Hometown: "Swamps of Sadness" St. Louis, MO
Date of Birth: 5.3.88
Height: 5'10
Weight: 188 lbs.
Wrestling Style: Technical/High Flyer
Entrance Theme: "When Darkness Falls" by Killswitch Engage

Vadyl & Elvira were on top of the world just two short years ago. A brutal incident, during the biggest match of his career, nearly left Vadyl paralyzed for the rest of his life. Vadyl is now fully recovered and better than ever. Watch Vadyl now as he joins the ICW and tries to take over the world again.

Wears a metallic black and green jacket to the ring. Black and green mask with dangling strings coming from the top. Long brown beard flowing from beneath the mask. Black and green spandex wrestling tights. Black wrestling boots with neon green shoe strings. White finger tape. Black elbow pad on the left arm. Black and green arm bands on both arms. White wrist tape on the right arm. Black tape striped down the left arm.

The ferocious beat of the song "When Darkness Falls" by Killswitch Engage blares through the PA. "As you walk The path of least resistance Is it that simple As you claim it to be They do deceive you Your tongue Your eyes Your lies" "I stand firm in my solidarity The path I walk I walk in with my own resolve When darkness falls We are reborn A dream since the fall of man We are reborn" Vadyl bursts through curtain full of energy, followed by his partner in crime, Elvira. Vadyl sprints down the ramp as Elvira makes slow strides towards the ring. Vadyl sprints a lap around the ring, faking high fives with members of the audience. He slides in the ring and sits on the second rope to let Elvira assist at stripping him of his jacket.

Common Moves
-Camel Clutch
-Cobra Clutch Suplex
-Diving Hurricanrana
-Overhead Gutwrench Backbreaker Rack Dropped into a Cutter
-Leaping Clothesline
-Fatal Alchemy (Multiple Viscious Corner Clotheslines)
-Pathetic Apology (High Knee to the Head of an Opponent Seated in the Corner)
-Suicide Dive

Trademark Moves
-Siren's Decay (Inside Leg Hook Fisherman's Driver)
-The Last Soliloquy (Diving Splash to Back of Kneeling Opponent)

-Tragic Ending (Double Underhook Piledriver)
-Vestige (450 Double Leg Stomp to Opponent in Face Upward Position)