Don White

Hometown: Nashville, TN
Date of Birth: 12.12.86
Height: 6'3
Weight: 230 lbs.
Wrestling Style: Technical/Powerhouse
Entrance Theme: "Straight Out the Gate" by Tech N9ne

Don White has been in and out of the wrestling scene for the better part of ten years. He's known to come into a company and put on great matches, only to disappear after a year or two. His latest absence has been right at two years. He's now thirty years old and some people question if he still has what it takes to become a champion once more. He considers holding the ACW World Championship for six months his greatest accomplishment.

He has a dark vibe to him, but the fans like it. Think of Bray Wyatt or Undertaker. Usually wearing black or red hoodie. Often seen in urban clothes. He comes to the ring in a red jumpsuit and wrestles in black and red tights (pants) - sometimes wears white face paint.

Lights go to red. Straight out the gate plays by Tech N9ne. Don White makes his way to the ring slowly. He points to fans with Don White signs as he makes his way to the Ring. once in the ring he goes to two separate turn buckles, climbs up and throws his arms in the air. He stands in the ring with an empty look in his eye, waiting on his opponet

Common Moves
-Side Walk Slam
-Face Buster
-Scoop Slam
-Power Bomb
-Standing Suplex
-Belly To Back Suplex
-Sleeper Hold

Trademark Moves
-Strange Kick (Super Kick)

"Strange Land" (Stunner)