May 15th @ 10 PM CST
Scheels Arena
Fargo, ND
Capcity: 6,000

[The ICW introduction starts precisely at 10pm cst time as the music of Fozzy's "Judas" plays in the background.(Please play this clickable link as you read the beginning here). We see more of last week's highlights and some things from the fallout between Shawn Rossdale and "El Cazador" Sebastian Steele from hallway scene. It shows Jumbo Johnston tapping reluctantly after Steele was sweating and pouring his soul to get the massive giant to tap out. Almost with the song's rhythm and beat it switched on a guitar downstroke to another highly in orange filtered grunge effect and shows Vadyl beating Barratt but not by much at all. Then on the next cooldown verse of the song we see a mixture of White winning his match with a sad Halifax going back to the dressing room lonely and out of place. Glory's triumpant comeback was something to marvel about. And we had Sapphire victorious over Mandy Joe in the first ever women's matchup. Just as "Judas in my mind...." gets sung before we fade away and it goes to a live shot at the SOLD OUT Scheels Arena in Fargo, ND!! Pyro of red, orange and white shoot off in multiple directions as the crowd is pumped.]

Stanley Prescott: Welcome to another edition of Monday Night Spectacle, as always I'm Stanley Prescott here with your favorite bandwagon follower Steven Blaylock.

Steven Blaylock: Hey, I just pick the best guys. My guys.

Prescott: We are glad that you are here with us on TNT tonight as the next 2 hours should be explosive and wild as we've come to expect here in ICW. Enjoy the show and pay attention as I have a feeling things could get crazy.

Blaylock: Yeah no kidding! I expect us have something really stupid happen tonight. The first 2 shows were very much unpredictable I thought. Are we ever going to find out who attacked Max Glory? Not too much was said about it last week...

Prescott: Yeah I have no ide....

[And before Prescott at ringside can say "idea", Lucas Rieter's music hits. "Shimmer" by Fuel starts and the clean electric guitar starts the strumming up. Lucas walks out in his suit and tie. He's sporting a black suit with a red undershirt with a red and black tie with squares. Looking very sharp. He makes his way down to the ring asks politely for a mic from Scarlett LaDawn and begins to speak as he seems a little agitated.]

Stanley Prescott: I wonder what our general manager has to say?

Steven Blaylock: Knowing him it's some all mighty dribble. He's just here because Rossdale and him were old friends back when they wrestled...

Prescott: I would watch what you say.

Lucas Rieter: Everyone. Thank you for coming tonight. This is our 3rd Spectacle, and we hope... that spectating us will be as much fun as we hope. We are proud to be here in ICW for you guys and to bring the great white north wrestling that is deserves. We are proud to announce our first SELLOUT ever. Jack Diamond ran a great promotion and ended up giving away 471 tickets out of his own money today. We would of been roughly that many seats short, but because of Jack Diamond's committment and generosity... we have our first sellout crowd ever!! So thank you all!

Crowd: Large pop from crowd!!!!

Rieter: We do try to keep things simple... but for now I'm calling someone out here. Right here... right now. Bobby Barratt, get out here now!!!

Prescott: Things are already getting stupid.

Blaylock: So where is Barratt? Is the "Prodigy" not going to come out?

Prescott: Here we go....we know.. he's your "guy".

["King of My World" by Salvia starts up, and out walks Jericho Kade. The new signing, making his Spectacle debut tonight. He walks out and mocks a couple fans along the way pointing to himself as being the "guy". Before he gets in the ring...]

Rieter: Cut the damn music. Now! Who do you think you are? Are you Bobby Barratt?

Jericho Kade: Who I am... is your "Savior" to ICW. I am what you need. I am Mr. I C W!

Crowd: (Suprisingly large pop from the crowd)

Rieter: So you're Mr. ICW huh? Get out of my ring. I want Bobby Barratt! Now!

Kade: Sorry boss. You got me. You get me instead. My tag partner isn't coming out. Not for some sick ambush that awaits. Not going to happen.

Rieter: Shawn Rossdale is a man of his word. Barratt only got what he deserved last week. Get out.

Kade: What are you going to do? Fire me? Suspend me?

Rieter: Actually, here's the deal. If you don't win your match tonight against Don White and Justice Johnston, you are both suspended for 2 weeks. No pay. This is harassment, and insubordination.

Kade: Are you serious man? Okay fine, I'll go, but I want you to know something. [Kade steps closer to Rieter in the ring, they are both getting quite fiery in their body language and fists are clinching. Lucas almost in an arrogant way steps up to Jericho Kade. Kade pushes Lucas a little and points to his chest and slams his chest a few times. Lucas, shocked by the action just lays by the ropes as Kade goes off.]

Kade: I am Mr. I C W. I do what I want. Bobby Barratt does what he wants... you don't own us! We own you guys. You need us. YOU NEED US.

[With that, Jericho Kade throws the mic down at Lucas and turns his back. The crowd is going insane, as this open defiance of respect has put them over in a mixed way. Some cheer, some boo... they don't know what to think. Just then as Lucas gets up embarassed by the whole thing Shawn Rossdale's music hits... Creed's "Inside Us All" starts playing, but is cut very short a few seconds later. Jericho Kade is midway on the ramp, Lucas standing ashamed in the ring still and Shawn Rossdale looking more pissed off than ever maybe?]

ICW Owner Shawn Rossdale: Nope, not going to happen. Especially from the puppet of someone in my backyard. For a Brit Barratt is a disgrace. No honor. So this is how this is going to work tonight. If you lose your tag match tonight, you both are fired. I do not care. For touching the hands of your General Manager I am docking tonight's pay in full. It is with just cause. Deal with it. Walk straight my friend. We're a start up organization, but we don't NEED anyone.

[With that cooler heads prevail, they all make their own ways to the back, Kade goes off the side of the ramp and into another area as Lucas and Shawn chat as they head to their office.]

Prescott: Incredible. Who did Kade think he was? Putting hands on Lucas Rieter? He is the face that runs the place.

Blaylock: I don't know. Why didn't Barratt come out? I bet my guy sent in his own little scout to check it out.

Prescott: We'll never know. Maybe it was a trap? Regardless of Lucas and Shawn's motive, Kade made a splash for sure. If they don't win tonight they are fired though folks. Mr. Rossdale has set the tone. Our first match is coming up, after a word from our sponsors.

[After the commericial break, they come back and it cuts to a backstage shot of Sapphire laying on the ground. She's not bleeding and seems to be okay but it looks like an attack. Mandy Joe walks up as Sapphire lay on her side with her mask on. She strolls up as officials are checking on her. It seems as if she was pushed into 2 stacked large soda/water coolers violently from behind as there bottled beverages everywhere.]

Mandy Joe: Awww.. poor wittle Sapphire. Are you okay? What happened? Can you stand? (giggles) I guess our match is cancelled? That is a shame Sapph. Too bad you can't get up.

[Looking defeated, but hurt... Sapphire gets up and lunges at Mandy, who is in a doorway next to where this happened. No one is sure who attacked Sapphire, but we're sure it was Mandy Joe. Chief of Security Keegan O'Donnell surveys the situation and determines that she can't compete. Sapphire has a sprained wrist it looks like and a stiff neck from the push from behind. Suddenly, "El Cazador" Sebastian Steele walks up. He asks what happened, and is explained the situation. He becomes angry and tells Mandy Joe to leave before things get out of control, and that she should of attacked Sapphire back to back weeks. Mandy laughs and Steele approaches her in an aggressive motion, he's wearing a new mask... as gold and black mask.]

Mandy Joe: What are you gunna dew? You gunna hit a girl?

Steele: I would very much like to.

Naxt: No. You wouldn't my boy. You would open up the casket in which you'd fall back into. Along with your mutt.

[Ari Naxt appears from behind Mandy Joe. The attack seemingly happened right by their dressing room door as Sapphire was making her way to the ring for her "I Quit" match. Keegan calls more security, which has increased each week since the vicious attack on Max Glory. Lucas shows up, states the match has been cancelled, orders Ari and Mandy back to their dressing room nearby and while Mandy smiles and sticks her tongue out at Lucas, they do go back into the room, and close the door. Lucas orders Sapphire to get treated in the medical room down the hall while Sebastian Steele helps Sapphire up calmly and walks away. Lucas calls on Steele to come back but he doesn't listen and contines to walk. Lucas lets it go as the scene goes blank on the tron screen.]

Prescott: What a start! Our women's "I Quit" match has been cancelled. It looks like we're going to start the show with Ari Naxt vs. Jack Diamond!

Blaylock: My money's on... just forget. These guys are going to rip each other apart.

Prescott: Remember, it was Jack Diamond that cost Ari Naxt his matchup in the fatal four way match last week. Glory won that match and will face Steele for the Ironman Championship in the main event tonight!

[The lights in the arena go out and a red hue takes over (much like when old school Kane comes out) A version of Motorhead's "The Ace of Spades" plays and smoke feels the entrance ramp. Jack Diamond appears backwards at the top of the ramp work a black, white and red robe on (a'la Flair) with the words "The Ace of Spades" written across the back. He turns around, wearing Red "diamond shaped" glasses, smiling as smug as he can and playing to the crowds reaction. He arrogantly walks to the ring, climbs the stairs and enters through the middle ropes and either plays to or taunts the crowd (depending on if he is working heel or face) He throws up the Diamond sign (reminiscent of DDP) and as he throws his hands down Pyro goes off around him in the shape of a diamond.]

[Next, without any silly attacks we have Ari Naxt coming out and slowly walking to the ring like he is stalking his prey, as he meets the ring he rushes in and tries to suprised attack Diamond! Scarlett LaDawn doesn't bother with announcements. Referee Charles Lee Ray rings the bell as Ari Naxt attacks Diamond with a spear!!!]

Prescott: Is that all this guy has? Spears?

Blaylock: If you don't watch your mouth he might put a spell on you. Where is Mandy Joe anyways?

Prescott: Not sure... but she could be anywhere. You need to stop. She's unstable. Your interview was obvious.

Blaylock: She was just a great little interview. Something magic is in the air. No really. She's great looking. Unstable is the best kind.

Prescott: That has to hurt! Naxt just drove Diamond into the turnbuckle with another spear!! He's a ramrod!

Blaylock: I wonder if... never mind. Yeah, he is a one trick pony.

Prescott: Too soon. Naxt looking to stay on top of things lays out Diamond with a bulldog. He picks up Diamond, who is also making his in ring debut tonight and drops a DDT...

Blaylock: No wait! Too soon Stan! A swinging beckbreaker from Diamond!

Prescott: What a counter. Diamond kicks at Naxt now, and makes the Diamond sign. Will be try a stacked deck already?

Blaylock: No, he's going for a "Aces Wild" figure four leglock.

Prescott: Almost, Naxt kicks him off lazily. Diamond who did buy out the last 471 tickets to tonight's show for our 1st ever SELLOUT crowd on Spectacle is trying to move too quick in this match. Someone like Ari Naxt will need a slow burn to wear down. He might not look like much, but he's tough.

Blaylock: Tough enough to get up after last week's "Stacked Deck"? How long was this guy down. I thought evil knew no limits (laughs).

[It has been mostly a back and forth matchup, with Naxt inflicting more damage. Diamond whips Naxt into the ropes and Naxt comes off with a spear but misses the mark and he flys through the ropes and lands awkwardly and hits the announce table. Diamond takes a running leap from inside the ring and goes flying! He gets some of it but not all of it. Naxt dazed, lands on the announce table. Diamond points to the crowd and signals the Diamond with his hands. Ref Charles Lee Ray starts the count at 1... Jack Diamond perches up on the neat post to the announce table with Naxt in the middle breathing heavily in his black and purple jumpsuit.]

Prescott: No no no!! Don't do it Jack!

Blaylock: He's going for it... a high risk. (Referee: 3...)

Prescott: There HE.. goes!

Blaylock: Watch out!!!! Back up!

Prescott: He missed! Naxt rolled out of the way. He's sick! He's laughing.

Blaylock: Diamond though he had it all lined up. (Referee: 5...

Prescott: Look at this guy!

[As the referee begins his count to 6, Naxt looks very creepily at Blaylock, who sits at his chair without a table now as Diamond lays writhing in pain and rolling side to side. Naxt rolls in the ring and then back out to break the count. And continues his assault.]

Prescott: What was that about? Too many Mandy Joe comments?

Blaylock: I guess? What a freak. [Ari rolls Diamond back in the ring and goes to work. He lifts Diamond up and hits a fisherman's suplex into a pin... 1



Diamond gets out. Naxt lays on his stomach as Diamond gathers himself... waiting for Jack Diamond to rise up. When Diamond raises up Naxt deliveres a chop block to the back of the knee. Then another. Diamond goes down, but isn't out just yet. Naxt waits for him on his stomach again, and when Diamond raises up, Naxt goes for a superkick, Diamond ducks and hits the ropes quickly and hits a flying cross body to Naxt.]

Prescott: The crowd loves the action!

Blaylock: You bet they do! Been a very evently contested match so far. I wish Mandy was around.

[Jack in control waits in the turnbuckle for a fatigued Naxt to get up. When he does he runs up to him and delivers a belly to belly suplex! Pin!]



thr.. kickout!

[With the close call Diamond gets irritated and lifts a staggered Naxt up, and taunts him. He pushes his face a couple times and starts delivering wild chops to the chest of Naxt. Irish whip into the ropes! Diamond SPLASH! DIAMOND SPLASH! Cover.]



thre... KICKOUT!!!

Prescott: That was C L O S E.

Blaylock: It really wa.. MANDY! MANDY! Here she comes! I was wondering what she was doing not out here.

Prescott: Get her the hell out of her someone!

[Mandy Joe jumps on the apron, and Jack Diamond confronts her an tells her off. Mandy smiles and tilts her head like a puppy would. Steven Blaylock is struck by her beauty, but strange behavior. Referee Ray tells Mandy to get backstage, but she remains on the apron. as Diamond turns around he's hit with a wooden stick in the gut and then again over the back!!]

Prescott: Where did he get that from? The cheater just through it ringside. Mandy is off the apron now. That's just great!

Blaylock: Hey man, she's looking out for me.. I mean Ari. He rolled outside the ring and had it pre-stashed it looks like. While Ref. Ray was in the middle of Diamond and Mandy Joe's arguing and trying to send her to the back Naxt had several seconds to roll out and get that wooden stick.

Prescott: From the time the Diamond Splash hit and the cover, and Mandy running down, it might of been 70 seconds, plenty of time for a recovery I guess.

Blaylock: Ari is on his knees. What is he doing?

[Ari Naxt has Jack Diamond layed out. He picks him up and grabs his face with his hands like you would do a child that is scared and needs calming. He kisses him on the forehead and goes for the "Eye of Evil" torture rack into a cutter. As Naxt lifts Diamond up, Diamond wiggles off and rolls Naxt up! SMALL PACKAGE!]




Prescott: What a persevering comeback! Diamond wins! He will face the loser of the Glory/Steele title match tonight for a chance to fight Don White in a steel cage at GOLD RUSH!

Blaylock: I'm glad Diamond pulled it off. Was that a fast count? You think Shawn paid the referee over those tickets?

Prescott: You can't be serious. It was a normal, fair count.

Blaylock: Just messing. A nice victory for Jack Diamond. Looks like our next match is going to be starting after this word from Pepsi!

Scarlett LaDawn: The following match is scheduled for one fall... Introducing first from Scottsdale, AZ... Weighing in at 245 pounds... Halifax McAlister!

["Aces and Twos" begins to play and McAlister makes his way onto the stage. He is a no business guy that walks to the ring with a brown duster and cowboy hat. He walks with confidence and determination. When he gets to the ring he stands in the corner with his foot propped against the middle turnbuckle And looks at a picture of his daughter hidden in his duster. He then disrobes it before the match starts.]

Blaylock: How many wrestlers can say that they're 0-2 because of someone losing for them in triple threat matches?

Prescott: I'm sure not many but I can bet that Halifax is looking for a win tonight.

Blaylock: I don't see that happening as he takes on "The Soviet Monster" Duke Kosloff.

[The arena goes dark red and gold lights start to flash as the arena fills with smoke.]

Scarlett LaDawn: And introducing his opponent... hailing from "The Motherland" Moscow, Russia... weighing in at a 325 pounds... "The Soviet Monster"... Duke...Kosloff!!!

[A monster slowly appears walking down the ramp as pyros shoot flames into the air you can hear Enter Sandman by Metallica playing. He methodically enters the ring stepping over the top rope and standing like a God in the center of the ring as he waits for the bell to ring.]

Prescott: The ref rings the bell and this match is underway!

Blaylock: You know Halifax is fighting for that daughter at home. Let's see if he can get a win for her tonight!

[Both wrestlers stare each other down in the center of the ring as they analyze their opponent. Halifax is the first to strike as he steps back hard into the ropes and launches himself forward. He hits Duke with a clothesline square in the chest but he does not budge.]


[Halifax then sprints to the opposite set of ropes and propels himself towards Duke again. He hits Duke in the chest with a powerful clothesline again and again Duke doesn't budge. Duke laughs at Halifax and begins to taunt him, asking for another. Halifax jumps back into the ropes furthest from the hard cam and delivers a third running clothesline into the broad chest of Duke. Duke again doesn't move a muscle and this time retaliates by Irish whipping Halifax into the ropes closest to the hard cam.]

[Duke attempts to hit a spear on the rebounding Halifax, but McAlister is too fast and leaps over the diving Kosloff who then dove clear through the second rope. McAlister bounces off the far ropes once more and runs back to the hard cam. He jumps up onto the top rope and attempts to land a springboard flying forearm to Duke who has now gotten back to his feet. Duke catches Halifax in the air with his rather large hands and delivers a sickening chokeslam on the apron. Halifax screams out in pain as he is quickly thrashed upon the apron of the ring. Duke taunts to the crowd as the ref begins to count...]




[Duke has picked up Halifax now and set him up for a DDT.]


[Duke delivers a devastating DDT to the floor of the arena, dropping Halifax directly onto the top of his head.]


[Duke picks McAlister up and throws him back into the ring under the bottom rope. He then jumps up onto the apron and steps over the top rope into the ring. The ref stops the count as both participants are now back in the squared circle. Halifax is slowly attempting to stand to his feet after the vicious maneuvers outside the ring from Duke. Before Halifax can get to his feet again Duke delivers a swift kick to the ribs that drops his opponent onto his back in the center of the ring. Kosloff quickly sets up for a moonsault before taunting his opponent.]


[Duke graciously delivers as menacing moonsault onto the prone McAlister who gets his knees up just in the knick of time.]

Blaylock: I can’t believe it! The big man delivers a moonsault and Halifax has blocked it!

[The crowd cheers at the reversal and Halifax beings the take advantage of the counter attack. He scrambles across the mat to the downed Russian and attempts a crossface. Just as he is able to lock it in Duke's strength proves to be too much and he is able to crawl to the bottom rope for the break. Halifax breaks the hold instantly and groggily steps to the center of the ring as the referee separates them. Frustration begins to appear on Halifax's face as he just cannot capitalize on his opportunities. Duke is looking rather angry now as he uses the ropes to aid himself to his feet. He steps to the center of the ring and these two competitors square off once more.]

[Halifax looks to attempt a collar and elbow tie up but Duke responds with a swift left jab to the jaw. Halifax is dazed from the shot and staggers in the lights of the ring. Duke steps back into the ropes prepping a superman punch as he does. He launches himself forward to deliver the punch but Halifax is able to collect himself in time and duck the blow. Duke runs straight through to the opposite ropes and prepares the superman punch once more. He rockets off of the ropes with a force rivaling that of Sputnik 1. Halifax is not quick enough this time and takes the full brunt of the impact directly between his eyes.]

Prescott: OH! The superman punch drops Halifax in the ring.

Blaylock: He went down like a sack full of hammers. I’ve never seen someone drop so hard from a punch.

Prescott: Duke goes for the cover!




Prescott: OH MY GOD! Halifax gets the shoulder up! This match isn't over just yet!

[Duke jumps up to his knees from the pin and is now very visibly angry. His face is red with anger as he twiddles his beard in frustration. He jumps up to his feet, standing tall with authority. He steps over the writhing Halifax to climb the left far turnbuckle. He climbs up to the second rope and raises a fist up high.]


Myers: Come on Duke hop off the rope, let's keep the match going!

[Duke continues to taunt, ignoring the ref who continues to chastise Duke.]

[As Duke is distracted from the roar of the crowd Halifax was gathering himself up off the mat. Almost without warning McAlister leaps up and hits Kosloff in the midsection with a stunning "Corner Kick". Kosloff appears to be dazed as he wobbles on the second rope. The Russian stabilizes himself by sitting down onto the top rope. Halifax looks to gain control of the match and has backed himself into the opposite corner. He his stomping a foot in an effort to get the crowd behind him.]

Prescott: Kosloff is looking a little wobbly up there on the top rope! He may fall before McAlister can even strike again.

Blaylock: He almost fell off there earlier after taking that "Corner Kick" but he was able to sit down and keep himself. Although, he does look like he just might fall off anyway. Sometimes it's hard for these big men to keep their balance.

[The crowd is now cheering on Halifax as he launches out of the corner, jumps up to the second rope under Duke and attempts to land a flurry of forearms onto "The Soviet Monster". Duke has gotten his own momentum from the roaring crowd and is able to stave off Halifax's blows. He responds with a couple stern strikes to the gut of McAlister. McAlister falters and almost falls backward off the second rope. Duke is able to catch Halifax before he falls and steadies him. Duke deftly steps up to the top rope while still handily holding Halifax onto the second rope.]

Blaylock: This could be disastrous for both men! The humanity! The Ref needs to get them down from there.

Prescott: Could Duke be setting up "The Soviet Atom Bomb!?"

[Halifax is able to gather himself in time once again and responds with stern strikes to the sternum of Kosloff. With the momentum, Halifax is able to maneuver himself up to the top rope and set up a beautiful Spanish Fly. With such grace and poise, both men flip from the top rope and crash hard to the mat as Halifax lands the Spanish Fly. Both men bounce off the mat and land parallel in the center of the ring. The camera cuts to the aerial cam and both men can be seen lying on their backs and breathing heavily. Jason Myers begins to count.]









[At 8 both wrestlers begin to stir and are up to their feet again although bent over, before the 9 count. The referee waves off the count as both men are on their feet again. Halifax is the first to strike again as he steps to the hunched over Kosloff and attempts a DDT. Kosloff is able to push McAlister off of himself and into the ropes behind his opponent. McAlister rebounds from the ropes into the awaiting giant outstretched of Kosloff that wraps tightly around his throat. Kosloff lifts McAlister for another back-breaking choke slam. He the steps his large foot onto the chest of McAlister for the cover.




Prescott: There you have it, a dominant win for Duke Kosloff. He had some trouble here and there, but never was in doubt. Everyone should be on the lookout for this man, he is the NEW #1 Contender for the Ironman Championship!!!

Blaylock: Duke has been improving slowly each week now. He is now in line to face the very difficult Sebastian Steele or Max Glory. Whoever ends up winning that match later tonight. What is he doing? He's got a butane lighter! He's got it lit and laughing.

Prescott: He put it away. No one is getting set on fire at least. Indeed Steven. We have something going on in the back. Lets check it out.

[The camera cuts backstage and we've got Rossdale arguing with Bobby Barratt and Jericho Kade. Keegan is standing by and Lucas Rieter is ready to pounce.]

Shawn Rossdale: What do you think this is? A fantasy land where you do what you want? I am ICW. I run this place. Jericho Kade is you come in my office again unannounced it will be your last time. Now get to the ring now. I sure hope you guys lose. Remember the deal? I'm trying to be professional about this. You need to lay off Jenny Stackhouse.

Bobby Barratt: I don't need your approval or your tone Shawn. You have got it coming. Jenny... that was just a taste of what I'm going to do. If me getting close to her backstage and winking at her has you this wound up... imagine what would happen if I kissed her? Or took her from you.


Lucas: Shawn relax man. They are messing with you. I'm sure Don White and Jumbo will take care of business. These guys are full of steam. That's it man. Steam.

Jericho Kade: Watch your back Lucas. Mr. ICW is here.

Lucas: Win your match first, or you're both fired. Remember?

[The shot leaves and switches to another. All we see is a Ace of Spades playing card on the door of Ari Naxt. With Ari looking at it with Mandy Joe. They like it being there and Ari takes it off and licks it a few times and puts it in his pocket. Mandy just laughs and they head into their dressing room and lock the door.]

[We dade to the locker room, where a well-dressed young man enters, flanked by security guards and a camera crew. It's "The Teen Idol" Brett Stetson! All smiles, Stetson waves off the security guards.]

Brett Stetson [chuckling]: I'm a big boy, I can take care of myself.

Security Guard #1: No problem, boss.

[The security guards leave the locker room as all eyes are fixated on the new arrival. Stetson excitedly makes his way to his locker, almost skipping, with a youthful vigor in his eyes.]

Brett Stetson: I can't believe I'm finally here.

[Brett Stetson grabs his trunks and boots from his bag and hangs them up in his locker.]

Brett Stetson: I grew up watching wrestling. I still remember the first match I saw... I was hooked. I knew I wanted to do this one day. When I made the decision two years ago to drop everything and go to wrestling school, some people thought I was crazy.

[Stetson shakes his head and laughs a little.]

Brett Stetson: But I've spent my entire life overcoming the odds. I graduated high school in 2010, a small-town Wisconsin farm boy with $50 to my name. I drove all the way to Hollywood with just the shirt on my back and dreams of being a star.

[Brett grabs a magazine from his bag, the cover featuring himself striking a dramatic pose and the headline reading "Meet Brett Stetson: 90210's Hot New Bad Boy".]

Brett Stetson: And what do you know? Two years later, I was on prime time TV. I walked down Hollywood Boulevard and people begged to take pictures with me. I was making the kind of money I used to dream about and getting the type of girls I used to whack it to. Now I may get some flack from the boys back here for making my name on a teen soap opera, but what are you gonna do?

[Brett looks around the locker room. He takes off his shirt and hits a front double bicep pose for the camera. A few of the wrestlers laugh as if he's a joke of himself, but the look is incredible. No one threatens him because they don't know what to do just yet, and there's not that many in the general locker room area just yet. Just a handful.]

Brett Stetson: Seriously, guys, what are you gonna do to a guy with my power and strength? There is nobody here that outworks me. I'm up at 5 AM every morning training my ass off...

[Brett walks right up to the camera and stares directly into the lense.]

Brett Stetson: And I do it for you. Yes, you. The paying customer. The loyal fans who pay our salaries. I've spent my life entertaining in one way or another. If you're not familiar with my work, you're in for a treat.

[The security guards make their way back to the locker room with concerned looks on their faces.]

Security Guard #2: Brett, there's a mob of fans surrounding your car and they won't leave till they get some autographs!

[Brett pulls out a stack of autographed headshots from his pack.]

Brett Stetson: It's cool man, I always come prepared.

[Brett Stetson makes his way out of the locker room, looking like he's on cloud nine. With photos and a sharpie in his hand, standing in the doorway, he turns towards the camera one last time.]

Brett Stetson: That's a wrap!

[Brett exits as the camera pans around the locker room, with other wrestlers looking on in awe of someone that is full of himself but has a uplifting attitude.]

Prescott: That was interesting to say the least. Newcomer "The Teen Idol" Brett Stetson just made his debut appearance in ICW. Just now. Live!

Blaylock: Seemed like a nice guy. Maybe a little cocky. I don't know. I've heard of him, he's a up and coming wrestler that has a small acting career too.

Prescott: WHOA WHOA!!! We have a major development going on backstage!!! Lets go now!

[We cut backstage yet again as the crowd starts to get restless some with the almost 10 minutes wait now since Duke pinned Halifax with his foot. We see Jumbo Johnston knocked out with a Mountain Dew machine on top of him and blood pouring from his face. Mandy Joe is right there saying "Opps.. not me" and stuff like that. Ari Naxt is almost the wall, on the opposite side of the communal room in the Scheels Arena chuckling outloud as if he just heard the best Chris Rock line ever. Mandy says "Maybe he was really thirsty?" in a sacred but dark tone. Her stare is fixed. On Jumbo who isn't moving, the security staff get the machine off of Jumbo and they see a stab wound. It is on Jumbo's left arm. It looks like someone took a knife and slit width ways across. the wound isn't deep and is a mere large scratch, but will require stitches of 4 or 5. Jumbo's face is untouched aside from the busted mouth and cut hair. Yes. Someone cut his hair. His pony tail has been cut off, and he is bloody from mouth to shoulder, with a slit in his shoulder. Mandy Joe walks over to Ari Naxt who is still laughing.]

Keegan O'Donnell: You're lucky Shawn's in his office and this hasn't gotten to him just yet. Who did this? Did anyone see?! Fuck there's no cameras in this area.

Mandy Joe: Maybe... maybe it was you! (laughs)

Keegan: Out, you are out of here. I'm banning you from the arena for tonight. Go now. Security take her now.

[With that, Ari Naxt starts laughing even louder and louder while screaming at times.]

Keegan: What the hell? If I find out this was you... you're fired and you'll be arrested for assault. Get the hell out of here. Security him too. He's done. He's banned for tonight also.

Shawn: What is going on!? Please tell me this isn't happening.

Keegan: Jumbo was attacked and blindsided. He was hit with this Mountain Dew machine after the font facial attack and then someone cut off his ponytail and then cut him with this knife I found nearby. He'll need stitches and a hospital trip.

Shawn: His hair? What? Okay, take care of him. Luckily we've got good insurance, but I'm sure the rate will climb now....

[The onsite paramedics load him into the ambulance that was called, and they take a unconscious Jumbo Johnston to the local hospital in Fargo. Mandy and Ari have been banned from the building for the night while an investigation will follow soon. No one saw anything. Much like the Max Glory attack. Is it the same person? Surely not, as Ari Naxt hadn't signed with ICW yet. Jumbo threw Ari into a Pepsi machine last week, so maybe this is pay back? It looks like it.]

Shawn: Listen, inform Don, he's going to have to go it alone tonight. Jumbo has been taken to the hospital and that is that.

Lucas: Will do.

Halifax: I'll step up. The pay is per match right?

Shawn: It is. Fine, you're in. You'll earn 1/2 of your normal pay for the tag match Hali. Deal?

Halifax: It is a deal. I need the money boss.

[We head to ringside as the tag match starts. We have Don White/Halifax McAlister vs. Jericho Kade/Bobby Barratt. The winner is guranteed a tag title shot in the future at some point.]

[The opening cords of "King of my World" hit the PA system and the lights go out. After the instrumental and the lyrics start to blare throughout the dark arena, a single spotlight in on the entrance ramp. Out comes Jericho Kade, wearing his trademark shirt with white trucks on as well. He removes his sunglasses and throws them into the crowd as he confidently struts down to the ring. The single spotlight follows him until he climbs up the stairs and enters the ring. The lights come on in the arena and Kade stands on the nearest turnbuckle, smirking at the fans. He says nothing to the booing fans as he climbs down and takes his shirt off, waiting for the match to start.]

[Lights go out, Motley Crue starts playing and spotlights swirl on the stage. In his own time, Mr Barratt comes strolling through the curtain. Confidence, arrogance and smugness all apparent. He has a lot to say, so he approaches the camera, talking smack about his opponent and whatever is currently happening, before headed out to the ring. As the chorus is about to drop, he flips over the top rope and onto the buckle to sing "I'm the Motherfucker of the year!" Before continuing to antagonise the crowd.]

Prescott: Here we go, we've got these 2 idiots in the ring here and they both think they are the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Blaylock: Because they are... love these guys!

[Halifax walks to the ring with a brown duster and cowboy hat. He walks with confidence and determination. When he gets to the ring he stands in the corner with his foot propped against the middle turnbuckle And looks at a picture of his daughter hidden in his duster. before the he disrobes it before the match starts.]

[Lights go to red. Straight out the gate plays by Tech N9ne. Don White makes his way to the ring slowly. He points to fans with Don White signs as he makes his way to the Ring. once in the ring he goes to two separate turn buckles, climbs up and throws his arms in the air. He stands in the ring with an empty look in his eye. Eager.]

[Scarlett LaDawn does her introductions when they all get in the ring, Barrat and Kade smirk and seem to be getting on well. White and McAlister are chatting through things.]

Prescott: What a great thing for Halifax to do for Don.

Blaylock: It was noble put these two don't have a chance in hell.

Prescott: We'll see. They will try to fight the good fight here. Halifax isn't as strong or as experienced as Jumbo.

Blaylock: We start off with Halifax in the ring against Jericho Kade!!!

Prescott: Kade is making his in-ring debut right now. live! Let's see what he's got. They tie up...

Blaylock: Kade gets the upper hand and arm drags Halifax down. I'm sure Halifax is wore out badly from that Duke beating earlier. He's here, and he's trying.

Prescott: It is a great thing. No one else was going to step up and help Don. Huge compliment to Halifax for that.

Blaylock: Well he's going to get his head kicked in. Look at that easy drop kick by Kade. Followed by a quick scoop slam!

Prescott: Looks like you're right Halifax is wore out. At least he's trying.

Blaylock: He's an idiot for getting involved! Ewww.. another off the ropes for a spinbuster.

Prescott: Kade does a nip up! What athleticism! He kicks Halifax over to White.

Blaylock: White is able to make a blind tag on Halifax as he couldn't even stand up. White charges in... power clothesline... NO. Kade ducks and turns around and hits a clothesline!

[The match is mostly one sided. Kade running the show while Barratt is on his phone ringside! No pins yet or anything, but this might be a quick one. Kade picks up White and extends him arms quickly. As if he is a greek statue. Barratt claps as his new found partnet is in complete control. Jericho Kade whips White into the ropes and then kicks him in the gut, then performs a excellent t-bone suplex on White. Halifax runs in the ring as White is getting pounded by Kade. The referee breaks it up and sends Halifax to his corner on the warning of a DQ.]

Prescott: I guess Halifax needs the money, you get more money for win...

Blaylock: He tried to help Don.

[As the referee's back is turned Kade does a eye rake to White and White sprawls out in the middle of the ring. Barratt and Kade high five, and Barratt steps into the ring. He walks up to White and says things like "I am your ending", and "Welcome to Strangeland". He smacks White around some. He turns his back and smiles to the crowd. Kade points at White but before Barratt can do anything... STRANGE KICK! STRANGE KICK! Cover!]



Kade breaks it up!

[A close call, but Kade jumped in, referee Myers says the next interference from either team will be a DQ, this isn't the WWE where tag matches have several run ins for breakups. White rolls to Halifax and tries to make a tag but Barratt stops him by grabbing his leg. He pulls him down and gets up and kicks him in the face. Followed by a leg drop. Barratt picks up White and throws him out of the ring as the ref starts to count. He walks over and tags in Kade who is eager to prove himself futher more. Kade runs out and grabs White, picks him up and rolls him back in the ring to the referee's approval. Kade runs at Halifax and gives him a European Uppercut and Halifax falls off the apron and hits his head on the metal fence outside the ring. Kade rolls back in and Don White desperately goes for a Strange KICK! yet again, it is ducked barely and Kade hits "The Trademark".]

Prescott: What a awesome move!

Blaylock: A very tight Fisherman Buster Plex!




Prescott: Pretty close. Look at Barratt. What a jerk. He's on the top rope just sitting with his hand's on his face like he's bored.

Blaylock: I'd be bored too. White is outmatched here with Halifax not being much help. His efforts are noted, but the quality is low. Duke did him over.

[Barratt gets tagged in as White is crawling up to his feet slowly. Barratt smiles and looks around to intense boos. Barratt goes for and lands "Prodigal Arrival"!!! (Sliced Bread #2). He goes for the pin.]




Prescott: What heart by Don White!

Blaylock: He's trying, not his best night, but he's kicking out just barely.

[Barratt laughs, smacks White and picks him up again. He hits "Downward Spiral" and goes for the pin.]




Scarlett LaDawn: Here is your winners... and new #1 contender for the tag team titles... Bobby Barratt and Jerichooo Kaaaade!

Prescott: Wait. Something is happening. What is this? What the hell?

Blaylock: Oh my...

[Shawn Rossdale appears with Lucas Rieter to his right, and speaks on the mic. His music didn't even play. This is business.]

Shawn Rossdale: Great.. you won. You won. The thing is this...Jenny Stackhouse and I are not seeing eachother. She wants a relationship, and I don't want to do that right now. I will not have ANYONE on my roster messing about with the staff. Not going to happen. Bobby Barratt. You've been a pain. You are ruthless, arrogant and stupid.

[Barratt and Kade look at eachother, while Barratt says something to Kade.]

Shawn: Kade you attacked Lucas earlier. This is your 1st and last warning. Do that again, and you're fired. Got it? You guys won so Kade is safe. I really was going to fire you both, but you won. Bobby Barratt... regardless of what you say or do. You're F I R E D!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[Barratt grabs a mic from Scarlett.]

Bobby Barratt: What the hell do you mean I'm fired? I just won my match. We're the new #1 tag team title contenders man. Get with it.

Shawn: You have threatened me, and hassled me too long. You're fired. I'll let you go on your own accord.

Bobby: (Laughs) On my own accord? I am a "Prodigy" you need me Shawn. You all do. I bring in the money around here. Me and that mexican moron. I'm not going to leave man. Call security.

Shawn: Security, Keegan, get out here and remove Bobby Barratt from ICW's arena for tonight. Have him clear out his locker. He's done. He's out of here.

[The security comes out, but goes to Shawn Rossdale. They were waiting for the show's conclusion to serve papers. They show him some papers and a scuffle breaks out. Lucas puts his hands up and walks backwards. Shawn hits one of the security team, and sprints to the ring. His slicked back hair is now messy and his suit jacket gets shugged off on the way to the ring. He gets in, Jericho Kade slides out... as he just got signed and his 90 days aren't up yet, and doesn't want to get involved after pushing Lucas Rieter earlier. Shawn takes his shirt off, a former wrestler himself... he's ready to go. Barratt laughs at him as if he's not even worth it. Suddenly Shawn darts at Bobby and puts him in a head lock and gives multiple punches to the head. Bobby throws him off the ropes and hits a "Code Breaker" on Rossdale. Rossdale is hurt pretty bad, and security comes down and checks on him, and then takes him away to the back. He mutters something to Rieter on the way out, and Barratt is smirking. He's smiling along with Kade who is slapping the back of Barratt now. Barratt and Kade raise their arms to MASSIVE BOOS.]

[In the back it shows Rossdale being arrested for assault and battery of Jumbo Johnston. Apparently an annoynomous call was placed to the Farco police that Shawn Rossdale was out to get Jumbo for intimidating Jenny at his place during a interview a couple weeks back. With proof of the motive, and Shawn's outburst the first couple weeks it was enough for an arrest for at least an overnighter. Shawn is outraged at first but goes along quietly in the end, and gets in the back of a local cruiser. The car speeds away on the jumbo tron and Barratt puts his hands up as if "hey I told ya I'd get him". They walk to the back. When Jericho and Bobby get to the back, the security team is waiting for him, as Rossdale's executive order to fire Barratt still stood. Barratt is escorted out of the arena and to a taxi cab, while Jericho Kade looks on.. looking somewhat bummed.]

Prescott: What in the hell is going on here? Rossdale has been arrested for 1st degree assault we think. Assault on Jumbo Johnston too. Bobby Barratt was fired. Jericho Kade escapes with his job because he won, with docked pay of course. (sighs)

Blaylock: Monday Night Spectacle... is indeed... a visual Spectacle. PUN INTENDED!

[Just then "Livin' La Vida Loca" by Ricky Martin explodes and a looking better than earlier Sapphire walks down to the ring in a stiff way. Her wrist heavily bandaged and wrapped with a compress. She gets on the mic.]

Sapphire: I don't have anything else to say but, Mandy Joe! Get out here now.

Prescott: Mandy Joe was banned from the arena earlier. She's not even here.

Sapphire: I know you're here. Come out and lets play your game.

Blaylock: What is she going on about?

[The tron lights up, very dark, but Mandy's face can be seen. Ari Naxt isn't around. There's a single light bulb just above, but it is dim.] Mandy Joe: You want me? Are you sure? I thought the little starlit doll couldn't compete?

Sapphire: I'm here. Come on. (drops mic)

[Suddently the lights go out for about 3 seconds. When they brighten up again, Mandy Joe is behind Sapphire with a sledgehammer. The crowd gasps, Mandy Joe swing slowly as the hammer must weight 20 pounds at least. She misses as Sapphire was able to turn around and scoot backwards in a monkey flip. Referee Jason Myers runs down and calls for the bell as the match starts. Sapphire runs and hits a dropkick. She picks up the sledgehammer that lay near by and goes to hit Mandy Joe in the stomach, but Mandy rolls out of the way. Mandy gets up and goes for a lionsault while Sapphire is still standing but misses badly. Sapphire grabs Mandy and applies the Dahlia Leaf!!! Mandy starts to laugh, but is in pain.]

Prescott: Do you think she's tap? I mean say "I Quit"?

Blaylock: Hard to say, I think she's as tough as she is beautiful.

Prescott: Wow. Ref. Myers is asking over and over and the laughs fade and Mandy starts to cry for help.

Blaylock: Will she do it? There's no rules in this match. She gets to the ropes!

Prescott: No rules. The ropes do nothing here. It does look like she's using them for leverage to pull out though. She's still pretty fresh.

Blaylock: SHe's out! Yes! Go Mandy! Do it!

Prescott: Mandy Joe rolls out of the ring as Sapphire lets go. She grabs a steel trash can from under the ring as she's down there along with what looks to be a pipe or some kind?

Blaylock: This is getting crazy. Watch out Sapphire.

Prescott: Sapphire on the outside now.. WHOA! She's hit!

Blaylock: Mandy hit her with that trash can on her side. She's staggered.

Prescott: Mandy again! And again! and again!

Blaylock: She's getting that metal pipe. No wait it's a monkey wrench!

Prescott: No No! Stop her!!

Blaylock: No rules Stan.

Prescott: Thank God! Sapphire is able to scramble away barely.

Blaylock: Mandy drops the wrench.

[Mandy seems content on chasing her prey. Sapphire holding her side hobbles into the ring. Mandy chases, Sapphire turns around and hits Mandy Joe with something. It looks some sort of dust be had bagged up on herself. I bet it was in her waist area. Mandy is screaming as it was saw dust that went into her eyes. Sapphire looks to end this quickly. She jumps up and hits a hurricanrana on Mandy Joe. Then she goes up top for a frog splash. He flys and Mandy moves out of the way by rolling. Sapphire is hurting and Mandy is recovering, she crawls to ringside, pours a stationary bottle of water into her eyes and shakes her head viciously. She picks up the monkey wrench on her way back. She slides into the ring, and hits Sapphire in the knee with it. Then again in the lower back. She spins her over and drags her to ropes and applies "Bane's Eye".

Prescott: Will this be it? The tarantula submission is locked in!

Blaylock: The referee is asking her. Surely she can't withstand this after a brutal attack and such a hard match. Her wrist must be in incredible pain.

Prescott: She's not doing anything. Mandy is screaming because she's got it on so hard! That's gotta be it!

Blaylock: She's not even moving. She's out. That's it! Mandy wins!

[Jason Myers asked 3 times without any movement or response, so he was forced to ring the bell. While Sapphire didn't say "I Quit" she was passed out and couldn't answer at all, therefore the winner is Mandy Joe via knockout/submission. Afterwards Mandy Joe kicks and scratches Sapphire. She slaps her one more time and heads off.]

Prescott: What a wild match! I didn't think this match was going to even happen tonight. Sapphire gutted it out and came down to do it. Just came up short.

Blaylock: Yeah, Mandy is exiting the ring now. Look at the tron...

Prescott: What's this going on up on the stage area?

Blaylock: It looks like someone has driven a black hearse out here. They're getting out now!

Prescott: Is that El Cazador getting out of the drivers seat?

Blaylock: I believe it is and he has his ICW Ironman Championship on his shoulder.

[Sebastian exits the driver side of the hearse and steps around to the front of the vehicle. He sits up on the hood of the hearse and rests his feet on the front bumper. He has a microphone in his hands and it appears he wishes to address the crowd.]

Sebastian: I'm sure you're all wondering why I have a hearse out here tonight. Well, that's simple. This hearse is for the career of Max Glory. Why? Because Shawn Rossdale has the audacity to give the loser of this match a number one contender's match for the Shooting Star Championship! We all know that it will be Max who loses this match tonight. So I have no choice but to end the career of Max Glory tonight; so that Shawn in that has no choice but to put me in that number one contender's match next week.

[Sebastian steps off the hood of the hearse and begins to walk down the ramp to the ring. He continues to talk into the mic.]

Sebastian: Max thinks that he is on the same playing field as someone of my calibre. Just...

[Max's Glory Hounds interrupt him as they begin to howl and bark like dogs.]

[Sebastian allows them to continue as he has now made his way into the ring. He his sitting on a top turnbuckle as he adresses the crowd once more.]

Sebastian: Are you finished? That's what I thought! Now allow your champion to speak when he is out here addressing you wrestling peasants. Now as I was saying, just as I put down my beloved pet Saint Bernard Maximillion I will put Max Glory down in the center of this ring with "The Killshot!" I almost ended your career 2 weeks ago, when I attacked you from behind! Yeah! That was me! (Crowd throws raining boos down) Yeah! HA! I wanted to hurt the crowd favorite. I wanted to end him. He was stupid enough to channel you idiots and come out here and fight Duke that night. Give him credit. He was tough, but tough and stupid are different. He was both this night 2 weeks ago. Shawn, you're not even here. Lucas, I'm sure he's busy in the back tied up with all the drama back there. I will end Max Glory for once and for all.

[The crowd boos him once more and Max Glory Hounds can be heard again.]

[Sebastian jumps down from the turnbuckle and steps into the center of the ring.]

Sebastian: Come on out here Max so I can end your career right here and right now! Cutting those security camera wires was as easy as cutting you down when you ate your chinese! I am wrestling royalty. I am "El Cazador"!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[Max Glory's theme music begins to play. He comes out in a wheel chair. He's looking pretty beat up still. He rolls right on down to the ring's entrance area. Stopa nd raises his hands. He is motioning as he can't go on and fight. Steele gets down wearing his Gold and Black mask. His newer one he wears for tradition... and tells Max to get up. The crowd chants GLORY GLORY! As Steele gets about 8 feet from Glory at the bottom of the ramp area, Glory springs up and tries to attack Steele. Steele sidesteps him easily and does a drop toe hold that smash's Glory's face into the apron area. He rolls Glory in, and the referee starts the match. DING DING!]

[Sebastian seems a bit quicker and a bit more intense this week. Maybe the mask has something to do with it? Steele hits Glory with right hook, then a arm drag. Picks him up and hits a suplex. Fakes going for a cover. Spits on Glory and pulls him up by his dreads. He then hits a German suplex, then another. Then fakes another cover. Steps over Max and raises his arms high. The crowd hates it. Steele picks him up again and swing him into the ropes, Max ducks and then hits a right jab, but Steele in a overwhelming anger and seriousness hits a shining wizard!!! He laughs, applys the "Jaguar Clutch" and pulls back hard. Glory without any resistance taps out easily!!!!


Scarlett LaDawn: Here is your winner, and STILL ICW Ironman Champion!!!! Sebbbbastian STEEEEELE!!!!!

Prescott: Wait!!! Wait! he's not done! What the hell is going on in this place!

Blaylock: He's taking a beat and ragged Max Glory to the hearse area... oh my God! No!

Prescott: Steele has put a barely conscious Max Glory in his trick wheelchair and is pushing him up the ramp.

Blaylock: Do it! Do it! No don't... but yeah do it!

Prescott: You're SICK!

[The next scene might be frightening to some. Sebastian takes a limp and wore out Glory, and opens the hearst door. He slams the door shut on Glory's shoulder! He takes him and puts him on top of the hearst. "El Cazador" runs down and grabs a mic as officials try to get Max off. Steele runs back up there, shoos them away with rage, and gets on the mic.]

Steele: Here he is. Here's your guy. Max Glory. He's just laying here. Beaten. Done. I need my mask. I want to prove to my family, to everyone that I am the next great legend. I'm young, but legends never start old do they?

[Steele throws the mic into the ramp. He picks up Glory on the roof of the hearst...]

Prescott: NO NO NO!!! PLEASE

Blaylock: Can we get some help down here please. This is too much. Yeah, code 3 please.

Prescott: Code 3 now. NOW!!!

[Steele hits a "Killshot" on top of the hearst and puts Max Glory through the front windshield violently. Max hadn't moved since the punches and the shoulder slam with the car door. Steele barely can stand up with the window's border holding him in, he squirms out raises his arms to INSANE boos. He picks up Glory again, and points to the trunk of the hearst. Where he plans to "Killshot" him off the trunk and into the concrete pit 8 feet below. Just then... "Shimmer" by Fuel hits heavy and stops.]

Lucas: Sebastian. I meant to come here earlier and suspend you for 2 weeks without pay but there's so much going on. Just leave Max there in the windshield. He's done. He's going to have to have extensive surgery and probably his career is over. I'm sure he's out for weeks if not months. Let it go.

[Steele motions for a slit throat, and proceeds to pick up Glory.]

Lucas: Sebastian!!! Stop man! I'll make you a deal. If you stop, I'll not suspend you, or better yet fire you for this. This is over the line man. Mate you need to stop now. I have your mask. I have it.

[Steele motions for the mask, proof. Without a mic he wants to see it. He wants it.]

Lucas: I've got it. Bring it out Keegan. You have attacked Max 2 weeks ago, and then you hid it, lied about it... and now this? Medical staff get in there now. Get Max to a hospital immediately!!! Here it is... thanks Keegan. See man. Calm down. Jumbo had it in his belongings. I was holding it until after we suspended you for the attack 2 weeks ago you lied to everyone about. If you back off now, and let the paramedics up there, I'll give you back your mask and let it all go okay? I don't want anyone dying or being permanently injured.

[Sebastian agrees, steps off the hearst. And hesitates.]

Lucas: Sebastian, you have my word. In front of all these people. You have my word. The ratings are through the roof I'm sure, but I don't want it... not like this. Step off, take your mask that Jumbo stole from you, and we're even. Max needs medical attention and surgery now.

[Max is in seriously horrible shape. Not moving, cuts on his stomach, his shoulder probably torn or dislocated at the least, and probably concussed. Steele steps off, takes his gold and black mask off, and reaches out to Rieter for his old mask. Rieter gives it to him. Steele puts it on, raises his arms, and Rieter ignores him, rushes off to Max Glory with the paramedics. ICW was over it's time limit by 4 minutes and goes off the air.]