May 22nd @ 10 PM CST
Alerus Center
Grand Forks, ND
Capcity: 11,000

[The TNT broadcast cuts from commericial and starts right on time. 10pm SHARP! Audioslave's "Cochise" plays in the background as the previous weeks highlights show up on the giant tron. (Please right click and "open in new window and listen as you read the beginning!). We see more of last week's highlights including the insane ending of "El Cazador" putting Max Glory through a hearse's front windshield AFTER making him tap out to the "Jaguar Clutch". He admitted earlier to attacking Max Glory in the 1st Spectacle and tampering with the cameras to prevent him from being seen. He was going to do a "Killshot" off the back of the hearse into a concrete pit area by the stage up front, but was stopped and reasoned with by Lucas Rieter, who was lucky enough to get his mask, after Ari Naxt brutally attacked Jumbo Johnston from behind and lunged a soda machine on top of him. Then as "come save yourself" starts up in the song we flash to Shawn Rossdale being hauled off in cuffs and Barratt smiling like hes won the lottery. Other highlights go on like the women's match which will be settled at "Gold Rush" next week.]

Stanley Prescott: And we're BACK! Welcome to MONDAY NIGHT Spectacle!!! Stanley Prescott here as always along with Steven Blaylock.

Steven Blaylock: Hello everyone we have a great show to-night!

Prescott: We have our highest attendance to date. 8,436 announced. Thank you everyone at home and those in the crowd tonight. We truly appreciate everything you've done for ICW.

Blaylock: Jericho Kade man... that is the guy. He's Mr. ICW. With Bobby Barratt out of the picture I think Kade is the new "it" factor in ICW. He's my guy now. Bobby, we miss you bro, but so long. Shawn won in the end.

Prescott: In case you missed it, last week Shawn Rossdale fired Bobby Barratt for threatening him and just in general insubordination, and besides within 90 days Shawn can do whatever he pleases. Barratt however made a phone call about Jumbo's attack, and kept it secret until later. The Fargo police arrested Rossdale on the evidence of his highly rumored love "Jenny" and Jumbo's altercation where Jumbo intimidated Jenny and hurt her hand. Giving Rossdale motive. With his recent outburst from a insane roster so far, the police were forced to book him. We've been told that he was released after a few hours, and has a court date, but that is all we know.

Blaylock: Our 1st match is scheduled to start shortly. It will be the 0-3 Halifax McAlister against Bone Saw. A mysterious indian warrior. Should be a wild one.

[With a blare and echo throughout the arena Lucas Rieter's music hits. "Shimmer" by Fuel (please click in new window)] blares and Lucas waves to the crowd and walks to the ring. Shawn Rossdale is no where to be seen.

Stanley Prescott: Hmm I guess Shawn is out of town? Or not here? Come to think of it, I've not seen Mr. Rossdale

Steven Blaylock: He's probably in jail for 1st degree murder of my guy, Bobby Barratt.

Prescott: Real funny. Lets see what this is about...

Lucas Rieter: Hello Grand Forks!!!!! It's great to be here. As you might know, things tend to get out of hand almost every night here in ICW. Our ratings are doing well, and while we were unable to sell this place out, it was our largest arena to date, and we've sold over 8,400 tickets! THANK YOU!

Crowd: Large pop from crowd!!!!

Rieter: I have a major announcement tonight. We are going to do the GOLD RUSH RUMBLE DRAWING RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW!

Prescott: Oh look. Scarlett LaDawn is rolling down a cart with what looks to be covered in a black cloth.

Blaylock: Watch Shawn pop out! (laughs) and Mr. Kade says you're welcome for the ratings...

Prescott: Yeah right. Hmm so I guess we'll find out the order of the rumble now.

[The arena staff get up and pick up the card and clothed circle shaped thing and get a red carpet from underneathe and roll it out quickly as Lucas gets on the middle turnbuckle. The crowd is in a hummm and doesn't quite know what to do as they are anxious to see what will happen. The crew gets it done, and you have Lucas in the middle of the ring with Scarlett LaDawn, and a golden looking card on wheels with a large circular shaped thing covered in black sparkle cloth that sparkles off the house lights. They stand on velvet red throw with yellow trim.]

Rieter: As we all know, things have been wild, and with Jumbo out for weeks. Glory's career seems to be over as he's out for at least 4 months with a fratured vertabrae in his neck amoung other small issues, this should level things out. Everyone on the roster besides the women are eligible. It's simple. I'll call a name out, and Scarlett will spin the cage 3 times around and grab a golden ball randomly and open it, inside will be a number. There are 10 numbers in side. Whatever number your name draws is when you'll come in. 3 minutes in between each entry past the first 2 that start off the rumble. We have 10 active male wrestlers. You have to over the top rope and 2 feet touch the outside matting. If so, you are OUT! Last one remaining will be crowned the NEW and 1st EVER ICW World Champion!!!

Crowd: RAAAAHHHH!!!!

Lucas: I'll call everyone on the list in a random order off the top of my head. Your number is your entry. Jericho Kade! I hope you sorry ass gets #1 or #2!!! 1st name is Jericho Kade!!!!

[Scarlett rolls the cage around with pristine golden balls jostling all around. She stops it and pulls out the ball, and opens it up...

Rieter: Show us Scarlett... say it out loud.

Scarlett: #3!! (Shows the 3 ball around)

Crowd: BOOOOOOO!!!! (boos and a few cheers)

Lucas: Lets do the new guy. Bone Saw. (the same motion applies to all names. Scarlett turns the cage, and pulls out a random golden ball and opens it.)

Scarlett: Bone Saw is #8!!! (Crowd cheers for the unknown new guy)

Rieter: Lets go with the other new guy debuting in the ring. Brett Stetson!

Scarlett: Brett Stetson, lets see. (slowly opens it up) uh ohhhh #2!!!!

Rieter: The new guy gets #2. Stetson will start at #2. #1 is still out there! Lets go with the Fire man.. Duke Kosloff!

Scarlett: Opens up the next golden ball. We have ... #4!!!

Rieter: The monster will start early it looks like. Next... lets do Halifax. Can the poor guy catch a break?

Scarlett: Let's see... Halifax #5!!! (again, shows the ball with a black 5 on it as she's been doing to all of them.)

Lucas: Hmm not much of break right in the middle of the pack. How about Don White. He is scheduled that night to fight for the Shooting Star title in a triple threat cage match!! How about that?

Crowd: YEAAAAHH!!!

Scarlett: Don White... is going to be... #...7!!

Rieter: Hmm not too bad. Don will a darkhorse, but how much will that match right before the RUMBLE play into his fatigue? Lets go with Jack Diamond. He's going to be either, 1, 6, 9 or 10! Which will it be?

Scarlett: Jack is going to be... #6!

Crowd: Cheers!

Lucas Rieter: Jake Venom! I wonder what he's coming in at?

Scarlett: Jake... #... 9!!!

Lucas: Great break for the newcomer! Coming in at #9! What a awesome chance. Lets go with our Ironman Champion. Sebastian Steele!

Scarlett: "El Cazador" will start at... #10!!!

Lucas: Talk about getting a break. Our only title holder starts the rumble LAST! He'll go in last folks. That means that he'll be the freshest possibly depending on his match later tonight... if he's able to compete in the Shooting Star match. And that means... Ari Naxt is #1 entry.

Crowd: CHEERS!!!!

Scarlett: Yep, someone got the ball correct, last ball is for Naxt and it is indeed #1!

Lucas: Well there you have it. The list of the rumble competitors. Throw it up on the big screen please...
1 Ari Naxt 2 Brett Stetson 3 Jericho Kade 4 Duke Kosloff 5 Halifax McAlister 6 Jack Diamond 7 Don White 8 Bone Saw 9 Jake Venom 10 Sebastian Steele

[Right as the screen shows the offical entry order as done live by Lucas and Scarlett... Sebastian Steele wonders down to the ring. No music. Just business. He walks down with his familiar mask on and looking kinda cocky. He gets in the ring and Lucas backs up and Scarlett gets out. He motions for a mic of his own.]

Lucas: Now just wait a minute. Did you have permission to come out here Sebastian? What is this on about?

"El Cazador" Sebastian Steele: First off. I don't need your permission to do anything. I'm your only Champion. I'm the Ironman Champion. A belt I've already won AND defended 1 time. I will do whatever I please. (makes fist)

Lucas Rieter: How dare you? You come down here and try to take this over. You got #10. What else do you want? You got the best draw. What is your problem.

Steele: My problem is these people. They didn't like what I did to little Max? He was your champion right? In your own mind's eye? Not anymore. This is a message to everyone in ICW. I'm here to stay, I'm for real, and I'll do whatever the hell I want to do. Max Glory is just the beginning. Jumbo was granted bad luck through Ari Naxt. He won't be taking anyone else's mask I'm sure. Things are just in the beginning stages of my reign of supremacy in ICW.

[Rieter and Steele close up on eachother and almost come to blows. Before that though Duke Kosloff's music hits and he walks down to the ring with Levis Kosloff as Kirk Hammet and Hetfield's melody rips through the Alerus Center. Rieter and Steele calmly back up in their own corners, Steele looks interested and maybe nervous while Rieter looks fairly afraid and stressed out. Levi gets another mic from ringside as Duke steps over the top rope.]

Levi Kosloff: Now that my good cousin here has finally let me manage him. Let me introduce myself. I'm Leviii Kosloff and I'm the manager for "The Soviet Monster" Duke Kosloff!!! Some of you might not yet understand what Duke is capable of, but I do. I sure do. None of you people could even fathom what this monster next to me can do. He's done things that you people have not yet seen, but might see soon.

Lucas Rieter: Let me stop you right there. I'm not really sure any of this pertains to anything... I'm out here conducting the rumble order and you're coming here to do what? Run your mouth? On MY TIME?

Levi: Let me inform you, this is not your time, or even my time. This is Duke's time. And unless you want to be eaten alive by this monster before you, I suggest you stop talking. [Steele glances over at Lucas as to say "hey... come on", and Lucas slowly walks backwards to his corner as he was getting heated. They seem to feel the fear and the tension from Duke and Levi.]

Levi: So as I was saying. We are here to warn the ICW roster, and the ICW universe that things might get kind of ... how do we say? Hot... in here.

Steele: This is a joke right? I mean are you the puppeteer to this giant fool?

Levi: Let me warn you personally Sebastian Steele. You are not the hunter, but just the hunted. Do you really think you're going to be able to deal with my Monster? We came out here to let you have an opportunity to lay down your title before us, an save yourself the humiliation of even facing Duke tonight. It would be the honorable thing to do.

Prescott: We have Duke and Levi out here warning everyone about something to come... This is insane. He's talking to the Ironman Champion as if he's so beneathe him and Duke.

Blaylock: He sure is, and I want to see someone get eaten. "El Cazador" is small enough to be eaten. [Sebastian Steele drops his title, says something in spanish and walks up to Duke. The top of Steele's head comes up to the pecs of Duke and as Sebastian Steele's eyes gaze upward, and Duke's steam downwards, Steele doesn't seem to be afraid.]

Lucas: Guys. Come on now. You have your MAIN EVENT match later tonight. Wait until then to settle it please.

Steele: (walks over and jerks Rieter's mic away) I'm not waiting for anything. You want me. You got me early big man. Lets roll now.

Levi: That isn't something you want to do Sebastian. Duke is in a diff... [Duke pushes Levi out of the way and grabs his mic. Steele spikes his mic and the squeal from it is heard througout the Arena loudly. They again get face to face.]

Duke: You want the monster, you'll get him tonight. I will have you wait for me to let you "feel the burn".

[Duke throws his mic at Steele and hits Sebastian in the face. Lucas looks like he wants no part of the moment and steps through the ropes. As Duke and Levi turn around Steele pulls out brass knuckles and sucker punches Duke has he's getting over the top rope. Duke topples over from the impact of the brass knuckles to the back of his neck and falls out of the ring. Steele laughs and motions for him to bring it on. Levi instructs something in Duke's ear as Duke is raging, but Duke calms down and smiles at whatever it was that Levi said. Duke points to his head and then makes a choking motion with his hands around his neck and points to Sebastian. They both laugh it off as Steele is embarrassed at the pass for a confrontation has passed him by. Things wind down as we go to a commerical break.]

[After the sponsor commericials we cut directly to the back. We see Jericho Kade talking with Lucas in a civil sit down interview.]

Jericho Kade: Look man, it wasn't personal. Anyway I could get my pay re-instated for last week?

Lucas Rieter: Not going to happen...

Kade: Where's Shawn at? Can't he override you?

Rieter: Not going to happen Mr. Kade. He agrees with it all. And Shawn Rossdale is at home. In Stillwater, Minnesota. He's letting this whole thing cool down and doesn't want to appear until next week at Gold Rush.

Kade: Well whatever. I want you to know that I'm going to be the face of your company and when I am, I want an apology from you Lucas.

Rieter: We'll see about that. Don't put your hands on me ever again. Got it?

Kade: I get it. Well... that's it I guess. Any chance Bobby can come back? I really was digging our tag team chemistry...

Rieter: No. Bobby Barratt is fired. He is done. Shawn's decisions and are final. They can only be overturned by him. Now get out.

[Kade gets up tosses his chair over in the temporary office of Lucas Rieter, and to Lucas' dismay, he doesn't say anything. He just smiles.]

[Our first match starts. We have Halifax vs newcomer Boner Saw. Their entrances already happened and we cut to the ring for the 1st match.]

Prescott: Bone Saw and Halifax is next! Our opening match starts now!

Blaylock: Boner Saw is looking intense and pretty wild.

Prescott: It's Bone Saw Steven.

Blaylock: Boner Saw is going to be doing Halifax a favor by ending this match quickly.

Prescott: Bone Saw. We have them tied up to start and Bone Saw tosses Halifax in the corner and gives him a few stiff chops!

Blaylock: Boner Saw can sure hit them hard. Can't he?

Prescott: (sigh) Back to the action. Halifax reverses the corner position and attempts to whip Bone Saw into the opposite corner.

Blaylock: Heavy impact. Hard impact.

Prescott: Watch it. Bone Saw comes roaring out with clothesline!

Blaylock: That was intense. Halifax is already done. Poor guy is 0-3 in ICW.

Prescott: Don't count him out. No one has more heart than Halifax Steven.

Blaylock: He's done. Look at this wild man. Boner Saw has this all wrapped up.

[The match is fairly back and forth. Halifax landing mostly strikes and simple moves. Bone Saw takes mostly power moves that seem to wear him down. Halifax hits a powerslam and a few elbows to Bone Saw's head. Bone saw has incredible endurance, but he seems to be getting desperate.]

Prescott: What is that?! Looks like he just threw something in eye's of Halifax as he had him in a side headlock.

Blaylock: It's called strategy. No, I think it looked like sand or something. He just kinda threw it up in Halifax's eyes quickly while the ref had a poor vantage point. TOok like 2 seconds.

Prescott: I think you're right. Halifax is not able to see well. He's squinting a lot.

Blaylock: First cover!




[Halifax is affected by the sand that was tossed quickly into his eyes by the Indian, but Halifax starts swinging violently. Missing a lot. He gets Bone Saw picked up, but Bone Saw is able to elbow his way down on his shoulder and lands a DDT.




Halifax now seems to be able to see better and rushes towards Bone Saw and almost in a frustrating way starts hitting him over and over on the ropes until Bone Saw falls down. Halifax picks up Bone Saw and lands a "Crop Duster", followed by a crossface submission. The referee asks a few times but Bone Saw taps out quickly. Maybe his endurance wasn't that good afterall?]

Scarlett: (DING DING DING!) You're winning by submission. Halifax!!!! McAllllissster!!!!

Prescott: Nice! The good guy gets his 1st ICW win. The monkey is off the back.

Blaylock: Look. Halifax has something to say. He was lucky too by the way.

Halifax: I just wanted to say, this is dedicated to my little girl. Rose. I love you baby, and I'll be coming home soon. I'm proud to be your father and I hope you're proud of me too. This is for you Rose. I love you.

Prescott: What a touching moment. Halifax scores one in the win column. I can't wait to see this guy evolve into a mid card talent soon.

Blaylock: Boner Saw was a disappointment. He trained so HARD and everything.

Prescott: Stop. We are almost ready for our next match. Mandy Joe is barred from ringside, as stated by Lucas Rieter earlier in the week when the card was announced.

Blaylock: That sucks.

Prescott: I believe we're ready. Referee Charles Lee Ray will stay out there and be our ref for this match. It is Don White vs. Ari Naxt in a singles matchup!

[Lights go to red. Straight out the gate plays by Tech N9ne. Don White makes his way to the ring slowly. He points to fans with Don White signs as he makes his way to the ring. once in the ring he goes to two separate turn buckles, climbs up and throws his arms in the air. He stands in the ring with an empty look in his eye, waiting on his opponet.]

[Slowly walking to the ring Ari looks like he is stalking his prey, as he meets the ring he rushes in and tries to surprise Don White with a attack of craziness, but the referee warns him and he gets back to his corner. Then suddenly... the lights go black, and then come on again the tron begins to flash, as everyone curious looks up to see Mandy Joe prominently in the center of the screen]

Mandy Joe: (Starts to Giggle sheepishly) I am a BADDDDD gurl (cackles in a more dark manner)

[Mandy Joe is dressed in a doll-like children's dress up outfit.]

Mandy Joe: You see, yes I was banished from ringside, and that make Mandy Joe very very sad, and when Mandy Joe gets sad she gets angry!

[Mandy Joe is held up in a tool-shed about as big as a master bathroom, on one side of her is a polished tea set, and on the other side of her, bound and gagged and full of fright is life-like mannequins of Don's wife and children.]

Mandy Joe: (Stomping like a small child) When I get angry I get even! So Donnie-wonnie, I kidnapped your wife and kids, and there's nothing you can do about it!

[Mandy Joe starts dancing around, playing with Don's family, stroking his wife's hair, kissing his children's cheek and patting them on the head.]

Mandy Joe: You see Don they are my play things now, I will do what ever I want to them and there is nothing you can do about it!

[Mandy Joe starts pouring tea into cups humming “hey there little red riding hood” by Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs.]

Mandy Joe: We're going to have a wittle tea party! (Mandy Joe Shrieks)

Mandy Joe: We're going to play a little roulette, I might of poured them simple and harmless blackberry tea, delicious and sweet, or on the other hand, your family Donnie poo, might have had there tea laced with arsenic, leaving them asleeep forevers! (Mandy Joe cackles like the evil witch that she is.)

[As Mandy Joe drinks the tea, and asks the mannequins if they like it... she shrills again. And it cuts away.]

Prescott: She is insane. Does she even know she was talking to mannaquins?

Blaylock: She's almost great isn't she?

Prescott: Come on man. She's basically openly threatening Don's family. Or maybe she thinks she actually has them locked up there. She's not stable.

Blaylock: Maybe that is why she was banned from ringside smart one? To her, she has captured Don's family. That looked real.

Prescott: Our match is starting. Ari is licking his lips like a mad dog.

[Don White looks anxious and eager to smack the craziness out of Ari Naxt's face. He also is incredible pissed off that Mandy would even try playing head games to that level with him. Ari still licking his lips and pulling at his beard quite hard with both hands runs at Don as the bell sounds. He goes for a spear but Don moves out of the way an Ari retardedly runs into the post shoulder first. Don shakes his head and grabs the mad man from behind and turns him around. Whips him into the ropes and hits a facebuster. Followed by a sidewalk slam. Don doesn't bother going for a cover but raises his arms to massive cheers. Ari struggles to get back up, when he does it smiles at Don and goes for another aggressive spear, misses and flys out through the ropes this time. Don immediately takes off and goes off the ropes and hits a baseball slide kick to Ari as he gets back to the apron. The referee starts his count.

[At about the 6 count Ari decides to slide in and roll back out and challenges Don outside the ring as the referee restarts his count. Don goes outside the ring, but it plays into Ari's trap and he tosses Don onto the announce table. He goes for a backdrop, but Don jumps off the table and brushes his shoulder off like it was nothing and rolls into the ring. The referee's count goes to 7 and Ari runs back into the ring and goes for a insane wild hog type of spear, but yet again misses so wildy he bounces out the other side of the ropes. He gets back up and runs up to the ring. Don was waiting and kicks him in the gut and gives him a suplex over the ropes into the ring. Ari suprisingly pops up quickly and walks up to Don and demands that Don hit him in the jaw. Don turns away and hits a "Strange Kick"!!!!]

Prescott: STRANGE KICK! This might already be over!

Blaylock: He pulls that move off so quickly. It's crazy. Cover.




[A fairly close call early in the match has Don looking in control. He picks up the wore down Ari and hits a quick scoop slam. Whips him into the ropes and kicks Ari in the gut and goes for a powerbomb.]

Prescott: Don is really pulling out all his move repitoire tonight.

Blaylock: For sure. He might be getting cocky though...

[Ari is able crawl through the legs of Don before he's picked up into the powerbomb and gets up and goes for a superkick of his own, Don is able to duck it, goes for "STRANGE LAND", but Ari is able to push him off into the referee!!]

Prescott: Oh great... the referee has been knocked out. What a crock.

Blaylock: It's great isn't it? Maybe that tough guy Don White will get what he's had coming to him. He thought Vadyl was tough... he has no idea.

[With the referee wacked out pretty good with his head being driven into the turnbuckle... Ari decides to take this momentum and twist it around to his advantage. He rolls out of the ring, while Don White pleads with him to keep it in the ring and fly straight. Ari laughs, punches himself in the cheek area and pulls out a chair and grabs his wooden staff walking stick he brings with him to the ring. He had laid it standing upright before the match started. Don White drops down the the outside after trying to awaken the referee. He runs at Ari, ducks the first swing with the walking stick, but when he turns around Ari is able to connect it to Don's side and it is a vicious blow to Don's ribs. Ari then bends over to his knees, looks sideways to a bent over Don White and says "Be devoured" and then howls. Don in a complete rage punches Ari in the face. Ari smiles and punches himself in the face as well, and Don then is GIVEN the walking stick by Ari. Don takes it and hits Ari over the head with it. Ari falls backwards and chokes up and almost laughs too, but starts hitting the outside mat with his fists in a blissful way. Don tosses the walking stick to the side, see the referee is starting to stir around some, and picks up Ari, but Ari hits a low blow on Don, and Don falls over. The referee sees the chair and immdiately tells Ari not to touch it or he's disqualified. Ari listens and puts his hands up. He rolls Don back in the ring and follows him in there.]

Prescott: If the referee was awake he would of seen that, and Ari Naxt would of been disqualified.

Blaylock: It doesn't matter he wasn't tough enough to take a blow to the head, that's on him.

[With the ref. now stable and Don hurting from the last cheap shot that was a low blow... Ari Naxt sees his time to shine. He goes for a liontamer, but Don starts to fight it, so he slingshots Don over to the corner, while holding both his legs as he stands. When he gets up and turns around, Don never made it to the corner, he landed on his feet. "StranGE LanD"!!!

Prescott: He can hit either of his "SranGE" moves out of any time and place!

Blaylock: I didn't see that coming. Cover.




Prescott: That was close people

Blaylock: Yeah you bet! Don White has too much for him to handle it seems.

Prescott: White has done a great job even though Ari brought weapons into the mix.

Blaylock: Don't blame this on Ari, Don White used the weapons too.

Prescott: Because Ari gave it to him you idiot.

Blaylock: Oh right...

[Don White picks up Ari and is looking to land another "Strange Kick" when the lights go out and Mandy is shown on the giant tron yet again. In a black room with a single light bulb above her, looks as if she's in a basement somewhere. No one knows where but Ari. Don and Ari look over at the giant tron as the lights come back on...]

Mandy Joe: I have your family little Wonnie Donnie and you are helpless to understand all this. Their faces don't even change. What is wrong with them? Are they scared permanently!? (cries out like she's been stung by a bee) OUUUCH! That hurt Donnie. Your famliy is so strong, they don't even move in fear. They are completely frozen in fear. It isn't as fun as the real thing Donnie. Now look around. He's coming!!!!

[The lights go out again for maybe 5 seconds as the excited crowd mutters along, when they come back on, Ari Naxt is wearing a hairy wolf mask, that looks like it is real. Teeth and everything. Ari howls, his hands behind his back and he pulls out his wooden stick. He runs at Don White hits him in the face, and the referee calls for the bell DING DING DING!!!!]

Scarlett: Here is your winner, by disqualification, Don Whiiiiite!!!!

Prescott: What a moron. He was very much in this match. Why?

Blaylock: I guess he's got a different agenda Stan. He's still going. Someone get this guy out of here!

[Ari Naxt repeatedly beats Don White down with the stick, the referee tries to stop him but he's too scared to continue. Ari lands about 6 more shots with the stick after the intial shot to the face of Don before dropping it on top of him, and then giving Don a kiss on the forehead. He then tells the crowd to be quiet with his finger to his mouth and leaves the ring with his mask still on.]

Prescott: He had to cheat so much. Don was going to win that match anyways.

Blaylock: It did seemed like it. I'm just glad I got to see Mandy. Crazy is hot.

Prescott: You're..

Blaylock: Sick?

Prescott: Yeah.

Blaylock: Maybe so, but she's hot man. Don was probably going to win anyways, so I guess Ari took it out on him. Don might of won, but Ari got the better end of the deal, he's not hurting as much.

Prescott: Our next match is going to be a good one! We've got Jericho Kade/Brett Stetson/Jack Diamond and Jake Venom in a fatal four way!

Blaylock: I can't wait. The way this is going to work is the winner will push his own way to the cage match next week at GOLD RUSH and fight Don White in a triple threat CAGE match for the Shooting Star title. The 3rd participant will be the winner of the Steele/Kosloff match later tonight in our main event.

Prescott: Lets get this started!!! Wait what is this?

[We see on the giant tron, Jericho Kade talking to someone on the phone. He seems very satisfied.]

Kade: For sure. Yes. Yes I'm good with that. That works for me. I hate the misunderstanding. My match is coming up next. Be sure to watch it... okay. Bye.

[Kade clicks his phone and lays it in his dressing area. Jack Diamond walks up to Kade and winks at him. Jack asks who that was on the phone. Jericho says, "'no one'" just my girlfriend back home". Jack brushes it off and they head to the gorilla area... Brett Stetson is seen walking by and digs in Jericho's bag, looks at his phone and smiles and walks away looking like he knows a secret.]

Prescott: The first ever Fatal Four Way match in ICW history is taking place right here, right now, and it has major implications. The winner will go on to join Don White and the Ironman Champion in a steel cage for the Shooting Star Championship!!!!!!!!!!

Blaylock: What a match to be the first fatal four way! We have two in ring debuts here in Brett Stetson and Jake Venom. We also have the promising Jericho Kade and the veteran Jack Diamond.

Prescott: The fans have been dying to see those two square off and they're going to get that tonight as the ref gets this match underway.

[All four men are pacing the ring looking at his opponent across the ring from him. The spectators begin taking sides, as chants for all four of these men begin from the crowd. Kade and Stetson are the first to lock up in the collar and elbow. Jack and Jake quickly follow suit as the four participants tie up perpendicularly in the center of the ring. Kade is able to force Stetson into a headlock and begins wrenching the neck. Diamond is able to see this out of the corner of his eye and with a quick laugh under his breath he is deftly able to lock in the same headlock.]

Blaylock: Look at this! A headlock in stereo as these two men are able to look eye to eye in the ring.

[Both Jericho and Jack are wrenching the headlock on their opponent as they stare down across the ring. Almost in unison Stetson and Venom are able to push Diamond and Kade into the side ropes opposite of each other. Diamond and Kade are pushed off the ropes and propelled directly into each other. Both men react quickly and lock elbows in the center of the ring. With elbows locked they spin around to face their original direction and use the momentum to propel themselves towards the man that pushed them. Both Venom and Stetson stand up just in time to receive a stiff clothesline to the chest from Kade and Diamond respectively.]

Prescott: And a clothes line in stereo that drops Venom and Stetson!

Blaylock: And once again we see Kade and Diamond standing face to face in the ring.

[The crowd erupts as these two men stare each other down once again. Just as they go to tie up Venom rolls over and sweeps the legs of Diamond who falls flat on his face to the mat. Venom jumps ups and quickly initiates a tie-up with Kade and they test their strengths. Diamond have both rolled out of opposites sides of the ring to recover and Stetson can be seen signing a few headshots for a girl in the front row. Kad has now backed Venom into a corner and has begun delivering chops to the chest of Venom. The crowd goes quiet before each chop followed by a resounding boo as the chop can be heard echoing through the packed Alerus Center.]

Prescott: Kade with the chops to Venom there in the corner as Diamond and Stetson continue to regroup out on the floor.

[Kade paces back into the opposite corner ignoring the objecting crowd. Jericho gets a running start out of the corner before leaping into Jake. Kade delivers a dazzling double knee facebreaker that sends Venom crashing into the mat with him. Kade goes for the cover.]

...Venom gets his foot on the rope.

[Kade breaks the pin and quickly delivers several stomps to the stomach of Venom. Outside the ring, Diamond has noticed Stetson taking selfies with the fans and has begun scolding the "Teen Idol". An argument erupts and soon a shoving match takes place. Brett quickly overpowers Jack and shoves him onto the ground. Brett is able to follow up by lifting the off guard Jack Diamond off the floor and into a military press. Brett Stetson holds Diamond high above himself and shows to the crowd his impressive strength. In the ring Jake has just wrapped up Kade in a schoolboy, countering the flurry of stomps.]




[Kade is able to roll out of the schoolboy and quickly gather himself to his feet. Jake Venom has followed in time and squares off with Kade before tying up with him again. Outside the ring Stetson is about to attempt a military press slam on Diamond; before he can be thrown, Diamond is able to escape the grasp of Stetson and attempt a "Stacked Deck" as he falls. Brett is able to react quickly and push Jack Diamond off before he can be hit with the finishing maneuver. Jack is able to skillfully land on his feet and land an enziguri to the head of Brett seemingly out of nowhere. Brett staggers back but is able to catch himself with the black barricade separating them from the fans.]

Blaylock: Oh a kick right to the modelesque melon of Brett Stetson. He's using the barrier to hold himself up! Look at Diamond waving to the crowd, they love him!

Prescot: And in the ring, we have Kade who has managed to get Venom in a headlock here. Diamond appears to have made his way into the ring and look! He's going to the top!

[Kade manages to lift Venom as if he were setting up some kind of double team "Stacked Deck" with Diamond who is on the top rope. Stetson has recovered and jumps up onto the apron, distracting Diamond. Stetson shakes the top rope causing Diamond to fall off the turnbuckle and down onto the arena floor below. Brett Stetson then shows an amazing feat of athletic prowess and leaps over the top rope to hit Jake Venom with a "Director’s Cut" while Jericho Kade was still holding him. All three wrestlers slam hard to the mat in unison and Stetson confidently goes for the cover on Venom.]



[Kade is able to react quickly and kick to break up the pin beside him. Kade and Stetson make it to their feet first as we see Venom roll under the bottom rope and into the arena floor. Kade and Stetson tie up in the center of the ring while Diamond has managed to sneak back up to the top turnbuckle that he had once been pushed off of. Kade sees this and manages to move the collar and elbow tie up around to where Stetson is facing Diamond. Jack leaps from the top rope and Kade breaks the hold with Stetson; Kade then ducks out of the way and rolls out of the ring in one smooth motion while Diamond attempts to catch Stetson by surprise with a "Stacked Deck."]

Prescott: Diamond going for the "Stacked Deck" and failing to land it again as Stetson is too fast for him there and dodges the finisher. Diamond is still able to land on his feet even after the miss but he is quickly Irish whipped into the ropes. Stetson follows and attempts a lariat against the ropes. Diamond ducks and Stetson catches himself against the ropes and rebounds. Diamond launches off the opposite ropes and they meet in the middle with Stetson able to land a strong spinning spinebuster in the center of the ring. He goes for the cover!




Blaylock: Just what is Kade doing under the ring there? He seems to have grabbed a pouch or a bag of some type and he's stepping up onto the apron.

[Kade distracts Stetson who has now made it to his feet again. He's waving the bag around and waving at Brett. Stetson steps closer to him and draws back to slap him in the mouth. That's when Kade tosses the bag over his head to Diamond who was able to make it to his feet during the distraction just in time to catch the bag. Stetson turns around to see where the bag went and Kade delivers a stunning blow to the back of the head of Stetson with his right fist. Jericho seems to fake a shoulder injury and calls over the ref as Stetson stumbles beside him.]

Prescott: Would you look at this Jericho is faking an injury to distract the ref. I can't believe it! He should be taking that bag away from Diamond, who knows what's in it!

[While the referee is distracted Diamond begins emptying out the contents of the bag into the center of the ring. Hundreds of thumbtacks can be heard clanking as they waterfall onto the mat, bouncing about as they land. The crowd is going wild as they start to chant HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! Diamond throws the bag into the crowd with a mischievous smile on his face as he steps over to grapple with Stetson by the thumbtacks. Kade stops distracting the ref and steps through the ropes to help Diamond with Stetson.]

Blaylock: Jericho Kade and Jack Diamond are working together here to put away the "Teen Idol". I wonder what if feels like to have a partner who does his fair share?

Prescott: I guess I should ask them after the match because I wouldn't know.

[Stetson is able to fight off Diamond and whip him into the corner before Kade can get to him. Kade backs off of Stetson and offers to shake his hand. Stetson grabs the hand of Jericho and pulls him in close; Stetson then overpowers Kade and sets him up for a powerbomb. He slowly powers through and manages to lift the 240 pound Kade up onto his shoulders. He marches around his opponent on his shoulders, before lifting him high and dropping him directly on his back into the pile of thumb tacks in the center of the ring.]

Blaylock: OH MY! Kade just landed in a sea of thumbtacks and it looks like he's drowning!

Prescott: The ref calls for the bell!! No wait... look its Lucas! Hes coming to ringside with a mic.

Lucas: Weapons and cheating are not permitted in Fatal 4 Ways, as stated by the ICW Rules. However, I'll go ahead and applaud the referee for his proper decision, but I'll overide that decision. This is a ANYTHING GOES fatal four way as of N O W!!!

Prescott: Interesting. I guess ICW brass didn't want such an important match to be settled by a technicality?

[Kade flops around in the thumbtacks trying to get out of them as they stab into his tender flesh. Stetson wants to go for the cover but appears to be afraid of the sharp thumbtacks. Kade manages to roll himself out of the ring and onto his feet as he begins to pick thumbtacks out of his skin. With all of the commotion going on Diamond has managed to climb to the top turnbuckle of the corner he was in and looks to be setting up a "Stacked Deck". Stetson is still staring at the thumbtacks, seemingly mesmerized by them when he is hit by Diamond. Both men crash into the thumbtacks as the "Stacked Deck" connects. Both men yell out in pain as they writhe in the many tacks still in the ring. Diamond goes for the cover.]



...Venom has broken up the pin!

[Stetson mimics Kade and rolls out of the ring and onto his feet. He can be heard cursing as he pulls thumbtacks out of his chiseled abs. Diamond and Venom stand talking smack face to face before Diamond unexpectedly hits a belly to belly suplex that lands Venom right in the thumbtacks.]

Prescott: Impressive suplex there into the tacks!

Blaylock: Now all 4 four these men have felt the wrath of the tiny metal tacks penetrating their muscle.

Prescott: WOW! Diamond is applying an "Aces Wild" here with Venom still in the majority of those thumbtacks.

Blaylock: With every struggle, he makes while in that figure four leglock more and more of those tiny little devils are stabbing into him. Both Kade and Stetson appear to be too distracted with picking thumbtacks to realize they're about to lose this match. There's no one to save him! He's going to have to tap!

Prescott: TAP HE DOES! NO WAIT! Jericho Kade has just grabbed the arm of Jake Venom, who was going to tap out!!

Blaylock: Incredible! Jack Diamond was one second away or less! The hold is broken!

[Venom is hurting badly and Jack is arguing with Kade over him stopping the arm from tapping. Jericho Kade can be heard saying "I bring in the ratings" and "You're welcome for the coffee jackass" as he low blows Jack Diamond and hits a eye rake as he's bent over. Kade slams Jack's head into a DDT INTO THE TACKS!!! As Jericho kade celebrates, Brett Stetson was waiting behind him, his body ever needing the moment to capitalize... and it is here... "IDOL BOMB" to Kade into the tacks as well. Jake Venom taps the poised to win Stetson on the shoulder, when Stetson turns around he just pushes Venom out of the ring by his face and he stumbles out. Jack Diamond rolls outside the ring with a few tacks in him. He slides out a chair in desperation and slowly gets up and slams Jake Venom with it. He then puts "Ace's Wild" on Venom outside the ring! As Stetson goes to pick up Kade for another "Idol Bomb" his inexperience fails him and Jericho Kade is able to low blow Stetson, and hit "The Trademark"!!!! The referee is looking outside to the "Ace's WIld" Jack Diamond has a helpless Jake Venom in! The Jericho Kade looks to pin Brett Stetson for the win but fears Jack Diamond winning before the ref could count to 3. Jericho rushes out and grabs the same chair that Jack used on Jake. He hits Jack over the head and then applies an Ankle Lock on Venom who is in complete agony but has been tough. Jack Diamond is in la la land as VENOM TAPS to KADE!!!!!]

Scarlett: DING DING DING!!!! Your winner and #1 contender for the Shooting Star title... JEERRRRICHO KKAAAAAADDEEEEE!!!!!

Prescott: What a match. Venom was tough, but was crushed in the end, Jack came so close 2 times, and Brett Stetson had a great debut as well. Jericho Kade was witty and used things to his advantage. We'll get the Iroman Champion, whoever that may be, against Diamond and Stetson on the Spectacle following GOLD RUSH as they both weren't at fall for this match.

Blaylock: Wild matchup. Kade brought tacks into it and it ended up paying off. I know Lucas hated doing that, by allowing it to continue but I think he wanted a definitive ending in some way. Weapons or not.

[After the match, Kade is celebrating pointing to himself like he's just won a championship from the middle rope and Jack Diamond comes up and delivers a "Stacked Deck" too him and then kicks Kade. Venom is being carried out in a stretcher for what seems to be a blown knee and ankle and Stetson walks away calmly and signs a couple more autographs. As we cut to another commericial before our MAIN EVENT.]

Prescott: Welcome back! We are set for Sebastian Steele vs. Duke Kosloff in the main event for the Ironman Championship!!!

Blaylock: Remember folks, the winner of this match not will remain/become new Ironman Champion, but they'll get that last spot in the Shooting Star triple threat cage match next week at Gold RUSH!

[El Cazador jumps from the guerilla position and skulks to the ring as though he was stalking prey. He wears the pelt of a jaguar over himself with the head on the jaguar over his own.

The arena goes dark red and gold lights start to flash as the arena fills with smoke. A monster slowly appears walking down the ramp as pyros shoot flames into the air you can hear Enter Sandman by Metallica playing. He methodically enters the ring stepping over the top rope and standing like a God in the center of the ring as he waits for the bell to ring.]

Prescott: This is a Last Man standing match. Anything goes, and the only way to win is by one opponent not being able to STAND on 2 feet by a 10 count.

Blaylock: I don't see how Sebastian is going to pull this one off. Duke looks impeccable tonight!

Prescott: Indeed he does. Here we go....!!

Blaylock: The size of Duke blows me away everytime. We've got Steele on the offensive... he runs up and connects a shining wizard on Duke. Duke looks at his face and smirks. He touches his jaw and looks to his hand and smirks again. He then pushes down Steele and he falls back. Duke is heard yelling "FEEEELL THE BBUUUUURRN"!!!!!! Steele pops back up runs to the ropes and goes for a quick lionsault, but DUke catches him and tosses him behind him in a almost back body drop type of move but sideways. Steele hits the ground, rolls out of the ring and has a baseball bat!!!]

Prescott: This is going to get really stupid. Levi is instructing Duke in russian what to do.

Blaylock: I hope he's not telling him to burn the place down!

Prescott: You're ridiculous Steven.

Blaylock: These russians are crazy man.

[Steele swings at Duke who has come to the outside of the ring and is barely tall enough to hit him in the ribs with an even strike. Duke bends over and Steele hits him in the back again and again. Duke falls down. Steele gets in the ring as the ref starts his count.]




Prescott: This is going to be pretty easy it looks like... was no match.

Blaylock: (4) It sure looks like that... (5)



[Duke gets up, and Steele wanting a easy cheap win pulls out the brass knucks from earlier. He runs to the top rope, jumps on it and goes flying. Duke catches him by throat and chokeslams Steele on the outside. "Feel the bUUURRRN"!!! yells Duke. He then picks up Steele and rolls him over to the annouce team. They all scatter and he changes his mind and lays Steele on the table, but gets on the barricade area of the arena. He stands, turns around and goes for a standing moonsault from the barricade to the table. He barely clears the table cause he's so tall and hits it through and breaks down the table. Blaylock looking pissed scoffs at the situation. Duke pulls at Sebastian's hair and tosses him in the ring. He gets in there and applies a headlock on Steele. Steele has enough energy to push off Duke into the ropes and Duke comes back around and is hit again with a shining wizard which staggers Duke, and he's hit with a drop toe hold once Duke comes charging at Steele. Levi Kosloff is shouting things at Duke, and the "Soviet Monster" is facedown and Steele tries for a armbar, but Duke rolls into it and out. As Duke gets up Steele tries for a german suplex but Duke performs a sidewalk slam on Steele. Duke then goes to the top rope, is going to do a moonsault it seems, but drops off the top rope once Steele starts to move around more.

Prescott: Smart move by Duke. So much on the line in this match.

Blaylock: Duke is just too big. He's going to breakthrough tonight.

[Steele rolls around, and goes for a spear, hits Duke, but the momentum bounces Duke into the ropes and that is is. Duke picks up Steele and throws him over the top rope and onto the floor. Duke then motions for a neck slit, and we think the "Soviet Bomb" is coming. Steele gets up and rushes back in eager to turn the tides. He's able to land a few jabs and a couple right hooks and a couple uppercuts in the mix. A Flurry that sends the crowd into boos mostly. He busts off the ropes and hits a dazed Duke with a clothesline, followed by another, then another, and Duke goes down barely. Steele is going crazy! He's feeling it as he raises his arms to the sky like a true Lucha!!!! Steele corales a shaken up Duke and whips him into the turnbuckle!

Prescott: Duke is stronger, but I'm seeing that experience from Steele shine through.

Blaylock: For sure, but strength will always win in the end Stan. Ley.

Prescott: It looks like Steele is going under the ring for a chair! He's going to finish this match.

Blaylock: It's the only way he can win. By cheating.

Prescott: It's a anything goes Last Man standing match moron.

[Steele runs back in, charges at a coy Duke with the chair, Duke gets out of the way, turns around and steps back from another chair shot, then Steele swings again and hits Duke's shoulder, Duke brushes it off and charges at him with a Superman punch! But he misses! Steele then as Duke passes him by in the air hits a chair shot to the back of the head!!! Then again! AND AGAIN!. He spits on DUke, helps him up to the corner. Duke is horribly weak.]

Prescott: Why didn't he just leave him down there? He would of gotten the 10 count.

Blaylock: For sure... wait, I know look! He's going for something sick. He's helping Duke to the top rope on a sitting position. Steele is only 200 pounds, but he's in great shape!

Prescott: He's going to go for a "Killshot" I think, off the top rope to the outside!!! No damnit!

[Steele has Duke who is wobbly and weak on the top rope. He's going to try to lift him into a falcon arrow (Killshot) from the top rope to the bottom outside mat!!! Sebastian gets him up there easily enough, tries to lift, but just quite can't. He tries again... and just gets him up. And jumps off the top rope with him!!!! OMG!]

Prescott: Damnitt! Damn you! Sebastian! A Killshot from the top rope to the outside matting!!! Oh my God!

Blaylock: Yeah he's done... yawn...

[Just then Jericho Kade runs down to the ring. The crowd has some mixed cheers and boos going. Jericho Kade runs to Sebastian who is just getting up from the "Killshot" move. Duke took 85% of the move, but it was rough on Sebastian too from the velocity and height. Jericho Kade turns Sebastian around and low blows him. He then lifts him up and hits a "Kade's Landing" not into the turnbuckle, but INTO THE DAMN APRON!!!!!!]

Prescott: There's no give there. His back might be injured! Damnitt! The health of our roster is shot!

Blaylock: Calm down Stan-Ley. I'm sure he's tough to handle it.

[Jericho Kade walks off backwards smiling and pointing to himself. He sees the 4 count the referee started was interupted by his interference. The referee restarts the count in what would be a double count out draw...]










[Both men are able to barely make it to their feet right after the 9 count is stated. Close. Duke struggles but gets to the ramp area where a leaning Sebastian is hanging on for dear life. Duke rips off his mask and throw it in the floor. He motions for Levi. Levi makes a signal and 2 russian soliders in uniform come runing down the damn ramp. They are holding a long item.]

Prescott: OH MY GOD!!! It's a FLAMETHROWER!!!

Blaylock: Duke is getting that damn thing. He's got it on his back. He even put on a shirt to help with the comfort for it!

Prescott: No ! NO ! DON'T He's going to kill Sebastian Steele. It's just a wrestling promotion!!!!

[Duke takes the flamethrowr back and goes after Steele, he tries to burn him with it but Steele gets the hell out of dodge. The mask however is still there. Duke cranks the flamethrower on, and coats the mask in FLAMES. He does this repeatedly. Onec the smoke settles...the mask is shown to be unharmed. It is normal looking. Duke then tells Levi and the 2 soliders to get the hell out of ICW's grounds before they get arrested or something. They run out. Duke's eye's look almost red. He smiles and blows flames over the mask again. And nothing. He takes off his pack, and gets on his knees. Sebastian gets in behind him as Duke can't believe his flamethrower didn't do the job for some strange reason. Sebastian picks up the tank, and smashes DUke in the head from behind. He picks up his mask and puts it back on.]

Prescott: Wouldn't that mask be hot?

Blaylock: I don't know man. This is crazy. here comes Lucas!









Prescott: He's starting to get back up!!!!


Blaylock: No way man... (10!!!)

Referee: you're out!!!!

Scarlett: THE WINNER! And the last part of the #1 contendership for the Shooting Star title!!!!! SEBASTIAN!!!! STEEELEEE!!!

[Lucas runs out to check on Duke, and more importantly to probably dock his pay or at least talk with him after pulling out a fucking flame thrower. Why? What was the intent? Sebastian parades around the ring in a limp. Duke sits up abruptly. Lucas tries to stop him, but he grabs the flame thrower tanks and crushes Sebastian in the back with it! The entire locker room, including Brett Stetson run out. Brett tries to talk sense into Duke, but Duke goes to hit him with it too, Brett sidesteps him and deliveres an "Icon Bomb". Duke and Sebastian are both out cold.... the roster breaks out into mostly a pushing match while Lucas screams as we cut off the air!!!]