1. First and foremost, the most important rule here in ICW is to have fun. If ran properly with active and good members this can be incredibly fun with depth. E-Wrestling is a game, hobby for some, so please be courteous and respectful to all the members of the organization. When you step through our door (website) leave all the whining and moaning outside and just have fun. Everything will be fair, and competitive so enjoy it.

2. Icon Championship Wrestling tries to promote the best all-around e-wrestling experience possible. Therefore, to promote growth of imagination and originality, we only accept created wrestlers.

3. We allow one male and one female character per handler or you can also control one tag team. (So either one male and one female, or a tag team) If that tag team splits up you can keep one character of the two and just put the other one on the backburner. (Injury storyline or something to that effect)

4. Winners of matches are strictly decided by the quality of roleplays. However, if a match is very close a push may be given to the handler who has created more heat through storylines and angles. ICW prefers not to have draw endings. Also, if an ongoing storyline dictates the winner and all the parties involved have agreed on, that is what ultimately will decide the outcome of a match. I personally always prefer the better roleplayer wins.

5. Roleplays will be judged based on overall quality which includes: originality (content/creativity), interest and readability (spelling/grammar), effectiveness (relevance to your character and storyline that may be ongoing) and effort put into them. There will always be more than one person judging the roleplays to eliminate any favoritism. Although, I will always have final say on winners/losers.

6. We welcome character and storyline development roleplays. These will not count directly towards the matches unless otherwise specified by the handler. Remember, you get to roleplay two times for Monday Night and 3 times for PPVs. Anything outside of these limits is welcomed but will not count towards that given match. There is a separate board for this purpose called "Character Development".

7. Plagiarism, unnecessary racism and excessive use of derogatory words in roleplays and out of character will not be tolerated. We all have an imagination. Lets use it. Just be original when you're in character and when you post on the OOC board, be polite and respectful. Easy.

8. The use of someone else's character in any manner, whether it be in a roleplay or on a show is prohibited without the consent of that handler. You can work with your opponent if you wish and do intricate roleplays, just you BOTH have to agree. You can just PM me on the forums and I will make note. Please refrain from using stuff from that character's universe also, like kids, wife... family house... use judgement or ask opponent.

9. We will hold one weekly show called Monday Night Spectacle which will showcase anywhere from 4 to 6 matches (depending on the size of the roster) as well as any angles, storylines and promos that have been sent in. The roleplay limit for Spectacle is 2 and the deadline for both, roleplaying and sending in material for the card (strats), is Saturday at 11pm CST.

10. ICW will also hold one Pay Per View event after every 4 Spectacle shows, which will include up to 6 matches as well as any other major events scheduled for such a show. The roleplay limit for Pay Per View is 2 and the roleplaying and strat deadline is Saturday 11pm CST.

11. The results for all shows and events will be posted on the day of show takes place (for example, Monday Night Spectacle will actually air on Monday [the results will be posted on Monday]), unless otherwise specified. This will allow the staff to properly read and grade all the roleplays as well as provide sufficient time to fully write out the cards. I like to keep Monday Night Spectacle on Mondays and the PPVs will air on Mondays as well. That is why the deadline is on Saturday 11pm CST for both shows.

12. If you have a problem with myself or members of the ICW roster, don't go around whining and moaning or posting immature rants on the OOC Board. Instead, come to the me and let me know what's going on and how we can resolve the issue. It's hard to keep everyone happy (whether it's due to a loss in a match or storyline disagreement). However, it's better to directly deal with the problem then to just simply complain about it. I believe in fairness to a great extend and will always try to work it out.

13. If for whatever reason you want to quit ICW, we ask you to do just one thing; please be so kind as to drop me an e-mail and give me the heads up. Don't just go on the OOC Board and post some hate filled rant.

14. If you have any comments or suggestions on how to improve anything in the ICW don't be afraid to let us know. While we may not utilize all of them, we sure would like to hear what each and every one of you has to say. There's specific area in the ICW Forums for this.

15. Finally, if for some reason you are dissatisfied with the ICW please let us know. Don't just go around bad mouthing the organization. I have worked very hard to imagine and complete the site and graphics etc. If you have nothing good to say, don't say anything.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. These are very important values in ICW.