[i]** ...."Help! You know I need someone! Help!..." as the song fades away in Rossdale's 78' Firebird. He's got a fantastic sound system in his car and the volume almost has no limit. The limit of maybe breaking glass. However he doesn't have one of those horrible things that rumble in your trunk. Bass? Yeah he doesn't have one of those. It just ruins the music. Treble>Bass. **[/i] [i]** Rossdale rumbles down the road at a pretty high speed. The day is dusk and he's been out over at Jenny's house as she's going away to her mum's place for a bit. They do live together, and we're just a little over 3 weeks into this whole thing, but she's been great.... she's been the help he's needed since... since forever. His speed subsides and he looks over to the right and sees a great sunset starting to drop. The hues are pink, some orange and little bit or purple in there. He is almost back to his flat, when it hits home. Not his "home", but home. Home in his heart. **[/i] [font color="#ee9c0a"]Shawn: No. Not again. It's been a while. [/font][i]** He pulls into his gated flat and feels the deepness of weight on his chest come on. He parks in front of his house and leans the chair back a little bit. Takes a deep breathe and vists a time when things [b]weren't[/b] so easy, so chilled, so... perfect. **[/i] [font color="#ee9c0a"]Shawn: I thought I was past this? Have I not found serenity? Is this happening? [/font][i] ** Shawn thinks about when he was in love with his ex, and how it was perfect. Or so he thought. How he did everything for her, was always there for her. They dated in secondary school, and were together for almost 11 years. We had a proposal, a yes, and even a pregnancy test that said yes. They had it all. Megan was all he ever wanted. To save her, to save himself. To end his lonliness. He thought she was his nurse to get him through. But... she wasn't. She never will be.... ** [Flashback to about 1 year ago, a few weeks before their difficult split.][/i] Megan: Shawn! Shawn! (sighs) are you going to come out soon? Look I'm sorry okay? I... I just. [font color="#ee9c0a"]Shawn: Just what? Ruined me? Ruined my career? [/font] Megan: No. I didn't do that. It wasn't me. It was him. You know that. [font color="#ee9c0a"]Shawn: Do I? Do I?!!! DO I??!!! [/font] Megan: Just please come out. We can talk about this. Don't do what I think you're doing. [font color="#ee9c0a"]Shawn: Oh I'm going to do it right. I'm doing it now. This is what you get to deal with, now that I've had to deal with you. [/font] Megan: Are you serious? I only fucked him one time Shawn. One time. It was months ago. It didn't mean anything. You passed out drunk here at the house, the rest of the friends left and so on. It was stupid. I tried to just let it go on. He kinda pressured me into it. [font color="#ee9c0a"]Shawn: Ha! This is real now. It's all real. To me. (slowly sticks the syringe in his arm, it contains a small amount of heroin) Yeah it's all real. [/font] [i]** The drug takes its effect on Shawn, it isn't heavy enough dose really knock him out, but enough to change his personality and enough to mellow him out a great deal. This isn't a normal occurance, but believe it or not this is very recreational for Shawn. He's never been truly "addicted".[/i] [font color="#ee9c0a"]Shawn: Wun.. tyme? Yeh. It was my bruver. (Shawn's speech is greatly slurred) [/font] Megan: Just open up the door Shawn. We can talk about this. I hate it when you do this to yourself. Is it the wrestling? I know you've been so hard on your career choice and how you gave up music and all that. [font color="#ee9c0a"]Shawn: Deers notin to taulk ebout. [/font] ** Shawn swings the door open surprisingly fast for someone lit under a downer drug. He stumbles out, looking miserable. Having just found out a few hours before that Megan, his girlfriend of almost 11 years, and fiance of over a year now or so has fucked his brother, who was his tag team partner in NWW. Then she lied about it after Rossdale constantly thought something was going on. He was certain of it. Yet she denied it. ** [font color="#ee9c0a"]Shawn: Jus live me alune. [/font] Megan: Look, I'll just leave you here, and I'll make dinner. I'll come get you in about 1 hour. Then we can talk this through. [font color="#ee9c0a"]Shawn: Fyine! [/font] ** Megan leaves the room and prepares dinner while Shawn fizzles and drips away in his head. The pain of someone he's loved for so long and worked so hard for, sacrificing his time with to make ends meet. Over all those years... it ended up being his tag partner. His brother. Just really painful stuff for him. ** [i][Back to present time, in Shawn's Firebird.. his eyes a little teary, but he's got it together mostly.][/i] [i]** He gets out of his car, heads up his small steps and thinks how the grass really has been greener. How even though Ruby Rose is more of a mental trainwreck than he "used" to be, he'll never become so weak and vulnerable again. Jenny saved his life. All he needed was some help! Some Help! Any Jenny Stackhouse was that somebody. She wasn't just anybody... but that special someone. ** ** As Massacre approaches, Shawn is somewhat troubled about his past, as it's taken a long time to move past these emotions and Jenny has really helped accelerate that process, but just because you're "over" something doesn't mean it still doesn't hurt. Scars can still hurt. Ask Ruby Rose, she is a fine gal, but a headcase in some trouble. It takes one to know one. Shawn while removed from the current state Ruby is in... can feel sorry for her. The only person feeling sorry for her Monday Night will be anyone watching their matchup, as Shawn looks to make his mark, and Ruby Rose is just a stepping stone. **[/i]