"The Aerial Sensation" Billy Shaw

Hometown: Stillwater, Oklahoma
Date of Birth: 10.10.83
Height: 6'
Weight: 170 lbs.
Wrestling Style: High Flyer/Marial Arts
Entrance Theme: "Motivated" by NF

Billy Shaw grew up in Stillwater, Okla in a family of extreme sports athletes and movie stunt doubles. As a kid did stunt doubling for smaller actors as well as did monster energy extreme athlete stunts. Then retired from that as he has spent the last decade wrestling around the globe before signing with ICW. Has held on to a bunch of world titles as well as winning a handful of hardcore tournys, best in the world style tournys and etc.

In ring he's got different style of made shorts, shin pads, and boots.

NF - Motivated blasts through out the arena as Shaw walks out to the stage bobbing to the music as he smirks to the crowd as he then sprints down to the ring as he leaps up to all four corners as he salutes the crowd then back flips off the fourth corner as he then readies himself for the match

Common Moves
-Reverse Hurracarana/Frankenstiener
-Spinning heel kick
-Tornado DDT
-Varying styles of suicide dives
-Middle rope rolling neck breaker
-Middle rope rolling cutter
-Springboard body splash
-Springboard clothes line
-Spring drop kick
-Springboard elbow smash

Trademark Moves
-Firemans carry into roundhouse kick
-Shooting star press
-Super kick
-450 splash leg drop
-Springboard Spanish fly
-Cannon ball

"Oak-Nato" (Corkscrew leg drop from corner)
"Stuntin' 101" (Corkscrew Moonsault"