James Bryant

Hometown: New York, NY
Date of Birth: 8.14.89
Height: 5'9
Weight: 175 lbs.
Wrestling Style: Technical/High Flyer
Entrance Theme: "War Zone" by World War Me

James has been studying the art of wrestling for over 15 years. After YouTube launched in 2005, James decided to make a channel, properly named "Wrestling Revival Reviews", solely based on his love for wrestling. Over the years, and 20 million subscribers later, James has proven to be the go to guy for all things wrestling. Now he looks to get into the ring and live out his fantasy.

Usually sporting a plaid button up shirt or just a simple t shirt promoting a particular brand. These are accompanied by long black wrestling tights with the Wrestling Revival logo on the butt. He usually wears black wrestling boots with shoe laces matching his hair color. His hair color varies from month to month

"War Zone" blares through the P.A. system, as James makes his way down the ramp celebrating with his "Revivalists". He slides into the ring and sprints to ring post three, climbing to the top and performing a backflip off the top, followed up by throwing his fist in the air. He then proceeds throwing his shirt into the crowd

Common Moves
-Blue Thunder Bomb
-Diving Crossbody
-Explorer Suplex into turnbuckles
-Half and Half suplex
-Leg Lariat
-Multiple Arm Drag
-Sit Out Scoop Slam Piledriver
-Suicide Dive
-Sunset Flip Powerbomb

Trademark Moves
-450 Splash
-Cradle DDT
-Diving Splash
-How To Tap - (Reverse STO followed by Koji Clutch)
-VLOG THIS - (Spike Brainbuster)

-"The Review" - (Helluva Kick)
-"LMFAO" - (Super Brainbuster onto top turnbuckle)