[i]** When a man is down, is it because he was just up? Does it mean that he can be on the high and up again? What is truly means is what you make of it. Being down doesn't mean anything when you believe in yourself. Talking about the past can be a daunting thing. To some it can mean nothing. It can be a waste. It is important to remember the past. It's important to know where you've been and imperative that you know where you're going... ** ** The scene if visual decay opens up at Shawn's flat in England of course. He's getting ready to make his weekly trip to Key West later this afternoon. He's been training hard this week after another loss. Another week... another loss. Losing doesn't get Shawn down as it is one's spirit and soul that mean the most in the wrestling world, or just in any world it seems. **[/i] [font color="#19a4e6"]Shawn: Ahh... (yawn). It is a great day. Glad you're here. [/font] Jenny: Me too my love. Do you want me to get make breakfast for you? [font color="#19a4e6"]Shawn: How about I make breakfast for you instead? [/font] Jenny: Aww, that would be wonderful sweetie. [font color="#19a4e6"]Shawn: Just stay here. [/font] [i]** Shawn gets up from his king sized bed that is laiden with a cream fitted sheet and a crimson silk sheet that carries the weight of the black soft comforter that looks like a pile of blankets it is so thick. The light is just starting to come through the window that faces the sunrise, gold and yellow trickle through the blinds, almost as if the sun was going to crash through. ** [/i] [i]** Shawn strolls in the kitchen in his black briefs, without a shirt, and his hair down. His "getting long" hair as Jenny puts it is in his face and he brushes it aside to get a better view of the fridge. Not seeing much causes him a small concern, but he is able to make Jenny and himself some toast with butter an strawberry jam along with natural orange juice and some maple bacon. The scent of the bacon draws Jenny out of bed as they went to sleep somewhat early at 10pm last night and hunger has striked their stomachs. ** [/i] Jenny: That smells good baby. [font color="#19a4e6"]Shawn: Thanks, I hope you like it. You look nice. [/font] Jenny: Oh stop, I'm so ... tatty in the mornings. [font color="#19a4e6"]Shawn: Well I think you look gorgeous. [/font] [i]** Shawn walks over to a woman that looks great even in her most vulnerable moment... the morning. He plain face with some freckles on mid toned skin looks just amazing. Her long black hair laying down over her high cheek bones and collerbones remind of how an Indian princess might of looked years ago, just a lighter complexation. Her green eyes have a certain majestic glow to them, as if she's looking in you, not at you. She smiles and they embrace eachother and their new love, but true love. ** [/i] Jenny: You sure know how to please a women Shawn. [font color="#19a4e6"]Shawn: I try. I'm just glad to have moved on from the nightmare of the past. [/font] Jenny: Good. I've always tried not to get on with you about your past. I'm here for you, and I always thought that would be subtle enough. [font color="#19a4e6"]Shawn: It has been. You understand how hurt I was in my previous relationship and kept your distance about it. It has helped wonders. You never tried to "fix" anything. You were just here for me. [/font] Jenny: Always. [i]** As Shawn finishes the toast last to preserve it's warmth, he pours the juice and they sit his small mahogany table that seats 6. He pulls a chair out for Jenny that is always a treat to her, and she sits and he scuttles her inward. He then sits, as they eat their modest breakfast together while the sun breaks even more through the patio curtain that faces the same side of the house. Another day anew, and way to know he's true. ** [/i] [font color="#19a4e6"]Shawn: You know one thing I can't quite get?  [/font] Jenny: What's that? [font color="#19a4e6"]Shawn: How come I've been put in mixed matches the last 2 weeks? I don't have a problem with ... (drinks) but I mean those type of matches are out of my control ya know? [/font] Jenny: Yeah, I know what you mean. You did the best you could. The pay has been great. So that helps. [font color="#19a4e6"]Shawn: Yeah Welsh has been really good to me so far. I can't complain about that. I'm much more of a one on one type of fighter. They are more predictable I guess. [/font] Jenny: Less variables that reflect the outcome... you know something? [font color="#19a4e6"]Shawn: Yea? [/font] Jenny: How about I come with you this time? I know you like to keep your wrestling career separate from me, but how about I come along and I can be there for you. [font color="#19a4e6"]Shawn: I don't know. We'll see.  [/font] Jenny: (smiles) Okay. [font color="#19a4e6"]Shawn: You know, you don't have to even find a job. I can make enough for the both of us. [/font] Jenny: I know, but I think I'd go crazy staying here or with my parents while you're away all the time. [font color="#19a4e6"]Shawn: I'm not gone that much you know. Just a bit. I stay here 5 days a week. Just fly into Florida every weekend. [/font] Jenny: Yes, but when you're gone it might be good for me to finally start working. [font color="#19a4e6"]Shawn: If that is what you want. Feel free to do that my love. [/font] [i]** Shawn reaches out and grabs her soft tan hand, and lets go. ** [/i] Jenny: If you were to become Paradigm Champion after you beat Mack O'Connor then I would stay home! [font color="#19a4e6"]Shawn: Very funny. Mack isn't going to be easy in any way. The guy is a former Champion himself. [/font] [i]** Shawn thinks to himself and how Mack seems to be the brash angry type that he usually exposes by dodging and countering easily. ** [/i] Jenny: Yeah well, I know you can do it babe. You're in insane shape... if I do say so myself, and your stamina... is [font color="#19a4e6"]Shawn: It's a little different a dude is trying to pound on you... [/font] Jenny: Like I did last night? [font color="#19a4e6"]Shawn: You're too much (laughs). No, really. Umm he seems like a guy that is tormented. Like something is always going on. I hope he doesn't look past me. That wouldn't be wise. [/font] Jenny: Maybe he will? Then you'll be able to capitalize on his sidetracked mind? You've beaten that Tony Spider weirdo, then you made fairly easy work of that Ruby girl... [font color="#19a4e6"]Shawn: Then I lost two matches. What a drag right? [/font] Jenny: It's okay to lose. [font color="#19a4e6"]Shawn: I know, but irritating that Welsh booked me in those 2 "have to rely on your opponents" matches. I was the first entrance in the rumble love. The first. [/font] Jenny: Yeah I know. You wore down towards the end. Can't blame you for that. [font color="#19a4e6"]Shawn: I did my best, and that was good enough for me. I did get a few stomps in on that arrogant clown in the Rumble. That was good enough for now.  [/font] Jenny: No where to hide in a one versus one match. [font color="#19a4e6"]Shawn: Exactly. He was slippery in that rumble a bit. Hard to get a hold of him. It took a Champion to eliminate me even. I'll be the storm he can't control this Monday Night. [/font] Jenny: Meyhu will get his eventually. Just keep on keeping on. [font color="#19a4e6"]Shawn: Your courage is brightful. [/font] Jenny: It has to be. You have to have a strong mindset for this kind of stuff, whether it is for you, for me... anything in life. The power of the mind can topple anything physically. [font color="#19a4e6"]Shawn: Indeed. Mack's mind isn't in the best place with the Apitude running his life up and down. [/font] Jenny: His anger will be twisted to your advantage. You just have to focus babe and do the best you can do. It isn't like you don't have the skill. [font color="#19a4e6"]Shawn: Yeah, his Ghosts are legendary by this point. His own rage will be his undoing. He's got a headful of ghosts. I might have a troubled past, but not with my wrestling career. It's been good.  [/font] Jenny: And you have me. [i]** They share a kiss. With their meal concluded, Shawn picks up the few dishes for Jenny as she puts her hand up to her cheek and leans her elbow on the table, looking inspired and in awe of the man she's fallen so heavily for. Her green eyes follow him through the room as he puts the dishes in the dishwasher. As he turns around, she allows her eyes to contine to trail him and his shirtless chest resembles something of a marble statue to her. As he approaches he sits back down. He takes a look at her, and with an emotional stare he breaks his lock from his brown eyes to her stargazed green ones. ** [/i] [font color="#19a4e6"]Shawn: ... Lets get married. [/font] Jenny: What? [font color="#19a4e6"]Shawn: Married. Lets gets married. What do you think. [/font] [i]** In a more nervous look than he's like to give away he turns his head at the wall. ** [/i] Jenny: Yes. That .. YES! Lets get married baby. [i]** Without much thought... as if she's already considered this in the few weeks they've been together she agrees to getting married. While this wasn't a proposal it is a further step in the right direction in Shawn's life. Moving even farther away from his past with his ex Megan, and his father that never was. It isn't hard to know where you've been... but it is quite difficult to know where you're going. Shawn knows where he's going. That is to the top of the OCW roster steadily and surely. With Jenny by his side... he feels that anything can happen. His opponent is in bars, lonely and torn, while Shawn embraces the good life that had found him recently with his OCW career and Jenny. One had to wonder how the Headful of Ghosts that clearly divide Mack's mind will play a part in this match. If they are supposed to fuel him past Shawn Rossdale, then they've already failed him. The ghosts in his head should remind him of where he comes from, and how to change things. Because where he is going is down in the rankings and to the back of the pecking order. **[/i]