June 26thth @ 10 PM CST
Indiana Farmers Colisuem
Indianapolis, IN
Capcity: 8,000

(Again, please click the video above and listen to it as you read the opening to the show!)

[Red and white pyro blows up over and over, as the camera swings from the giant-tron to the center of the ring. We have the fans jumping on their feet. Not a sellout yet again, but ICW is rebounding from some roster turnover. The song "Superman's Dead" by Our Lady Peace plays grossly loud as we swing to the announce table. Where Stanley Prescott and Steven Blaylock wait for their cue backstage... and they get it.]

Stanley Prescott: Hello again, and welcome to MONDAY NIGHT SPECTACLE! We have a great show in store tonight. We've got just 3 matches tonight, but they are sure to be great ones.

Steven Blaylock: How did it feel to get completely exposed for the wimp you are last week Stan?

Stanley Prescott: What was I supposed to do idiot? Please accept my apologies folks at home watching on TNT. In case you somehow missed it.. I was taken by the Sovet Connection last week and had "Feel the Burn" spray painted in red on my white dress shirt. So forgive the immaturity of my partner.

Steven Blaylock: Nah, just bustin' ya some man. That was messed up. I guess the Sovet Connection is wanting more time on the show and better chances. You know Rossdale has Diamond...

Prescott: We know... (sighs) in his pocket. I completely disagree. Shawn aside from dealing with complete criminals it seems... has been very fair to all.

Blaylock: He was so fair he let that little situation go down last week huh? Get painted baby!

Prescott: Oh boy. Anyways, the 1st match of the night is coming up real soon. We've got Duke Kosloff facing Brett Stetson in a "tables match" for the Ironman Championship!!!

Blaylock: I wonder who the referee has been paid to fast count this week?

[We start with our 1st match of the night. It promises to be a great one. Stetson was defeated by Kosloff a few weeks ago at Gold Rush, now this week has much more on the line in the Ironman Title! The arena goes dark red and gold lights start to flash as the arena fills with smoke. A monster slowly appears walking down the ramp as pyros shoot flames into the air you can hear "Enter Sandman" by Metallica playing. He methodically enters the ring stepping over the top rope and standing like a God in the center of the ring as he waits for the bell to ring.]

Prescott: Impressive aura and what size of the Soviet Monster. His face looks just like stone. Waiting for Stetson, he appears to be made out of Stone.

Blaylock: Yeah no kidding. I've never seen him so intense and ... so prepared. This teenage moron needs knocked into next week.

[The arena lights dim as "Famous" by Puddle of Mudd blares through the arena. Stetson emerges from the curtain wearing sunglasses and a scarf over his wrestling attire as a spotlight follows him down the ramp. He stops to take a selfie with an attractive female fan. Stetson continues to make his way down to the ring, soaking in the reaction of the crowd and giving his sunglasses to a lucky fan. He enters the ring and throws his scarf into the crowd before flexing for the camera as his music dies down, but before it stops... Duke runs into him and hits him with a running forearm... as the bell is sounded. Duke starts to blast him with lefts and rights. Stetson is overwhelmed and starts to fight back, but Duke picks him up like a freakshow and tosses him out of the ring! The crowd boos... and some of the fans on the front row lean over and pat a still dry and non-sweaty Stetson on the back. Duke steps through the ropes to inflict more punishment and is met with a stiff uppercut from Stetson. Duke hops down to the floor and hits a powerful clothesline on Stetson. Duke goes under the ring and pulls out the 1st table.]

Prescott: Remember ladies and gentlemen, this is a TABLES MATCH. The only way to win is to put your opponent through a table. Everything else is like a singles match. No pinfall or submission or countouts... just tables...

Blaylock: With Duke's height and power I think he's favored in this...

Prescott: I wouldn't say that, Stetson is probably the strongest wrestler here in ICW pound for pound.

Blaylock: Don't give me that pound for pound crap. Duke is a "Soviet Monster" man.

[Duke gets the table out, but Stetson hits him from behind, the referee urges them to bring it into the ring, but Duke tells him to shut it up as he gets hit in the chin with another stiff shot. Duke blocks one of the shots and is able to power push Stetson back and down. Duke picks the table up, and his massive arm span allows him to run it into a Stetson that is just getting to his feet. SMASH!!!! TABLE BROKEN!]

Prescott: It's over! Isn't it? Duke smashed that table right into Stetson's head!!!

Blaylock: Settle down there Stanny boy, I don't think so. The opponent must be thrown into a table. The table has to be stationary as it happens. That is how it works.

Prescott: You are correct. I see it in the ICW Almanac. Opponent must go through table, which implies being sent into a stationary table.

[Duke looks at the referee as if he's won. The referee says no. He explains the difference to Duke and he gets in the referee's face and starts to argue. Jason Myers is having NONE of it and threatens to DQ him if he continues. Duke turns away, and Stetson is ready for him! Stetson hits a running single leg dropkick to Duke, followed by a drop elbow. He lifts Duke up and picks the long Russian up into a front powerslam! Cover...

[Jason Myers motions to him... and shakes his head and points to the table that is broken in 3 pieces on the outside.]

Prescott: These guys have never been in a table match before?

Blaylock: I guess not. At Gold Rush they were scheduled for one, but the match never happened. It ended up being a singles match. They get their match here as it works out. Tables guys! TABLES!

[Duke starts to get up, Stetson grapples him and goes for a vertical suplex, Duke is too strong and lanky and he reserves it into a quick bulldog! Stetson down briefly as Kosloff goes to the outside and grabs 2 more tables. He tosses them both over the top rope in a fury. Stetson now to his feet stands on one of them. Duke goes for a superman punch, but misses! Duke quickly turns around and connects the 2nd time, and Stetson goes down on top of the table! Duke then kicks Stetson off the table and wedges one of the tables into a corner. He lays it across the top rope in the corner so it is laying up there barely. He picks up Stetson, sets up him for a powerbomb, but Stetson is able to pull out between Duke's legs and hit a quick spinebuster!]

Prescott: Things are heating up certainly. A table is positioned!

Blaylock: Stetson's strength is impressive.

[Stetson picks up Duke and goes for a military press slam, but Duke shakes out of it and gets behind Stetson and puts on a sleeper. He's trying to weaken the powerful Stetson with his own aggressive sleeper hold. Stetson drops to one knee as the crowd starts to chant "Brett! Brett! Brett!" over and over again! Stetson starts to shake from the crowd's energy and is able to give pump handle elbows to the midsection of Duke. The hold loosens, and Stetson bounces of the rope for a single leg lariat!!! Duke goes down! Stetson picks Duke up and whips him into the ropes, Duke comes back off, Stetson goes for a front powerslam, but DUke turns it into a hurricanrana! Duke waits for Stetson to get up... he runs into him with a spear and they both go to the outside of the ring. We still have the set up table in the corner along with a flat table not set up yet on the ring mat. Duke gets up and tosses Stetson overboard and he lands into the lap of Chaos Kid!!! Who is sitting ringside!]

Prescott: We were going to mention it later, but one of our latest signings, Chaos Kid is ringside.

Blaylock: I'm excited about what he might bring to the table...

[Chaos Kid gets up and raises his arms up as he wants to not cause any problems. Duke yells at him and they go on. Duke tosses Stetson back over the barricade and points his finger at Chaos Kid.. perhaps to warn him to stay away? We don't know what was said. Stetson scrambles to his feet and throws a wicked, but off aimed punch and hits Duke in the side of the neck. Chaos kid sits back down and winks at the camera and smiles with his scruffy beard and jeans looking very 90s like. Stetson rolls into the ring as Duke pursues. Duke goes for another superman punch as soon as he gets in, Stetson dodges it and picks up Duke quickly!! "Director's Cut"!!!]

Prescott: No wait! Nope! Duke kicks off the fireman carry and is able to grab Stetson into a powerbomb!!!

Blaylock: Stetson delivering massive quick shots to the forehead of Duke... Duke drops him before the powerbomb can be landed!

[What a match! Brett sets up a 2nd table. This time it sets it up proper, lineat to the ropes. Duke gets up while Stetson is finishing the legging of the 2nd table. When Stetson turns around Duke slaps his hand aroudn the throat of Duke and goes for a chokeslam!!!]

Prescott: This looks to be over! I guess that Hollywood sign burning will hurt Stetson even more!

Blaylock: I hear the police are investigating that actually...

Prescott: Stetson elbows Kosloff! He just gets out of it! "Director's Cut!!!" into the table!!!!

[Duke's countered choke slam leaves him vulverable and Stetson is able to pick him up and land a "Director's Cut" into the table!!! Brett Stetson retains the Ironman Championship!!!]

[After the match, Stetson stands over Duke's body that is broken over a table and tells him to feel the burn of seeing his face in the rear view mirror. Stetson yells at Duke and kicks him a couple times. Brett stands on the middle rope with his Ironman title around his waist now! The fans cheer!]

Scarlett: Duke has been slammed through a table, so therefore your winner and STILL ICW Ironman Champion... BBREEEETTTT STTTTEEEEETTTSSSSSON!!!!

Crowd: BRETT ! BRETT !

[The Soviet Connection rushes down and gets a few shots in on Brett, but he's able to run to the back. Ari and Levi along with the 2 girls look pissed as they help up Duke. Brett was able to get away after taking a couple shots from behind, and he holds up his title, kisses it as we cut to commericial!]

[Back from commerical we see a highlight ending from the tables match, which Stetson prevailed over Kosloff. We then cut to the back where we have Steele chatting with Scarlett LaDawn.]

Scarlett: Sebastian, you go into tonight's match up with a clear disadvantage, facing effectively a tag team in "The Prodigy" Bobby Barratt and "Mr ICW" Jericho Kade. How do you feel going up agai-

[Suddenly Sebastian Steele is struck from behind by Bobby Barratt. Jericho Kade joins in the beatdown.]

Blaylock: Here they are! My guys doing exactly as they promised!

Prescott: This is heinous! Why would they even do such a thing?

Blaylock: They're stacking the deck, man! Just like Shawn Rossdale tried to do last week when Barratt faced Vadyl!

[Barratt picks up a beaten Steele and throws him into the wall. Loose pieces of metal fall to the ground, making a hell of a racket. Kade continues to put the boots to Steele.]

Barratt: Steele, you thought this would be easy? You thought "The Kingdom" would just let you walk into tonight hassle free? Think again "El Cazador!"

Barratt joins back in with Kade. Both of them absolutely relentless. Again Steele hits the wall and bounces to the ground. Barratt picks up one of the pieces of metal to drill Steele with.

Barratt: Steel for Steele! Haha!!

[Just as Barratt raises the bar above his head, Jack Diamond comes into shot! Yelling at These two to stop it! Quickly they retreat and Diamond is over Steele checking he's ok.]

Prescott: That was disgusting! When will these two learn that this isn't a place of chaos?!

Blaylock: Why do they need to? It's not about peace and love here in ICW. It's about getting results!

[We then see a Brett Stetson come into the picture. Steele is down and hurting pretty badly. Diamond is kinda looking him over. Steele starts to push him away, and Diamond back up and kinda lets him be.]

Stetson: Hey have you seen Shawn? Damn what happened here?

Diamond: No man... I haven't. Should I have been in his ass? I mean fuck.

Stetson: Relax pal, it's all good. (Stetson puts his hand on Diamond's shoulder)

Diamond: Get your hand off me... please.

Stetson: Sigh.. so is he even here? I don't get it and what happened here?

Diamond: I don't know where he is. I've not seen him around. Barratt and Kade of course... who else? They want to make it a giveaway match between them both somehow.

Stetson: Ah okay, well... none of my business. I just keep my nose clean. I took care of Duke earlier tonight... the message was sent...

[Duke comes in with a ICW travel box and slams it into Stetson from behind, Diamond barely gets out of the way. He stands over Stetson breathing heavily, takes the Ironman Championship that was around his waist that came unbuttoned due to the fall and impact. He drapes it over Stetson and scream "Feeeell the buuuurrrrrnnn". He then leaves while Levi, Ari, Mandy Jo and Alexis all laugh and walk away to the outside tunnel area to leave the arena.]

Diamond: Stetson, man, you okay? This is crazy.

[Diamond, seemingly stressed out over the Shawn Rossdale talk, and in general perhaps sees that Stetson will be okay, he motions for some medical staff and Steele has gotten up and walks backwards while pointing to Diamond. We cut to the ring and Scarlett LaDawn is in the ring. With a mic.... and "Shimmer" by Fuel starts up... and out walks Lucas Rieter to lots of cheers!]

[As he makes his way down, he's got his tennis racket with him. He apparently got it back from Barratt somehow from last week. Probably on the threat of something. He gets in the ring and has something important to announce... as the "all that shimmers in this world is sure to fade away again"..... fades out...]

Rieter: Well here I am. I've got some good news and bad news... the good news is that I'm alright. Just banged up a little, just a cast... no big deal. Thanks Bobby. You asshole! (Riter shows his broken arm that is in a cast that was mostly under a leather jacket before.) Yeah I know guys... what can I do. I had to bring my trusty racket down here for my own protection. I came out here to inform you guys of Shawn Rossdale and what he's been doing. As you all know of the great turn of events last week... Shawn is in a state of mental crisis. To be in love and have it implode without having a clue is hard. It's something we can't really understand unless your Shawn. He isn't in tonight and won't be around until later this week. He will however show up at Dead End as scheduled. He gave me this memo to issue to everyone. "ICW Family, I'm sorry but I can't be there tonight. Bobby Barratt has crushed my spirit and even deeper than that... my soul. I loved Jenny, and we tried to keep it hidden and professional. I turned myself into a rehabilitation center on Tuesday afternoon. I hadn't stopped drinking since that night and was totally out of it. I just needed some clarity. I'm not an alcholic, but was afraid this might make me one. Anyways, I hope to set up and have a great DEAD END PPV next week. Yours truly, Shawn Rossdale. Cheers.

Crowd: Massive cheers!

Rieter: Yes, thanks for that I'm sure Shawn is watching from home in Stillwater. He also included... "P.S. Bobby Barratt we're not through, and come next week, if you're able to win... I'll be the special guest referee in our match. So you have that to look forward to. Has does that feel? Cheers again mate." How does that feel guys? Now Shawn I'm sure will call the match down the middle. Or try to. He is a professional.

Prescott: A professional? He definitely is. He's our owner!

Blaylock: This is total trash! He's obviously not letting Barratt or whoever wins that match walk out champion. He's fucking got Jack Diamond in his pocket man!

Prescott: Settle down. We don't know any of that. Maybe he just wants the match to go arrow straight?

Blaylock: Or maybe he knows how good Kade or Barratt are, and knows he has to fuck one of them out of the title because clearly one of those guys are winning this match tonight! This is bullshit!

[Lots of bleeps are going off as TNT is trying to censor what normally is a clean show... Lucas exits the ring to a get applause, as our 2nd match gets under way. As they come out.. the giant tron flashes this image a few times.]

[The opening cords of "King of my World" hit the PA system and the lights go out. After the instrumental and the lyrics start to blare throughout the dark arena, a single spotlight in on the entrance ramp. Out comes Jericho Kade, wearing his trademark shirt with white trucks on as well. He removes his sunglasses and throws them into the crowd as he confidently struts down to the ring. The single spotlight follows him until he climbs up the stairs and enters the ring. The lights come on in the arena and Kade stands on the nearest turnbuckle, smirking at the fans. He says nothing to the booing fans as he climbs down and takes his shirt off, waiting for the match to start. He starts motioning for the ICW World title around his waist.]

[Lights go out, Motley Crue starts playing and spotlights swirl on the stage. In his own time, Mr. Barratt comes strolling through the curtain. Confidence, arrogance and smugness all apparent. He has a lot to say, so he approaches the camera, talking smack about his opponent and whatever is currently happening, before headed out to the ring. As the chorus is about to drop, he flips over the top rope and onto the buckle to sing "I'm the Motherfucker of the year!" Before continuing to antagonize the crowd. He slaps hands with Kade and they hug.]

Prescott: Those 2 are going to be tough to contain in this match...

Blaylock: You bet. This is a handicap match and that prick Steele deserves this!

[El Cazador jumps from the guerilla position and skulks to the ring as though he was stalking prey. He wears the pelt of a jaguar over himself with the head on the jaguar over his own. He gets in the ring and rushes Kade and Barratt immediately!!! He hits Kade with brass nucks and the referee notices, but hasn't started the match! He gets them away from Steele, Kade is knocked out cold it looks like, and is underneathe the bottom rope. Barratt flips out and starts hitting knee strikes on Steele. The referee starts the match since the nucks have been removed. DING DING DING!]

Prescott: We are live! We are here now! And the winner of this match will face Diamond at DEAD END next week for the ICW World title! The person pinned last or "2nd" will face Brett Stetson next week, who was able to defend his title in a tough fought match against Kosloff.

Blaylock: I'm sure Steele will prevail somehow.. I'm sure Rieter has some sort of message to deliver... blah... omg.

[Barratt slaps Steele around some, but Sebastian isn't having any of it. He picks up Barratt and performs a great suplex. Barratt goes down, grabs his back and rolls up again. Barratt runs at Steele and an arm drag takes Barratt down. Steele lets go and does a little drop kick to Barratt's back. Steele goes for "Jaguar Clutch" but before he can cross the legs Barratt kicks him off into the corner. Bobby gets up and goes for a leg lariat, but misses Steele as he monkey rolled out of the way. Barratt turns around and tries for "Prodigal Arrivial" but Steele places Barratt on the top rope instead, Barratt elbows Steele off the top. Jericho Kade is starting to come around finally. Jericho Kade gets up and motions to Bobby to hold Steele for him. Bobby grabs him from behind and holds him up. Jericho gets in Steele's face and screams at him calling himself "Mr. ICW". And slapping Steele some. He hits a couple kicks, and then lands "The Trademark" on Steele!!! Cover! No Barratt pushes Kade off. They discuss who is winning the match, and who is getting the pin here for the elimination. Kade insists he wants to be able to pin Steele. Barratt says he wants to do it. Kade gets a little heated and points to his chest as he does Bobby gets in his face some.]

Prescott: What does it matter boys? Make the pin!

Blaylock: These guys are a team and they want the pride of pinning the former 5 time defending Ironman CHampion. Steele has a lot of prestige in him. Plus I'm sure Kade feels entitled to it since he was blasted with brass nucks before the match started!

[Kade pushes Barratt and Barratt pushes back. Kade slaps Barratt and tells him "he's the reason ICW has ratings", Barratt smiles and "CODEBREAKER"!!!!]

Blaylock: You've got to be fucking kidding me! No way! FUCK!

Prescott: BARRATT WITH A CODEBREAKDER ON KADE! What the hell is going on?!

Blaylock: Damn you Bobby why!? Why!?

[Barratt hits the codebreaker on Kade and then he slaps Kade around, he screams at him "I've used you to bring the heat with Shawn and Lucas. I'm the real Mr. ICW. I'm the real 'Icon'!!!" Steele staggers up and CODEBREAKER! to Steele!!!! Bobby Barratt's lip is showing some blood from that Kade slap. He looks at it on his finger, makes a sick grin and then turns back to Kade who is on all fours. He lifts Kade up, grabs him by the throat and screams "This is what you deserve, for riding my coattails for this long mate"! "Prodigal Arrival"!!!!!!! COVER!]




Scarlett: Eliminated from the match, Jericho Kade. Bobby Barratt and Sebastian Steele will compete for the shot at the WORLD title against Jack Diamond at DEAD END! Whoever is pinned will finish 2nd place and will face Brett Stetson, with me being informed just a moment ago with what will be our 1st ever Ironman match for the Ironman Championship!!!!

Prescott: You heard it here first! Winner of this match faces Diamond for the World Title next week at DEAD END. Whoever gets pinned gets a great consolation prize in facing Stetson in a tough Ironman match for the Ironman title!!! WOW!

Blaylock: I just can't believe it... damnitt. Why Bobby?

[Barratt waits for Steele to get up, he runs at a turned around Steele in the corner and goes for another "Prodigal Arrival"! But Steele counters it with an elbow, Barratt staggers back, Steele turns around kicks Barratt in the gut! "Killshot!"!!!!! KILLSHOT!]

Prescott: Well that's it!

Blaylock: NO NO NO!!!! Come on Bobby!




Prescott: What great effort to push out of that one!

Blaylock: My guy! My guy!

[Steele completely flipped out over the kickout things is was a slow count. He accuses the referee, and then gives up on it. He goes in on Barratt. Kicks him a few times. Barratt hits an eye rake on Steele. The referee warns him very bluntly. Barratt waves him off like he doesn't care. Barratt lands a spinning clothesline on Steele who can't see that well. "Three Amigos"!!! Barratt hits on three, the third one being slow due to fatigue I would guess. Cover...]




Scarlett: And your winner! And NEW #1 contender for the ICW World title.... BOOOOOBBBBYYYY BAAARRRRRAAATTTTT!

[Jenny Stackhouse comes running down from the back, she gets in the ring and gives Bobby a kiss. Bobby picks her up an twirls her around. Jenny's wearing her hair down, a purple an white dress with crossed shoulder straps. Looking hot as hell.]

[The giant tron switches to this picture from Alter Bridge and starts playing this song while flashing the dEAD eND poster and showing a rushed together highlight package of Barratt and Diamond. It shows Barratt shaking his head and arguing with Rossdale in the highlights which are all in a reddish hue. It shows all the "Prodigal Arrivals" he's landed and shows Barratt with his arms spread and nodding his head. The highlights morph to Diamond carrying his belt, his impressive victorys over Ari Naxt 2 times already, going for a 3rd tonight. It shows his "Stacked Deck" moves he's performed... it shows his rumble win.. the emotion and his trademark smug smile. The screen goes black while the music still blares. The crowd is buzzing. Jack Diamond appears from behind the curtain.. the music starts to fade as a thick in makeup Stackhouse and Barratt wonder what is going on.]

Diamond: So that is the theme music for Dead End huh? Nice. Just wanted to come on out here and congradulate you Bobby. Well done. I didn't think you'd turn on Kade so quickly, but I saw it coming. Just like the snake you are. You've just another twist in the puzzle that I'll have to solve around here. Don't worry pal. I'm sure you'll feel better about this. No referee needed in our match. Shawn won't need to bother. I just informed Rieter, who I'm sure will call Shawn asap... that I've chosen as per stipulation last week for our match to be a LADDER MATCH! I'm 2-0 in ladder matches, and well you know history likes to repeat itself Bobby.

Bobby: (almost inaudible without a mic) I got your ladder match bro. I'll own this match!

Diamond: Let me get it for ya...boys bring it out.

[They bring out a really really tall ladder. Most of the ICW ladders have been a height of 16 feet. This one looks to be 20 feet]

Barratt: You can't do that!!! What the hell (barely audible)

Diamond: You like that? This is a 20 footer Bobby. The belt will be a little higher this time. The ladder needed will be a little taller... and the stakes will be all just a little higher.

[Barratt intense as fuck motions for a mic. He gets one.]

Barratt: Is that how you want to play? Make it a match that could possibly fucking end my career you stacked deck little fuckhead? Okay, whatever you want right? You earned that right. How about this? Make it for both belts if you're such a badass... hmm?

Diamond: Both belts? I would, I'm a fightning champion Barratt. Kade has a rematch clause on the Shooting Star. I don't know.

Barratt: Yeah that's what I thought you'd say. We all know the contenders, and I turned on that coattail riding piece of trash earlier. You saw. He was holding me down. He took his free ride as long as he could.

[Rieter struts on out with his racket in hand.]

Rieter: So what's all this talk over 2 titles and all that? Barratt you want both titles up for grabs? Kade does have a rematch in line, so he'll remain #1 contender. Fair is fair. If you're alright with it Jack, I am. Remember if Naxt wins tonight this will be a triple threat match.

Diamond: Lets do it then... ICW World and Shooting Star titles on the line. Together! Both belts! I'll prove you that I'm a fightning champion these people deserve!


[Jack exits with Rieter and Bobby smiles and they all exit the ring. We cut to commercial as Ari Naxt makes his way down to the ring off TV time. We cut back from commerical. The lights in the arena go out and a red hue takes over (much like when old school Kane comes out) A version of Motorhead's "The Ace of Spades" plays and smoke feels the entrance ramp. Jack Diamond appears backwards at the top of the ramp work a black, white and red robe on (a'la Flair) with the words "The Ace of Spades" written across the back. He turns around, wearing Red "diamond shaped" glasses, smiling as smug as he can and playing to the crowds reaction. He arrogantly walks to the ring, climbs the stairs and enters through the middle ropes and either plays to or taunts the crowd (depending on if he is working heel or face) He throws up the Diamond sign (reminiscent of DDP) and as he throws his hands down Pyro goes off around him in the shape of a diamond!!!]

Prescott: Diamond, Naxt in our MAIN EVENT of the evening!!!

Blaylock: Naxt is wild... and crazy!!! Who knows what will happen! First blood matches can be quick and insane....

[The bell rings and Naxt goes for a spear!!! Diamond dodges it and naxt goes into the turnbuckle! Diamond starts in with chops on Naxt. Followed by a neckbreaker. He picks Naxt up and pounds his face some, Naxt goes for a DDT, but Diamond reverses it into another neckbreaker. Naxt is down and Diamond starts stomping him. Naxt rolls out of the ring and tries to collect himself. Diamond immediately goes to the top turnbuckle and goes for Shuffled Deck!!!! Ari turns around as he didnt expect it and Diamond hits is on Ari's head. He falls down like a house of bricks. Diamond is somewhat shaken up on the high risk move to the outside, but the crowd's great cheering gets up going again. Naxt is very very broken down already.]

Prescott: What a move! He didn't waste any time. What killer instict in Diamond!

Blaylock: It was impressive. That idiot went with a spear. Like a pickle spear! Hasn't he learned?

Prescott: Naxt is evolving. He's beaten Acheston, and Halifax. It's going onto big things I think.

Blaylock: I don't really like Diamond, he's a prick, but I do think that he's got Naxt's number. He's 2-0 against Ari. He's in his head. And why isn't this a anything goes first blood match? That's dumb!

Prescott: I guess ICW staff wanted a clean first blood match... if that makes sense..

Blaylock: It doesn't...

[Diamond lifts up Naxt rolls him inside and hits a belly to belly when Ari finally limbers upwards. Jack smells the chants in an raises his arms up higher and higher. Diamond in complete control goes for a dropkick as Naxt stands up. It connects with underrated velocity. Jack gets on the middle rope and raises his arms and the crowd explodes. As he hops down Naxt has found himself. He goes for a superkick, but Diamond ducks it, looking like he's made out of marble... and "Stacked Deck"!!!! Naxt is down! Diamond starts beating the hell out of Naxt on the ground. Over and over. Diamond getting cheers from the crowd as they hate the crazy, insane and unpredictable Naxt...]

Prescott: It wasn't off the top rope, but it didn't have to be... "Stacked Deck"!!! What beautiful move. Never gets old does it Steven?

Blaylock: If you say so... Rossdale has Jack in

Prescott: Just shut up...

[Jack stomps on a still down Ari, Ari is barely moving at all. Jack goes up top... he's going for either a shooting star press or another "Shuffled Deck"!!]

Prescott: WHAT IN THE HELL!?

Blaylock: YES!

[As Jack turns around on the top rope and positions himself... as Naxt is yet to bleed but surely is close... Bobby fucking Barratt slides from underneathe the ring and pulls out a 8 foot steel ladder with him!!! Diamond doesn't see this, but the crowd's reaction gets him to look over his shoulder, and BOOM! It happens! Barratt missle throws the ladder into Diamond who falls off the top rope. Barratt starts to mock the crowd in the front row wearing his "Stacked House" shirt that shows Jenny's face faded into the background. He picks up the ladder and starts to beat the hell out of DIamond. Busting his forehead up, and it starts to bleed!!!]

Prescott: Ring the damn bell ref!!!

[Almost as if he heard Prescott, with Diamond being beaten repeatedly with the 8 foot ladder, and blood dribbling from his forehead... into his eyes... in a gruesome site the referee rings the bell, and security come rushing down. Keegan O'Donnell leads them, a 6 man team rushes down and separates them from Diamond. Who is completely rocked. Naxt still lays lifeless in the ring. Diamond dominated him, had it all in the bag. Barratt yet again ruins something with a clean ICW seal on it. He's tainted another match. Rieter rushes down and starts cussing Barratt as the gasoline is being tossed on this fire. Barratt is laughing. He takes off his shirt and throws it at Lucas and screams "You can't touch me!!!". He gets in the ring and kicks Ari out of the ring. Scarlett announces the result and then Barratt takes the mic from her.]

Scarlett: (massive crowd boos) Your winner by disqualification... and still ICW World and Shooting Star Champion.. JACK! Diamond!!!

Barratt: Give me that you dumb broad. Listen. Jack. You wanted your ladder match you dumb prick? You got it. I hope you got the message. (drops mic)

Prescott: Barratt has made the shot heard around the world. This is personal... this is going to be insane.

Blaylock: Bobby did what he had to do. We're almost out of time...

Prescott: Yes we are. This is Prescott and Blaylock... signing off. Be sure to catch what is to be an incredible main event between Dual Champion Jack Diamond and Bobby Barratt this week on DEAD END!