Alexis Grace

Hometown: Dublin, Ireland
Date of Birth: 4.15.90
Height: 6'2
Weight: 145 lbs.
Wrestling Style: Martial Arts/High Flyer
Entrance Theme: "I Kissed a Girl" by Katy Perry

A beautiful Irish barmaid, who grew up with seven older brother's. She learned how to fight and wrestle at a early age. Using her beauty and martial arts training to get a head start in I.W.A Irish Wrestling Association. She won several titles before she left to come to I.C.W , where she hope's to be the first female World Heavyweight Champion. She has went undefeated everywhere she has fought.

Tall, athletic, slender build with red flowing hair, gorgeous green eyes. Wears a green and gold chinese martial arts dress. With her hair up in a bun. Long green and black boots with heels.

The arena is filled with the sounds of Katy Perry singing "I Kissed a Girl" as Alexis Grace runs down the ramp jumping up into the ring. She climbs each turn buckle waving to the fans before she turns to her opponent giving them the kiss of death gesture. Common Moves
-Flying Clothesline
-Drop Toehold
-Crossface Chicken Wing
-Kimura Lock
-Super kick
-Lotus Lock
-Gorilla Press
-Pile Driver

Trademark Moves
-Irish Claw (Iron Claw)
-Angel Star Press (Shooting Star Press)

-"Irish Kiss" (Brainbuster) -"Luck of The Irish" (Reverse Figure Four)