[i]** It is upon us now. Massacre is almost here and things will soon begin. This #1 Contendership for the OCW Title has several people salivating for it. We've got people that are not knowing what to expect, and people that do. We've got some that don't know who they are, and some that do. We've got ones that are over-confident to the point of delusion, and some that don't know where they stand. We also have some that don't belong here, and then we have the ones that do. OCW isn't for the weak. It isn't for the fairweather wrestler/fighter... however you look at it. OCW is for the strong, the survivors, and the greats. None of these people can call themselves an "Icon" though. ** [/i] [b style="color:rgb(25, 121, 230);font-size:x-large;"]"It is within yourself that you truly see what you are, and where you're going, and what you will become."[/b] [b style="color:rgb(25, 121, 230);font-size:x-large;"]"What was it you once said that there would be things in life that you couldn't be? Not for a second did I believe it, not for a moment did I believe that."[/b] [font size="2"][i]** Some things are true whether you believe them or not. It is up to that person to decide. Some of the OCW roster go through lists, trying desperately to point out whos in the match and who isn't. They try to prepare themselves very well. It will collapse. Like a house of cards in the wind. Shawn Rossdale doesn't need to know everything about everyone in his rumble match. He knows that he's in it. That he has a chance, and that it won't be easy. It isn't about being technical, or being the best out of these bunch, it is just about [b]surviving[/b]. Doesn't anyone else understand that? It's like throwing darts in the dark. You're not going to get bullseyes but you will hit something, and hitting something is better than nothing. Whether you throw darts in daylight or in the dark you'll hit something. Having a rumble match with 15 other competitiors is not something you prepare for. It's something you brace for. While others are quick to think about every member, Shawn is just ready to take it on, do his very best and survive. What's so civil about war anyway? ** ** The scene opens up to this insane flashback from Shawn's past. We already know his struggles early on with some heroin addiction, but it was never a major problem thankfully, but he would act out to it when he couldn't deal with certain things in life... like his longtime fiance cheating on him with his own tag partner/BROTHER. Yes. That will do it. It is the night of the messy break up, after things have fallen so far away that they can't be repaired. **[/i] [font color="#1b4ce9"]Shawn Rossdale: What are you doing!!? You're leaving me? [/font] Megan: Yes Shawn! I'm leaving you! We've talked about this many nights and you never took me serious. You're such a selfish prick... get out of my way. [font color="#1b4ce9"] Shawn: I'm not going to let you do this, get back here now! [/font] [b][Shawn power walks from the kitchen of their modest home and slams the front door shut. Megan has in hand her small dufflebag and a small suitcase she's dragging behind her. Shawn seems very upset and borderline violent.] [/b] Megan: Get back Shawn or I'm going to call the police. I want to leave. [font color="#1b4ce9"] Shawn: Leave?! Why?! I thought we were going to work things out. I am going to get back in the ring soon, money won't be a problem. I couldn't work there anymore, not after finding out you fucked my brother you whore. [/font] Megan: It was one time Shawn, grow some balls and get over it. I'm so done with you, you can't even provide for me. [font color="#1b4ce9"] Shawn: Megan. Please. Do not do this. [/font] Megan: You had your chance. You've blown it Shawn. Not let me leave. [font color="#1b4ce9"] Shawn: No. No. You're not leaving me. [/font] Megan: Don't make me call him Shawn. I'll do it. [font color="#1b4ce9"] Shawn: Fucking call him! Do it NOW! [/font] [b][Shawn takes his fist and slams it into the door a few times. His curly hair flopping about, and his face tense and in full rage. He dares Megan to call "him"... his brother.] [/b] Megan: Fine. I'll call him. [font color="#1b4ce9"] Shawn: No you won't. I will. [/font] [i]** Shawn reaches towards Megan in a very agressive way and grabs her phone and then blocks her attacks to get it back and dials the number eventually after Megan consistently gropes, grabs, claws for her phone. ** [/i] [font color="#1b4ce9"] Shawn: Hey you. You sorry fool. I'm here, and Megan isn't going to leave to come to you. I dare you to come over. "bro". [/font] Megan: Brett!! Get over here! He's acting crazy! [b][Shawn takes his hand and pushes Megan on the shoulder and she stumbles backwards, and he says mockingly into the phone...] [/b] [font color="#1b4ce9"] Shawn: Come on Brett, get over here... while you still can. [/font] [i]** Shawn then throws the phone very hard against the wall and then slide kicks it from where it landed into the kitchen all the way to the kitchen backdoor. He turns to Megan and tells her to go to the living room and sit. She refuses and he points with his fist clinched up so tight the knuckles are white looking. She finally gets up and goes in there like a cat that has just gotten out of the water. ** [/i] [font color="#1b4ce9"] Shawn: I just can't believe you. I really thought things were coming back together. [/font] Megan: Shawn.. I'm sorry. I've lied to you. It wasn't just one time. It's been going on for weeks now. [font color="#1b4ce9"] Shawn: Oh I know. I know. I've had your phone records pulled, I know everything.  [/font] Megan: Then why stay with me? Let me go Shawn. [font color="#1b4ce9"] Shawn: I still love you Megan. I'll always love you, but... [/font] [i]** We go to present time, Shawn is in his hotel room with his shirt off, in incredible physique as usual, watching some television. It's quite late and winding down the day. He isn't concerned about his opponents in his match. How could he be? He has 15 of them. To overthink that would be silly. Like he's been thinking all along it is about survival. ** [/i] [b][Shawn picks up his pocketknife from his bedside table and throws it into the hotel wall. On the wall is a picture of Marcus Welsh. What does this mean? What was in that envelope? Will we ever find out? Shawn stands up, pulls out the knife from the wall. It was lodged deep... it was tough to pull out. He walks back and then spins around almost without thinking and throw the knife again to a different paper. It was a list. A list of 2 names that he started to write down, but never finished. It looks to be a list of his opponents for his rumble match and he never finished the 3rd name. Seems like he didn't care, surviving is the trick here, and taking a shot in the dark is the key.][/b] [/font]