May 8th @ 10 PM CST
Mayo Civic Center
Rochester, MN
Capcity: 7,200

[Opening shot shows on the giant and new big screen in slow motion last night's highlights. The music of Fozzy's "Judas" plays in the background. (Please play this clickable link as you read the beginning here). It begins with last week's opening match where Sebastian Steele triumped over Kevin Price without much contest. Then it shows poor Max Glory getting absolutely smashed, and being left broken and bloody on the floor. Only to have him come out miracously and wrestle the 7+ foot 300+ pound Duke Kosloff. He battled hard, and he just fell short. It shows Max leaving the ring as a loser, but inside a winner with the crowd jakked up. The pictures switches to Jumbo Justice finishing off Stevens easily even with Stevens' help from Ari Naxt. It then shows Ari Naxt laughing with a sick and twisted grin with bugged eyes. And has a rewind and fast forward effect on his face.

[We then move to the Barratt/McMean fight, where Barratt hold true to his arrogance and prevails against Bin Jamin' McMean. The tron shows Barratt's hands up in the air looking like he's just won a title. We then slide and open to the triple threat match, which should of been labeled main event, but who knew it would be so great? Lots of false finishes and a lot of hype came out of this match. It shows Don White laying out Vadyl and then things getting crazy before Vadyl comes out victorious like a beaten dog. Then it just shows random clips from the 1st ever success that was Monday Night Spectacle. Before we get going we open up to Shawn Rossdale on the big screen with Lucas Rieter from his office.]

Shawn Rossdale: Welcome everyone. Things were testy last week and this time around order will be held. I've been quite busy with sponsorships and what not and I won't bore you guys with those. ICW hasn't come close to making a profit yet, but we're on track to do well quite soon. Merchandising is being put in place and I'm happy to annouce that I'm giving away free ICW t-shirts tonight!


Shawn: I'm glad you guys are excited. On your way out tonight we'll have shirts for everyone of you. It will have our schedule on the back of them for the next little bit. So thanks. We've got some great matches tonight including the crowning of the very 1st ICW Champion of any kind! The Ironman Championship!!! That's it from me for now, here's your General Manager Lucas Rieter.

Lucas Rieter: While you guys haven't seen much of me around, I'm quite here. Very much here. Shawn and myself have been busy getting things going on all fronts in ICW. We plan to make this thing happen for a very long time. I'll have a much heavier presence soon. Don't worry. (winks) I'm happy to announce that "Gold Rush" our 1st ever PPV will have a Cage Match. That match will be for the Shooting Star Championship. The opponents are not yet determined obviously. The cage match was my idea. I just wanted a no interference and no screwing about match for our beloved Shooting Star title. Bobby Barratt. You're punk too. That's it for now, take it away Stanley and Steven!

[As the camera fades to black on the large screen it is replaced by a very quick flash of Alex Stevens' face from a picture followed by a very fast flash of Kevin Price. This lasts maybe 2 seconds at best and most of the crowd misses this.]

Stanley Prescott: We are back! We are liiive from the Mayo Civic Center in Rochester, Minnesota! We almost have a capcity crowd, 6,800 people this time around.

Steven Blaylock: That's right Stan, this is a great crowd here tonight. Very lively and man is it warm here in Minnesota for this time of the year. It's like 68 degrees out.

Prescott: It is May after all.

Blaylock: Oh stop it. Who cares what month. It's supposed to be cold in Minnie all the time.

Prescott: Don't bring a winter freeze with your temperment Steven.

Blaylock: Okay Stan. Lets get to the card tonight.

Prescott: We have lots to get to tonight, including a Fatal Four Way match to determine 1/2 of the #1 Contendership for the Ironman Championship!!

Blaylock: Sounds great Stan. I think that my money is on

Prescott: Here we go...

Blaylock: My... money is on Stevens. Why else would his face be on the tron up there? He's the man!

Prescott: Yeah that was weird. I wonder what that was about. Who knows? Anyways. The winner of that 4 way match will face off against the winner of the El Cazador/Duke Kosloff/Jumbo Johnston matchup. Remember folks, the Ironman title has to be defended every single week. No matter what.

Blaylock: Stevens is the man! Price maybe too? Maybe they both win this match somehow?

Prescott: I really doubt that.

Blaylock: Well lets get to our first matcup! It's the honeys.

Prescott: You mean our 1st ever women's matchup?

Blaylock: I don't care what you call it. I just want to see some honey.

[Scarlett LaDawn has made her way into the ring to announce the competitors of this next match. ]

Scarlett LaDawn: The following match is the first ever ICW Women's Division match... It is scheduled for one fall... Introducing first from Mexico City, Mexico... Sapphire!

[Sapphire jumps from behind the curtain and onto the stage. The crowd is loving her and they begin to chant her name. She begins walking down the stage, waving to the fans as she approaches the ring. Suddenly Mandy Joe can be seen sprinting full speed from backstage. The woman attacks Sapphire from behind with a brutal bulldog onto the ramp. The crowd reacts by booing the underhanded attack.]

Prescott: That's Mandy Joe! And she has attacked Sapphire out here before the match has even started. They should call off the match this is an unfair attack!

Blaylock: Not so fast Prescott Sapphire looks like she is going to strike back here!

[Mandy Joe had attempted to pick Sapphire up by her hair but Sapphire was able to strike back with fists into the stomach of Mandy Joe. Sapphire is then able to unleash a quick combo of kicks to Mandy Joe's midsection and legs. Mandy Joe is unable to withstand the assault and drops to her knees. Sapphire hits the downed Mandy Joe in the chest with another stiff kick. The crowd is going wild. Sapphire is able to stand her opponent to her feet and deliver an Irish whip sending Mandy Joe running down to the ring.]

[Mandy Joe catches herself against the ring apron but feigns being dazed to fool Sapphire. Sapphire believes Mandy Joe is defenseless and she goes for a grapple attack. Mandy Joe sees the move coming, grabs two handfuls of Sapphire's hair and slams her head right into the ring apron with a crash. The crowd begins to boo once more as Mandy Joe does it again with another loud crash. Mandy Joe attempts it a third time but Sapphire is able to slip out, jump up onto the ring apron, and deliver a devastating tornado DDT onto the unforgiving arena floor outside of the ring. Sapphire is slow to her feet but she is the first up from the fall, she skillfully picks Mandy Joe back up onto her feet and tosses her up into the ring under the bottom rope.]

Prescott: Sapphire with a great tornado DDT there off the rope and now she joins Mandy Joe in the ring and the referee finally rings the bell.

Blaylock: Look at them tie up here! It looks like Mandy Joe is trying to get behind for a suplex.

[Mandy Joe is able to quickly slip through the collar and elbow tie up and get behind Sapphire. She sets up for "The Howl" and lifts Sapphire off her feet a few inches. Sapphire is able to quickly ground herself and strikes back with an elbow. Sapphire is able to tightly grab the left wrist of Mandy Joe and pull herself free. She positions herself behind Mandy Joe and tightly wraps her arms around the waist of Mandy Joe. Sapphire lifts looking to hit the first suplex of a Three Amigos. It proves uneventful as Mandy Joe is able to quickly ground herself in the same way.]

Prescott: Both of these women tried to hit their signature suplexes and both failed to provide any advantage.

Blaylock: That's always the hard part about being a suplex artist when you run into another suplex artist who knows all the tricks that you do.

[Mandy Joe responds with a dirty set of elbows under the chin of Sapphire. Sapphire loses her grip and stumbles back into the ropes. She slowly bounces off the ropes and Mandy Joe catches Sapphire from behind as she trots by. Sapphire is defenseless and is hit by a devastating dragon suplex that Mandy Joe calls "The Howl". Mandy Joe looks to bridge the suplex into a pin but she delivered it with too much force and Sapphire has bounced out of the ring under the bottom rope.]

Prescott: Mandy Joe showing some frustration here as her opponent has bounced clear out of the ring.

Blaylock: She just delivered that move with so much force so close to the ropes there that she was unable to bridge the suplex into the pin.

[Mandy Joe is now in control of this match as she steps through the second rope and drops down off the apron to her opponent. Mandy Joe props Sapphire up against the barricade and begins hitting her with hellacious knee strikes to the face. Mandy Joe picks Sapphire up by her hair and begins talking smack into her face. Sapphire comes to in the verbal assault and responds with a quick headbutt to the smart mouth of Mandy Joe. Mandy Joe lets go of Sapphire's hair and turns her back to her, loudly voicing her pain. This opening is all she needed and Sapphire quickly wraps her arms around her opponent and hits a cold suplex. The crowd goes wild and begins to chat for Sapphire after she stands up to hit a second suplex. They erupted once more as she stands up and delivers a third shocking suplex completing the Three Amigos.]

Prescott: Sapphire rolls Mandy Joe into the ring and now she's laying on her back near the corner. Sapphire is going to the top from outside the ring and it looks like she may be trying to end this match.

Blaylock: She calls this move "Cuatro Cincuenta Salpicaduras" it's a beautiful 450 splash from off the top rope. Let's see if she can land it to secure the match.

Prescott: She's up, and there she goes!!

Blaylock: What a landing! Smashed! This is over!

[The finisher was deadly, what a women to land a move like that. She goes for the cover right after hitting it.]




Prescott: Looks like we have a winner! Sapphire! What a match.

Blaylock: Yeah it was a great one. I do wonder why Mandy Joe attacked Sapphire before the matchup?

Prescott: Because she's crazy?

Blaylock: That does make sense. Where was the 10 count on the women when they were outside the ring? Come on ref!

Prescott: I guess the referee let them go, who wants a countout or draw for our first ever women's match?

Blaylock: You make no sense...

[We head backstage where we have Jenny Stackhouse being interviewed by Lucas Rieter.]

Lucas: Hello everyone, this is a little different.

Jenny: Yes it is. (crosses her legs as they are both sitting down)

Lucas: I just wanted to touch base with you amidst some very intese rumors.

Jenny: What rumors are those? I've been called everything in the book by this roster it seems. I'm not who they think I am.

Lucas: Hmm, well I just wanted to ask you. If there something going on between you and Shawn Rossdale?

Jenny: No. Absolutely not. He's my boss. I don't know where this is coming from.

Lucas: Well last week Shawn threatened "Jumbo" Justice Johnston for intimidating you and hurting you a little bit.

Jenny: It wasn't that bad. He just was trying to make an impact. It did hurt though. He was kind of a jerk to be honest. Some of the roster has been unsettling.

Lucas: So, to clarify. You and Shawn Rossdale aren't together in any capacity?

Jenny: No. He just doesn't want anyone hurting his staff. I guess.

Lucas: What are your comments about you being a piece of eye candy etc.. for the Boss? Shawn.

Jenny: I don't know. I'm very educated. I had a short stint in modeling, and I guess boys will be boys. I'm here to do my job and find our the scoops on ICW's talented roster. I'm not here to get involved with drama. I love wrestling, the art form it has. I love my job. If people would just let me do it.

Lucas: Very well then. This is your General Manager getting the scoop on the person that usually gets the scoop. Thanks

Jenny: Yeah thanks for having me.

[The strange interview was probably suggested by Lucas to show that Jenny isn't some shallow typical girl in ICW. She's smart, very pretty, has a wholesome feel to her, and just wants to do her job. She has denied having a romantic relationship with Shawn Rossdale. Who really knows. We head back to ringside.]

Prescott: That was interesting. I guess that answers the questions.

Blaylock: It did, from Jenny's point of view. I wonder if Shawn has anything to say on the matter.

Prescott: I'm sure he's got bigger fish to fry Steven.

Blaylock: Yeah I know. Like who fried Max Glory last week? No one has stepped forward. I still think it was Duke.

Prescott: It couldn't have been Duke. He had a alibi. Are you brain dead?

Blaylock: Then who was it. Oh yeah. He did have a subway reciept and no one was on the camera, it had been tampered with.

Prescott: I bet we find out soon. Really soon.

Blaylock: It must of been a tough night for Max for sure.

Prescott: I couldn't believe how intense the crowd was. I don't think anyone would of wrestled in that condition.

Blaylock: He did. And he almost won. Speaking of Max Glory. His match is next, along with Stevens, Price and the debut match of Ari Naxt.

Prescott: Last week Ari Naxt made his debut appearance in a very surprising fasion. He interferred and attempted to help Alex Stevens for some reason.

Blaylock: Maybe it wasn't to help Steven's, but to screw with Justice Johnston?

Prescott: Well however you look at it, he clearly wanted to make an impression.

Blaylock: He did, the interference from Naxt was totally unncessary. He came in superkicked Jumbo in the face, and cost Stevens the match via DQ.

Prescott: I know, I think it was more to mess with Jumbo than to actually help Stevens.

Blaylock: I'm just glad Shawn came out and restarted it. I hate silly endings.

Prescott: Even with help Jumbo was able to dispose of Alex Stevens. That "Lockdown" move was incredible.

Blaylock: That was my guy too. I hated it. Stevens will be back. I know it. He'll bounce back. Jumbo is a 4 move wonder.

[The next match begins to start. It is a fatal 4 way match to determine the #1 contender for the Ironman Championship.]

[Kevin Price stands at the stage entrance looking out at the fans. He walks to the ring at a quick, determined pace, while giving high fives to fans at the side of the ramp. Jumping up on the ring apron, he stops and looks out at the fans before hopping over the top rope and jogging to the opposite turnbuckle, where he leaps up to the second turnbuckle and raises both arms in the air, pointing up with just his index fingers.]

[Next the "Elite" Alex Stevens comes out. The lights in the arena go out and a spotlight illuminates the top of the stage. Multicolored lights begin flashing on and off as Alex Stevens emerges onto the stage in a leather jacket or black hoodied vest (AJ Styles). Stevens takes in the crowd and it doesnt phase him as he walks intently to the ring with no purpose other than to win his match. Once in the ring Stevens sits in the bottom corner akin to how Raven used to do.]

Blaylock: That is my guy man! Look! Max Glory, I love his entrance!

[The Arena lights dim and The Final Countdown by Europe hits the Sound system. Max moves out onto the Stage and comes to a stop. He scans the arena with a grin and throws his arms out and slowly spins. He begins his walk down the ramp, as he reaches ringside, he comes to a stop at a random child. Max slides his sunglasses off and places them on the child. Then pats the kid on the head, poses with them for a second and moves to the ring steps. The crowd eats up everything he does. He's the most fun for them obviously and might be the biggest fan favorite. The crowd has never been louder.]

[Slowly walking to the ring while "Blue Monday" by Orgy Ari Naxt. He is stalking his prey, as he meets the ring he rushes in and goes after Max Glory immediately!!!]

Prescott: What in the hell is going on here? Naxt is beating the hell out of Max Glory!!

Blaylock: Oh come on. This is so stupid. Why are Stevens and Price just standing there? Price help him! Look at Stevens!

Prescott: I see him. He's just laughing on the top rope. What a jerk

Blaylock: That is my guy! (laughs)

Prescott: You're sick. He's dying from laughter as Ari Naxt beats Max Glory down. Look at these stiff kicks. Max is in the corner and he won't stop.

Blaylock: Uh oh, Ari Naxt is getting out of the corner. What is he doing?

Prescott: Looks like a spear attempt coming up!

Blaylock: Do it! I love this guy. He really wants this #1 contendership for the Ironman title!

Prescott: You're..

Blaylock: Sick? (laughs)

Prescott: And wow! What power. This match hasn't even started yet!

Blaylock: That was a insanely powerful spear! (Ari then looks at Stevens who is now on the outside with his hands behind his head, an Price looks too afraid to get involved.)

Prescott: Those two are pathetic out there. Finally Jason Myers call for the bell. We're official!

Blaylock: Stevens is just being really smart, Price... he looks like a wimp out there!

Prescott: Max Glory is holding his stomach and looks to be in bad shape. Leave him alone!

Blaylock: At least he's outside the ring now. Ari is taunting Price and Stevens in the ring!

Prescott: They both know better I think.

Blaylock: There he goes! Stevens!!!

[With Max Glory on the outside of the ring in severe pain from about 20 shots to the stomach and face and a hellacious spear to the corner, Kevin Price waits outside the ring seemingly afraid to enter the ring. Alex Stevens finally jumps in the ring to Steven Blaylock's delight. He runs in and is able to hit a running knee. He motions to the crowd with 2 middle fingers before Naxt jumps up like he's risen from the dead and charges after Stevens, whose back is stupidly turned. Ari Naxy proceeds with another spear to the back of Stevens. He gets laid out, and with Price still looking on and Glory just starting to pick himself back up Naxt hits a superkick on Stevens. Then a fisherman's suplex.]

Prescott: Going to be a quick one. Price looks scared.

Blaylock: Weird. No wait here he comes!

Prescott: Price saves the day. Kevin Price breaks up the count! Look at him go. What took so long.

Blaylock: I think he was just studying his opponents. We didn't hear much from him this week. Maybe he's got a masterplan?

Prescott: Maybe. Glory has finally gotten to his 2 feet and leaned over on the outside of the ring. Come on Max!

[Price and Naxt go at it as Stevens has rolled out of the ring and starts to get up. Max Glory is bent over close to the announce table and Stevens looks up from the ring apron area and smiles. He slides out a chair, and checks the referee's vision. He's checking on Price/Naxt has Price has Naxt in a arm bar while Naxt is smiling away. Stevens takes the chair and smashes Max's head in. He then looks over his shoulder and while Max Glory is on all 4 like a hound he crushes him again over the back! Glory is out cold. Stevens laughs again, quickly slides the chair under the ring and rolls back in. He kicks Price in the head and breaks up the arm bar attempt. With Glory being destroyed and so far hasn't had a chance in this match Stevens looks poised to capitalize. The crowd is extremely upset with Glory getting destroyed back to back weeks now. What a shame. Ari Naxt is hurting and laughing at the same time. He rolls over to the corner of the ring, while Stevens hits a DDT on Price. Cover!]




[A fairly close call. Max Glory still hasn't moved much and has a couple ringside paramedics checking him out, he's on his stomach, but up to his forearms now. Very dazed. Meanwhile Ari Naxt is recovering in the corner as Stevens is frustrated by the kickout of Price. He starts yelling at Price and hitting him in the face and back of the head with slaps. Ari Naxt rushes in with another spear!!! He slams right into Stevens! He gets up to the top rope and flys off strangely for a big man and hits a top rope back stomp on Stevens. Max Glory now hobbles into the ring, and as soon as he gets in he's met with a vicious planting DDT followed by a stomp to the face.]


Prescott: This is crazy! This crowd.

Blaylock: What? (Prescott leans over closer as the headset isn't loud enough to hear at the moment.)

Prescott: I said, this crowd. It's crazy!

Blaylock: Yes it is Stan. I can't believe this. They love Max Glory. Stevens is out, that back stomp was insane. What a weird move!

Prescott: We've got Stevens out and not moving, Glory again gettin crushed and out cold and now we have Ari Naxt with the world in the palm of his hands. Is this it? Price wobbles up. Looks! It's "Eye of Evil"!!!! What a move!

Blaylock: The best torture rack I've ever seen I think. Look at it's power. He's breaking Price.

[Glory still not moving, Stevens barely moving, and now we've got Ari Naxt with Price in the "Eye of Evil" it seems to be a torture rack that is beyond vicious as Naxt is yelling things like "This is it my boy" and "Your end is now!". Price refuses to tap, so Naxt swings him around some and lands a devastating Diamont Cutter! WOW!]

Prescott: What a move! Why isn't he going for the pin? The match is his.

Blaylock: Look at this freak. He's laughing he's taunging Max Glory and taunting Price. Top rope here he comes!

[Everyone is out, Ari Naxt has this match in the bag it seems. He is going to the top rope for either another back stomp on Price of Stevens who are both in reach, or a shooting star press. We don't know just yet.]

Prescott: What in the hell is this? Who is this guy?

Blaylock: He looks incredible. He's going after Ari Naxt!

[With Glory brutally injured and shaken up, he finally starts to stir. The referee has been checking on him for a bit as Ari was taunting the crowd and Price after he gave a quick taunt to Max Glory. The referee (Jason Myers) is still checking on him as blood is coming from his nose now. Some guy in black trunks has ran out from the crowd and jumped up on the middle rope just before Ari Naxt was about the deliver a high risk move.]

Prescott: That must be JACK DIAMOND!!!!

Blaylock: Who? How do you know who this is.

Prescott: I've heard of him, he was rumored to come to ICW recently. And the white spade outlined in red on his trunks...

Blaylock: Oh I see it! You're right! Wow!

Prescott: Oh my God! What a move!! Looks like a diamond cutter! Off the top rope!! Get some help out here!!

[Everything was well in hand and Ari Naxt got way too arrogant and irrational in the situation. Jack Diamond appears from the crowd and from behind lands a sickening diamond cutter on Ari Naxt from the top rope! The move leaves Ari Naxt motionless. Jack Diamond quickly jumps over the barricade and goes up a few steps to the middle lower level area as he smiles and looks on. Max Glory goes for the cover!]



Prescott: STEVENS! He's up and he looks weary but able, he breaks the cover up! Ari Naxt is lifeless folks.

Blaylock: I can't believe the referee didn't see that fool come in there and ruin Ari's chances! It was all but over.

Prescott: Kevin Price is just barely starting to regain consciousness.

[With Ari Naxt clearly in lights out mode, and Kevin Price just starting to realize he's been f**ked up greatly by Naxt.. Max Glory tried to slither over for win after being repeatedly brutalized in this match before, and during with a chair shot. Stevens picks up Max and lands a snap suplex! Cover!]




Prescott: How? He barely had enough to crawl over and cover Ari Naxt after Diamond's interference. How does he kick out?

Blaylock: I don't know Stan. Unreal. Look, a running clothesline to Glory! Stevens has this wrapped up.



Thre... shoulder up!!!

Presott: I can't believe it! WOW! Insane. How in the world?!

Blaylock: LOOK! Look at what he's doing! He's shaking and intense looking! Is it a seizure?

[Max quickly gets to his knees and shakes his arms... he calls this his "Maxxed Out" state. The crowd has been buzzing and chanting "GLORY" for a few minutes since the taunt by Ari Naxt and the intereference by Diamond on Naxt as he was going to finish the match off.]

[The crowd is erupting with Naxt still laid out, and Price on his side now. Stevens bounces off the ropes and lands a running knee but Max just grits his teeth with a bloody nose and takes it, he then gets up to his feet and is pumping his hands as the crowd explodes. Stevens lands a standing dropkick to Max! He just shrugs it off and continues to shake and grit his teeth! He shouts "Ohhhh YEAH!!!!". Stevens looks surprised and frustraded. He slaps Glory in the face, blood lands on the ring and remains on Stevens' hand. Naxt is still out and probably isn't getting up. Price however runs over and lands a swinging DDT on Glory!!! Glory just stands up again and then points to Price and Stevens and says "Oh Yeah! YOU!"]

Prescott: This is unreal!!! I can't believe this! You hear this?

Blaylock: What?

Crowd: G L O R Y! G L O R Y!

[Max with the crowd in a buzz as if this is a championship match runs off the ropes, hits a swinging neckbreaker on Price, and then a dropkick on Stevens, turns around and hits a clothesline on a recently stood up Price. Then turns back around and shouts "Ohhh YEAH!" but can't be heard, you can tell what he says though by lip movement and action. He points at a stumbled Stevens and hits GLORY BOUND!!]

Prescott: I can't believe this! GLORY BOUND!

Blaylock: What a slam!!! Look, here comes Price!!

Prescott: He ducks underneathe Price's wild clothesline attempt and hits another GLORY BOUND (Big Boss slam)!!!

Blaylock: It's over! Come on Max! Do it!

Prescott: He looks to cover, but looks around to the crowd and they are blowing up. He points to the top rope and spins around with his hands out wide in a trance it seems!

Blaylock: Here he goes! It's SPASH OF GLORY!!! COVER!




Scarlett LaDawn: Here is your winner, and NEEEEEWWW #1 contender for the ICW Ironman Championship... MMMM AAA XXXX GLOOOORRRYYYY!!!!

Prescott: Listen to this crowd! What a match by Max Glory! He defied all the odds, came back and won this one. Incredible.

Blaylock: That was the most incredible comeback I've ever seen I think. I just can't believe he won that.

Prescott: Me either. You can NEVER count out the heart of a champion. He has that heart!

Blaylock: While he's not a champion just yet, I might be a Glory Hound! WOOF WOOF!!!!

[As Max Glory leaves the ring in suprisingly good spirits after his ambush yet again and the illegal shot from Stevens at ringside with chair, he turns around and points to everyone in the crowd and they erupt yet again. Naxt is just starting to stir up after a pretty good debut showing, while Price and Stevens look embarassed and destroyed. Stevens gets up and starts to attack Price, and then he goes ringside and starts to attack Scarlett LaDawn. Suddently Lucas Rieter comes out from the back as his music plays. ("Shimmer" by Fuel). The music stops as as "I break at the bend" lyrics are sung... Ari Naxt, Kevin Price stroll past Lucas and Ari almost walks up to Lucas but doesn't. Only Stevens is left, ring side yelling at Scarlett LaDawn with a chair. When Lucas' music hit, he stops and looks on.

Lucas Rieter: You fool. You think you can do whatever you want here? ICW is for Icons, and you are not a Icon clearly. I wanted to inform you, that since your actions here have been very much inappropiate, attack Max Glory with a chair ringside while the referee was not looking and then attacking Price after the match... I can deal with I guess, but yelling and attempting to attack our Scarlett LaDawn? That isn't going to happen and never will happen. I suspend you right now, WITHOUT pay for 2 weeks. Now get the hell out of my ring!!! Before I come down to finish you myself!

[Alex Stevens, irrate, grabs Scarlett anyways and gives her a stiff smack across the face. This prompts Rieter to run down to the ring and give Stevens a missle dropkick, and then Rieter picks up Stevens and gives him a quick powerslam on the apron of the ring. Stevens fall in horrible pain.]

Lucas Rieter: If it isn't at face value now. It should be. You are FIRED my friend. Now GET OUT! Security! Get this man out of here. He no longer works for ICW. he's done.

[As security rushes Stevens out of the arena after collecting what few belongings he brought here to Spectacle in Rochester, MN, we switch to ringside.]

Prescott: That was ridiculous. I'm glad he's out of here.

Blaylock: He was my guy, but you can't be hitting a woman, especially the lovely Scarlett LaDawn. She's shaken up, but she seems alright.

Prescott: Yeah she'll be okay. Right Scarlett?

Scarlett: (from a distance) Yeah I'm okay thank boys.

Blaylock: Good. Maybe I can be that knight in shining armor later tonight.

Prescott: Don't count on it.

Blaylock: Can't blame a dude for trying man.

Prescott: We have a special segment from Rossdale's office in the back.

Blaylock: Great! I can't wait!

[The scene is from Shawn's office. It has Lucas back from his firing of Stevens and Shawn seated on one side of a fancy desk in a dark blue color office, on the other side is Bobby Barratt, Vadyl and Justice Johnston, with Chief of Security Keegan O'Donnell right there and about 4 or 5 security people. Things look to be tense.]

Shawn Rossdale: Now look. I don't want any problems from any of you. Last week wasn't the show I wanted really. Max was attacked viciously, he signed a no-waiver to compete. I mean that is just crazy. Good for him on his win tonight though. He earned that one. I wanted to clear the air with you three. Did any of you attack Max Glory? If you tell me now, I'll totally lessen the suspension. I promise.

Lucas: Yeah, he promises (nudge with a smile)

Shawn: No one has anything to say? Vadyl, I'll do whatever I see fit with Elvira. She was out of line last week. And I didn't need her there with that last match. She clearly influences you like a marionette.

Vadyl: It is your eyes that deliver the fear that you truly hide.

Shawn: I'm not afraid of any of you. One more word from you in this room, and you're suspended. Get it. (Vadyl nods) Elvira is barred from ringside this week. Her actions with biting the security team last week aren't going to slide.

Lucas: Also Shawn and myself were discussing Bobby and your actions. Shawn refuses to tell you this as it is beneathe him, but the next time you come to our offices and screw around with the receptionist in Stillwater, MN, you're ass is fired. Got it?

Bobby Barratt: I don't need this. I don't need any of you jackasses. I'm outta here.

[Bobby tries to get up, but Keegan sits his ass back down. Bobby in his ring gear, looking incredible, but way way too cocky sits and listens.]

Lucas: Shawn refuses to address you directly in a personal way, so I'll do it. You like working here? The pay is good for you?

Bobby Barratt: Yeah it works. So what?

Lucas: Just cool it. Okay? Don't be coming to our offices and writing on the walls and stuff. Shawn isn't afraid of you. What is your deal?

Bobby Barratt: Why didn't he answer the door? (laughs) And is Jenny single, that ass might be well served to serve me.

[With that Shawn lunges over the desk and strikes Barratt in the mouth. Takes off his shirt and with his long curly hair demands him to come on and fight, Justice just chuckles and takes a step back in the mid sized office. Vadyl grins. Keegan looking unsure to step in just waits. Bobby just rubs where Shawn hit him and smiles.]

Shawn: I'm going to find out who attacked Max Glory. It isn't going to get swept under the rug. I promise. I think it was one of you. I'll find out. Vadyl, Bobby. Clean match tonight. I'll be watching from the back and if anything stupid goes down I'll be there. We'll restart the match. Clean match. That is what a "singles match" means. Get used to it.

Lucas: Justice. You too. We want clean matches. Same goes for your match for the Ironman title tonight. Thank you.

[Justice just smirks and nods. Gives Shawn a glare as he leaves. Vadyl and Barratt both leave casually and go in different directions. ICW standard has been set. They like clean fair matches. They can only do so much, but that is what they prefer. The Barratt/Vadyl match and the Main Event Triple threat match for the ICW Ironman title will be guranteed to be clean.]

Shawn: Lucas... (sighs) what have I gotten myself into?

Lucas: It's been crazy, but you know you like the lot.

Shawn: I do. I do. It's been fun for sure, but... I got to get a grasp on things.

Lucas: Well I fired that Stevens assclown, so he's done. Who else?

Shawn: Get Bin Jamin' McMean in here please. And Price too.

[Lucas scours the locker room areas, he finds Bin Jamin' McMean smoking some pot and in his boxer shorts just before he's scheduled to go on in his great opportunity in this #1 contendership match for the Shooting Star title. Lucas angerily tells him to head to Rossdale's office. He finds Price getting bandaged up and looking pretty pitiful. He tells him to get in Rossdale's office ASAP. They both walk in and sit down, looking like the cat dragged them in.]

Shawn: Well... here we are. Kevin, you've been a great disappointment to me. A waste of time. You're fired mate. Get out. Don't come back. And by the way, you owe me your first week's salary of 7,000 back please. It's in your contract (wink).

Shawn: Bin Jamin' or Benjamin. You have been a complete loser here in ICW. I.. I have this for you. Smoking marijuana isn't going to fly here. So AFTER your match tonight, if you WIN, you are suspended for 2 weeks. And you won't get your Shooting Star title match against the Barratt/Vadyl winner until I see fit. Or I might even just not count your contendership at all. I don't know yet. So if you win, you'll keep your job with a suspension and you might or might not have that Shooting Star shot. If you lose... you're done here in ICW. I only want Icons, and you are are an "Icon".

Lucas: You heard him. Kevin, packs your stuff, get out. Thanks for nothing and Benjamin, you know the deal.

Benjamin McMean: I'm sorry guys. I just got in over my head. I want to keep my job. I do!

[Can Ben Jamin' McMean keep his roster spot? Will Kevin Price retaliate? What will become of the unspoken issue that might arise with Ari Naxt being tossed into the Pepsi machine at "last weeks" Spectacle by Jumbo Johnston? We'll have to see. Shawn and Lucas high give eachother as they've cleaned some house up tonight, and have set the standard. If you're not with us... you're against us. We cut to ring side with Stanley and Steven.]

Stanley Prescott: Well that was interesting. Kevin Price has been fired, Shawn went off on Bobby Barratt, and McMean has to win to keep his job...

Steven Blaylock: And he'll be suspended even if he does win! Crazy! Lets cut to the next match!

[After the wrestler's entrances without any issues or distractions...Our match gets under way all three wrestlers begin to pace the ring, circling, trying to find an opening in their opponent's' defenses. Don is the first to act, looking to tie up he lunges to the seemingly inattentive Bin Jamin McMean.]

Prescott: Bin was having none of that tie up as he drops to the mat and rolls out of the ring to dodge Don's assault.

Blaylock: He seemed to be in another world out there but he still showed an amazing feat of agility and got out of the way from Don White with such ease.

Prescott: You got that right Blaylock, and he still looks to be in another universe as he is now wandering around outside of the ring here.

[The crowd begins to boo McMean who appears to be ignoring his two competitors and participation in this match. Don and Halifax look to Bin and then to each other with the look of confusion. They both have a quick laugh and shrug off their opponent before beginning to circle the ring again. Shortly after McAlister extends an open hand in the center of the offering Don a firm handshake. White stands tall to adjust his pants and is reluctant at first, he looks McAlister in the eyes and then to the outstretched hand. The crowd begins to cheer on as they want to see these two men show respect. Encouraged by the crowd, Don takes Halifax's own hand in his and delivers a firm respectful shake.]

[The crowd erupts in a joyous cheer as these two men win over the respect of the Mayo Center. Both men step back and take the time to soak in the moment. Quickly after both wrestlers step into the center once more and go for a collar and elbow tie up. Both men begin to jockey for position, attempting to push their opponent back but neither man is budging. The crowd begins chanting for the participants they seem to be split down the middle as many fans chant "Don White." The other group of spectators chanting "Halifax."]

Blaylock: Just listen to this crowd! They don't have a care in the world about McMean. He's still just wandering around out here.

Prescott: Indeed he is and he seems to be yelling at some fans on the front row who are giving him lip as he watches the match.

[Both men in the ring are loudly grunting, their muscles tightly flexed as they look to overpower one another. Don is the first to take advantage and has backed Halifax into the back left corner of the ring. White begins to press McAlister's back into the turnbuckle as they are still tied up. Referee Jason Myers quickly steps from the right corner and pushes himself between the wrestlers in the corner.]

Prescott: Myers instructs White to keep it out of the corner as he walks him back to the center of the ring.

Blaylock: McAlister didn't seem to mind being in the corner too much there. I think he could have worked his way out of there.

[The crowd continues to support both of these wrestlers, still chanting their names in succession. They take another moment to allow the crowd to chant as they both acknowledge their adoring fans. After they both look to keep tabs on Bin who is still seemingly in another world, meandering around outside. Bin is now arguing with a fan on the front who's jumbo frank hot dog he had stolen. He spits mumbles malicious musings to the audience member as he continues to munch on the kosher beef frank. Both men in the ring are laughing at McMean once more before quickly going for another collar and elbow tie up.]

[Both men struggle again looking to gain the upper hand on their opponent in any clean way possible. Don seems to have lost his footing a bit as Halifax methodically marches Don into the opposite corner from where he had been pushed against the turnbuckle. McAlister gives white the same treatment as he had received before the ref steps in between them once again. Both men are quickly reset in the center as they're both looking ready to go. They waste no time and lock up in the third collar and elbow of this match. This time they remain in the center of the ring as Don is able to quickly go for a sleeper hold. Halifax is too fast for him and is able to wiggle free and position himself behind Don.]

[Once behind White, McAlister wraps his arms around his waist, looking to set up a German Suplex. Don is able to grab hold of Halifax's left wrist in time and reverses the hold into a wristlock. Halifax screams out in pain and quickly drops to the mat on his knees. Don is able to keep the move locked in tightly as he moves behind the downed Halifax.]

Prescott: Look at the technique as White was able to convert that wrist lock into a sleeper hold in the center of the ring. McAlister has nowhere to go and is at a disadvantage being on his knees there.

Blaylock: His face is already turning blood red, he may just pass out here and Bin Jamin hasn't even participated.

Prescott: The crowd seems to be cheering Halifax on though, his fans have gotten louder and louder very quickly.

Blaylock: He's looking noodle legged but he has somehow made his way back up onto his feet. Even with no blood going to the brain he has found a way to stay in this fight. Is he powered by the fans or his little daughter waiting for him and watching from home?

Prescott: Perhaps it is a combination of the two, but he is answering to the hold by some stiff elbows to the stomach of Don White.

[Don falters as he is stricken by the sharp elbows of Halifax, one after another loosening the once tight grip on his opponent. Halifax is soon able to grab as the wrists of Don that are near his sore neck. Its the right wrist that he is able to grab first and he is quickly able to break out of the sleeper hold by applying a wrist lock of his own to Don. It doesn't take Don long to drop to his knees just as Halifax had moments ago. By now the roar of the crowd has alerted Bin to the happenings of the match and he is watching a bit more intently. He had finished his stolen hot dog from before and was now devouring a fan's nachos just outside the ring.]

Blaylock: Looks like white trash hippie Bin Jamin has come out here tonight with a bad case of the munchies.

Prescott: You have to wonder if there will be any punishment from management for this theft of the fans' concessions.

Blaylock: These fans should consider it an honor that an ICW star would even want to eat food that their dirty hands had touched.

Prescott: McMean looks like a man who has eaten a few meals out of the garbage in his life. I'm sure he's not too worried about the food he's stolen from...

Blaylock: Oh look at this Stan, in the ring!

Prescott: I said...

Blaylock: SHHHH! The Match!

[In the ring Halifax has managed to convert the wrist lock on Don into a setup for a DDT. As he falls back to deliver the DDT Don is able to keep his footing and Halifax is unable to connect with the DDT. Just as Don stands up from his bent over position Halifax is able to quickly bring him down with a well-timed sweep of the legs. White hits face first and appears to be dazed as his head bounces off the thick canvas. McAlister scrambles over to the right arm of White and throws it between his legs and quickly locks his hands together around the face of white. Halifax wrenches back on his opponent, contorting their head, neck, and spine with the submission move.]

[Don reaches for the ropes but they are not close enough for him to grasp. He screams out in pain as he attempts to drag himself over to the nearest bottom rope. It is no use though as Halifax firmly holds his ground and wrenches Don's face once more. He attempts to roll out to the left but it proves fruitless as McAlister's thighs have a firm hold on his right arm, not allowing him to move. Just as he thinks of tapping out to the grueling submission hold Bin saves the day.]

Prescott: Oh! Bin throws the stolen nachos into the crowd it looks like he is heading in to break up that pin.

Blaylock: HERE WE GO!

[McMean shows off his unexpected agility prowess once more as he deftly slips under the ropes to hit McAlister with a "Face Crusher." Halifax breaks the hold as it is now his face that hits hard onto the canvas from the bulldog. The crowd erupts into boos as McMean begins his assault on the two faces. He repetitively delivers stiff standing stomps to the back of the heads and necks of the two downed men in the center of the ring. McMean drops to his knees and rolls Don over for the pin.]




[Don quickly kicks out of a two count and McMean lets out a frustrated yell at the ref. While still on his knees Bin turns to roll Halifax over for the pin.]




[Bin quickly hops to his bare feet and yells out through the arena with frustration. The crowd takes that as their cue to begin booing him once more. The boos rain down on him, even more, when he begins roughly stomping the chest of Halifax before picking him up with both hands by the ears. McAlister screams out as his ears pull up the entire 245 pounds of his being. McMean quickly throws the flailing McAlister through the second rope and out onto the unforgiving arena floor. Halifax hits with a loud thud as Bin turns his attention to the downed white.]

Blaylock: Come to think of it, this is just smart ring psychology. The other two have already worked each other over and he's fresh with an extra kick from those fans' concessions.

Prescott: Call it what you will but McMean is looking to take control of this match now and the fans are not happy about it.

[McMean taunts to the booing fans as he picks up White by the ears the same way he did McAlister. White is staggered and stumbles back as McMean is laughing at him. Bin grabs Don by the wrist and delivers a smooth Irish whip to Don who is thrown to the ropes. Don is rocketed off the ropes and into the waiting outstretched arm of McMean. The clothesline drops him and McMean goes to the ground with him. McMean turns White onto his left side and delivers a shocking knee to his kidneys. Don yelps as the knee is violently driven into the sensitive area of his broad back. McMean hits another vicious knee to the kidneys, this time getting a bit more elevation on his knee strike. He goes for the cover.]




Prescott: Oh that looked like it was going to be a three count for sure there!

Blaylock: McMean is going to need just a bit more work if he wants to put away someone with as much fight as Don White.

[Bin Jamin is now even more visually frustrated as he jumps up to his feet and screams out once more. He quickly goes for the referee Jason Myers and backs him into the corner. In this time White has been able to slowly make it to the outside of the ring to regroup himself. Since he is verbally abusing the referee he does not notice Halifax who has snuck up behind him. Halifax quickly wraps his arms around Bin’s waist and hits him with a dazing German Suplex. As they land Halifax hits the bridge on the suplex and the ref drops to make the count.]




[Bin kicks out in just the knick of time and almost instantly is up to his feet again. Halifax follows suit almost in unison just in time to duck and run through a running clothesline from McMean. Both wrestlers run to and bounce off the taunt ring ropes, as they approach the center of the ring both men leap up to perform a powerful crossbody. The wrestlers' chests collide and they both quickly crash hard to the mat.]

Prescott: OH! What a sickening blow! As they both connect with the crossbody off the ropes!

Blaylock: When you have two men whose combined weight is over 400 pounds colliding in the center of the ring, it's like a car crash Prescott. This isn't a career for anyone who is afraid to get seriously injured in the line of duty.

[Both men lie in the center of the ring their chests rising and falling in rapid succession as they appear to be tiring out. The crowd has exploded and has been going wild since these two men collide in the ring and have begun chanting "This is Awesome". Don appears to have recovered just enough of his energy to pull himself into the ring and make a half-hearted cover onto McMean.]




[Taking a page out of McMean's book White has fallen back onto McAlister in hopes of securing pinfall.]




Prescott: And you have to wonder if these men are kicking out on instinct alone at this point.

Blaylock: Both of these men know what's at stake here tonight and they're all looking to redeem themselves after a loss last week. Nobody ever wants to lose two weeks in a row Stan.

Prescott: What did I s-

Blaylock: Look he's now positioned both men diagonally across from each other in the turnbuckles.

[Both Bin and Halifax were propped into the corners holding themselves up only by the top rope.Don has just positioned Halifax into the corner last and then turned to deliver a spear to Bin Jamin. Just before the spear connects McMean is able to dodge out of the way and White goes crashing shoulder first into the solid steel ring post. McMean chortles as he pulls White from out of the ropes. He pulls Don to his feet and delivers another smooth Irish whip sending him into Halifax and the turnbuckle. McMean charges forward and delivers a destructive drop kick to the exposed chest of White.]

Prescott: Bin Jamin McMean driving his feet hard into the chest of the groggy Don White.

Blaylock: White collapses to the ground after that devastating kick. Look how slowly he's crawling out of the corner. He is running out of steam fast.

Prescott: All of these men are exhausted, they're still really giving it their all in the late stages of this match and it can still go anyway.

Blaylock: I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for the next big move Prescott!

[Bin Jamin has started to assault Halifax in the corner, first delivering a stiff low blow before he begins aggressively punching Halifax in the face. Without notice, Bin has been rolled up into a pin by Don who had snuck up behind him.]




[McAlister somehow manages to just reach out far enough with a quick kick to the back of White to break up the pin. A mix reaction erupts from the crowd as the Halifax fans express their relief, while Don's fans are frustrated by the broken up pin. Don makes it to his feet and glares to the apologizing Halifax. Don turns to walk away before delivering a surprising "Strange Kick" square to the defined jaw of Halifax, who drops to a sitting position in the corner. Don looks up to see McMean has somehow made his way to the top rope in the madness of it all.]

Prescott: Oh my! McMean is in the high rent district and seems to be looking to hit Don with his patented top rope dropkick.

Blaylock: The ability of this man continues to amaze me. For a man who looks to be so out of shape, he can really spring to action.

[Don is shocked by the agile move made by Bin at first but he quickly able to find his bearings before Bin can jump. He deftly steps onto the second turnbuckle showing his own feat of agility as he propels himself upwards with a slight twist. That twist puts him into the perfect position to deliver a soul crushing "Strange Land" from the top rope into the very center of the ring. Both men land hard with a boom that echoes through the Mayo Center. They're both painfully gasping for air as they appear to be out cold. The top of Don's back is laying across the stomach of Bin as the ref makes the count.]




Blaylock: We just saw McMean's soul exit his body with that explosive top rope finisher as we saw Don White take Bin Jamin McMean to a "Strange Land" tonight!

Prescott: Stay tuned for our next match where the winner will face Don White for the Shooting Star Championship. "The Prodigy" Bobby Barratt takes on Vadyl in a one falls match!

Blaylock: Wait, look here comes Lucas Rieter now!

Prescott: I guess Bin' Jamin is...

Blaylock and Prescott: Going to be Jamin' on home tonight.

[Lucas Rieter walks out to his usual "Shimmer" by Fuel. He immediately cuts to the chase.]

Lucas Rieter: Benjamin McMean... you're fired. Get the hell out of the ring. And don't come back.

[Benjamin' McMean looks pretty upset, he starts to argue and push the referee. Then Lucas gives the go ahead.]

Lucas: Don, Halifax, tell this guy apart. Now.

[While not what they'd normally do, they follow orders and beat the hell out of McMean. Not too much though. They then drag him up to Lucas. Who insists he get out now.]

Lucas: You are not an "Icon" get out. Don White, congradulations. Your hard fought victory was well earned and very well done. You will face the winner of the next match for the Shooting Star title very soon. Halifax. Great effort. Security, get this trash out of here.

[Ben Jamin' McMean offers to pay for the hot dog and nachos and begs to be let back into ICW, but he's dragged off. Lucas salutes the crowd and they roar. He heads off.

Prescott: That was very much what I'd expect from ICW officials. Lucas and Shawn aren't playing around here.

Blaylock: You mean Shawn and Lucas. Who signs your checks?

Prescott: Stop.

[Scarlett comes up from ringside and announces the next match, as it is for the #1 contendership for the Shooting Star title as well.]

[Lights go out, Motley Crue starts playing and spotlights swirl on the stage. In his own time, Mr Barratt comes strolling through the curtain. Confidence, arrogance and smugness all apparent. He has a lot to say, so he approaches the camera, talking smack about his opponent and whatever is currently happening, before headed out to the ring. As the chorus is about to drop, he flips over the top rope and onto the buckle to sing "I'm the Motherf**ker of the year!" Before continuing to antagonise the crowd.]

[Next is Vadyl. The ferocious beat of the song "When Darkness Falls" by Killswitch Engage blares through the PA. "As you walk The path of least resistance Is it that simple As you claim it to be They do deceive you Your tongue Your eyes Your lies" "I stand firm in my solidarity The path I walk I walk in with my own resolve When darkness falls We are reborn A dream since the fall of man We are reborn" Vadyl bursts through curtain full of energy. Vadyl sprints down the ramp. Vadyl sprints a lap around the ring, faking high fives with members of the audience. He slides in the ring and sits on the second rope, before getting in the ring and taking off his jacket.]

Prescott: This should be fantastic. Barratt vs. Vadyl. 1 fall. here... we ... go!

Blaylock: Barratt is the man! Love this dude. He's going to smash this masked freak.

Prescott: You better not say that. I hear Elvira is pretty trick to deal with.

Blaylock: Nah. Rossdale has her under lock and key I hear (laughs)

Prescott: The two men square off, both hesitant. Vadyl finally runs at Barratt. Misses a leaping clothesline, but then gets up and missed again!

Blaylock: That's my guy. My guy. Barratt is my guy.

Prescott: We know. We know.

Blaylock: Hey Stan. My guy...

Prescott: Don't call me th..

Blaylock: My guy.

Prescott: Anyways, back to the action. Vadyl can't seem to grab Bobby Barratt at all. He's slick and tough to wrangle.

Blaylock: Wrangle? Really? My guy isn't going to lose.

Prescott: Vadyl with a headbutt! Followed by an elbow to the downed Barratt.

Blaylock: No! Get up! Yes! Look at drop toe hold!

Prescott: Vadyl irish whips Barratt into the corner, and immediately pulls him out for a Cobra Clutch Suplex!

Blaylock: That hurt Bobby! Get up!

[Blaylock is sickily bias in his commentating as he loves the bad guy it seems. Vadyl lands another headbutt. Falling is Barratt, but before he throw a left hook that misses and Vadyl laughs and backhands him onto the mat. He then jumps quickly behind Barratt and applys a camel's clutch. He stretches Barratt out a good bit, Barratt writhing in pain finally scoots to a bottom rope. The referee gets to a 4 count before Vadyl breaks the hold. He smacks Barratt around some in the face and then spits on him. Barratt in a rage jumps up, goes for a dropkick and misses. Vadyl goes for another camel's clutch, but Barratt rolls out of the way. He underhooks the leg of Vadyl and starts pounding on him. The referee has him break and they start from center of the ring. Barratt mocks the crowd some, and they seem to like it a little. He puts his hands on his hips as Vadyl gets up, Barratt charges him and lands a beautiful leg lariat, followed by almost immediately a massive slap to the face. He picks up Vadyl, irish whips him into the ropes, Vadyl comes off, ducks under a power clothesline, bounces off the other rope and hops over Barratt, but Barratt is able to turn around quick enough and deliver reverse russian legsweep. With Vadyl down and tired from the exurberant engergy spending... Barratt picks him up and lands a side effect!!! Cover!]

Blaylock: YES! My guy! 1...2...NO!

Prescott: Vadyl kicks out. He's not even close to finishing off this mad man.

Blaylock: He'll get there. He's in complete control. Look at him slapping Vadyl around! It's great.

Prescott: Barratt with a dropkick and some more slaps to the face of Vadyl. Barratt going for a spinning clothesline.

Blaylock: He's working him over.

Prescott: Yes he is. Schoolboy by Vadyl!!!

Blaylock: 1...2... Yes! Kickout by my guy

Prescott: That was closer than you think.

Blaylock: Just a desperate move by Vadyl. He's almost done here.

Prescott: I wouldn't say that.

[Bobby Barratt with control whips Vadyl into the ropes again, misses a power clothesline, then when Vadyl comes back he lands a "Codebreaker!!!" He goes for a cover! This could be it!]




[Barratt now becomes enraged and full of himself. Shouting things like "you think you're better? huh?!" and "you're an afterthough to me punk", "talk now jackass!" etc. He goes for the first of the three amigos. Which for him are northern light suplexes. He lands the first, the crowd jeers with mixed cheers also. As he goes for the 2nd one, Vadyl blocks it. Runs up to the turnbuckle and Barratt runs after him in a rage. He flips off and slams a diving hurricanrana on Barratt! What a move!.]

Prescott: That was impressive. He baited Barratt into that one.

Blaylock: Yeah yeah. It isn't over yet.

[Vadyl picks up Barratt who is starting to show signs of wear, and whips him violently into the corner. He gives him a slap and then starts smashing vicious clotheslines into him. "Fatal Alchemy" is what he calls this. He does 10 power clotheslines to Barratt in the corner then lets up as he would be DQ'd on a 11th. He then runs to the opposite corner raises his arms as if he's channeling some greater power and runs into Barratt with a insanely potent high knee.]

Prescott: Vadyl with an Pathetic Apology. Where does he get these names?

Blaylock: From that clown Elvira? She all dark and twisted right? What a freak.

Prescott: Barratt looks finished.

Blaylock: My guy is never finished.

[Vadyl gets out of the ring with a rolling around Barratt and grabs the mic. As the ref starts to count him out.]

Vadyl: What you see before you isn't what it seems. It is just another answer to another lonely day in which I cannot reveal. Barratt has made his grave, and tonight I will bury him forever more. Take a deep breathe, realize what you've done not only to yourself, but to your future my court jester.

[The referee is at 8 and Vadyl slides back in he waits for Barratt to get up, when he does he kicks him in the gut and goes for "A Tragic Ending". A powerful move. He gets Barratt up, but Barratt is able to scramble down turns a surprised Vadyl around and lands a "Downward Spiral"!!! It is a unique name for his reverse STO move. He goes for a pin!!!]

Blaylock: Look! Look! this is it!! YES!! No way he's out of this one!



thr.... KICKOUT!

Blaylock: NOOOOO!!!

Prescott: Impresive kickout by Vadyl. Does he have some inner magic or some sort of special energy? We don't know.

Blaylock: It's called luck. That's what.

[Things heat up quickly as Bobby Barratt has become very pissed off. He smacks Vadyl one more time an goes for his finisher! "Prodigal Arrival"!!!! The sliced bread #2 move goes well to start but Vadyl converts it over as Barratt climbs the turnbuckles. He twists him around and SIREN'S DECAY!!!!!! SIREN'S DECAY!!!!!! SIREN'S DECAY!!!!!!]

Blaylock: NOOOO!! This can't be it! No please! My guy!

Prescott: COVER!




Blaylock: I can't believe this. How did he twist him around and counter the "Prodigal Arrivial"?

Prescott: Lets look here on the replay. Looks like Barratt went up the turnbuckles a little slower than normal or something. Vadyl was able to get his balance and change momentum and hit that inside leg fisherman's driver perfectly. Almost out of no where! What a finish. Barratt put up a great fight, but fell short.

Scarlett LaDawn: Your winner by pinfall, VAAADDDYLLLLL!

[As the match ends Barratt gets up and walks off angry, he storms to the back and slams his door to his personal dressing room he requested. Vadyl reunites with Elvira in the back and they kiss, and she draws blood on his tongue.]

[We cut to the back, and it shows Lucas Rieter speaking with El Cazador quietly, but the camera is able to pick up some of it.]

Lucas: So you have that paperwork?

"El Cazador" Sebastian Steele: Yes I do. Is this a problem.

Lucas: No no. You're good. I just got an note under my office staying you were illegal and shouldn't be allowed to compete tonight.

Steele: Who said this? What name?

Lucas: Sorry. I can't say. It's a Jumbo matter of security.

Steele: Um. Thanks Lucas. I'll just figure it out myself.

[What a strange conversation this was. We cut back to the ring, where something big is about to happen.]

[The lights in the arena go out and a red hue takes over the crowd. Smoke feels the entrance as the chords for Motorhead's "The Ace of Spades" strike the arena. From the red haze of ramp, a man in a red leather suit, diamond shaped glasses and red fedora with black feather emerges, smiling. Some fans cheer as they recognize Jack Diamond from the commercials on TNT that have aired few times.]

Prescott: Look Steven, there's "The Ace of Spades" Jack Diamond! Naxt is not going to be too happy about him stealing the show like this.

Blaylock: Quiet down Prescott, I'm trying to enjoy the sounds of Lemmy and Motorhead. Look at how sharp dressed Diamond is, only person who dresses better is yours truly.

[Jack plays to the crowd as he saunters down to the ring. He climbs the steps, enters through the middle rope, plays to the crowd's pops and pulls a microphone from his coat pocket. As the music fades and the lights come back on the crowd sits on the edge of their seat to hear why this man has interfered with the show tonight.]

Jack Diamond: Do not adjust your TV dials ladies and gentlemen... The Ace of Spades is here, live and in color ha ha! I sat at home last week during the first ever Spectacle, and I saw Ari Naxt interfere, making a huge impact and you just know that Jack Diamond wanted some of that action! Why Ari though? It's simple, my problem with you, Ari, is that you pretend to be a wolf... I am from a family that is steeped in Cherokee tradition, with generations before me being members of the Aniwaya Tribe. For those that don't know, let me explain... WE are the wolf tribe, the protectors of people and in Cherokee legend, only the Aniwaya people could kill the evil wolves while keeping the good ones as mere pets. That's what I'm here to do, Ari. To kill the evil wolf...the one who thinks he's a God... And when the chips are down, Jack Diamond will stand over you the protector of people, and you will be discarded from the pile like a Joker.

[Diamond drops the mic and smiles, connects his hands in a diamond shape and as he slams them down pyro shoots up from the corners of the ring.]

Prescott: What a way to make your debut here in Icon Championship Wrestling.

Blaylock: I don't know, Prescott. I think Rossdale is going to have something to say about these run ins and take overs the last two weeks. Inmates are running the place...

Prescott: Ladies and gentlemen we will be back with our main event, after some words from our sponsors.

[When we come back from commericial break we already have our 3 competitors in the ring. They've all played nice. Duke Kosloff looking brutal and mean, Jumbo looking about the same, but pacing back and forth and "El Cazador" looking prime to attack someone at any second. He's perched up high while Jumbo Johnston starts making suggestions and threats at him. You've got Duke playing it cool in the corner stretching some. We swing to our left as Scarlett LaDawn makes her way up the steps.]

Scarlett LaDawn: The following match is scheduled for one fall. It is for the ICW Ironman Championship!!!!

Crowd: RAAAHHHHHHH Kosloff! Jumbo! Kosloff! Jumbo! Steele Sucks! Steele Sucks!

Prescott: Why are they hating on Steele?

Blaylock: Maybe it's the mask? People don't like masks up north really?

Prescott: He is quite sneaky... an possibly an illegal immigrant. Maybe.

Scarlett: First, introducing from South of the Border... "ELLL CAZAAADOR" Sebastian STTTTEEEEELLLLLE!

Crowd: Booo...!! Steele SUCKS! Steele SUCKS!

[Steele a little frustrated walks over to Scarlett, jerks the mic from her and speaks..]

Sebastian: You can boo me all you want and it will still not change the fact that I will walk out of here tonight as THE very first ICW Ironman Champion!

[Sebastian pulls the mic away from his mouth and steps back to give the crowd the same throat cutting motion from last week as they continue to boo him. He raises the mic to his mouth again to continue speaking, but he cannot be heard over the booing crowd of the Mayo Center.]

Sebastian: You will be quiet when your future champion is talking; you will show me the respect I deserve! Last week you saw me submit your beloved Kevin Price in the center of this very ring with the "Jaguar Clutch".

[He has now began to cockily stroll around the ring to continue addressing the fans. The boos continue.]

Sebastian: You see no mortal man can withstand the force of nature that is the 'Jaguar Clutch.' Or the death sentence that is 'The Killshot!' Just like Kevin Price these two so called 'giants' Duke and Justice are mortal men! Needless to say, no mortal man 'giant' or not is going to stand in my way for ICW gold.

[Sebastian has now made his way to the left turn buckle, closest to the hard camera. The crowd is still audibly showing their displeasure for the luchador.]

Sebastian: I come from wrestling royalty! I am revered as a God of wrestling in Mexico, and tonight Duke Kosloff and Justice Johnson will bow to their God! I will leave them bloody, beaten, and broken in the ring as I hold the ICW Ironman Championship high above their heads on this very turn buckle.

["El Cazador" drops from the turn buckle and struts across the ring to Scarlett to forcefully hand her back the mic.]

Prescott: That was weird. He is very passionate. I guess he's tired of being disrespected in the media and somewhat overlooked by others so far.

Blaylock: He's great. I think he'll be able to finish.. 2nd. Jumbo is my pick. Dude is just too big.

Scarlett: And.. umm in other corner to my left from Wyoming... Triple J, Jumbo Justice Johhhnnnnssstooonnn!!!!

Crowd: Mixed boos and cheers. Mostly boos!

Scarlett: To my right, from Moscow, Russia, the "Soviet Monster" DUUUKE Kosssslooffffff!!!

Crowd: RAAHHHH!!! Mostly cheers, some boos.


Prescott: Look at this. The first EVER ICW title match.

Blaylock: Relax, it's just the Ironman title.

Prescott: The Ironman title? All three of this competitors won their singles matches in the debut Spectacle show. Now they all have to battle it out in a unpredictable triple threat matchup.

Blaylock: Yeah... well it isn't the Shooting Star or the ICW World...

Prescott: No it isn't, but this title will have to be defended at EVERY ICW show. It might be the most difficult title to keep. Remember, the winner will face Max Glory next week too. He won that insane fatal 4 way match earlier. What a match that was.

Blaylock: Yeah I can't believe he won. He overcame everything. The crowd engergized him greatly. How lucky.

Prescott: This title, if defended enough times by the same champion can have as much prestige as any other title. Here... we ...

Blaylock: GOOOOO!!!!!!

Prescott: All three men look at eachother quickly back and forth.

Blaylock: This is going to be insane. Why don't they just gang up on Steele? Those guys are huge.

Prescott: Maybe they will? Who knows.

Blaylock: That's what I'd do. Take one guy out. The mouthiest one of the bunch too!

Prescott: Duke Kosloff charges Steele and lands a Superman Punch!

Blaylock: Oh my God. How did he not see that coming? So much for wrestling royalty.

Prescott: Jumbo is smiling! How sick! He's getting behind Duke, sidewalk slam!

Blaylock: Wow, what power. How did he pick that dude up?

Prescott: Jumbo isn't exactly a small guy Steven.

Blaylock: Oh yeah... look! Steele has rolled out of the ring. I guess he's shaken up pretty badly.

Prescott: Maybe so. That was a crazy fast punch by Duke. Jumbo doesn't bother with a pin, he just picks DUke back up and whips him into the ropes and lands a devastating spinebuster!

Blaylock: The power is incredible. Duke is rocked. Anyone else would be out cold I think by now. Imagine if he landed these on little "El Cazador"?

Prescott: It might break him? I don't know Steven.

Blaylock: Jumbo is picking DUke up instead of going for a pin!

Prescott: A man that size needs more damage to be pinned my friend.

Blaylock: Steele is going to fly!!!!! Watch out!

Prescott: Steele is risking it big here. Going for a cross body from the top!

Blaylock: He was perched up there like an animal man!

Prescott: That's the idea. There he goes! Jumbo catches him!

Blaylock: Incredible!! He's bouncing off the ropes with Steele like a little toy!

Prescott: Running powerslam!!! Wow!

Blaylock: Still he doesn't pin anyone.

Prescott: There's no point in a weak pin every move. Someone would just break it up. Jumbo is wearing them down.

Blaylock: Duke is back up, and lands a nice right, followed by a left.

Prescott: Jumbo looks to be taking it well, but you can tell these shots hurt. Duke slides in behind Jumbo and locks in a sleeper hold.

Blaylock: Jumbo doesn't like that! He rams backwards into the turnbuckle. Duke falls a bit. LOOK at STEELE!

[Steele runs in with a clothesline on a distracted Jumbo, it affects him, but Jumbo tosses Steele over the ropes. Duke is back to his feet and runs at him with another superman punch, Jumbo ducks him and turns around and lands a big boot. Steele jumps quickly back on the apron like the little engine that could and hops over and tries another flying clothesline on Jumbo. Jumbo ducks this too but when he turns around Steele does a very quick stiff kick in the gut and lands a DDT onto Jumbo. He tries to pick him up for a scoop slam, but can't, so he whips Jumbo into the ropes, and lands a drop toe hold. Steele then applies a rear naked choke to Jumbo, but Duke is up and breaks it up quickly. Duke, now getting worked up screams "Feel the Buuurn" and the crowd eats it up. He charges at a bent over Steele and tries to spear him. Steele gets out of the way and Duke hits the inside ring post and crumples out of the ring. Jumbo now alerted to just him and a smaller Steele tries to take advantage. He runs at Steele, but Steele hops to the top rope, then when Jumbo runs him, he hops back down. Makes a throat slashing gesture, and points to his mask.

Jumbo almost embarassed at the quickness sleight of Steele grabs him finally and with sheer power, hits a heavy backbreaker. Followed by a standing body splash. Steel now weakened is down on his stomach, he sees the referee Charles Lee Ray over by Duke to check on him as he's not moved much. Steele hits a low blow! Jumbo drops immediately. Steele tries for his sidewalk slam, but can't quite lift up Jumbo. Duke rises to his feet and while Jumbo is recovering from a vicous nut shot while the ref was looking away Duke runs at Steele, picks him up easily and hits a samoan drop! Cover!]




Prescott: That was fairly close.

Blaylock: Nah Steele had a clean 2 kickout. Not that close.

Prescott: Steele should be DQ'd over that nut shot.

Blaylock: So what? Who would they crown as champion? Jumbo over a DQ shot? The show goes on buddy

Prescott: Duke is setting up Steele for something big. He throws Steele into the ropes and as he comes back Duke runs along with him a bit and..

Blaylock: Running bulldog!

Prescott: Uh oh, he's in trouble. Crossface!!!!

Blaylock: Oh my. He's done. This is it.

[Steele has a bigger, stronger opponent on top of him, he's locked into a Crossface by Duke Kosloff. Jumbo is just barely starting to realize what is going on. That might be the stiffest nut shot around the world. I wonder how "illegal" Jumbo thinks Steele is now with that illegal hit? No where to go, Steele fairly close to the ropes grasps at them, but can't get there... referee Charles Lee Ray with his long hair is asking Steele. Over and over. Sebastian denies a submission. Suddently Steele feels like he's about the pass out.... Jumbo breaks it up!!!]

Prescott: That was C L O S E! he was going to pass out!

Blaylock: That's the magic with a triple threat match, so much can go right or wrong! Jumbo is in rage mode now!!!!

[Jumbo takes Duke and applys "Lockdown"!!! Duke is in pain and is trying to break the hold, both men are very strong, but Jumbo is a little bit more recovered after spending almost 4 minutes on the mat after a low blow. Duke will not give in. Jumbo is wrenching the hold, while Steele remains weakened and wobbly in the corner after he crawled there.

Jumbo gets irritated with Duke's toughness and finishes him with "The Slammer"!!!! What a powerful Full nelson slam that is! Right as the finishing move from his trademark move is laid down... isolatiing Duke Kosloff from the match, "El Cazador" springs to life! He runs at Jumbo as he is about to make a cover on Duke and does a flying clothesline. Then another. Jumbo staggers back off the ropes and grabs Steele! He applies "Lockdown" on Steele. The referee is asking Steele if he gives up. Steele in some strange way slips out of the hold and under the legs of Jumbo. He rolls out of the ring. Gathers himself and rushes back in like a tiger on the hunt. He springs off the ropes and slides under Jumbos legs yet again, rolls him up for a small package!!!]




[Duke is now being checked on by the referee, Steele sees this as a great chance. He low blows Jumbo again, and then hits a right hook as he's on his knees and collects his thoughts for a DDT with all he can muster. Jumbo lays out on his back!]


Blaylock: The little weasel might win this afterall. Took enough cheating.

[In intense pain, Steele has Jumbo turned over. Duke is still recovering from that Full Nelson into a Full Nelson slam known as the "Slammer". Steele locks it in harder and deeper, his muscles bulging and Jumbo grunting in pain.. trying to crawl to the ropes. He cant quite get there... the referee is asking him over and over. Steele scoots Jumbo back into the center part of the ring once more.... the crowd is going fucking crazy. Boos galore!!!

Steele... grasping. He's wearing out. He's grinding... he's speaking spanish mixed with "Quit now while you still can" at Jumbo...]

Prescott: This is unreal. Jumbo is not giving in. Steele is screaming loudly in agony as he gives all he has on the legs/back of Jumbo.

Blaylock: Duke is turning around. Here he comes!!!

Jumbo: That's it.. I'm out. (taps hand over and over!!!)


Scarlett LaDawn: Here is your winner...

and NEW ICW Ironman Champion, "El Cazador" Sebastiaaaan Steeeeelllee!!!

Prescott: What a night! What a match!! WOW!

Blaylock: You said that right! Yikes that was unreal. Steele pulled it off. Barely. The little cheater.

Prescott: Those 2 guys were so much bigger. He did what he had to do.

[Duke is frustrated and makes his way to the back, mean while Steele points to the crowd and almost mocks them all, he has his newly given belt from the now present Lucas Rieter around his waist. Lucas is on the side clapping his hands. Steele on the top rope perched is relishing in the moment. Then it happens...

Jumbo attacks Steele from behind, pulls him off the top rope into a running powerslam. He next applies his "Lockdown" move... intensified at his loss, Steele's belt crumples off his waist, and falls beneathe them, Lucas rushes in and begs Jumbo off. He picks up the belt from the floor and yells at Jumbo. Jumbo releases Steele and then rips off his mask. Jumbo then rips the title from Steele and lays it acrossed his chest and laughs. Steele in horrible discomfort sees his mask in Jumbo's hands. He gets up staggeringly but Lucas cuts him off and tells him to let it go. Jumbo walks backwards up the ramp waving the mask smiling with his thick beard. Steele is livid, but has the Ironman title... the pictures fades as time has elapsed.]