Spectacle POSTED! 10:15 PM - 9.25.17
Huge thanks to our great Co-Owner Jack Diamond in getting that rumble match done! The show is complete. The card will be booked tomorrow at some point. I'll be MIA until WED night. Have fun guys... and I'll play catch up in a couple days!

Shattered Glass/Spectacle booked! 10:01 AM - 9.15.17
Shattered Glass has been booked. Please read the sticky in the board for that show! Very important. The matches are there! Joe Carroll takes on Benjamin Allen in what is sure to be a nice opening match to the night. Allen is making his debut in ICW, while Carroll has a very tough loss against Maverick last week. What "teachings" does Joe Carroll have for Allen? Can Allen make a statement and show how gritty he can be? The next match has the very strange Steve Dackle in there with Johnny Bulldog! Dackle looks like he loses his cool way too easily, and Bulldog was a fan favorite already in Manchester @ Castle of Glass! Can Johnny use the homeland crowd to pull out his debut win? Will Dackle finally get things on the right track? He had Dylan Black beat 2 weeks ago before completely snapping.

The main event is the long awaited tag match! It will be a special tag match type! Jack Diamond and Maverick do not get on. But they'll have to team. Will Jack's recent friendly behavior towards Bobby Barratt play a role? Barratt and Maverick have it out for each other. So Diamond probably isn't fond of the newest member of "The Prosperous Ones". The turmoil is well documented between Chaos Kid and Duke Kosloff. They still are tag champions and prove to be a great force in the ring. They love their tag titles but does it all finally fall apart? In this style of tag match.. it very well could. (Check stick on board)

Check the Spectacle card very soon. It is getting booked now!

CASTLE OF GLASS LIVE! 10:25 PM - 9.13.17
Castle of Glass is now canon, and live! Enjoy it. The new card won't come out until Thursday Night or Friday afternoon. Digest it, relax. Enjoy. Discuss on the forums!!! Thanks! Our biggest show yet!

Johnny Bulldog signs with ICW! 11:21 AM - 9.7.17

Kip "The Tip" Sweet here to announce to you guys that "Johnny Bulldog" has signed with ICW. He left Rieter's temporary office in a conference room in London this morning. He signed a entry level deal loaded with incentives. I asked for a comment from Johnny and this is what he had to say, "I just want everyone in ICW to know that I'm comin' for ya. I'll be in Manchester for the big Pay-Per-View, and I'll personally be able to show ya how proud I am to be a brit, to be in ICW and to be the best I can be. ICW fans, you've really got someone to cheer for ya now. All my mates in England... I'll do ya proud too.... thanks".

After he left Johnny Bulldog was mobbed by some passionate INDY wrestling fans here in the UK, that are aware of his accomplishments overseas in America. This is Kip Sweet.. giving you just "The Tip".

Chaos Kid speaks out! Diamond called out! 6:13 PM - 9.6.17

Chaos Kid stopped by ICW's temporary camp in London, and did a quick interview before checking into his hotel this afternoon. He was in good spirits after his hellacious survivor series matchup. Dealing with Joe Carroll was also a hassle. Chaos Kid said that he really looks up to Jack Diamond, but no title is safe when you bleed passion and have a hunger that almost makes you sick. To sum it up... Jack Diamond, watch out! This is Kip "The Tip" Sweet. Remember, that's just the tip!

CASTLE OF GLASS IS BOOKED! Manchester here we come! 2:32 PM - 9.6.17
The card is posted, some really cool stuff in match types! Going to be wild. Please make sure you participate please. Rankings are updated, champs page, tag title history and awards have been announced.

I've spent A LOT of my time today doing the site and all that. I really hope we can knock Castle of Glass out of the ballpark. Updates were overdue. I hope the current state of the site is better off. I'll really try to keep things more tidy. Thanks!

9.5.17 Spectacle is LIVE! 9:35 PM - 9.5.17
It is a day late, but that will change I'm certain. I was sick this weekend as you all know, and my internet was down early this morning for a few hours. Honestly? Just bad luck. Enough of the excuses! I'm proud to announce that going forward.... our very OWN JACK DIAMOND will be helping with the website! He will be doing match judging, and match writing. Angle ideas and just overall help. He's a truly great asset. Welcome him to the staff! I'll judge his matches of course. In a NON-Biased way as I always have.

My roadmap was a complete failure due to my internet being down, I did get some of the PPV banners made for Castle of Glass. I WILL HAVE THAT posted tomorrow fairly early in the day. It's really late for me right now. Things will be on the up and up going forward. Don't you worry! Jack Diamond will give this place a great needed boost! If I have to, we'll (me and Jack) push the PPV air date back. As of now, you guys will have WED through late Sunday night CST to roleplay 2 times. If that doesn't work, we'll push it all back. Don't worry!

8.31.17 Spectacle Card booked! Updates! 10:03 PM - 8.31.17
The new card is booked. It is booked on the forums. I'll get it changed in the main card page today. Sorry about that. Please welcome out newest guys! "The Jersey Jester" Sergio Vito Gallo has joined us!!

The awards will be up soon. Later today I think. Also rankings and roster page will get updated. There's never been a funner time to be in ICW. Please help us grow! We are doing that! Great 1st roleplays from Black and Dackle. Dackle, please respond to me PM. Also... this week's massive 8 man elimination match is truly going to shake out the roster. I really really look forward to seeing who pushes themselves, who scores better and what happens. It is going to be just like this I hope:

8.28.17 Spectacle is live 12:26 PM - 8.29.17
It was a wild show. We have some new members. Carroll officially is here, along with Dackle and Black. Sergio Vito Gallo has yet to confirm anything, so he's on the backburned until he does.

Other things will get updated soon. Later today. New guys... send me strats or ideas.. it is the best way to get showtime.

Danny Ray set to make his mark! "Carroll" signs with ICW! 1:45 PM - 8.23.17
This is Kip "The Tip" Sweet. Bringing you latest happenings in ICW. The latest tip is that Danny Ray is enjoying his time in ICW so far, and while he's on a smaller salary, it is more than nothing. He apparently has been trying to call Lucas Rieter and Jack Diamond as he's interested in joining Fireborn Connection. No word on that decision.

The latest signing is "Carroll". We're not sure what name he will go by, but he might be set to get a title shot soon. When other things shake out. Welcome to ICW Carroll.

8.21.17 Spectacle results are live! PPV updated! 7:27 PM - 8.22.17
The new Spectacle is booked. Also, the latest show is live. Check it out! It was a great show I think! Castle of Glass got some minor updates!

Champions page, rankings were updated. I also need to add Danny Ray to the roster page profiles. Will do that soon. Promise. ;)

New Spectacle card posted/Rising Tide posted 10:31 PM - 8.15.17
Matches are booked for this week. A few of you have double duty. The booking is becoming slightly redundent. I try to make sense, be fair and keep it fresh. Not easy. Rising Tide is also booked. THose are just 1 roleplay, that's it.

I'll get other pages updated WED. I look to be more prepared. I hope for this week to be smoother and more timely. So the #1 contender for the world title must be decided by winning a singles and then winning a triple threat. So it won't be easy. That person will be locked in to face DIamond at Castle of Glass. If Diamond wins the triple threat, then it ends up being a singles match for the #1 World shot. And Diamond gets to pick match and any stips. It's all explained in probably a longer than needed way on the card page. And yes, use the results as historical facts. I hope you all enjoyed it! I know I would of!

8.14.17 Spectacle POSTED! 4:44 PM - 8.15.17
It finally got done. I hope to not be so busy on the weekends boys. Pretty crazy show. I tried. Big shout out to Diamond for his help. Thanks to all that roleplayed. It was a great week. I'll get other things going later. I'm pretty tired and spent right now. Enjoy the results. Chat it up in the oOC board!

Rising Tide special show will be up soon also. 2 match show.

Before Spectacle, Bobby Barratt attacks Chaos Kid! 2:03 PM - 8.14.17
This is new ICW reporter Kip "The Tip" Sweet. Reporting from Chicago. Chaos Kid was seen locally at a bar and grill downtown Chicago. He was by himself eating a hot dog. When Bobby Barratt showed up, and hit him from behind, smashed a beer bottle over his head and then fled. People everywhere for lunchtime in the windy city. A 1974 Pontiac Firebird was seen driving off from the scene in dark windows. No license plate was given out. No one caught the plate. It was orange in color with a black bird on the hood. It seemed to be a 455 version of the car. It peeled off leaving some treadmarks. And turned right on Ventura Ave. If anyone has any information on the driver of the car, please call the local police. Chaos Kid has declined to press charges. That is all, this is Kip "The Tip" Sweet... bringing you the latest ICW tips in a sweet way.

Enter page, side graphic, rankings! 1:26 PM - 8.9.17
So in addition to the awards... I have updated the rankings, and a couple graphics. Made Chaos a graphic finally. Want to be involved more in the show? Easy! Send in a strat!!!

I'm going to do away with the TWEENERS section soon. Faces and Heels are the way we are going. Heels can have mellow moments while faces can get a little dirty at times. Easy. I also need about 2-3 more active people. Please help with that if you can. We've had lots join, but not many to stick. THANK YOU ALL that have stuck. I've truly been trying my best here in ICW.

8.14.17 Spectacle CARD posted! 9:36 PM - 8.8.17
The awards have been completed. It wasn't easy guys. We do need some more fresh faces with experience I would prefer. The new card is up. Please see the roleplay rules. They haven't changed, but remember them. I'll get rankings done tomorrow.

I really hope people use the PPV to their advantage, be creative in your roleplays. Have fun. I feel like it was our best PPV yet. I hope you all feel the same way. I will finally get roster profiles sorted out tomorrow. I promise guys. Thanks!

Midsummer Night's MASSACRE! is LIVE 1:45 PM - 8.8.17
The PPV is complete. New poster added... for the next PPV. Digest it. Remember the Spectacle RP rules. They are light, and flexible. The awards, new card and other updates come tonight. I meant to have this show done by noon, but I couldn't. It's done now.

My goal was to have this PPV come off as our best show to date. I need Shaw, and Penguin to message me. Stetson too. Just PM me or email me soon. Discuss, enjoy and I'll see you guys a bit later tonight!

7.31.17 Spectacle LIVE! NEW CARD 3:01 PM - 8.1.17
The latest Spectacle is up! LIVE! Check it out! Please comment about it, let me know what you guys think! Your opinions really matter. The PPV card will be up later tonight. 2 matches are already, set, feel free to read the show, and roleplay for your match is it is locked in. The rest of you just have to wait a little longer. I normally announce cards around this time anyways, to the card annoucement isn't much late at all.

I plan to make Midsummer Night's Massacre the best show we've ever had. EVER. I need full participation, send in strats if you want, and do your best. I will get graphics up probably tomorrow or so. Rankings, Champs page, tag history have all been updated. I plan on getting the profiles updated later tonight for sure. As well as awards announced. that will come later tonight. Thanks!

7.24.17 Spectacle LIVE! NEW CARD 2:33 PM - 7.25.17
The latest episode of Spectacle is live and done. Check it out. Some cool things happened. New card will be incoming very soon. Check for it.

Rankings, Champions page to be updated very soon too. Thanks!

7.17.17 Spectacle LIVE! 2:27 PM - 7.18.17
We had our Sleepaway Camp special show Saturday night, and the Monday NIght spectacle is now live!!! Check out the results. The new card will come as soon as I can solidify a new roleplaying setup that works for like 10 people... which isn't easy.

Rankings, Champs page all updated. Roster is somewhat updated. I need the newer people that join to communicate with me via chat, email, PM. Something. It's very frustrating to get people to join and then vanish. Thanks!

Sleepaway Camp Show LIVE! 11:13 PM - 7.15.17
Sleepaway Camp is live. For a 2 match special added show, I thought it was great! Remember, Spectacle will up late Monday as scheduled. New members you need to be active and get involved or take a hike. Casuals that join and never post aren't welcomed. ICW is a great place for oppurtunity. Get involved. I'm a nice guy. I just want more loyalty. Simple.

Rankings, updated, Champs page is updated and accurate... and title histories updated. THANKS!

7.10 Spectacle is live 12:43 PM - 7.11.17
I'll be going out of town tonight, but I'll be back tomorrow evening. I leave in 5 hours. Results are live. I'm going to set the cards up before I leave. NEW GUYS. Get involved. Get in there. This is a very fair place. The better roleplayer ALWAYS WINS. Read the regulations, 7 Pillars, FAQs etc. Check out everything have FUN with it. This is fun.

Sleepaway Camp is just a special 2 match show that will air Saturday night. The info for it can be found in the sticky on its respective board. Spectacle will get booked a little later. With having 2 shows in the same week, I can't do matches that relate to one another. It isn't a big deal really. I'm going to get the rankings done today too. I'll try to get info on our new roster members added. For now I'll get their names added.

Awards, Rankings. Updates. 10:38 AM - 7.7.17
Sorry for the later than normal update. (or are my updates becoming late now? lol) Rankings are updated and reflect current standings, it wasn't easy. The awards are also updated. They were quite difficult to place. I debated over them on and off the last 2 days. These should of been done on Tuesday. Regardless... they are complete. I never award anything like this on a "maybe". I'm a all or nothing person, or I try to be at least. This show going forward will be eligible for July. Yep! That's right! Our 3rd month is coming up. Steele plans on coming back, just later I've been told. Kade/Naxt. Nothing. And it's a real shame. I emailed them both one last time. So either this works, or they will forever be silent? I hope they come back.

New poster for Midsummer Night's Massacre is coming shortly. Will probably debut at the show this week. Not sure yet. The special show will take place next week. it will be 2 matches. 1 roleplay limit of 2,000 words as stated on the board stick for that special area. Some of you will have double duty. I'll be sure to have it up FAST this week to give maxmimum time. So we'll have 2 shows next week. Keep in mind the special show is plain, and simplfied like a NXT. I ended up cancelling a Spectacle and made the last special show "Bankrupt" pretty juicy. My idea for the special show is stripped down acoustic vibe. Think Bon Jovi in "Wanted Dead or Alive" lol. (You like that Mad Dog?) That is all for now! Thanks! Almost forgot. Duke will be featured in the next Stacked House!

A few updates, rankings, new match stip 9:53 AM - 6.28.17
I updated the DEAD END card for 1 match. See if you can find the stip? lol Rankings have been updated, they were quite easy to do. I'm working on and off on the banners. I will have them all done by this evening I think. Still waiting on Ari, Jericho to reply to me. Steele is 100% back in and committed. I have some really really big plans for this PPV. New guys, get the ball rolling and jump in there. This is "fun" remember that. My interest is renewed for sure with a spurt of activity. Thanks! And thanks long time guys too!

Added the process of elimination match to the ICW Almanac as a match type we can use. Remember to use strats if you want a unique angle or something happening for the show. I updated a couple various wording in the site. Nothing major. Updated Stetson's title defense # to 1. Added some to Jenny Stackhouse's staff bio, and updated Champions page by adding Barratt to #1 contendership. THANKS!

Spectacle posted! DEAD END CARD ANNOUNCED!!! 3:13 PM - 6.27.17
Monday Night Spectacle is up and ready for your viewing. Was a good show I thought even with poor turnout. I did my best with what I had. Can't write great back and forth matches with great build when 1/2 the people don't show. DEAD END is booked. I could add 1 more person in possibly in that opening match, but that is up to "Lawrence". Still no app from ya.

I will be making graphics for all matches, once I get some more time. I'll get a Stacked House up very soon if Ari responds, and I'm doing rankings later tonight. Dead End is going to be epic. I just need my roster to come through... that is what makes it epic. Thanks! New guys! Get involved. Once I see you're going to stick around I'll add your roster bios to the roster page, for now you're listed on there only. THANKS!

Apologies... and a new leaf 9:28 AM - 6.20.17
I've been quite busy, I hope to make ICW great, and inject more activity into it very soon. I really want this. Just been a rough week on every front. Spectacle is being worked on. It is live, and up, I'll be finishing it up soon. It will be done by NOON. Feel free to check it out now if you wish.

I will combined the last 2 weeks of power rankings together. I didnt update them last week. They'll get proper treatment today sometime and Ari Naxt will be featured today or tomorrow in the next Stacked House.

Updates, New Spectacle card!!! 12:17 PM - 6.8.17
So now that Bankrupt is set, people that have matches do the 1 2,000 roleplay for that. ANYONE that doesn't have a match on Bankrupt can roleplay now if you wish for the next week's spectacle. Or you could wait if you choose and use any results from Bankrupt. I don't think it matters too much since the people that could roleplay aren't even on the card this week besides Naxt. It isn't a really big deal, I would wait until the Spectacle results come out, but if you have a match booked you could roleplay for it I guess.

Power Rankings are updated and reflect everyone's current standing. I updated a couple table headers with BOLD and made the tag history table centered and widened it. Nothing much. I plan on getting the Stacked House up soon. That's it for now. Thanks!

Spectacle Results posted! 4:18 PM - 6.5.17
The results are almost finished. I have what is done posted. Go to results and check them out if you want. I'll be doing live updates to get it done, so you can tune in and refresh to see it happen slowly. You can simply click on the link to the show, right click the link and open in new tab... I really strongly prefer you guys to read the results in the FRAME. The link should work. If it doesn't, just right click anywhere in the frame not a LINK and select "reload frame". EASY.

I'll get the card up tomorrow evening or so maybe sooner. Everything will be updated later too. I'll announce it on the boards when i get to it. Enjoy the show!

Spetacle Card posted, Important updates 6:05 PM - 5.30.17
The Spectacle card is up. The women were not booked, I don't know where Sapphire went to. Gives Ari a lighter schedule as well. I would like Dakota Paige and Alexis Grace to come into the fold soon. (Duke, Jack). Some storylines ended at Gold Rush, while others are in the longplay format (Barratt/Kade against Staff). Remember. I NEVER will book a show without some meaning. Everyone's matches has a secret/important purpose behind it in some way.

I awarded the MONTHLY Awards. I thought it over quite a bit, and I'm very confident in my choices. June is here, make your mark! Power Rankings are updated, and reflect current standing. So are the CHAMPIONS page. Enjoy that Champions! Have a question? Use the forums or PM me. title history was updated, as well as Sebastian's 3rd defense. (he wasn't pinned or submitted so he kept it). Tag teams are important. Communicate with your partner through PM. It can be super fun if you let it be. There's basically 4 guys that are a notch above everyone else, then there's the rest. The gap isn't large at all. Push eachother. Have FUN! Thanks.

Gold Rush posted! Updates 1:24 PM - 5.30.17
I do expect strong participation going forward from everyone. We now have Champions all lined up. The tag titles are the only ones that are vacant. Please read GOLD RUSH first, and enjoy it. Read it slow, take your time. Lots of things happened... details are key.

I'll be getting to the rankings later today and the new Spectacle card will drop this evening for sure. I'm not sure about the special show, it will be called "Bankrupt" as show on the boards, but I'm not sure when to do this. Welcome Longboat and Aaron Acheston. I'm waiting for confirmation on them wanting to be booked. I want everyone to show up this week. Everyone. There's only 1 match in stone for this week's Spectacle, if you read the results you know it. Thank you ALL!

Gold Rush card is FINAL, updates 11:40 AM - 5.23.17
The card is up and ready. I've updated the power rankings that currently reflect your standing here. It's always tough cause we do have a pretty close gap in talent from top to bottom mostly. I'm getting the other banners up now on the card. Check back later if they aren't there. Updated the regulations with 1 small rule in #6 about character universe useage... added Steele's title defense, got the world/shooting star title histories prepped for whoever wins them and I hope to get another Stacked House up soon. ** IMPORTANT **

Please read the STICKY in the GOLD RUSH board. Very important. Max roleplay limit is 3, however, as stated in the sticky you need to do 1 separte roleplay JUST FOR the rumble match. Everyone gets a 1 roleplay crack at being the ICW World Champion. It was the simplest and easiest way to go about it with a smaller roster. The limit for that 1 RUMBLE roleplay is 2,000 words. Have fun, and please lets make this out best turnout ever. I promise you, the PPV will be on steroids and will NOT disappoint anyone. All matches are important. I never book a match without a idea down the line or something in the planning. Do your best. I've got things cooking believe it!

G O L D R U S H 11:32 AM - 5.16.17
The GOLD RUSH PPV card has been updated. Check it out. Some matches I can't make out until AFTER the results are in for Spectacle. I did what I could do for now. Once Spectacle goes up, the Gold Rush card will be completed.

Also, I updated the GOLD RUSH Info sticky for the Gold Rush/PPV board. Check it out. Very important. That's about it for now. Thank you all!

Episode 3 of Spectacle is LIVE!! 10:17 PM - 5.15.17
Results are in. Check out the show whenever you can. As I've stated a few other times, read it slow, enjoy it. Lots of work and time go into them. Create suspense for yourself and have a good time. Don't rush through them. The new card will be incoming SOON. Late tonight or early tomorrow. So please check out the show BEFORE looking at the card if you haven't done so already.

Rankings were updated and reflect your current standing in ICW. Ironman History was updated. The Jenny's Stacked House and Icon Review will be getting finished soon. I'm just fairly tired at the moment. I'll get Bone Saw added to the roster very soon as well. Thanks!

Spectacle CARD CHANGE!!! ** Read ** 10:24 PM - 5.9.17
Due to some unforeseen things, I had to shuffle the deck on the card in a large way. The Gold Rush match against Don White for the SS title is still happening. Don has earned that.

Just check out the card, 2 matches changed a good amount. It is the very best I could do. I patched it up nicely and it works well I think. Thanks!

3rd Spectacle card is up! Small updates 2:46 PM - 5.9.17
The card has been booked. Some interesting stuff in there. Our first ever PPV match for Gold Rush has been booked also. Please check out the results if you haven't already. I think everyone has.

Welcome Jericho Kade to the roster. I'll get him added soon. He's on the card. I created tag titles, updated the header on the tag title history page, and made 2 consistent images for them. Went with a modern image for them. Also switched out the small Ironman history image for the same one that is in the Champs page. I did spruce up the card page too. This week some time I'll try to get with the graphics for Gold Rush. Thank you all!

Results are In! (read them soon) 1:20 AM - 5.9.17
The results are in, and they are done. It was a fun week. I got a little behind. Sorry about that. I'll have them a little eariler than expect this coming week. That should make up for it. The new card will be up sometime later today (Tuesday) and I'll have the rankings updated very soon along with the Champions page as we crowned our first ever ICW Ironman Champion!!! Exciting stuff.

** IMPORTANT! ** if you haven't read the results, CHECK THEM out before you do anything else. I'm updating other pages now, so it will spoil it for you. Read the results as soon as you can, read them slow, enjoy them. Thank you! I'll post another update later.

Spectacle Card up! 11:32 AM - 5.2.17
The new card is booked. I had a hard time booking Ari Naxt as I had it all planned to sort out rankings (more on that later). I decided to place him in the opening match which has contestants that lost last week. I couldn't place him in a winner's match or the other Shooting Star #1 match. So I went with him in the opening match. I didn't want to not include him.

Instead of doing rankings now, and just changing them next week, I'm going to let 2 weeks go into the books and then make them out. Once #1 contenders, Ironman Champion is crowned it will be much more clear. As now it is kinda blended. Deadline is 11pm cst Saturday. Have fun with it! Read up on all the forum posts if you missed any! Get involved! I updated the Spectacle PINNED POST on the ICW Forums. THANKS!

1st EVER Monday Night Spectacle is up! 5:08 PM - 5.1.17
IT IS DONE! To any of you that thought I wouldn't come through or this would be like "any other efed" with late results etc.. WRONG! It is up, and can be found on the site. Just look for it.

Now that we have a show in the books, I hope people see that this is fun, and will indeed be active as I can make it. I've put in a lot of work, and while it has been fun, I do hope we grow a little bit more. The next card will be up LATE TONIGHT or Mid-Tuesday. I was able to crush the results and get them 5 hours earlier than normal. Don't expect this lol. For viewing purposes, it might be easier to read at 110% zoom. The site is best viewed at 100% and was designed in that ratio. So if it gets hard to read, just do control + and you'll zoom in a bit. It was fun, so sit back, enjoy the results and discuss. THANKS!

More tweaks, updates across 2:04 PM - 4.27.17
I have completed adding graphics to almost all the pages that matter. Better than plain text I think. I have also added a decent "Gold Rush" PPV banner to our PPV page. It will do for now as we're a far way off from the Gold Rush PPV.

I went through every single page in this site, and fixed a few inconsistent things and fixed some code. Aside from the tag team picture and Sapphire's profile being done, EVERYTHING is set and ready to go 100%. I couldn't find any other problems. I tweaked a couple rules, and a couple things on the FAQs, 7 Pillars and Almanac as well. It's all mostly the same. I added a different Ironman title, and this one is here to stay, I like it a lot more. When we get 1 official tag team in here I'll mess around with tag belts, for now nothing on the Champs page. I posted a roleplay in the Spectacle board, check it out. It is for fun and for the ICW Universe getting fleshed out. Thanks!

ICW getting small facelift, various 3:15 PM - 4.26.17
I have added some cool small graphics to most of the pages, taking a bit of time. I'll get them all done soon. I got Sapphire up on the roster page, but not her info just yet.

We only have a few days left for roleplaying time, so please get those in. Remember 3 is the maximum for this week only since we had 10 days to r/p for opening week. If you have any questions please post in the forums or e-mail me. I'm still in the process of going every line of code and page to perfect it. That way I'll never have to worry about the static pages again lol. Thanks.

Roster Updated, Small Card Changes 12:38 PM - 4.21.17
I got Vadyl, Halifax, and Don White added to the roster just now. Welcome them, and please introduce yourselves if you haven't already.

I'll be going out of town for 2 days or so starting tomorrow morning. The card is set in stone now, and nothing will be changed. Will all have plenty of time. Read anything in the forums that I've posted and get to know eachother. I apprecaite everyone's participation. Everyone has been great. I'm doing my best, and I'm confident this will be great and fun for everyone. So hats off to you guys.

1st EVER Monday Night Spectacle is up! Updates 2:27 PM - 4.20.17
It is hard to start a card up, as no one has leverage really, and there's no main event etc.. the placement of matches was equal. No "headliner" so to speak. The card is done, I'm however waiting on 1 more person to add very soon. If they don't come through, I'll remove that last match. Exciting times. I have ideas already going, and please remember the strat link above^.

It was brought to my attention that a real life ICW is in order and copyright could be a problem in the future. Just an idea someone had. I added a disclaimer to the page on 2 locations. Please check it out if you wish. This is for fun, and storylines/angles make it fun along with the MEMBERS. Without ICW's members this place is a shell. Thank you all! I never place matches randomly... there's always a rhyme and reason to it all. Buckle up, this is going to be a fun ride!!! I've also added and changed things up on the boards a bit.

New member! Bin Jamin McMean!! Updates! 11:54 AM - 4.19.17
Welcome to the ICW Universe Bin Jamin McMean!!! Interesting name. I updated the FAQ and Almanac pages. Added match types to the almanac, and reworded a few things. We're very very close to getting a card going. Just need a couple more people. I've been very agressive today with plastering the website everywhere. Like 60+ times or so. I hope it will help generate interest.

If you're new, or even if you're not new.. please read the site's info, and the updates posted here and below. Make sure new members register for the ICW Forums please. I need everyone on the same page. Alex Stevens!!! You've not gotten back with me in a few days now. You still in? Thanks everyone.

3 more signings!! 1st Spectacle Incoming! 9:07 AM - 4.18.17
Welcome to the ICW Universe Alexis Grace, "Jumbo" Justice Johnston and "The Prodigy" Bobby Barratt!!!! These 3 will be great additions to our growing roster. Alexis will have to wait for other women wrestlers to join the roster, as I'm not really okay with a 300 pound guy fightning a women. It doesn't make sense. So for now, she'll just wait.

Today, since I will have more time with Easter being over with and not having any hockey games to watch, I'll be finally going through the site some more, updating a few things and adding some info. Mainly the FAQs area and the ICW Almanac. I'll be going over all pages for consistentcy over the next couple days and just finalizing everything. I'd like to get 3 more male wrestlers in here, to make 10 for the 1st Monday Night Spectacle, but I would be out with 1 more to start it. That gives us 4 matches. If you haven't "cough" Alex Stevens" "cough", please join the ICW Forums. Alexis' handler can wait to register if they wish, or they can. Doesn't matter ATM.

2 latest signings!! We're up to 5 members!! 12:27 AM - 4.17.17
We've signed Alex Stevens, who looks to be a serious contender here in ICW and fan favorite Max Glory. Welcome to you both. I use email to contact people about personal things with your character, so please check those. Alex, please sign up for the ICW Forums soon. Like I've been saying, when we get 8 members, I'll start thinking about our first ever MNS (Monday Night Spectacle).

I didn't get a chance to clean up a few things with info and code. I hope to in the next couple days. I've been hard at recruiting. So if you can please help out. With Easter weekend over, things should speed up I think. Have a great Monday guys, and I hope Easter weekend blessed us all. Thanks!

Our 1st HEEL is here! 10:33 PM - 4.14.17
"El Cazador" Sebastian Steele is here! He signed today! He's a dirty mexican style wrestler with a knack for the dramatic. Check out his roster page as well as the other guys! I still need help recruiting. As soon as we get 8 wrestlers, I'll make the first card out.

This will be my last news update for a couple days. I'll get to some more FAQ stuff, and some more Almanac stuff, plus I plan on going over the site completely to clean and clear up some things. Have a great weekend. I'll update again here on Sunday evening.

Latest Signing! A Soviet Monster! 1:38 AM - 04.14.17
So we now have 2 members. Welcome Duke Kosloff. Duke, your roster page is up and done. It is very very late. I gotta go to bed. Big thanks to Kevin and Duke for joining. I appreciate it. In the coming days I'll try to get more people and once we have 8 members, we can think about having our first card, Monday Night Spectacle!

If you guys know any big wrestling fans that are into creative writing and all that, please point them here. I want this place to be cool. I've put a lot of effort in, and I want everyone to have fun. It's fun for me when it is fun for you guys. I've been somewhat sick lately, I'll be going over the site, fixing any grammar errors or coding errors so that when we launch into our first card there's no hangups. Forms are still working just fine. Have a great weekend. I'll check back in late Friday evening or Saturday. Good Friday and Happy Easter!

Join App. and Strats FIXED 2:48 PM - 04.13.17
A couple people had major issues with the application messing up. Got a couple different errors. It is fixed now. And if it breaks again, it isn't on me. I 100% fixed both forms on the site (Application and Strats).

We got our first member today. Kevin Price!!! Thanks for joining buddy. You will forever be known as the original and 1st ICW Wrestler. I updated the boards, created a new banner for the forums, which I think is cool. I added a off-topic board, an a default sign up template in case the forms mess up. I'm confident they won't. Please join if you haven't, and please spread the word!

Massive Updates, Rankings 5:54 PM - 04.12.17
Created a FAQs page. I also created a ICW Almanac picture link on the right. I polished some code and got things more ready. I added some regulations, edited the Pillars section and went over it. I added a WLD column to the rankings paged and bolded the #1 ranker. Whoever is #1 should be in all bold.

Strats page is working. As is the singles app. People can join. When you join the boards SOON, and use a very simulair name please. Or use your first and last name of the wrestler. I.E. "Scott Dykland" joins the ICW Forums as "Scott Dykland" or "Scott_Dykland". Something very very simulair. We are ready to go, just need people to join and our first show is May 1st as stated on the schedule. Roleplaying for that can start next week sometime.

Results Page, App., Forums etc. 10:31 AM - 04.11.17
Getting there! I've got a lot of stuff going on right now, trying to get it all organized. I have the results page ready, the schedule was updated with logical places that we'll have shows at as a startup with a large backer and the first 2 PPVs are named and set.

Tag app will come a bit later, and the forums are basically ready for now. I do have to touch them up soon.

More Updates 6:04 PM - 04.10.17
Put about 2 hours in today, re-installed my photoshop CS2 I've had forever. Rough with graphics but I'll get the hang of it all again. Doing more updates all across the site.

I hope to have the application process setup and some rules and things refined. A lot changes in 10 years.

Major Updates, Overhaul 1:39 AM - 04.10.17
In these early morning hours, I am doing major overhaul and slowly getting the site together. Lots to update and prepare before I can launch this thing. Any ideas? Please send me a message via email under the "contact" link. Thanks!

Dawn of a New Era 4:34 PM - 04.04.17
This begins as the journey I've been putting off for some time. I've decided to open up what I've had in my mind for a long while... I C W!!!! Icon Championship Wrestling.

Shawn Rossdale had decided to open up ICW and will do his very best to ensure that it runs well and has great structure. Stay tuned.