Jericho Kade

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
Date of Birth: 3.4.91
Height: 6'4
Weight: 240 lbs.
Wrestling Style: Cheater/Technical
Entrance Theme: "King of My World" by Saliva

Jericho Kade grew up in Chicago, raised by his parents and lived with his older brother. Jericho was a two-sport athlete as a kid, playing baseball in the spring and wrestling in the winter. He went on to wrestle all throughout middle and high school but quit once he was in college. After graduating, Jericho went on to do a few dull and boring jobs, proclaiming that the real world lacked the intensity that he wanted. At the age of 24, he quit his job and went into backyard and independent wrestling. For the years that he has worked the independent scene, he has won a few championships and traveled all across the United States.

Kade looks to join the big leagues and make ICW his kingdom. Kade carries himself with a smug and arrogant attitude because he knows he's better than everyone around him. He has conquered other promotions, and now he is ready to conquer ICW. Jericho is the kind of wrestler that respects the ones who have paved the way, but will also do what is necessary to win. He will cheat to win in order to prove that he is superior to his competition. Kade is no stranger to low blows, biting, eye rakes, faking a DQ, and eye pokes. Kade will keep it clean until he gets his opportunity to strike.

Jericho stands 6'4 and weighs 240 pounds. He has long, dark hair that is usually wet as he comes out to the arena. He also has a well-groomed black beard, covering up a scar on his right cheek. He wears a black shirt with "King of ICW" written on the front and his name written on the back to the ring for his matches. Kade also wears white trucks with "JK" in black on the front and "Mr. ICW" in black on the back of them. Because of his coolness, Kade also wears sunglasses to "block out his haters." When he isn't wrestling, Kade likes to keep his clothing casual and nothing too fancy.

The opening cords of "King of my World" hit the PA system and the lights go out. After the instrumental and the lyrics start to blare throughout the dark arena, a single spotlight in on the entrance ramp. Out comes Jericho Kade, wearing his trademark shirt with white trucks on as well. He removes his sunglasses and throws them into the crowd as he confidently struts down to the ring. The single spotlight follows him until he climbs up the stairs and enters the ring. The lights come on in the arena and Kade stands on the nearest turnbuckle, smirking at the fans. He says nothing to the booing fans as he climbs down and takes his shirt off, waiting for the match to start.

Common Moves
-Scoop Slam
-German Suplex
-Eye Rake
-Running/Standing Clothesline
-T-Bone Suplex
-Boston Crab
-Various Kicks
-European Uppercut

Trademark Moves
-Kade's Landing (Powerbomb Into Turnbuckle)
-Jericho Lock (Ankle Lock)

-"The Trademark" (Fisherman Buster Suplex)