[i]** Coming down from the up, and going below from the ground. Is that where a man stands when he feels like things are bad? Or they are getting bad? Or worse yet... they haven't gotten that bad have they? Mack O'Connor doesn't know reality when he sees it. His perception is blurred by anger and frustration that engulfes him before he understand what is actually happening. The difference between Shawn and Mack isn't that far apart I guess, but it is enough of a difference that one man knows reality and focuses on what is, and the other... like Mack... focuses on what isn't. ** ** The scene is set in the dusk, the sun is just about down. Just a whisper of the view is orange and purple. Shawn and Jenny are in Key West together. This is their first time in the southern Florida area together. They are in Shawn's 4 star hotel room enjoying a late night movie. The previous day Shawn worked very hard in the weight room and ran a great distance to make sure his conditioning was top notch. Without pain in a workout... there is no payoff in the end. He almost overdid it, and decided to relax with Jenny today, and this evening's movie is quite a jolt of action... it's quite humorous in some ways to them both. They are towards the end of the movie "Jaws", where they are trying to capture the giant shark in Captain Quint's boat with the smart Hooper and Chief Brody. It has come to the part of the movie where they are eating below deck and chatting non sense and telling old stories. Quint quite drunk comes off interesting, but mostly a fool. He does however command attention as he tells about the U.S.S. Indianapolis and the shark infested waters. How the danger was all around and they were alone while being 100s in the water around them. Your legs dangling below while not knowing what would happen. The fear that remained for days while either a shark or the hot sun would take them away to the their death.**[/i] [font color="#fcb90f"]Shawn: This is great bit here. [/font] Jenny: Hmm, I can't wait. [font color="#fcb90f"]Shawn: I still can't believe you've never seen this. It's a classical masterpiece. It is one of those movies that you have to see before you die. I'm glad you're here with me seeing it my love. [/font] Jenny: It was one of those films I never got into I guess. I'm glad I get to see it with you. Kinda scary. [i]** The light flickers in the hotel room, and if you were watching from afar it might seem like a small strobe light was in the room slowly blinking or something as the scences change throughout the film.  They aren't a cliche couple, there's no popcorn or anything just them cuddled up, Shawn's shirt off as Jenny likes it, and she's in a tight lavender spaghetti strap top. Her hair pulled back with a hair clip while some of it hands low. She's leaned up against his shoulder as they relax before a day of hard truths and tough appearanecs begin at Massacre.** [/i] [font color="#fcb90f"]Shawn: I always really enjoyed this part, they are just having fun. Quint is such a silly drunk. Lost in this scene almost. [/font] Jenny: Yeah some people get that way. Angry about life and don't think positive. He seems to be a cool character I guess. [i]** The scene of them singing about "fair spanish ladies" and all that starts, and then several minutes later they sing about going home. "Show me where to go home home home, I'm tired and I wanna go to bed..." With Hooper slamming the table with his hands. The scene is a great relief in a movie that is dark and heavy with guilt and sorrow. ** [/i] [font color="#fcb90f"]Shawn: Isn't this a great scene? Quint was always such a strange character, an alchoholic, but with a serious side. Kinda tormented inside and all. [/font] Jenny: Maybe it might be recurrent depression? Who knows. That was a catchy song. I loved it. [i]** As the movie ploughs on... they enjoy eachother's company as whether it has been 3 weeks, or 3 years they are in love. The truth be told it's been well over 1 monthnow since they've met. Quick and suddent or tried and true? The latter would be more appropiate of these two. The ending scene comes about with "Smile you son of a bitch!" and the lot of blood that follows from the oxygen tank exploding. Shawn and Jenny both are elated that the film is over not because it wasn't good, but because they are both fairly tired now. Shawn takes off his jeans and throws them in the small hotel table next to the bed. Jenny meanwhile slips off her shorts and reveals her long slender legs that resemble honey. She grabs her dufflebag, which is packed quite light for a women of her standard and tosses it onto the bed. Shawn sees a couple books in there and grabs one at random. ** [/i] [font color="#fcb90f"]Shawn: Hmm Hemingway? I didn't know you liked him. [/font] Jenny: Who doesn't like Hemingway? He was brilliant. [font color="#fcb90f"]Shawn: Yeah until depression did him in. The best friend of a shotgun. [/font] Jenny: Yeah it is sad how brillance ended so strongly with a darkness. [font color="#fcb90f"]Shawn: Hmmm wasn't he an alchoholic? [/font] [i]** Shawn thumbing through the book, which he hasn't ever read seems interested at the coincidence of his opponent Mack O'Connor and Ernest Hemingway. The resemblance at first glance might seen off, but upon further though it isn't. The dim lit room now provides a soft luminence as Shawn browses through as Jenny chats on. ** [/i] Jenny: Yes he was. Terrible at that. It probably didn't help that he was a depressive too. [font color="#fcb90f"]Shawn: Hmm doesn't that sound like my opponent? Mack? [/font] Jenny: It does actually. Things can't be that bad for him. Some people just choose to be that way... unless the guy has a mental illness. [font color="#fcb90f"]Shawn: Yeah whatever. He needs to let go of his past. A headful of ghosts will be bring him down. I think the guy just chooses to be that way. People have choices to make. He's made his own. [/font] Jenny: He has. It doesn't matter what he thinks baby, you're my Icon at least. [font color="#fcb90f"]Shawn: Thanks. It is a named I've earned over the course of my career. While in OCW I might not be an "Icon", I haven't been beaten yet. Lost a unpredictable Rumble match while coming in at #1, and then I lost a triple tag match. It is frustrating but I can overcome it. [/font] Jenny: Yeah, you still have that special radiation about you, like that "it" factor. It attracted me to you. I don't know it is... just reminded me of a bright glow. Like a glow of orange ya know? [font color="#fcb90f"]Shawn: Something does radiate from me. Well, I hope not literally... but I feel like I've got a mission to fulfill. Mack is just in the way of that. He'll be a good match no doubt, but I don't think he can topple me. [/font] Jenny: Yeah don't worry about it too much babe. Over calculating something like this gets people into trouble. Don't ever think what might have been. Think what is and what is going to be. [font color="#fcb90f"]Shawn: I know. The match is tomorrow evening. We'll find out soon enough. You don't think he'll drink before our match do you? Is that even permitted you think? [/font] Jenny: I'm sure it won't be. He'll be sober for the match surely. Here, read this one instead. [i]** Jenny tosses over another Hemingway book, "For Whom the Bell Tolls". Shawn looks it over on the front and back of the paperback book and smiles. As he knows the time for Mack is ending, almost like a Bell ringing outloud. After a brutal Distortion kick to the jaw... that will be his bell that tolls for Mack. Talk is cheap and while Shawn if definitely aware of Mack's rage and toughness, he isn't worried about it much. In the end, when the dust settles it will be Shawn looking over the ropes out to the crowd that enjoys a true winner, someone that is there for them, someone that looks to the future and what will be. Not what once was. ** [/i] [div style="text-align:center;"][video src="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vP-othrU9Pc" size="small"][/video][/div][div style="text-align:center;"] [/div][i]** Shawn plays one of his favorite songs, "Inside Us All" by Creed on their very small stereo that he brought with him. It is low enough not to disturb reading... and he relishes in the fact that "There's a Peace inside us all".... The song is almost an ode to Mack or anyone else that is having difficult times in their life. It's about being in a place not so desirable, a place where the walls close in.. where your lonliness crowds you and you can't be left alone... by lonliness... then at the end of the day, you have inner peace whether it is God, a women or just inside your self. We all have peace.** [/i]