[i]** The scene is smokey, but not dense enough to keep the truth hidden. That truth no matter what people might think or say it very apparent and obvious to even a child. The smoke we think he see is shower steam. On one hand we've got recently defeated Effigy with his hands down covering his face, but also a dressing room mirror shattered next to him in a rage. Beyond that we've got no idea what is going on with Effigy. No one likes to lose. Not even a self-proclaimed "Alien". Then on the other hand we've got "The Icon" Shawn Rossdale. Who has lived up to his standards, and seemingly cracked off any rust he had from an 10+ year layout from competitive wrestling/fighting. Shawn is delighted in his private dressing room, which was arranged by word of mouth from his good but distant friend Bobby Barratt. The dressing room is locked and on the outside in black strong letters it says "SHAWN ROSSDALE". Shawn just got out of his private shower in his small room. The shower isn't anything luxurious by any means, but Shawn wanted privacy in every respect in his return to the ring. AXW has accommodated him very well. He doesn't really need the money per say. He had a nice stash tucked away from ICW, and when he had to fake his own death he left ICW and a large sum of money to Bobby. They will have to sort that out later. Or maybe they already have? Who knows? ** ** In this moment however we see Shawn drop his towel to reveal a hardened body that might be on something in his prime. Someone fresh and in his early 30s. Shawn being 42 years of age isn't a knock on him at all. You'd never know. He's elated after his mostly dominate performance against Effigy, where he was able to land two "Distortion" kicks to his head. Effigy proved to be a game an worthy opponent but in time he wilted like most do against greatness. One side of the coin is anger, frustration and demise. The other side is brilliance, brightness and triumph. Shawn gets dressed in his good suit. Dark blue with the typical fancy white button up. The sweat that once was is now gone, and water remains in drops on Shawn. Then again you couldn't really tell if he was sweating or just got showered either... he's just so private. Shawn is tired, his match wasn't easy by any means, but he remained in control of it. He leaves his dressing room with his single old school leather bag from the 70s. It was his dad's doctor bag. As he heads down a concrete hallway he sees some fans on the edge of a backstage gating area. Shawn stops and converses briefly. ** [/i] Pre-Teen Child: Mr. Rossdale! Hey! You were awesome tonight! [font color="#1979e6"]Shawn: You think so my friend? [/font] Child: Yes for sure! You were amazing. I love your kick you do. [i]** Shawn stares at the boy for a second longer that is comfortable for him and his mother. Who has a ICON shirt on. ** [/i] [font color="#1979e6"]Shawn: Yeah... they all try to use that move here eh? No matter. Would you like a picture? [/font] Child: Really? I just wanted to meet you, but that WOULD BE GREAT!!! [font color="#1979e6"]Shawn: (chuckles) Yeah it's truly no worry. [/font] Child: Mom, snap a couple please! Mother: Okay, honey. Thank you very much Mr. Rossdale. [font color="#1979e6"]Shawn: You guys are like family... just Shawn. I see your big fans. [/font] Mother: Yeah, just got this shirt today. It was one of the last ones. Your stuff is either selling out or AXW isn't stocking! (laughs) [font color="#1979e6"]Shawn: I bet they aren't stocking... (winks) Here let me come over that gate. No need for a gate to be between us for this pic mate. [/font] Child: This is SOOOO COOOOLL! Mother: Alright, say... cheese I guess... (excitement in her voice is barely held down) [i]** Shawn and the child both look at the camera with Shawn knelt down. The child looks very normal at first glance, but Shawn can tell his hair is gone underneath his ball cap, and after hugging the child and looking into his eyes again, he seems the child seems to be sick possibly. Shawn takes a deep breathe and asks the child's mother if he would feel up to getting the spare shirt in his doctor bag signed for him. It was a lounge shirt he was wearing before changing into his wrestling attire. ** [/i] Mother: No, you don't have to do that Mr. Ross.. Shawn. [font color="#1979e6"]Shawn: No. You guys are true fans, and I can tell the excitement is riveting. What is your name? (Pulls out his grey, white and blue abstract designed shirt.)  [/font] [i]** Shawn looks at the kid who is looking like he's going to have a COW or something, and this whole encounter makes him ecstatic with happiness. Shawn signs his name on the shirt as such.... [/i] [div style="text-align:center;"][img alt="Shawn Rossdale Autograph" src="https://icw.neocities.org/shawnrossdale/rossdale%20autograph.jpg" style="font-size:10pt;max-width:100%;"][/div][div style="text-align:left;"][i]The signature like the one above^^ is put on the shoulder area of the shirt. It looks attractive, but messy and clean all at once. He signs in a lighter colored area of the shirt and hands it to the kid. **[/i] Child: My... my name Kevin... I can't believe this Mr. Rossdale!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Mother: Thank you Shawn. That was quite kind of you. [font color="#1979e6"]Shawn: No. Thank you guys for being here. Cheer me on in my next match okay? [/font] [i]** The other people in the small crowd that was gathered protest for a signature as the child got... ** [/i] [font color="#1979e6"]Shawn: I'm sorry fellas. Tonight, right now... is for that little guy right over there. (Winks at him). Maybe next time. [/font] [i]** Shawn gets to his 1974 Pontiac Firebird and peels out moderately. He heads back to his hotel, his clean, immaculate Irish hotel. As he enters... he's given a message to call home. He gets in his hotel room and dials back home to Primrose Hill, London. ** [/i] Person: Hello Mr. Rossdale. I'm glad you called. [font color="#1979e6"]Shawn: Belfrey? Is this you? [/font] Belfrey: Why yes it is Mr. Rossdale. Belfrey at your service. [font color="#1979e6"]Shawn: That's great. You still have that old key then I guess. [/font] Belfrey: Most definitely Mr. Rossdale. I've taken care of everything in your house here in Primrose Hill. When we get back stateside I'll do the same if it would appease you kind sir. [font color="#1979e6"]Shawn: That's great old friend. You've always been there for me. [/font] Belfrey: And aside from your death fantasy... you've been there for me too. [font color="#1979e6"]Shawn: That's a good one. Listen. I'm not sure about my next move here in AXW, but I've got a lot to think about. [/font] Belfrey: Your next move? Why it is at Xtraction: Blood Money sir. You're in a interfed match. AXW against AWF. Five on five elimination match. [font color="#1979e6"]Shawn: Oh wow. That is deep. Who is it? I've just got back from my match tonight. Effigy was in another world if he thought he could defeat me. [/font] Belfrey: Indeed he was sir. It is AWF gentlemen Jackson Steele, Seth Dillinger, Michael Storm, Randy Angel and Damien Young. [font color="#1979e6"]Shawn: Alright. I don't know anything about these good people. Against myself and who? [/font] Belfrey: Well you'll have Effigy, your recently defeated foe, along with Price, Anomaly, Curtis Kanyon at your side sir. [font color="#1979e6"]Shawn: Hmmm sounds intense Belfrey. Stipulations or anything?  [/font] Belfrey: Yes. The winning side gets to pull 100,000 dollars from the other company's profits. Also, whoever eliminates the most gentlemen will be able to create the other company's card. So it is indeed defiant in it's terms. [font color="#1979e6"]Shawn: Alright Belfrey. Hey... it's great to hear from you old mate. [/font] Belfrey: Likewise sir. Is there anything I can do for you from London? [font color="#1979e6"]Shawn: No good friend. Crack open a bottle of my finest champagne and have at it. [/font] Belfrey: Will do sir. Thank you sir. [font color="#1979e6"]Shawn: Alright, I'll see you in the morning Belfrey. Goodnight. [/font] Belfrey: Goodnight sir. [i]** Belfrey is Shawn Rossdale's longtime butler. One that was always there, but stayed very very much behind the scenes and lived in a small guest room upstairs. He really helps Shawn out in his day to day things. He's rich, respected and an old friend. Was very much like an uncle to him in a lot of ways. It was his father's good friend growing up. He's in his early 60s now. When Shawn disappeared for 2 months, Belfrey stayed around the mansion in Stillwater for a while before coming back to the Primrose Hill place. As Shawn always told him he had a place to stay as both houses are paid in full. Shawn slowly hangs up the phone and thinks about the upcoming clash. He's in AXW because he's missed the fight, the blood sweat. The intensity. He's also here to prove to himself and the world that a career once cut short still has something to give. Something to hold onto. Can Effigy hold his mental bones together and join a team aligned to do one thing? WIN? Will Price, Anomaly and Kanyon be able to pull their weight? Will they show up "early" in the match and make a statement? Will a late breakthrough or a late push by Rossdale in the match overshine them? ** ** We'll know soon. Rossdale never lives forgets. He never fails to rise and he most definitely takes his rebirthed career in AXW seriously and only time will tell how he will stack up with his AXW brethren in a team format. Rossdale will undoubtedly look to shine through and be the "last" one standing... Can team AXW come together? Rossdale doesn't know anyone here except Effigy and Raymond... who he smacked around and defeated. While Raymond isn't in this matchup, he isn't forgotten for his outburst of inferiority this past show. Shawn Rossdale is for real. Why isn't anyone taking him seriously? AWF will be sweating blood. **[/i][/div]