"The Killer Penguin" GB Armstrong

Hometown: Bluff, New Zealand
Date of Birth:
Height: 6'2
Weight: 182 lbs.
Wrestling Style: High Flyer/Martial Arts
Entrance Theme: "Deliverance" by Thrasher 726

The Killer Penguin is new to pro wrestling, however he was an undefeated amateur wrestler winning the Southland Region Championships, though failing to make the Olympic team after missing the qualifying tournament with a broken neck (suffered during the Southland Region Championship match) and being ruled medically ineligible to participate.

Once GB was medically cleared, he began training at Southern Pro Wrestling in Invercargill, New Zealand, and also began learning Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

Standing 6'2" tall and weighing 182 pounds, with a fairly toned build, The Killer Penguin wears a black full body suit (a la MVP's long sleeve, full leg gear) beneath a white singlet. He also wears an all black mask save a white area from the nose to eyebrows extending to the ears; the only part of the face exposed by the mask is the area from the upper lip to his chin. While The Killer Penguin isn't an intimidating presence, his speed & agility allow him to match up with almost anyone.

The lights fade to black, the slow methodical song "Deliverance" from Thrasher 726 begins to play and a spotlight begins to brighten pointing to the top of the entrance ramp. The light cuts to black as the music stops for a split second. Pyro goes off, the lights come on and the song resumes with a super fast rhythm. The Killer Penguin appears on the ramp and runs to the ring, takes a lap around the ring before jumping into the ring beneath the bottom rope. He pops to his feet and begins to bounce between the ropes as the music rages on.

Common Moves
-Tornado DDT
-Missile Dropkick
-Standing Dropkick
-Yes Kicks
-Flying forearm Phenomenal Forearm)
-Dragon sleeper
-Pele Kick

Trademark Moves
-Penguin Splash (top-rope cross body)
-Southern Cross (Crucifix armbar)
-Kiwi Krush (double stop from top rope)

"Stirling Point Arrow" (Corkscrew 630 Senton onto the opponent's lower back)