June 19th @ 10 PM CST
Ford Center
Evansville, IN
Capcity: 10,000

(Again, please click the video above and listen to it as you read the opening to the show!)

[We open to a just over halfway full Ford Center, announced attendance of 6,200/10,000 is on hand. They are excited and jolting for the show tonight. The intro starts as normal and shows highlights like usual in a orange/black grainy picture. We see Stetson and Longboat edge out Barratt/Kade for the tag team championships with the small crowd in Stillwater, MN going wild! We move on and see Ari Naxt causing more Havoc and dismantling Aaron Acheston for his 1st win of his career! We then see reigning and defending Ironman Champion Sebastian Steele land a "Killshot" on Diamond, and retain his Ironman Championship in a very close fought match. The sold out crowd is absolutely insane as they prepare for Monday Night Spectacle. The front row is especially rowdy, with many of the fans sporting their favorite ICW gear, some wearing Diamond Club shirts, other's wearing "Mr. ICW" shirts, there are Teen Idol shifts, viking helmets, Steel Masks, the crowd is hyped. One member in the front row is sporting an Andrew Luck, Indianapolis Colts jersey with a paper bag over his head. They are holding a sign that says "I AM MR. ICW." The screen comes to live with scenes from last weeks special show, "Bankrupt." We see a clip from the opening segment, of Jack Diamond entering the ring and shaking Shawn Rossdale's hands, then cuts to Ari Naxt absolutely destroying Aaron Acheston before putting him in his torture rack variation before slamming him to the mat with Eye of Evil before making the pin for his first ICW Victory. We see Duke Kosloff slam Romeo King who had interfered in Ari's match with a huge Soviet Bomb. We then see all four men from the tag team title match, along with Lucas Rieter prior to the bell ringing. Action from the tag match is shown ultimately leading to Rieter being knocked out when Longboat hits "Call from Odin" on Barratt. Then Barratt getting hit with the "Director's Cut" from Stetson and the pinfall by Jason Myers as Longboat and Brett Stetson win the tag team title. We see the insanity to follows with the Soviet Connection, and Ari getting hit by Kade, Barratt sliding in where Rossdale and Reiter are with a baseball bat and Jack Diamond coming out to save the bosses. The screen finally cuts to the main event for the Ironman title match with Diamond against Sebastian Steele. We see the back and forth match, followed by Shawn Rossdale sliding Diamond a chair to use on Steele. After an amazing kickout we next see Steele arguing with Rossdale, Rossdale pulling Steeles head down onto the rope, Jack missing the Shuffled Deck and getting laid out and beat by the Killshot as Steele retains his Ironman title an impressive sixth time. What will happen tonight? Who will leave with the Shooting Star title? What is Jack Diamond and Rossdale's relationship? The cameras cut to Stanley Prescott and Steven Blaylock at ringside.]

Stanley Prescott: Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to Monday Night Spectacle! Live from Evansville, Indiana! What a show we have tonight, I am Stanley Prescott and to my left, the insufferable Steven Blaylock...

Steven Blaylock: Watch it Prescott. You are lucky this show is too big to call by myself or you'd be out cold.

Stanley Prescott: Well you are right about one thing, this IS a big show tonight! Some would even say it has the feel of a pay-per-view in the air as we have six matches! Two titles will be on the line!

Steven Blaylock: That's right, and one of my guys, Jericho Kade will retain his Shooting Star title tonight and my other guy, Barratt will get his revenge as he takes on Vadyl, the man who gave the Prodigy his first loss in ICW!

Stanley Prescott: Yes, first of many. We also have a triple threat match tonight with Ari Naxt taking on his opponent from last week Acheston and Halifax McAllister who has been away for a while. Don King will be taking on Remeo King as they both have recent connections with Naxt as of late as well!

Steven Blaylock: And what about the hardcore match between Duke Kosloff and that slow in the head, Longboat! ANYTHING GOES! Duke may bring his flamethrower out again tonight!

Stanely Prescott: I sure hope not, and then folks, in our Main Event tonight Sebastian Steele looks to once again defend his Ironman title against the "Teen Idol", Brett Stetson in what is sure to be a match of the year candidate!

[As Stanley is finishing his plug for the main event, the lights in the Ford Center dim to a red hue and "Ace of Spades" by Motorhead begins to play. Jack Diamond emerges at the top of the ramp, alone, with his World title thrown over the shoulder of his suit jacket.He soaks in the huge reaction from the crowd before heading towards the ring.]

Stanley Prescott: Here comes the World Champion, Jack Diamond!

Steven Blaylock: And where is his new BFF, Shawn Rossdale? Whatever these two idiots are plotting, I hope my guys shut it down!

Stanley Prescott: Again, you are talking about the man who writes your checks. Jack Diamond isn't with Rossdale I don't believe, he just protected his boss so he can get his check.

Steven Blaylock: It definitely looked like more than that last week when he got the chair from Shawn and used it against Steele!

[Diamond has made his way into the ring and walks over to get a microphone from the timekeeper. Much of the crowd is chanting "Diamond" although there are a few boos heard in the crowd as they are unsure of the recent actions of their beloved champion.]

Jack Diamond: Evansville! Welcome to the Diamond Club!!!

[Loud pops erupt from the crowd as the champion shifts his belt to his other shoulder before continuing.]

Jack Diamond: That's right! As an exclusive to all you VIPs, your champion is here, live and in color. Take a look at this beautiful belt. At the end of the night...

[Diamond looks up above the ring where Jericho Kade's Shooting Star title is already dangling over head, shimmering in the light.]

Jack Diamond: At the end of the night, I will climb the ladder and grab that belt, and be the first person here walking around with two belts!

[Another loud pop from the crowd as they are excited to see the ladder match tonight. Jack walks around and looks out at the crowd before spotting the fan with the paper bag over his head and the "I AM MR. ICW" sign.]

Jack Diamond: Clearly, there are still people who fail to realize who the true face of ICW is. It's not Jericho Kade. If there is ANYONE who deserves to be called Mr. ICW, it is the man who eliminated Kade, and Steele, and everyone else from the Rumble a few weeks back proclaiming this HIS ring, The Ace of Spades, Jack Diamond!

[Diamond raises his hands up high in the air and make his trademark "diamond' shape with the crowd. He points it at the Jericho fan in the front row and laughs. Diamond turns and plays to the rest of the crowd a bit before heading to the far turnbuckle to pose even more.]

Stanley Prescott: What the hell is this?!!?

[The fan with the Colts jersey and paper bag has clearly taken offense to what Jack said, and has jumped the barricade and slid into the ring. Before security can rush the ring, and right as Diamond gets to the corner the fan runs in behind him and hits him with...]

Steven Blaylock: PRODIGAL ARRIVAL!!! What in the world?

[As Jack gets laid out, the impact makes the bag fly off the fan just as security reaches him and grabs him. As they pick him up, we see Bobby Barratt with a huge smile on his face. Standing over Diamond with a sickening smirk and his hair combed back tightly as usual.]

Stanley Prescott: NO! Bobby Barratt has just laid out the champ!

Steven Blaylock: That's my guy! Showing the champion and all of these idiot fans who the REAL men are who run this place, The Prodigy and Mr. ICW Jericho Kade!

Stanley Prescott: Diamond is out cold! What a cheap shot that puts the ladder match in jeopardy tonight! Barratt is being escorted out! He should be arrested for this, or fired!

Steven Blaylock: No, no no! My guy CAN'T be fired! He really DOES run this place!

Stanley Prescott: Diamond needs help, we have to sort all this mess out ladies and gentlemen, when we come back, hopefully we can get answers and our first match will be coming up, a triple threat match with Ari Naxt! Stay tuned!

[As trainers make it to the ring to help the champion up, Bobby Barratt has been escorted to the back, and the camera fades out to the first commercial break.]

Stanley Prescott: We are back folks, and Barratt has been taken to the back, he and Kade were shown briefly being shown a private room. Keegan O'Donnell is standing outside that door. They won't be allowed out until their respective matches.

Blaylock: What a joke. We've already got Naxt, McAlister and Acheston in the ring. We're all set!

[The bell rings and Ari Naxt, who's coming off his 1st win of his ICW career looks hungry... very hungry. Acheston immediately goes top rope and jumps off, but misses the alert and fresh men. Naxt takes a look at Acheston and stomps him a couple times. He then goes after McAlister. Who counters the spear attempt by hitting a DDT on Naxt! Acheston is up, he does a leaping knee into McAlister, and McAlister falls back into the ropes. Acheston takes a bounce off the ropes, and hits another running knee that sends MCAlister over the top rope. Ari gets up, and grabs Acheston from behind and goes for "Eye of Evil" but Acheston wiggles off, and hits a spinning heel kick. Naxt goes down. Naxt rolls to the rope area as Halifax starts pummeling Naxt's head as it hangs over the apron. Acheston gets on the top rope and trys a leg drop to the exposed head of Naxt!!!]

Prescott: No way! This could permanently injure Ari Naxt!

Blaylock: Good, that dude is nuts!

[Acheston jumps, but McAlister gets in the way and takes the brunt of it more or less by accident. Acheston gets up, McAlister is down and hurt badly. The flying leg drop caught him in the nose. He's down. Naxt rolls out of the ring to gather himself some more. He starts in on the referee, spewing about something and legality. No one understands why. Acheston runs at Naxt, jumps over him, Naxt turns around and ducks a clothesline. McAlister gets up and gets to the apron. Nose bloody. Naxt bounces off the ropes, throws an intentional elbow that sends Halifax flying into the edge of the announcer's table. Naxt runs at Acheston and finally hits that spear! Naxt goes for a cover!]




[Naxt grins and picks up Acheston. He hits a snap suplex, followed by a leg drop on the younger Acheston. The crowd buzzes some for Acheston, as he is able to do a nip up to the great surprise to Naxt. He goes for another spinning heel kick, but Naxt dodges it, starts stomping on the mis-timed Acheston. He picks him up and goes for the "Eye of Evil"!! He's got him in the rack!!! Acheston is menacing in pain!]

Prescott: This could be it! This could be a short one!!!

Blaylock: What a joke. This guy has had it easy the last 2 weeks..

[Naxt keeps it going, growing tired and Acheston TAPS OUT!!! Scarlett LaDawn announces the winner, as Halifax can't even get up on the outside of the ring, and Naxt won't let go. The referee is begging him to let it go, but he won't! He keeps it going, then finally goes into the secondary version of the finisher into the cutter! Acheston drops like a sack of potatoes!!! After this, Naxt starts to pummel him. He demands the referee count anyways. The referee argues that he's already won. He threatens the referee, and covers Acheston. The referee makes a 3 count anyways. He then wants Scarlett to announce the winner again. She does. Naxt rolls out of the ring, grabs a baseball bat from underneathe and starts beating the hell out of Halifax on the outside as he is sitting up. The security rushes down to the ring, and break it all up as we cut to commercial break. That is back to back wins for Ari Naxt!]

[We come to back stage in the locker room of "The Prodigy" Bobby Barratt and "Mr ICW" Jericho Kade. They are kitted up, ready to go and seem in a much better mood than normal following the events earlier this evening.]

Barratt: So what did you think? I got him good, right?

Kade: Hell yeah! Cocky prick got just what he deserved! So what's the plan?

Barratt: Well I'm sure Rossdale is up our ass after that. He's gonna be all over me, so you have the advantage now, I'm going to sit this one out.

Kade: Good call. Who did he think he was anyway? Having some pre match victory parade. Does he know who he's up against?! I'm Mr ICW baby! The Shooting Star Champion! Undefeated in singles competition!

Barratt: Yeah, yeah we know. Arrogance will be his downfall tonight. Go out there, give the Diamond Club something to see. After tonight an agent will be the least of his worries. Go get em champ!

Prescott: Some interesting words from Barratt and Kade.

Blaylock: Don't you just love them? I mean those are my guys baby!

[We next fade to another backstage spot. It has Rossdale and Rieter in their temporary office... chatting amoung various things.]

Rieter: Yeah he's gone.

Rossdale: Who?

Rieter: That Romeo bum. He's fired.

ROssdale: I thought I already fired that fool?

Rieter: I think you forgot. Don White, he sent in a letter saying he's turning into a full time rapper now.

Rossdale: Really? I hope his rapping career is better than his ICW one. We gave him all the tools to succeed. Some people just don't want it.

Rieter: It's a sad shame of a thing... and what about Barratt? He yet again pushed his limits.

Rossdale: Jack is my champion, and to be honest I'm sick and tired of all the questions about our relationship. Can't a owner be proud and protective of his clean image champion? It's a joke. Blaylock better watch it tonight...

[We cut back to ringside, Duke and Longboat are already in the ring. The crowd is booming with "Boat"! "Boat"! Over and over. Duke looks serious and means all business. Levi Kosloff is ringside and the bell rings! Duke rushes Longboat, but Longboat is able to slide between Duke's legs, he gets up, but Duke slams him with a superman punch!!!]

Prescott: What a start! Duke with a devastating move!

Blaylock: This indian, nordic... viking guy just... I don't know.

[Duke picks up Longboat and chokeslams him to the outside! The crowd starts booing! Levi looks appeased. Duke steps over the top rope liek a true monster and asks Levi to get a weapon underneathe. Levi pulls out a chair. Duke shakes his head. Levi gets a bat, Duke shakes his head. Levi then pulls out a sledgehammer and the look on Duke's face is twisted. He grabs it and looks at the end of it happily. He goes to hit Longboat, but he's able to rolls just barely out of the way. Duke swings wildly again and just missed Longboat and almost hits Levi, who scrambles desperately to the other side of the ring. Longboat rolls underneath the bottom rope and challenges Duke. Duke rushes in with the sledgehammer in toll and swing again! Longboat slides under his legs and trip the Soviet Monster! Longboat starts punching away at Duke, but Duke shrugs it off in a rage and gets up. Longboat jumps on the top rope and leaps backwards for a flying backwards elbow!!! NO!!! Duke slams his back with the end of the sledgehammer!!! Longboat immediately drops to the mat! Duke stands over him and hits him again! Longboat shreiks and grabs his knee. Duke starts hammering short bursts of the hammer part into the knee over and over before tossing the sledgehammer to the side to the referee's begging and pleading cries. Duke now has Longboat completely cooked. He's holding his leg/knee area and gasping. Duke grabs a chair now. He gets back in. He weaves the knee area of Longboat into the chair. He pummels Boat' until he stops fighting back. Duke then goes to the top rope!]

Prescott: You've got to be kidding...

Blaylock: This dude is for real people. He's dismantling this eccentric freak!

[Duke leaps, gets massive height and his moonsault lands perfectly as the chair pops and makes a snapping noise!!! Longboat probably broke his leg just now! Duke starts to pound his chest and yells to the boosing and intense crowd "FEEEEEL THE BUUUUURRRRRRRN!!!" as loud as he can. The boos are so loud it is almost inaudible! Duke picks Longboat up and smacks his face. Duke then goes for a chokeslam! Longboat almost fights out, but Duke hits it anyways. Longboat rolls around some and seems spent. Duke picks the smallish Longboat up and goes to the top rope with him. He lifts him up there like a backpack or something, and ... the Soviet Connection rush down to the ring. Mandy Joe, Alexis Grace and Ari Naxt all come down... with laughter amoung themselves. They help Levi set up not 1, but 2 tables stacked on the outside of the ring.]

Prescott: NO!!! DAMNITT! NO!

Blaylock: This could end the career of Longboat...

[Duke on the top rope lifts Longboat HIGH and tall and slams him downward about 6 feet to his right and Longboat goes crashing through 2 tables, and is in a heap of the mess at the end of it all. He's got the broken flaps of wood covering him. Duke goes down in almost a robotic way... and rolls him into the ring. He covers him...]




Scarlett LaDawn: Your winner and NEW #1 contender for the Ironman Championship!!!! DUUUUKE KOOOOSSSSLOOFFFFFF!!!!

Prescott: This is insane! I guess with Remeo King and Don White getting axed and going rapper Duke automatically takes that #1 spot.

Blaylock: The career is probably over for Longboat. If it wasn't the massive Soviet Bomb through 2 tables to the outside, it was the knee damage he sustained. Either way I don't think he's coming back to ICW for quite some time... He's not even moving. No wait! Stop!!! Stan!

[Levi Kosloff is seen standing at the bottom of the ramp with all four members of the Soviet Connection. Duke Kosloff and Ari Naxt have Stanley Prescott by the arms, he seems to be okay except for the red spray paint that reads "FEEL THE BURN " on his back. Levi Kosloff is holding a microphone getting ready to give ICW and Shawn Rossdale a few words.]

Duke Kosloff: This corruption stops now! I've made my mark. 1/2 of your tag team champions is done. I broke this man's leg. He is going to be out for months or not forever. Rossdale, I want my crack, my chance. You've held me back, you've held me and Ari back. We want our chance at the tag titles! Everyone must feel the burrrn!!!!!

Levi Kosloff: It has come to my attention, that my cousin... Duke should get what he deserves... he's already beaten Brett Stetson. He's had a very unfair shake in ICW. So Shawn Rossdale, I challenge you to play fair... or we'll make it fair. Duke deserves something more than a nordic puppet. He was dangled and crushed tonight. That it is all.

[Duke, Ari, Mandy/Alexis all leave the area. Levi follows out last. Vadyl's music hits as he comes out without Elvira. Vadyl walks down to the ring quietly making gestures to the crowd. None of them seem to go over well as the crowd boos loudly. Vadyl gets in the ring and sits in the corner crouched.]

[Lights go out, Motley Crue starts playing and spotlights swirl on the stage. In his own time, Mr Barratt comes strolling through the curtain. Confidence, arrogance and smugness all apparent.... Shawn Rossdale shows his face and takes a chair to the back of Barratt. Barratt's music stops. Shawn kicks Bobby down to the ring. Vadyl starts to laugh in his crouched position. Shawn grabs a mic.]

Shawn Rossdale: Well... well mate. You could handle the load could ya now? You just couldn't handle it. I told you to tone it down. I tried making a civilized mellow truce last week. I just want my company ran the way it needs to be.

[Shawn kicks at Barratt, and kicks him all the way down to the mat as his purple t-shirt with "Jenny's Stacked Rack" showing.]

Rossdale: Vadyl, this isn't about you. I wanted to make this match interesting. While I can't fire Bobby Barratt (Crowd boos) I can make life a living hell for him. This punk thinks he runs this? He's sorely at fault. Vadyl, you've been indifferent... on the outside, and to be honest you don't even come to the house shows we have on occasion. You don't sign for the fans... and your paychecks are quite large. You don't get to take time off when you wish. If you lose this match tonight against Barratt... you're fired. Get your stuff and get the hell out. Bobby... my fellow countrymen...

[Shawn now sees that Barratt is starting to get to his knees and slaps him back down.]

Rossdale: If you lose tonight, you'll never... EVER get a shot at a ICW Championship. Mark my words!

[Barratt gets back up to his knees again, starting to come around. Shawn backs up with his hands high, throws the mic at Bobby and as Bobby goes to catch it... Shawn hits "Distortion" superkick on Barratt and Bobby falls over like a heap. Shawn then takes off his shirt and throws it on top of Barratt, adjusts his necklace and hair and walks to the back. The crowd loves it.]

Prescott: What a moment. Shawn Rossdale and Barratt go at it again!

Blaylock: He was blindsided? How is that even fair?

Prescott: Maybe Shawn didn't like Barratt sneak attacking his ICW Champion?

[The match is about to start. Vadyl goes down and tries to get an advantage. He rolls Barratt in the ring and asks for the bell. He gets the bell call. DING! We're official! Vadyl goes to pick up Barratt who is on all 4s, trying to get up. Bobby tries for a roll up but Vadyl hits a standing knee on him. Vadyl picks up Barratt and hits a "Siren's Decay"!!!!]

Prescott: We've seen this move before. No one can hardly kick out of this!

Blaylock: Damn Bobby...




[Barratt is able to kick out. Vadyl argues with the ref smacking his hands together. Shawn Rossdale appears at the top of the ramp. Watching. I guess he thought that was it and was ready for another attack? Who knows? Shawn slowly walks his way down to the ring. With Jenny Stackhouse!!!]

Prescott: What is Jenny Stackhouse doing here? What is this about?

Blaylock: Interesting. Wow.. she looks great. Like a girl next door jazzed up kinda great.

Prescott: I guess it is true, it has never been confirmed but we all kinda knew it. Shawn Rossdale and Jenny Stackhouse are together!

[Shawn and Jenny walk down to the ring to a large buzz from the crowd as the cat is out of the bag. They are locked elbows, Shawn has a new shirt on. It's an ICW "If you're not with us, you're against us" t-shirt. Black with golden lettering. Jenny is dressed in a purple dress with her hair pulled laid down very beautifully. Vadyl still arguing some turns around and Barratt is crouched and leaps up with astonishing energy.. and hits a forearm to Vadyl. He starts yelling at Rossdale and Shawn gives him the finger. Shawn and Jenny take ringside seat as they watch the match. Barratt leans over the ropes and points to the shirt he's still wearing as he never had a chance to take it off. He motions a kiss at Stackhouse and Shawn just smiles and points behind him. Vadyl is ready and hits a headbutt that topples Bobby out of the ring. Vadyl runs off one side of the ropes and hits a suicide dive to Barratt. Shawn gets up and starts kicking Barratt with Vadyl. They look at eachother and Shawn walks away. It was like they were fighting over the same meal. Two starving dogs or something. Barratt gets slung back in the ring, Vadyl tells Rossdale to watch it. Jenny is seem clapping everytime Vadyl performs a move on Barratt. Shawn and her kiss a couple times as the match wears on...]

Prescott: So Mr. Rossdale, Ms. Stackhouse and yourself?

Rossdale: Why yes. Isn't it pleasant? She's great.

Blaylock: Nice one Shawn. Jenny... hitting the boss huh?

Rossdale: Jenny, ignore him. Steven. That is most inappropiate. Jenny and I have been seeing eachother before ICW even opened. We're engaged actually.

Prescott: COngradulations!

Rossdale: We do have a match here. I'm enjoying Barratt's slow execution.

[So we find out in a cocky way that Jenny and Shawn are indeed together and have been for at least 2 months time. Why is Jenny ringside? Why do they make an appearance now? Meanwhile... Vadyl in full control in the match whips Barratt into the corner.... runs at him and misses a clothesline. Barratt is able to duck and turns around but Vadyl hits a cobra clutch suplex out of it. Barratt goes down. Cover!]




Prescott: Barratt with another great kickout. So what brings yourself and Ms. Stackhouse ringside?

Rossdale: We just wanted to see the action up close. Jenny wanted to see this loss personally. He'll never get a title shot in ICW if he loses.. like I said. He'll be stuck in opening card hell.

Blaylock: That really isn't fair.

ROssdale: Are your paychecks fair?

Blaylock: They are.

Rossdale: Shut it.

[Shawn later chats about Jericho Kade and how is is barred from ringside for this match. He'll be fired if he shows up. Shawn also explains they have been engaged since that physical attack on Jenny a few weeks back by Barratt. No date is set. Barratt still trying to recover from the vicious blindsided attack from Rossdale is able to fire up some offense finally. He starts with a few smacks, and chops. Vadyl counters the small momentum with a leaping clothesline. Shawn and Jenny smile and look smug at ringside as Barratt clearly doesn't have a chance. Bobby is down, rolls to his side and Vadyl picks him up... CODEBREAKER!!!! Barratt hits a great codebreaker and falls to his side as Vadyl drops!!!

Prescott: What a move! Barratt hits that thing like an RKO or something!

Blaylock: Yes!

Rossdale: He won't last. He's too banged up.

[Barratt is able to get to his feet barely. Vadyl still down. Barratt waits for him. Points at Shawn and Jenny, takes off his shirt finally and throws it there way. The shirt falls short, but Vadyl stands up and makes a run at Barratt. Bobby is able to barely clear him in a leap frog jump, Vadyl hits the corner, Bobby turns around grabs Vadyl as he hits the corner and turns back... "Prodigal Arrival"!!!!!! "Prodigal Arrival"!!!!!




[Scarlett announces the winner, and the crowd boos... Shawn sprints up, Jenny begs him not to. Barratt demands a mic, as Shawn stands on the outside shouting threats.]

Barratt: (breathing heavily) You know Shawn... there's one thing you can take mate. It's you can't keep the bad guy down... (laughs). I withstood your bullshit attack. I've withstood you in every way. Lets go... me and you. Right now!!! Right here! Right now!

[The crowd absolutely explodes!!! Shawn gets to the apron but Jenny is begging him not to do it. Shawn tells her it will be okay, and they kiss.]

Barratt: Shawn... tell Jenny I'd love to have a piece. You can't stop me. I run you man.

[Shawn absolutely set off gets in the ring. Asks for his own mic. Jenny is ringside watching, standing in her heels.]

Rossdale: You know something mate? You've got me all wrong. All I ever wanted was to be a successful wrestler. Injuries stalled my rise. You know, I've not wrestled competitively for many years. I could ya know.. I've been healed for a couple years now.

Barratt: Is that right? Lets do this. Me and you. Settle all this now.

Rossdale: You're on!!!

Prescott: OH MY GOD!!!! We're getting ROSSDALE AND BARRATT RIGHT NOW!!!! This is incredible.

[Jenny steps up the steps and get into the ring. She pleads with Shawn not to do this. She grabs the mic he laid down....]

Jenny: Please. Boys. Don't do this. Bobby you are a jerk, a complete asshole, but I don't want Shawn to get involved anymore than he already is. You guys will tear eachother apart. Please stop. Please.

Rossdale: Love, this isn't for you to decide. Now go on. Get out.

[Barratt and Rossdale get up close. No referee. He was ordered out. This is going to be a street fight! Since it is on ICW grounds, it wouldn't violate Bobby's ridiculous contract. Jenny is in the middle. She's pushing both guys away with both hands. They are yelling at eachother over the top of Jenny's head and pushing a little. Jenny's turns to Shawn and says "I'm Sorry..." JENNY LOW BLOWS SHAWN!!!! She dropped to her knees and hits him hard with a low blow. Shawn falls right over. Bobby grabs his mic as Jenny smiles...]

Barratt: You didn't see that one did ya mate?! "Mate" Don't mate me. How about that? How do you guys like that? Is anyone here not entertained? Shawn, you've been played my friend. Jenny is my girlfriend bro. You've been played like a fiddle man. We own you. Every piece of that corporate retired washed up ass that you are. We own you.

Stackhouse: Shawn, honey... I'm sorry. I did like you, but I've been with Barratt 2 months before signed in ICW. It was worth twisting you around to me liking... you're not half the man Bobby is.

[Barratt and Stackhouse kiss, Barratt confesses his love for Stackhouse. Bobby then picks up Shawn and hits him with a codebreaker. Spits on him and then leaves.]

Prescott: What just happened?

Blaylock: YES!!! YES!! My guy even gets the hot ass girl! Yes! I didn't see that one coming at all! Wow!

Prescott: Folks we've got to cut to commercial break...

[We cut back from commerical... we see a completely out of control Shawn Rossdale in the back searching for Bobby Barratt and Jenny Stackhouse! He's flipping stuff over... going crazy. In the process he barges into the dressing room of the Soviet Connection. He accuses everyone of knowing something about the lying of Stackhouse and just throwing threats and everything everywhere. Duke doesn't take kindly to the accusations of him knowing something, and Shawn takes his food he was enjoying with his comrads and spikes it to the floor and steps on it. Duke smiles, and one hand pushes Shawn out of their private room and locks the door.]

Duke: This one isn't even worth getting fired over. He's lost his damn mind.

Ari: He's way way way too excited. He's so vulnerable... let me go out there and crush him. I can always find work somewhere else. I'm on a 2 match winning streak!

Levi: That wouldn't be smart. Stay here. Duke is right. Let this all simmer. When he's in his right mind he'll play ball with us.

[Shawn searches everywhere for Barratt, he can't find him. Lucas pleads with him to calm down. Jack Diamond is shown in the picture to a loud applause.]

Jack Diamond: Shawn. Look man. You gotta let this one go. I know you loved her. We all kinda knew what was going on. Let it go brother.

Shawn: Fuck you! Fuck him, and fuck him. And fuck her! Fuck everyone!!! Fuck this place! I was played. I can't believe it!!!!

Jack: Shawn you don't mean that. I've got your back man. Relax. Have a glass in your office. Lucas. You need to stay with him. After I deal with Jericho Kade tonight. We'll probably get some heat off your back. We're not friends Shawn, but I don't want you to be like this. I don't care one way or another if you're in the Diamond Club.

Shawn: I am the Diamond club! I write your checks. FUCK!!!!

[Shawn clearly in a rage falls to his knees. He starts to cry. His mental state is clear. He was truly head over heels for this woman, and the entire time he was being played like a fucking puppet by Bobby Barratt. In the end Barratt wins the battle and the war... or does he? Jack shakes his head and goes on. Shawn and Lucas retreat to their 2 room office and Shawn proceeds to get completely drunk. Lucas locks the door, and tries to calm him down as he's threatening to fire everyone. The crowd watches the giant tron in horror and they all gasp. We then see Jericho Kade attack Jack Diamond before he enteres the gorilla position before he is to come out. Kade takes a stool that was nearby and crushes it into Diamond. And walks out to his music first. He climbs in the ring and we see ladders everywhere. 4 around the ring. The Shooting Star championship at the top, hanging as it has been all night... slightly swaying and tilting back and forth. The lights make it glimmer in the distance as Kade smiles and motions to his waist. He gets in and grabs a mic.]

Kade: I'm not losing my title. I'll do whatever I want here. Bobby does what he wants and we all know that Shawn can't fire Mr. ICW. Hell he can't even come out of his office. And by the way, I knew all about it Shawn!

[Jack alright to wrestle but hurt wobbles down to the ring limping some, but alright. His music doesn't even play as this has gotten very personal. The referee calls for the bell as we start.]

Prescott: This is wild. Jericho Kade and Bobby Barratt continue to run the show here. Rossdale is basically locked up in his own office!

Blaylock: The guy has lost it. My guys make this place what it is. ROssdale is firing everyone in sight. He's crazy!

[Diamond and Kade locks up, Kade immediately puts Diamond into a hammerlock, and Diamond reverses... he gets arm dragged by Kade, and gets put into an arm lock. Diamond breaks free goes for a german suplex, but Kade LOW BLOWS Diamond before he gets it off. Diamond falls. Kade goes outside and slides a ladder into the ring. Diamond rolls to the center of the ring, maybe to block a centering of the ladder. Kade picks it up and jams one end of it into Diamond's stomach. The crowd boos! Kade then attempts to center it and starts to climb. Diamond underneath the ladder starts shaking it back and forth to where Kade loses his balance some and decides to drop off and finish off Diamond. Diamond gets his leg stomped and he attempts to roll away, but the ladder is over top of him. Kade drags him out and hits a quick scoop slam followed with some talking to the crowd. Yelling "I'm in the Diamond Club now baby"! Diamond up to his feet but bent over some goes for a cross body as Kade's back is turned. Kade senses it and ducks. Diamond goes over the top rope and lands safely outside on his knees. Kade points to his title and talks more trash. Diamond gets back in the ring and Kade meets him with stomps. Diamond makes it up to his feet and Kade does an eye rake!]

Prescott: Not very fair is he?

Blaylock: Oh relax! Who cares? It's a Ladder match. Kade wins this and he pick the match AND he gets a WORLD title shot at Diamond at DEAD END in 2 weeks!

Prescott: Another eye rake by Kade! He's really doing it down and dirty today!

Blaylock: Whatever gets the job done. Winning championships isn't easy and people will do whatever they can to keep them.

Prescott: Diamond won his belt fair and square WITH outside interference from those 2 bozos.

[Arguing with Blaylock is pointless he leans towards the arrogant, but skilled bad guys in ICW. Diamond is holding his eyes as Kade kicks him in the gut and then hits a tbone suplex into the ladder's side, which was possibly unintentional. Diamond collides with it and the ladder falls into the ropes and bounces up a few times like a spring. Kade then goes over to Diamond, lifts his 2 legs up and looks around to the crowd who are screaming at him. He then takes one kick to the crotch of Diamond and Jack Diamond rolls back and forth in agony. Kade picks up the ladder and positions it correctly over the middle. He starts to climb it. Diamond gets to his knees in clear pain and is able to pull the ladder over sideways, but Kade jumps off into a roll. Kade slides out of the ring, grabs a chair and slids back in. Diamond on one knee waits for Kade. As Kade comes up to him cockily, Diamond jumps up and enzuguris the chair into Kade's face. Kades goes down as Jack falls over.]

Prescott: It looks like that is all Diamond had left in him... Kade is down though.

Blaylock: Get up Jericho!! Come on!

[Both men stand up at the same time. Kade grabs the head of Diamond and tries another DDT but Diamond lifts him up for a back body drop! Kade lands on his feet, and goes for a superkick. Diamond ducks. Kade turns around and "Stacked Deck"!!!!! STACKED DECK!!!!]

Blaylock: I thought this moron only does that off the top rope?

Prescott: Preferably but he'll do the move whenever he has to. It's just like Don White's Strangeland move. It can come from anywhere...

[Diamond hits the move, and picks up the leaned ladder. He starts to climb as Diamond's move is devastating and Kade is down. Bobby Barratt comes running down to the ring with a tennis racket!!!]

Prescott: Wait? That is Lucas Rieter's tennis racket!!! I guess what comes around...


[Barratt rushes into the ring, and leaps midway on the ladder, just as Diamond is dangling with the belt. Barratt slams the head of Diamond with Lucas Rieter's racket and he falls off, and down he goes! Barratt tries to rouse Kade, and is successfull. Kade limply crawls over the to bottom rungs of the ladder. Shawn Rossdale rushes down and Barratt runs off desperately. Shawn has a crowbar in his hands. Barratt flees and they both run off to the back somewhere. Jack gets up to the ladder and they both climb at the same time. They slowly make their way up to the 3rd from the top rung. They trade blows at the top of the ladder. They are about 18 feet up or so above the ring mat. Diamond gets the best of Kade and Kade falls back. He's down and not moving too much. Diamond is going to win!!!!! He looks at the belt. Stops as the crowd blows apart! He points all around to the crowd and mouths the words "my vip's" and then leaps from the 3rd rung of the ladder on the opposite side and does "Shuffled DECK"!!!!]

Prescott: What a move! Shuffled Deck!!! Oh my God! What a brave and risky move!

Blaylock: He had the belt all wrapped up! Why didn't he just grab it?

Prescott: He does this for the fans Steven. The fans are important to him.

[Diamond hits it, the high impact hurt him as well, but not as much as Kade who lays lifeless almost. Diamond climbs to the top... and waits a second. Takes a deep breathe and grabs the belt!!!! DING DING!!!!]


Prescott: Unbeliveable! Jack Diamond is our first EVER dual champion! He holds the top 2 belts in ICW! He clearly is the best we've got.

Blaylock: Smells fishy to me. Shawn's guy is the top guy. What a joke.

Prescott: All Shawn did was come out here AFTER Barratt attacked him in the opening... to help Kade later. AFTER Kade attacked him before the match, and AFTER Barratt slammed his head with a tennis racket.... Shawn just chased Barratt off, probbaly more to do with Barratt screwing with him and...

Blaylock: Screwing his fiance? (laughs)

[Diamond collapses. The adrenaline was clearly pushing him through. He got through it all and made it out alright. Kade is being tended to as well as Diamond. We cut to commercial break]

[Coming back from commercial we see Stetson looking in the mirror smiling and we see Steele pacing back and forth nervous, but anxious. We then cut to Shawn Rossdale in the parking lot screaming Barratt's name over and over. We cut over and we see Lucas Rieter in a stretcher being put into an ambulance. Obviously Barratt attacked Rieter, Rossdale was too drunk to deal with him in the moment, and Barratt probably hit him too, and then came out to help Kade. Shawn was able to wobble out in a drunken rage to chase away Barratt at least. The carnage continues in ICW. Our main event is next...]

[The arena lights dim as "Famous" by Puddle of Mudd blares through the arena. Stetson emerges from the curtain wearing sunglasses and a scarf over his wrestling attire as a spotlight follows him down the ramp. He stops to take a selfie with an attractive female fan. Stetson continues to make his way down to the ring, soaking in the reaction of the crowd and giving his sunglasses to a lucky fan. He enters the ring and throws his scarf into the crowd before flexing for the camera as his music dies down.]

[El Cazador jumps from the guerilla position and skulks to the ring as though he was stalking prey. He wears the pelt of a jaguar over himself with the head on the jaguar over his own. He readies himself. The referee displays his proudly defended Ironman title and the bell sounds!!!]

Prescott: We've got Steele making what? His 7th defense possibly? No it would be his 6th defense if he is able to pull it off.

Blaylock: Truly remarkable. Brett Stetson earned his right to be here. He looks poised and ready. Whoever wins this will have to face Duke soon.

Prescott: Duke Kosloff looks to be for real. He's never looked more in control and dangerous.

Blaylock: What about Ari Naxt? he's been looking surprisingly deadly. Even for whack job.

Prescott: Remember folks. If Steele is able to defend this belt yet again, he'll face Jack Diamond for the shooting star title next week. (typo in card on a triple threat, which makes no sense as I see it now lol)

[The men circle around. Steele looking very tricky using a very low stance while Stetson uses a powerhouse type of stance. Steele goes in for a grapple, but pulls out. Stetson faints one, but does the same. Steele lunges with a right hook, but misses. Stetson grabs Steele and slams him down with a powerslam. Pin!]



Prescott: Going to take a lot more than that to put down Steele.

Blaylock: Yeah it will. 5 defenses is ridiculous. Maybe Shawn has him in his pocket...

Prescott: Are you serious?... Not everyone that wins a match is in Rossdale's pocket. Maybe Bobby Barratt secretly runs ICW? Moron.

Blaylock: Screw you Stan.

[Stetson lacks a little quickness. He tries to grab Steele, but he slips under his arms, pushes the back of Stetson, and when Stetson turns around hes hit with an arm drag. Steele winks at Stetson, and tells him to get up. Stetson embarassingly gets up. Flexes, and cameras flash in the front row. Steele comes from behind and jumps on the back wildly and starts a sleeper hold on Stetson. Stetson starts to fade some, but reaches back and overpowers Steele and pulls him off. Stetson was clearly too fresh for such a move. Steele whips Stetson in the ropes, Stetson reverses... Steele comes back around and Stetson with great lift and power hits a spinebuster on Steele! Steele dazed some on the ground tries to get up but Stetson tosses him out of the ring. While on the apron of the ring, Steele is seen crawling to a specific corner of the ring and he puts some thin black painted nucks over his black glove, he remains out there. Stetson poses a few times for the fans, and he goes to the outside while referee Charles Lee Ray yells at them to get back in the ring. Stetson bends down and grabs the back of the mask edge of Steele, but Steele comes up and hits Stetson with a disco uppercut from his knees. Steele then is seen falling back down, taking the nucks off and tossing them out of the referee's vision under the ring. The referee notice this, and takes a good look over the ropes but doesn't see anything strange. He just thinks he saw a wicked uppercut. Stetson is greatly dazed. Metal nuckles to the under jaw will just about knock someone out cold. Steele then hears the referee start his count finally, and Steele rolls in the ring. He gets on the top rope and jumps off for a simple splash. He connects and Stetson is still down. The crowd boos very intensely. Steele waits in the ring for the countout. The referee gets to 8 before Stetson is able to just barely get under the rope. The affects from the illegal shot are obvious and the tide has turned.]

Prescott: This is crazy. Way too many cheaters in ICW.

Blaylock: What do you want them to do? Rossdale is strung out on booze over his love of his life being a trick, and Rieter is at a hospital. No one is here to control anything. This is so stupid.

[Steele works on Stetson with a rear naked choke. Stetson is able to eventually get a foot on a rope. The hold is broken. Sebastian Steele looking dangerous and intent on hurting Stetson no matter what swings Stetson into the corner. Steele waits until Stetson wanders out dazily and he hits a drop toe hold. Flips Stetson over and applies the "Jaguar Clutch"!! Stetson screams out. He's almost passed out by this point as he's not yet recovered from the nuckle shot from a few moments ago. He's able to use his great upper body strength to get to the bottom rope. Steele is told to break but applies more pressure, and the referee almost DQs him, but Steele barely breaks at the 4 count. Steele slightly nudges the referee, and goes to town on Stetson. The crowd starts chanting Stetson! Stetson! Brett hears this and is does energize him. Steele goes for "The Killshot" but Stetson is able to get his legs around Steele's head and reverse it into a hurricanrana! Stetson leans on the ropes and catches his breathe. Steele gets up and goes for the head of Stetson, who gives Steele a back body drop over the top rope and Steele goes flying. He rolls out of it on the bottom. Stetson waits for him to come back in. When he does Stetson easily picks up Steele and gives him a military press slam.]

Prescott: Awesome power by Stetson. He might be the pound for pound strongest here!

Blaylock: Steele is the strongest pound for pound I think. He's so solid.

[Stetson picks Steele up and whips him into the ropes... Steele grabs the ropes to counter and doesn't bounce back, but Stetson makes an aggressive gamble that pays off nicely. He runs at Steele and hits a single leg lariat. Steele doesn't go over the top rope, but he staggers up and back down, and then drops to his knees. Stetson picks him up... "Director's Cut"!!!!]

Prescott: What a move! Always impressive! Directo's Cut on Sebastian Steele.

Blaylock: He's done.




Scarlett: Your winner and NEW!!!! Ironman Champion!!!! "The Teen Idol" Brett Stetson!!!!!

Prescott: You saw it here first... the reign of Sebastian Steele is over. 5 defenses might stand the test of time. No longer.

Blaylock: I bet Rossdale has..

Prescott: Shut up!

[After the win. The referee presents Stetson with the beautiful red/white and gold belt. Stetson rejoices. He gets on the top rope and raises the belt above his head. He goes to each corner for this. The crowd chants "Stet-Son" over and over. After he goes to the 4th corner, cameras flash and "Famous" by Puddle of Mudd continues to blare. The moment almost seems like in slow motion. Steele raises, and is able to run over as Stetson is getting down and hits a low blow on him. Steele then goes to the outside, grabs the nucks he had hidden before the match apparently and hits Stetson again with them. Stetson bleeding from the mouth. Steele takes the Ironman title and puts it on himself. As if he didn't lose it. Steele with the belt on, applies the Jaguar Clutch again! The referee can't get him off. All of a sudden "Ace of Spades" plays, and Jack walks down slowly to the ring.]

Jack Diamond: Steele, you need to release him. I'm telling ya. Now.

[Steele releases him and screams for a mic.]

Steele: This is none of your business Diamond. Stay out of this.

Diamond: My business? It is. I am your ICW World Champion, and YOUR ICW Shooting Star Champion. You cheated and you still lost to Brett. Let it go man.

Steele: Who are you? To tell me...

Diamond: Well... I'm acting General Manager for the rest of this short night. Rieter feared for his safety and impowered me before he was beaten by Bobby Barratt earlier tonight. I have the power of the GM until we got off the air in... what is it 4 minutes?

Steele: Come on in the ring then... lets finish this. Put one of those titles on the line then. Stetson was lucky. I'll prove that.

Diamond: I don't get goaded into desperate threats. You're done man. You've been beaten. Take it. You need to leave Stetson alone. You cheated and then a post match attack? Why?

Steele: I do whatever I please. Barratt does it. Rossdale doesn't have any control here. ICW is the land of opportunity. You can do what you please. You're clearly in his pocket.

Diamond: I'm not. I'm just an honest champion. I've beaten the best, I am the best. I have 2 freaking titles for God's sake. And if you hadn't lost to Stetson tonight, I'd have 3...

Steele: Is that right?

Diamond: Yeah... that's right.

[From the crowd Jericho Kade comes out, attacks Jack Diamond with his bare hands as the copyright rolls on TNT, and we go off the air...]