[font color="#1979e6"]Rossdale: Do I get a phone call? Right? I get one yes? [/font] Guard: Yeah you do... but I'm not going to give you one. [font color="#1979e6"]Rossdale: Why not mate? I'm Stillwater royalty (half chuckles) [/font] Guard: Because. I don't have to do shit with you. You're some spoiled little prick. Yeah. I heard about you... all about you. Jasmine couldn't stop talking about you when you "died". Give me a fucking break man... [font color="#1979e6"]Rossdale: You have no idea mate. No clue. [/font] Guard: Yeah? I do know that you're the only idiot in this town in a holding cell tonight. It's nasty out. And it's a weekday. And I've only got a few inmates in the back. This is a small time jail man. People are asleep. Why don't you lay your head down eh baud? And get some damn sleep? [font color="#1979e6"]Rossdale: I want my phone call sir. [/font] Guard: You're a overhyped has-been. Who lied to everyone. Faked his death how long ago? 2 months?  [font color="#1979e6"]Rossdale: Yeah. Something like that. [/font] Guard: And just as ICW was getting big you checked out like a pussy. So shut the fuck up and get some sleep. You're due out in 3 hours. As soon as you make bail for yourself. You do have the 500 dollars for bail? [font color="#1979e6"]Rossdale: That's what I told the lady at the desk when I was booked. Yes I do. [/font] Guard: Alright then. Now I'm going to hit the can. Please shut up. You used to be a big deal around here. Jasmine is a good girl. You really fucked it up with her. She said you guys weren't together long, but man she was crazy about you. Anyways. You ran from the police. Shut up and do your time. And wait for your date in court dumbass. [font color="#1979e6"]Rossdale: Alright. (sighs heavily and starts to think.... as the guard gets up to use the restroom) [/font] [i]** As the guard walks to the restroom Shawn starts to drift off in his very small eight by ten cell. Not in sleep... he can't sleep but in his emotions. He lays back on his concrete slabbed bed, which has made long time friends with the metal, cold toilet and the sink nearby. The thin foam mattress is the only padding between the concrete slab. A single white sheet is the cover. Shawn lays on top of those. Looks around quickly and realizes, even though he's still fairly wealthy... has an mansion nearby that he's not visited in about 2 months, he's very poor in a lot of ways. **[/i] [i]** The guard returns. Takes a quick peek at Rossdale. Who is daydreaming. He interupts. ** [/i] Guard: I need you to sign this please. My kid will be thrilled. [font color="#0c84b3"]Rossdale: Are you serious mate? [/font] [i]** The guard hands him a simple Bic ink pen, one of the cheap ones, along with a plain index card. ** [/i] Guard: Could you make it out to Ethan. And yeah. I'm serious. It's the lease you can do asshole. It's for my kid man. Not me. [i]** Shawn signs it reluctantly as this guard has been a major jerk to him. He signs "Shawn Rossdale" in his very consistent signature. Shawn doesn't like to sign too much, but does on occasion. However, he's not signed anything for anyone at all... in well over 3 months. Even before he "died". Shawn gives the now slightly valuable index card back to the guard, his eyes light up as if he didn't think Shawn was even going to sign it. His face aligns to the fact that maybe the autograph was for him only and he has no son. Or maybe he is just really glad to get it for his son. Who knows? The guard nods towards Shawn as a lazy attempt to "thank" him. Shawn shakes his head briefly and goes back to what he was thinking... before... the guard interrupted. **[/i] [font color="#1979e6"]Shawn: What a night... (in a whisper)[/font] ** Mr. Rossdale starts to think back... his memory is in flashes. Like camera flashes. Sort of like the old camera flashes. ** [div style="text-align:center;"][video src="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zwz4PSTC91M" size="small"][/video] [div style="text-align:left;"] [i]** In these flashes, they become slower... and almost in slow motion. He starts to see the face of many of his old friends from ICW. He sees a lot of Jenny Stackhouse. Who he was heavily in love with at one time. He sees his one time sworn enemy turned best friend briefly... Bobby Barratt. And he sees the face of his franchise Jack Diamond. He also sees Duke, Maverick, and a few others like Chaos Kid and his triumphs. He sees different people. In this moment of reflection he sees himself as one of the guys. 42 years old. His back has been healed for a few years. His body in great shape, but his mind not in the best shape. He's not weak by any means. Just troubled. All fallen stars become troubled. For that is why they are fallen. Shawn drifts off to a quick sleep. Tired in his ways. Tired from everything that has happened. **[/i] [i]** The guard awakes Shawn. It is 8am. His time has arrived to leave and get on with his life and day. **[/i] Guard: It's a small town man. You're due in court here in 2 weeks. If you're not in court on this day, we'll come get you. We know where that dusty old mansion lays. And your Firebird is at the local tow shop. You can either walk the 1 and a half miles to get there, or you can call a cab. [font color="#0c84b3"]Shawn Rossdale: Yes sir. And thanks. I'll just walk. I need the air. (head kind of down, the guard rolls his eyes and looks away) [/font] [i]** Shawn opens the door. His clothes small old and kind of dirty, but also kind of good still as his expensive cologne still hang a touch. As he walks he sees an old business now fallen and closed. He seems a PPV poster image. Quite an old one at that. Midsummer Night's Massacre. It shows Bobby Barratt and Jack Diamond as a headlining match along with Duke and Bret Stetson in the background. Shawn smiles quickly... and goes about his way. The poster looked fairly new, but the business had long been closed down it seems. Rossdale eventually makes it to the tow lot. Pays for his car, and leaves. He quietly goes to his mansion which is nestled just 6 miles outside of Stillwater. He's not been there in a long long time. It was about 2 weeks before his disappearance/faked death since he's been inside his own place. He pulls up. He seems loads of newspapers there. He sees his large mailbox overfilled. His mansion luckily is in a secluded area. He enters his password code to his gated entrance. He goes in. Looks at the stack of papers and mail... and just laughs slightly. He gets into his driveway, turns about, and goes in a semi circle to get to a parking area. (His house has a fountain in front with a circle drive) The mansion is now newly built, but not too old either. Built in the 1970s by his father. It's small for a "mansion" but grand enough for Shawn. 5 bedrooms, 4 baths, and an abundance of other fun rooms. **[/i] [i]** Shawn walks up to door. He sees a purple bow with an written card attached to it. Shawn becomes concerned but happy. He reads the card. "All the best, we'll miss you forever. BB". Rossdale gets emotional. He unlocks his door. It barely opens it seems as in his mind it was locked away forever. When he gets in, he tries the power. It is most definitely not on. There's a few cobwebs, and the light coming through the curtains gives an dusty feel to the main entrance room. Shawn shakes his head. He throws the keys on the couch. And he sits. Dust flies upward. Next to him he sees a picture of Bobby and himself. It is them together with Barratt's Shooting Star Championship. They are both pointing to the belt. The picture was taken at night, in front of where Shawn sits now. In front of the fireplace. He smiles at the picture. He gets up and walks to his kitchen which seems like it is farther away than before. It had been so long since he had been in there. He notices his bottled water remains just the way it was. He drinks some. Grabs a pen and paper from his kitchen drawer... and starts to write. **[/i] (On the notepad in brilliant cursive writing) [b] 1. Become the Icon my injuries never allowed me to be. 2. Completely destroy James Raymond and show him how boosted and how overrated he really is. 3. See how Bobby is doing. 4. Get even with those that put me away for 2 months. (Shawn smiles. Then he grins even wider. He grabs a wine glass that hangs in his beautiful kitchen and pours himself a quick drink. He notices a purple gift on the counter he didn't see at first. Shawn refuses to open it. He just looks at it. It's quite large in size.)[/b] [font color="#0c84b3"]Shawn Rossdale: (in a low tone to himself) James Raymond, what have you gotten yourself into. What could you become from this? I've got this. I'm back. He's mine. [/font] [i]** The scene closes up and Shawn starts to unwrap the elegantly bowed gift. The box is in the size of an skateboard or so. That is the length and width of it. Shawn starts to get teary eyed almost immediately. And his phone rings....** [/i] [i]** Shawn Rossdale will make his comeback against James Raymond. A complaining, overrated paper champion. At 1st glance Shawn doesn't even want his title. He just wants to be back in the fold, but as the thought persists... he wants all the glory. It is what "Icons" want and do. It is what drives them. He seems people calling themselves Icons left and right in AXW. Truth be told... there's only a couple of Icons in AXW. The secret is about to be out. The truth will be told... and "The Icon" Shawn Rossdale. [b]The original Icon of wrestling[/b]... will be back. Can Raymond handle the tidal wave getting ready to hit him? Will he be able to handle the rush of water? Time will tell. One thing is for sure. Shawn Rossdale will give what Icons always give. ** [/i] [b][i]That is everything. [/i][/b][/div][/div]