"The Mercenary" Maverick

Hometown: Wexford Town, Ireland
Date of Birth: 10.21.90
Height: 5'9
Weight: 212 lbs.
Wrestling Style: Cheater/Brawler
Entrance Theme: "Evil Terminators" by Valeriy Antonyuk

Born in Wexford Ireland, Maverick was a shy person who never wanted to fight but when he ever got into one he soon found out the strength and power in him, he told everyone he wanted to be a professional wrestler but no one believed him. Now he is in ICW and he's here to make an impact.

Black Pants with Red Stripes going down the sides. White boots with black design of an M.

Comes out, stops and does his pose (Stretches his hands out for a few seconds , like soaking in the crowds reaction) Walks down slowly, walks up the steps and jumps over the rope to enter the ring and does his pose again.

Common Moves
-Superkick -Clothesline
-Big Boot
-Elbow drop
-Knee to Gut

Trademark Moves
-Heavy Rainmaker (Rainmaker but the Clothesline is a Forearm Strike)
-Death Dealer (Lumbar Check)
-Shotgun Rampage (V Trigger)

"Lethal Intoxication" (Wheelbarrow Neckbreaker)