[i]** The scene opens in a fog that smothers the ground. It's England, and springtime now. The leafs are budding and the ground is moist in the mornings. It gives off the small chill of winter's past but enough lukewarm feel to know spring is here. Fog settles down as if the clouds were on the ground all the time. Between me and you, it might seem like they always were. Cars wouldn't be able to drive through this surely? Shawn Rossdale lives in a fairly remote little area, where not many cars go through. He's jogging in a local park, with his dark grey hoodie, black Reebok pants and a desire to rise to greater things. He seems quite active and intense for it to be dawn on this great day in England. ** [/i] [font color="#6da2df"]Shawn Rossdale: Alright, one more lap then I can go on. (says to himself lowly) [/font] [i]** Shawn has been running this small circle in this local park for about 90 minutes now. It's just something that he does on a normal basis, but not normally this early. He isn't to a full run, but not quite at a jog. Whatever that is called. He seems like he's got something prove. Something more. ** [/i] [font color="#6da2df"]Shawn: (breathing heavily for a bit) There. 8 miles done. [/font] Jenny Stackhouse: There ya go babe. You're done. I was getting worried that you were going a bit hard there for moment. In a moment's rest I understood this is just who you are. I've been getting to know you more every day. [font color="#6da2df"]Shawn: Love, I'm quite complicated. Aren't we all? [/font] Jenny: Maybe. [font color="#6da2df"]Shawn: Maybe?  [/font] Jenny: Yeah maybe. You seem pretty simple to me love. A hardworking wealthy man, handsome to no end of course. And.. completely (walks up to Shawn very closely) well... endowed... [font color="#6da2df"]Shawn: (chuckles) I really do love you. [/font] Jenny: I know. [i]** They leave after kissing intensely. They've only been together 3 weeks, but when you know... you know. Love with such great passion and chemistry is hard to deny, and while things are great now... there's a shrouded past that Shawn would just love to forget and let die in the ocean around England. That same ocean sometimes comes to drown him in his own tears and leaves with a great weight on his chest. Love and forget or forget to love. We'll never quite know how Shawn goes about it in his head. Or will we? **[/i] [i]** They head off to Shawn's flat. Where he's got a home with 5 bedrooms, 3 baths and a full basement with fun and games. He's got his own private weight room that would be someone else's living room. Shawn heads in through his vast front gate... his home sits on 30 acres, a gate is needed for sure. His once famous past has faded. He is no longer the great young wrestler he once was, but he's still great, just not young. I guess being in your early 30s isn't old either. **[/i] [i]** Jenny, who has now changed into short white shorts, that expose her legs well, her long slender legs. She has on her Oxford University tank top on as well. Tight, dark blue and molded to her curves it seems. Her medium sized clevage showing a little when she bends over to get the eggs and bacon from the fridge. Shawn takes a look. He's seen it all before of course, but he's happy now. Finally happy. Jenny turns around from the fridge, smiles and her sky blue eyes almost pierce into Shawn. Today I guess they do. She proceeds to put her hair up, as Shawn has his laid out plate, and fork in front of him. Jenny prepares the breakfast and amidst the crackling of the bacon and movements he twirls his fork in a day dream type of way. **[/i] Jenny: Babe, you like it really dark and almost crispy right? Is that how you always take it? [font color="#6da2df"]Shawn: Yes please. [/font] Jenny: What's wrong love? You should eat before you exercise. I bet you're exhausted. [font color="#6da2df"]Shawn: Yeah a bit. I ... I don't.. [/font] Jenny: Was it her? I mean was it your ex? [font color="#6da2df"]Shawn: Yeah. She's still texting me. Last night as you were asleep she texted me again, and it bothered me. She wants to get back together and all that. I don't intend in any way to get back with her, but the pain she brings out still hurts. [/font] Jenny: Don't worry about her. You have have me now love. [font color="#6da2df"]Shawn: I know, I know. Its been almost 8 months and she mostly left me alone, it took a long time to get over her. I guess she's heard I'm with you and wants to ruin my happiness. We were engaged. Trying to have a baby. It was quite real for me. Then one day, she just... [/font] Jenny: Shawn, don't let it bother you. She's just messing with your head. Look forward now, not backward. [font color="#6da2df"]Shawn: Your right. I'll just turn this off for today. We have forever and a day together. [/font] Jenny: That's right! So your match for this upcoming Massacre... Ruby Rose? Is it? [font color="#6da2df"]Shawn: Indeed.[/font] Jenny: A women hmm. We were able to see her triumph over that Jade woman last week right? [font color="#6da2df"]Shawn: Yeah I was watching that backstage a little. It was quite the intense match. I'm not at all worried though really. [/font] Jenny: Hey! Don't underestimate us! [font color="#6da2df"]Shawn: Never. (laughs) No really I mean the fact that she's a women doesn't bother me. She's in this and knows what this is all about. So the gender issue is out the front door for sure. I mean the entire OCW universe saw what I did to that fool Tony the Spider. I mean what was that? [/font] Jenny: It was someone in a delusional state that doesn't grasp reality based on either early set dementia or just born stupidness. [font color="#6da2df"]Shawn: Exactly. It took one Distortion kick (superkick) and he was asleep for a bit. There won't be anything less for Ms. Rose. We all have our own demons, and she clearly has hers. It seems, at first glance that I'm a bit more past mine. I hope she can focus on our match, and not what her past brings. [/font] Jenny: She clearly has some problems, but she seems tough and resilient.  [font color="#6da2df"]Shawn: She does. I just don't think someone that had such a hard time with a newcoming female competitior is going be take the heat that I will bring. I'm in this to win, make money, and provide for you and our future. [/font] Jenny: I know you are babe. You've had a great first match. Almost wasn't a match at all. It was quite impressive. (walks behind Shawn and runs her hands down her bare naked chest). [font color="#6da2df"]Shawn: (smiles, leans back and kisses Jenny) Well he wasn't much of an opponent. I'm sure Ms. Rose will provide a better challenge believe it or not. She's got some class I guess, and she seems to be a clever gal, I just hope she understands what is coming to her. I won't be taking it light with her. It will be the upmost devastation. [/font] Jenny: Well don't get too rough. You might make that CJ guy pissed. [font color="#6da2df"]Shawn: I hope so. I do. It would be just incredible to see his rage. He'll have all that rage after I defeat Ms. Rose, and no where to place it. I'll be too quick and too smart to get a hold of. [/font] Jenny: Here ya go. Bacon and eggs. Or is it eggs and bacon? How do you yanks say it? Remember I'm not from here. [font color="#6da2df"]Shawn: Eggs and bacon is appropiate. (smiles). I want you to know that I've fell through to you. You are the nurse that gets me through. [/font] [i]** Jenny and Shawn have their modest breakfast together in the early dawn hours of this great day to be alive. Knowing that their love and Shawn's past are fading quicker each day. Jenny has been great for Shawn, the question remains will Shawn be great for Ruby Rose? I think not. As troubled as she seems, her vision will be impaired as a drunk driver making a hairpin turn in the dark. Only to see Rossdale hitting her with the same kick as Tony the Spider suffered. Sufferage it was. Brace yourselves. **[/i]