when he turns around, Steele goes for another "Killshot" try, this time White rolls use momentum to shrug it off and lands behind Steele. Steele turns around! STRANGE KICK!!!! STRANGE KICK!!

Prescott: We're going to have a new Ironman Champion folks!

Blaylock: No way.




[Very close fall. White then picks him up and hits a "Strange Land" STUNNER!!!]





Blaylock: No kidding. Damn I thought White had the Ironman title there!!! Steele is TOUGH to kick out of those 2 moves!

Prescott: What is he doing? What is going on? White is snapping!!!

[White incredibly frustrated starts wailing on Steele. He drops multiple kicks and punches to him. He waits for Steele to get up, stands in the corner.... waits and waits... Steele gets up, turns around and STRANGE KICK!!!! No!! Steele is able to barely duck it. "Killshot"!!!! It is over people!!]

1...2...LIGHTS GO DARK!!!!!

[They come back on to Ari Naxt in the middle of the ring. With a plain face on. Like a mime facemask on. He tilts his head and charges Steele with a baseball bat!!!! Steele goes down hard!]

Prescott: This is incredible! Ari Naxt has come out here with a baseball bat!!! The referee rings the bell!!!

Scarlett LaDawn: Your winner by Disqualification... and STILL Ironman Champion. Sebastian... Steeeeeeeellllle!

Blaylock: He's not done! Another whack to the legs of Steele!

Prescott: Steele is twitching in pain. What the hell is Don White doing?

[Don White gets up finally after that "Killshot" that would of most certainly been a clean fall for Steele, and smiles. He asks Ari Naxt for the bat. Ari looks at White strangely but smiles back as he could see something in his eyes. Naxt walks up to White and puts his hand on his head... and White laughs. He shakes his head as Steele is getting back up. Ari Naxt starts walking backwards to the back... Steele in one corner now, trying to stand... White still hesitant looking... he screams to the sky and asks "WHY!!!??". White sprints quickly at Steele, swings the bat for his head, Steele is able to duck, when White turns around he swings again and catches Steele in the shoulder, knocking him down. White then stands over Steele... and takes the knob of the bat and guts him with it a few times before dropping it. White then exits the ring...]

Prescott: Don White has snapped! He's went to the dark side! What in the hell is going on here? Don White went off the hinges!

Blaylock: I didn't see that one coming. Don White has come unglued. Maybe the pressure got to him. Is there anything going on with him and Naxt? What was that about? Or was Naxt just interfering with Steele to cost White the match? We don't know!

[Steele is helped to the back as the crowd is silent over the vicious attack. Sebastian Steele was brave, tough and had it won at least. The cost was immense.]

[As we cut back from commerical break we see a insane display going on in the back, which is on your tv at home and on the giant tron at your houses..]

[It shows lost footage from Jericho Kade's appearance on Jimmy Fallon's show. The security team is trying to escort him out of the building but he's pushing them back. It shows him wearing his Shooting Star title and threatening the staff. It then cuts to a backstage area where we've got Rossdale yelling at Barratt and Kade.]

Kade: Chill out man. It's just a shirt bro. You that mad? Or maybe it was the office we jakked up? (laughs)

Rossdale: You have no idea what is coming to you? You're not protected for the 5 months and 3 weeks that Barrat still is!

Kade: Boss, just calm down, I'll only look her up and down when I come to work, I'll lay off the sexting I've been sending her (laughs)

Barratt: You didn't tell me that one bro. (High gives)

[Rossdale lunges at Barratt and Kade, they kick him in the gut and Kade holds him for Barratt. Barratt gets up on his face and speaks as he's being held by Kade.]

Barratt: You see this? You see this face? I am the one that owns you. It is me. Leave Kade out of this. Jericho where's your title at? (Kade points to it)

Barratt: I'm going to make you remember my name tonight and always.

[Barratt had planned on hitting Shawn in the face with the Shooting Star title, but Keegan O'Donnell got wind of the problem and breaks it up with his growing security team. They separate and Shawn acts like he's calming down, but as soon as there's a small break in space he jumps at Barratt and is able to land a single shot to the eye of Bobby's face. Barratt goes nuts and goes after Shawn again, but the security keep them apart. We cut to the next match.]

Prescott: Why wasn't the fire mentioned and where is Lucas Rieter? Shawn and Bobby have some things to settle.

Blaylock: Shawn is afraid of Bobby. It's pretty obvious. Always a cheap shot in on him.

Prescott: Our next match is coming up. Jericho Kade vs. Aaron Acheston!

[The lights in the arena fade to black. "Change" by Deftones hits the airwaves as Aaron Acheston appears at the entrance way of the stage. The lights fade to purple then black. When they turn back to normal.. Aaron Acheston appears in the middle of the ring staring into the camera. A few moments pass before the music fades and Aaron turns his focus on the match.]

[The opening cords of "King of my World" hit the PA system and the lights go out. After the instrumental and the lyrics start to blare throughout the dark arena, a single spotlight in on the entrance ramp. Out comes Jericho Kade, wearing his trademark shirt with white trucks on along with his Shooting Star Championship. He removes his sunglasses and throws them into the crowd as he confidently struts down to the ring. The single spotlight follows him until he climbs up the stairs and enters the ring. The lights come on in the arena and Kade stands on the nearest turnbuckle, smirking at the fans. He says nothing to the booing fans as he climbs down and takes his shirt off, waiting for the match to start.]

Blaylock: What a entrance. I love it. Jericho Kade is going to eat this dude alive.

Prescott: Aaron Acheston has a great story and looks poised in there!

[The men lock up quickly, Kade throws him into the ropes and as he comes off he hits a Spinebuster to start! Aaron didn't expect that kind of move so quickly, but he rolls out of the ring, gathers himself, but Kade goes flying through the ropes and hits him with a suicide dive type move. Aaron is down again! Jericho Kade gets in the ring and motions the belt around his waist and states that he's the ICW Shooting Star Champion! Aaron gets back in. Kade goes for a clothesline, Aaron ducks it and as Kade turns around he hits him with head scissors! Kade goes down! The crowd cheers for this.]

Prescott: It seems like Aaron Acheston is here to stay!

Blaylock: Yeah the kid can hold his own it seems.

[Aaron picks up Kade who throws a desperate elbow, but it doesn't really faze Acheston. Acheston hits a arm drag, and Kade pops right back up and another arm drag by Aaron! Kade slaps the mat in frustration. And runs at Acheston again, this time he's able to knock Aaron over the top rope with a clothesline. He rolls outside the ring as the referee starts his count... Kade hits a european uppercut on Acheston, then another. Aaron stumbles into the ring's apron, and Kade slams it off the edge. He rolls Acheston in the ring. Kade performs the "Trademark" on Acheston! TRADEMARK!]

Prescott: A tightly performed fisherman buster suplex into a pin!

Blaylock: Well that was a quick one.




[Acheston is able to kickout of Kade's finishing move. The fight in Aaron is real. Suddenly without music Lucas and Shawn walk down to the ring side by side pointing at Jericho Kade. Kade is distracted greatly by this and Acheston goes in for a small package!!!! OH NO!]




[It was close! Jericho is livid. He gets up and starts pounding on Acheston. Shawn and Lucas make their way to the announce team, pull of a couple folded chairs and chime in...]

Prescott: Hello Mr. Rossdale, what brings you out here tonight?

Rossdale: I wanted to just watch it in person, closer up than the back big screen is my vandalized office. That I'll have to pay for...

Blaylock: Yeah we heard about what Barratt and Kade did to your temporary office Shawn. It's a shame.

Rossdale: Like you care Steven. Save it.

[Steven Blaylock looks embarassed, but lets it go.]

Prescott: So you two want to come down to watch? That's it?

Lucas and Shawn: That's it.

[Meanwhile the action contines as Kade takes control. He's nervous that Lucas and Shawn are ringside. But he keeps on doing his job and dominating Acheston. Acheston counters a dropkick by moving out of the way, when Kade gets up he is hit with another head scissors. Kade springs back up again and is hit with a beautiful fireman's carry face buster. Acheston has Kade in pain and seems to be in control and with Rossdale smiling... things are looking good. Kade slowly gets pulled up and Acheston executes a small scoop slam into a backbreaker. Acheston looks over at Rossdale for approval and Shawn and Lucas both clap.]

Prescott: Looks like Aaron Acheston has turned the tables here Mr. Rossdale.

Rossdale: Yes he has. An impressive debut so far. I hope he can get the job done. Kade has it coming.

Prescott: By who? You?

Rossdale: No. I'm here to watch as Lucas is too. Can't we just sit down here ringside? I own this place by the way...

Prescott: My apologies Mr. Rossdale. What about Bobby Barrat? Do you expect him to come out?

Shawn: Barratt knows better. He won't be coming down tonight. Trust me...

Lucas: Things are well in hand. Barratt wont be down. (winks)

[Things pick up immensely in the ring, Acheston keeps it up with various strikes, he lands a springboard neckbreaker, and with Kade down, his moment has arrived. He goes to the top rope.. he tries for his finishing move. "Deathstar" which is a inverted 450 splash!]

Prescott: Here we go, he's going up high for the "Deathstar"!

[Acheston jumps, spins and Kade rolls out of the way with a smirk on his face as he brushes his long hair to one side... Jericho points to Lucas and Shawn and says "I'm the man!" to them. Lucas gets up and steps up on the apron and Kade runs at him and knocks him off as Lucas goes spilling out to the outside mat, but is okay.]

Prescott: What the... (headset knocked off)

Blaylock: ls.d....sds...e.ee.e..w..w..(headset off)

[Bobby Barratt came from behind through the crowd and jumped quickly off the barricade and hit an elbow on Rossdale's neck from behind. The process hit Blaylock and Prescott and their headsets came off! Barratt starts pounding on Shawn, but Shawn is able to fight some of it off... Jericho Kade is talking smack to Lucas who is just now getting up but rushes over to Bobby to help him as Shawn is starting to even out the flurry of strikes. Jericho turns goes after Lucas, he spins Lucas around and hits a T-Bone suplex through the announce table!!!!!!]

Prescott: T-Bone suplex!!! Through the table on Lucas Rieter. There will be hell to pay!!!

Blaylock: Wow. Kade, relax man.

Kade: Relax man. He had it coming. He can't screw with me.

[Kade then kicks Rossdale who has succumbed to Barratt's skills and is bloody, which has made his white shirt look horrible. He's got blood from the nose and over his chest and collar area. He's beaten. Bobby starts to freak out as he notices the table destroyed and Lucas in the middle broken in half...]

Barratt: What the hell man. Rieter was off limits remember? What have you done? He'll fire you!

Kade: That'll teach him to f**k with me bro.

Barratt: You idiot! Watch out! (points towards a charging Acheston)

[Lucas is out cold in the middle of the busted accounce table, Shawn is shaken up badly as Bobby backs off as the damage has been done, and heads to the back. Barratt had stated that Rieter and Rossdale had locked him in his dressing room and barricaded the door so he couldn't come out and help Kade in anyway. Barratt obviously broke free and made them pay for it. Acheston is met with a dropkick, and Kade in a adrenaline rage throws him in the ring. Acheston asks the referee why it wasn't DQ'd and he motions that he couldn't DQ the match because he had orders for Shawn to not DQ it no matter what. Whatever plan they had for Kade backfired. Kade hits "Kade's Landing" on Acheston who is arguing with the referee and covers!]




Scarlett LaDawn: Your winner, JERICHOOOOO KAAAADE!!!!

[Duke Kosloff meets Bobby Barratt at the top of the ramp and punches him out. Ari Naxt and Duke pass by Barratt. Who is shaken up. Kade is in the ring and sees them coming. Duke goes in after Kade, while he tries to run. Duke smiles and Ari is waiting with a chair. They cut him off and Ari smashes Jericho with a chair shot. And again! He then lets up once he seems the carnage outside the ring. Shawn has just gotten up to his feet and demands Duke and Ari to the back. Medical staff have been attending to a now sat up Lucas Rieter. Shawn goes after Barratt who was coming to help Jericho, but security rushes down and separates them as they didn't want it to get too far. Shawn has a look in his eye has is as if he's 10 years younger and still wrestling or something. Lucas is being helped to the back by medical staff, Barratt and Rossdale are each calmed down. As we cut to commerical]

[When we come back to Spectacle we see Alexis Grace, Mandy Joe, Duke Kosloff and Ari Naxt all in the ring. Along with Levi Kosloff. They announce themselves as the "Soviet Connection" together and Duke/Ari both talk as if they didn't lose, and say that going forward they will on occasion be a tag team known as "Gods and Monsters". They leave the ring to massive boos.]

Prescott: Well we don't have table anymore folks, and there's blood over here by Steve. Our owner Rossdale's blood.

Blaylock: I don't know what to say.

Prescott: What can you say? The line has been drawn, crossed, erased and crossed again. This is too much.

Blaylock: So just happened. I guess security has things in hand backstage. I'm sure there's 10 guys at least keeping them apart.

Prescott: You would have to think so for now. Our last match is coming up. With Steele winning, he'll face the winner of Barratt/Diamond next week to defend his Ironman title yet again. So the winner of this match will be come the #1 contender for the Ironman. I just recieved word that Brett Stetson will get his shot at the Ironman the following week. Since he won his match and will fight for the tag titles.

Blaylock: So the tag title match is set for Bankrupt, and Stetson gets his shot at the Ironman later?

Prescott: That is the word from Rieter.

Blaylock: Also, remember. The winner of this will face Steele next week at Bankrupt for the Ironman title. Also, if Diamond wins, he won't defend his WORLD title until DEAD END. If my guy Barratt wins, he'll get a guranteed shot at the title no matter who it is.. at DEAD END.

Prescott: That is correct. Lots of variables, but we have it sorted out for you folks. To the MAIN EVENT!

[The lights in the arena go out and a red hue takes over. A version of Motorhead's "The Ace of Spades" plays and smoke feels the entrance ramp. Jack Diamond appears backwards at the top of the ramp work a black, white and red robe on (a'la Flair) with the words "The Ace of Spades" written across the back. He turns around, wearing Red "diamond shaped" glasses, smiling as smug as he can and playing to the crowds reaction. He arrogantly walks to the ring, climbs the stairs and enters through the middle ropes, pyro blows everywhere. While his arrogance is noted, he seems to enjoy the fans as he's mostly cheered for.]

[Lights go out, Motley Crue starts playing and spotlights swirl on the stage. Barratt seems pretty cocky considering his vicious attack on Rossdale earlier. Everyone expects Shawn to show his head, but he doesn't. Barratt is paranoid and no Jericho Kade is present. Barratt looks all around a few times before getting in the ring. "Motherf**ker of the Year" dies down as the bell sounds.....]

Prescott: While this isn't a title match, it sure has the feel of one everybody.

Blaylock: That is an understatement Stan. This crowd isn't as big as the SOLD OUT Gold Rush crowd at Xcel, but they almost sound like it!

Prescott: Just got word from the back, Jericho Kade has left the building. I don't know anything else, but has been kicked out of the building tonight.

Blaylock: That crybaby Rieter couldn't handle the heat? What a crock of...

Prescott: Watch it. Rieter was attacked by his employee tonight. We've started! Jack Diamond goes after Barratt!

Blaylock: Diamond looks really good. This might not work out so well for Bobby. He's been very active tonight.

Prescott: Yeah he's been actively screwing with people.

Blaylock: Whatever. I'm sure Rossdale will come down and ruin it all.

Prescott: Would you blame him?

Blaylock: Yes.

Prescott: You're sick.

Blaylock: Diamond looking to get on top of the match with a side headlock, Barratt fightning it.

Prescott: Jack gets pushed off into the ropes, and Barratt bounces off his own, and lands a running knee strike!

Blaylock: Down goes Diamond. He springs back up. Hits Barratt with a stiff jab.

Prescott: Barratt is able to sidestep the next one and BOOM! CODEBREAKER!!! CODEBREAKER!!!

Blaylock: That came OUT OF no where! What a quick pull!

Prescott: Diamond is down and shook up badly from that explosive Codebreaker.

Blaylock: My guy is smart, no cheap cover just yet.

[Barratt wisely doesn't try to put down the champion yet. Knowing he'll just get a 2 count probably. Barratt goes to work on Jack. He hits a side effect followed by a downward spiral (reverse STO) then he starts the taunting...]

Barratt: You think you can beat me?! You think you're man enough? You have NO IDEA what is it like to look this good!

[Barratt slaps Diamond a few times before Diamond starts to fight back. Diamond hits a few backhanded chops as the crowd buzzes and then lands a sweet looking belly to belly suplex. He picks up a wobbly Barratt and whips him into the corner. Barratt bounecs back out and runs at a suprised Diamond with another running knee strike. Diamond drops briefly, as Barratt tries to catch his breathe and recover some. They both lock up again and this time Diamond is able to whip him properly into the corner, and runs in for a flying crossbody in the cornre, but Barratt moves, and Diamond hits his chest on the top buckle. Bobby comes in forearm as Diamond turns around. He then dropkick Diamond into the corner. Jack lurches in the corner bent over some as Barratt delivers several knee strikes to the great boos of the crowd. Jack goes down. Referee Charles Lee Ray checks on Diamond and Barratt tells him to get lost and grabs Diamond again. He goes for a slap and missed as Diamond hits an enziguri kick to Barratt's mouth. Barratt stumbles back and lands on the ropes, checks his mouth for blood. Diamond comes running and as Barratt bends down to deliver a back body over the top rope, Diamond slides between his legs outside the ring and pulls his feet down which trips Barratt inside the ring.]

Prescott: It's been a back and forth match so far!

Blaylock: Yeah it's been great! Both guys seem like they'll be at the top of ICW for a long time.

Prescott: Diamond gets back in the ring as the referee asks, and picks up Barratt.

[Barratt hits an eye rake on Diamond, and the referee warns a DQ the next time he bends the rules. Barratt tells him to "shut up". Bobby twists the arm of Diamond and Jack is able to flip out of it and hits a quick neckbreaker on Bobby. Diamond waits for him to get up. Barratt crawls to the corner and hits a Diamond SPLASH! Bobby crumples over. Jack Diamond looks ready for his big match moment. He goes for the "Ace's Wild" figure 4! He puts it on, and rears back as Bobby screams. The referee asks for a tap, but he shakes his head no and tells the referee to shut up. Jack starts jerks backwards slamming his back to the mat to get maximum leverage and torque. Bobby twists around and screams. He is almost to the rope, but not quite. Jack jerks back some more. Bobby is able to barely get there. The referee asks him to break it, and Jack does. Bobby holding his knee now gets stomped on by Jack. Jack works the knee of Barratt. He goes for another lock on the "Ace's Wild" move, but Barratt is able to kick him threw the ropes. Barratt crawls to his corner. Is able to stand but is ginger on his one leg some. Jack rushes back in as if he's trying to finish off the last piece of a steak. He goes for a running clothesline wildy, but Barratt shimmys around it and hits another "codebreaker"!!! Barratt falls on top of Diamond... for the win... ]




Prescott: What a attempt to win this! Almost!

Blaylock: That was 3!!! That was 3!

Prescott: No it was 2 1/2 Steven.

[Barratt doesn't believe it. He argues briefly with Lee Ray, but then picks up Diamond, who goes for a schooboy, but it doesn't warrant a count at all. Bobby slaps him and talks trash. He then goes for a leg lariat, but misses it. Diamond hears the chants of "DIAMOND CLUB" over and over. He picks up Bobby who is starting to show serious signs of fatigue as is Diamond... Diamond tries to whip him into the corner but Barratt grabs his head and goes for "Prodigal Arrival"!!!! Diamond counters it and throws him off though. Barratt gets up misses a spinning clothesline, Diamond goes for a Belly to Belly when he comes all the way around, Barratt blocks it with elbows, Diamond then pushes Barratt off. Diamond runs at Bobby and hits a flying forearm. Bobby staggers out and falls. Diamond carries and pushes him over to the corner. Sets him up on the top rope and gets himself slowly on the middle rope!!!!]

Prescott: STACKED DECK!!! It's coming!

Blaylock: Damnitt Bobby come on man!

[Diamond goes to deliver the devastating finisher off the top rope. As he grabs Barratt's head, Barratt is able jump over Diamond head and deliver a on the spot variation of "Prodigal Arrival"!!!!! (Sliced Bread #2 move).]

Prescott: Oh my GOD! "Prodigal Arrival"!!!!!!

Blaylock: He's arrived alright! Bobby hits it off the top and middle ropes!!!

[Diamond goes down, in what has been a tough, close/back and forth match is coming to an end. Bobby rolls over on top of Diamond... cover... leg hooked!]



[Shawn Rossdale's music hits and the count is interupted as the ref stopped. His nose clean without blood now... his shirt has pinkish stains at the collar and top. Some on the shoulder even. He runs to the ring as his music plays, it cuts off about 10 seconds later... as he rips off his shirt and slides into the ring...]

[Jack Diamond rolls out of the ring dazed badly. Shawn instructs the ref to not DQ anything or he's fired. The crowd goes absolutely ape shit. Shawn runs in with Barratt and immediately hits a "Distortion" kick on him (superkick). Barratt tried to duck, but wasn't able to. Shawn got the top of his forehead, not all of it, but enough. Jack Diamond gets up and asks what the hell is going on. Diamond gets in the ring and shrugs and they both start to beat the hell out of Barratt. Diamond backs up and asks Shawn to leave, as he wants a clean match. Shawn pushes Diamond out of rage, not personal problems... and tells him that Barratt is his. Shawn goes for Barratt again who is starting to get up. Diamond grabs Shawn's shoulder and Shawn brushes him off. Shawn walks cockily up to Barratt and BARRATT HITS A CODEBREAKER!!!!!!!]


Blaylock: Oh my God.

[Shawn takes a hellacious Codebreaker from Barratt as he was playing coy and Rossdale didn't get all of his "Distortion" kick in. Diamond runs in right after the move to Rossdale as he's down. He codebreaker hit his nose and more blood is oozing. Jack Diamond goes in, stomps the knee of Barratt a few times. Barratt distracted and shaken by the Distortion kick, even though not all of it was landed... is in massive pain in his knee. Diamond with the crowd behind him applies Ace's Wild one more time. He lays back on Barratt slamming his back desperately into the mat. Barratt doesn't say anything. He's shaking his head no. Shawn gets up and gets in Barratt's face.]

Shawn: How does it feel you little prick? Enjoy the knee burn you slag. This is nothing mate. I will tear you apart... mess with my office mate? Keep messing with me and Lucas?!!

[Shawn in the face of a Bobby Barratt that has NO WHERE to go. Rossdale stomps on the face of Barratt, then stands in the corner of the ring. Jack keeps the pressure on. Bobby is fading fast... he finally TAPS!!!! BARRATT TAPS!!!!

Scarlett LaDawn: Your winner, JAAACK DIIIAMOND!!!

[Shawn takes the mic from Scarlett in a rage.]

Shawn: Look here you prick. You think you run this place? I own you. I might not be able to fire you, but I must admit you and Kade bring in ratings, but that doesn't mean I won't make life a living hell for both of you. All I wanted was a fair play organization. You came in here after one week and acted like you own the place. I actually own it. You answer to me. No one else! I'm the "Icon". You hear me?!

[Shawn in a complete out of character rage slaps Barratt on the ground, Bobby is in poor condition and Shawn is taking full advantage. Bobby gets to his knees finally as Shawn is taunting him more. He's too weak to stand, but Shawn keeps on... Shawn gets close again, assuming Bobby is easy prey and Barratt delivers a low blow to Rossdale... as we go off the air...]