[i]** The dust has settled from last week's Massacre. Things have been well for Shawn Rossdale. He ended up grind through the Rumble match. He was quite unfortunate to draw the #1 entry spot. What if he didn't draw #1? What would of happened? Would he have made it to the end? Would he have won ther rumble and now be the #1 contender for the OCW title? Sadly, we'll never know. Fate had it's hand in the play of the rumble and while Shawn did indeed draw #1, a unlucky sort of chance... he made the best of it. Just like he always does and always will. He was in with OCW's elite. He was in with the gritty, and the special. Being eliminated in a match as a Rumble has no fault to bear. Sometimes you just come up short. When you do, you must try again. NO matter the cost... no matter what. ** ** We flashback to a young Shawn Rossdale. Age 7. He has just come inside from playing with some friends. He seems elated and passionate about something. Something special and true to his heart. He can't quite figure it out. He seems bewildered and confused. He just can't get his mind around why he feels so different all of a sudden. And neither can his mom, so she persists about what is going on with him. **[/i] Leanne: Shawn what's the matter? You seem different. [font color="#1979e6"]Shawn: I don't know mum. Something just feels strange inside me. Like I've figured out something. [/font] Leanne: Like what? What've you figured now? [font color="#1979e6"]Shawn: I think I'm supposed to be someone important... someone special. [/font] Leanne: You are Shawn. You're my special little boy. I love you. You know that. [font color="#1979e6"]Shawn: I know mum. I mean, since Dad moved away last year I've beenw wondering who I'm supposed to be when I grow up. I didn't really understand or know until now. I must be better than what I am. [/font] Leanne: What do you mean Shawn? Your Dad loves you so much. [font color="#1979e6"]Shawn: So much that he hasn't called me in weeks mum. He doesn't care. I might be just 7 years old mum, but I'm not stupid. [/font] Leanne: You are special. You're not s'posed to worry bout' things like this. You're too young darling. [font color="#1979e6"]Shawn: Maybe. What I'm supposed to be is everything... (voice trails off) [/font] Leanne: Everything what? [font color="#1979e6"]Shawn: I'm supposed to be everything he's not. A good person. [/font] Leanne: Oh Shawn. You're a wonderful little lad. Don't worry bout' such things. [font color="#1979e6"]Shawn: Mum... [/font] [i]** They embrace each other in the afternoon that has become strangely cloudy with a sudden rumble of thunder. The sky prepares it self for rain, or maybe just wind. We do not know just yet. They hold each other close as Shawn's little brother is asleep in the next room. He's only 2 years old. Shawn's father left when he was quite young so this has caused some confusion in the boy. In time all becomes better, but never perfect. Never perfect. We flash forward to the present, Shawn awakes from a nap, all by himself in his flat. ** [/i] [font color="#1979e6"]Shawn: Whoa... That was... so real.  [/font][i] ** He gets up and walks to the den he has, where he studies, reads and just relaxes normally. Inside this room he's got a dry erase board up. It is large, maybe 10 feet by 4 feet. He writes on it in quick handwriting that maybe he'd only be able to read... "Must prove to Welsh that his manipulation will be drowned out with courage. Must prevail against the women and become stronger. Eliminate not myself but them. Rise to the occasion. Steels of nerves." **[/i] [font color="#1979e6"]Shawn: Wait, that's not right. Nerves of steel. (He erases the line. Clearly he is nervous about his match). There we go. That's better. I just got to eliminate those that stand beneathe me. Ruby Rose was slid into forgotten lands, now my mental ravine shall be ... bare. Only temporary friends until I use them against eachother. I must rise. And rise I will.[/font]