ICW Officially on Ice! 10:44 AM - 4.27.18
Hello everyone. Many of you probably don't check this site much. I've been away for a long long time. I checked out, took a break for what was it? ... 5 months+ now? Just got busy with life and etc... other things too. I'm back, and ICW is on ice. I want to reopen, and I will someday soon I think... but for now, we are on ice. What does this mean? It means I'll very slowly get things in order and together for a reopen, and everyone is welcome. However, it also means that we won't be re-opening when I wanted to. I had envisioned a April/May reopening, but key components to ICW's past are busy with other things, and while they stated they would make it work, and be here for me, I do not want to take them away from what they are doing. They seem happy in their places, and that is great. So I'll just let things mellow out for a bit longer. No big deal. I also sent our past news to an archive page if you want to view it. It is below. Thanks.

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