[i]** It is raining hard and fast. The streets of Stillwater, Minnesota have that cold hard look to them. The rain shines from a streetlight above. Shawn Rossdale has been a complete recluse. He was presumed dead in his former wrestling endeavor... Icon Championship Wrestling. ICW was great, but at the moment closed down and on ice. Shawn was never dead. He did what he had to do. It's been months... and months. His injuries are recovered. Although he bears a few minor scars on his arms and chest and one scar on his neck... the biggest scars are in his soul. The British born wrestler was distraught and upset over several things. We can get into that at a later time. For now Shawn is a person of dignity... and one of great promise. At the still fairly young age of 42 he is still in top shape and has desire to prove yet again, after months of being away... hidden from public eye that he has returned. The last few months of his life and with ICW are mysterious, but not something that matters at the current hand. James Raymond is the current task at hand. It is one Shawn has decided to comeback into the fold with. ** ** As the rain hits harder and harder... we see Shawn Rossdale underneath a street lamp in small time Stillwater, MN. His mansion, which he left to his old friend Bobby Barratt remains locked away. Shawn hadn't been staying there since his accident. He went back to England. His secluded and gated mansion in Primrose Hill is where he lay in wait. For that right time. People thought the guy was dead. He wasn't. He just wanted to get away. After mild fanfare... ICW pushed on... and Rossdale licked his wounds. Those reasons shall be uncovered at a later time and place. All that matters now is Rossdale is back. The Stillwater rain hounds him. He has no umbrella. He has his life. He has his demons. He has his spirit to fight and become what he never truly got to be because of a back injury years ago. And most importantly... his got an opponent that doesn't stand a chance. Not a chance in hell. James Raymond. ** ** Shawn looks good. He's dressed in black denim grunge worn jeans, with rips in the knees. He's got on a black dress shirt that is buttoned up mid way, exposing his chest, but wears a ICW branded parka. It's black with ICW in orange. The parka's furry hood covers his head, but the rain has matted down some of the fur. He just stands under the streetlight in a now closed down small Stillwater, Minnesota town. It is around 11pm local time and he walks to his car. A newly restored 1974 Firebird. The same one that Bobby Barratt wrecked in ICW, the one that ejected Shawn, and almost killed him. He tracked it down, and had it redone properly. The car was barely salvagable. The engine needed to be rebuilt. The front destroyed, but the back part of the car was untouched. It looks like it was never in a wreck at all. That is what 20,000 dollars will do. He could of bought a good used one for that, but this particular Firebird means more to him than that. To him. It is priceless. **[/i] ** Rossdale gets in his car and burns out for no audience... the wet roads create more slick sounding rubs that a smoke enduring burnout... it's just too wet. He peels out and runs through a red light. He only just got back into Stillwater tonight. Oh yes. It had been a long long time since he'd been back. He blows through the red light and slams his manual into 3rd gear, roaring his 6.6L engine. A police car sure enough sees him... and lights it up. Rossdale is in great shape, and mentally together again, but he's still drinking. The loss of everything he knew has him upset... while together in all senses... he's still falling part over what he's had to lose... for very specific reasons. The car tails him closely. Shawn accelerates the car and hammers down into 4th gear. The police car is barely able to keep up as he's hit 90 MPH and really using his 290 horsepower in full. The torque of the car's power is evident. As one of the fastest cars in it's time... he keeps it stock... and it roars. The police car pulls even and motions again next to him... Shawn slows down... in a rush. Breathing heavy. They pull off just outside of town. Almost to the St. Croix river. He's pulled over on the bridge. It's a Stillwater Police ... woman. She gets out. Looks tough and hardened. She approaches the Firebird, has her weapon drawed... the engine is still running. ** Female Police Officer: Shut off the engine. Roll down your window and place both hands outside the window! NOW! [i]** Nothing happens. A bottle of Chardonnay is shown through the window and he drops it... 1/2 empty and it falls and shatters. The bottle of Domaine de la Romanee-Conti Montrachet Grand Cru chardonnay breaks and the liquid dissolves into the bridge. **[/i] Officer: I said get out of the car! NOW! Last warning. (I need backup please. I'm on the St. Croix river bridge. Yes.) [i]** She calls in her backup. Which is minutes away. Rossdale puts his hands out the window and waits. ** [/i] Officer: Do you have any weapons in the car? Anything I need to know about. [font color="#1979e6"]Rossdale: Love, I've got nothing in here but a broken heart. [/font] [i]** She shines the light on his door at a different angle. The response was definitely strange. He turns her angle more and more. Then it happens... ** [/i] Officer: Shawn?! Are you serious? Is that you?! [font color="#1979e6"]Rossdale: It is I. The lone bloke in the land of mischief. You've made me waste over 1/2 a fantastic bottle of $4,800 Chardonay. [/font] [i]** The rain is still pounding at a medium rate. Their voice are muffled some but since there's no other sound to be... they can hear. ** [/i] Officer: I have so many questions. I'd let you go, but I've called for backup. I'm going to have to book you Shawn. You know this right? [font color="#1979e6"]Rossdale: Fuck all. Book me. I really don't care anymore. [/font] Officer: Oh Shawn... where have you been. (Yes, the suspect is complying. Over.) [font color="#1979e6"]Rossdale: Here and there. My company went down you know... [/font] Officer: I know. I know. It was great here. We are still very proud of you calling Stillwater home. ICW headquarters being here was a nice treat. I'll need you to step out of the vehicle Shawn. There's a dash cam. No audio though. [font color="#1979e6"]Rossdale: Book me... Jasmine. [/font] Officer: Right now you're under arrest. And that's Officer Jasmine. We're not together anymore Shawn. We're not. We're just not. [font color="#1979e6"]Rossdale: Oh I know love. It was just a couple of weeks baby. (Smiles briefly... before his wet hair drips some more) [/font] [i]** With the rain starting to slow down some... they are able to hear each other better. Although the happy sight of Shawn to Jasmine is nice and relieves her of some heartache. The sight of him angers her too. The backup pulls up and hops out. The temperature is in the mid 40s. So its a brisk cold. The rain still has a sparkle or "trickle" sound going for it. ** [/i] Officer #2: Whoa? What is this? Who is this?! Shawn Rossdale? Is that really you? I need to see some ID sir. Officer Jasmine: It's him. I know its kinda dark and rainy... and I couldn't believe it myself at first either, but it is him.... (sighs) [font color="#1979e6"]Rossdale: Why is this so hard to believe? It's me! I'm right here! [/font] Jasmine: You don't understand. We thought you were dead! While you were hiding away obviously... we all though you had died. There's a fucking grave for you in England. I've been... a lot of us have been! [font color="#1979e6"]Rossdale: Why?! You never really gave a fuck about me! It isn't like you really cared! [/font] Jasmine: Shawn... are you serious? You broke it off on me over this Jenny girl... you kept talking about this bright new girl at ICW... and a week later it was over. Nothing from you. I was in love with you. It was just over 2 weeks... but who cares. You can't help who you love Shawn. You're such a dick. Officer #2: Jasmine. I'll take it from here. You head back to your duty area... and calm down. Put your hands behind your back Shawn. You're a bit of a celebrity here, and all, but you are under arrest. (He quickly handcuffs Shawn as the rain drips down his face. His parka soaked, but the rain slides right off it.) [i]** Jasmine takes one last look at Shawn from under her slightly tearied eyes... her Native American complexion is hard to see, but makes her look even darker at night. Her single braided hair swings as she jerks around. She slams in her crusier and leaves. ** [/i] Officer #2: You have the right to remain silent... (etc) [font color="#1979e6"]Rossdale: What exactly am I being booked for? [/font] Officer #2: Well for starters, reckless driving, driving under the influence I'm sure and evading police. Since you're a bit of a name around here, and I'm happy to see you myself... I'm going to drop the DUI and evading part. Got it? Your ass is going to the tank for the night though. You can bond out in a few hours. [font color="#1979e6"]Rossdale: Yes officer. My apologies. And ... thank you. [/font] Officer #2: Don't think me. Jasmine is a good girl, and she was quite upset when she heard you had died. Who knows you're alive? [font color="#1979e6"]Rossdale: That'd be you and her. And me. [/font] Officer: Are you serious? I'll keep it quiet. You obviously have your reasons for being dead to the world for the last few months. If I ever catch you again, your name will not save you. Your charity work you've done here in Stillwater in Minneapolis area will not save you. Do you understand me? [i]** While Officer Brody is glad to see Shawn... he's also a fairly strict cop. He slams Shawn into the crusier, Shawn just lowers his head. Brody shuts the door to the 74' Firebird and puts Rossdale in the car. They drive off... in the calm, shrouded night filled with rain, misty eyes and slight fog Shawn Rossdale looks out his police cruiser window...with his match against James Raymond looming he sees a way out. A way out of his private and mysterious life the last few months and a new way into stardom that he never got to finish out. For now Shawn is a bit distracted, but his talents have always carried him into the next level, no matter what the situation. As the cruiser makes a final turn towards the small county jail... Shawn pulls out a picture of himself, Bobby Barratt and Jenny Stackhouse. He grins while the last drop of water drips from his hair, and then he puts it back into his pocket. ** [/i] Officer Brody: Here we are. You can pick up your car tomorrow afternoon at the Toby Salvage Yard. He tows cars there too. I have your keys. What does this B.B. trinkett on your keychain mean? I never was a wrestling fan. I know of ICW, and know you're a former great person in this community... but what gives? [font color="#1979e6"]Rossdale: Thanks. For everything. I definitely deserved to go to jail on all those charges. Flip the trinket over. [/font] [i]** Brody flips it over with a mysterious looking Rossdale in the back seat looking on with dark eyes... ** [/i] Brody: Oh. I see. There's a picture of you and that Barratt guy together out drinking. I remember hearing about you guys running wild briefly. Before you died. What a night. Alright. Lets get you officially booked my friend. And no silly business. [i]** The picture was taken minutes before Rossdale and Barratt were in that horrendous car crash that nearly killed Rossdale months before. The reasons for his faked death linger... and for now... James Raymond is keeping the AXW Anoyomous Championship warm for Rossdale and his return. So much to be said and found out. In time it all will be. ** [/i]