May 1st @ 10 PM CST
Verizon Center
Mankato, MN
Capcity: 8,200

[The first ever Monday Night Spectacle opens to a mostly filled capacity crowd in Mankato, Minnesota! Shawn Rossdale tried to get it to sell out but wasn't able to finish that great goal. The crowd that is there is very pumped and estatic!! The camera pans all around. It isn't the best crew, but is good. In terms of quality it is ECW style crew or so. Somewhere between WCW camera crew and ECW in quality. Not great, but good.]

Stanley Prescott: Hello, and welcome to the 1st edition of Monday Night SPECTACLE!!! We are lllliiiiiiiiiive from the Verizon Center in Mankato, Minnesota! I'm Stanley Prescott here, along side your soon to be favorite color commentator... Steven Blaylock!

Steven Blaylock: Yeah well, we all know I'll be the pick. I don't even know this guy to my left. Mr. Rossdale hired us just a few days ago. We're wingin' it!

Prescott: Maybe you, but I want to keep my job. I am definitely NOT winging it.

Blaylock: Oh stop it. We all know you're the classic suck up.

Prescott: I am happy to announce we have official attendance at 6,565 awesome fans!! We've got a great show for you tonight. We've got 4 separate singles matches and a triple threat match. There's not a "true" main event since this is the kickoff ICW show. First though, we head backstage before the show kicks off.

[Shawn Rossdale is shown on the large screen in the arena that hangs above the ring, to mixed cheers and uncertainty. He smiles and points at the camera and winks. He gets up from his office chair and small desk in his temporary office in the back, and sits down in front of the camera in a simple chair.]

Shawn Rossdale: Hello. Welcome to the very first Monday Night Spectacle! I've worked hard to get this company off the ground, and I'm pleased with our attendance tonight. While we couldn't sell this place out, we were able to meet our minimum requirements to push forward. We needed 5,000 tickets sold, and we went well above that. So thank you to each and every one of you out there in the crowd. We have a great show planned for you tonight. I'm assuming everyone has met or read about our great ICW Staff. Please be sure to read up on them if you haven't, they are all great and handpicked in their own special way. First things first... I have a...

[Lucas Rieter, the ICW General Manager bursts through the door in a almost panic. Upset and in urgent tone.]

Lucas Rieter: You have got to come here NOW! Some fool has went off.

Shawn Rossdale: It's the first damn show? What do you mean? (heavy sigh)

Lucas: Shawn, now! Someone has went crazy, he's destroyed the small communal area!!!

Shawn: This is most disappointing... lets go.

[Shawn hurries off with Lucas, his right hand man, and goes to inspect the damage/excitement/disappointment as he put it... what he finds is beyond his understanding. It is unreal, almost something from a really screwed up horror film.]

Shawn: What in the hell has happened here? WHY!!? Get him now! I said NOW!!! Get the paramedics here immediatley.

Lucas: Brother, you need to step away from this. Do it now.

Shawn: Get away from me! This is unacceptable. He's not even competed yet. This is completely ridiculous. DUKE! Get his ass in my office immediately! It has to be him!

[What is shown on the camera that rushed out of the small office with Shawn and Lucas while Shawn was giving his ICW opening speech is Max Glory lying in the open communal room, bloody and unconsious. His face is bruised and cut a little and his mouth is bleeding badly. He's lying somewhat under the broken table in the room, spilt soda and some chinese food lays near by, there's so much blood on the floor that the blood has dribbled it's way to his spilt chinese 2 feet away. The scene is intense, a great struggle went down a few minutes before and Max Glory obviously was hit blindsided. The paramedics on call try to wake up, and put him on a stretcher.]

Lucas: I'll find him. I don't think he would do this. This is opening ICW night brother. Surely no one would be this dumb?

Shawn: I do not care. Find him. NOW! NOW!!!

Lucas: I'm on it. I'm on it. Geez.

[Shawn Rossdale steams off with Max Glory to make sure he's alright and looks after him as they take him to the medical room inside the arena. Shawn sees that things are stable as Max starts to stir a bit and regain some consciousness. Shawn is eager to ask who did this to him. In his suit and tie... he leans over at Max and pats him on the shoulder...]

Shawn: Max, man I'm so sorry this has happened. I need to know who did this to you. Who attacked you?

Max Glory: Man, I don't really know yo. It was ... I don't really know. I was eating my chinese man, and someone walked up behind me and as I turned around they smashed me man. They smashed me into the table and I blacked out.

Shawn: I'm very sorry for this, they will be dealt with when found. Take the night off. Your match with Duke Kosloff is cancelled.

Max: No no man. I can do this. Brotha, please. I got this man.

Shawn: I'm not going to let you compete. It isn't going to happen.

Paramedic: This guy has a busted mouth, it's going to take at least 3 stiches, he's got a severely bruised jaw, possibly a hairline fracture and he's got a eye socket contusion. There's no way he can fully see out of one of his eyes. And to boot baud, hes probably got a brutal headache. I'm not going to clear him. Mr. Glory, I highly highly reccomend that you don't compete tonight.

Max Glory: Look brother.. (sighs as it is tough to speak) I'm doing this. For all my GLORY HOUNDS!!!

[Max almost jumps out of the examining table, but he obviously doesn't have that much spring to himself. He shouts "Glory Hounds"! One more time and the crowd explodes. The once somber and quiet crowd of the Verizon Center, that got a front row seat to all the action as it unfolded is now sparkling in great admiration for Max Glory, who is completely stubborn, and wants to compete.]

Shawn: Look, you can compete, but you're going to have to sign a waiver for tonight. It is the only way Max. This is a startup, and I simply can't risk it. I suggest you sit out, take the night off and we'll get you taken care of. I'll even put you up in my personal suite in Minneapolis. 1st class service and all the lot.

Max Glory: Brotha, I want to do this. I'm not letting down my fans... give me the lame waiver. I'll sign it. I understand.

[Shawn turns around and Lucas already had the waiver ready apparently from overhearing the talks from a distance. Max scribbles his name on the single sheet form, and with this, nothing that occurs in the ring tonight against Duke Kosloff, in a injury point of view will affect ICW. We do not yet know the extend of Max's injuries besides what was diagnosed quickly from the paramedic on site. Max winks at Shawn and says... "I got this" one last time.]

Shawn: Well pal, good luck. Lucas! Have you found Duke yet?

Lucas: No Shawn, he's not even in the building yet.

Shawn: Get me Keegan now! He should know what the hell happened.

Lucas: Doing it now.

Shawn: Get that camera out of here. NOW!!

[And with that, the scene fades out, and with Lucas on the search for Keegan O'Donnell, the Chief of Security... we head back to ringside with Prescott and Blaylock. The crowd has fizzled out a bit, and are getting anxious to start.]

Stanley Prescott: Um, folks that was quite the live on the fly type of thing we didn't really want you guys to see. I hope TNT is alright with this. I apologize to anyone at home that was offended by this.

Steven Blaylock: Offended? What is the big deal? This is wrestling... these things happen. I know Mr. Rossdale seems pretty pissed off. I know I would be too. He did keep his cool. Most brits do. Lucas.. he's a brit right?

Prescott: Yes Steve, he is from Great Britain.

Blaylock: Just checking. (winks)

Prescott: We are very proud to bring you our first match of ICW's short but bright history thus far!!! We have "El Cazador" Sebatian Steele against fan pleaser Kevin Price.

Blaylock: My money is on Price. He's got the technique I hear and the will have the crowd behind him.

Precott: We shall see the result, get ready folks, ICW starts now!

[After a opening sequence full of squabbles, ICW is finally ready to kick off it's flagship program, MONDAY NIGHT SPECTACLE! The crowd has been brewing for maybe 20 minutes since the opening of the show. So things are a little bit behind, and as everyone at home saw on TNT... things are already intense. Shawn intends to keep things together and Lucas Rieter is poised to bring it together and figure this out.]

[El Cazador jumps from the guerilla position and skulks to the ring as though he was stalking prey. He wears the pelt of a jaguar over himself with the head on the jaguar over his own.]

Prescott: That is a strange character. Look at him walk, and look at him go.

Blaylock: I like him. He's different.

Scarlett LaDawn: In the ring from South of the Border, weighing in at 200 pounds... "Ellll Caaazadoooor" Sebastian STEEEELE!!!!!!

Precott: What a professional entrance and announcing.

Blaylock: Way better than you... way better. I mean look at her. I loved it.

Prescott: Yeah... and it looks like his opponent, Kevin Price is coming down now.

[Price stands at the stage entrance looking out at the fans. He walks to the ring at a quick, determined pace, while giving high fives to fans at the side of the ramp. Jumping up on the ring apron, he stops and looks out at the fans before hopping over the top rope and jogging to the opposite turnbuckle, where he leaps up to the second turnbuckle and raises both arms in the air, pointing up with just his index fingers.]

Scarlett LaDawn: Fighting out of St. Paul, Minnesota, weighing in at 180 pounds... Keeevin PRRRRICE!


Prescott: Our referee for this match is Jason Myers. A veteran of the indie circuit and one of the best from that level. We are under way. ICW is HERE!

Blaylock: Look at these two guys, they are about the same size. Both quick.

Prescott: Price comes in with a dropkick, and then a arm drag takedown. Steele is looking out of place so far.

Blaylock: Yes he is. It's early, but so far it seems like Kevin Price is here to make a statement.

Prescott: Irish whip into the ropes by Price, Steele ducks and back they go, Price flys and connects with a spinning heel kick!

Blaylock: That got him right on the mouth. Or mask.. or whatever you call that thing.

[The match is fast paced and high flying so far. Steele seems to be nervous, and out of place early on. Kevin Price is using the ropes to his advantage and hits a flying cross armbar. He picks Steele up and goes for a suplex, but Steele pushes off and throws him into the ropes, Price bounces back and Steele sends Price flying with a very high back body drop. Steele drags Price to his feet, looking around at the crowd, like a bird would or something. Very strange. Steele throws a right hook, then steps back and clotheslines and staggered Price, who is still very much in this match. Steele picks up Price again, throws him into the ropes, and hits a drop toe hold. He then picks Price up and lands a German Suplex. Price is looking weak now. COVER]


Prescott: That was fairly close and almost ended this thing fast.

Blaylock: It was a solid too. Not that close Stan.

[Sebastian Steele, looking confident picks up Kevin from his downed state. He goes for a arm drag but Price turns it into a hammerlock. Steele slips out of that and tries a rear naked choke. He gets it on briefly before Price ramming him back into the turnbuckle. Once loosened from Price, Steele gets irish whipped into that opposite diagonal corner. Price runs, and slams into Steele with a flying cross forearm. He then lifts Steele up on the top rope, slowly but surely he gets him in position for what seems like a heavy move.]

Prescott: It looks like he's taking a risk here. A high risk manuever for sure.

Blaylock: I think things are looking good for Price. Who says it's a risk?

[Price tries for a superplex from the top rope. As he tries it, Steele wisely pushes loose and gives Price a spinebuster from the top rope!!! He then waits for Price to get up from the middle of the ring. When he does, he lands a DDT. Turns Price over and applys a Sharpshooter.]

Prescott: It looks like he's taking care of business here. He's going for his finishing move. The "Jaguar Clutch"!

Blaylock: Looks like that hurts. I don't see how he's going to get out of this.

[Steele has Price locked in, and in the middle of the ring. He's controlled most of the match, and the crowd is giving a mixed reaction to Steele having the fan's pick in the hold. Price grunts and stretches and tries to slide and scoot to the nearest rope, but can't. Steele has it on too tight and hard.]

Jason Myers: What do you say Kevin? Tell me! What is it.

[Price is being tough, but says "no" to referee Myers. Suddenly Price taps out!]


Scarlett LaDawn: And your winner via submission... "El Cazador" Sebastiiiian Steeeeeele!!!!!

Prescott: What a good opening match. Nothing too fancy, but a solid technical effort by Price and Steele. Price brought all he had tonight, but it seemed like Steele shook off the jitters and pulled it together for a decisive win tonight.

Blaylock: Yeah he did. The only thing decisve is how great Scarlett looks. Wow.

[The crowd boos as Jason Myers holds up Steele's hand and points to him and lets it go. "El Cazador" jump up on the top rope like a jumping spider and points to the crowd and does a slitting the throat motion. The crowd gives intense boos. Price gets helped up and lumbers back to the dressing room area, and we cut to a backstage segment suddenly. What we see on the jumbo tron above the ring is Shawn in his office speaking with Lucas Rieter and Keegan O'Donnell, the chief of security. They are trying to figure out who attacked Max Glory.]

Shawn: So you it wasn't Duke? Are you sure? It just feels like it would be him.

Lucas: I have asked everyone Shawn. Duke wasn't even here when it happened.

Keegan O'Donnell: Shawn, you need to listen to me. I have checked everywhere and everyone one has stated that Duke wasn't here. It wasn't Duke Kosloff. I have even checked the cameras.

Shawn and Lucas: AAAANNND?

Keegan: And.. sadly, the camera to the communal room was blacked out. I don't know how messed with it, and I don't know why. It is what it is. Someone is fucking around with us. Not a very good start to ICW, and Max Glory took the force of this.

Shawn: Alright, get the hell out of here. Both of you. I've got to..

[Suddenly, as Lucas and Keegan begin to stand up, "The Soviet Monster" Duke Kosloff appears at the door. He opened it violently, and he just stands there. And the men are looking awkward at him. Lucas and Keegan don't say anything. But Shawn does.

Shawn: I want you to listen to me, and listen good fool. If you ever barge into any office I have set up, I'll make sure you pay the price.

Duke Kosloff: You will? I just came to say that it wasn't me. I didn't attack Max. I just got here. If you threaten me again Shawn...

[Shawn gets in Duke's face and pushes him a little but Duke doesn't budge too much, and Duke power walks right back up to Shawn and starts to grunt.]

Lucas: Boys.. lets just calm down. Duke. Everyone has said you weren't here, and the camera was blacked out. We think there's a chance with your motive tonight with Max being your opponent, as this being you.

Duke: (snorts) You idiots. Here is my recipt from 20 minutes ago. I just picked up some Subway. 2 footlong subs. It wasn't me. I've got better things to do, like to eat before I go on.

Shawn: I apologize for being tempered. You're in the clear. Max said he's going to compete tonight sadly... so get ready your match starts in 5 minutes or so.

Lucas: I'm sorry for this mix up Duke. You're in the clear.

Shawn: I just told him he was in the clear. Get out.

Lucas: Sure.

Keegan: Can I get the hell out of here now boys? Like please?

[The scene's tension drops like a tower ride that falls from high above. Shawn calms down some, but the mystery of who this was still haunts him. For now though, temporarily things are settled some. Lucas has jetted off in a tiredsome fashion, Keegan has went back to his backstage post and chatting with his lackeys in security to make sure things don't falter again. Duke is in his very small room, chowing on 2 footlong subs, in a way that would remind someone of a starved rotweiler dog and a large steak. Rare... not cooked. After a few minutes the ICW crowd gets a little restless, the show has been entertaining, but we're almost 1 hour into everything and just had 1 match. The show must go on.]

Stanley Prescott: What a chain of events backstage. Shawn almost came to blows with Duke Kosloff and we now know that Max's attacker wasn't Duke.

Steven Blaylock: Well maybe... he had his Subway delivered? Who knows?

Prescott: Stop it. No one saw him, and he has a alibi.

Blaylock: I'm just saying. Our next match is..

Precott: Yes Steven, our next match is actually Duke Kosloff vs. Max Glory!! Lets get to it now! I just hope Max is up to it.

Blaylock: Yeah me too. Poor guy has had a rough start.

[The arena goes dark red and gold lights start to flash as the arena fills with smoke. A monster slowly appears walking down the ramp as pyros shoot flames into the air you can hear Enter Sandman by Metallica playing. He methodically enters the ring stepping over the top rope and standing like a God in the center of the ring as he waits for the bell to ring.]

Prescott: What an entrance. Awesome. Just awesome.

Blaylock: What can I say. I'm glad I'm not Max. Damn.

[The Arena lights dim and The Final Countdown by Europe hits the Sound system. Max moves out onto the Stage and comes to a stop. He scans the arena with a grin and throws his arms out and slowly spins. He begins his walk down the ramp, as he reaches ringside, he comes to a stop at a random child. Max slides his sunglasses off and places them on the child. Then pats the kid on the head, poses with them for a second and moves to the ring steps.]


Prescott: This crowd is going wild for Max Glory.

Blaylock: What about the crowd? I can't hear you.

Prescott: I said this crowd is going crazy for Max.

Blaylock: Yes they are. I'm pulling for him. But Duke looks insanely strong here.

[Max Glory is in better condition than he was, he has a small bruise around his eye, busted lip that is now stiched up, and just look quite weary, but he's doing his best for the crowd. He grabs a mic ringside.]

Max Glory: What are all my GLLLLOOORY HOUNDS thinking? I'm out here doing this thing brotha! You dig that?

[Large pop from the crowd, they hang onto every line.]

Max: I'm going to do my best ya'll. Just watch the dream, watch the legend of Max Glory tonight. Oh... yeah!!!!!!

[As Max goes to give the mic to Scarlett LaDawn ringside from the apron, Duke has had enough and attacks him from behind. Scarlett, who had announced them just previously is scared and runs back to corner with the timekeeper, as he dings the bell.]


Prescott: And here.. we go. Let's see if Max can hold up.

Blaylock: With this beast in front of him, I'm sure we'll see what Max has. He already has guts, but can his charisma in these circumstances help him rise?

Prescott: Duke is hitting devastating blows to Max's face. This is getting out of hand already.

[The match has started just as the night has. Strange, awkward and not as planned. Duke hits Max with a sidewalk slam, then picks him up and slams him with a DDT. Max is out of it almost, and Duke lifts him above his head and just drops him and laughs. The crowd gives off intense boos. Duke then motions for the a title belt around his waist and laughs. He irish whips Max into the corner and just wait for him to stagger out.]

Prescott: What is he doing?

Blaylock: Oh my God. You see this coming?

Prescott: You're right, a SPEAR! What a devastating spear! Max should of never fought tonight. He wasn't in any condition to fight.

Blaylock: Hey man.. he signed the waiver. This is on him Shawn did all he could do to prevent him from fighting.

Prescott: If Shawn really cared he would of locked him into his small dressing room.

Blaylock: The man offered his own hotel suite. 1st class service.... and it doesn't help that Duke outweighs this guy by 60 pounds.

[After that spear Duke has been strutting around slowly just laughing. The crowd is booing and chanting "You Suck" over and over to Duke. He just eats it up. Duke gets on the middle rope and raises his arm. Suddenly, almost majestically... MAX GLORY rolls Duke up in a schoolboy from the middle rope!!!]

Prescott: Oh my... referee Charles Lee Ray makes the count... 1...2...

Blaylock: Wow he almost had him there. He really surprised the Russian.

Prescott: Yes he did. Look at Max, landing several blows to the Russian. Max hits a standing dropkick, then a running clothesline to Duke, he still doesn't fall, then he hits a swinging neckbreaker off the ropes!!!

Blaylock: He's doing all he can do. Look at him go. I'm a Glory HOUND!

Prescott: Get off the bandwagon.

[Max has staged a improbably comeback so far, Duke was way too cocky, Max's condition affected his performance early on, but the crowd's energy has clearly elevated his spirits. After the swinging neckbreaker, Max points to the crowd and smiles, busted lip, bruised face and all. He waits for Duke to get up and does a simple body slam, he then throws him into the corner and charges and hits a splash!! He then gets up on Duke and mounts him in what is called "Glory Hog" he punches Duke 10 times as the crowd chants behind it. They are going freakin' nuts. After that he lets up at 10, and walks away, and poses, as Duke staggers out with a bloody nose, Max hits GLORY BOUND!!! The crowd explodes.]

Prescott: What in the world? How did he lift him there like that.

Blaylock: The guy is 265 man, he's not a chump.

Prescott: I guess not, I'm... amazed at the poise from Max. He's taking too long though here.. this is spelling trouble. He needs a pin.

Blaylock: There he goes. Pin! Do it Max!




Prescott: This is incredible! Duke kicked out. Wait. Max is going up high, Duke is still laying down but starting to get up. He's going for....

Blaylock: He's going for "Splash of Glory" a 450 spash into a pin... incredible.

[Max gets to the top, takes longer than neccessary and jumps. Duke rolls out of the way and gets up looking extremely pissed. He picks up Max immediately and hits a samoan drop, followed by a mechanical chokeslam right after. The crowd is quite upset and chanting MAX MAX MAX! Duke carries Max to the corner, and sits him on top, and then gets on the middle rope. Max tries to fight back, but Duke attacks the stitches of Max and he starts bleeding horribly all over Duke. Duke goes for his move, his finisher, the "Soviet Atom Bomb". A powerbomb from the top rope!]

Prescott: Get some doctors out here. This is getting out of hand. We need some damn doctors now!!

Blaylock: I can't watch... the guy is bleeding out and that Soviet Atom Bomb was insane. And here's the pin...




Scarlett LaDawn: And here is your winner, via pinfall, "The Soviet Monster" Duuuuke Kosloff!!

Prescott: He did all he could do, he just was too banged up in this match. I wonder what a healthy Max Glory would of done?

Blaylock: My main Max will be back soon, he'll bounce back. That pre-match attack was too much. What heart and guts though?

[The crowd boos' are cascading from the rafters to the ring as Duke walks away smiling, and Max is being stretchered off by 4 paramedics, the same ones from earlier when he was attacked. Then the boos switch to Glory! Glory! over and over while ICW cuts to commericial break.]

Prescott: We are back, thanks for sticking with us. It's been an eventful Spectacle so far for sure.

Blaylock: (under his breathe) that's an understatement...

Prescott: Now we look to our 3rd match of the night. We have "The Elite" Alex Stevens against "Jumbo" Justice Johnston!

Blaylock: This should be interesting. I've not heard much from Stevens. My money is on Justice for sure.

Prescott: We'll see, lets get to the ring! Scarlett LaDawn.

LaDawn: Making his way to the ring, out of Tokyo, Japan, Aleeex Steeevens!

[The lights in the arena go out and a spotlight illuminates the top of the stage. Multicolored lights begin flashing on and off as Alex Stevens emerges onto the stage in a leather jacket or black hoodied vest (AJ Styles). Stevens takes in the crowd and it doesnt phase him as he walks intently to the ring with no purpose other than to win his match. Once in the ring Stevens sits in the bottom corner akin to how Raven used to do.]

LaDawn: And out of Wyoming at 6'8 and 375 pounds... we have Justice JOHHHNNSSSTON!

Prescott: The crowd doesn't know what to make of these guys just yet.

Blaylock: They are still hurting for Max Glory Stan.

[The video wall lights up and the name "JUSTICE" appears on screen as Sabotage by the Beastie boys hits the speakers to a chorus of cheers with a mixture of boo's. A barrage of explosive pyro sound off while the six foot, eight inch, three hundred and seventy five pound Juggernaut known as "Jumbo" Justice Johnston emerges onto the stage entrance with wild eyes and tugging at his thick beard as he stalks down the ramp. Jumbo pulls himself onto the edge of the ring with the assistance of the middle rope then steps over the tope rope with ease as he stares down the main camera and slowly raises a clinched fist with a scowl on his face.]

Prescott: Here we go! They are off!!! Justice hits a vicious big boot to start, Stevens is right back up and ...

Blaylock: What a killer powerslam! Wow! Such intensity there. This guy must of ate 3 footlong subway sandwiches before the match.

[The match starts off very heavily with all power moves from Jumbo. He does a spinebuster, a clothesline and as he's making light work out of Stevens...]

[A man is slowly walking to the ring like he is stalking his prey, as he meets the ring he rushes in and attacks Jumbo Justice Johnston. He hits him with a superkick, and Stevens looks over to this strange man with a huge beard. Much like what Luke Harper would have... and he goes for the pin.]

Prescott: Not like this. Jumbo was destroying this guy.

Blaylock: That was a devastating superkick, one of the best I've ever seen! Where is the DQ? Come on ref!

[Almost on cue, referee Charles Lee Ray motions for the bell, and disqualifies Alex Steven for having inadvertant help.

LaDawn: Your winner by disqualification, Justice Jumbo Johnston!!

[The lights go out, and Shawn Rossdale's music of Creed's "Inside Us All" plays. He quickly stops at the top of the ramp and motions for his music to be cut.]

Shawn: This isn't going to happen. This show has been off the rocker for too long tonight. Are you guys at least enjoying yourselves?


Shawn: Well, there's the silver lining. Thank you all. Ref, restart this match. Alex Stevens is going to have to face this man, and Jumbo, I want a clean match here. And whoever the hell you are, see me backstage now. It would be in your best interest now.

Prescott: Looks like Shawn Rossdale has had enough of craziness, this match will restart. No DQ win for Jumbo. Did Stevens have this mystery guy attack Jumbo for him? What is the plan here?

Blaylock: Maybe this guy just wants a job? Who knows. Was it a fan?

Prescott: I don't know Steven. We'll have to see. Match has restarted.

[The match restarts, the bell rings and Jumbo is still stunned some by the superkick that left him fallen. Stevens fresh and excited at his cheesy chance to win without interference runs in for a Bulhammer, but misses. Jumbo easily picks this "Elite" Stevens up and goes into a FULL NELSON! A move that he calls "Lockdown". Stevens is in great pain and agony. He tries to fight out of it, but can't Jumbo is too strong.]

Prescott: AND A FULL NELSON SLAM from that!!! Wow! He's out!

Blaylock: Indeed Stan. He calls that, let me see on my notes...yes. he calls that the "Slammer".

Prescott: Don't call me Stan again, and he goes for the pin.




LaDawn: Here is your winner, but pinfall, Jumbo Johnston!!!!

Prescott: He made light work out of Alex Stevens. Wait, what is Jumbo doing. He just did another Full Nelson Slam.

Blaylock: It's called the "Slammer". And yeah, what the hell? What's the point he won.

Prescott: I guess the DQ annoyed him. That "Slammer" after the clean 3 count wasn't needed.

Blaylock: Go tell him yourself then.

Prescott: I'm good. Okay, I see.. yes. Story developing backstage folks, lets take you there.

[The scene cuts to backstage once again, and we see Shawn Rossdale talking with the mystery man in his office. The man looks strange, but he's complying with Shawn so far.]

Shawn: So we understand. You attacked Jumbo just to impress me?

Man: Yes. Thats right. What's the big deal?

Shawn: You should of just called me.

Man: Not my style. I don't have time for this. Either you want me or you don't. I've got other companies that will sign me.

Shawn: Wait... yeah. Can you sign right now?

Man: Got a pen?

[The man signs blue gel pen to paper and is a official ICW roster member. Shawn thanks him and tells him the kick was impressive. Much like his kick "Distortion" back in the day.]

Shawn: What is your name? I can't even read this.

Man: Ari Naxt. You're welcome.

[Ari Naxt, ICW's newest signing leaves and as he does, he bumps into Jumbo Justice Johnston who is enraged at the interference. Jumbo tosses Ari into the Pepsi machine that is outside the hallway to Rossdale's office in the Verizon Center. The front graphics break and they leave small cuts on Ari as he just gets up and smiles and walks away. Jumbo goes into Shawn's office. Quite pissed.]

Jumbo: What in the hell is your deal? Where is your security. I was crushing that Stevens clown out there. How does some random guy interfere in your company? On opening night?

Shawn: First off, sit your ass down. You don't come in here with that tone. I own you.

Jumbo: Own me? You don't own anyone. I'm going to eat you.

Shawn: Yeah I do, I can terminate your contract now, and anytime within the first 90 days, and you would forfeit salary and I would get recourse for anything you do to me.

Jumbo: What?

Shawn: Oh yes, you think I'd start company and not protect myself physically and financially. And by the way, for coming in here like a moron, I'm docking 1/2 of tonight's pay. So kiss you 5,000 of your 10,000 for tonight's match goodbye.

Jumbo: I got ya. You'll get yours Shawn.

Shawn: And by the way, before you leave shut the door... please.

[Jumbo, embarrassed, but put in his place shuts the door. Just before it shuts Shawn has something else to say.]

Shawn: Jumbo, that little spat you pulled with Jenny Stackhouse? I wouldn't do that again. Don't touch Jenny. Ever. Again. Understand?

Jumbo: Yeah I get it.

Shawn: Carry on.

[Clearly Shawn wants to keep things in order, from his tone, is something going on with Jenny Stackhouse? We heard him and Lucas briefly discuss her in his home this week. Perhaps we'll find out in the coming week? Upcoming we have our 4th match of the night. "The Prodigy" Bobby Barratt vs. Bin Jamin' McMean.]

[While the ring crew is preparing the mat and checking the ropes for the next match the camera has focused on our faithful ICW announcers Stanley Prescott and Steven Blaylock. The cameraman gives them the queue once the show returns from commercial and they begin to address the audience.]

Stanley Prescott: Ladies and gentlemen we have yet another exciting match for all you loyal ICW viewers at home! We will see "The Prodigy" Bobby Barratt take on Bin Jamin' McMean in singles competition right here on Monday Night Spectacle!

Steven Blaylock: You got that right Prescott! These are two mean men with a lot to prove here in Icon Championship Wrestling! We bring you now to the ICW stage for the entrance of these two fierce competitors. And why doesn't he use his name as just "Benjamin"? What is that about?

[The camera then cuts to the stage, awaiting the first entrant. The stage lights promptly go out and the crowd in the Verizon Center cheer before "Mutherf**ker of the Year" by Motley Crue begins to play. The music is quickly met with a resounding drone of boos from the crowd as the bright white stage lights begin to swirl around the arena.]

[Dressed in deep purple with dark shades over his eyes, Bobby Barratt meanders out from the curtain and into the spotlight. He confidently stands at the top of the stage with arms wide open allowing the tidal wave of boos to crash over him. The smug expression on his face seems to suggest that he quite enjoys his notoriety.]

[The ever lovely Scarlett LaDawn is standing in the ring, microphone in her perfectly manicured hand, ready to introduce our participants.]

Scarlett LaDawn: The following match is scheduled for 1 fall, introducing first...Now making his way to the ring, hailing from Walsall, United Kingdom, weighing in at 218 pounds. He is "The Prodigy" Bobby Barratt!!

[By now Bobby has squared up to the cameraman on the ramp and has begun shouting insults and slurs into the camera as he arrogantly jaunts his way down the lighted ramp.]

[View cuts to ring's hard camera where Bobby has now made his way to the left apron of the ring. Barratt taunts the crowd once more who continue to boo just as the chorus of his theme is about to drop. He elegantly flips himself over the top rope and onto the turnbuckle using his athletic grace just in time to sing in harmony with his theme.]

[Bobby drops down into the ring and continues to taunt the crowd as he waits for his opponent to make his entrance.]

[Focus cuts back to the stage camera as "Jammin'" by Bob Marley begins to play and it is met with the same crashing wave of boos.]

Scarlett LaDawn: And his opponent, Making his way to the ring, From Parts Unknown, Weighing in at 176 pounds... Bin Jamin McMean!

[The 5'9 McMean nonchalantly steps out from the curtain seeming unfazed by the abuse from the ICW fans. He has a no-nonsense demeanor about him as he lazily lists down the entrance ramp.]

Blaylock: Just who is this Bin Jamin anyway? Is he not even wearing wrestling attire? Who wrestles barefoot!?

Stanley Prescott: Easy Steven, let's give this guy a chance. Surely Shawn and Lucas saw something in this guy or he wouldn't be here!

Steven Blaylock: Give this guy a chance!? What do you mean? He looks like some white trash hippie who wandered onto the stage from the crowd. I'm surprised this goof could even find his way to the damn ring.

Stanley Prescott: Now now, I'm sure the brass backstage wouldn't like you criticizing your co-workers like that.

Steven Blaylock: Shut up Prescott our favorite ref Jason Myers is trying to start the match so we can all admire the greatness of Bobby Barratt!

[McMean has finally found his way into the ring where he is staring down "The Prodigy".]

[Myers is in the center of the ring between the two participants who stand on either side of the ring shooting each other dirty looks. He backs each wrestler to their respective ropes and checks them for foreign objects.]

Steven Blaylock: It'd be a hell of a lot more interesting if Myers would have just let Barratt keep that big ring on his hand.

Stanley Prescott: Jason Is a fair ref, he obviously cares about the safety of our talent!!

Once both wrestlers are in compliance Myers signals for the bell. The bell echoes out in triplicate and the match is underway! Bin Jamin McMean is the first to go on the offensive who tried to hit Barratt with a standing drop kick. However, Barratt was alert and deftly dodged the kick. Barratt looks to take advantage of McMean's folly and goes for the cover. Bin isn't worn down enough and quickly kicks out for not even a one count. Both wrestlers hop to their feet and quickly begin to stare each other down. They begin to circle the ring, sizing each other up, taunting, and jawing.]

Prescott: Collar and elbow tie up as these two men look to test their strength!

Blaylock: Despite the size difference, McMean is winning this tie up and he has Barratt on his knees.

Prescott: Oh and Barratt rakes the eyes! McMean is staggered in the ring and Barratt looks to take advantage of the dirty move.

Jason Myers: Hey Barratt! Watch the eyes! Let's keep it a clean match tonight, huh?

Bobby Barratt: Screw you, Myers! I'll wrestle how I want.

[Barratt taunts his opponent and the crowd as they continue to boo him. He proceeds to step back into the ropes and propel himself forward towards McMean. He preps a running forearm but McMean ducks just in the knick of time and it sails over his head. Barratt regroups and continues running. He bounces off the opposite set of ropes and tries to answer with a dropkick of his own. McMean takes Barratt's feet into his chest and staggers back into the ropes. Barratt is lying prone as McMean runs towards him. McMean jumps over the prone Barratt and throws himself into the ropes in front of him. Barratt had prepared himself for the rebound and hit Bin Jamin with an arm drag upon his return from the ropes.]

Prescott: Bobby with a viscous arm drag to transition into an armbar in the center of the ring.

Blaylock: Look at Barratt there wrenching the arm of McMean there. McMean may have to tap here or Barratt could pop his shoulder right out of the socket!

Prescott: Oh! Bin Jamin retaliates, he's taking strikes at Bobby with his free hand. He's struggling and now he's free! Both wrestlers quickly back to their feet now as they tie up once more.

Blaylock: As much as I hate to admit it, you may be right Prescott this McMean guy looks like he can go.

Prescott: Luckily, I'm not one to say I told ya so.

[Barratt quickly uses his size advantage in the tie up and hits McMean with a leg sweep. Once they hit the ground Bobby scurries for the cover on Bin Jamin.]

Blaylock: Perhaps I spoke too soon as Barratt goes for the cover here off the leg sweep.

Jason Myers: One!

[McMean quickly gets his shoulder up after the one count and rolls out from under Barratt. Both wrestlers stop to regroup themselves on the matt as their pace of breathing as started to pick up. McMean is first to his feet although not as quickly as before. He steps over to Barratt and roughly picks him up with a stern headlock. Barratt begins to flail as he jerked up to his feet by his neck. He attempts to lock in a sleeper hold on Bobby, but Bobby is squirming too hard in his grasp. Unable to apply the hold, McMean backs into the ropes behind him with Barratt in tow to launch the both of them forward. Bin Jamin attempts a running bulldog but Barratt is able to slip free in the transition and Bin lands on his buttocks near the ropes.]

Blaylock: Oooooh, someone is going to have a sore ass in the morning, eh Prescott?

Prescott: You could say that again as Bobby Barratt has now gone on the offensive. He's got two handfuls of McMean's grimy hair and he's dragging him into the corner of the ring.

Blaylock: You couldn't pay me to touch that man's hair, theres no telling what kind of critters or diseases that may be living in that matted mess!

Prescott: Barratt has now stood his opponent up in the corner against the turnbuckles. He's stepping back into the opposite corner and it looks like he may be setting up for something here.

Blaylock: Look at the confidence Stanley! Barratt knows he's got this match in the bag, he's taunting the crowd! Listen to them boo! They hate this man's guts! You know it's just because they're jealous of him right?

Prescott: I don't see anything special about this arrogant man who calls himself "The Prodigy" to be jealous about, but we should let the action unfold in the ring.

[Barratt launches himself out of the opposite corner and right towards McMean. Bobby jumps up and delivers a stiff running knee strike to the face of McMean. McMean is audibly is dazed as he staggers in the corner, arms outstretched over the top rope to support himself. Barratt steps up to the second rope and comes back with an even more devastating fury of forearms to the head. The crowd counts along to ten strikes as McMean's eyes begin to glaze over. Just as McMean begins to slump down to the mat Barratt jumps down off the ropes and presses his back to the chest of McMean to hold him up.]

Prescott: Looks like Bobby is setting up for a stunner here in the corner!

Blaylock: Didn't you do your research, Prescott? That's not a stunner, look how he's turning him around with Bin's head on his shoulder. He's setting up for...

[Just as Blaylock begins to say it Bobby has stepped up the middle onto the top turnbuckle. Once to the top buckle, he hits a backflip all while still holding McMean’s head tightly to his shoulder. Both wrestlers crash hard onto the mat with quite a clatter.]

Blaylock: "SLICED BREAD!!!" That's surely it!!

[Barratt scrambles for the pin once more and Jason Myers drops to the mat beside them to count the pin. The crowd, Jason, Stanley, Steven, all in unison:




[Jason jumps back up to his feet to signal the timekeeper for the bell. He steps to the victorious Bobby Barratt and helps him to his feet. They step to the center of the ring and he raises Barratt hand in victory.]

Scarlett LaDawn: Here is your winner "The Prodigy" Bobby Barratt!

[Barratt taunts and dances in the ring as his theme plays over the sound system again. Just as his with his entrance he climbs the turnbuckle just before the chorus and right on time. He shouts as long as he can to the massive boos "I'm the mutherf***er of the year baby!".]

Prescott: What a match folks, well done.

Blaylock: Indeed. Barratt came out on top, in your face Stan!

Prescott: Don't call..

Blaylock: Shut it, shut it.

Prescott: Whatever you say, at last, we have our last match of the evening coming up! We've got Vadyl vs. Halifax McAlister vs. Don White. This has the making of a classic!

Blaylock: Oh yes, Vadyl seems very interesting and complex. I can't wait to see this dude in the ring. Halifax, well you got to feel for the guy. He's been through some stuff. Maybe he can channel his fury into winning his debut match on Spectacle?

Prescott: It seems that we'll find out very very soon. We've got something more happening backstage.

[We see Don White backstage rocking back and forth chanting We are the darkness, but we’re leaving, We are the gods that are deceiving, We are the painters of blind-faith, We are the children of your rivals, Holding guns while reading Bibles, Go ahead and seal your fate, Straight out the gate. He seems almost in a trance and very focused.]

[Next we cut to Halifax who is making sure his scarf around his neck looks nice and gets a last shave in. He tries to situate his hair into a bun from the shoulder length it lays in. He seems troubled but also confident. He'll do whatever it takes to win, but respecfully. We see him sit down with his bottle of water and reach back to his cubby in the room and pull out a framed but small picture of his daughter. He smiles and seems emotional. He then pushes the lens of the camera man's camera down, and it cuts away.]

[Lastly, we see Vadyl, who can't be seen at first and then a candle is lit by Elvira. She gives out a laugh and blows a kiss to the camera. Vadyl without his mask on says, "This is the time of triumph and courage. The time for the renegades to standout and the gauntlets of rage to be had. Brace yourselves, as you will never be the same again." The lighting is just enough to see a blurry/fuzzy image, but not enough to see the background around them. Elivra says to the camera up close, "It will be you both that are haunted by the quick but subtle wrath of Vadyl. We shall cause a plague that can't be stopped. We are the ones that carry no weight but the light".]

Prescott: Well that was... different. We've got White who looks serious and composed and almost in another world, Halifax who seemingly has his heart somewhere else, but looks intent on proving himself, and then we have Vadyl who is up to who knows what?

Blaylock: Oh relax Stanny... Vadyl is just playing mind games. He'll never be able to do that stuff in the ring. When push comes to shove it is about the moment. I think my money is..

Prescott: Who cares? Your money on who? I'm thinking we're going to have a great match here, and I believe we're ready to get underway! It's Vadyl, Halifax McAlister and Don White in a triple threat match.

Blaylock: This should be spectacular. I can't wait! Here comes Scarlett!!! Yes!

[Scarlett goes to do her announcing, she steps up and looks around and begins. As she starts with Halifax's entrance as he begins to come down, Vadyl appears at the ramp and sucker punches Halifax. He kicks him several times in the side and then pulls his man bun out and spits on him. Elvira is seen several feet behind all this laughing like a winter day in July. The devil's heiress it seems. Something twisted about the way she is. Maybe she's just off? We don't know. After Vadyl's attack he picks up Halifax and headbutts him then he applys the Camel Clutch to the neck/back of Halifax. It is truly a setting that fits the first ICW Spectacle.]

Prescott: This is unreal. Get some order here. Now!

Blaylock: I wonder what Shawn is going to do now? Blow a gasket?

Prescott: I don't know Steven, I bet it isn't good.

[Keegan O'Donnell and his small security team along with Shawn Rossdale and Lucas Rieter pull off Vadyl who is acting as if he was the one attacked or had a great misfortune. He seems raged up without a cause. Shawn points Vadyl to the ring and tells Elvira to get backstage. She argues with him and then he has security escort her away. She tries to bite one of the guards, but they handle her well enough to get her to the back. Shawn orders paramedics to check on Halifax who is hurt a good amount. He then goes up to Vadyl and takes his hand and shoves it into Vadyl's face. Vadyl erupts and Shawn Rossdale points his finger in Vadyl's face. As if that is a no no.]

Prescott: What is going on here? We have poor Halifax that is trying to walk out for the last match of the night and then we've got Vadyl and that twisted Elvira coming out and laying a beat down on Halifax. What is the cause for this? I can't believe this!

Blaylock: I know it Stan, we haven't known Shawn Rossdale for a long time, but wow he seems intent on sorting this out. What the??

[The security get Vadyl and get him to the ring amid his mild push back on the matter. Halifax by this time is up to his feet and pretty furious. He picks up his fallen cowboy hat and runs to the ring, but stops at the apron as Vadyl's face is very inviting for him to come on in. Shawn tells the referee of the match, Jason Myers to call this one very strict, by the book. Scarlett LaDawn starts on her entrance for Halifax and out of now here Don White emerges from the back and sprints up to the ring passes Halifax by and slides into the ring and immediately in a burst of speed and in a flash runs in and delivers "Strange Kick" to VADYL.]

Prescott: I can't believe this!! Don White has just landed his setup move on Vadyl. I guess Vadyl didn't expect him to just sprint down there, slide in and do it.

Blaylock: It was just, like, that... wow. Don White goes for a cover? What?

[White covers a sluggish Vadyl and referee Myers won't do it. Shawn orders him not to do it. Shawn tells Halifax to wait outside the ring, barring a suspension and screams for a mic. Meanwhile the crowd is just going beserko freako. The atmosphere is like the one of a Pay Per View. It is incredible. Shawn hops into the ring in his khakis and white button up dress shirt with an abstract logo on it in orange. Strange, but still a very tasteful look. He gets in the ring as if he's the one getting ready to fight.]

Shawn Rossdale: Listen up. And you all listen up good. This isn't going to fly every week here in the ICW. Don White the match hadn't even started pal. This has been a entertaining, but crazy debut of Spectacle and I don't want this trend that has been established to go on. So keep it together and be professional if you can. Vadyl, what you did was selfish and stupid. Halifax, I apologize and again, I'm sorry to all you fans for having so many delays in between matches.

Crowd: CHEERS!

Shawn: So you like chaos? Okay, but I don't. not like this at least. Don White get outside the ring by the announce table. You guys need to settle this in the ring. As we all know, by the card description, the winner of this match is set to face Bobby Barratt next week. I have decided, that the winner of that match will be in line for the Shooting Star Championship sometime down the road. Probably in 2-3 weeks. BEFORE the Gold Rush PPV. So keep it together. Prove yourselves.

[Vadyl now sitting up in the corner starts to laugh. Halifax smashes his hand over his fist several times, and Don White is bouncing lightly on his feet outside the ring. They are all on hair triggers.]

Shawn: Now do this right. No more crap, and if I find out that any of you 3 had ANYTHING to do with the attack on Max Glory, you're suspended for 1 week, and if it happens to be the winner, you'll void your Shooting Star title shot if you were to win next week against Barratt. So everyone. Walk the line. Take it away Scarlett.

LaDawn: Outside the ring, we have from Scottsdale, AZ... Halifaaax McAllllister!!!

Crowd: Large cheers and a small amount of boos.

LaDawn: And to my left we have from the Sad Swamps of St. Louis, MO... VAAAADYYLL!

Crowd: A roar of boos tear the place apart.

[Vadyl takes the mic from Scarlett, and orders her out, she gets out quicker than you can say snap! He then goes on a tirade.]

Vadyl: You all have been mistaken about tonight. This is the night of rising. The rising of my plague. Don White, you narrow minded fool. You're in debt to me, forever. That was a smart move, but no longer will talk be cheap. It's time to show what this is. What I am.

[He throws the mic to referee, and the match starts with security leaving and Myers, Vadyl, White and McAlister all in the ring. DING!!! One single massive chime signals the match's start. Immediately Vadyl attacks White, but White slips away and lands "Strange Land" on Vadyl!!!]

Prescott: Unbelieveable!!! This guy has the new RKO. More of a sit down type move from the head position, but it is just as quick. Vadyl is down and out!!!

Blaylock: I can't believe what I'm seeing Stan. What a start! That was so fast.

Prescott: Vadyl slowly rolls to the edge of the apron, and grabs the bottom rope. While Halifax charges a now turned around Don White.

Blaylock: STINGER SPLASH!!! Halifax for the pin and win!




Crowd: tttttwwwwwwwwwoooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[Halifax gets off Don White and picks him up for a DDT. But White counters it into a scoop slam and then a quick grasp on a sleeper hold. Halifax is doing a good job of keeping his chin down though. Vadyl, meanwhile is starting to stir himself up and slips to the outside an craws to the ringpost on the outside without being seen. White applies more aggression to Halifax, and he starts to jitter upwards and breaks the hold. He turns around and misses a forearm smash to the head of White and when he turns around White kicks Halifax in the stomach and hits a sidewalk slam.

At this point he gets back up to his feet with Halifax probably already fatigued from the pre-match attack. White looks to be in control. Vadyl is perched on the top rope and goes flying as White sees it from the corner of his eye, but it is too late!

Prescott: The Last Soliloquy!!!! What a Splash! He hit it on the side of White's head/shoulder area!

Blaylock: Is this it? Can't be! Cover!




Prescott: What a match!

Blaylock: Indeed. It's been non stop.. it's been a Spectacle to watch.

Prescott: Just stop.

[The timing of splash was incredible as White probably didn't forget, but had his mind on the possible pin of Halifax, but Vadyl capitialized. That is what triple threats are all about. Halifax gets up and looks at Vadyl with a sickening grin. He wipes the blood from his nose and smirks and says "Lets go" to Vadyl. The two run at eachother trading constand blows back and forth. The crowd eats every second of it up. Halifax get the upper hand for a moment and lands a simple suplex on Vadyl, as it lands White gets back up slowly and runs over to Halifax who is just getting back up himself and as Halifax turns around White hits a belly to belly. Then brushes his own shoulder off like it was light work.

He kicks Halifax out of the ring, and then turns towards Vadyl who probably is still suffering from the first Strange Kick and the Strange Land stunner. Vadyl is just getting up from the heavy suplex put on him by Halifax. White goes in for another "Strange Kick" but misses barely and Vadyl looks to change things around. He sidesteps the "Strange Kick" and when White turns around he nails a headbutt followed be a leaping clothesline. White staggers back and Vadyl spreads his arms apart and roars! Like a madman!!!

Prescott: White falls back into the corner, and slowly slides down the turnbuckle. Vadyl approaches.

Blaylock: This is going to be his "Pathetic Apology". What a running knee to the head!

[Vadyl picks up White and goes for a "Tragic Ending" on White. Halifax crawls back into the ring and clotheslines Vadyl as he's supposed to finish the move. White falls to his knees and Halifax jumps up with eagerness to end this thing. He lands a Crop Duster!!]

Prescott: What a heavy style of a Alabama Slammer

Blaylock: It had a certain grain to it. Very strong looking move. Pin!!




[A weak kickout by Don White shows guts. Vadyl is still shaken up from the running clothesline that was spent on him while he was trying to finish Don White off with a "Tragic Ending". He makes it to his feet finally and Halifax whos frustrated over White's kickout, charges Vadyl very aggressively. Vadyl slips below and gives Halifax a drop-toe hold into the top turn buckle.]

Blaylock: I've heard about this one. Fatal Alchemy! Look at him go! How many clotheslines is it going to take!?

Prescott: Not many, look, he just wilted to the floor in the corner. He's done.

[Instead of pinning Halifax which could be a probably win, Vadyl turns around. Cracks his neck and picks up Don slowly from the mat when.. something crazy happens!]

Prescott: STRANGE LAND!!!!

Blaylock: No wait! Countered!!! SIREN's DECAY!!!! SIREN's DECAY!!




Precott: What a counter, White tried to surprised him with a coy Strange Land stunner as he was being picked up, but Vadyl was able to spin him around kick him in the stomach and land Siren's Decay, what a killer move into a pin.

Blaylock: I've never seen a better fisherman's driver into a pin like that before!!! Halifax almost got there, but was a couple feet short!

LaDawn: Here is your winner, and he will face Bobby Barratt next week for a shot at the Shooting Star Championship in the near future... VVVVAAAAAAADDDDDYYYYYYLLLL!!!

Prescott: What a night! What a last match! How was this not the main event? It ended up being the best match of the night!

Blaylock: My apologies to anyone offended, but this was the main event in all aspects! Halifax had his moment, but that seedy Vadyl won out. I love it!

Prescott: Don White came so close. What a chance he had. This is Stanley Prescott, with Steven Blaylock signing off. Thank you for watching, see you next week!!!

[Spectacle comes to a close. The 1st ever ICW show has happened. It was a success from a fan perspective but Shawn Rossdale still doesn't know who attacked Max Glory, and still has some things to sort out. Things are real. ICW is here. What a rocketship start!]