[b]What does it mean to feel? How does it feel to mean what you say? Are things so surfaced they are too simple? Are they too deep you complicate them? Are all these questions getting through? Is it the only thing I need to ask? Or is there more to the story than what seems to be? We shall see. We shall see. There's always a crow left of the murder. One that chooses not to fly with the rest of the flock from time to time. Something big happens. The fallout is immense and there's always someone in the distance usually seen, but far away. Were they part of it? Were they into the moment? Were they just as guilty as the rest of the flock? Or more importantly... were they just an innocent bystander... that looked guilty? A crow left of the murder is very much the way of the world in Shawn Rossdale's eyes. He might look like something, but isn't quite such. He's right next to everything from time to time but, in the end he's a good guy most of the time. He's just a crow left of the murder. Right in the mix of things, but always detached. He's chosen to remain silent. Remain shrouded in mystery. Until now.[/b] [i][We cut to a flashback of Shawn's life. We see Shawn and his old pal Kris in the ring. This is England 1980 something. Shawn is still living in England, but little does he know he's about to embark on a great journey to North America, and start college soon. He doesn't know the reasons why. Hell at this point he does know anything. He's a wealthy kid from a wealthy family. His trust fund is set up and he'll get it when he turns 21 years old. He's in his late teens now. Kris is his very best friend. They dreamed of being professional wrestlers for a long long time. Shawn's father disapproves greatly of this. He wants him to be a Doctor and follow in his footsteps. Shawn disagrees, and wants to follow where his heart is. That is the fight... the thrill and the pleasing of the crowd to him. Shawn and Kris are doing some warm ups in front of a small gym crowd. The air is thick and humid. The A/C broke the previous day and while Shawn hates it, he's there to learn, to train and to always get stronger, smarter... any way he can.][/i] Trainer: Come on Rossdale. Push him. He's always got an edge on you. Kris: Come on Shawn. Come at me... (smirks) [font color="#1979e6"]Rossdale: Wipe that smirk off your face mate. I'm in this. [/font] [i][They've been wrestling with headgear on for maybe 15 minutes and are both exhausted. Normally Shawn falls to Kris. Kris is 1 year older, more experience as he's been doing this since birth basically, while Shawn just got into it a couple years ago in a serious way. Backyard wrestling doesn't count does it? Shawn was doing that from ages 13 to 16, but since that point he's been training properly at LAW Wrestling Academy in Sussex lately. Just a few months in, and he can never take Kris down. Their matches might as well be WWE World title matches at Wrestlemania or something. You'd never know with them.] [/i] Trainer: Rossdale!! MOVE! [i][Shawn shoots in, gets reversed into wrist lock quickly, he elbows out of it, and Kris lets go briefly, but connects with a superb standing dropkick. Just textbook. Shawn hits the mat.] [/i] Trainer: Rossdale! I don't give a damn how much money your Daddy is paying me to get this out of your system. You'll put up a better fight than this. Are you ever going to beat your pal Kris?  [font color="#1979e6"]Rossdale: Sir, I'm doing... my... best.... (breathing heavily) [/font] Kris: Take it easy mate. He's just trying to fire you up a bit. [i][Shawn shoots in again, Kris presses down, falters the shoot and turns and slaps on a classic headlock onto Shawn. While prone on the ground, Shawn gets up and tries to run him off into the ropes, but Kris lands a running bulldog instead. It is fairly heavy and Shawn lays out. Kris covers him.] [/i] 1...2... KICKOUT Trainer: Pick up the heat Rossdale... NOW!!! [i][Shawn just barely dodges power clothesline from Kris. He goes for his finishing move, which at this time is a piledriver. Kris counters it, flips the legs out from Shawn and goes for a roll up pin out of the piledriver formation.] [/i] 1...2...3!!! Trainer: Close but no cigar Rossdale. Get the fuck out of my ring. You're a disgrace. How many times has Kris beaten you? 7? wait 8 times. Kris: It's actually 9 times I've cleaned him out. [font color="#1979e6"]Rossdale: I'm sorry sir. He's just too good. I'll do better next time. [/font] Trainer: Next time? You've been doing this very heavily for 3 months now. You have some potential in there, but you haven't won a match yet. You're what 0-18-1? [font color="#1979e6"]Rossdale: Um, that's 0-18-2 sir. [/font] Trainer: What other bum did you draw with? [font color="#1979e6"]Rossdale: Spidey Rico. And Kris. I'm really giving it all I have. [/font] Trainer: From this point forward you can give it all somewhere else. You're out. I don't have time for a wanna be wisher. You can't hack it kid. Try something else. Maybe the medical field is for you? Tell your father you've had your crack. You're done. [font color="#1979e6"]Rossdale: But sir... [/font] Trainer: Get the fuck out of my face. You tried, but you're not worth my time. Next!!! Kris, hit the showers. Good work kid. Find a new best friend please. [i][A humiliated Rossdale walks slowly to the shower area. The LAW Wrestling Academy's facility is quite nice. It is one of the more expensive places to learn and train. They train everyone from amatuer wrestlers like Shawn, to almost ready WWEUK guys and even some boxers. Though the facility is mostly wrestling based. There's even a small swimming pool on one side for cardio and aerobic exercise.] [/i] [i][As Shawn gets to the dressing room, his head hangs lower than his proud self. He's very smart, but his mother's abuse over the years and his father's reluctance to do anything about it really has him reeling at times. He's mentally fragile in certain times. Kris shows up just behind him.] [/i] Kris: Hey look man... it isn't all that bad. You're doing fine, you're just a slow learner. You're just a bit behind. [font color="#1979e6"]Rossdale: You think? I can hang with you stamina wise. I know the moves. I just can't execute.  [/font] Kris: Look dude, 1 more year and you'll be out of your place. You're going to Minnesota next year right? Isn't that where your Aunt moved to when you were a kid? [font color="#1979e6"]Rossdale: Yeah. I can't wait to get the hell out of here mate. It's killing me inside. [/font] Kris: Yeah, your mom can be a real bitch. [font color="#1979e6"]Rossdale: She can. I do love her sometimes. I don't know. (Finishes taking off his tights and headgear and heads to the shower) [/font] Kris: The thing is... you can only control what you can control man. I know that sounds repetitive, but try not to overthink things. What about your Dad? He's always been cool to me at least. [font color="#1979e6"]Rossdale: Yeah father has been great. He doesn't like me hanging with you too much because you're hardcore on this wrestling career thing, but he likes you as a person. He isn't supportive. He told me he'll pay for 6 months of this and if I make it, I make it. He thinks I'll fail. And by the looks of what just happened... I have. [/font] Kris: Hey man. Just relax. You're pretty cool under pressure. I figure you would of flipped out on him out there. Most of our entire training roster was watching that sparring session with us. [font color="#1979e6"]Rossdale: I wanted to tell him to get fucked. You know what man? I'm quite relieved actually. My father being a doctor is such a drag. He's made a great life for me, but it is hard to follow that. [/font] Kris: Yeah I bet. Not every kid has a Dad that is a Surgeon General. [font color="#1979e6"]Rossdale: Yeah no kidding. He's a great man. I love him very much, but he's hard on me. He's just great at executing and I'm not. [/font] [div style="text-align:center;"][b][font size="6"]EXECUTING...    EXECUTING...   EXECUTING... [/font][/b] [div style="text-align:left;"][i][font size="2"][Rossdale snaps out of his flashback daze... remembering what happened nearly 25 years ago. He sits alone in his leather sofa in his home. Just getting back from Gloucestershire and the Xtraction inter fed war that it was. He's reeling from that.  He's got a bottle of scotch next to him. He pours it slow into a red tinted glass and sips it. He's not drunk yet, but getting close. His newly returned butler... "Belfrey" comes to the room.][/font] [/i] [font size="2"]Belfrey: Why sir. Is there anything I may get for you at the moment?[/font] [font color="#1979e6"][font size="2"]Rossdale: No Belfrey, just do whatever you'd like. This whole Xtraction event was a joke. Fast counts, slow counts.[/font] [/font] [font size="2"]Belfrey: Don't forget that hit to your groin sir.[/font] [font color="#1979e6"][font size="2"]Rossdale: Ha! I remember that quite well. What a bunch of mooks! They slow counted Randy Angel when I had his ass down. Just enough time for Dillinger to make it for the break.[/font] [/font] [font size="2"]Belfrey: Indeed sir.[/font] [font color="#1979e6"][font size="2"]Rossdale: Then... the count was a bit faster on me when Angel pinned me. Funny isn't it old friend? [/font] [/font] [i][font size="2"][Rossdale takes a quick sip of his scotch.][/font] [/i] [font size="2"]Belfrey: Most definitely sir.[/font] [font color="#1979e6"][font size="2"]Rossdale: You know what is even worse?[/font] [/font] [font size="2"]Belfrey: What is that sir?[/font] [font color="#1979e6"][font size="2"]Rossdale: These mooks actually think that I laid down? That I gave up. I got slow counted! And then fucking fast counted... and a hit to the groin! AWF had a hang in the referees decision! Do we even know who the referees were?[/font] [/font] [font size="2"]Belfrey: I don't know sir. I believe it was a mix of referees. Surely it was.[/font] [font color="#1979e6"][font size="2"]Rossdale: Well this V character is fool if he let us roll in that lot and get rolled up the way we did. Effigy is a joke. I outclassed him one on one. He's just another tool trying to find his way through. You know?[/font] [/font] [font size="2"]Belfrey: Indeed sir. He's been on the run since you beat him clean.[/font] [font color="#1979e6"][font size="2"]Rossdale: Exactly my friend. You know what matters the most right Belfrey?[/font] [/font] [font size="2"]Belfrey: Your next match sir?[/font] [font color="#1979e6"][font size="2"]Rossdale: Yeah. My next match that is against Hironation, Stormcrow and Effigy. I plan on doing my best. I've always laid it out on the line.[/font] [/font] [font size="2"]Belfrey: It is late sir. Is there anything else you might need while I'm still here?[/font] [i][font size="2"][Belfrey, clearly feels bad for Shawn, but must be on his way to his bedroom.][/font] [/i] [font color="#1979e6"][font size="2"]Rossdale: No old man. Please feel free to do whatever you like. I know it's late. Here, take my credit card. Go do something nice for you and the children. [/font] [/font] [font size="2"]Belfrey: I couldn't sir. You're already too kind.[/font] [font color="#1979e6"][font size="2"]Rossdale: Just do it. For me at least? You've had to hear me ramble on and on about this bit for a while now. Just keep it reasonable. (Laughs)[/font] [/font] [font size="2"]Belfrey: I will sir. If you insist... thank you sir.[/font] [font size="2"][i][Belfrey exits in his suit and tie, starting to take off his tie... he turns to Shawn to say something, but decides not to say anything as he's concerned for Shawn. Shawn takes another sip of his scotch while he gets up and plays some more Silverchair from his largely ridiculous stereo system. From a CD this time. He moves to the melody and sits back down and goes into a daze and sleep while laying down now on the same black leather sofa. Drink in his hand.] [/i] [div style="text-align:center;"][video src="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hdpQ3K0Qr0M" size="small"][/video][/div][/font][div style="text-align:center;"] [/div] [div style="text-align:center;"][font size="6"][b]PRESENT DAY [/b][/font] [div style="text-align:left;"][i][The day is colder than it should be, but inside out hearts and minds things are warmer than they've been. Shawn troubled by his disappointment for team AXW at Xtraction: Blood Money is very much in his head. All he wanted to do was make AXW proud, be there for them, and hopefully be at least the last one standing on his side in the end. To see Effigy, Price and Effigy last longer was very hard to see. Rossdale questions management's ability to hire the proper referees and in making sure the matches were moderated by AXW refs too. The whole thing feels fixed. It is very clear that Rossdale's skill and performance was better than both Effigy and Price. There's no doubt about it. Someone paid a referee off. In the end, he did his very best, and Randy Angel was lucky to have rolled over and get the pin. I guess we all get lucky from time to time.] [/i] [i][The scene opens up with Shawn leaving his house in his trademark Pontiac Firebird. He's got a few different ones, but this one he loves greatly. He's traveled back to Stillwater, Minnesota since his recent losses in the Survivor Series type match and a loss against StormCrow, Effigy and Hironation. He's going to meet with his old friend Kris again today. He's not seen him since his disappearance from ICW.] [/i] [div style="text-align:center;"] [/div][div style="text-align:center;"][img style="font-size:10pt;max-width:100%;" alt="One of Shawn's Firebirds" src="https://icw.neocities.org/shawnrossdale/firebirdred.jpg"] [div style="text-align:left;"][i][On the way out, a reporter stops and hinders him. There's a small group of them outside his gated mansion. Shawn, as he exits his gated mansion and it locks shut behind him he stops and waits for the stargazing. Icon here.] [/i] Reporter: Mr. Rossdale, I'm Michelle with the Star Tribune. Will we ever get more info on your 2 month disappearance and why? [font color="#1979e6"]Rossdale: In time my lady. In time. [/font] [i][Random chatter among them is incoherent.] [/i] [font color="#1979e6"]Rossdale: Ladies, gentlemen... I must be going soon. One last question. [/font] Reporter: This is Brandon with Stillwater Gazette. Are you in any way doubting your match with Jackson Steele this coming week? He seems to be your toughest test yet. [font color="#1979e6"]Rossdale: Jackson Steele? I'm not worried about him just yet. I've got some things I need to deal with. Of course he'll be a great challenge. Xtraction was a joke. Something was up. I hate to make excuses... but I see them as reasons mate. [/font] Brandon: Please elaborate. [font color="#1979e6"]Rossdale: Well friend, clearly AWF had a hand in the refereeing. Something wasn't right. I was a bright spot for our team and I tried my best to help Anomaly. While that does bother me, I'm past that now. Last show... I got injured, but I'm fine now. It took some time to get back in the swing. [/font] Other Reporter: So you're no longer hurt?[/div][/div][/div][div style="text-align:left;"] [i][Rossdale rolls his window down the rest of the way.] [/i] [font color="#1979e6"][b]Rossdale: No I'm not. Jackson Steele will get a fully charged and ready Shawn Rossdale. I don't get called an "Icon" for nothing. It's like this. He doesn't know a failure until he looks in the mirror. My recent fate doesn't represent the overwhelming presence I will provide for him this week. I'm a crow left of the murder.[/b][/font][/div][/div][/div][/div]