September 25th @ 10 PM CST
Craven Cottage
London, England

Danny Ray vs. Maverick
Singles Match

Danny Ray pulled out a great win for himself and a NEW CAR! Rieter's 1981 blue Camaro will be a great new ride for the "Family Man". Here he gets a true crack at a #1 contendership for the Shooting Star title!

After Maverick's great win against the formiddable and tough Joe Carroll, Rieter is pushing his "boy" some by inserting him into this match. Fair is fair though as Danny has earned his chance as well. Who will win this match? Can Maverick keep him momentum going? Is fate destined to be a Barratt/Maverick match for the title later? Or will Black take it later in the show? Will Duke cash in? OMG!

Note: Winner will be new #1 contender for Shooting Star title (Black currently is #1). Duke Kosloff has 4 weeks to cash in his Star in the Bank briefcase as well!

Dylan Black vs. (c) Bobby Barratt
Singles Match

Dylan Black came oh so close to winning the fatal 4 way match. He earned this shot 2 weeks ago with a win against Dackle... who lost his cool and cost himself the match. Can Black take out the reigning SS Champ? 6 defenses now for Barratt!

Bobby Barratt had one hell of a night at Castle of Glass. He was brutally beatdown by Rieter and Kosloff, Maverick was then attacked by Barratt later. Barratt was unable to get to Rieter with his locked door and security. Things are very personal with Barratt and the front office. "The Prosperous Ones" added Maverick to the fold. For now, Bobby must set all that aside. Worry about some Rieter interference that will surely come in this match and overcome all the odds to retain, what is has earned and defended more than anyone.... his Shooting Star Championship title.

Note: Regular match. Jack Diamond will be on commentary for this match. Rieter will also be ringside with Maverick and Kosloff. Rieter has made it known, he'll do whatever it takes to cost Barratt his belt and career.


EVERYONE ON ICW ROSTER (besides Diamond)

The only people to challenege Jack Diamond for his World title has been Bobby Barratt, on a couple occasions, Chaos Kid came pretty close and Sebastian Steele came ever so close. Who will step it up? Who wants to get a total control match against Diamond for his world title? Jack Diamond is the undisputed ICW Champion, and is only #2 in the rankings currently because of Barratt's great roleplays last week. He's been #1 ranked longer than anyone has in ICW. Who is able to grab the bull by the horns and make something happen? EVERYONE has a chance here!

Note: This is a rumble match. Everyone is to submit 1 specific roleplay (title it too) in the Spectacle board. Only 1 can be posted for this special match. The winner will get a title shot against Jack Diamond, and be able to pick WHEN and WHAT match type.